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  1. Not so much a rumour but a player Monk likes, that isn’t playing, in a position where we are desperate. I’d be amazed if we haven’t made enquiries.
  2. Agree with that. I think he’s a really good player as well. Exactly what we need.
  3. Helan the quickest. Frank Carr also quick. Slowest Steve McCall.
  4. Agree. Cardiff was an excellent result. I think they will finish mid table. I think Watford will finish top 6. I think we are in for a very long season.
  5. It’s a benchmark as they will probably finish top 6. The result will also add some context to the previous results this season.
  6. Was never going to happen? Is that opinion or fact? You can’t have it both ways.
  7. He’s doesn’t. He can’t separate the fact Monk should have been sacked and he’s done well so far this season. It’s not difficult to understand. He should have been sacked, but like most others I’m fully behind him and he deserves credit for the results this season.
  8. OK. I’ll meet you half way. He should have been sacked. Our record from Christmas was horrendous.
  9. We’ve made a strong start to the season but people are getting carried away. Had it not been for Covid, Monk would have been sacked. Long way to go, but long may this current run continue. Watford on Saturday is a decent benchmark as to where we are.
  10. No fair way of doing it, but someone might have held a 1 year ticket for 30 years and be behind someone in the ballot who bought a multi season ticket for the first time in January. Personally, I can’t understand why people are desperate to get back in football grounds. Most of the games are on TV anyway, and it’s not as though the football is that good. It all smells of football just trying to get income ASAP. A better strategy would be for them to run their business properly rather than rely on the fleecing of sheep football fans.
  11. I don’t feel sorry for £25k a week Hutchinson that he got binned by text. I’ve still not had a text to advise me when my refund is due on a ticket that I bought in January 2019.
  12. They’ve got some really tough games in a few weeks. They need some points ASAP. Classic 2nd season syndrome this.
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