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  1. Apparently the players read this site

    I actually agree with you. A lot of players do need to move on. If you read my post again I said there’s barely more than a handful that we would miss if they left and I meant it. Many of them aren’t good enough and absolutely don’t justify the outlay that the club has paid. However the players as a unit are underperforming and that comes and starts from the management team. He has to go first
  2. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    Bullen needs to leave as well
  3. Apparently the players read this site

    Former players and staff still read and contribute to the site as well as current staff. The people currently involved with the club and working for the club should definitely be doing some soul searching because the current situation is completely unacceptable and not good enough. As said above it’s not the players fault that many of them are grossly overpaid in comparison to their ability. It is the people that have sanctioned the signings, offered big money and recruited poorly, and the people that manage the players on a day to day basis that should be held to account. The players have their part too but they are being mismanaged. Despite the millions spent there’s not many of the current squad that would be missed if they left soon, and the manager most certainly wouldn’t be missed. I hope you are reading this. Leave now. This season is salvageable but not with you at the helm.
  4. Lee Bullen for me

    The last thing we need is to keep the current regime in place. We need new ideas, new focus, and to push the players out of their comfort zone. We need a proven and successful manager, we’ve spent good money on players we should and should have done with the manager.
  5. The absolute beginning of his tenure. He has no credible managerial record and his signings throughout his tenure have been mixed. I’ve never been sold on Carlos and I firmly wanted him gone again after his 2nd pre season and that transfer window after the playoff final failure. We’ve spent a fortune and still have obvious weaknesses and I just hope that we haven’t blown our one chance at investment and getting to the Premier League by trusting a manager who shouldn’t have been given that budget.
  6. Birmingham - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Some reaction from Carlos.
  7. Who is going to defend him now?

    I and many others have said it plenty times before.
  8. Hunt, Reach and Van Aken

    Lees was poo too
  9. This isn’t a kneejerk and just because of today, it’s only 3 points, but Carlos has had years, millions in wages and transfer fees, and he just simply isn’t going to get us promoted. His big game record is absolutely atrocious and today just tops it off. Personally I’ve never rated him, he has achieved nothing as a manager, and I wanted him gone after failing agai last season. Our squad is an expensive unbalanced mess and there’s one man that is largely responsible for that. Chansiri can you please please please get a proper football manager into the club? You’ve invested a fortune and this chump has largely wasted it. Carlos OUT.

    This should be a sackable offence.
  11. Why didn’t we start the game like this? Much better
  12. Huge goal that. Come on Wednesday!
  13. They are better organised, winning the majority of 2nd balls, quicker on the ball, their passing and movement is sharper and slicker, and they look dangerous in possession and on the counter, whereas we don’t. Hunt, Lees and Reach in particular have been disgraceful.
  14. Watched it back and that’s a bit unfair on Lees, Hunt also was slow at pushing out.