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  1. Its the Wednesday way and we win, by a fluke goal.
  2. I thought the match would have been shown on Ceefax or Teletext.
  3. It would have not matter if Blackburn had worn our shirts yesterday we will poor.
  4. Both games will be switched to the next day,
  5. Hopefully because all 24 clubs currently in the EFL championship are forming a premiership 2 and the others two leagues are forming premiership 3 and 4. If we do get points taken off us know in luck it will be at the last second.
  6. Come on Wednesday, me and my girlfriend are not going today. she does not like Leeds
  7. The match will probably shown on defunct channel ITV digital.
  8. The match will be probably shown on one of the shopping channels.
  9. So everyone go out this way after the match has finished.
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