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  1. Correctly so. Palmer was dreadful but he wasn’t worse than McKenna or Bain the keeper who both remain in the XI. McKenna was arguably the worst player on the pitch, astonishing for me he has kept his place.
  2. He was part of a Scotland defence that has conceded 3 goals to a terrible team, he was solely responsible for the 3rd goal, he contributed nothing going forward and he has taken part in the worst Scotland result in my entire lifetime. Was he really that bad? Yes. He was diabolical and not one of them deserve to be defended.
  3. Half the teams in the SPFL would give some English Championship clubs a decent game nevermind not being able to make it in League 1. We don’t have a large pool of players I agree but Palmer is 3rd choice and right back is arguably our weakest position. From that performance he is nowhere near good enough for international football.
  4. Played well? He was flipping terrible. Hopefully that’s his first and last game. Palmer, Bain and Shinnie should never get anywhere near a Scotland shirt again.
  5. Knocking the Blades out - it is destiny
  6. On the striker front I’d even consider playing Calum up top instead of at right back which could help Palmer get his place in the side. Up front is another area where we are lacking and I agree that Fletcher doesn’t score enough. Calum is a huge aerial threat, he scores goals, and he did the striker role successfully for Hearts a number of times. It’s certianly an option if consider
  7. Spot on. Bannan is probably finished for Scotland and he has had his opportunities. He is a decent player but there are multiple better players ahead of him in the queue and he has never really done it in dark blue. On the young talent you mentioned waiting to come through, I’d have put Harry Cochrane ahead of Ewan Henderson in your list. Harry is younger, a better player, and further established in his career, and I don’t say that with a Hearts bias. Lewis Ferguson at Aberdeen has looked the most exciting youngster to me. Agreed on the everyone but the keeper comment too. Unless you maybe wanted to give Wednesday Steven Fletcher for the number 9 striker role in Griffiths absence
  8. Right back is Scotland’s weakest and problem position and has been for a while. Palmer likely won’t shift Paterson and become the regular but it is astonishing that Palmer hasn’t had a call up before now.
  9. With potential FFP worries I’d think it’s unlikely we could mate which is a shame. He will go for millions. There’s a rumour that Leeds have a first option on Souttar too with them loaning Conor Shaughnessy to us for cover for him. He’s out injured at the moment.
  10. The laddie Jimmy Dunne we had on loan from Burnley that has signed at Sunderland for the second half of the season is a cracking looking prospect. A better player than Mitchell I reckon. Hearts are strong at centre back with Christophe Berra and John Souttar (Souttar like Paterson will end up playing in the English Premier League) but Dunne came in and did just as good a job as Souttar (who was injured) alongside Berra. He will have a good career either at Burnley or elsewhere. Composed, strong, dominating, mature personality, decent pace, a very good prospect. If Mitchell rediscovers last years form he will be too and I agree he could be an option for Wednesday in the near future. Bruce needs to sign and upgrade the full backs.
  11. He is still good for the occasional clanger but he has been pretty solid the last couple of seasons for Hibs. He’s a more mature defender to the one that was making several mistakes at Celtic. I think he would be an upgrade on the likes of Van Aken and Hector.
  12. Demi Mitchell was brilliant last season and looked a real find. I was quite surprised we managed to get him back, I thought he’d maybe go to the English Championship or a lower league Premier League team, he was training with the United first team in preseason but he said he enjoyed it, loved Edinburgh and was keen to come back so Levein pushed the boat out and we managed it. He was quick, direct, taking players on, a real threat going forward, scored a few and he linked up well with Walker and Milinkovic out wide. Reasonable at defending too. This season Mitchell has largely been woeful. He looks a shadow of the man from last season and now looks pretty disinterested. He has been one of the worst first team players in our squad. Hard to pick between him and Sean Clare as to who is worse. Hopefully they’ll both come out refreshed and changed after the winter break. They both need it!
  13. He is good for a bombscare moment every now and then but overall Ambrose is a decent if unspectacular defender. Hibs and their fans were desperate to keep him, he had been their best player this season, but I’d want to leave that shitehouse of a club too if I got the chance.
  14. Agreed, Shinnie is a very good footballer and a player that Wednesday should definitely be looking at. Aberdeen’s best player, he makes them tick, and their fans idolise him. I think he is nailed on to leave at the end of the season for a bigger contract somewhere.
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