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  1. Good luck. I suspect one of those will.let you down..... Norwich have got no chance of winning.
  2. Indeed. We drew the second half too so we are on an unbeaten run of 45 minutes.
  3. Rest in peace, another legend gone.
  4. Nothing against the OP, but when you’re scratching round calling the likes of Lee Camp as a potential saviour of the club, then it’s over and done with.
  5. Oh good. Pier Luigi Collina is the ref for tonight’s game? One of the few good refs out there (thought he’d retired though).
  6. Good post Milord. Enjoy the pork scratchings. Well, at least we are not at home tonight. Probably the best I can say but I’m getting to the past caring point.
  7. I presume you're assuming we win the appeal and get the deduction overturned?
  8. Really want things to work out but as the weeks and matches go by you get to thinking its not going to.
  9. Thanks again for the post Milord. Nice to see you got it in just before lockdown. I still associate Luton with bloody Pleat running onto the pitch in celebration and that’s not a good thought to go to sleep on. Come on Wednesday. And fizz off covid.
  10. It was even worse than that. We lost 14-0....
  11. Good post Milord. Good analysis of where we are. Come on Wednesday. Let's have a win tonight without any nail-biting. We all need a pick me up at the moment. Go for it!
  12. I'd rather they played So You Win Again on account of us trouncing everyone week in week out.
  13. Take your pick of any of the home games from the 1991 promotion season. That was my favourite ever season, I was younger (only 18-19), much more optimistic, less bitter and generally happier, and this was mirrored by events on the pitch. I loved that season, even though we drew more than we should have done at home.
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