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  1. We were poor today. We never really threatened even while we controlled the whole game. That's not the most disappointing part of today though. Sometimes you can have days when it just doesn't click going forward no matter how much you dominate. However, when you have those days it's imperative you don't make mistakes at the other end. We made a very big mistake against a very obvious threat. It really is frustrating how poorly we defended that corner. Thinking about it will ruin my week. Need to shut that shit out.
  2. Ooh, cutting. The knives are out for us there lads. Wait. Probably should have said allegedly.
  3. As long as we keep Lee in for his height the midfield should be sound.
  4. Two changes. Iorfa for the aerial bombardment we will definitely have to play against and Luonga in for Reach for added bite in midfield. Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Palmer Lee Hutchinson Luongo Reach Fletcher Harris
  5. I think he'd do a decent job. He's an intelligent guy who has worked with some of the greatest coaches in the history of football. He turned around an incredibly poor Macc team and kept them in the league even with the backdrop of no players getting paid for large stretches. That being said I'm not sure he's what we're looking for at the moment. If we want someone who is untested then we have one who is already here doing a good job. If Chansiri appoints someone ahead of Bullen I'd expect them to be experienced in Championship football.
  6. Ha ha ha. No it's not. The standard is about the same.
  7. The video quality on the 3210 is better than I remember.
  8. Westwood comes straight back in. If you have a number one you pick him whenever you can. Massive dilemma in the midfield though. I want Luongo and Bannan to start but who do you leave out? Maybe we'll have to rotate. Our squad give me the feels this year bruv.
  9. Literally no chance against Barnscelona. Their world beaters will have no problem stopping our team of chancers. 8-0 to the tiki taka masters. Or Wednesday will win 2-0. Either.
  10. £39 quid a ticket? Thas tekkin piss wi that wenzdiz. Nooor one from Tarn gooin ta pay that. WE WON ARE FOST GAYAM NOW GI US MOOOOR TICKETS WENZDIZ YA BASTADS
  11. Fletcher is an excellent centre forward, especially at Championship level. With pace around him i think he'll be an even bigger threat. We're going to be able to pull teams around with our pace and movement and create extra space for Fletch in the box plus space for the likes of Lee, Luongo, Bannan making late runs into the box. In an ideal world we would have signed Hector and a left back and possibly a striker who can play on the shoulder. However, we signed Bates who is very highly thought of, we've got Palmer playing out of his skin and Penney was thought of as being our first choice for the next five years until Jos started dicking about with him, we've also got so much pace in wide areas that a rapid striker may not be needed. We should all (not you Guru) be delighted with the work that has been done in the transfer market, especially with all the turmoil with Snake and the embargo/accounts going on in the background.
  12. We've just signed their best player for a million quid, about £3m less than they thought he was worth about a month ago, because they cant afford to pay his current wages and are asking him to take a pay cut. I reckon they've not got a pot to piss in so they aren't paying £5m for one of Reach's legs never mind the other £5m to get the rest of him.
  13. Has anyone made a Master Bates joke yet lads? BECAUSE WANKING
  14. I've been told it's all done bar the fee. If we cant agree a fee he's coming on loan (loan fee agreed) but we want it to be permanent.
  15. I think it's very telling he hasn't already moved somewhere else.
  16. Most QPR fans are devastated. He was their best player.
  17. David Bates was highly thought of a couple of years ago. I'm sure i read he had a tricky start at Hamburg but then improved enough to get a Scotland call up. Still prefer Hec though.
  18. He's only had a year left on his deal. Wouldn't sign a new one as they have a new wage structure and he would have had to take a pay cut. They are cashing in what they can and therefore we get a bargain.
  19. I've heard he sticks sand paper to his boots to impart more curve on the ball when hes taking a shot
  20. Dom confirming similar to what i've heard
  21. Someone at the club just told me it was under a million. BUSINESS
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