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  1. Iorfa just ahead of Palmer and Borner for me. Fletcher worked his socks off without much support.
  2. Very surprised by Fulham's time wasting tactics and play acting, without doubt they've got some very talented players, I don't get why they did this. Probably cost em 2 points because if they had just concentrated on playing football they would have probably won comfortably.
  3. Just bought our usual seats on kop, still lots of availability in most areas. PS when buying your season ticket seat you can still load it on to your card which I thought wasn't available once they went on general sale.
  4. He ought have had a few goals this season, made some great runs into box but finishing let him down on every occasion.
  5. Still tickets available for Boro, just 520 points required now, I thought it would have sold out by now.
  6. I remember that game, kop was absolutely packed, I ended up standing in bit where tango and his gang stand. Tommy Tynan scored a fantastic goal to level scores but Everton scored 2 late goals to win 3-1
  7. Might be for Bannan looking like a Leprechaun playing in an all Green kit.
  8. Not impressed from what I've seen so far, crossing not great and tends to try and run through players instead of around em. Saying that it looked a nailed on penalty when he got brought down in box just after half time.
  9. Simon Stainrod was telling people earlier in week to put some money on Huddersfield to go up.
  10. Run of games without a win must be only a few thousand off run without a defeat now.
  11. Leeds would have taken more. They did say once tickets went on general sale they'd be some availability on North if some season ticket holders hadn't bought their own seat.
  12. Which second team? Us or Everton because going on second round Everton fielded near on a first team. Can't see us making many changes. I wouldn't take much notice of ticket sales yet, remember we're Yorkshire folks who like to hang on to our money, majority of people will be purchasing much nearer time of game. I'll be getting 4 tickets later next week, we're all season ticket holders, just no rush to buy em. Attendance will be way off capacity but should still be near to our average league attendance of around 23,000.
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