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  1. Murphy for me, by far his best performance for us, I was shocked to him coming off, same can be said with Nuhui who was excellent.
  2. I live not far from there, I'll pop in and have a gander.
  3. Biggest threat is river overflowing like 2007, forecast is for at least another 6 hours of heavy rain. River Don is just starting to overflow banks next to Rotherham United football ground. Meadowhall, Rotherham and Parkgate is seriously under threat this evening.
  4. Unbelievable how many posts I've seen on social media over past few days saying 'Rhodes should be in team, we've never given him a chance, why isn't Winnall starting? Rhodes has played over 50 games for us and done very little, 8 goals and 2 of them were in a League cup game at Bolton when we were already 3-0 behind. Seen another post saying why did we sit back after going in front at Blackburn? Obviously weren't there because we did opposite, we went looking for a second and got caught with a sucker punch.
  5. Well to say some of our fans were predicting us to struggle, especially after Bruce had left. they should be over moon seeing us in 7th place and only a few points off an automatic spot. Some fans aren't happy if they've nowt to moan about, some were at it even when we finished in play offs, considering we're having to offload some of big earners replacing most of them with freebies we're doing ok.
  6. Shambles is a bit ott, it wasn't great for sure but I've seen far worst, I don't think it would have been daylight robbery had we won either, first half not much in it even though we had about 8 corners to there 1. Second half they had a 20 minute spell where they were on top and should have gone in front but we defended well helped by a couple of top class saves from Westwood, once we made changes bringing on Nuhui, Murphy and Forestieri I thought we had more control and started creating chances and when we did go in front they looked out of it with us looking more likely grab a second goal but we give away a silly free kick and they launch it in where I thought Iorfa and Nuhui should have put a better challenge in on scorer, Westwood had come out too far as well, if had stayed on his line it probably would have been a straightforward catch instead of dropping down behind him.
  7. V Huddersfield though tbf he was taking them in torrential rain and there was puddles of water around corner flag. I felt sorry for player when crowd was having a go at him. I didn't feel sorry for Pelupessy on Saturday though, he must have had about 8 attempts with corners in first half and I think only one got past first Blackburn defender.
  8. Score a goal and instead of celebrating you're looking for ref to see if he's got a finger in his ear.
  9. 3 of them wouldn't be in it in old European Cup format.
  10. I don't think its boring but what I have noticed lately is that the standard as dropped, even Premier league isn't what it was a few years ago, apart from City and Liverpool rest are average to poor, proof is in that most clubs going down even with parachute money struggle in Championship.
  11. We set off from Bramley after Rugby had finished, going over M62 in torrential rain windscreen wipers packed up so driver pulled over saying it was dangerous to drive in them conditions without wipers and he would be liable if ought happened. Rain eased off and though we had some transport on way to pick us up we set off and then after a couple of miles they were long queues due to a serious accident, once we got past we were ok and arrived at ground a couple of minutes before kick off. Not the greatest of away days capped off by that heartbreaking last few mins in game. UTO We'll all be at West Brom.
  12. Defending was good until the mad last few minutes. Westwood 7 Palmer 6 average at best. Iorfa 7 odd pass went awol but defended well until first goal where he should have done better. Borner 7 Mostly solid Fox 8 excellent once again. MOM Reach 4 Did little. Pelupessy 5 Try's hard but not good enough. Lee 6. Did ok but not the same player of 2 years ago, seems to have lost a little pace. Hutchinson 7 Our best midfielder. Harris 7 Tried hard and looked our best threat most of game, I wouldn't have taken him off. Fletcher 7 Struggled at times until Nuhui joined attack. FF 6 Didn't do much. Murphy 6.5 did ok..... for a change. Nuhui 7 should have been on much earlier.
  13. I agree, first half was a little flat at times but it was loudest we've been at Blackburn for a few years especially during second half, I think this helped to encourage the players to attack more towards end.
  14. This league is wide open, we've as much chance as most clubs. They'll be lots of disappointments along way like yesterday, other clubs are same, I bet Fulham, Brentford and Bristol City fans are feeling as browned off as us, especially Bristol. Once we had taken lead yesterday it should have been done and dusted. Giving away silly free kicks is costing us, this isn't players ability it's making wrong decisions. We can keep in touch with pack as long as we don't pick up any long term injuries, squad needs some additions in one or two areas come January but we don't need a massive overhaul of squad.
  15. On our way now though little problem of M62 being blocked by a serious accident.
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