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  1. Pope Walker-Peters Mings Coady Cresswell Rice Bellingham Maddison Sancho Calvert-Lewin Grealish Lingard is owned by Man Utd so csnt be picked surely
  2. Mixing up customers and fans here. Are you on the board of man Utd by chance?
  3. The players on under the cosh were never 'elite' the best they've had on are probably duberry and Mills who were hardly world class. They have players who walked away from 10s of thousands potentially but championship kinda level. Not the money some of these egos are pulling
  4. Yea, and if qualification from the outset was based on where you finish the season before. We could call it a league of champions or a 'Champions League' if you will. We can tweak the formats to be league or knockout and expand to include more teams and dilute the value of that competition as the years progress too
  5. Sky and the PL while bad for the game imo didn't eliminate the basic premise of competition, it had rewarded these clubs who happened to be at the top when the money came in, but that's life. I'm against the current PL and the obscene money in football and hope this bullshit causes a reset and regulations to be imposed domestically that allow us to cap wages against spend, cap ticket prices and get fans involved at board room level ( I know that's a dream land, but one can hope) This league is remove the element of competition, and what happens in year 5 when people are bored of
  6. Move to a German like fan owned ownership model. Kick these greddy ******** out and if they come back make them start at step 1 on the ladder.. Wages capped at 20k per week Season tickets capped at maximum price of £300 at the top domestic level, and £25 per game max. Try and get back to football been for the fans amid this recession and times of nothing but financial gain
  7. It's fine. Arsenal won't qualify for any serious top level competition cos of that... Oh You already need to look at how ******** poor the europa league or whatever it is these days is. I don't think I've watched one of those games for over 10 years, and now half the poo in that have a divine right to being at the top table Americans trying to americanise a world sport for financial gain. tails
  8. Well it's you who doesn't know it, as points 5 and 4 are so true of teams in the nfl. Are you one of Neil's wind up accounts?
  9. Won't ever happen, but I would LOVE to see a return to a proper CHAMPIONS CUP. Top 16 leagues each contribute their champion to the Cup. Knockout ties from the off. Cup winners Cup. Same format. European League for teams finishing 2nd and 3rd to make 32 teams, in similar format to current CL. But with knockouts as a single leg. Domestically, a re boot to German model around fan ownership and caps on wages and ticket prices
  10. Cos AC MILAN have been absolute poo at the top level since 2006 and are an insignifance now. When was the last time they were in the CL, let alone challenging for their title
  11. With expert analysis like that, have you Considered applying for a job as a pundit on BT
  12. Since like 10 games in they've fallen off a cliff form wise too... Worrying for them
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