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  1. I think we could get therty to foty againe Tarn.
  2. Rhodes playing with confidence and Fletcher keeping fit and we are in business.
  3. 3-0 half time from memory. Early on in the season.
  4. Digging in Greno Woods followed by a KFC and Tron on DVD.
  5. They also beat us 5 something in the league around that time. Seem to recall Linekar getting 3, one a diving header.
  6. It was the cup. We’d drawn about 14 times and Wilko picked Chamberlain instead of Madden and we got bummed.
  7. Losing 4-0 at home, making no substitutions and getting no yellow cards is the kind of thing I’d associate with a Jos engineered performance.
  8. Like Harris’s reaction to the 3rd goal.
  9. Just seen the goals video. Harris’s reaction to the 3rd goal is quite funny.
  10. To get that bet right, you deserve 2000/1 never mind 200/1.
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