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  1. or just someone who’s got some ambition.
  2. ? 1) I gave examples of where players that trained when they wanted (or felt fit to), in response to someone making accusations that it was bad for players to train when they wanted. Didn’t specifically mention how Hutch or Westwood trained. Just stated that it’s all about the performance on match day that counts. 2) I was saying people shouldn’t talk about those players bullying others, or stating it as a fact, without real facts.
  3. And still no job for poor old Sol Campbell
  4. Paul McGrath and Ledley King trained when they wanted; Big Ron and Harry Redknapp did what they had to, to get the best out of them in match day. the bullying accusations..still no real facts surrounding this. Is there?
  5. Do they do old fashioned trials these days?
  6. lie about his age and put a dummy in his mouth.
  7. Hoping he plays like Peter Beardsley and his Dad being good at this level 10+ years ago are not the best reasons to sign him. He wasn’t the first name on Monks team sheet every week and we need players to improve the first team. So for that reason, I’m out.
  8. Jean Pierre DuPont? Claude Le Bussier? Henry Henry? Pepe La Pew?
  9. I think the lad will get done for damaging police property
  10. So teams that know they are going down, will offer players out of contract new deals before they get relegated, to ensure the better players stay, if they want to drop to the championship. Poor premier league players or still generally better than a lot of championship players. (E.g. most of the Villa squad) Players potentially benefit, as usually they would get released and not they get a new contract after relegation, if they want to drop a League. The rest of the championship have to compete with even less resources; and will have to recruit lower quality players to meet the rules. Is this correct? Might as well stop relegation from the Premier League
  11. Players and social media in general is a nightmare! Unless your Messi or Ronaldo, don’t bother. Its generally full of unvetted stupid statements from players and hate from fans. When will they learn?
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