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  1. You would think being family he would support his decision.
  2. Patrick Blondeu came with a big reputation having played regularly for France. Failed miserably.
  3. Hallam Hope Son in law supports Everton and he reckoned he was highly thought of at Goodison and would be a terrific signing. He was gash. Like comment above we could mention hundreds of players from many years ago Ian Fleming who we thought might be next Brian Joicey to Jordan Rhodes who we thought was piece in jigsaw to get us promotion.
  4. It's in Daily Mail In other headline news.... https://www.express.co.uk/news/weather/1104275/BBC-weather-forecast-warning-cold-Arctic-front-freeze-snow
  5. They don't want fans celebrating goals like that anymore. A polite round of applause please or it will upsets the stewards.
  6. ⚽️ FULL-TIME: Sheffield Wednesday 5-1 Scunthorpe Utd #IRON
  7. Played in same team as David Seaman at school. Played Sunday league football regularly many years ago, this was time when you was allowed to tackle properly.
  8. I think we were playing Simon Coleman at left back around that time. Nowhere near as good as previous left backs Worthington and King.
  9. Dislocated elbow? We're playing football not bloody netball. Stick it back in, he'll be reight.
  10. Always likely to be extended, I don't think sales are down, quite the opposite, a lot of returning season ticket holders. They've just had people saying they can only get one at end of month not right now.
  11. Obviously you haven't signed/logged in.
  12. I bet Giggsy advised Bruce to pull him out. Mates an all that.
  13. Pretty straight forward really and I'm no expert. Login and then click on top right hand corner where it says 'Hello with your name and on drop down click on Your reservations and a listing including family and friends will come up, just click on name you want to renew and Bob's your Uncle. He was me Dad actually.
  14. Yesterday was must win and at half time I wasn't confident we would win. They were well on top for a good 20 minutes up to half time.
  15. Agree it's ridiculous but fans have got 3 week to save up for it.
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