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  1. Just bought 3. Pricing is fantastic. I’ve been a few times but usually parked next to ground. How far a walk is it from the town center?
  2. FFS. Do people actually believe this stuff.
  3. What, those banks that were bailed out by the Arabs, or those banks where the UK taxpayer has mad a huge profit on following subsequent share sales?
  4. Might be a reason for those cut backs, any thoughts?
  5. Odd bunch that miss the 3 day week.
  6. Always wondered what happens in Moorfoot and what Manpower Services actually do??
  7. Likewise. Not sure who I wanted to win tbf. Both urchins.
  8. A right pain in the arse last night against Stoke. Lad seems to enjoy being a bit of a spunk trumpet.
  9. My protest will start tonight by putting the wrong stuff in the wrong bin.
  10. This. Cord wearing, save the whale types listening to Levellers albums criticising capitalism whilst jogging in their Nike’s and holidaying in Tenerife. Sheffield Council is full of them.
  11. Played 12, scored 1, crowds halved and 9 year old playing centre half.
  12. Jos has brought him in to strengthen their flat back 8.
  13. RIP lad. Isn’t he the only player in the last 60 years to come though our academy/youth system and score 20 goals in a season at pro level other than Vardy?
  14. Don’t forget the heart signs he does with his hands.
  15. You’re not. I’ve been saying it for 18 months. The FF story here is a myth.
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