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  1. Both bankers. Second one with Bannan is as blatant as they come
  2. I personally have organised and run a league with rules such as this and most of the ideas here are rules we used (we didn't have the no instruction, the clap both teams goals or no slide tackle rule) but the others are aimed at promoting kids to be comfortable in possession and creative not robotic. The retreat line and equal play time rules especially are important in youth development; I'm also a firm believer in positional rotation at those younger ages so good to see
  3. Julian Nagelsmann

    Are you on crack? At at no point did I say that. I'm quite patient but after the Derby I lost my support; think we'll never have that nasty streak under him; however, suggesting Naglemann is potentially the most ridiculous suggestion ever. including keegan and allardyce which is quite a feat, so kudos for that
  4. Julian Nagelsmann

    A fantastic shout?! phook me! Some people actually are on another planet. think I'll suggest Mourinho, he seems to do a good job at most places. Gerrim in DC
  5. Wednesday or England

    So that's Wednesday for Scram too then...
  6. Proud

    A small step after last weekend. We need to see this on a regular basis now as all is forgiven
  7. Media Coverage

    We're not the oldest club in the league
  8. Team for brum

    I'd take van aken away from the pressure until after Leeds and with Loovens back that helps, bit of rotation otherwise looking at how we usually go away westwood hunt lees loovens pudil Wallace jones bannan reach hooper rhodes is what I expect.
  9. Some classy videos kicking about online tonight
  10. You utter cowards

    Actually agree. But compared to the rest that was an improvement. thought Hooper was the only player who looked arsed and had a bit of quality. What Joao served to highlight is that a bit of pace can work wonders though and we are very one dimensional and if you stifle our plan A we resort to long balls too readily that simply don't work for us
  11. Football is brilliant

    Over his career he's had the odd good game at this level (usually when with a point to prove) then turns to tripe for the rest. He then goes to league 1 scores a few; falls out and moves on. Those are the facts of his career. One good game (again predictably) against us makes sod all difference to that.
  12. Football is brilliant

    He's not though is he. 10 good games in a career don't make a 'very good striker'
  13. Att has got it right

    Best away game ever. Think we were the last ones in the ground that day. Unbelievable
  14. Well thts wrong but don't let facts bother you