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  1. Cargo planes in and out of airport all night, hope they get kept awake.
  2. Possibly our first visit to Brentford's new stadium, shame no supporters will be present.
  3. Lawrie Madden? I had him down as very quick though he didn't look it, great football brain as well, one of our best ever free transfer signings. I always thought Gary Hooper wasn't very quick but like Madden had a good football brain. Jermaine Johnson is possibly our quickest player I've seen, Michael Reedy was also very quick.
  4. I hope we get crap draws all the way to final.
  5. Hirst was signed from Barnsley for over 200k so not really a product of our youth system back then. I'm pretty sure we paid a fee for Siggi as well.
  6. In other news new kit is being posted out. Those who opted for collection they'll be contacted when it's ready.
  7. That's correct, I think we played in all white, we did same at Wimbledon in 79-80 season.
  8. 28? Christ 😲 how times fly, doesn't seem 2 minutes since he was a youngster.
  9. First of many clubs to go this season if fans aren't allowed back very soon.
  10. Both our other kits clashed with Rochdale's so I guess it was a one off.
  11. Voted for Hunt though could easily have gone for Deli, also thought Shaw had an excellent game.
  12. No problems again apart from first few minutes which was Rochdale's own commentators before switching to our own.
  13. Del Boy and Rodders was selling some but apparently they had dodgy valves.
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