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  1. Rogers

    Another one going

    Loovens should be back in a coaching capacity; if he doesn’t get any offers he wants to play on
  2. Life’s too short..cheer for all goals Wednesday or England related. Enjoy it. We’re not playing each other
  3. This thread needs removing
  4. Raheem did his usual miss a sitter and then give the call away / fall over the bill for the rest of the match
  5. Rogers

    Henry Landsbury anyone??

    I forgot he existed.
  6. Yeah, she mentioned that she gave it to charity.
  7. Well we could split the topic and have a thread for tea towels and beach towels
  8. I had this towel and it lasted for years; I’m talking 20+ I think its still kicking around at my mum’s
  9. Rogers

    One For The Ladies

    Good to see the lads Bonding
  10. Anyone know when the players get back from their holidays / contracts end
  11. Nothing like being steeled to sell!