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  1. That headbutt must’ve knocked his lights out.
  2. Wishing Conner a speedy recovery. Keep the faith. UTO
  3. Good times indeed Lord Snooty. Well deserved from the mire of the recent past. A corner has been turned and our boys are in top gear to promotion. Boxing Day, bah! One game at a time and we’ll be in fine shape. UTO PLY 1-3 WED
  4. I agree with both of them. Iorfa and that other guy hold up 2. I'll go along with that, 0-4 WED. UTO.
  5. Need to insure his hands for a cool million, minimum. UTO
  6. Watch the INSIDE TRAINING video. Simon Ireland calls him Silla’. Accent on second syllable.
  7. Well done, @dunsbyowl. Super thread. Thanks for the gifts. UTO
  8. If any player deserves the moniker, Good Role Model, it's Mr. Liam Palmer. Good go to everyone in the community in achieving this. UTO
  9. Just two kids in love. Long may it last! Congratulations to you both.
  10. Yes! (what did doubt ever getcha?)
  11. Nothing wrong with second place in late August. We’ve got a great team and a fine future. Wednesday are table toppers. Still consider automatic promotion in the works. UTO
  12. Bannan for me mostly out of respect. Good passing, good set ups. The team didn’t have an answer inside the final third, in the box, attacking third. Otherwise total control of the game. The ‘opposites’ stole one today. That’s football. UTO
  13. Possession doesn’t light up the scoreboard. Come on Wednesday. Open up the scoring. UTO
  14. Iorfa digs out that ball in the box. Come on Wednesday. UTO
  15. Run a lot of ads too, and sponsor pages, gee whiz.
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