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  1. SAG won’t have it..there’s no way ex footballer pundits will be safe exiting that area
  2. Rowet to us Rowwett to Udders Rowett back to Stoke Stoke will be after a new manager in a week or 2. Preston gee’in em a reeeeeight battering
  3. Where’s Dave Jones and Paul Jewell from?
  4. No one should be booed before the match, it’s a pretty embarrassing .
  5. Managerless Preston will be looking to get one over us, after their manager joins us.
  6. They’ll always be some who see a bigger picture and others who cannot see further than the end of their nose.....look at the backing Jos got, with his no nonsense management, fitness regimes, and promotions under his belt.
  7. Being a Wednesday fan, we are conditioned to expect a kick in the balls at any given moment. We cannot enjoy until something is certain. Everyone is waiting for a run of 3-5 games where the results and performances are terrible, Bullen is under pressure, and we end up in a situation that should have been sorted a 6-8 weeks ago.
  8. A win is a win. Obviously an improvement in ball retention and being more cut throat in the oppositions box wouldn’t go a miss
  9. Win or Bullen needs to go! I'm getting it in early
  10. Massive game, whoever plays. 3 points is a must.
  11. Yeah. When they play us, but not generally every week. Not a fan of Preston Usually quite dirty and end up with red cards.
  12. I’d say it Campbell is the craziest manager linked so far
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