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  1. edinburghowl

    Clare tho!

    Tottenham’s greatest ever captain only ever wanted to play for Hearts. He missed Edinburgh and Hearts massively when he joined them. A great man now sadly passed.
  2. edinburghowl

    Clare tho!

    I’m glad you like Edinburgh it’s a great city. I’m not sure if Clare will sign its only rumours but if he did he’d be seen as only a minor coup compared to other recent signings. I agree Wednesday have a bigger stadium (however it’s not a better stadium) and yes Wednesday’s fanbase is definitely bigger but Hearts get decent crowds too and averaged more than 10 English Championship clubs last season. And that’s even when they are restricted by the size of stadium, play in a poor league where you play the same teams 4 times a season, and frequently have much smaller away supports visiting. Tynecastle is modern, Hearts training facilities and academy are superior to Middlewood, and yes the league is crap but there would be a lot of potential positives to a move north to a club like Hearts. And to be honest I don’t think Clare could act like a billy big testicles at Hearts either. He’d absolutely be a punt for Hearts too, he wouldn’t be guaranteed a start, and there are many far bigger fish than him at the club. Let’s wait and see what happens.
  3. edinburghowl

    Clare tho!

    A chance for him to develop at a club that could challenge for Cups, play in Europe, and has a proven history of bringing through and developing younger players. A slightly smaller club in a worse league but Edinburgh is a great city to live in and he’d be playing in front of a full home end every 2nd week and he’d have the benefit of better training facilities than at Wednesday. There’s quite a few positives I’d say.
  4. edinburghowl

    Clare tho!

    Couldn’t see him getting near there the Hearts first team as an attacking centre mid at the moment. He’d be competing with Harry Cochrane, Steven Naismith and African cup of nations winner Arnaud Djoum for a place. Out wide seems more realistic.
  5. edinburghowl

    Would you rather...

    I’d rather Wednesday win a throw in than England win the World Cup.
  6. Minuscule? For the last set of viewable accounts (2016/17) the figures say otherwise. Villa’s wage to turnover ratio was roughly 83% for that season. High, but ours was 126%! Incredibly that was not the highest ratio in the Championship either! Meaning Wednesday spent significantly more money on wages alone (and that’s before other expenses like Rhodes transfer etc for this season) than the club made throughout the whole season. A few sales could address the position? Really? What assets could the club sell to make tens of millions of pounds if it was really needed? In 2016/17 the club lost roughly £15m, who knows what the figures will be for last season. Wages will have risen, turnover likely won’t have risen by enough to cover that additional shortfall, and £10m+ was spent on van Aken and Rhodes. Anyone that isn’t concerned by the clubs potential financial position has their heads firmly buried in the sand. We need to hope Chansiri continues to cover any shortfalls because the figures aren’t sustainable
  7. I reckon Westwood is away and there will (rightly) be a number of high profile departures in preseason. Reports in Scotland are linking Wednesday with Foderingham from Rangers. I’m not convinced he’s a great keeper to be honest but that’s the rumour up here. Rangers are signing Allan MacGregor from Hull as a replacement for Foderingham, and Hull are supposedly signing Jon McLaughlin from Hearts.
  8. Waghorn was pish in the SPFL. 7 league goals in a full season.
  9. edinburghowl

    three worst teams

    You think we can catch Forest?
  10. edinburghowl

    three worst teams

    3 wins and we’re safe IMO. Can’t see where that will come from but I don’t think we will need 50 points.
  11. edinburghowl

    Callum Paterson

    Scored his 6th league goal tonight despite being injured at the beginning of the season. Missed out big time here. He’ll sell for millions.
  12. Just seen that. Wow turned down for Barnsley. They really are in a mess
  13. They’re getting McBurnie on loan from Swansea. They’ll need another striker too but they’re not paying a substantial fee for anyone. Sunderland are absolutely skint.
  14. Not read the whole thread but it won’t happen. Sunderland are skint, they haven’t got a pot to pish in, and they absolutely couldn’t afford what we would want for Nuhiu. They’ve tried to declare interest in Kyle Lafferty at Hearts too and thought they could maybe get him for cheap but they can’t afford him either. Hearts signed Naismith recently to form a partnership again with Lafferty and with 18 months on his deal Hearts don’t have to sell. Sunderland are absolutely fizzed and for me are nailed on to go down.