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  1. Can’t believe this laddie has an 8 page thread. Wish him well but let’s be honest in 3 and a half years at the club he has contributed to a decent level for maybe 6 months of that time. Fox is exactly the type of player the club should be moving on from.
  2. In fairness why would a club sign a laddie who is nearly 21 to develop? At that age he should be ready to be playing in the first team. I’ve no idea if he is good enough but it doesn’t make sense for him to be in the development squad
  3. Those figures I took were from the Official Premier League website mate
  4. I was expecting a Prutton thread too!
  5. Interesting watch that and a good video from Biggs. 1. Turner seems to be talking 100% control of football operations and personally I disagree. A professional modern club setup should have a Director of Football or Sporting Director to help managers with their workload so the manager can concentrate on results and on-field performance. This club more than any other given the current ownership needs someone advising the board, to act as a bridge to the chairman for the manager, and someone to advise the chairman on how to run a football club properly. When Monk goes and when a new manager is appointed this should be the first priority appointment and they should then have an input into choosing a Manager/Head Coach and who they want to work with. I’m not saying Howard Wilkinson for the job but a DOF and man of that ilk is what the club needs. Experienced, respected, highly knowledgable about football, ideally someone who can help a manager, let them concentrate on getting results and winning matches, someone to add value and if they have a Wednesday connection great. I didn’t like Megson as a manager but I think he could be an excellent choice for a DOF role. 2. Agreed, the manager needs to be backed or removed but see point above. 3. Cook did a decent job at Wigan in difficult circumstances. Not a bad shout. 4. Agree with Deane and again this is what I mean in point 1. There needs to be a proper footballing structure. 5. Spot on. The club have lost out on significant revenue in sales and paid huge costs in wages by not moving players on who should have been moved on. Again a DOF would be able to help the manager with this. 6. Not bothered about them but those two clubs have done something right recently where we haven’t. Hoofball is clearly back in it seems. These stats are 4 weeks old and it is info I got a while back but I think it’s interesting that 4 of the 5 biggest hoofball playing teams in the Premier League have been successful this season too. The Premier League seem to have taken down the stats from their website on this recently. As I said 4 weeks old info on long passes but it’s interesting nonetheless: 1) Sheffield United 2441 long balls - great season. 2) Burnley 2349 long balls - great season. 3) Wolves 2199 long balls - great season. 4) Southampton 2162 long balls - nowhere near relegation and a pretty good season. 5) Liverpool 2124 long balls - incredible season. Maybe the direct style is back?
  6. I agree it was a disgrace considering our budget, setup and the competition. The 3rd highest spend in the league, wage bill probably 4 or 5 times some of the smaller clubs, it was completely unacceptable that Hearts were in that position. One thing I will say though is that we were demoted not relegated. The season didn’t finish, we were expelled after a vote following a sham process, that is not relegation. If we had finished bottom after completing all the fixtures I’d have no arguments that would have been a relegation.
  7. Spot on. Fletcher was a good player for us, yes he was expensive but he was far better value for money than Forestieri, Abdi, Mathias etc. There’s loads of examples of players that should be getting stick before Fletcher. I think he has earned good will from his performances and we should be wishing him well. He wanted a change, it’s closer to family for him, yes he’s going to be a bit part player but he has a good chance of winning honours, and it’s a move to his boyhood team. I can see why he is interested.
  8. Down to him that in fairness. He didn’t quite make the grade at Hearts so he has had to drop down a level again to build his career. Got (deserved) pelters for his early performances but when he moved to full back he looked better. Stendel got more out of him too but he has gone now as well. To be fair mate I think it’s doubtful he’d have done much at Hillsborough either if he had stayed. He got a big pay rise going to Edinburgh, played in front of a full house every second week, played in cup semis and finals, derby matches and old firm games, and trained in an excellent setup. I can see why he did it. If he was more of a success then he probably would have got a better move than this one. I wish him well, he improved as time went on at Hearts but he’s not a massive loss for Hearts and he wasn’t for Wednesday either.
  9. True, Celtic are miles ahead on and off the pitch of every other club in Scotland. It isn’t a contest sadly at the moment but a medal is a medal. To be fair he’s probably got a good wage too, he’s close to family, and he’ll be playing in Europe rather than travelling to Stoke, Rotherham and Luton 🤣
  10. It’s a player that has been out on loan his whole career and made 5 total appearances (and that’s including substitute appearances) in 3 years at the club. Bobby Burns is a nice young laddie but he wouldn’t have even got a sniff for us in the Scottish Second Tier. Not good enough that’s why he is going. ^^^^ This is spot on. Due to the sparse population of the country there is a mixture of levels of club going from English Championship equivalent downwards. However I’d even go as far as to say that the likes of Hamilton and Ross County would probably struggle in the English League 2. Another big problem is people not supporting their local team and the buses full of fans from the smaller towns that travel to Glasgow every second week depriving those smaller clubs of revenue. I support both Hearts and Wednesday, I’ve been going to games at both clubs since the 80s. Owlinexile is right and I’m afraid to say that the facilities in particular the Training setup and Academy at Hearts are superior to what we have at Hillsborough. Hickey will be a big loss for Hearts but I hope and I’m sure he will go on to have a great career. Clare improved a lot after a terrible start at the club, but Hearts will be happy to have him off the wage bill. He was on a sizeable amount of money (paid for in part by a local billionaire benefactor that supports the club) and he hasn’t been a big success. To be fair to Clare he was showing signs of becoming decent and turning it round once he switched to full back but he has still has not been worth the outlay. The club will be able to sign a couple of players with the savings on Clare’s wages and they’ve recouped a fee too so that’s why they’ll be happy to move him on. Good luck to him.
  11. Signing for Celtic on a 1 year deal apparently. A move to his boyhood club and an opportunity to win things. Can’t blame him
  12. Chansiri selling the North Stand pie stall to himself. 👀 Rumours are it is valued at £70m.
  13. I think we can say this is not happening. Latest updates: Bild Sport reporting 2 young Scots on their way to Bayern youth set up. Cracking double entendre headline “Diese Schotten rocken den Bayern-Campus.” Literally “These Scots rock the Bayern campus”. Bild Sport says two players Aaron Hickey of Hearts, who they say will join for around 1.8 million Euro. The other is 16 year old winger Barry Hepburn of Celtic, who they say Bayern have been monitoring for months. ———————————————— Hickey 'offered' five year Bologna deal (Image: SNS Group) Bologna have reportedly offered Aaron Hickey a five-year contract to convince him to move to Serie A. The Hearts left-back is out of contract next summer, and is being chased by clubs across Europe. Bayern Munich and Aston Villa are thought to be interested, while the 18-year-old has already been to visit Bologna’s training ground. According to local newspaper Corriere di Bologna the Italian club have already agreed a €2million(£1.8million) fee with Hearts. In addition the Rossoblu are said to have offered Hickey a five-year contract, with his salary to rise in each year of the deal. The financial offer is said to be better than what is on the table from Villa, though Bayern are clearly a big draw. However, Bologna are said to be confident of a deal as they can offer him first team football right away, as the alternative to Mitchell Dijks.
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