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  1. Mulgrew good in league one, but couldn’t stop Blackburn from relegation the season before. Aged 32 Can we had one “old league 1 loanee and nearly buys” thread, specially for Danny Baath, Mulgrew, Ben Marshall, Connor Wickham.
  2. Glenn Loovens

    I hope he’s assistant manager next year.
  3. Under 23s Title Defence

    Interesting comments from Nicky Butt this week on the U23 league. Basically said it’s a waste of time, if you’re not in or near the first team by that time, you’re never gonna make it anyway.
  4. Denim

    I thought this was about next seasons kit!
  5. Danny Batth

    Like the Arab Socialist Ba’ath party.
  6. At last - Thank you Jos!!!

    It’s ok coming up with tactics for plan a,b, and c. It’s fitting the players we have into those plans that’s the real issue.
  7. Danny Batth

    Due to everyone else being injured..
  8. Danny Batth

    Bristol! The midlands bus routes don’t go that far, he might have to catch a train. And then he’ll have to change at Birmingham. Still a bit of a commute to get to training for 10am and then have to get back after 4hours!
  9. Danny Batth

    I think we remember our old League 1 loanees with fond memories. I reckon Sasso and Venancio was / are probably better. He got slated last season and hasn’t played this..
  10. Danny Batth

  11. Basement Bargains?

    We should buy Dutch, Swedes, Norwegians, and Germans, forget paying over the odds for bang average UK players. We we just need to build a team of athletic players that do a job. Like a club version of Iceland
  12. Left Back

    Ian Nolan or was he right back! Can’t remember. Weren’t bad in a crap team until his leg got snapped by Edinburgh. King and / or Worthington worked because of the system/formation and players around them. Individually they they we’re not brilliant; they might have struggled in a lesser team at the time. We we haven’t had many good left backs to be honest
  13. He'll leave on a free - now he's starting scoring for the first time in 5 years. Its the Wednesday way