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  1. it’s not liked by some our fans that still think we are a big club
  2. Revert to 4-4-2 please, this clearly isn’t working. The results are there to see.
  3. This game is done, we’re not doing much to create, other than boot it up
  4. Next 4-5 games are mouth watering; come on Wednesday! Let’s start with Brentford and move on up
  5. It's a sweet deal for the club if they sell it properly; but I'm sure well see... Single Twirl - £0.50p Twin Twirl - £1.20
  6. I thought this was our next signing..
  7. we don’t do deadlines do we!
  8. It’s like Dragons Den! £375m is peanuts really, when you consider the stupid money in football.
  9. Key person in the glory years..sad.
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