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  1. You made the exact same joke in the post you quoted. Remarkable 😃
  2. The thing you singularly fail to point out, is that all those you've mentioned have gone to clubs where they spent years as excellent players. I'm sure during those times the upper hierarchy will have seen what all the individuals named were like around the place, with the ground staff, the scouts, the academy players, other pros. I'd say that's about a good a gage for 'management' and how the individuals fits in with your club ethos
  3. I didn't mean it aimed at you specifically, I get that's the perception cos I quoted you. I meant all this speculation about behind the scenes stuff when to be reyt none of us know.
  4. Chris Kirkland on his under the cosh interview, talks about how good the club were giving him days off and letting him miss days when needed for his wellbeing. Why do you assume the club are in the wrong with Hutchinson? Maybe thry gave an inch and he took a mile? Maybe the club were at fault. Maybe people shouldn't speculate when they have no where near all the information around the situation
  5. He's made that exact joke in the post youve quoted. Remarkable
  6. Still wouldn't have him. He's ********
  7. Bit like calling Bristol City Bristol rovers. Not great detective work just lazy bs first post
  8. The recruitment hasn't been the main issue. Yes we had one stinking window that set us back, but the main issue has been not cashing in when good players and in good form. FF, Reach, Bannan, Lees, Westwood We missed out on 30million on fees and got stuck with unmotivated players (Bannan apart who is still vital to the team) Joao sale highlights we may be learning, and the recruiting of a few younger players too won't hurt, but the bigger lesson is when to cash in
  9. Get shut. No good enough. If he's anywhere near out box the sure panic and pandemonium he causes is unrivalled. Quite the feat when we've had the likes of maddix, purse, Morrison, Barry Murphy, Westwood, aranalde, Branston and Beswetherick over the years
  10. Quite good for England too that 3 of our best young talents are playing together and with pogba, Fernandes and martial. Hopefully Kane gets a move too
  11. Disagree. He was an important player in the best 2 seasons we've had in the past 20 years. Yes his injury record was bad and his last 12 months he wasn't value for money, but he was the best striker in that team We've had far less value from players over the years then Gary hooper
  12. If you get a player of the class of hooper for what we paid, and get his goal returns we got for the years he was hex he was good value. Injuries stopped him being among the best forwardin the league, but he still gave us value
  13. Cos us fans then have our team start on - 12 if we breach FFP?
  14. Hooper wasn't poor value overall, and FF we managed poorly. If we'd had the first 18 months and sold when we got that stupid offer we'd have done unbelievable off him. Instead we rewarded petulance with a big new long contract
  15. As have every club ever as well. You csnt say oh that club develops players, but the players at that club he just worked hard so wanted it. Players who make it will generally all work their nuts off
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