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Community Answers

  1. Other 3 blocks have already been on sale, there's no tickets showing available now.
  2. According to football fans ground guide visiting clubs receive 2,500 in stand behind goal and allocation for main stand on side is 1,800. 4,300 would be tremendous support for a midweek away game.
  3. Possibly last 2 seats available, all other blocks on that side and behind goal have been on sale.
  4. Megson wasn't good enough as manager according to Milan, he wasn't liked that much by other staff members either from what I've been told. Had we lost that one game against Sheffield United majority of fans would have said good riddance when he got sack a few days later.
  5. All blocks behind goal have been on sale and blocks A upper and lower on side stand were on sale. I think we'll sell out for sure, Peterborough isn't that far and fairly easy to get too.
  6. Keeping him strengthens our chances of promotion, once in Championship he's more likely to want to stay, even if not I'm sure we'll be £1m better off just winning promotion. If we receive a bid a lot more in excess of a million then maybe it would be tempting to cash in.
  7. They go on sale tomorrow. Over 5,000 allocation.
  8. Looks about 400 left, theses tickets are for stand on side.
  9. I'm surprised no one's mentioned the youngster Glover, he was involved in few pre season first team games.
  10. Top 6 1 Man City 2 Tottenham 3 Man Utd 4 Chelsea 5 Arsenal 6 Liverpool Bottom 3 Leicester Everton Brentford Top Scorer Haaland First sacking Lampard
  11. I've no memories of this game whatsoever. I remember that season well enough, falling attendances, a few heavy defeats, 6-1 at Leicester during a massive injury crisis. Though personally a big fan of Howard some fans were starting to question his style of football. Big mistake letting him go and then replacing him with Peter Eustoce who I think only managed one league win during his time in charge.
  12. Darren Moore mentioned after game last week that Dele had a knock towards end of game, star might just be going on that and have no other idea.
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