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  1. It’s telling when Celtic are rank pish and they still can’t get near the first team squad. I believe they have both played a game for their B squad in the Irn Bru Cup, it’s the Johnstone Paint equivalent (or whatever they call it nowadays) and Celtic B lost at home 3-1 to Scottish Championship strugglers Greenock Morton.
  2. You’re right the Danes haven’t conceded yet and they looked a very good side in Copenhagen. Very solid. We didn’t trouble them much and in all honesty they won comfortably. We were missing a load of players in the away leg though (injuries and Covid) and other than the 2 minute spell where we conceded 2 goals we held our own. I don’t think their Euros was a fluke, they ran you close in the semis too, they’re definitely a half decent side. But equally I think we will score against them at Hampden and possibly get a result. Like you guys we don’t lose many qualifiers at home. Fingers crossed anyway! I’m hoping we will have done what we need to do before the Denmark game but I agree I think we can get a result. We have to match or beat Israel’s result on matchday 9 to guarantee our playoff and Israel have a much tougher game. We have bottom of the table Moldova away and Israel are in Vienna. Even the Faroes beat Moldova! The Israelis have 2 or 3 very good forwards but the rest of their team is a much lower standard. Defensively Israel are very weak and the Austrians have a bit of pride to play for. We might not even need to win either of our last two games depending on how Israel do in Vienna. Austria have been dreadful this campaign but they will still have the playoff too through the Nations League. We might even get Austria again in the playoff. Our potential opponents are Austria, Wales, Ukraine, Romania, Norway and Czechia.
  3. I know what you mean in terms of Hungary needing to win the game and them needing the points but realistically you’ve won almost every home qualifier for years. Hungary getting a win was incredibly unlikely. If we win one of our last 2, against bottom of the table Moldova, or Denmark at Hampden then we will be seeded for the playoffs. We’re a better team nowadays but still a lot of work to do to qualify!
  4. I didn’t watch your game but to be fair getting a point at Wembley with your record in qualifiers was decent for Hungary. England will qualify and that’s all that matters for you guys. We were also pish last night against the Faroes but like the Danes we got a late winner there and got the 3 points. It’s the result that matters.
  5. Happy for him to go if we have a decent replacement lined up. Nothing against the bloke but football is a results business and we are not winning enough football matches. The chairman backed him in preseason and we are already a long way from the automatics. I think even Moore will know that he is on borrowed time
  6. For 36 of the last 50 years Wednesday have been outside of the top division. When you look at it like that it’s pretty clear where we really belong. We don’t have Premier League infrastructure off the pitch and being in the top flight is not the norm. I’m afraid to say we are not a big club in English terms. We are underachieving on the pitch this season, League 1 is a terrible league, but realistically we are now a 2nd Division club that occasionally has spells in the 1st or 3rd tiers. We have had one good spell in my lifetime. That’s the facts
  7. Absolutely embarrassing. He should be toast
  8. The facts: 0 goals, 0 assists, only a 63% pass completion average, and 1 tackle in 6 Championship games for West Brom.
  9. Mate one of the biggest pluses for the Bengals against Minnesota for me was the D-Line. Looked even better in that game than it did with Dunlap and Atkins towards the end of their time in Cincy. Early days but if they can keep up that level we will be in a good place. Chicago will be favourites but it’s a game we can win for sure.
  10. The Raiders did surprisingly well. Who would have thought Pittsburgh and Cincinnati would be ahead of Cleveland and Baltimore after the opening fixture? They are still a strong side but I agree it won’t be as good now as some were expecting. I think the Browns should win the division comfortably given the breadth of talent they have, but after that with the Ravens injuries there could be opportunity for Pittsburgh again. Possibly Cincy too if we keep our key players healthy and get a bit of luck. I still expect Baltimore to finish second but they are a few injuries away from disaster. Dobbins is a big loss for their rushing attack for sure, he looked like he was going to have a big second season, and with Edwards out for the season too they’re seriously short. It’s a good job for them that Jackson is effectively a RB and a QB Marcus Peters is the biggest lost for them though at Corner. He is a top top player. They will miss him big time
  11. Yeah Bears is a winnable game for sure. I was a wee bit worried too for Burrow when I saw him clutching his leg but Mixon was rushing well and I don’t think if there is an issue he is that bad mate. I’m hoping if anything it was a wee niggle. He was on the exercise bikes afterwards and seemed ok so he can’t be that bad.
  12. I think we are a season or 2 away but if we draft well again in the next 2 we will be competitive. I still think the Browns and Ravens are the 2 to beat but you never know we could both make a run and get up there! You’re more likely I think with the strength of your defence but I’m hopeful of a good season and we’ve made a good start. The Browns were incredible in the first half at Arrowhead and they will take some stopping this season. I know they lost but they have strength in so many areas, Baker looks good, and their rush attack is frightening. Although if Jedrick Wills their Tackle is out for any lengthy period that will be a huge blow for their offence. He’s a huge player. We are definitely heading in the right direction mate and like you say there should be some close and interesting games in the North this year. I’m looking forward to our game too!
  13. Tomlin is a good coach, he’s very experienced and he will design his plays to fit in with Ben’s limitations. That was a hell of a comeback for your guys and your D like you say looks excellent again. Yours was performance of the day for me alongside Arizona against the Titans. Two unexpected wins. Ours was a bit of a shock too in Cincinnati but I’m happy and it was well deserved
  14. I think we were well deserving of the win mate. We should have won it in normal time nevermind OT. The Vikings were lucky to get it to OT I thought, but it was a hell of a kick at the end from them to take it there. And an even better performance from McPherson for us and it justifies spending a draft pick on a kicker. He looks a real find! We got a break with the fumble but it was inconclusive from the camera angles and the referees had called it a fumble on the field so the decision had to stand. To overturn it they had to have conclusive proof and I don’t think there was. And without that stupid decision from Zac to go for it on 4th down in our own half with a 10 point lead we would have been comfortable. Nearly a total fuckup but the right result in the end.
  15. Agree 100%. I saw this posted in a Bengals forum that I’m on and it’s almost identical. One was called OPI, the other not. They got very lucky with that call.
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