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  1. Problem with that approach, if you add in the delays in refund this year, people won’t bother buying one in the future, and that’s crucial income. All supporters are equal, except in the eyes of the FD. Like it or not, season ticket holders are your most valuable fan.
  2. Is this the holier than thou season ticket holders that have been waiting for refunds from this season, for the last 12 months? The ones who’s money has probably kept the club afloat?
  3. Who’s asking them to pay through the nose. I’m suggesting fairness. I’ve prepaid £650 for a ticket. Do you just want to rock up in the nice weather and pay £18 when you fancy it, and when it’s not on the box.
  4. I wouldn’t be surprised. Remember these were bought last Jan/Feb pre Covid and Izzy Brown.
  5. DC has already banked 15,000 worth of high end Championship priced season tickets. No way can he now offer mega cheap deals to everyone else.
  6. Not sure how season tickets can be cheaper when we’ve got c 15,000 that have already paid top $ for next season.
  7. We aren’t staying up. Not good enough. Haven’t been for a long time.
  8. Which isn’t going to happen. The only scenario I can foresee is a lowish figure now, incentive based on return to the promised land. And that’s why staying up is imperative. Absolutely imperative. That said, we have a track record of not selling left backs, centre half’s and stockpiling goalkeepers, so if people are hanging their hats on DC selling the club cheaply, as some kind of apologetic favour, they might need to get back to bed. To set expectations, this is going to rumble on for a long time yet, and there is absolutely nothing any fan, or the Trust Version 7.2 can d
  9. Crack on, voice a concern. Right, what’s next. The only thing that will sort this out is another idiot riding over the hill with £300m.
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