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  1. I remember my Dad giving me the choice of going to the semi final fa cup, or the league fup final, I made the right decision the FA Cup, we stillt talk about the match still years later.
  2. Me and my Dad went to this match, we caught one of the fans coaches in Sheffield City centre I would love to watch the re-run of the whole match again
  3. My first away game was when we lost 2-0 in the league cup against Grimsby Town, worst off all one of my dad friends also a massive Wednesday fan, lived in Grimsby managed to get us some tickets in the Grimsby Town end,we took the wrong turning on the way home and nearly ended up in Leeds.
  4. We have probably not had a practice session since Chtistmas
  5. Hopefully as well the highlights of a certain semi finals of 93 will be shown at some point
  6. I am not bothered about getting a refund, Just be allowed to have a free Wednesday shirt, not one of those Wembley ones when we played Hull Or even better next season we allowed to run on the pitch every time Wednesday score a goal.
  7. I went to Hillborough and decided to leave after 30 minutes
  8. If we win I watch the match in full next week.
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