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  1. Sorting out the Nativity Play roles.
  2. Most businesses work like this. Welcome to 2018. We probably approached Jos when Carlos was still here.
  3. vulva


    By way of summary, Jos isn’t playing a player he brought in to replace the players he won’t play.
  4. vulva

    Alan Nixon

    The Steve Bruce story will go the same way as McClaren, Fonseca, Lambert. As soon as the conversation moves onto budget, and control over transfers, the bill for the coffees will be brought over.
  5. vulva

    Alan Nixon

    Thing is with Bruce, it’s not just Bruce. He brings a team with him. Calderwood, Clemence etc. Just don’t think we’ve got the cash for it. As noted before, Nigel Pearson is the man for this job. Ticks all the boxes. Strange bloke at times, but needs must. Holloway would be my 2nd choice. Got the kind of personality we need, and reminds me of Sturrock.
  6. vulva

    Bannan at full time

    Tom Lees always looks like a very reluctant footballer. Does he actually enjoyed earning money to play football?
  7. vulva

    Alan Nixon

    Jurgen Klopp has got a brother doing quite well in the German 2nd division. Klippity is available for very little compensation.
  8. vulva

    Alan Nixon

    Would not surprise me at all if Carlos came back.
  9. vulva

    Nuhiu in front of the North Stand

    Didn’t take a great deal of notice but did Fletcher even warm up?
  10. vulva


    Far too nice. As an example, the chants to remove the manager used his first name, not surname. How Sheffield Wednesday is that?
  11. vulva

    A plea

    Brain for sale, hardly used.
  12. vulva

    A plea

    I’m not reading all that
  13. The key word is perception. The team mirrors the manager. No ideas, no creativity and no passion.
  14. vulva

    FFP and Sacking Jos

    Don’t get the negativity towards Bullen. He might be a brilliant coach, no one knows. Jos picks the team, and sets them up. And, by the way, he has got a Dutch assistant. 10 points to the first one that knows who that is. Because I think he’s got the same superglue on his fat arris that Jos has.
  15. vulva

    FFP and Sacking Jos

    Good job really as we havn’t got a playing budget either.