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  1. Imagine having the time on your hands or the thought process to put this together. Keys, wallet, ticket, coat, scarf, gloves; banner made by adults asking for another adult to lose his job, just I can be seen on TV. Broken Britain.
  2. 21,000

    Not sure he is tbh. I sit middle of the South and I can't remember a time when so many seats were empty. The directors box was no more than 20% full.
  3. 21,000

    My 21,000 was a guess. No more than 1,800 Wolves fans IMO. I've no problem with anyone not attending matches for any reason. Tonight was a tough one. On TV, playing poorly, Christmas Dos etc. That said, don't come fckimg belly aching when we run out of tickets for big games. Like I said before, it's very fckimg easy following a good side. We are the biggest club in this City, but I've always had the view that a United have got a bigger, hardcore support. No way would we have had the crowds the have had if we'd had to put up with the bobbar they have for the last 5 or 6 years. We've got a legion of fans who like the idea of WAWAW, but don't walk the walk.
  4. Give over. Anyone who has spent anytime putting that banner together today deserves dry bumming with a pineapple.
  5. I've thought about it. No.
  6. I going to think about this.
  7. 21,000

    WAWAW, until its a bit cold and we arn't playing that well.
  8. Wednesday fans there tonight. Well done all. It's easy rocking up supporting a team playing well, big crowds, big games. When the chips are down, the real fans turn out. Just hope there arn't 350 threads on here bemoaning the lack of tickets etc the next time we have a big game.
  9. First time ever

    FFS. Will it ever end.
  10. The overriding advantage to everyone now for Carlos leaving would be the end of the relentless threads, offering a different 'angle' on just why Carlos should leave. A subtle viewpoint, and an insatiable thirst for a new, not thought of little snippet. Its a matter of time before we have the 'my dog has stopped licking it's balls until Carlos has been sacked' thread or the 'has Carlos eaten too much in the Prince of Wales' thread or the 'do you think Brexit has impacted Carlos' thread. FFS. FFS.
  11. is he after a job?

    He was there looking for the hotel, as his FA hearing was at the Copthorne.
  12. Owls v Wolves Predictions

    Cold, difficult to park.
  13. Can I Mention the Kit Please?

    I was going to buy 2 x the new 3rd kit for my lads for Christmas. Will probably buy Barcelona kits instead how.