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Community Answers

  1. The Derby game away 3-3. It was over 20 years ago and we still haven’t recovered.
  2. And flew on the official Belgian plane, Sat just behind Scifo.
  3. Team is now huge. Set piece masterclass coming up.
  4. £14k. You could Rotherham for that and have change left over for a Barnsley.
  5. Haven’t seen Rotherham fans this angry since I flicked a mature bogey in their begging bucket.
  6. As a kid looked like making a top player.
  7. This. Always been the case that injured players get better the longer they are out. Mark Chamberlain was case in point. Darren Wood another. Loungo was decent, but we’ve upgraded with Vaulks. This league is as much about consistency and durability as it is ability.
  8. What’s convinced Smith is Paul Warne telling him that if he signed he’d be remembered for ever in Rotherham and given the Freedom of the City. Welcome to Hillsborough Michael Smith.
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