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  1. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    What's going off here?
  2. Ross Wallace

    Not been his best this season and now probably past his best but overall been one of our better players over previous couple of seasons. He brought a good balance to team.
  3. Butterfield by a mile.. Didn't play but would obviously been our worst player today had he done.
  4. Swansea Replay

    That's a hundred more than United have sold for Reading on same night.
  5. Our last game of a nightmare season, I recall after game when Darnall football specials were getting missiles thrown at them as they went up Herries road from hundreds of Villa fans stood outside Five Archies pub. Two windows on our bus got put through.
  6. On same day Huddersfield managed just 17,000 against Man Utd who took 4,000. West Brom got 17,000 against Southampton which wasn't on live tv with well over 3,000 visiting supporters.
  7. I said something similar when we drew with Cardiff away earlier in season, we were in total control for 75 mins then suddenly ran out of gas, players not fit enough for 90 mins football.... Criminal
  8. With Thorniley out I think Lees will start, had 2 reserve games now and looked fit in em so no reason not too. Wildsmith Hunt Pudil Lees Venancio Wallace Reach Pelupessy Clare Boyd Joao
  9. Tonight’s away following...

    Sold just under 1,400 tickets with pay on night available.
  10. Still find it unbelievable...

    and its going to be extended an extra week for us in FA Cup final.
  11. Glenn loovens please retire

    Having just seen goals second goal was a mistake by Thorniley. All our defence sounded all over place last night when closed down quickly whilst playing it out from back, these must be instructions from manager, sometimes you just need to launch it down field to a big man like Joao or Nuhiu. I think the manager is to blame for last night, got his game plan completely wrong.
  12. Tonight’s away following...

    If we refunded fans every time we played poo club would have gone bankrupt years ago.
  13. We got what we deserved tonight

    Listening to commentary we ought to have been 3 or 4-1 down.