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  1. Just seen Sean Clare has signed for Charlton. When did that happen? Guaranteed he scores in the upcoming game
  2. The Club have got this right IMO and deserve credit for listening to the supporters groups. We have a decent pricing structure, nice kits, Hunt has signed when he could easily have signed for a Championship club. We just need to get a few more good signings in and get it right on the pitch now. It has been a good week!
  3. I really like the home kit and goalie kit. Home kit especially is a beaut. The away one is ok. It’s a better away kit than most of the recent ones. Best we’ve had since the 2016/17 orange and black one
  4. McGinn McTominay Gilmour Jack Christie Armstrong McGregor Turnbull McLean Fleck He has been a top player for us but there is absolutely no chance Bannan is ever playing for Scotland again at his age with them around in the middle of the park.
  5. A) they paid £2m for him. and B) he’s totally poo . Hopefully that rules us out
  6. Hunt could easily have got a Championship club, it’s great to finally have some good news at the club. Welcome back Jack. A solid signing for League 1 and a great bit of business.
  7. A crock, past his best striker, who probably has no interest in playing in League 1, who has scored 4 league goals in 4 seasons, and 4 league goals in his past 65 games is just what we need right enough
  8. I’d rather we kept our best players but if selling Bannan allows us to improve the squad overall and it’s invested in quality young players then it might be best for all parties. If we can sign a good young midfielder, and most importantly a competent keeper with the money, then I’d take it. Would wish him well unless he joins Shaw and Urhoghide at his boyhood club.
  9. To be fair anyone thinking we were getting promoted this season was totally deluded anyway.
  10. It just means our costs are lower with those off the wage bill. Our turnover will be massively down, we’ve had next to no money coming into the club for over a year, anything the club can do to cut costs further they will do. The club won’t keep players if they can get them a move when they aren’t going to play. I’m expecting a small streamlined squad of young players for the next few years.
  11. Griffiths is an absolute mess. Not worth the risk with his off the field problems and he is way past his best. It’s a shame because the laddie could play but his demons have had a majorly negative impact on his career. Not sure if it’s 100% but my mate who is an Aberdeen ST holder said he’d heard they were interested in signing him alongside Scott Brown but Brown told them under no circumstances to sign him.
  12. It will most likely mean they’ve told his agent he can look for a new club and they will grant a a free transfer to get him off the wage bill. Given our current finances I would expect a lot of future incomings will be dependent on someone coming off the wage bill to make space for them.
  13. Remember that time when we had Chris Adamson as number 1, or when it was Ola Tidman? Dark days. I actually think these pair are even worse. We probably can’t afford it but we need two goalkeepers in case the new number 1 gets injured. These aren’t even capable backups for me. They give me the fear watching them so god knows what their defensive colleagues think playing in front of them.
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