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  1. December 1979 they claimed that over 5,000 were going on East Bank.
  2. Leeds Allocation

    If we're going back years and years. Tuesday 4th May 1993 Upper tier of West stand was only about half full with no Leeds fans in bottom tier. Still remember excuse, not won away all season and it was live on Sky, thought they'd won this game until Hirsty equalized in injury time.
  3. Leeds Allocation

    Better than Leeds game... Just like I said. Leeds are nothing special, average Championship club that's on a good run. Sure they're getting big crowds now they're doing well, should do being one of largest City's in country with just the one football club. Less than 20,000 turn up for some home games though when they're not doing so well. (Wigan last season) Fickle lot!!!!
  4. About 300 left on Lepps with around a couple of hundred slightly restricted view left for Kop.
  5. I doubt any of piggy hoolies got there hands on tickets with allocation only being 2,300. I'll probably not set eyes on a pig fan outside ground all day with me going on kop.
  6. Which areas are Wednesday

    Rotherham is mostly Wednesday with a few Toy town fans who don't like us for some reason.
  7. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    16 at time and stood at top of Kop, I was only little so couldn't see much.
  8. Leeds Allocation

    I think Leeds fans see us as a bigger game than we do, Sheffield United and Barnsley will always be a bigger game for us.
  9. Work with a few of em and majority are ok but there's always odd one that's mouthy, some don't even go to games then again there's a few at our place who claim to support Wednesday but never go. Not one of pigs are going on Sunday, had all excuses, not paying 42 quid, stand isn't safe, not giving your any of my money.
  10. I think they were weeing in bottle at half time, got face on because we was winning. Refs fault. PS 400 tickets left
  11. Flares on Sunday

    I've bought a Catherine wheel specially for this game.
  12. On this day 1982

    I think this is game where some fans me included didn't get to ground till half time after a bad accident on M1 caused massive delays.
  13. We will hammer United

    Don't know if this is true but pig fan here at work has been telling me Clarke and Sharpe had a bust up in training last week, that's why they weren't involved Saturday. Wilder sent em both home.