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  1. Izzy Brown must have a right agent, because from what I’ve seen he wouldn’t get a game in the Bud Evans league. Modern day Ali Dia. Absolute con artist.
  2. I do think the club need to put a note out detailing where we are with all this. Appreciate it’s a really confusing position, but everyone I speak to has a different version of the truth on refunds, credits etc.
  3. Not a good time to be out of work, especially in football. People in the game know the score, and if Moore does a good job under these circumstances then he will do his CV the world of good. He’s got a free ticket here.
  4. I thought both Foden and Sterling were poor. throw of a coin who you bring off, but you could argue Sterling poses more of a goal threat. We don’t need 2 x defensive midfielders. That’s upsetting the balance of the whole team. Euro 96 changed when Venables picked Redknapp. It’s harsh, but I’d drop Phillips and play Bellingham alongside Rice, a bit further up. We need someone to create.
  5. Foden is a clearly a top talent, but he’s done frig all in either game. Don’t understand the negativity around his substitution. We’ve supposedly got a great squad. It’s time to use it. Bellingham, Greslish, Sancho and Rashford should come in. We need pace, vigour. It’s all a bit mundane.
  6. So, like so many, you get all your ‘facts’ from Google. Ok. Good that we’ve cleared that one up then. A bit like the blind following on here of LS’s synopsis on Thai Tax law. Any thoughts on the grassy knoll?
  7. How many advisors has DC got?
  8. This Paixao chap is the Owlstalk Lee Harvey Oswald. He gets all the blame from the sheep, but no one really knows what he does.
  9. When you’re about to sell something you spend the absolute minimum on it to keep it going.
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