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  1. The German, if he signs, is from the 2nd division in Germany, he’s not an automatic choice IMO (awaits the chat about how good the German 2nd division is - Jos gets work there, so it’s not) Lees shouldn’t be sold.
  2. Che Adams leaving might be behind this..expect a transfer in coming weeks. Back to Utd possibly
  3. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/latest-owls-news/lets-set-up-a-go-fund-me-page-sheffield-wednesday-fans-react-to-rumours-linking-atdhe-nuhiu-with-a-move-away-from-hillsborough-78311 This is a disgraceful article
  4. I’m amazed he actually stayed in the Championship after he left us. Muscled off the ball so much that season when we got relegated
  5. What if we literally dug for gold and found some under Hillsborough. Would that be considered as profitable income? More chance than getting £7m for Rhodes
  6. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday Cattermole story, basically just made up from snippets of discussions on here.
  7. Bit too Del Boy for me, but I’m sure someone might like em.
  8. Jedinak’s legs went about 18 months ago, we’d be better signing Glenn Whelan if we’re after an old defensive midfielder on high wages
  9. He’s probably pissed that he got the boot after finishing top 10 and getting to cup finals
  10. Have we foooking singed anyone yet? Jesus christ. Drag them back from holidays and get something sorted. A mix of players between old boys with no legs that have played for Brucie before and quick and young lads that are always injured; keep us all happy.
  11. Now we’ve released a couple, we have space in the treatment room
  12. He wasn't particularly singled out - comments were made when he made errors, which most players go through if they have a stinker. The main issue was that we had a better keeper being left to rot and that the rest of the defence were not as well organised under Dawson
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