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  1. What’s stopping Leuvan paying £12m to buy a Leicester reserve. If Leicester ever have FFP issues they could bounce money around the 2 clubs, effectively cooking the books.
  2. I’d be interested to know if there has ever been a case like this, where a sister/feeder club has been used to avoid the compensation. I would imagine a lot of clubs are watching this to see how it pans out. If it’s good for the goose and all that. Close the academy, and use the money to buy Dundalk Fc, someone like that. Then hoover up all the top kids at teams lower than us, get Dundalk to buy them, then cherry pick the best ones for us. I honestly don’t think people realise the significance of this deal.
  3. No interest in any of that. All rumours from oddballs that hang around the training ground. Players are mercenaries, and if you want loyalty buy a dog. What I'm interested in how Leicester have acted in this. Having our pants pulled down is just business, but this is far more than that. Absolutely stinks, and the SWFC/Hirst issue should not stop them acting in a proper manner. The FA simply have to get involved here, and can not stand by and allow the Premier League clubs make an utter mockery of the rules. That's the main story here, not players, agents or parents. Couldn't give a rats ass about that lot. This city is infested with gobshite ex players, from both sides, who strut around this city, shooting their mouths off. Personally, I wish they'd all **** off back where they came from.
  4. Anyone got David Conns number? Suspect for more reasons than one, he may take a keen interest in this one....
  5. Yes. We’ve put a bid in for Mahrez.
  6. So, a 2nd division Belgian club, totally independent of their very wealthy English club, have bought a player that the very wealthy English club have been chasing unsuccessfully for a year? Well blow me down.
  7. Different subject, pointless argument. You are clearly now struggling. Anyone with half a brain can clearly see that this stinks. Maybe that's why you can't see it.
  8. If this does end up in court, Leicester will need a stronger argument than 'DC treated young Hirst reight nastily, like' in their defence of circumnavigating agreed FA and UEFA transfer and third party ownership regulations. If that is what they have done of course, because at present we don't know.
  9. Wednesday treating Hirst like a dog/Hirst taking Wednesday for a ride is old news. Can someone start a new thread on those subjects. It has no relevance anymore, whatsoever.
  10. Not important anymore. Players/clubs/agents fall out every day, in a less public way than this. We all move on, and i’ve no interest in that. For the lads sake i hope he plays in the Premier and wins 100 caps. There is a far bigger story here, and it’s the relationship between Leuvan and Leicester and the transfer of George Hirst. If this is allowed it could blow a hole in football transfers as we know it. Call the lawyers on Monday, let them battle it out, and concentrate on preseason.
  11. All irrelevant. The story is is how Leicester have acquired this player. Personal arguments, season tickets and spending £9m on Rhodes have nothing to do with how Leicester should conduct business. The FA need to get involved here ASAP.
  12. Incorrect. The dispute is irrelevant. Players up and down the country are currently in dispute, and many will walk on a free transfer. That is their right, and they have Mr Bosman to thank for that. What I’ve never seen is a club engineering a player contract expiry, whether in dispute or not, to avoid paying legally agreed compensation. How would Wednesday fans react if he signed for Leicester from Leuvan on Monday? I’m no expert here, but there’s nothing stopping them doing that? Wolves and Stoke did it last week with Afobe.
  13. The issues and noise of Hirst getting frozen out, contracts not accepted, not training with peer group, his Dad etc etc are all now totally irrelevant. If Hirst had joined Leicester, and they’d loaned him to Leuvan there wouldn’t be a story here. That’s football, appropriate compensation would have been paid following a process agreed by all clubs. Some you win, sons you lose. No problem. Good luck George Hirst, these things happen. Players bigger than the club etc. The story here is whether Leicester have deliberately circumnavigated this agreed process (agreed by all clubs) by using their sister club in a random European 2nd division. Clubs have to adhere to the rules, and conduct business within the spirit of the law. In my opinion, there is a clear case to answer here, and I would take this one all the way, otherwise football at a lower league level, and youth football as we know it, will be destroyed. Lets not forget this compensation is partly money owed to us to cover his development. Only a % is the value and future potential value of the player. And we also lose out on any future sell on.
  14. I think Leicester would be a great club for him. Fair chance of 1st team football within a few years, if he progresses. That’s not the issue.
  15. The more you think about this deal, the worse it gets. It puts the whole academy system under threat. Why should clubs bother with developing players if the Premier League moneymen can simply circumnavigate the deserved compensation by chucking a few 100k at Chicken Farmer FC in some European backwater. I honestly think Wednesday should seek legal advice on this one. It a backdoor version of 3rd party ownership. Never in a million years would an England Youth international join Leuvan if the intention wasn’t to join Leicester later on. Leicester may well pay £10m for Hirst in 18 months which would also address any FFP issues Leuvan may have and give them an unfair advantage in that league. It stinks.