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  1. I recall that he was great on loan for us then we collapsed when he went back. But that might be an urban myth of mine. What we do know however for certain is that he was better than Chris Carr.
  2. There’s a match on today? Do we really have to? My optimism for the game last week proved completely unfounded and I now can’t see anything other than 3 points for the carrot crunchers. My only hope is that we’ve not been able to find a filling station open to fill the team bus with diesel so we can’t even make it to Ipswich. Anyway, for what it’s worth, Up the Owls….
  3. So many things have gone wrong, so many bad decisions and sadly too many to list. I guess it's a combination of so so many fuckups and missed opportunities over the years which have landed us where we are. Could've been so different if somebody had realised a certain Frenchman was decent on grass. And if we'd signed Lombardo, Rasiak and Chris Greenacre.
  4. I'd sadly forgotten about him in the haze of the (mostly) mediocrity which followed him. He was a good guy. Shame we're right back to where we were before he lifted us back up.
  5. I wonder if ads for non existent energy drinks will also be banned.
  6. I've voted. We should alao sign that guy from Plymouth. I'd love to have the name Forkuo on the back of my shirt. Sums up what I'd like to say to a lot of people nowadays.
  7. Someone only posted a picture on here a few days ago of him, Charlton, Setters and St John saying he was the only one of them left. That's one hell of a management team they've now got upstairs! RIP Tony
  8. Well on the back of this highly accurate and scientific model, I lumped on us, Bolton, Lincoln, Burton, Portsmouth and Sunderland all to win. Luckily I kept the cardboard box from the new TV to live in now that I’m penniless and on the streets.
  9. It’s kids innit? Took our godson to the Bristol City match a few years ago, the 0-0 game where we didn’t have a shot on target, and he came away saying he’d really enjoyed it, whereas my eyes were bleeding. If kids are happy to put up with sheeite we serve up on a far too frequent basis, then the future is safe….
  10. A true legend in the football football world and an icon for me during my younger years from Saint and Greavsie. Loved that show. RIP to a true great.
  11. I wondered that too. Reading this thread has left me confused. We've also got some guy called Pierre scoring for us apparently. Then again watching Exeter was probably better than watching us last week. Anyway, I think we'll get back to winning ways today and dare I say it, in some style too. And I'm rarely, if ever, optimistic about our chances. Kiss of death, I know.. And, has anyone on here actually ever seen a real life shrew? Do they really exist or are they something made up by Roald Dahl? Anyway, Up The Owls.
  12. It’s either that or it’s leprosy creeping in from the hands upwards.
  13. Results without him in the team have been poor . Maybe he’s our key player, the one who makes the team click properly. Many teams have that one player who they really missing when he’s not playing. Perhaps Dennis will prove to be ours. Maybe…
  14. Well, Carlos was always a massive fan of Robin Hood........
  15. ... and I've got experience of managing a team with just one point well into the season.
  16. We need someone to rustle up a meme combining Cwisseh with Yosser Hughes. Giz a job.
  17. I played it too much as well. Even to the extent where I told the lady who would become the current Mrs B (we were still courting in them days) that I was busy and couldn't meet up with her.... She still ended up marrying me despite my appalling attitude.
  18. How the hell has this advert cropped up while I'm reading through the thread........
  19. I’m pleased to see that he’s not smiling.
  20. I much preferred these early versions. The later ones wee too complex for my simple brain although of course they are more realistic. Although my finest hour was winning the Premier League with us on the 2005 version. Richard Wood sealed it with a last minute winner against Chelsea. At least I can tell the grandkids that "I was there".
  21. Steve Nicol injured. Must have just come back from taking the dog for a walk.
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