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  1. And in more important news Hearts official social media team wind up the Dundonian rats magnificently after justice was done on the pitch on Friday night. We started off with a 6-2 win in our opening league game against our supposed strongest rivals for the title. Amazingly Dundee have received an Irish international player on loan from Celtic after all the controversy with them changing their vote. I’m sure it’s pure coincidence...
  2. His recruitment recently has been very poor. Rangers now definitely in the driving seat. That Greek keeper they’ve signed looks poo
  3. Varane is the best, he has pace as well as everything else, van Dijk a very close second.
  4. Must admit I’ve never heard of him. Welcome to Hillsborough Jack and hopefully you’ll be amongst the goals
  5. Serbia will go through. We are terrible. I’m glad we’ve made it to the final playoff, hope we actually do it and it is only 90 minutes, but I can’t see it. McTominay is not a defender, the 352 system is clearly uncomfortable for the players, and against a good team we will come undone.
  6. Solid result for your U21s last night
  7. I think Chansiri came in with good intentions, and I’m thankful that he continues to fund the day to day costs of running the club, but we are only in the financial position we are in because of the way his regime have managed costs and the finances. I’ll wait to see Chansiri’s legacy and in what position on and off the pitch that he leaves the club before commenting. It could be better it could be worse, he is still in charge now but the signs don’t look good at the moment let’s be honest. As for Allen he deserves nothing but disgust and disrespect. The worst man ever
  8. Funny how Celtic didn’t have to forfeit their league game and lose their league fixture to St Mirren 3-0
  9. Love your optimism. I’ve had £20 on Huddersfield to be relegated at 12/1.
  10. Be great to see a fellow Hearts man in Sheffield and at Hillsborough. Best of luck at Wednesday Callum
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