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  1. Tudgay. Used to get dogs abuse in the South where we sat.
  2. It’s the national game. The game has missed a huge opportunity here. PR disaster.
  3. What footballers do now is almost irrelevant. The genie is out of the bottle. Since day 1, the only noise coming out of the game has been when they can start playing again. And we all know that is to protect revenue. I would laugh my knackers off if Sky went bust, and the game followed it leaving all these big shot owners millions out of pocket.
  4. We just weren’t good enough. They were a very good team.
  5. His brother was a better player by far, but we wouldn’t pay the money.
  6. If footballers continue to take their obscene wages at this time, when there isn’t even any football, they want shaming.
  7. Suppose the Leicester thing could be part of our compensation agreement
  8. Biggest surprise in all that is that we were due to play Leicester in a pre season friendly.
  9. Leicester away a few years back when Leon Clarke scored.
  10. Some of best signings historically have been free transfers.
  11. That’s one of the best days I’ve ever had following Wednesday.
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