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  1. Come on Wednesday, Rhodes to score his first goal of the season in a 2-1 win for Wednesday
  2. Leeds United at 12.30pm, will the police order all the pubs not to open within a good radius to stop trouble.
  3. Probably watch Hallam FC play or watch the new phoenix club play
  4. Grimsby 2 Sheffield Wed 0 league cup late 90s, my Dad friend lived in Grimsby at the time, and was a Wednesday fan like me and my Dad. we had tickets in the Grimsby end Heavy rain on the way back
  5. I can see within 20 years if clubs do go under, on how it was before the old division three and division four came into play, for the bottom two divisions. Football League Third Division North and Football League Third Division South
  6. condoms,. I did meet some fit ladies from Preston when I was in Mexico.
  7. Sheffield United lost 2-1, welcome to the premiership United
  8. ffs Wednesday at least United are now losing, that is sheffield
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