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  1. Waghorn was pish in the SPFL. 7 league goals in a full season.
  2. three worst teams

    You think we can catch Forest?
  3. three worst teams

    3 wins and we’re safe IMO. Can’t see where that will come from but I don’t think we will need 50 points.
  4. Callum Paterson

    Scored his 6th league goal tonight despite being injured at the beginning of the season. Missed out big time here. He’ll sell for millions.
  5. Just seen that. Wow turned down for Barnsley. They really are in a mess
  6. They’re getting McBurnie on loan from Swansea. They’ll need another striker too but they’re not paying a substantial fee for anyone. Sunderland are absolutely skint.
  7. Not read the whole thread but it won’t happen. Sunderland are skint, they haven’t got a pot to pish in, and they absolutely couldn’t afford what we would want for Nuhiu. They’ve tried to declare interest in Kyle Lafferty at Hearts too and thought they could maybe get him for cheap but they can’t afford him either. Hearts signed Naismith recently to form a partnership again with Lafferty and with 18 months on his deal Hearts don’t have to sell. Sunderland are absolutely fizzed and for me are nailed on to go down.
  8. George Hirst

    It would count as abroad and we would get nothing if he moves abroad. I can’t see Celtic happening though. He’d maybe get a better wage, and Celtic are a bigger club than Wednesday, but presumably the laddie wants to play and there’s no way he’d get anywhere near their team. He’d be 4th/5th choice and no closer to the first team than he is here. He has clearly been advised very poorly, no doubt the club have handled it badly too, but his personal expectations would be interesting to find out. It’s clear he is going to move on, but if Hirst thinks he’s going to play at anything other than League 1/2, or bottom 6 SPL level he is deluded. He might get a bigger parent club but he has to build his career and he won’t be starting for any Championship or top 6 SPL team. I don’t think there is. I’m sure Rangers did a similar thing to an English lower league club recently and their chairman was fuming because Rangers tapped the players up and they got them for nothing.
  9. If we carry on playing like we have we can definitely get something out of today’s game. The turnaround under the new manager has been very encouraging. We do need to watch out for Calum Paterson from set pieces today though. He is one of the best attackers of a ball in the air I’ve seen in 30+ years of watching football. He was available for less than a million and Cardiff have scored big time with him, absolutely streets ahead of Hunt and Palmer.
  10. Loovens

    Pace shouldn’t be too much of an issue for a quality centre back. The first two yards are in your head and with experience he should be able to read things better. Loovens was found wanting in that area last night and IMO should have been replaced in the summer.
  11. JOS 10/10

    It’s nice to see a positive thread like this and you are spot on. The manager setup the team perfectly, they were well drilled, organised, disciplined, kept their shape well, and coped fantastically after going down to ten.

    Well deserved, best game I’ve seen him have for Wednesday. Hopefully he can begin to start keeping that level of performance up consistently.
  13. Megson

    There’s enough mediocrity at the club already no more is needed
  14. Players to avoid signing in January...

    The SPFL is poo Steve but Garner and Waghorn struggled in the ‘pub league’ too yet are now ripping it up in the Championship. Having said that I wouldn’t want us to go anywhere near Barton. I agree he’s not good enough or the right type of player to add to the squad. For me folk down here massively overestimate the quality of this league. The Championship really isn’t that good.
  15. Apparently the players read this site

    I actually agree with you. A lot of players do need to move on. If you read my post again I said there’s barely more than a handful that we would miss if they left and I meant it. Many of them aren’t good enough and absolutely don’t justify the outlay that the club has paid. However the players as a unit are underperforming and that comes and starts from the management team. He has to go first