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  1. Did Gerrard ever play at Hillsborough? He scored a great goal at Anfield in our relegation year but did he play at Hillsborough which was first game of the season? Scholes is the one for me even though he didn't start. Beat man utd 2-0 I think around 98 but when he came on he changed the game, he hit the bar and we started hanging on. And Owen too. Peter crouch for QPR is a good shout. Too young and didn't go regular enough to name any other stand out top players at Hillsborough
  2. I think Bruce has already decided that Lee will be here next season. In a press conference two or three weeks ago he was asked how Kieran Lee and someone else was. They were back in training and when asked how good that was his response was it was good for next season. So a little slip from Bruce there i think saying that Lee will be here next season. Hope so too
  3. Was going to say the same. My first derby at Bramall Lane. I was in upper tier and was the first time I ever sat on (or stood next to) wooden seats. I think only other club I've been to with wooden seats is Burnley, and that was about 5 years ago. Poor game. Can't remember their goal, but an Ian Hendon deflected free kick equaliser makes him a Wednesday legend for me
  4. These two games are the only two midweek league games since the beginning of November!
  5. so Hector can't play against Chelsea but when Derby played Chelsea earlier this season, they were allowed to play their loanees from Chelsea?? I know the rules, but Chelsea specifically allowed the players to play. So why not Hector? Not only is it unfair on us, and let's face it, it won't make a difference with the result, but it is unfair on Hector too. Talk about double standards
  6. He had 3 games last time? Forest, Burton, Brentford. Maybe 4 including the cup game at Carlisle. So 3 wins, 2 draws, 2 defeats
  7. Fully understand everyone's concerns. Just giving my take on it. Plus noone really needs to convince me to get a big majority wanting him out. If he's out now, so be it. I'm not calling for his head just yet. However don't agree that we've had an easy run the last 10 games. 4 of the top 6, 3 of them being at home. Only 2 of the bottom 11 we have played in that time. Yes we should be doing better, even with the teams we have played, but easy on paper it hasn't been.
  8. Just think he has been dealt a bad hand, not been able to bring his own players in and should be given that opportunity, even though I don't think he will do until this summer when a lot of big earners leave. Also, I am not sure a new manager would help us. Maybe in the short term due to a new manager, but they will still have the same squad and come March/April time we could be on a similar run to what we are on now. We have an easy run on paper coming up after the festive period and if we are in the same position as we are in after this run, say mid to late February, then he should go and attempt the get this run of games a new manager usually gives you to prevent the threat of going down. Maybe if this bad run continues I may think he should go (I was starting to think this against Rotherham and may even change my mind tomorrow), but for now I think we just need to ride out this season, hiope we don't get dragged too near the bottom 3 and see what Jos can do bringing in his own players. I am not saying he will be great next season though, but he should be given a chance. Wagner is a good example to compare against.. Huddersfield didn't really do much when he first came in. He brought in his own players over the summer and they got in the playoffs with a team sheet quite different to the year before. Even look at his best mate Klopp, who has changed most of his team since he first came in.
  9. I am one of the few people who don't want Jos to go. There maybe a good reason why he hasn't done it, but if not, even I can say that is cowardice and a horrible example to set
  10. We don't have the players full stop. Not to do with the changing the formation. If we played 3-5-2 every game then I don't think we would do much better if at all. To answer your question though, maybe Jos is figuring out who can play to his methods and who can't. He's hardly had chance to bring his own players in which is why I think he could be given more time
  11. So what is the point of getting rid of jos then? We are fizzed financially right now and jos I'm sure would need a payoff. Then we would need another wage as manager for no benefit. I see what you say about the questionable tactics and one thing that is mentioned a lot is his changing of formations but look at his record with Berlin on trabsfermarkt I think it is. He changes formations regularly for them and it worked. Hell it works for Leeds who switch formation between 3 and 4 at the back. Unfortunately we just don't have the players
  12. So I see a poll of jos in or out and post my opinion. But apparently I'm a blade or chansiri himself. Sorry that I don't have the same opinion as the rest of you. 97% in fact. So I realise I'm in the minority big style and it's rare that I'm defending the manager when so many people want him out but I feel he's been dealt a very bad hand and now I have to defend myself. Is he doing a good job? Of course not! But it could be a lot worse. We have good players at the club but only a few and I actually think if you take away some of the players who are not playing jos is dealing with one of the lowest wage bills in the league. Once a lot of the players out of contract are off the wagebill in the summer and jos can finally bring his own players in, then I will judge him. What happens if we sack him now and his replacement has no effect? It's just a waste of money. If things nosedive and we are threatening relegation around march time then maybe I will agree he has to go. Have a look at our fixtures in January and February. We should... should... pick up quite a few points so I think we just need to ride this season out. Sorry for not agreeing with everyone else.
  13. I was just going to ask about Van Aken. Is he playing midfield? Or is the formation 3-5-2? He's not been great in defence has he, but I could see him as a defensive midfielder
  14. Thought he was a lot better than he actually is
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