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  1. I think that might have been Cricket Max? Pretty sure it was an idea Martin Crowe had and tried to get going in New Zealand.
  2. It's doesn't feel much different than T20. Fancy graphics on the screen. Bad commentary. Garish outfits.
  3. Indian tribes have had an issue with it though so it needs to be done.
  4. Almost exactly the same for me. 2000 to 2012 coincided with my late teens and twenties and having a job but no responsibilities. Went to all the home games and most of the away games. 2012 I got married, 2013 had the first kid. Don't live locally anymore. Couldn't afford the travel as much. Got interested in other things. Through it all Wednesday were always there but now at a distance whereas before they front and centre. Watching Wednesday became a chore the last two years. When about 75% of the players are not putting in even the slightest effort it drains your spirit. I watched more football during the Euros than I have in the last two years combined. Watching some lads enjoy playing together was a nice change. Hopefully Moore can bring that back.
  5. I agree to be honest. Kind of a procession from the first week. Doesn't help when half the contenders are hurt in crashes but the way it's been set up this year there just wasn't any real threats to TP. He won back to back stages in the mountains in the final week and he didn't look like he was trying that hard. Ineos never looked a threat at all. Carapaz isn't going to win the Tour. They looked a shell of the heady "Sky Train" era from a few years back.
  6. Those two saves on the back nine for Collin today were incredible. Ice cold. If Rahm could hole a putt he would have been right there next to him. Some of his iron play was pure sex. Just missed the putts.
  7. McFarland USA Kevin Costner as a coach who trains some Latino kids to run cross country. Standard Disney "white man helps poor people" fare but enjoyable and Costner is pretty good in the lead. 6.5/10 Spoiler - the fat kid is more important at the end than he's made out to be at the start.
  8. Try driving straight instead of swinging as hard as is humanly possible you absolute weapon.
  9. Did he even break a sweat today? So, so easy.
  10. Hopefully it leathers it down in Kent all week and finally Tommy Fleetwood puts it together for all four rounds. Matt Fitzpatrick also playing well at the moment. Fancy him to do well. You can never rule out Brooks at a major and Rahm has been in imperious form. Looking forward to it. There's normally very few low scores at RSG though so could be some fun hacks from that nice thick rough.
  11. If he occasionally catches a cross and dives before the ball hits the back of the net he'll be an improvement on Dawson. I still think there is a keeper in Wildsmith but I don't think he's given a shit since he signed that five year deal. Maybe the new coach can get something out of him but I'd take Peacock-Farrell in a second.
  12. He never does. He always takes penalties like that. Looks at the keeper until he moves then hits it the other way. Genuinely don't understand how the is any blame for a missed penalty unless you go for some kind of panenka. We should have gone at them. That is the crux of the matter. We sat off and they took over.
  13. Not sure why people are picking out Rashford for the stutter run up? He's been doing that for years and I don't remember him missing one. He's normally a fantastic penalty taker. He just pulled slightly. People miss penalties. This game was lost by not taking to them in the second half.
  14. Massive disappointment. If Rashford's goes in I think the pressure comes off Sancho and he scores too. Pickford made one of the great penalty saves there from Jorginho. Southgate probably got it wrong tonight and they deserved the win. Apart from the first 15 minutes and then about 10 minutes in the second period of extra time Italy dominated the ball. No blame on any penalty taker. Just unlucky.
  15. Incredible start. Carried on for ten minutes then sat off. We don't need to over my press but we do need an outlet. Mount not offered much but he is disrupting their possession. We need a ball carrier.
  16. I mean it’s hard to second guess Southgate so I’ll not disagree with his lineup. Feels like the usual safety first but let’s see. I get the feeling we’ve gone to not concede early then hope to take their legs away. We know we are strong late on and have so many options off the bench. That’s got to be the reasoning.
  17. Being superstitious proper ruins every sport. FML.
  18. The only game I’ve been to the pub to watch us was the Scotland game. Means I have to watch the game on my sofa or it will be my fault if we lose.
  19. Young and great? Garcia is young but none are great.
  20. Did you get banzored pal?
  21. How did they get Frank Burnside to come along and model the kit?
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