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  1. Not the manager......

    Agree with most of this, I could have volleyed tv straight through window when Fletcher lazily gave ball away when no one was even on him, then not one defender makes a challenge on goalscorer. Good job I didn't volley tv because I wasn't even watching it at our house.
  2. 72 points will be enough to make play offs this season. 14 wins and a few draws needed.
  3. Could have been worse

    Win tomorrow and they'll disappear till next defeat, I do think some on here are not actually Wednesday supporters. #FAKES
  4. Probably because we'd never concede 5 in first place.
  5. Half of crowd went home at 5-2.
  6. Works both ways, booing and shouting abuse at a player isn't going to make him play any better.
  7. Its normally over £30 at Ipswich, this game is a special offer. We'll have similar prices for Burton game.
  8. Just seen penalty Everton got
  9. I'll come back to this thread towards end of season to show you I'm right and your lot know nowt.

    Fans reaction anyone would think we had drawn against side bottom of league. Bristol defended very well and played some decent stuff. Despite a mostly drab game a point, clean sheet and our unbeaten run continues which is the positive way to look at it.
  11. If you had asked this question after Villa game far more would be saying yes he can. Just shows how fickle some of our fans are. I believe he can still do it.
  12. Done with it all

    Fans saying players have no passion then supporter says "I'm not going anymore... though we're only 9th in table and a massive 2 points off play offs. That's also showing no passion.
  13. The Rhodes one in first half was definitely a penalty. Ref should be shot for not giving that one.