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  1. I was hoping for Bullen OUT... ...standing start to the season
  2. There is no room for sentiment in football. If the club wants to really progress then a new stadium with Premier League facilities and with improved revenue generating capability is definitely needed. And it’s not just the stadium infrastructure that needs money spent on it either. The Prem has moved on a lot since the 90s and our ground hasn’t. Where they money comes from is the question
  3. On paper it should be a comfortable win but it won’t be. Wednesday to win a scrappy game by one goal. I don’t care how it happens 3 points is the only important thing
  4. I’d agree he potentially has the makings of a good player, he is a young laddie and learning his trade, I get that, he’s just not the level of a McKenna or a Hector. That’s a fact. I especially don’t want to be too critical now that he has signed, and I honestly wish him all the best and I hope he will have a good spell at Hillsborough. I just don’t think he’s a signing that will massively improve the first XI. On his Scotland games: Debut was steady against Albania in a big win. It was a great team performance. He didn’t have a lot to do but did what he needed to do well. Fair play that was a good game. Israel at home is the game that sticks out in my mind the most. Every Scotland fan had their hearts in their mouths when he was defending or on the ball. He got better later as the game went on but he was nervy and you could tell he was overawed by the occasion. Not a good game. Kazakhstan away. Do I need to say anything? Every single one of them were an absolute disgrace and Bates, Palmer, Shinnie and McKenna in particular were dreadful. Not a good game. San Marino away. We should have comfortably won that and we didn’t. The whole team was poor and he was shaky and unconvincing against arguably the worst team in international football. Yes we won, yes we kept a clean sheet, and yes you could put that criticism towards McKenna too but unconvincing. Not a good game. So 3 out of 4 caps I’d say he wasn’t impressive and all 4 of the teams he played against are pretty average. I feel like I’m crucifying the guy but I’m only being honest. I’m sure he will mature and get better with age and like you say he has the physical attributes. I’ve honestly never been that impressed when I’ve seen him.
  5. Dropped out of the Hamburg squad at the tail end of last season and isn’t fancied this year by them. I’ve not been impressed with him in dark blue either but he is young. I’ll be honest I’m not a fan but if he signs he’d get my support.
  6. That’s your opinion, it seems there are a few clubs that seem to be willing to pay a fee in that region for McKenna. The two Glasgow and Edinburgh sides are Championship level clubs (as are Aberdeen) on and off the park. Barnsley beat Fulham who were in the Premier League last season last weekend. I’m confident the Edinburgh clubs would beat teams like Barnsley and have better players, and they have superior off field setups. You’re spot on, Bates is out of favour so not playing. He’s a cheaper option but if the cash is there for a Hector or McKenna that’s clearly the better option and strengthens the starting XI. To be honest if we are being linked with McKenna and Hector, then I agree if either of Bates or Findlay signed it would be a drop in quality and disappointing! I’m not a fan of Bates. He barely played in the SPFL for Rangers and he has looked way out of depth in his few Scotland caps. Whilst he is young I don’t think the Hamburg fans rated him much either. He was dropped towards the end of the season and they had a poor season for a club that size in the Bundesliga II. He wouldn’t be someone I’d want us to sign to play. Possibly a project and squad depth but not a starter.
  7. There are 4 or so teams Aberdeen players would play against in league games that are Championship standard in the SPFL and that’s not including internationals or any European games he plays for Aberdeen. So that’s at least 16 games a season. And there’s a big difference between May who had one good season in Scotland and an established international like McKenna who has had a transfer bid of £7.5m turned down for him previously. May can’t even get a game in the SPFL these days and it looks like he’s going to be dropping down a division. The clubs that are after McKenna speak volumes and with the greatest respect even Liam Lindsay looks decent in the English Championship. It’s honestly not that much of a step up. I seriously hope not I don’t rate him at all. Findlay at Killie would be a far better cheaper option than Bates.
  8. About a year or two ago there was serious debate over who was Scotland’s best left back between Robertson and Tierney. Robertson is better IMO but Tierney is a very good player.
  9. I agree there is no doubt that he hasn’t been regularly tested against players of EPL quality but we aren’t playing at that level (yet). Aberdeen have already previously turned down more than £7m for McKenna so it’s almost certain that he’s not going for cheaper than that. You look at Webster going from Bristol for £20m and I think with an initial chunk paid up front, add-ons based on performance, and a sell on clause, and a £7m package I think would be a very good deal. I’m sure Aberdeen would prefer to sell to an English club over Celtic. Even if it is less money up front.
  10. Good signing if true but surprised we are doing business with the Barcodes given recent events.
  11. £7m for an established international defender, with experience of playing European football, that’s better than every centre back currently at the club, in this market is a good deal.
  12. Hector played for Aberdeen too mate and there’s absolutely no Aberdeen fan alive that would choose him over McKenna. They are both good enough for our first team and both better than what we have. Hard to pick because they are different players at different stages of their career. I think they would both improve the squad and both be good signings. Hector is a known quantity, more experienced, but I doubt he’d have the same sell on potential as McKenna. Naturally I’m biased but I think Souttar is the more complete young centre back in the SPFL with his superior footballing ability to McKenna, but I think McKenna will cope better with the physicality of the English Championship. Those two are the future for Scotland and both great talents that will go on to have good careers. My honest opinion is that McKenna will likely sign for Celtic. They’re supposed to be interested too.
  13. Aberdeen have previously turned down £7.5m from Championship clubs for him. If you think the club are getting him for peanuts you are mistaken. Their hand is now being forced with his transfer request but £7m isn’t a ridiculous figure. A solid defender, strong, good in the air, communicative and mature for a defender beyond his years. He’s not as good as Aberdeen fans think he is but he’s still better than every centre half Wednesday have currently in the squad (not that that’s difficult). He’s also streets ahead of the laddie at Killie we were previously linked with. Would be a good signing. £3-4m won’t cut it. Aberdeen are having their hands forced by the transfer request but he won’t be sold for half of the price they’ve already turned down. They don’t need to sell and he is contracted for a long time. Contracted til 2023. There are no issues with contracts winding down.
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