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Community Answers

  1. From long ago Terry Curran at lane in 79-80 promotion season. More recently Forestieri at Norwich.
  2. They almost disappeared if I remember rightly, I recall gates being locked at their old Ayresome Park ground.
  3. What was attendance last night? Seeing bits on SSN you could see that kop wasn't open and they didn't look many in stand on opposite side of pitch.
  4. If this was posted on one of Facebook groups within seconds they would be someone saying 'we should never have got rid, should be still here. That Australian A league he plays in is terrible, Jacob Butterfield is over there now and he looks half decent.
  5. We've only played em in friendlies at their place in recent years, we did play em at home in league cup a few years ago. If I remember right João scored his first goal for us.
  6. I thought it was good up to penalty miss, North stand mob were pretty loud. The penalty miss deflated everyone and we just knew what was coming, especially playing a team we've never beaten before at home in league.
  7. Same here, I doubt it would work, I'm certain we would be wanting him back after one game never mind six. We should be counting ourselves very lucky that we've still got him at this level.
  8. I know he missed penalty but Bannan was our best player for me. They were all excellent early in game but some were dreadful second half, other thing that stood out was that some players looked absolutely knackered last 20 minutes. Our goalkeeper needs to stop dropping these clangers he's dropped in last 2 games.
  9. Screenshot your own and send it to him to use, I'm pretty certain they won't study them that much.
  10. Derby fans are being robbed already. £37 for a ticket when they go there in a couple of week.
  11. I remember both sets of fans singing it, 1-1 draw when Bannan scored a cracking goal and they equalised late on through Darren Bent. It was just after final whistle when we was singing it. Both teams looked certain for play offs.
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