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  1. bradowl

    luton game

    Dropping em or rotating there's not many options available and I doubt any of them are good enough to see an improvement. Love or hate Palmer and Fox there's no better, with Joao and Forestieri out we're limited up front and with Hutchinson and Pelupessy both doubtful there's only Jones who can come into middle of park. Could possibly bring Thorniley in and play Hector in Hutchinson's place.
  2. bradowl


    We could have had Harry Kane up front yesterday and result would have been no different. No service whatsoever.
  3. bradowl

    luton game

    Luton will be without Danny Hylton after he was sent off yesterday, that's a bonus.
  4. bradowl

    Fans Today

    Vocal support at last 2 away games was fantastic but then we had something to cheer, considering our poor we played yesterday I thought we made plenty of noise during first half.
  5. bradowl

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    Only a few half decent in first half, Westwood, Hector and Fox, rest poor or worst. Our so called best players like Reach and Bannan were useless.
  6. Absolutely awful performance, never in game from first minute. We were lucky to get away with 3-0. Felt sorry for Fletcher who chased lost causes, we didn't put one decent cross in all game. Hull were good but we helped em along the way.
  7. Good Omen for today maybe? 6 years ago today.
  8. We only lost because Abdi was out injured.
  9. bradowl

    On Telly If ....

    Stamford Bridge is one of away grounds I've visited most, we seemed to be always playing them in cups during 80s and 90s. For younger generation of our supporters (IF WE BEAT LUTON) it will be a first ever visit, this is reason I think it will sell out even though it's on BBC. Chelsea is a great away day, highly recommended to those who's never been before.
  10. bradowl

    Hull pubs for saturday

    We went in a pub called Park View and another a few yards away called Boot Room last season, both about 10 mins walk through park to stadium. Mixture of home and away fans with both having a friendly atmosphere.
  11. bradowl

    Luton ticket prices

    We have 220 tickets left for Luton Town
  12. bradowl

    Luton ticket prices

    Think both clubs have to agree on prices so maybe we wanted more expensive prices. Same price for Luton fans and game should be a sell out. https://www.lutontown.co.uk/news/2019/january/sheffield-wednesday-home-ticket-news/
  13. I agree, players like Baker, Penney and Preston who have all been around first team squad this season might see benefit of going out on loan to league one or two sides whilst end of season.
  14. Luton are a club on the up with a new ground in near future, I think he's mad to leave them for Stoke.