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  1. No beer allowed at the football in Scotland. It might be pish in some grounds but at least you have a choice down here!
  2. Well deserved 3 points. We should be beating tinpot outfits like Charlton but it’s a cracking result all the same. Well done lads!
  3. Two very good performances for Scotland in our last two group games and he seems to be really growing into the right back role. I’m delighted for him. I’ve been very critical of him before for his performances in dark blue (sorry Liam) but he definitely deserves big praise for the last two games. Great to see a Wednesday player doing well on international duty.
  4. We would be top 2 with those 7 points. It’s infuriating
  5. Fletcher for me. Did everything but score. His performances recently have been excellent. Keeping him fit is going to be key to our season
  6. 100% penalty. Anywhere else on the pitch the ref would have given a free kick. We got away with that.
  7. Agreed. They are a better side than their league position suggests. Stoke have turned a corner and will climb the table, that was a good 3 points.
  8. Whatever brings the results is all that should matter. If we get enough points playing miserable football all season to see us finish top 6/promoted I don’t care what it looks like.
  9. Fantastic save from point blank range. He deserves huge credit for pulling that off
  10. You might want to get your glasses checked mate. Bannan’s hands were all over him inside the box. Stonewall penalty. If that was outside the box it would have been given as a free kick every day of the week.
  11. He was very fortunate to have not conceded a penalty too. It was a clear foul
  12. Cracking player and I hope the people at the club will be. To be honest it only underlines the quality and how terrible value for money players are in the English Championship.
  13. I’m going to pick two and avoid the obvious cup finals. The Orient 4-0 Wednesday game in League 1 because it was the first league away game I took my missus too. I’d been bigging up watching Wednesday away for ages and I can’t imagine what she must have thought afterwards. Dreadful game, poisonous atmosphere, embarrassing loss against a diddy team. A shameful day. Wednesday 0-3 Forest last game of the season 1989-90 because it was my first proper heartbreak moment. I’ll never forget my old man saying to me “you’ll have a lifetime of days like this son”. He was right.
  14. I don’t think it is an unrealistic expectation to win a home qualifier where we realistically have to if we want to finish top 2 in the group. No other result will do and the players are capable of getting that result and the bookmakers are offering similar odds for both teams to win. Yes the Russians got to a quarter final (in a home tournament) but they have lost 3 of their last 4 football matches away from home and our record at Hampden in competitive fixtures is actually very strong. We’ve only lost 5 times in the last 14 years in home qualifiers, 4 of those against top quality opposition. We rarely lose to teams like Russia at home. The defeats were a 2-3 loss to at the time world champions Germany, 0-1 to at the time world champions Spain, 1-2 to at the time world champions Italy, 0-2 against a superior Belgian side, and a disappointing 1-2 loss to the Welsh. I’m sure they won’t have any fear, and yes they’ve probably beaten better sides than Scotland, but equally we shouldn’t have any fear either. We’ve got results against much better teams than Russia in recent campaigns. Why shouldn’t we be optimistic?
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