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  1. I’m not sticking up for a trust or saying you are totally incorrect; but looking at from another perspective, maybe they think the fans view is becoming ever more faint and the club is being run in an incompetent manner and would be good to have a forum or organise one voice (collective not literal) to communicate concerns. Unless there is another way that you can think of to get your concerns heard; unless you think everything is great or your simply not bothered. Isn’t this a way to make your voice heard anyway, a questionnaire with chance to write open responses.
  2. and the Kit man will be more mobile
  3. Sheridan used to do a lot of off the ball stuff. Particularly remembering him leaving a foot out to trip an opponent
  4. Most Wednesday fans have lost love for football; quite frankly the game itself peaked on the 80 and 90s for me! Italia 90, Euro 96, the early Premier league. It was still honest with excitement. The game had characters; now we’ve the likes of Raheem Sterling. Messi and Ronaldo are brilliant, and we’ve had ZZ and others. But generally meh
  5. Confirmation that watching Wednesday is mainly joyless
  6. If you were manager and had a few games left and had a chance of getting to the Premier League; some of your best players are borderline injured, but could play and get you over the line. What would you do? At all levels of football, I think you’d risk putting them in.
  7. Hounded our for being cocky, foreign, and losing to United at Hillsborough. And probably something else behind the scenes. A poor run of results happens to most managers and the bit about him personally injuring players by allowing them not to train and handing out cigarettes and McDonalds to them only came out afterwards. DC must miss him, as no one talked about DC being useless when he was in charge.
  8. They had their goalie sent off and Jos probably stuck on 2 defenders and went to 5 at the back to hang on
  9. Those and the header on the dodgy pitch (green sand) way at Villa..only Jem's I can remember
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