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  1. Picture leaked of him in a Celtic shirt. Done deal
  2. He has apparently been up in Edinburgh as well. Both Hearts and Hibs want him too
  3. A good summary and interesting reading thanks mate. When you look at the squad, and see it without the key players re-signing it is a big eye opener. It looks like a bottom end of the table squad and it shows the job Bruce has on this preseason. BTW - I think Killie will likely want more cash for Findlay. I’m not sure he’s the wisest option but I’ll trust the manager to do the right thing.
  4. Development squad? Would walk into the starting XI.
  5. https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/norwich-city-transfer-rumour-1-6113180
  6. I love how the Glasgow press are trying to spin it by saying that they have pulled the plug. It was Turnbull that turned them down with their offer, not the other way round. GIRFUY
  7. Yeah it has clearly had an impact on him. A shame but his career really has nosedived. I think if we are interested and Turnbull does sign it will likely be to replace an outgoing player. It is all paper talk at the moment but it’s nice to be linked with good young talent. That will wind up the resident wee team following Hobos on here. Winnall isn’t great but Aberdeen would be lucky to get £2.50 and a bottle of Irn Bru for Stevie May at the moment. He has really fallen from grace
  8. It’s a shame what has happened to him. He will likely be playing in the Scottish a Championship soon if he carries on as he has been
  9. Stevie May scored 7 in the English Championship at Hillsborough, he hasn’t managed that figure again in the SPFL since he came back north of the border. There’s not a huge amount of difference between keepers and defenders in both leagues. May just isn’t very good
  10. Very highly rated but I agree the music in the video is pish. He is quick, has excellent close control, two good feet, takes penalties well, he is not as established as John McGinn and Calum Paterson were when they left but he is younger. Wherever he goes he needs to keep playing to develop properly. He is already a very good footballer though and he will definitely be in the Scottish squad soon. He is a smart kid, a Motherwell fan, no ties to either of the arsecheeks so that’s why he is likely keeping his options open and not jumping straight away at joining the unwashed. I hope he moves south and most Motherwell fans do too. Would be a good signing
  11. I honestly don’t know. He is exactly the type of signing we should make and he would already walk into most Championship clubs starting XIs. There’s potential for the club to make some cash on him but it’s a big outlay and I’d be surprised with FFP if it was just strengthening the squad. Potentially a replacement for Reach?
  12. www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4370545/sheffield-wednesday-hijack-celtic-david-turnbull/amp/ Wednesday being linked to him. Very good young player
  13. Findlay at Killie. He is decent, on the fringes of the Scotland squad, there are a couple of better younger centre backs in the SPFL currently but they will both come with big price tags. He won Killie’s player of the year and they’ve had a great season. I like him but he’s not worth breaking the bank for IMO and he has a couple of years left of his contract. Worth signing for the right price
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