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  1. vulva

    Big Sam anyone?

    Anyone who thinks Jos is a better manager than Big Sam is very odd. Just my opinion.
  2. vulva

    George Boyd

    He has got a future at the club for the simple reason no one elsewhere will pay him anywhere near the money he is on here. Another incredible waste of money.
  3. vulva

    George Boyd

    Like many others at the time I thought it was a brilliant signing. The common denominator is Sheffield Wednesday. It’s the Bermuda Triangle of football clubs, and footballers. We’ve managed to turn many very good players, with excellent track records, often at a higher level, into utter buffoons. Within a short space of time as well. There is something fundamentally wrong at this club, in my opinion.
  4. vulva

    Joao Injury?

    Almost as bizarre as 16 first team high earning players injured at the same time when the club were in a transfer embargo and unable to negotiate new contracts.
  5. vulva

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    South Yorkshire police can't control away fans when they in a totally separate stand, never mind 20 years from each other. I agree that they should be put on the bottom level of the West, but what will happen to the South Stand plan when Derby, Leeds etc turn up with 5,000. I dont think our crowd and pricing issues issues will be helped by bundling a load of drunk away fans in the South. As a very basic starter for 10 I'd stop charging £39 on the Kop for people who fancy popping down to watch Wednesday v Hull. That's a cheaper strategy than a structural change to the South.
  6. vulva

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Putting away fans in the South would never work. It's an old ground, and not cut out for segregation. Even before they get in, they would congregate in the area outside the new bar, just over the bridge etc. It would be carnage before and after the match.
  7. vulva


    Correct, but i’ve seen enough football to realise we are miles off. And we have no scope to improve it. The bench is full of kids, and when Hutch gets injured he will play Van Aken. Jones replaces Bannan, etc etc. United have brought in Woodburn, Egan and Norwood. 3 players that would walk into our side. We all know the reasons why, but this league is leaving us behind. And some fans are in complete denial.
  8. vulva


    Bottom line is we escaped relegation last season by a small margin, and 3 worse sides. This season our squad is weaker, and others have improved. I think we will be in a relegation battle with the likes of Hull, Birmingham, Reading and Bolton.
  9. vulva


    The defence has been ripped apart twice by 2 teams who will be bottom 6. We should have been 2 down in 5 minutes yesterday. People confuse negativity with honesty. When we play a decent side the reality will hit home.
  10. vulva


    It’s a good job Carlos isn’t here and we’ve done a proper preseason as a result otherwise we would be struggling against the likes of Hull and Wigan. We could easily have conceded 5 against both and Brentford will rip us apart.
  11. vulva

    Joey Pelupessy

    He is a tanned version of Adam Bolder.
  12. vulva

    Morgan Fox

    If players are ‘scared’ to play football then they are clearly in the wrong profession. Especially in front of a fan base like ours who are the World Champions at apathy. Imagine how some of these scared players would go on at Millwall, West Ham, Leeds etc. They would bobbar their britches in the warm up.
  13. vulva


    I was sat in the traffic as they were scrapping round the car. Kids loved it tbf. Didn’t see a copper knocked out. Loads at it, and as bad as i’ve seen for a while. Honestly couldn’t work out who was who though.
  14. No one has mentioned the carfuffeling on Middlewood Rd after the match. Quite a few locked up.