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  1. United were easily the best side tbf. West Brom are awful. 1 point from a possible 42 is an incredible stat for United.
  2. Kitson had a massive fallout with Pulis.
  3. As a new manager, the best time to make big decisions and tough calls is at the start. You’re effectively bombproof. He’s done that today on purpose. I just wonder if the only reason Pulis took this job is because he told DC that it’s his way, or no way. Pulis is the closest we will get to Warnock without appointing Warnock. This isn’t going to be pretty, but it could well be effective. We haven’t got the finance to football our way out of this league and a method manager makes perfect sense. We will stop up. Pulis will grind results out and results will pick up after Januar
  4. To add some context, Joao has scored more goals on his own, this season, that we have in the last 17 league games.
  5. Like a few others on here, I’ve been saying for a while now that this isn’t going to end well.
  6. Pulis is making a point to DC. Nothing to do with tactics. This is an experienced manager taking full advantage of his newly appointed status to push his luck and get the cheque book opened.
  7. What he’s spent is now irrelevant. The fact he will want £351m to sell the club is the major issue. Very well intentioned, but the club needs a change of direction at the very top. And quick. Most businesses are reflective of their senior leadership, and unfortunately ours is a great example of this.
  8. Can we break down the £350m. Because if true, that’s utterly outrageous.
  9. I bet Pulis has been offered 100 players this last 2 weeks from all around the world.
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