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  1. Hopefully it will be Leeds going up. Can't stand the Leeds fans, even though I did meet a fit female whilst I was Leeds last year for the day.
  2. Westwood would have put the first one away.
  3. Come on Wednesday. Make some noise, Lets end on a high with a win.
  4. 2-1 Wednesday win Norwich scores a last minute goal to tie (in the 96th minute) by the goalkeeper Sheffield United fans running on the pitch after winning 6-0 think the title in the bag
  5. Some Sheffield United fans may have some to say about this, claiming United were formed in 1846.
  6. About 23,186 Please remember don't run onto the pitch after the final whistle, United fans may be doing that, until Norwich scores a 99th minute equaliser
  7. Stopping up. with Sheffield United, Rotherham, Chesterfield and maybe Barnsley all going down.
  8. My niece even though she can't talk yet, she is an Owls fan, my brother in law does not know that, she told me in her own way 3-1 Wednesday win. She is hoping for a Dawson hat-trick
  9. Come on Wednesday, lets go for the win. My niece even though she can't talk yet, has said in her own way 3-1 to Wednesday
  10. Come on Wednesday lets just go for the win.. Hopefully Sheffield United lose again today.
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