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  1. Wednesday fans will end up paying for it £200 to go and watch a game, £20 for a beer at the ground, £15 for a bottle of pop without the top on of course. and £8 for a bar of chocolate and we are still watching for d-taxis
  2. Give us our punishment now, instead of waiting to mid April
  3. If the worst happens and we end up playing in the national north, it would look silly. we probably sell our away end every home match. and still charge 40 pounds per match. SAG will have a field day. I will still go if we do end up in the north.l
  4. It feels like this storyline from wwf/wwe we get screwed
  5. https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/season=1992/matches/round=638/match=6665/
  6. we could get between a 9-21 points decuted fined £5 million pounds 9 home games played behind closed doors and a ban of 9 transfer windows
  7. It could be even worst and play a few levels below the north
  8. Thrown out the league, and play in the conference north next season.
  9. 3 points and my niece not to throw up on me tomorrow as it her first birthday I got her a Wednesday shirt, my brother in law will be not be please. got to get her back on the right path.
  10. Hopefully in the premiership whilst Sheffield United flirting with national league football.
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