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  1. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Next 20 goal striker since MacLean

    Spread the goals around Nuhiu 26, Hooper 20, Joao 16, FF 16, others 40. We are going to score goals goals goals. and keep a lot of clean sheets
  2. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Last player to score a hat trick for SWFC

    Well if we want to see more hat-tricks by Wednesday players we got to score at least three goals in a match.
  3. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Saturday afternoons

    With my Mexican girlfriend.
  4. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Best and worst aspects of todays game?

    Best thing - we won, and Barnsley down Worst thing - people running onto the pitch,
  5. Owls_fan_since_1983

    #SWFC 5 - 1 Norwich OMDT

    Even if we do get annoucements some fools will still go onto the pitch at full time.
  6. Owls_fan_since_1983

    #SWFC 5 - 1 Norwich OMDT

    Come on Wednesday sssh Bristol City 3 Sheffield United 0
  7. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Happy #MindTheGap Day

    Up the Owls
  8. Owls_fan_since_1983

    #SWFC Announce Hospitality Packages 2018/19

    I think I pass on this, I can use the money to go on cruises and for my niece or nephew when born. little does my brother in law know I am going to make my niece or nephew a Wednesday fan, not a Hull or Chelsea fan.
  9. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Next Season Highlights...

    Don't put it on channel 4, I know we used to have football italia in the 90s on a Sunday afternoon, and gazzette Saturday, but would the football highlights work on channel 4
  10. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Which would you prefer on Sunday

    Wednesday to win, Sheffield United to lose always,
  11. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Anyone remember this guy

    I don't remember him, but I remember the shirt what a shirt blue and white strips and the sanderson sponser logo
  12. Owls_fan_since_1983

    One thing that's really annoying about football

    Cheating players
  13. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Programs would you miss them?

    I think the episodes could be on Youtube, I remember eldorado.
  14. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Programs would you miss them?

    I would not have anything to read at half time, plus where I sit there are no single ladies near me.
  15. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Is anyone else really excited for next season?

    Yes hopefully we can take 6 points off Sheffield United, this season was just as a blip.