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  1. He looks a very good player.
  2. edinburghowl

    Efe ambrose

    With potential FFP worries I’d think it’s unlikely we could mate which is a shame. He will go for millions. There’s a rumour that Leeds have a first option on Souttar too with them loaning Conor Shaughnessy to us for cover for him. He’s out injured at the moment.
  3. edinburghowl

    Efe ambrose

    The laddie Jimmy Dunne we had on loan from Burnley that has signed at Sunderland for the second half of the season is a cracking looking prospect. A better player than Mitchell I reckon. Hearts are strong at centre back with Christophe Berra and John Souttar (Souttar like Paterson will end up playing in the English Premier League) but Dunne came in and did just as good a job as Souttar (who was injured) alongside Berra. He will have a good career either at Burnley or elsewhere. Composed, strong, dominating, mature personality, decent pace, a very good prospect. If Mitchell rediscovers last years form he will be too and I agree he could be an option for Wednesday in the near future. Bruce needs to sign and upgrade the full backs.
  4. edinburghowl

    Efe ambrose

    He is still good for the occasional clanger but he has been pretty solid the last couple of seasons for Hibs. He’s a more mature defender to the one that was making several mistakes at Celtic. I think he would be an upgrade on the likes of Van Aken and Hector.
  5. edinburghowl

    Efe ambrose

    Demi Mitchell was brilliant last season and looked a real find. I was quite surprised we managed to get him back, I thought he’d maybe go to the English Championship or a lower league Premier League team, he was training with the United first team in preseason but he said he enjoyed it, loved Edinburgh and was keen to come back so Levein pushed the boat out and we managed it. He was quick, direct, taking players on, a real threat going forward, scored a few and he linked up well with Walker and Milinkovic out wide. Reasonable at defending too. This season Mitchell has largely been woeful. He looks a shadow of the man from last season and now looks pretty disinterested. He has been one of the worst first team players in our squad. Hard to pick between him and Sean Clare as to who is worse. Hopefully they’ll both come out refreshed and changed after the winter break. They both need it!
  6. edinburghowl

    Efe ambrose

    He is good for a bombscare moment every now and then but overall Ambrose is a decent if unspectacular defender. Hibs and their fans were desperate to keep him, he had been their best player this season, but I’d want to leave that shitehouse of a club too if I got the chance.
  7. Agreed, Shinnie is a very good footballer and a player that Wednesday should definitely be looking at. Aberdeen’s best player, he makes them tick, and their fans idolise him. I think he is nailed on to leave at the end of the season for a bigger contract somewhere.
  8. I reckon he may well go there then for the opportunity. I know I’d rather go to New York if the money was right than the SPFL or Championship.
  9. Interesting the Mackay-Steven chatter. I like him but I’m not sure he’d tear the league up and he’s nearing 30. Would be available on a pre contract. I’m expecting Levein to speak to him about going to Hearts too. John Souttar the centre back at Hearts, or McKenna at Aberdeen are the players any top end Championship club should be looking at. Both would cost millions but they’re the hot property that could slot in instantly and start and make an impression at any club. There’s a rumour Leeds have first option on Souttar as part of the loan deal Hearts have recently made for Conor Shaughnessy.
  10. Rhys McCabe (as I said at the time) had played less than 10 games in the Scottish top flight in his entire career, he looked very average in those games and at the time when Wednesday signed him he had achieved nothing yet in his career. He was a gamble who didn’t pay off but I’d still say he was a better player than Sean ‘flair’ Clare. And by the way if that is the standard of Wednesday’s academy, and it is players like him and George (2nd Division in Belgium) Hirst that are the best that we can churn out and come up with, then some serious questions need to be asked about what return the club are getting on investment. True there are some promising players breaking through now this season but when was the last time Wednesday produced a player that genuinely made it and went on to bigger and better things? I’m struggling to think. Clare given the fanfare (no exaggeration) is one of the worst midfielders I’ve seen in 30+ years watching Hearts. I’m hopeful after a full preseason he might end up doing something next year but I’d happily see him sent out on loan because from what we’ve seen so far he is not good enough for the SPFL at the moment. I appreciate the injuries he has had but he should still show some semblance of ability when playing which he hasn’t. He’s not young either so I’m not having that excuse, Hearts genuinely have 16/17 year olds better than him in his position in Harry Cochrane and Anthony McDonald. Hopefully he can and will build a career at Hearts but I’m genuinely amazed Wednesday were wanting to keep him on. Very disappointing player and it’s excruciating seeing Levein persist with him. Third Lanark are still kicking around the amateur leagues but I’ve not heard anything in the news about them having a proper go at it again and re-establishing recently. Their Twitter page is still active so they are definitely still playing but I don’t know if the reformation rumours are still happening. I don’t know anything about the Fitzpatrick laddie either I’m afraid so I can’t comment or give any feedback. I’ll ask my Partick season ticket holder supporting mate and see what he says. I called Mulgrew many years ago when he was still at Aberdeen, I suggested Callum Paterson last year when he was leaving Hearts, and some folk on here were convinced Hunt and Liam Palmer were better than Callum but now he’s Cardiff’s top scorer and their best player in the Premier League. Stevie Bruce if you’re looking and want me to scout in Scotland for you just PM me pal. There are a number of young Scottish players that have made it in the Championship, it’s really not that much better than the SPFL. I’ll get pelters for saying this but I would fancy the top 4/5 clubs in Scotland to beat several Championship sides and I’d say they’re at a similar level.
  11. Oli Burke signed for Celtic.
  12. edinburghowl

    Ins and outs

    Seems a long time for a loan deal!
  13. edinburghowl

    Ins and outs

    I’m pretty sure he will end up at Ibrox.
  14. edinburghowl

    Official - Club up for sale

    Not sure why you are giving Mandaric praise and saying he loved the club when it has only ever been about money for him. It always has been. He got it right at Leicester but it his legacy that has led Wednesday to this situation. He is responsible for both Wednesday and Portsmouth being sold to bad owners.
  15. edinburghowl

    Sean Clare

    Sadly it is definitely 3 years and he is on a huge contract.