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  1. What did you have for your dinner after the Everton game?
  2. Correct. This league is on a par with the League One we can up in with Dave Jones. It’s absolute dogger. Even the top 2 are rubbish.
  3. Sending off was a smokescreen. We’d have lost that game with 13 players. They nullified our only footballer, Bannan, and the whole thing fell apart. Our whole game, as basic as it sounds, revolves around Dawson giving it to a centre half, who then feeds Bannan. They stopped us doing that after 90 seconds and we malfunctioned like a rusty dishwasher.
  4. With this squad, Monk has punched above his weight. I wanted the Cowleys but overall Monk has done a very good job. Comes across really well, and no complaints from me. Today was a bad day, but overall Monk has been a decent appointment.
  5. Was quite simple. They man marked Bannan. Holtby never left his side from minute one, and we simply didn’t have a clue on how to react to it. Blackburn are the first team to fathom us out. Mark Bannan, and we stop functioning. We are the biggest one trick pony side in history.
  6. It then creates a totally unfair game. The FFP rules are all about fairness, and financial stability. I personally don’t see an issue with that. At times fans get lost in the fog of all this. We’ve got owners in the game selling football grounds to themselves for millions more than they are worth to pay the wages of mercenary footballers who just repatriate that cash to their own country. And for what? To get into a league where you pay 3 x more in wages? Id love it if there was another ITV digital scenario and the game was reset.
  7. In the next 2 weeks? We’d get £100k and be left with Westwood covered head to toe in elastoplast drinking calpol.
  8. EFL should scrap all FFP rules and let clubs spend what they want. Clubs will then go bust, communities will lose their football clubs and people will get exactly what they didn’t want. And probably blame the EFL. People need to take a step back. The EFL are ‘allowing’ losses at a football club of over £39m and crackpots are still trying to circumnavigate it. Furthermore, people are considering a 10 year season ticket to support such activity. The whole thing is crackers and fully deserves to go bust.
  9. Broke a nail. Back in training late July.
  10. Why not? As part of the loan deal is he not allowed to go shopping?
  11. At least you wouldn’t have to watch us in League 1.
  12. The harsh reality is, this kind of money is not a lot of money to quite a few people. The ‘deal’ doesn’t worry me. The principle and reasons behind it does.
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