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  1. Think the squad is pretty much bang in from Southgate. Shaw and Chilwell missing (injury and form),. Smith-Rowe and Calvert-Lewin probably next caps off the rank, but overall good squad for me
  2. Why is it a leagues business what a club in a different league does? It's upto the French league? Would la liga be saying this if any of their teams spent 150m plus to sign Mbappe? Dont recall it when Ronaldo went to Madrid
  3. Haven't RM historically been bailed out of debt by the Spanish government? And Barca are hundreds of millions in debt currently?
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61528610 How would RM paying it be OK, but PSG doing it is dangerous
  5. I can hear seen bean dusting off his loafers to head the march for fairness in football
  6. Not a bad shout. I think we need 2 CFs in regardless of we are having 2 up top. If Saido goes then 3 needed, unless we are looking at playing more 4-2-3-1 or 3-4-3
  7. Adjustable nets. If you turn up with a 6'10 keeper it's made bigger then if you turn up with a 4'3 keeper. That'll teach em
  8. Eddie Howe back to Burnley where he's not held in the highest regard
  9. No they don't. You can arrest someone and bail them or released them under Investigation, you do not have to charge in 24 hours unless you remand them in custody
  10. How do you know there's no victim? If he's committed an offence there is 100% a power to arrest
  11. They don't have 24 hours to charge unless they were seeking a remand, which they wouldn't be, but there's no need to arrest, unless he refuses to attend
  12. I wouldn't mind trialing Glenn Hoddles idea to have the penalty shootout before hand, for knockout games Out more onus on a team to win it in the allocated time. Could be great or terrible but wouldn't mind see it trialled to find out which
  13. No they shouldn't. Inviting him in voluntarily is a very common thing, still investigate the offence the exact same
  14. Potentially for VAR, again similar to rugby/crickets use of technology. Otherwise the mic isn't for me. But I'd love to see the respect for refs like in rugby and only captains speaking to refs
  15. Follow rugby's leads in HIA and how players speak to the referee.
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