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  1. First time I heard Hi Ho Silver Lining was when walking past Ozzie Owl club, I was only a nipper, probably early 70s. I'll have been heading towards players entrance to get some autographs off players.
  2. I thought it was against Bristol City. Our Number 2 football special to Darnell got stuck in Snow near Longley park.
  3. We had secured promotion previous week with a 1-0 win over Palace, Mel Sterland penalty won it.
  4. Agree with this, officially 9,000 Wednesday with hundreds more in home end.
  5. Anyone unsure of dates can find everything in here.... http://www.adrianbullock.com/swfc/stats/swfcarch.htm
  6. It was 1979-80 promotion season. Sat 15 Mar 1980 Mansfield Town.......... 1-1 2 16,109 Andy McCulloch Must have been about 12,000 Wednesdayites at game, we were on all four sides of ground.
  7. Sat 17 Jan 1970 Derby County............ 0-1 32,991 I was only 7 and could hardly see a thing, near impossible from terraces at old Baseball Ground. Remember very little about it apart from view I've mentioned and travelling on train.
  8. BT sport's have got 1983 fa cup semi final on v Brighton right now.
  9. Ken Knighton was a mean bugger, hated losing and wouldn't hesitate to smash a few things Saturday night if we had lost.
  10. I can see us not getting beaten in next 2 weeks, next 2 weeks after and next 2 weeks after that, infact I can see us staying unbeaten for next 12 weeks. I would actually prefer to just watch us playing whatever result, that would mean this nightmare epidemic would be over.
  11. BT Sport's are showing a few editions of Big Match from 1983 this afternoon.
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