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  1. Northampton are playing pigs pre season, Keith Curle is manager, Wilder ex manager so no surprise.
  2. I've heard we're playing Doncaster Rovers away.
  3. Wasn't impressed with him at first but just when he was starting to look good he gets injured. Think it was at Middlesbrough when he was impressive and then got injured.
  4. QPR away a few years ago first game of season was a cracker even though we lost. Young bird on row in front of us was in a reight state from drinking far too much, spent most of game laid on floor with everything on show.
  5. It might be only point they get all season.
  6. Hope not, not a bad away day for a friendly.
  7. We know we're playing Chesterfield, can't be 20th because that's when they play Rotherham, can't be 27th because we're apparently playing a home friendly. Guessing/hoping it will be on 13th which will be a week after the return from Portugal.
  8. Ian Fleming is best player we've brought down from Scotland.
  9. I'll be disappointed if we let Thorniley go, still a young un with a bit to learn but I think he'll be a top defender in a year or two with a bit more experience.
  10. We've always gone a bit later in month when going to Algarve. At least flights will be cheaper if we do arrange any games.
  11. Squad fly out to Faro on 1st July so if any matches are arranged they'll probably be a few days later.
  12. Chosen because they're skint and can't afford loan fee, permanent fee and wages. I doubt we can too, fee we're getting for Rhodes would help fund loan fee but would restrict our options to strengthen in other areas of squad.
  13. Still got that one, it feels like plastic. Almost as bad as this one. There's been far more nice kits than bad one's. This is my fav from 85-87 I know it broke tradition but thought this was class.
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