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  1. Out of this world. Whether or not it’s still a planet. Wednesday 2 - Oxford 1. UTO
  2. Agreed. The more wins during this stretch of games the better. I'm out of the predicting business as I got skunked in December. Seeing some wins here soon though.
  3. Anything but a drawn game. Well not exactly 'anything', said that for dramatic effect. 1-2 Wednesday.
  4. Youth team looks good. Thanks to the club for the FB stream. UTO
  5. Looks like 10 probable points from next 4. Depends which Wednesday team takes the field. More of the stuff from Saturday and that’s good money. COME ON WEDNESDAY!!! UTO
  6. And a vote for the Fans who believe in their Wednesday! UTO.
  7. Hutch, Windass, they're all the same.
  8. Haven’t seen that many goose eggs since working on the farm. Have ‘at ‘em Wednesday! UTO
  9. Some of them volunteer for duty just to help out.
  11. Is it me or does Moore sound in interviews like even he doesn’t believe anymore?
  12. I finally cracked the code. DC is moving to a new business model … Hillsborough Hospital of the Blue and White. Bring us your injured, we won’t play them or work them too hard. In fact, they can lay on the treatment table until called back.
  13. At 6’ + DM will stick him on the back line.
  14. Very hopeful, indeed probable, of a victory tomorrow. Look at all the home games ahead and into February. Top 6 is in the sack, not the one for Moore, the one to promotion. UTO
  15. Have to completely agree with @CircleSeven on that. The remaining January matches are important for cracking into the top 6. Tough games, nothing easy about them, but in my view, each one is a must win game. It's the second half of the season. Coaching staff knows how all the other teams play and strategize against us. This team has to turn it around now or it'll slip and slide away from a playoff chance. Come on, DM! Get your team together. UTO
  16. Sloppy, muddy games in a torrential downpour. Throw in some snow as well.
  17. True, but they may develop mysterious injuries that never heal.
  18. I’m hoping for a return to health from all the injured players. A full squad of healthy players who could play through injuries during the second half of the season gives me hope of a top six finish. After that, anything is possible in a playoff scenario. UTO
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