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  1. This is a team made of free transfers and loans and we’re expecting them to steam roller everyone. Did I miss something?
  2. Great opening Snoots… Paterson and Berahino or Gregory up front please in a front 2. Hopefully we’ll leave the cart horse on the bench
  3. Well done young man. You'll be at Celtic before you know it
  4. Managers probably hate doing these endless press conferences, I’m sure he’s not telling the players the same behind closed doors. Last thing you want to do is motivate the opposition by saying they’re rubbish, in poor form, and we should steam roller them. If we play sh!t and lose on Saturday, pan him then; not a day or 2 before the kick off.
  5. Who puts yellow and purple together, the only good things about this kit was the odd good player what wore it
  6. The end of Bruce for sure...the new owners will want a big name
  7. The good times will end and the moaning will start....enjoy
  8. that own goal and penalty misses were awful
  9. Turners recruitment wasn’t bad either
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