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  1. Already carrying season ticket for this season over to next, no big deal to me because I still go whatever league we are in, playing Nottingham Forest or Accrington Stanley makes no difference, I go to watch Sheffield Wednesday.
  2. Its important that we have a good run in EFL Trophy aka Papa John's Trophy.
  3. I miss guy who sells 50-50 tickets on kop just before game starts, (I think his name is Jim) he usually cracks a crap joke about us, opponents or Pigs. He's never sold me a winning ticket either.
  4. Keeping 11 players on pitch for 90 mins might help us a bit to win one. We must be capable of winning games or we wouldn't have gained 34 points this season.
  5. I doubt they would be favourites to go straight back up, a short price but not favs. If Fulham come down they will be favs and I would expect them to walk away with it with current squad of players, if they stop up and Newcastle went down I'd expect them to walk away with it if they kept current squad together and had everyone back fully fit. I should think pigs would be threatening a play off place but I doubt they would make top 2. If West Brom keep big Sam I would fancy them to make top 2.
  6. I once screamed like that when I stood on a plug going to toilet during night.
  7. Voted for Shaw who I thought did ok. Game was over soon as penalty was given and Borner received red card. We never come back from going behind with 11 men on pitch so haven't got a prayer with 10. Up to that point we was doing ok in an even game, could have been in front from Tom Lees header. Without doubt the red card and penalty was turning point. Our own fault for giving ball away stupidly in middle of park.
  8. Ain't going to happen though, it's all about who gets relegated first now. They might have something else to put on honours board.
  9. Not as bad as mid 1970s team and I'd say we're still better now than team under Chris Turner that finished in bottom half of league one and also better than team under Irvine and towards end of season under Megson that finished in bottom half of league one. I might think differently in 12 months time because I can't see this team walking away with league one next season unless Darren Moore can produce a miracle.
  10. I remember us ending run with a 1-0 win against Birmingham, Harkness goalscorer, only 14,695 turned up as well.
  11. P W D L GF GA W D L GF GA PTS Sheffield Wednesday 42 3 7 11 17 29 2 4 15 12 35 21 And 18 of them 21 points came in first half of season along 27 of the 29 goals scored.
  12. They aren't very good but still have a long way to go to match team that got relegated in 74-75 season, going from Christmas without winning any games and only scoring 2 goals in all that time will take some beating. We went over another season without winning an away game as well almost ending up in old division 4. Finishing in bottom half of league one under Turner and then a few years later under Irvine with Megson coming in later in season were both awfully poor teams.
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