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    Perhaps my original point wasn't well made. obviously the Calibre of player is much better since chansiri and the attendances at ridiculous prices reflect that. however, the questions in the survey don't highlight a couple of things; 1) It is possible to bring through young players and integrate them into the squad alongside some high quality players brought in (Penney instead of Fox, Clare instead of Butterfield,) that money saved on squad fillers can then be better spent on more expensive purchases in areas required 2) We have had our initial outlay and the revenue has been generated from ticket sales. Now we have assests in the form of some good players. We therefore should surely recoup substantial fees if we sell plus have already generated increased revenue via ticket sales so that would leave an excess to reinvest in the squad even if ticket prices are lowered (just not spending £8million aimlessly on a position we already have options in) Personally I'd be in favour of tickets a little lower with a bigger emphasis on producing academy prospects alongside the odd expensive buy but a shift in focus on recruitment to up and coming players and players from abroad (which I think is where Jos is looking given early indications)

    This! I voted for lower prices with youth coming through and also continuing in our pathway to promotion and can't believe that more people didn't do both of these options?!?! As said before the two arent mutually exclusive
  3. It's from 6 years ago so I think you're chatting poo
  4. Jordan Thorniley..

    When was he at Rochdale?
  5. Win the FA Cup and get Relegated

    Is it last week already. boring then and boring now
  6. Big up Andy Rhodes

    Does Rhodes do the academy keepers or just first team? genuinely unsure but I'd say bulk of the credit goes to the academy and pre Academy keeper coaches
  7. Relegation or a trophy?

    Relegation or a trophy? trophy please. why would you pick relegation?
  8. Good call mate. lotto numbers for next week?
  9. Difference between 'fit' and fit for a professional football game. Thats the job of the club via its management and fitness department; not the players who have no background in it just cos they earn a lot of money
  10. Didn't see say he was prolific anymore; indeed at the time when he signed I thought it didn't fit what was needed. My point was more this kid Wolves has signed could be absolute throw. How would you know how good value he is?
  11. The guy couldn't get a game at Northampton FFS
  12. Seen much of him have you or chatting rounduns for the sake of it?
  13. You'd replace our 1st choice keeper with a winger? riigggghhhttttt
  14. Julian Nagelsmann

    Juergen Klopp. Pep Guardiola shall we continue to post the names we have no chance of getting and talking testicles?
  15. So, where do we go next?

    For style and entertainment - Hurst with Megson as Assistant/DoF for results - Pulis id go option 1 personally