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  1. King Carlos

    And for more balance, we are playing Newcastle, Leeds, Fulham as opposed to Rushden and Diamonds, Yeovil and Stevenage.
  2. King Carlos

    Anyone thinking Carlos has been a failure wasn't one the 15/16k that have trudged down over the years with me to watch the tripe served up by the likes of Eustace, Yorath, Turner, Irvine et al. I don't recall too many issues getting away tickets during those eras. Some fans have very short memories, and some of the football played over the last 3 years has been fantastic.
  3. Just a rumour...

  4. Just a rumour...

    The main driving force behind this rumour was Leicester v West Brom.
  5. Just a rumour...

    If anyone else posts that stupid rumour from 'Els' on here, I am marching onto Fargate first thing tomorrow morning to leather the smallest bloke I can find.
  6. Gary Megson

    Available in some good book shops, but usually rubbish ones.
  7. Just a rumour...

    Give it a rest. Boring, and you know nothing.
  8. Just a rumour...

    Very bored one day, I once made up a rumour that ended up with Harry Redknapp denying it on Sky Sports News. It's actually quite easy to start rumours off, and make them plausible.
  9. Familiarity

    Carlos will go somewhere else, at a club with a proper football structure around it, and be a huge success. Only when we recruit another manager, who fails, will the penny drop. Carlos is a scapegoat here for the overall failings of the football club.
  10. Carlos Carvalhal IN ??

    No chance. Huge failure not to get Wales to at least the playoffs in that World Cup group.
  11. Anyone got any hobbies?

    Don't know what all the fuss is about. I collect football shirts and watches.
  12. Hardly. Just trying to make the point that things aren't that bad, compared to previous years. We are suffering from a combination of poor performance, expectation and Sheffield United.