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  1. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Queens Park Rangers - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Well done Wednesday fans who went tonight,
  2. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Queens Park Rangers - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Can see us losing by a cricket score against Sheffield United if we play like this. FFS Wednesday its now
  3. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Queens Park Rangers - V - Wednesday OMDT

    FFS I hope the players will be training tomorrow how to defend.
  4. Owls_fan_since_1983

    First Clean sheet tonight

    Wednesday are due a clean sheet in the league just park a bus in front of the net we are defending each half.
  5. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Queens Park Rangers - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Come on Wednesday Can see us winning but no clean sheet
  6. Owls_fan_since_1983

    #OnThisDay in 1992

    I don't remember much about the first leg, but the 2nd leg was my first Sheffield Wednesday match I went to.
  7. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Linesmen/ Assistant refs

    Looking forward to Hillsborough having games with VAR
  8. Owls_fan_since_1983

    3 weeks tonight

    That we have not lost to Sheffield United,
  9. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Sheffield Wednesday -V- Middlesborough (OMDT)

    I will take a 2-1 win with a Reach screamer from 45 yards out.
  10. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Sheffield Wednesday -V- Middlesborough (OMDT)

    Come on Wednesday Are bottle tops still banned
  11. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Taking two others up

    Sheffeld United and Forest, with Sheffield United getting relegated on goal difference
  12. Keep Reach he can score goals from 30 yards out.
  13. Owls_fan_since_1983

    OFFICIAL Table Gazers Thread 2018-2019

    Can't believe who top of the league, ffs
  14. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Why do refs hate us?

    The referees probably hate the day Wednesday
  15. Owls_fan_since_1983

    We only win 2-1

    We saving our big wins when we play some team called Sheffield United, at the Lane and at Hillsborough.