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  1. Yep FA Cup, went 2-0 up with about 20 mins left, in them days they was no live commentary, all we had was radio Sheffield going over to ground about 3 or 4 times each half for a quick update, after reporting we had gone 2-0 in front, next time they went over we were losing 3-2, my Dad picked radio up and threw it straight at wall.
  2. 3,000ish v 1,400ish Tbf they played Millwall so they will have been scared to go.
  3. Some lads fill out late, time yet. Bannan is hardly a giant on pitch and we don't find much wrong with him.
  4. Born in Sheffield, seems to have been around for ages but still only 19, I remember him starting against Sunderland in league cup but got taken off at half time.
  5. Which midweek is the 5th round taking place? Odds on that I'll be working an afternoon shift.
  6. Definitely as an impact on game when coming off bench, just like Nuhui does.
  7. Faultless up to that goal at end, I couldn't stop thinking about Newcastle's comeback at Everton when it happened though.
  8. It's available on Virgin Media though channel is advertising Derby game, Virgin do make an habit of advertising wrong programs/games so it should be on it as well as red button.
  9. Majority of transfer activity will take place during last 48 hours before window shuts.
  10. Of course it would, we would have 11 men instead of 10 for all 90 minutes. I'm not saying we would have got something out of game but we would have had a much better chance.
  11. And someone on here said we wouldn't sell out.
  12. When our fans had a go at Travis he was seen laughing and giving score with his fingers. Cheating little git.
  13. Just as we expected then, if we asked why? they'd just say they're reporting local sports news.
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