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  1. fudge27

    Well done Wednesday

    We weren't. They missed 2 sitters. Still no idea how they hit the post instead of scoring
  2. fudge27

    Well done Wednesday

    He loves it. I walked round the home end as he was cooling down and gave him a WAWAW and he gave me a smile and thumbs up; should have come on tonight, we desperately needed a threat in behind
  3. fudge27

    Hector in midfield

    Did well tonight and won every goal kick m. Use of the ball ok, but Hutchinson would still be my first choice in their when fit (so Hector would get 35 games a season in ther)
  4. fudge27

    Well done Wednesday

    We were dreadful tonight, but bitof a backbone. Got lucky with some of the chances they missed and never felt threatened by the high balls or corners unusually. Hector immense; Bannan did well as did Thorniley and Fox. Dawson made a few very smart saves but kicking was wayward
  5. fudge27

    Morgan Fox

    Very good tonight
  6. fudge27

    Adbi playing for U23's

    Classic autocorrecting from iPhone there
  7. fudge27

    Adbi playing for U23's

    Didn't come this marsden retire to save us paying his wages and USB a lifelong Wednesday fan who rejected offers from the league above to play for us before he retired?
  8. fudge27

    Adbi playing for U23's

    I believe the u23s also playbin Wednesday shirts like...
  9. fudge27

    Team v Luton

    Wildsmith Palmer Lees Hector Fox Pelupessy Bannan Reach Boyd Nuhiu Matias Bring on Winnall after 65 mins regardless. Look to get Hunt/Kirby/Preston game time depending on situation of the game.
  10. The man who was in charge for the dismantling of a squad and signed off all the deals that put us millions on debt; spent an absurd amount of money on the stadium, and didn't match the level of investment in the team; brought back a manager purely to fire him for his own ego, sold us down the river with Di Canio, oversaw the appointments of such superb managers as Wilson, Pleat, Shreeves. And proceeded to leave us upon relegation; yea thats the one mate.
  11. Pleat was a poor manager for us; hardly an inspiring leader; However, Dave Richards is up there with DA as our worst every chairman and the reason we have been on the decline for over 20 years imo. How he ended up PL chairman is embarrassing with the mess he left us in
  12. fudge27

    West Brom - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Should have taken 6 points of these flaps and we've got 2. flipping Wednesday hey
  13. David Jones is on 500k a week. prove me wrong on your working thesis. :)
  14. fudge27

    Dealt a bad hand

    Jos makes his own rules