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  1. Klopp to Bayern? https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/liverpool-european-super-league-klopp-23937858.amp
  2. 145m people in Russia They might ask Seville, who seem to win the Europa league a lot. 6 times in the last 15 years.
  3. PSG - they will join Marseille - have an current US owner, soon to be sold to Emirates money men Wouldn’t be surprised if a Russian team suddenly became big in all if this
  4. The games with the top teams battling it out are usually boring games; it’s the Newcastle vs Liverpool games, Southampton beating Man Utd because of their grey kit, these are the EPL games that are remembered.
  5. Man City and Chelsea were sh!thouse for many a year and Spurs haven’t won anything for years
  6. It’s all about the none traditional football markets, this is about getting on every TV across Asia
  7. Wonder if they’ll have cheerleaders and 4 quarters, Beyoncé singing at half time
  8. I was more noting that he was talking about money men owning football clubs, Ashley, in Newcastle; no love lost there.
  9. I think the clubs will get a revamped Champions League with better TV and merchandise rights / money and the Super league will die a death.
  10. The executive boxes being turned to overlook the river Don would be more entertaining
  11. It has needed a shake up, FIFA is a corrupt organisation all about increasing personal wealth of its members. The FA have bee useless since I can remember But is this the answer
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