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  1. Bonvin and sanetti were both nesh from memory. Beswetherick Barry Murphy Guy Branston
  2. Bannan was Injured mid week not in the warm up
  3. Dawson Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Hutchinson Luongo Bannan Harris Fletcher Reach FF, Lee, Lees, Odubajo, Murphy, Nuhiu, Wildsmith
  4. So by good player you mean he could run fast. Reyt. We've already got Odubajo
  5. Didn't think they were great but they didn't need to be. Not hard to see why they're having a bang average season.
  6. Agreed, but Luongo was stand out. JP did what he does but little quality, Luongo looks a proper player. Use him when Hutch needs a rest of in a 4-2-3-1 away from home for me
  7. Dire tonight. A winger who doesn't have an attacking mind or ability to take a player on. Prefer to see Odubajo used as a winger with Fox/Thorniley brought in to the team
  8. Rotate Dawson Odubajo Bates Thorniley Fox Pelupussy Luongo Murphy Winnall Reach Nuhiu
  9. We gone back in time 2 years or summat?
  10. Dawson Odubajo Bates Borner Fox Murphy Pelupussy Luongo FF Rhodes Nuhiu Bring on Winnall and maybe a young un for last 20 mins or so if we are in a position too
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