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  1. Football Heaven Boycott

    I think it's crap compared to Birmingham and London
  2. Nigel Worthington

    Did he ever head the ball?
  3. If you was the chairman

    Stop listening to the supporters demanding things.
  4. New Pete McKee Picture

    And had brown tight curly hair if my memory serves me right This is a young Hirsty imo
  5. Burton game now massive

    The 3 points we missed out on tonight was crucial wasn't it. We we need to beat Burton now 5-0, or we'll get relegated.
  6. Typical Championship so far, Wolves, Cardiff, and Ipswich will soon start to fall and by game 10; they'll be 15 teams all around the same points tally.
  7. The Championship This Season

    We've got one point more than Newcastle did at this stage last season and they went up as Champions
  8. Rhodes today

    He needs a confidence boost that's for sure.
  9. The players need to take responsibility for the tempo, and that's usually our major issue.
  10. Happy with Hoops n Fletch. Both can score, as well as hold it up and have good link-up play. Clubs that get promoted from this league usually do it as a team, rather than a couple of outstanding individuals.
  11. Teams win games not individuals.
  12. tonights fans forum

    But his name is Hirst and is the son of David. He's from Sheffield What did Spurs do with Harry Kane at George's age?
  13. Why? is he a blade? Or just cos he had big arms
  14. Players look lacking in energy to be honest; tactics are useless whatever they are when the players look like they've been out all night shocking penalty decision