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  1. Anyone miss Henderson passing it sideways and slowing the game down
  2. Perfect counter attacking performance so far.
  3. Can anyone name a time when certain players weren't singled out? Ian Taylor, Andy Sinton, Mark Pembridge, Steve Haslam, Jon Beswitherwick, Patrick Blondeau, Danny Maddix, Peter Atherton, etc, etc. Is this just what happens
  4. Do they get booed on the pitch or it is just criticism on social media?
  5. Hildeberto Pereira at right back - he had an up and down season at Forest, he looked like he had skills, energy, gets stuck in, and can attack. Good wing back in a back 5. Currently plays for Setubal in Portugal. One of those players that might settle down and become a great player as he matures. Other than that Marcus Olsson, Martin Olsson, and Jonas Olsson.
  6. Rogers


    From villa feedback, they thought he was lazy and wasn’t consistent enough.
  7. The goal mouth panic / scramble in our box seems to be a regular occurrence at the moment
  8. Rogers


    I doubt Onomah will be here to stay, unlike Clare. But he’s a good replacement for this season
  9. Rogers

    Any news on Bannan injury

    Out for a year then?
  10. 1 striker? We’re going for it then Relying on 30 yarders from Reach
  11. We’ll let 2 goals in. So we need to score 3
  12. Will they play? Or will they be sent to the naughty corner with Jones, Westwood, Boyd, etc.
  13. Rogers

    New song for Adam reach!!

    When the world, leaves you feeling blue You can count on me, I will be there for you When it seems, all you hopes and dreams Are a million miles away, I will re-assure you We've got to all stick together Good friends, there for each other Never ever forget that I've got you and you've got me, so Reach is the star Climb every mountain higher Reach is the star Follow your heart's desire Reach is the star And when that rainbow's shining over you That's when your dreams will all come true
  14. Rogers

    Patience required

    We've been waiting 18 years.