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  1. Kieran Lee also in there, Murphy and Fletcher too. Interesting. Would like us to take Izzy Brown on loan next season
  2. The 3 renewals obviously are impacted cos of the budget. I anticipate Fox and Fletcher if he takes a pay cut will stay. In the summer Hutch, FF and Westwood offloaded and Rhodes if a taker can be found. Covid will have made it even more imperative we cut our cloth and unfortunately it means one more season of poo before we can reload in effect, hopefully with better recruitment next time we can spend proper money
  3. Dawson Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Bannan Luongo Hutch Reach Rhodes/FF Fletcher Murphy, Harris, Hunt, Lees, Wildsmith, Urgohide, Nuhiu Can't decide if I'd have Rhodes or FF uptop. Bannan not strong enough in a 2 man CM slot imo, better used on the right or left slotting in, but out fullbacks aren't as good an attacking threat as they once were
  4. No chance. He's going to end up at a newly promoted team or newly relegated team
  5. Used to love Powell initially, then realised he was gash!! Michael Johnson was a good un too. I'm too young to really remember him, was about 8 or 9 when he came.
  6. When we seemed to collect aging pros he was one of the good ones. We had some decent players down this route, and some absolute throw too Good Gray Gardner Watson Bad Purse Teale Morrison Sedgwick McPhail Olofinjana
  7. Favourite ever player. Shades Des Walker and Pressman Probably the best of the bunch we had after the 91-94 team started being dismantled
  8. Bannan class on the left, we played such good football and countered so well that season. FF with that spring in his step and Hooper and Loovens. If we'd have played at Wembley half as good as we did in the first leg we'd have gone up
  9. Every squad around, certainly in this division needs 4 or 5 players who are squad players, who come inx do a job for 15-20 games a season, and are good behind the scenes. There isn't the budget to have 22 amazing championship players for us or any other championship team for that natter
  10. Jack Simpson out of Contract at Bournemouth, Derby and Stoke linked. Would be a good astute buy and again a good age
  11. Type of player, who if he has a good attitude is worth a gamble. Young, won't cost the earth, good age, good physical attributes and wouldn't expect to walk into the team. Wouldn't be against this type of signing on a 2 year deal.
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