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  1. If we swap Joao, FF and Rhodes for Jordan Hugill I’m running over a dog.
  2. What, at running the country? I’ve got a BBQ to sort, not got time at the minute. Anyway, that Socialist Worker mob on the Moor is the best advert for Capitalism. They look like they’ve been dug up.
  3. Could be them. From a cultural point of view I could see DC going ‘in house’ so to speak.
  4. Thought that DC and the Reading lot were related in some way.
  5. Did the Thai lot at Reading bail out or are they still there?
  6. Salford v Leeds will ensure all police leave cancelled.
  7. If we don’t sign someone this week I’m leathering a small bloke on Fargate.
  8. Well you appear to have misunderstood it.
  9. Let’s just loan him off Southampton.
  10. Think he took at look at playing St Johnstone 4 times and thought for that reason, ‘i’m out’.
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