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  1. At what age are you classified as developed / good enough to hit the first team. I’m sure years ago that if you hadn’t made it by 18, it was time to look for a real job.
  2. Cringe Thread debating racism gets canned and this remains...what has become of Owlstalk
  3. We can’t rely on him. He’s not gonna be able to get the ground, Sheffield council have banned the riding and chaining up of push bikes around Hillsborough.
  4. Has a part to play and people should appreciate his skill set; no point in booing and botching cos he doesn’t do this and that. Appreciate what he does bring to the team and don’t expect more. Battering ram (Leeds away spring to mind), hold up play, aerial power against team scared of his size, and a bit of link play is what we’ll get. He’s not going to effectively run the channels or break the offside trap and break through.
  5. Shabby shabby do do (clap x 5 times) kadeeeem Harris oh la la oh la la he’s reight fast clap clap
  6. Kaa deem Ha rris don’t talk just kiss (Right said Fred Tune)
  7. Woohoo woohoo Clap clap Kadeeeeeem clap clap Harris to no tune in particular, just everyone doing it randomly.
  8. We need to get rid of Rhodes and a couple of others that’s for sure. A left back and striker maybe.
  9. 90% of teams in a league have consistency problems; the fact the bottom can beat the top in the Championship just adds to conundrum. Look at Stoke winning at Swansea!
  10. Here we go...lose and we drop to mid table again and we’re crap again.
  11. Any team news filtering through? Interested to see if K Lee is playing
  12. It’s Wednesday..I find it bizarre that it’s thread after thread of HMS PtL, 3 pts off top 1 pt off top 6, etc, etc. Then ultimate doom week after. Haven’t people worked it out yet. It’s what we do.
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