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  1. Score Predictions Owls v Blunts

    3-1. And we’d better win too. Considering budgets/squads anything but a win is completely unacceptable
  2. Should be 8-9 points minimum. I doubt we'll get that
  3. Fletch out

    No chance under Strachan.
  4. your 1st game you went to

    Liverpool at home 85/86 season
  5. Carlos POLL

    Yes and he should have been emptied long ago.

    The home kit whilst not terrible is a bit disappointing. The away kit is bloody awful.
  7. Kits Announced On Twitter

  8. August Points Prediction (next 5 games)

    L W W L D 7 points
  9. Owls v Rangers - OMDT

    Where's Markowl? Scottish football
  10. Hopefully the appointment of a proper manager. In terms of league finish I think we will be somewhere between 4th and 8th.
  11. Owls v Rangers - OMDT

  12. Owls v Rangers - OMDT

    Attire: Orange sash and bowler hat, or cheap tracksuit and any combination of red, white, blue and orange shirt. Drink: Buckfast tonic wine. Bottles discarded in the street. Pie: Mince. Really a Scotch pie but most of those roasters don't want anything to do with Scotland.
  13. So I'm of the hooped persuasion now then?
  14. I don't think it's acceptable to bring small children to watch and listen to illegal, sectarian and bigoted bile.
  15. Ok. Frankly I'd question the parenting of anyone who brings young bairns to this fixture but each to their own.