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  1. Didn’t Eddie Izzard do 27 marathons in 27 days!
  2. Proper players though.. you wouldn’t have Nilsson, Palmer, Pearson, Anderson, etc whinging amd being injured all the time. Different breed
  3. Rogers

    Team for Sunderland

    Give Boyd, Matias, Jones, & Fletch some game time Chuck the 3rd choice keeper in; rest the 1st and 2nd choice. See how he gets on.
  4. Probably. They’ll be behind a bunch of youngsters
  5. Load of testicles imo Holds the club record for clean sheets, international, and obviously an important character in the team and was key to our success; was the difference between winning and losing in lots of games. Still only young for a keeper It’s like saying don’t sign Cantona as we haven’t seen him play on grass.
  6. Rogers

    The youngsters - quality

    Maybe CC saw this coming and that's why he advised the club to invest in the youth system, as an insurance policy. Of course, you wouldn't throw in the youngsters when you have a team / squad that got to the play offs 2 seasons running; you have to play your best team. But now, they seem to be needed.
  7. How’s the fishing trip Heppers?
  8. We have 100s of pages devoted to most things!
  9. Rogers

    Morgan Fox

    He’s not a Hardie character, he’s always injured. And when he’s in the side, he’s barely got any competition, he’ll rest of his laurels
  10. Rogers

    Bake a cake

    I think the pantry has enough ingredients; I think the cook can’t find them and doesn’t have the skill to cook without a recipe. He’s just going to buy some Mr.Kipling bake well tarts and pass them off as his own.
  11. Rogers

    Flag Surfing Today

    Why do clubs bother with this sort of stuff, pre match and half time entertainment (or whatever you want to categorise as) Who’s bothered?
  12. Rogers

    Fernando Forestieri

    I agree..he’s playing for a Jan move.
  13. I think this sends out the wrong message to the young keepers; displacing and being ahead of Westwood could go to their heads. Who are they gonna learn from? Its a crazy decision. I can only think he has a clause in his contract that gives him a bonus or wage increase based on clean sheets or appearances. I bet Westwood is thinking f$ck this.
  14. Rogers

    Dingle Mick

    I would like MM here; I actually like the bloke and he knows what this division is about