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  1. Surprised he sells any cars. Seems to spend all his time talking to reporters. Can’t abide ex players sticking the knife in. Newsome was hardly Puskas ffs.
  2. John Pearson

    I watched the Periscope thing. Eddie Gray is a ****** wnaker. Bitter Leeds twaat.
  3. We are 1 round of fixtures away from either safety, or utter panic. This manager wouldn't inspire me to clear the drive of snow, never mind win a game of football. This job, at this time, needed an old school, kick up the harris British manager that knew the players, league and club. If we escape relegation this season, we are the luckiest team alive.
  4. Only 8 sides in the league have conceded more than Leeds. Why not focus on that Jos? Nothing against the bloke but this job is too big for him. He’s out of his depth.
  5. Whether we could have paid less will never be known. I presume we weren’t bidding for such players in our own. Re Reach, I agree, POTY, and will be worth a few quid. However, not many mid table Championship teams sell players for £30m. And that’s where we will be next season.
  6. That makes no sense. Whether they were frozen out is irrelevant. FF etc have a value, and we paid under the odds. Loads of examples available but £3m for FF against £17m for Clucas is a good one. A few decent games at the start of next season and FF will fetch north of £7m. As above, our failings in the transfer market are buying players with no add on value, players we don’t play, players with an injury track record and a poor use of the loan market. FF, Reach and Hooper don’t fall into any of these categories.
  7. We would easily double our money on FF, Reach and possibly Hooper, so we didn’t overpay their by any stretch. In terms of transfer activity those 3 are the least of our worries.
  8. I’ve heard worse ideas. Popping to Zizzis with Abramovich for a carbonara is one for example.
  9. Parkinson is right. Dave is a real asset and we won't realise it until he signs for someone else. That said, Parkinson wears tracksuit tops and Farahs. He reminds me of Finchy from The Office.
  10. Ticket issue

    It’s worth a try. It might just be South and Grandstand tickets that work for either stand. I like the new credit card style tickets, but it does beg the question why we need turn style operators. All they do is put it under a scanner that beeps. Seems a waste of time and money to me.
  11. Ticket issue

    Yes, but it’s got the atmosphere of a nightclub at 8pm. Front row isn’t bad but further back is like watching a game of Sensible Soccer.
  12. Biggest regret of the day came from the mother in law who didn’t order the lobster and 68 Bordeaux.
  13. Mick McCarthy

    Ipswich will be one of those 'careful what you wish for' clubs. McCarthy has done a terrific job on a very budget, and when they finally hound him out, they will get relegated.
  14. Playing devils advocate, until the players mentioned, and others for that matter, actually play, the jury is still out. Just seems a very specific and odd story to put out.