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  1. fudge27

    England squad - What might have been.

    Yea, you make ridiculous statements with no foundation and I have to prove it. sound
  2. fudge27

    England squad - What might have been.

    You can't agree yet you cite the medical care as the main reason?
  3. fudge27

    England squad - What might have been.

    A nice early contender for worst thread of the summer. Kudos.
  4. fudge27

    So that survey

    Are you joking? It's so easy 1. Add manager 2. Select Man City 3. Bid £70million for our deadwood 4. Arm Jos with the proceeds 5. Watch in disbelief as Abdi and Fletcher are devastating and help City to a treble
  5. All this talk about Cardiff...they're not exactly paying peanuts are they!
  6. I'm not just sure...I'm HIV positive
  7. fudge27


  8. fudge27

    U14/15 in Greece

    Very good performance playing a year up at that age. We are behind continental teams technically but our players have more will and willing to do the dirty side of the game more hence the need to play up for a bigger challenge
  9. fudge27

    Team for Preston

    I'd personally look to keep blooding the odd young un here and there. Seasons gone so let's see if we can get a gem for next seasons squad wildsmith hunt fred lees thornily reach pelupessy hutch bannan nuhiu joao dawson, ff, Pudil, Boyd, stobbs, Matias, Kirby
  10. fudge27

    Sean Clare

    Covering for someone on the kop turnstiles I heard...
  11. When your 17 and playing regular in the 2nd tier it would suggest to me that a career spent in the 2nd and 3rd tier is not matching your potential. Rather getting sidetracked and progressing stalling. Everyone develops different but Beevers could have had a career in the PL if managed better
  12. Ah mark beevers. What you could have been
  13. I was thinking the exact same...
  14. Bit of a come down! Last week Spurs this week Sunderland
  15. fudge27

    Team for Tuesday

    Wildsmith palmer venacio lees pudil clare reach jones boyd joao nuhiu subs dawson, loovens, pelupessy, abdi, Rhodes, thorniley, Hirst as much experience as possible. Maybe Clare and boyd can be switched but thought Clare went to gillingham played wing back and did well there by all accounts so could be a long term solution to our problem positions