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  1. Big Mick surely going to be potted from Cardiff. 6 on the bounce now
  2. So nothing at all like the same then. Glad we agree
  3. Completely at odds with the last international break when we didn't play so Wildsmith didn't play?
  4. Think it needs to be wing or Bannan not both. He's a number 10, and if we're using 3 in CM asking him to play another role is poor management
  5. I agree, I'd like him to get a run. Him Bannan and Adeniran would be a good combo certainly away from home
  6. They were outnumbered hugely. You'd need about another 100 cops minimum to deal with that, and that's just inside the group, plus the extra transport and outside costs too. They were obviously looking for grief
  7. He's been poor since the euros, in the euros he looked knackered. Start or the season he's looked underplayed. Crazy
  8. Didn't curbishley go to West ham as manager and then director of football or recruitment or some such role? Hardly black listed
  9. He is, but he's been bang out of form for England of late. I'd like Foden to get more time in CM and hope Pep will use him there at city now he has Grealish too. Would like to see Smith Rowe and Chalobah in the squad at least for the San Marino game as think these are the next set to come through
  10. Lots of good players Newcastle could bring in to start challenging. Be interested to see who they sign Coutinho, Kouliabily, Icardi, Lingard, Kessie, Doku, Berardi, Navas, Bailly, Martial All linked and realistic options. Be intersting if they can bridge the gap as quickly as city did with the gradual upgrade and then the odd marquee signing. Could see Werner and Rudiger as options if they recruit strongly in January
  11. Wildsmith Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson /Dunkley Johnson Corbeanu Bannan Adeniran Brown Paterson Gregory Peacock - Farrell, Palmer, Wing, Shodipo, Berahino, Dele-Bashiru, Kamberi
  12. Could see this. Creating 5 professional leagues, then regionalising the 6th tier Premier league - 18 teams Championship - 18 teams League 1 - 18 teams League 2 - 18 teams League 3 - 20 teams Conference north - 20 teams Conference south - 20 teams Keep a 3 up 3 down system for the top 4 leagues. League 3 could be 3 down and 3 up, with a play off between North and south for the 3rd promotion spot. Keep the play offs in current format, and revamp the league cup comps. Not as bad as it could be if done correct
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