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  1. Even the subs the squad is not the worst I've seen... On paper, but has said the fact most of them had decent enough careers hides the fact that the majority were at the end and in mass decline. Mellor, Weaver and Madine too an extent, Buxton and Reda still did jobs for us though
  2. I recall Johnson, and Monk himself been decent for us on loan. Darren purse and Michael morrison. Good god
  3. Dean Smith, Ashley Westwood, Danny maddix (not as much) Chris Carr. The centre halves if nightmares and we had all the fookers in the space of about 2 seasons. Appallingly bad
  4. Definitely worth another year for me as a body on not a huge amount, but great attitude and works his nads off. Very useful to have around the place
  5. Clucas, Campbell and Woods are the 3 Stoke players worth keeping tabs on if they go down, steer clear of the rest
  6. Wonder how much Tyler walker would cost? Young, bit different and banging them in oast couple of seasons, stepping up each time. Is Ben Brereton still involved at Blackburn?
  7. So if we had a case against th efl we'd just let this slide? What a load of rounduns
  8. Lees or Lee. Both astoundingly consistent year after year for us. Bannan, Westwood, Hutch and Antonio close FF and Loovens not far off
  9. Agreed. One of our best players. Absolute tripe for his own team mind
  10. Disagree. Used the ball average, few sloppy passes and sitting way to deep alot of the time. Iorfa and Palmer both stand out performances
  11. Palmer was superb today. Him and Iorfa hard to split for MOTM
  12. Bonvin and sanetti were both nesh from memory. Beswetherick Barry Murphy Guy Branston
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