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  1. Westwood Odubajo Lees Borner Palmer Harris Bannan Luongo Reach FF Rhodes Not sure on Hutch, Lee, and Fletch with 3 games in a week, and all are very important for us. Gives us a chance to look at squad depth
  2. No idea, but hope your mate enjoys his prank calls...
  3. How much did I have to drink last night? Must still be drunk
  4. This for Luongo Da da da da da da Massimo Da da da da da da da Luongo Repeat
  5. Not too sure as wasn't able to see today, but how is Murphy off the ball? Tricky away game at Millwall would be good to have Murphy and Harris to counter, but if we need to be a little more Solid and move Reach higher then understandable too
  6. When we had Megson I recall seeing a routine a few times where we had a unit at the front post who would turn and run into the defenders just before delivery. Defenders would lose half a yard and the likes of Reda, Jones, Batth would have a free header. Was glorious
  7. See ya. Still inconsistent, and not the right application. If he'd knuckled down after his first half season he'd be sat on 25 caps for Portugal now and have scored a she'd load in the champ for us or be playing in the Prem. Wasted talent
  8. Well personally I'd be rid of Winall as obviously his face don't fit here, and try and get rid of Rhodes or Joao, then if we could move on Fox and Van Aken too would be lovely. Think we lack a bit of pace up top and someone to stretch the game would be lovely
  9. Left Back and Hector then a forward if we can get shut of Winall and another would be lovely
  10. Left Back and Hector then a forward if we can get shut of Winall and another would be lovely
  11. Rowett, Monk, Hughton would all be good for us now as safe options If we wanted to take a gamble then Stendel or Cowley or at a push Phil Neville but can't equally see it being a left field appointment again
  12. Surely if this is allowed you could do same with a player? I don't wana pay your release fee of 75million so just cancel your contract and its free. No way is that legal for a manager anymore than it is for a player
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