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  1. As a good a deed as this is, the most impressive thing is his hand writing! How neat is that? wouldn't expect anything else from him
  2. Is this a bit like a knock off version of carlsberg?
  3. It's stuff like this that for me is better then if we had been the Chelsea or Man City bankrolled by a zillionaire. If that does ever happen we'll look back at the past 20 odd years especially as when the hardcore lot stuck by us. Obviously the prem and the jewels attached is the end game but part of the fun is sticking together when we are poo and actually a lot of good memories are from when we are crap and fans still turn out and make it a good time.
  4. I personally would have gone with FF in place of JP and gone 4-4-1-1; with an option to make it 4-1-4-1 off the ball and play 5 yards higher as a team. The thing with setting up to counter is you need to have a base position that actually allows you to counter
  5. Agree: can see the aense it keeping it tight for 15 to get a foothold but then we never went for it. Rather lose 3-0 having a go and being picked off then 1-0 (or 3/4 anyway) trying to snatch a draw. Poor tactics
  6. It was. I think most people agree the correct decision was reached. It's the manner the game was restarted that's ridiculous
  7. It's common sense. Rules are adapted all the time in football, such as a foul in the area might get you a red whereas anywhere else it'd be a yellow etc. so not buying that for a second
  8. And in the favour of the team out of possession?
  9. So with the situation why not wait to give the pen so there's a natural break in play (pretty sure it was out mind) Uncontested ball for the team who didn't have control of the ball is bat poo crazy restart either way
  10. Repeat the thread title. It's what every sane person is saying as they read your post
  11. For all the smart arses what is the law then? if a drop ball why uncontested? if uncontested why to the team who were not in control of the ball?
  12. I always thought a drop ball was a player from each team contesting not, give it back to the premier league team
  13. Nail on head. unfortunately it wasn't a pen imo but it went out for a corner so why not restart with that as the last break in play? load of rounduns
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