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  1. People dying for a conspiracy theory..I reckon players and managers have heated discussions all the time about playing (or not).
  2. Puts pay to some of the BS on here.
  3. I’m gonna follow the lead from the crew that hounded CC out for losing less than the last couple of managers...surely they should be kicking off soon hey!
  4. Dc to sell up to a responsible owner who knows about football. Within a month we have a strategy in place to secure the long term future of the club, that doesn’t involve 10 season tickets, 1867 clubs, or any other air brain ideas to get money up front and have none for the next decade or so.
  5. I was shot down for saying let’s give Loovens a shot as manager or at least assistant. Would it be worse than what’s currently happening? Gerrard, Lampard, OGS, have all been given chances at bigger clubs than ours.
  6. I’ve never known a club with as many conspiracy theories. Last 5 years has been mental.
  7. Players always get singled out, this has been raised before, but the great John Sheridan was booed off in a season we got promoted and won the league cup. It happens, Rightly or wrongly. What get me is the level of apathy in the fan base for the bigger under lying problems at the club.
  8. Keep on clapping..everything’s ok. We need a pitch invasion and sit down protest to get some action in this club. The last 20 odd years, apart from when CC got some feel good factor going, has been dire. Emotions have changed from disappointed, angry, dejection, embarrassed, and now indifference. I feel a lot of fans are at the stage of doing something else on match days and withdrawing altogether. It’s a slow death. People say that’s how football works, it’s cyclical. Not today it isn’t; it’s a business that needs strategy and organising.
  9. So what exactly have they done? Questioned why they are not playing? Don’t most footballers with a passion to play do this? History shows that under Jos, certain players were dropped and it went to sh!t. What’s different?
  10. Who’s does know what’s best for the club then?
  11. Give Hutch the managers job and Westwood his assistant, see how they get on
  12. He’s the new Abdi..as a club we always need one player that never plays. We should try to get disability caters allowance to generate extra revenue
  13. Nothing will happen, we’ll lose or scrape a draw and move on to the next dismal performance
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