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Community Answers

  1. News might be a bit slow with Star today so they put this out to attract clicks. Definitely attracted clicks on this forum.
  2. Be reight, we've got Brown and Shidipo for that position.
  3. That's probably why then, I was working Saturday morning and went to match soon as I got home. It will have been Saturday night when I looked.
  4. Me and others didn't even know that they had gone on sale today. I didn't notice any details on website over weekend. 10 o'clock in morning anyway me.
  5. A lot clubs will be playing Saturday Tuesday most weeks very soon, avoiding injuries and suspensions to important players will be a advantage along with having a larger squad. I think Wigan play weekend and midweek for 8 consecutive weeks. One advantage we have is that most of our midweek games are at home.
  6. I agree, he's a great prospect, should have had a few more goals this season though, his finishing reminds me of a young Carlton Palmer. I thought he had a decent game yesterday.
  7. Kid sat behind us calls Luongo by the name of Malingo.
  8. He probably got his head down and trained hard recently so Moore rewarded him with a start.
  9. Oh yeah the vaccine that doesn't stop you catching the virus. And before you play the "only those in hospital are not vaccinated card you need to stop believing everything the BBC and Sky news come out with as true. I know all this because Karen on facebook told me. Hope the spelling is ok this time.
  10. He's not fit to lace Mendez-Laing's boots.
  11. Best manager we've had in a long time.
  12. As long as we don't go down same road as Australia who are looking at bringing in a rule that those not vaccinated can't leave there homes. I'm double jabbed but I would fully support the not jabbed if we was thick enough to bring anything like this to our country.
  13. All these premier league clubs having games called off is getting ridiculous, these clubs have first team squads of around 25 players then will have another 25 players at least that play at U23 and U18 academy levels. All they are doing is playing covid card to pick and choose games they don't want to play because they've got a few injuries and a few players away on international duty. Us EFL clubs are laughing at them, we have much smaller squads and are just getting on with it for most games.
  14. Some people can't get jabbed and some don't want the jab, I'm not anti vax but it's there choice if they don't and they shouldn't be threatened into it.
  15. The Plymouth fans had only just calmed down after celebrating there goal.
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