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  1. Watched Reacher on Prime. Pretty good. Rewatching The Mentalist now. Love a bit of Simon Baker.
  2. Cesaro is a tremendous worker. I think AEW will find a spot for him even though their roster is now massively bloated. Also, Wednesday showed again why Danielson is the best wrestler on the planet. He's just incredible.
  3. You have to feel sorry for Pucovski but either he needs to stop playing or CA needs to make him stop. CTE is very real and the studies on people who have suffered multiple concussions are pretty scary.
  4. I have no time for Seth Rollins. A good worker but his character and promo work are dreadful. It's go away heat for me now. Reigns is a tremendous performer. Heyman has really helped him unlock his "real" persona.
  5. The final episode was a nice bow to the series even though it was very on the nose. The first 3 episodes were probably the 3 worst episodes he's ever written of anything. It came around at the back end but I wish I'd have stopped watching after the first two series. This was a stretch too far.
  6. Woman's rumble good, lots of fun. Men's rumble was absolutely dirt poor. Barely anything happened. Trying to think of interesting spots that were on it and I can't think of anything. Riddle did a nice cutter off someone's back but other than Kofi fucking up I can't remember what else there was. With such little star power I'm glad they've cut all those talents this last year...
  7. It's as if we are trying to kill Test cricket. Outside of Cummins it's not a great attack and our collection of cunts are making them look like world beaters.
  8. Don't Look Up. An all star cast but not the script to make the satire work. I genuinely thought they were going to do the Simpsons ending too. It's a 5/10 film.
  9. We had Baker when the pitch was at it's worst and he couldnt cope.
  10. Only 22 loanees this year. 37 last year. The 41 was 2019.
  11. We've still got Atherton and Hussain but a lot of the newer ones are pretty bland. Ian Ward especially. I think Sky missed a trick by not having Mark Butcher on regularly as he is pretty decent. The Aussies though, outside of Warne and Guha I dont know who is talking.
  12. Still watching Wheel of Time. It's got much better but still not sure of how they will keep everyone hooked for multiple series.
  13. Bryan Danielson is so ridiculously good at professional wrestling. Hangman great too but Danielson is the best. Winter is Coming was maybe the best show of the year.
  14. Well. What a load of old shite this whole series has been so far.
  15. Stokes and Woakes economy at about 4, Root at 3.5, Broad under 3, Anderson and Robinson under 2. Aussies have targeted the three support bowlers. I miss Jofra.
  16. Not looking forward to watching us bat. Burns has looked like a walking wicket and we'll probably be five down before close.
  17. I've been calling for Foakes for years but we insist on sticking with white ball players like Buttler and Bairstow. I actually think Buttler has been pretty solid with the gloves for a while but that drop yesterday was shocking.
  18. Any chance of getting back into this game just hit the floor.
  19. I'm not sure if I expected us to get wickets but we've not looked good today. Same old.
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