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  1. It'll be a net of 6 after the release. Assuming we move out 5/6 experience pros well end up bringing in 10/11. Not counting the likes of Preston, Kirby, J Lee etc who are young pros
  2. Not sure if it's being asked, but why should Middlesbrough sue them? What gives them more rights then the other 22 teams in the league and even you could argue the other 70 EFL teams? Gibson needs to drop this holier then thou, man of the game testicles and stop with the sour grapes. Quickly becoming a parody of chairman
  3. I know a dozen or so Liverpool supporters who don't hang about together and everyone one of them has nothing but praise for Swfc fans talk about how people around the ground allowed them inside to call family and make me a cup of tea and the likes when the news was breaking
  4. James Bree at Villa would be a good full back addition
  5. I see what your saying but would prefer 2 tricky and speedy wingers and move Reach into the middle if needed as opposed to 2 CMs with Reach out wide, guess we'll see how Bruce uses his budget
  6. This. FF, Reach can play off a forward in a wide role but we've lost Onomah, Boyd and Maria's who could do thay gig plus Aarons
  7. I'd love 2 but with Hutch, Bannan, Lee, Pelupussy and another plus the odd game hopefully for Grant/Kirby I'd rather quality than quantity
  8. I was thinking other day and got thay we need 7(provided Westwood, Lee and Palmer all sign on) LB CB RB/CB depending on where Iorfa will be used CM LW RW FWD Also assuming we'll get rid of 3/4 more such as Fox, Winnall, Joao,
  9. Not seen it mentioned for an hour but odubajo is out of contract at Brentford and would be a good signing on a free
  10. That would mean they'd made playoffs 7 times and lost every game? Sure they've got to some finals so how does that work
  11. Didn't that happen earlier too? Kinky buggers
  12. Final should be played at a neutral venue imo. St Andrews or maybe a small stadium at St George's Park
  13. Their mure worth what somebody is willing to pay for them. I'd be surprised if we couldn't get 2-3 for FF and at least 10 for Reach in the modern climate. Indeed if we didn't I would just reject the offers
  14. Peopke saying release Abdi cos he's a Croc yet wanting to sign Lazaar who's like Francis Jeffers of the modern game.
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