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  1. Yes, shown to fans at first game of season. Bloke to left of trophy is my mother's cousin Lionel, sadly past away a few years ago.
  2. bradowl

    25 years ago tonight !

    BT Sports showed replay other day. We should have won it, that chance by Bright that hit outside of post should have been put away, Bright also missed a great chance during extra time, he only needed faintest of touches from a great ball in from Waddle to score but missed it altogether. I still have nightmares about winning goal.
  3. This was it, quality of photo not great.
  4. bradowl

    George Hirst

    Injuries has never stopped players signing for us.
  5. Can't believe not one person has mentioned St Mirren when we smashed em 5-0.
  6. I remember us winning this pre season during 1970s.
  7. My mistake I think you're right.
  8. bradowl

    George Hirst

    They've both been offered deals, they'll come a time when these deals will get withdrawn if they don't sign em or they sign for another club. 30th June would be my deadline.
  9. Lawrie Madden testimonial 1990, we had just been relegated from old first division and them lot across town had won promotion previous season and this game was arranged just before following season. Smashed em 3-0 in front of 15,000. Newcastle at home around 2003, won 4-3 after trailing 3-1, brilliant pre season friendly in front of around 13,000. From many years ago, pre season 79-80, we had signed Jim Holton from Man United who we thought was going to be our big center half and leader we was crying out for at time, broke his leg in pre season friendly against Middlesborough and never played again, thankfully soon after we paid Southampton £100k for Mick Pickering who turned out to be a great signing.
  10. Here's my guess on pre season games. Away Alfreton Peterborough Wrexham Alloa Dundee Home Newcastle Borrusia Monchengladbach
  11. bradowl

    OwlsTalk Super 6 17/18 Season

    I must have been looking at monthly league when posting earlier, finished 15th.
  12. Still not ruled out Scotland (Alloa & Dundee) and Wales (Wrexham) then.
  13. bradowl

    OwlsTalk Super 6 17/18 Season

    Finished 82nd, I was top at one bit, had a poor end to season apart from predicting West Brom to beat Spurs 1-0.
  14. I'm going next year, I've heard there's a Wednesdayite who runs a bar over there showing our games, think his name's Steve and its called or going to be called Owls Nest Inn. Anyone else heard about this bar?