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  1. They were fit enough today, no subs were necessary.
  2. Sean Clare

    Fantastic to see that the re-structure and investment in the youth academy 2-3 years ago appears to be worth it.
  3. Injuries, players not being able to play 90 minutes, and glue on the subs bench.
  4. It’s been like that for the whole season; wasn’t so bad for the previous 2 seasons and probably prior to that, due to lower expectations and hoping we don’t go out of business. The higher expectation and and all the fuss about the 150 year celebration this season has sent people bonkers.
  5. Extremely Frustrated...

    Anyone listen and follow one persons opinion, if not, don’t come on this fans football site. Ok Adolf! FFS
  6. Extremely Frustrated...

    The 12million man came on in the 90 minute, not the 70th. Why are some supporters obsessed with making excuses for poor tactics
  7. Extremely Frustrated...

    Didn’t bring fresh legs on did he?
  8. He was probably resting them, we don’t need any more injuries. I think that’s the line the people with their head up their arses are using
  9. Bit harsh on CC, we broke the record for clean sheets and got to 2 play offs.
  10. Today’s team

    We scored a goal against the run of play and we were constantly pressed and under pressure due to the tactics we played...but you are 100% correct. We did go ahead and couldn’t defend the lead. Lets is hope our strikers give the defenders an outlet today and make it deiificult for Villa
  11. Everyone loves Fox..hope he has a good game
  12. Today’s team

    Strong team..the injured Snodgrass plays. They’ve spent some cash on strikers
  13. Today’s team

    We lost.. so yeah he did. Some people
  14. Today’s team

    Shame we didn’t play that team against opposition we could beat ; Confirmation that JL dropped a massive ball mid week. I think the excuse of resting players / injuries was just that. Where’s Ash Baker play?
  15. Player wages

    I think they get paid 50% wage in close season and do paper rounds to make ends meet