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  1. They asked there players to go on furlough a couple of weeks ago. Stronger position is that they hadn't sold season tickets for last season so those they're selling now means money coming into club. They average around 4,000 season ticket sales.
  2. It does go on to say depending on restrictions being lifted on 19 July. This would allow us to sell more season tickets than we had for last season. I believe we had only sold about 10 to 12,000 and I guess about 75% will renew. Those that wait for later phases of sale and didn't get one for last season but had one previous season should all be ok once restrictions are lifted.
  3. Fans shouldn't be or feel offended for wanting a refund when they desperately need the money..... But! Wanting the money back just on principal because they don't want to go anymore with us being crap I don't agree with. Remember the WAWAW? WTID? We're a Sheffield Wednesday family all looking out for one another. Sheffield Wednesday owing you money is like a family member owing you money, would you threaten court action against a brother or sister who owed you a couple of hundred quid when they can't pay you back because they're skint? Surely
  4. Programmes 3 quid man also worked at Bramall Lane on there match day.
  5. Can't grumble at them prices, half expected prices to stay same which would have upset a lot of fans. I'll be renewing without a doubt, not doing so wouldn't enter my head anyway. UTO
  6. We only brought non contract players in when we played Basel away in first game, we had a full strength squad for 2 games at Millmoor.
  7. Good look? Yes they do look good, I bought the grey away shirt from last season a couple of weeks ago and it's very good quality, only got 60% discount mind you but I'm not complaining. I never buy shirts when they first come out, far too expensive, I wait till they're out of date to get a good discount.
  8. One of our worst ever signings, his attitude stunk and he was just laughing his way through games knowing how much he was earning.
  9. He can bring Bruce back with him so he can finish what he started.
  10. That looks bloody awful, if that was sold in our own shop our fans would be slagging it off . Like I've said in another thread, them units at Meadowhall cost a fortune to rent and you need to shift a right load of stock per day to make any profit. Pigs might have a big unit but if/when they don't have a good season next season once again fans won't be looking to buy all the latest gear, that shop will be gone by next summer if not before. Our megastore at S6 is just right, once upon a time the owls shop was just a hatched window round back of South stand, I can't recal
  11. That is just it, majority of clubs are in desperate times regarding money, though reading this forum you would think it is all hunky dory at other clubs whilst we're heading for oblivion. Its more anti Sheffield Wednesday on here than Rotherham Advertiser. I think I'll log off for a few weeks or I'll be needing to call Samaritans.
  12. Difference between us and other clubs is that when this pandemic started biggest majority of clubs hadn't got round to selling season tickets for season just finished so this possibly gives clubs an advantage over us for next season as we've already had and spent money whilst other clubs will be selling season tickets during this summer. Hopefully restrictions will have been lifted enough to allow pay on day supporters to attend or they'll be very little match day income.
  13. I don't think fans will be wanting to wait more than a year, especially those that jumped on bandwagon when they got to Premier League, if they don't get off to a good start they'll be asking questions.
  14. Isn't this the guy that took Fulham up and club spent over £100m during summer and they sacked him early doors following season and ended up going straight back down?
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