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  1. Correct, if he had come in and said 'he's going to run club on a tight budget with no big signings and a limit on wages with us looking to bring home grown youngsters through from academy, a large number of supporters would have been complaining saying clubs showing no ambition. He gambled and lost not helped by people around him who were supposedly giving advice, advice alright, advising the signings of players who were passed their best and here for one final pay day.
  2. Premier League would become more boring than it already is without relegation. I reckon attendances would eventually fall.
  3. Wigan have always been poorly supported, even in Premier League. It's a surprise to most of us but shouldn't be really.
  4. Stoke could drop into bottom 3, there's usually a side that look safe with a few games to go who drop into it.
  5. A big win for them but they are still in bottom 3 having played a game more.
  6. Didn't this happen a few months ago and was put down to an administration error and was corrected a few days later.
  7. We've got the Elev8 gear and we already know the Taxi is coming soon.
  8. I've read that Celtic are interested in signing Hart. I'm happy enough with Wildsmith and Dawson plus we've got Jones signed up again though I don't think I've seen him play yet.
  9. If this season had finished on normal date we would now be making plans for next season with fixtures already released and we'd probably still be waiting for a decision.
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