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  1. A lot of people saw what Monk was up against but the form after Christmas was so so bad. I wanted to give him time, a summer, but the constant collapses and hammerings, lack of goals at home in particular (blackburn have still scored the same as us at Hillsborough this year) made that really difficult and at the end of the season I had enough and wanted him gone. But he's not gone and will give him and his new coaching staff time. Yesterday was one game though. Just one game and whilst I celebrated it like any other win, I'm not getting carried away because we have had good wins last season too, Bristol City and QPR but we then reverted back to the awful performances we are used to this year. I have seen someone say if we lost yesterday then the one game excuse wouldn't apply but that's because losing is not a rare occurrence like winning is. However If we lose to Watford I won't be on his back straight away. I will give him time. I believe he did good jobs at Leeds and Birmingham and seems to have a good record at finding good players. I think part of the reason Leeds are where they are is because of the players Monk brought in. But he needs a good start overall in 10 games. Relegation form and still a long way from safety I will get restless. Owlstalk is quiet at the moment though. Have a feeling that a lot of people are keeping quiet at the moment and will jump on him if we lose next week
  2. They created the winning formula long before these four were on. Rodney Marsh was probably still the best at this type of thing. He went controversially, George Best obviously moved on too and eventually they got a constant four panelists who worked well too and will in future. I will be surprised if Clinton doesn't get it. Don't get why so many people don't like him as he's probably the most entertaining of any of them. Probably it's just because of his accent or the way he speaks. Sue Smith too I would prefer over Alex Scott. Alex is very poor on GoS and when she was away doing strictly or whatever, her replacement was always much better at presenting. Although maybe on a panel she would be better, who knows.
  3. Souness is someone who should definitely have been given the boot a long long time ago. Seems to be on every Sunday? Does my head in
  4. Probably been done to make it more diverse, but of those that have gone, I would only feel slightly sorry for Charlie, but even then he's not that knowledgeable on a few things. I expect Clinton, Sue Smith and one other unless they just go with 3 whilst social distancing is needed
  5. Season ticket holders won't be able to watch away matches on a Saturday. Just home matches and away matches during the week. Think these will still be available but for £10 a match https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12056959/2020-21-sky-bet-efl-season-starts-with-watford-vs-middlesbrough (scroll down to the Sky Bet Championship Streaming section) Think that's a bit of a joke and don't understand why they can't be given all away matches like last season. All clubs now need to give more incentive to season ticket holders not to get a refund
  6. If 95% of the governments are all under control and doing what the NWO say, why do they need more control?
  7. Bullen hasn't been the assistant for Carlos, Jos or Bruce, so don't see why he can't be part of the coaching setup now in a similar role.
  8. I think its from 2013 or 2014. The Kop band had a song with rubbish words "Over here, over there, Sheffield Wednesday everywhere" or something like that. Words were changed by those on North stand to what it is now. First time I remember it from is the last game of the season against Middlesbrough where we needed to win to guarantee to stay up and we won comfortably. I went to most away matches 2012/13 and don't remember it before that Boro game Not sure if it was said before but definitely not in a chant. In 2012 the popular one was "City is ours"
  9. Not just today's. A combination of Blackburn, Derby, Brentford, Wigan, Luton, Cardiff, Hull, Reading and probably more
  10. I've had enough now. I wanted to give Monk a chance. I wanted him to give him a summer, but I've had enough. And I was one of the very very few who didn't want jos gone. There are too many poor performances. Too many can't be arsed attitudes. Insistence of playing the young goalkeepers when they're obviously not good enough. Continues to play da cruz who has done absolutely nothing yet. Murphy sat on the bench yet who has been our best player since January (not saying much I know). And how many times have we been battered? Enough is enough. Get someone else in to build this summer
  11. United had a wage bill over £40m last season so not sure how you work that out now that they are in the Premier
  12. "Fatigue". For a week now. How does that work?
  13. Thought there was an agreement made with Bournemouth? Might be wrong though. But Villa, I'm not sure what rules state for teams getting promoted then relegated but they should have the book thrown at them if we get just 1 point deducted
  14. Don't have a left back. In a back 4 we would need to play odabajo and who wants that?
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