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  1. At 26 he’s worth keeping unless he’s on silly wages
  2. Get the money in for the next ten years, spend it in one year or take it and disappear. What possibly could go wrong?
  3. well that came to an end soon. I bet that fat Brazil just loves to BS to get something to talk about and stir sh!t
  4. he’s from Leicester originally, not sure where he lives
  5. Didn’t he play up top at Brum sometimes as the lone striker? He’s mobile, so maybe might make space for other (I’m thinking Rhodes - so optimistic!) he probably won’t sign anyway
  6. They’ve finally trolled through this thread and got to the page where Che Adams is mentioned
  7. What's today's big rumour down at Hillsborough. Someone on here has got to know.
  8. I’m be happy with a signing to bolster that squad, regardless of whether the fee is undisclosed or not!
  9. 2 strikers on loan please..lets try to get in the play offs and give the play off quest are best shot. Rhodes to Rangers and Winnall to Barnsley please.
  10. Tries hard, but Definitely a league 2 player
  11. Let’s see if Wickham signs and we’ll have an answer to your question
  12. Is this so big a rumour that it deserves its own thread
  13. played for us before - tick Injury prone - tick big wages - tick The prefect Wednesday signing
  14. And Gary Madine on the left on Monk
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