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  1. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Wednesday -V- Swansea OMDT

    Come on Wednesday
  2. Owls_fan_since_1983

    When was the last time we got a Penalty.

    Some of our players don't know how to get into the box
  3. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Tough end to the season

    We beat Leeds and hopefully stop them getting in the top 2. I would love to see both Leeds and United both mess up in the semi finals in the playoffs
  4. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Time to start planning for 4th March

    As long as we keep a clean sheet we got a chance
  5. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Rotherham 2 - 2 Wednesday OMDT -16/2/2019 1:00pm

    For my rotherham united mates
  6. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Forestieri Red Card

    He can miss the next two matches, and get ready for the Blades, he be told by Bruce don't go overboard next time.
  7. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Rotherham 2 - 2 Wednesday OMDT -16/2/2019 1:00pm

    Come on Wednesday
  8. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    come on wednesday,
  9. Owls_fan_since_1983

    ‘A Horrible Swirl of Wind’

    We can ask United how that feels
  10. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Wednesday - V Reading OMDT

    Come on Wednesday
  11. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Negative goal difference

    Hopefully we are saving the ruddy good thrashing against some teams called Rotherham or Sheffield United
  12. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Wednesday - V Reading OMDT

    Come on Wednesday, sssh my niece is hoping for a Wednesday win today,
  13. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    Come on Wednesday
  14. Owls_fan_since_1983


    Well done to the fans who went