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  1. he wasn’t in goal was he? Thought he’d retired.
  2. Fox was later; I remember him playing for Stoke for years
  3. So will clubs like Wolves, get punished if they get relegated.
  4. Usual Wednesday - dominate and go in front, take the foot off the gas or don’t expect the other team to get a bollocking and yo their game, and end up hanging on. not helped by threads stating “if we win....”, which totally jinxed us. I blame the second half performance on this mindless delusional thinking that Wednesday will take advantage of a situation.
  5. We beat them with Tudgay and Leon Best scoring in 2006 - still a long time ago
  6. It’s because someone has started a thread and jinxed it. Defo
  7. He’d have been a good Wilkinson replacement, instead of Eustace.
  8. Big name at Derby..they’ll be a minutes silence tomorrow
  9. People should keep their thoughts to themselves
  10. Who’s got more money to spend on legal bills DC or the EFL?
  11. not the £100m quoted of poor old Chansiri’s money
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