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  1. DC does not get a lot of a abuse on here, but ar times, plenty of constructive criticism, from supporters with genuine concerns. I don’t see the harm in that. I would imagine Twitter is a completely different ball game though.
  2. Can you get an interview with Lukhay? Be good to get the opposite view on the Hutchinson situation.
  3. Please collect your winnings.
  4. Latest odds - 2/5 someone mentions he works in a travel agents in Meadowhall.
  5. There is no hatred. And the Leeds and United thing is irrelevant. People know he is bankrolling us and the vast majority support the club. Apart from those Inaccurate points you make, it’s a good post.
  6. A chairman of a football club once told me that a single £50 bet, or more, on any football market in the UK gets red flagged, and looked at in some degree. That was a few years ago, so guess that limit has gone up a bit.
  7. Football had a chance after the ITV digital issue to recalibrate. It didn’t, and things have got worse. I’ve no sympathy. The only thing that may address the issue is a big club going under. With respect, the likes of Maidstone, Bury etc don’t have any impact.
  8. Shocker of a decision. What on earth is all that about.
  9. I think you’ll find paying the likes of Winnall 18k a week moving forward in the new world will be a thing of the past. The gravy train has hit the buffers.
  10. Everyone keeps blaming the EFL, forgetting the fact loads of foreign owners have chased the Premier League money by overpaying bang average footballers ludicrous salaries. Football as a business is a complete joke and the chickens are coming home to roost. All the EFL have tried to do is control it, and like with us, any intervention ends up in court. It’s like blaming the highways authority for your speeding fine. The EFL should just tell everyone to do what they want. And then we’d have 40 clubs out of business within the year.
  11. QPR would just sell Eze, surely? Would imagine he would fetch at least £15m. That’s half our problem. We got no real saleable assets that would raise anything significant.
  12. You mean a player volunteering the news they refused to help the club out? Can’t see that one on Instagram with some fluffy bunny rabbits and heart signs.
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