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  1. Looking at their squad the only players I could see shifting in are, Baldock, O'Connell, Berge, Brewster Lundstram and maybe Egan or Basham if any lower end teams need back up CBs. Trouble with Baldock is he needs to play as a wing back cos he's not good enough in a 4, Lundstram is out of contract anyway. Not much money in them saleable assets. Maybe 30 million max, but with the inflated wage bill that won't last for long
  2. Henderson somewhat, momentum that then picks up some result gets confidence flowing, and teams not having seen much of the system before. Perfect storm of over achievement, not improving, cohesion upset by new signings, losing best player and being worked out. Shame that
  3. The fizz has an intangible debate on something that cannot be proved and in opinions gone on for so long. ******** gi or. Pigs are ********. Enjoy it. Side note, I don't think the comments about the players not been arsed etc is true. What I see is the majority of them are still busting their balls for the cause. They're just not very good. Like I've said before Burke gets in some really good positions then does nothing. Norwood and Fleck are getting less time this season and their touch isn't up to par, and teams have figured them out. No lack of
  4. I think it's the perception of it and the excuses trotted out over something like oh it's hard to contain your excitement, when there's people who csnt see their elderly relatives or parents or kids cos of the illness. Football has been granted a huge dispensation to Continue and they go off like the public should be on bended knee thanking them.
  5. Every day that passes, we are a day closer to DC leaving
  6. Very good . My anger refuses to let me acknowledge De Bilde as a player of substance (or summat like that)
  7. You OK mate? Seeing things that haven't been written now. Must be a trait of a Leeds fan.
  8. Jonk, De bilde, O'Donnell, Donnelly, Hinchcliffe, On paper 4 good buys. In reality 4 colessal turds on high wages (for the time) that ruined the club.
  9. Staying up over 2 of the worst teams in PL history and fulham/ Brighton who are tripe and he's mastermind coach. Hmmmm. Obviously club wanted to lose in the cup, that's why they picked a fairly strong team. Obvious that.
  10. 70 games in the Belgian, or Swiss league is hardly established
  11. Yea sure the likes of salah, de Bruyne, lukaku, James, tomori and Mount really regret it
  12. So after Chris Wilder came out and said players hug cos it's emotional, Neil Harris has now said it's a joke to try and stop players Celebrating. What World do these absolute bellends live in? Do they realise there is a nationwide pandemic and global epidemic on, lucky to be playing at all, let alone be getting tests so regularly and have the cheek to complain about it. Pair of ********
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