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  1. Tbf Henry was best player on the pitch. Top top player
  2. Free transfer options who may be a good fit for us imo: Jackson Irvine Kevin Stewart Barim Kayal Darryl Janmaat Diafra Sakho Andre Green We need one CM (ideally 2) and a target man and wingback wouldn't go amiss, depending on budget
  3. Can you link then lad and I'll gladly apologise. I recall the reports at the time saying it was 5 million guranteed with another 2 in add ons and a sell on too
  4. I think 10 points from the next 6 is a good return. Has us on 6 points from 12 games if that happens which I think would be within 4 or 5 of 21st
  5. This. 6 or 7 points is a good return. 9 would be excellent.
  6. Just seen the bayern - atletico highlights. Trippier has a stinker, absolutely battered by Coman. Worries about his credientals at the very top level
  7. He's cut down the pens he's given away from 1 a game to 1 in 5 which for him is astounding
  8. He had odd moment yesterday. The bit to fashion soace in the corner was a glimpse of his ability, a good prospect and athlete, needs better quality on the ball to help him impact games
  9. So he was talking testicles then? Thanks, thought as much
  10. Tell us the break down of the fee then as you seem to know it?
  11. Like I've said Im not a fan of 3-5-2, much prefer 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 but if Monk thinks he doesn't have enough time between games to get the shape tactically well enough that's fair enough, this season more then ever with lack of preparation time between games. And Odubajo as a right back is a car crash
  12. Tbf Odubajo who I detested last season actually has looked OK lately, and Borners confidence is shot.
  13. Agree, at home certainly I'd go with back 4, then either 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1
  14. Rhodes needs to start or not play at all, even when he was good he was poo from the bench. Waste of a sub spot, and his race with us is run.
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