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  1. vulva

    Forestieri Red Card

    No he doesn’t. Misses Swansea.
  2. Early bird deadline is 15th March. 6th question down on FAQs answers my question about renewal of existing seat. In my mind, early bird and renewal are 2 different things.
  3. Daft? In the FAQs it details the date has yet to be confirmed. Hope that helps.
  4. Over and above the price the most obvious question is the deadline to renew your existing seat. That information doesn’t appear to be anywhere.
  5. vulva


    Inconsistent Enigma Injured We’d finish 15th.
  6. vulva


    He’s been either average or injured for the vast majority of his time here and anyone suggesting he gets a new contract deserves dry bumming with one of them Portuguese cakes he sells in that shop he’s opened up.
  7. vulva

    Loans for next season

    The Bruce ‘contacts’ bit means jack all in the modern era. Absolute balderdash. It’s 2019 not 1996. Loans these days are about loan fees, agents and kids on £30k per week in Chelsea reserves trying to get a game in the Bundesliga. Bruce’s peer group, his mates, are either managing in League 1 or getting fat in the Sky commentary box. To get loans these days you need to be mates with Jorge Mendes, not Jim Smith.
  8. vulva


    Since Fletcher came back from injury he’s been our best player. Fletcher isn’t the problem. The problem is the lack of someone alongside him. We don’t really play with 2 strikers, and when we do they are too far apart.
  9. vulva

    Team for tonight

    Not just me then.
  10. vulva

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Sure he’s just said Arrons was playing? Says Pellupessy on website.
  11. vulva

    Nando Number Ten

    FF is not effective enough. He needs to play closer to their box, and closer to Fletcher. Far too much pointless faffing in the middle of the pitch. We are not good enough to carry a floating number 10 who seems intent on little flicks 50 yard from the opposition net.
  12. Dalian Atkinson. What a player. In more recent years, always thought Patrick Collins missed his way.
  13. I think he was heard considering a 1867 club deal and he was taken into care for his own safety.
  14. Went on about winning the tos5 and playing 4 seamers.
  15. vulva

    Roland Nilsson memories

    Best player I’ve ever seen in a Wednesday shirt and I’m 12.