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  1. I wouldn’t. Injuries have crippled us this last few years and we’ve appear desperate to sign a player who got injured 2 minutes after he walked through the door. Same with Aarons. The whole thing is bonkers. If we sign players like this, we will end up in the same boat 18 months down the line.
  2. First thing i noticed was the height of the Bristol goalie. Had to look twice as i thought at first they’d installed some oversized ‘its a knockout nets’ at the Leppings Lane end when we kicked off.
  3. Agree. Lets try try and find players that don’t. Other teams seem to manage it quite easily.
  4. He could be Puskas, but sat in the treatment room he’s about as useful as me.
  5. Had my doubts early on, especially with his distribution, but is Player of the Season imo. Seems the kind of character that would make a good captain as well. And he stays fit. Talk of signing Lazaar and Aarons is ludicrous.
  6. We’ve lost 2 games since he’s been here ffs.
  7. That’s an average of £40k per week per player, which clearly won’t be the case. I’d suggest the total weekly wage bill for all those is around half what you have quoted. At a push c£130k per week.
  8. Used it quite a lot during the bad weather. At the time it was the only decent astro for miles around. Lots of Southern sides used it when playing games up North.
  9. He did. I was ballboy. And Leeds used to train at Aurora as well, so they probably had someone watching.
  10. Agree with this. In a better side, with a better manager, he would be a player.
  11. FF is the biggest enigma we’ve ever had. He’s pulled the pants down of many in the fanbase. He reminds me of Mark Chamberlain. Loads barracked Wilko for not picking him, yet when he did play, he did nowt.
  12. Luhukay has cost us a playoff spot. Absolute shambles of a manager and we should be taking him to court for breach of contract. No disrespect to the kids, but picking a squad with the likes of Liam Shaw, Kirby, Preston et al in it, playing Dawson for far too long and making senior pros train with the kids. Motionless on the bench, and playing a Sheffield derby like we were playing the ‘58 Hungary side. Its not even close now, and Bruce has proved it. By a country mile the worst manager we’ve ever had.
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