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  1. To clarify, the stewards were lined up just on the concourse. I knew you couldn’t exit that way after the match, but didn’t realize you were restricted beforehand.
  2. Agree and joking aside the decision to book him was pathetic. Jones was just trying to get the game moving.
  3. I’m a big fan of Reach, and no fan of FF, but I’d actually swap them round on Saturday. Give FF a start and make him prove a point. Thought Reach had a poor game tonight.
  4. It’s a Wednesday thing. Fox is playing well, so the mob go searching for a new target.
  5. Stoke manager getting booked for fetching the ball? Got to be a first that?
  6. We should have played more than 5 in the first half. I was expecting 8 or 9.
  7. Time erodes the memory. Westwood has been a very good keeper, but is prone to a cockup. Where Westwood wins over Dawson is his presence, and influence over the back 4.
  8. Under Monk we will win a lot of games 1-0, 2-1. His teams that have come here in the past are quite attritional, organized and dour at certain. times. We are turning into such a side. Not really sure how we are 3rd and that’s probably a reflection of the standard of this league. Long may it continue.
  9. People tend to forget that Westwood makes quite a few mistakes, and has done since he’s been here. Westwood is the better keeper, as it stands, but Dawson is the least of our problems.
  10. First time tonight I realized you couldn’t walk down Leppings Lane and access the South Stand from that direction before the match. A row of around 25 stewards turned me and others back. Other a few Wednesday fans getting turned round at 7pm, the place was deserted. Bizarre set up.
  11. Tidman, Heald, Adamson, Wildsmith, Beresford, Bywater, Brad Jones, David Hirst, Lee Bullen, Srnicek and Chris Woods. Apart from that lot, you might have a point.
  12. He’s 24. That’s young for a keeper. And if he’s the worst you’ve seen then your first game must have been Cardiff away on Friday.
  13. Dawson is an excellent young keeper. No problem at all imo.
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