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  1. Sheffield Wednesday monopoly or similar style game one square pay the bank £20 because Carlos keep digging them from his pocket.
  2. chocolate advent calendar - counting down the days towards Christmas - will be in stock and in the shop by August 2018.
  3. Sheffield Wednesday his and her matching pjs playoff final 28th May 2016, only a couple of seasons late.
  4. No plans of buying one, I can put the money to better use,
  5. Sheffield Wednesday fans top the league

    Above Sheffield United, Leeds and Barnsley these fans wont like this league table. Wednesday fans always come out in numbers, shame the players dont always turned up usual after the 80th minute mark, or go behind 2-0
  6. If Sheffield Wednesday get promoted..

    If we get promoted I will buy a Sheffield United season ticket and wear a Sheffield United football shirt for a month.
  7. Under 23's v Brummies

    I like the look of that table even though it under 23s, above United, Barnsley and Leeds loving it.
  8. Not buy a shirt this year but using the money to buy Uncharted the lost legacy instead.
  9. Sheffield Wednesday's Next Four Games

    DWWL Carlos keeps his job
  10. I don't like that league table.
  11. What do YOU want from SWFC?

    Top flight football or winning the FA Cup get our name back on the map Players to have a bit more balls of playing better football
  12. Derby away

    We all know what this league is like nailed on Wednesaday to win 2-1 winner coming off someone backside. Carlos keeps his job for another week
  13. Warnock

    I will put rivals aside if Warnock could do a job for us and help us get in the premiership I be quite happy with that as long as he keep his United and Leeds shirts at home
  14. Sack him dc

    I know it a storyline but should take Vince Mcmahon view of things like he did with Eric Bischoff and give him 30 days