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  1. Of winning a game this season in the league or keeping a clean sheet in the league and still win 6/1 of getting one penalty
  2. Wonder what rules Sheffield Wednesday were playing to last season.
  3. I am looking forward to North Korea trying to put a bid in.
  4. Will the match be also on the comedy channel.
  5. Is our league cup going to be shown on the comedy channel.
  6. league two, followed by national league and below in coming in the next 5 seasons for Wednesday,
  7. Will this game be also shown on the sky comedy channel.
  8. When we had the chypa chups logo, my Dad wanted to know where he could not find these in the chip section of a supermarket, he was unware it was a lollypop I still have to remind him in 2021 about this
  9. Field hockey, only like it for the penalty corners
  10. We wont lose a league game this week,. that is good news.
  11. I got £100 to come back. So that is sorted to buy my brother in law a ticket to an upcoming match, depending on the situation how many fans can go back.
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