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  1. bradowl

    JVA Injured again

    Aye it were a bad foul and a deserved yellow, doubt he would have made starting line up on Sunday though.
  2. bradowl


    I could have gone in goal tonight, I thought Sunderland were poor up front.
  3. bradowl

    Let's fill the ground for Wolves.

    I've never liked Wolves, hope we smash them. They've got a really big squad so whatever team they put out it will be a tough game. Third of 3 home games in 8 days, £12 adults £6 kids and we'll probably get about 14,000 with about 600 dog head fans.
  4. bradowl

    JVA Injured again

    Doubt he would have been playing Sunday anyway, might have made bench. I'd put Nielsen ahead of him and I'm not totally convinced with him against a better side.
  5. bradowl

    Kirby for pelepusey

    Did really well Kirby, Hunt looked a little startled in in his first half appearance.
  6. bradowl

    Liam Palmer

    He did ok but I wouldn't say they were owt special about his performance.
  7. How come ticket office tweeted that we had sold 2,500?? Were people buying tickets just for priority points and had no intension of going and didn't?
  8. Same with Baker, must be starting Sunday.
  9. Sunderland make 6 changes from last game.
  10. Hereford are in National League North so you never know with this global warming.
  11. Didn't radio Sheff say they can still do live commentary on our cup games?
  12. Draw for 2nd round is surprissingly before tonights game. A midweek trip Plymouth would be a great incentive.
  13. bradowl

    Young Keeper signs new deal

    Thought we was under an Mbargo?
  14. bradowl

    #SWFC team for Sunderland

    We had sold 2,500 tickets up to last weekend.
  15. bradowl

    #SWFC team for Sunderland

    Had a rethink and I can't see us risking any of players that will probably start at Brentford. Wildsmith Thorniley J Lee Van Aken Palmer Penney Matias A Hunt Boyd Preston Nuhiu Subs Wallis O'Grady Nielson Borukov Jones Kirby Stobbs