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  1. fudge27

    Jordan Thorniley OUT

    If you said 3 years ago Kylian Mbappe was not playing everyone would have said WHO? what a pointless comment
  2. fudge27

    Why did we sign Hector?

    Why hasn't Hector being signed? cos the season is more then 2 games. Hope this helps
  3. fudge27


    Oh good this hasn't been discussed for at least 12 hours
  4. fudge27

    Sean Clare Signing for

    Fair enough, everyone's entitled to their opinion. my view is Hillsborough is a very traditional ground and yes it needs a bit of updating but it's far superior to tynecastle in terms of tradition, size, atmosphere when full
  5. fudge27

    Sean Clare Signing for

    EPL offers and picked hearts? hmmmm
  6. fudge27

    Sean Clare Signing for

    The stadium is better at hearts?
  7. fudge27

    Sean Clare Signing for

    Where the fizz is your Caledonian Thistle?!
  8. fudge27

    Sean Clare Signing for

    Thing is he won't though will he.
  9. Look at how far the academy has come. The likes of Preston, Kirby, Hunt, Lee, Wallis, Lonchar and to a lesser extent Borukov all produced too who look like they could play league football (most at a high standard if they apply themselves right and get the lucky breaks)
  10. fudge27

    Jon Shaw

    Didn't he a score or at least start away at Rushden and Diamonds. Random memory of it on the radio
  11. fudge27

    Footballer Wages Abroad

    No flipping way are that juve team on 20k a week. Put the glue down and stop sniffing
  12. fudge27

    Line up meltdown thread.

    Sign these players and don't include em. Load of poo etc. Bla bla flounce.
  13. fudge27


    2/10 must try harder. Lay more ground Work next time
  14. fudge27

    Team for Reading

    Dawson Palmer Lees Thorniley Penney Hutchinson Pelupussey Reach Bannan Matias Nuhiu Wildsmith, Joao, Fletcher, Foresterri, Hector, Onomah, Baker