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  1. Sorry but it will be full, and anyway we charge £7 which is far too expensive for em.
  2. Hope he enjoyed the WBA game following evening, it was a cracker.
  3. Had a read of toy town mad forum earlier, no way are they paying £33, it's a rip off. They've only been taking 200 to 600 most away games but they've already sold 700+ for visit to Hillsborough. So they were happy to pay £27 for a Blackburn ticket and coach will have been about £20 = £47 £33 ticket for S6 plus a £5 day saver ticket on bus (X78 of course) = £38 Too expensive.
  4. Defend properly like last week and add Forestieri to attack then 60+ with or without Jos. More performances like the Norwich one then we'll struggle to reach 50 points and avoid relegation.
  5. bradowl

    We could learn from Fulham FC

    How much knowledge of Championship did Jokanovic have before arriving at Watford? Very little just like Jos probably, Carlos too when he first arrived. Anyway I can't see Jokanovic being remotely interested in a club with little or no money to spend.
  6. bradowl

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    They only spent £100m https://www.football.london/fulham-fc/every-word-fulham-boss-slavisa-15014982
  7. bradowl

    Happy 75th Sir Howard

    I recall fans calling Big Ron judas but not Howard, some fans were happy to see him leave because they were fed up with his long ball tactics. Things got worst under his replacement Eustace but he didn't last long and Big Ron turned things around.
  8. That's not what I'm on about, league table doesn't mean much in a game like this, if it did we would probably got beat easily. I doubt we'll finish above them but there's a long way to go and things can quickly change, just look at Norwich who were pants towards end of last season and are now flying, and this after selling James Maddison who was there best player last season. Norwich fans had no confidence whatsoever in Farke's earlier this season with calls for him to be replaced by some fans.
  9. Sure you're not getting mixed up with Gilles De Bilde? Though not here long Degryse was a super little player.
  10. 25% of that was passing sideways, they were like the chuckle brothers at times, to me to you to me. Of 19 attempts only 5 were on target including penalty, apart from early save others were nothing attempts which I could have stopped. Apart from penalty best chance missed during 90 mins was Fox's early chance. They weren't good enough to beat us, simple as that.
  11. bradowl

    The City Is Theirs

    Well Man U had just the one shot on target which was penalty they scored but only had the one corner whilst I think we had 4.
  12. Why? I think it is more likely we will both be in same league, we will whilst they might make play offs I can't see them going up automatically.
  13. bradowl

    Derby game in March

    Not a lot will have changed. Abdi will still be injured Hooper will back in a fortnight as will Winnall U18s will be top of acadamy league after beating Leeds U18s 12-0 with Eyad Hammoud scoring his 75th goal of season Fans will be demanding return of Westwood after Dawson conceded a goal after 9 concecutive clean sheets Wilder will be telling reporters that Wednesday players are on 40k per week
  14. bradowl

    It’s all rubbish

    The defenders deserve a lot of credit too.
  15. As well as turnstiles not working properly that roof over stand had more leaks than our defence against Norwich, water was pouring through near us.