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  1. Rogers

    Big shake up

    We rely on Bannan to do everything, and when it doesn’t come off, he’s the villain. Pretty unfair IMO. When we had Wallace and Lee next to him, we had other runners or creative outlets. Hutch is mostly static and passes sideways, Reach seems to thrive when he gets balls through the eye of a needle to run onto (from Bannan). The rest...??? Who are the rest and what do they do? FF drops too deep and should provide an outlet up front and pull out wide occasionally to create space. The middle of the pitch is too congested. We need a wide midfielder or 2 so we can either play it wide or through the middle. Spread the play...all good Wednesday teams have had good wing play.
  2. Rogers

    The shadow of The Blades

    Hoping West Brom will put a run together and pip Leeds and United; and they play each other in the play offs.
  3. Rogers

    Daniel James

    Who’s Daniel James?
  4. Rogers

    Tom Lees

    Anyone who calls someone a Jos lover should be banned IMO
  5. Rogers

    Positives from today

    Thorniley got more experience. Bruce learnt more about his squad
  6. Rogers


    I think he’ll be in the Drenthe, Esajas, mould. Shows glimpses, but essentially offers nothing and that’s why Newcastle don’t want him. Hope I’m wrong.
  7. No problem old chap..at some we’ll need to plan for no FF. The squad definately needs to evolve
  8. I think the OP line up was for next Saturday
  9. Rogers


    Jos changed the team and formation every week
  10. Some Rovrum fans must have been on to vote for Hector as their MoM Lacked concentration today and got bossed by Smith. I voted Thorniley, made a couple of crucial blocks and played steady. I think Hutch would have had my vote next. The rest had below average games. Reach could have won us this game, but we didn’t utilise him enough. Mattock would have been in trouble if we’d have played the right balls into Reach; we saw glimpses of it twice - one resulting in a goal. Generally our crossing is terrible, opposed to Rovrums that looked dangerous time after time. How hard can it be!
  11. We’ve just kept 4 cleans in a row, 2 of them are defenders
  12. This is a typical Wednesday vs Rotherham game, we always struggle against them. No matter what team we have..
  13. Hector needs to wake up obviously, FF to support Joao up top more and stop doing Bannans role.
  14. Have they still got Wood? There’s a joke in there somewhere!