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  1. fudge27

    Still dicraceful

    Discraceful? ffs dis flippingCraeful that's enough internet for today already
  2. fudge27

    Venancio Back?

    You had me until you put Lees still operating as a ball playing centre half a lot and Thorniley on the right.
  3. fudge27

    The promotion winning team

    Keith Tracey! was a fantastic signing and was very excited when we got him. Surprised how his career turned out; I always had him and Wallace down as similar Calibre of player when they were at Burnley
  4. fudge27

    the Bbc, they say...

    Whys that?
  5. fudge27

    Why on earth ....

    What a load of rounduns. Even done after we've won. Baffling levels of stupid
  6. Glad there's a thread on this finally..
  7. fudge27

    David Jones

    I agree; that would have been my decision too; but it's easy in hindsight I guess, and that would still have invited pressure
  8. fudge27

    David Jones

    Unfortunately that's due to giving them a contract and then them not really having the impact we thought they would so being stuck with them. with regards the first bit I agree; I would have kept Onomah on except if he asked to come off; but I'd also have picked Kirby or Hunt (or whichever prospect we have who is impressing over him) for reasons stated above; in the matchday squad
  9. fudge27

    David Jones

    My opinion is that this season we won't go up and we won't go down. Results like tonight hurt in their manner; but I'd rather have the young uns get the exposure and learn then put on A 33 year old for the sake of finishing on 63 points instead of 61 or the likes. Jones, Boyd, Westwood are all on good wages and certainly Boyd and Jones wouldn't noticeable strengthen us (if at all) so I'm willing to be patient cos longer term I don't see us being in a fight going out of the division one way or another
  10. fudge27

    Team for midweek

    Dawson Palmer Hector Lees Pudil Penney Pelupessy Bannan Reach Nuhiu Joao
  11. fudge27

    Isaac Rice

    Pretty sure 1st team will pick the best player; not worry about the u23 having a game
  12. Wrong. and then tried to say another poster is wrong for highlighting this. on that basis I'm out of your reasoning
  13. fudge27

    Jordan Thorniley OUT

    If you said 3 years ago Kylian Mbappe was not playing everyone would have said WHO? what a pointless comment
  14. fudge27

    Why did we sign Hector?

    Why hasn't Hector being signed? cos the season is more then 2 games. Hope this helps
  15. fudge27


    Oh good this hasn't been discussed for at least 12 hours