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  1. Owls_fan_since_1983

    40th present ideas

    Brick in wall.
  2. Owls_fan_since_1983


    I probably thought it looked worst than it was Until or if we find out how arrests were made if any,
  3. Owls_fan_since_1983


    I did hear a policeman say to someone if you turn round don't keep moving your nicked I did not see any police get hit.
  4. Owls_fan_since_1983

    We're On Our Way Back.

    To league one if we don't pull our socks up FFS
  5. Owls_fan_since_1983


    Well nothing in the news, There seemed to be quite a lot of police running and public running. I think I saw one person get put in the police van It was quite weird
  6. Owls_fan_since_1983


    Some kids were upset and crying (not wanting to go to another match - hopefully the parents will ressurance them) I was visible shaken. I been to the matches against Leeds, Sheffield United and Aston Villa last season (plus other matches being a season ticket holder)
  7. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Hull (sort of OMDT)

    Come on Wednesday,
  8. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Hull (sort of OMDT)

    I take a Wednesday win even if the winner has to come off someones backside,
  9. Owls_fan_since_1983


    Wednesday don't get penalties, it is the rule book. But next August
  10. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Positive news soon?

    Sheffield United and Rotherham hopefully both losing today.
  11. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Hull (sort of OMDT)

    We are due a win. Come on Wednesday, Up the Owls
  12. Owls_fan_since_1983

    One more sleep

    Yes football and a hot date
  13. I got mine, but there is a problem with mine it is red and white.
  14. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Positive Thread alert

    Only problem is Leeds are still above us, hopefully Leeds will lose
  15. Owls_fan_since_1983

    Any positives?

    We are not currently in the bottom three