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  1. He was ******** woeful for us. Beswetherick levels of poo . Got to have conceded the highest number of pens of any Swfc player ever.
  2. The pigs. Out of the prem and into the wilderness. Record breakers edition.
  3. Is he? Never seen him claim a cross or particularly boss his defence and organise them. He's a decent shot stopper
  4. It was years ago so not sure. Remember it was cities and Yorkshire were Leeds which annoyed me. Think arivinda da Silva sticks in my head as playing in it and jacques kallis for Manchester. Was an interesting concept though, surprised it hasn't be tried again
  5. I remember whatching something on sky a few years ago that I think should be used in the hundred too. There were zones around the ground that were worth double (so 4 and 6 worth 8 and 12 respectively) think there were 6 zones but with the rules a minimum of 3 of them were unprotected. Thought it made a better twist then some of the concepts I've seen since like t20 and the hundred
  6. Where's all this lower wages stuff come from? When players are out of Contract or moving on a free, they invariably get a higher wage/signing on fee/ longer contract length to capitalise on this. Covid or whatever, Reach and his agent will know that we paid £6 million for him and he's racked up another 200 games since then.
  7. He'll get a move to a WBA or a Stoke or similar and be a squad player. He'll be a 6/10 player and bottle 50/50s but chip in with 5 goals and 5 assists a season and fans wont care when they sell him in 18 months having made 2million quid on him
  8. Disagree. Students in Sheffield are rife. If you can entice a few of them in you're onto a winner, we'll struggle given location compared to pigs. Also kids under 5 should never ever Be more then £5, and senior citizens should be half price a normal ticket imo. I'd also have £22 flat on kop and £25 anywhere else
  9. All St Pauli aren't we. Hamburg is an amazing city, God bless the reperbahn
  10. DCL and Davies should never play for England again. Imagine that walking in with Kane trying to get focused before a game. ******** liberty
  11. Crane, haslam, bromby, Geary, stringer. Some talented boys in that squad.
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