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  1. Precedent has been set. McBurnie should be jailed too
  2. I think Kamara at Rangers could easily play in the Prem too. Then there’s the injured bunch Helander, Hagi, Morelos etc.
  3. Ramsey must feel terrible too. Millions in loan fee, millions in wages, he has been crocked almost the whole time at Rangers and he missed the penalty. Poor signing for them
  4. The Scottish Premiership is a mish-mash of abilities and size of club ranging from Prem to League 2/National League in my opinion. We’re a small country so it’s not surprising. I think it’s hard to compare Rangers and Celtic fairly because their budgets aren’t in the same league as the Prem teams. They really overachieved and punched above their weight in Europe on that run. Norwich will make more money than both of them this year, even though the Glasgow pair dwarf the likes of Norwich as clubs. But despite the financial mismatch the pair of them are still undoubtedly better than some of the lower end Prem teams on the pitch. On a level financial playing field they’d be mid table Prem at the very least IMO. Current squads I agree they’d be one of the Prem’s stragglers. Even my team Hearts, the 3rd biggest Scottish club, are bigger than most English Championship teams too. We had really strict Covid laws this season (a restricted crowd of 5000 against Celtic which would have been a sellout) and even despite that our average attendance this season is better than half of the English Championship teams. We’ve got a better setup than most of those Championship teams off the pitch too. A modern stadium, we’ve got the best training ground in Scotland (the national team use often it), we’ve got a strong academy which is going to make us several millions again from Hickey’s upcoming sale, and a good team on the pitch too which will play group stage European football next season. I think Hearts could and should compete in the English Championship. The rest in their current state would be in the leagues below.
  5. There’s a couple of out of contract keepers in Scotland who would be worth looking at. Ben Siegrist from Dundee United but I believe the Glasgow pair are looking at him as a potential backup so maybe out of our reach. And Zander Clark at St Johnstone who has been called up to the Scotland squad recently and is a very good keeper. Both will be moving on and would be an upgrade on Dawson/Wildsmith.
  6. He was only ever linked on here. Wednesday had no chance. He had offers from Bayern and Bologna and chose Bologna as he would play first team football. He’s a smart lad. Being a Hearts fan I watched him a fair bit and he’s class. Two footed and better at his age than Andy Robertson was. If he keeps going at this trajectory the sky is the limit. Another success story for Hearts investment off the field in their academy and facilities, and Hearts will get just over £4m in sell-on fee for him on top of the €5m guaranteed money for group stage European football. And then there’s the cash for the cup final at the weekend I’m going to as well. Hope we win
  7. Not sure. I didn’t even know that was the case today!
  8. Not 100% but if they win the final then I think they get Champions League. Otherwise it’s Europa League group stage
  9. It has been a great season for Midlothian football. Bonnyrigg promoted, Edinburgh City promoted, Hearts in Europe and 90 minutes away from another trophy, Hibs surviving relegation It’s class to see them come up in seriousness though because they’re a great wee club the Rosey Posey. I can see a few more teams dropping out the league soon too to be replaced by clubs like Bonnyrigg. Cowdenbeath, Brechin, East Stirling, Berwick have all gone recently and all have been comprehensively beaten in the playoffs. Quite a few of the junior teams have bigger fanbases and better setups than a number of the old school league teams. It’s good to see. Scottish football is in a good place from the bottom up despite the pathetic job the authorities do. Small clubs are improving, there’s genuine progression opportunities outside the old league structure, lots of very good young players coming through, there’s 3 teams in group stage European football next season, the national team are a playoff campaign away from another major tournament. Good times
  10. He has improved a huge amount I agree. Hits a cracking free kick like you say too. I guess he’s just a modern day full back and that he’s much better going forward than defensively. He has been a very good player for Rangers to be fair
  11. Another £4m of signing on fee into Hearts coffers on top of the £5m for guaranteed group stage European football. Aaron Hickey supposedly joining Arsenal from Bologna for a €25m fee. Another great success story for Hearts academy and facilities and shows that the investment in the club’s infrastructure off the pitch has been a sound one. Just need to win the cup at the weekend now too to top off a great season on and off the pitch.
  12. Jammy ********. This should have been 6 or 7 for Forest.
  13. Blades fans should be pretty pleased with this. It should be about 6-0
  14. Rangers have some very good players but Tavernier is still not great defensively and his goal stats are massively inflated by the inordinate amount of penalties they’re awarded by Scottish officials. I cannot wait for VAR to be introduced next season
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