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  1. It is almost certain that Scotland will get 2 CL qualifying spots next season which means an entry route for Celtic. Not that Shaw will be playing in them. And no matter the competition playing in Europe is a good thing even if it’s the Europa League.
  2. One thing I haven’t even thought about yet is the ramifications for the National sides. We would potentially lose Tierney, Robertson, McTominay from our national team. You would lose Henderson, Walker, Chilwell, Stones, Maguire, James, Dier, Shaw, Foden, Mount, Kane, Sterling, TAA, Saka, Winks, Henderson, Rashford, Abraham, Greenwood. Looking at what defenders you have left Tom Lees might called up
  3. As I said earlier in the thread mate the German teams can’t signup and they won’t. It’s one of several reasons why the Bundesliga is the best league in Europe. With the ruling they have over there where clubs fans have 51% of their clubs shares nonsense like this will never happen.
  4. Agreed. A closed shop with guaranteed cash suits them. The whole idea is ridiculous and disgusting on every level, but it’s a bit of a joke that a team that’s struggling to finish top half and another that’s won bugger all for 40 odd years is being considered. This IMO is the great thing about the Bundesliga and is why it is the best league in Europe. Their clubs cannot and won’t join. Whilstever the fans control 51% of their clubs the likes of Bayern and Dortmund would never join something like this. English football and a lot of top level European football is comp
  5. Not sure why Spurs and Arsenal are involved in a super league of Europe’s best teams.
  6. True but there’s absolutely no way this lot will be troubling the promotion spots next season. We’ve got a huge rebuild on our hands.
  7. Who honestly would you want to stay out of this squad? I doubt there’s even a handful of players I want to stay.
  8. I think it’s a much better stadium FargateOwl. It’s a wee bit smaller capacity wise, and I’ve only ever been in the away end at Ibrox as I’m sure you can appreciate, but it’s way better for visiting supporters than Celtic Park. The views are decent even for being stuck in the corner or behind the goal, and it’s much more accessible too. With Ibrox (and Partick Thistle) it’s easier to have a decent drink before and after the game. I wouldn’t drink around the ground area again near Ibrox personally, but you can get to and from the city centre quickly. It’s relatively easy to get to both
  9. It gets a lot of plaudits for being a great experience/atmosphere but Celtic Park is awful and up there with the worst for me to go to as an away fan. The area surrounding the ground is horrible, there’s nowhere to drink nearby where you won’t get lynched, you get coins chucked at you, you’ll get spat at, the police are always way too heavy handed, and if you’re even lucky enough to get a seat (sometimes I’ve been and folk have been forced to stand because the seats are broken and there’s more fans than seats) you get views like this. £37 odd to watch your team get pumped in
  10. I said before Swansea that we can lose 1 more game and that we needed at the very worst 1 defeat, 1 draw, and 4 wins from our final 6, and one of those wins has to be against Derby. Like you I’m not even sure 4 wins and a draw will even be enough now. It’s all a bit pointless anyway because we are never going to get that in any case. We’re doomed
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