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  1. What wage is Fox on? If he’s on anything close to £10k a week we should be speaking to Hearts about Hickey and offering him his wages. Hickey will need a fee (albeit not a big one due to his contract situation) and probably a huge sell on clause to tempt Hearts. We should then offer him Fox’s wages and hope it’s enough. It’s a massive long shot given the clubs interested in him but worth a go. Hickey might see it as an opportunity for first team football, whereas he won’t get that at City, Lazio, Bayern etc, and you never know he might consider it.
  2. The Rangers rumour for Fox was interesting and more realistic IMO but even then I can’t see him or Fletcher being starters there. Fletcher to Rangers makes more sense to me but I haven’t seen a link for him. Rangers would be a good move for Fletcher at his stage of his career and potentially an opportunity to win something again for a last time. Even if he is a Celtic fan! He’d be in and out the team like Defoe is but he is something a bit different compared to their other strikers. No chance Fox is keeping Barišić out of the starting XI so he would be a backup player unless he plays right back. They’ll be replacing Tavernier who is terrible. I hope they both stay at Hillsborough but I won’t be devastated if they leave and they aren’t worth breaking the bank for.
  3. The Scottish Highlands breathes a huge sigh of relief that Chris Maguire’s hometown Bellshill has not been relocated up north.
  4. The club IMO should not be overpaying for anyone this summer and that includes Fox and Fletcher. I’d like them to stay, they should be offered new deals, but if it comes down to a bidding war and they want too much I think the club should let them go if money is their sole motivation. In the current economic climate, in the middle of a global pandemic, there are going to be thousands of footballers with no clubs, and wages for that very reason will be more competitive. It sounds awful but as a business SWFC really should be looking to use this to their advantage and especially given the financial situation at the club. I have no sympathy for footballers earning less and it could be an opportunity to bring in players that before may have been out of reach before. Let’s be fair footballers have it a lot better than most people and they have had it very good for a long time. Especially at SWFC. New deals, reduced wages, take it or leave it. That’s how it should be.
  5. Five figures a week. He is a very good player when fit and would be an upgrade on Lees. I just think given our financial predicament that players like him will be probably be difficult to sign at present.
  6. He’s a good player and defender but I don’t think that we will be shopping in that bracket. Doubtful we will be paying wages like that
  7. Do something and pay for something just out of the goodness of our hearts when 75%+ of the clubs have shat on us and already cost us millions? Nah. There is a lot of bad blood around at the moment. The fans are furious, the Foundation of Hearts are furious, the club Directors are privately furious but Budge and the Directors are trying to arrange something which helps as many clubs as possible. The other clubs should think themselves lucky that we are doing anything to help them out. If it was my decision to make and if I was in charge of Hearts I’d have said fizz the lot of them and would have started legal action now. In fact I’d have done it before the end of season prize money was released recently, put an interdict in court to prevent them releasing the money, starved all the clubs of the cash, and let the court case play out before the cash could be released. That was an option and then we could have taken the compo money out of that pool of cash and let the SPFL sort out the mess and let them deal with the loss in revenue for the clubs. Would probably have put some under. Their problem. If we do play in the Championship next season there will be a boycott of every single away ground except Inverness who were the only club that voted ethically. We will sell out their away end but that’s it. And realistically we are the only club that would sell out any of the other club’s away ends, but they won’t have the opportunity for that gate receipt money now from Hearts. It will be similar for the following season when we are back in the Premier League. Very few Hearts fans will be putting money in the coffers of the clubs that voted against us.
  8. We could have just done nothing, sued, collected our compensation, and left the leagues and clubs to rot and not worked on a reconstruction proposal. We would have been fine. Hearts have been one of the most proactive clubs in trying to help and find solutions throughout this process in Scotland. Rangers deserve credit for their efforts too. Hearts offering to pay for tests which will cost a significant amount of money I think was a pretty good thing to do. League rules state that if reconstruction is not agreed prior to the season start then every club has to play 36 league fixtures next season. About 20 clubs have said that they can not afford to do that without crowds and face going bust. They then face further financial punishments and potential expulsion from the SPFL. The consequences are coming home to roost now for every club and chairman that voted to stab us in the back. I’d say I feel sorry for them but for every club that voted to poo on us from a high height. fizz every single last one of them 🖕🇱🇻😂
  9. Not just our needs and frankly given the circumstances it is the right thing to do. If reconstruction doesn’t happen many clubs will die, Hearts will be fine regardless of what division we are in, we have the 3rd biggest support in Scotland and wealthy benefactors, other clubs don’t have that. And some clubs will die regardless of if reconstruction happens or doesn’t. The poo is about to well and truly hit the fan and a number of the chairmen that voted to shaft us are about to face the consequences.
  10. They are paying more for Defoe! I get what you are saying and I don’t necessarily agree with it but Rangers much like Wednesday under Chansiri seem to be exempt from budgeting and running sustainably. They once again seem quite happy to spend more than they earn every season despite their recent insolvency and the creation of their new company.
  11. Mate the club is already in a perilous financial position by paying ridiculous wages to first team players never mind overspending on projects. There is absolutely no way that any academy player should be earning anything close to £10k a week in the Championship. There’s an argument to suggest he maybe should have been involved more in the first team in his time here but the management at the time clearly didn’t think he was good enough or ready. And yes we shouldn’t be trying to match Premier League clubs on wages.
  12. I know he’s a huge Celtic fan, and there is literally nothing in this and no rumour, but I’m amazed that Rangers haven’t gone after him. Available for free, Scottish, Fletcher would undoubtedly be interested, and he would be a good addition to their squad alongside Morelos and Defoe.
  13. If the rumours are right and Hirst was wanting £10k a week then the club were right not to pay him. That’s ludicrous money for a laddie that was in his position. He shouldn’t have even been offered anywhere near even half of that. The club were right to knock that back and they should have sold him straight away when that bid came in. It’s a shame, he is gone and he is history, it will be interesting to see if he makes it, but to be honest I couldn’t care less about his career now if it’s not with Wednesday.
  14. I suspect Clare will be on close to half of that £10k figure at Hearts. He is rumoured to be one of the higher earners alongside Steven Naismith. I hope Clare will stay at Hearts but the club might not have any fixtures to play until 2021 so that may force a move. He started very badly but he seemed to improve tenfold when Daniel Stendel arrived.
  15. He was in between bang average and a solid performer. Albeit probably closer to the bang average level.
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