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  1. Sheffield United may put in a sneaky bid for him for 200 million pounds.
  2. He is off to Sheffield United for 100 million pounds.
  3. same as last season, unless you have changed your seat, name or bracket (adult to senior for example) If you have lost your ticket, go to Sheffield United ground for your replacement.
  4. Probably the rule does not apply to Leeds, Sheffield United or whoever Warnock is managing.
  5. We can prove we can score in friendlies matches, we need to start scoring more goals in each match when the league starts.
  6. Come on Wednesday, lets go for the win, nothing silly, no injuries
  7. As long as it not Jos or Carlos, both had a shot at trying to take us up.
  8. Sheffield United end up playing in the champions league after scrapping 4th place on goal difference.
  9. Is the match going to be streamed on Youtube. programmes £3
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