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  1. Sheffield United, Leeds been in this league before. so have Wednesday We can bounce back if we do end up in league one.
  2. One match closer to the end of a dreadful season.
  3. Glad we could not go to the football tonight, it would have got pretty toxic on the way home
  4. Come on Wednesday Got a bad feeling about this match Hopefully we will win, and stuff Rotherham 3-0 tonight
  5. If we lose tonight, we are heading to league one
  6. Come on Wednesday If fans could go back to matches tonight, it could be a toxic atmosphere if we are losing at half time.
  7. We had some group games in the Euro 96s. I be very surprise if Hillsborough gets picked to host matches if England/Ireland win the bid to host the world cup in 2030.
  8. If we go down, we could end up be like clubs who are now in non league football York City, Stockport If we are in league one football, I can see it taking us at least 5 seasons to get back into the championship, the gap between us and our neighbours of Sheffield United may end up getting bigger
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