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  1. RockieOwl

    The City Is Theirs

    I admit there will be a decrease. But it's not going to be a dramatic decrease. There wasn't a dramatic decrease in the dave Allen years or the other time we were in league 1 in recent years. I cannot see how the money saved from Jones, Westwood, Abdi, Matias, Boyd, Hooper, Lee will be anywhere near the money lost from a couple of thousand season tickets. I realise we will still have to tread carefully with money spent as we need to follow a 3 year cycle for P&S and it may even be the next season after next before we can splash the cash again but next season he should still be able to bring a few more players in of his own. Only then I think we will be able to tell if he is the right man for the job
  2. RockieOwl

    The City Is Theirs

    I would take finishing 17th right now. A few other people would too. I understand people wanna get promoted now and it's even worse that United are fighting for the top 2 positions but with the team we have now, the age of it and the injuries, it was always unrealistic that we would finish anywhere near the top 6. It was nice when we were 6th and most people were surprised at the time so why there's a surprise we are currently the lower end of mid table now I'm not sure. I don't think anyone who doesn't want jos out now are convinced he will do the business next year but they recognise the absolute state of a squad that Carlos left him with and no money to spend at all. Once a lot of the big earners are off the wage bill next year who's contract expires in the summer and he can bring in his own players, then the judge will be out properly
  3. RockieOwl

    Our lowest point since?

    Burton at home last year. Terrible today but it can be turned around. QPR are a good example of this
  4. RockieOwl

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    It also means we don't have many fit attacking players available. The players that people are complaining about not even making the bench and say are frozen out are not attacking either
  5. RockieOwl

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    I love that people are complaining that Fox has been dropped for Penney when 2 games ago people were complaining that Penney had been dropped for Fox
  6. RockieOwl

    The money we've spent!

    Where have you got that from? Sounds right. Cardiff had underachieved before but interested in seeing the wage league
  7. RockieOwl

    Penney Signs New Deal

    Also surprised at the length of contract. But maybe it's because we can't give him a big pay rise that he may have been expecting. So the club have said if you play well, we will look at it next year and if we don't agree you can walk in 2020
  8. RockieOwl

    Has Jos lied to us about Westy

    I'm a Jos fan but he's covering something up. Probably appearance or clean sheet bonus. Probably both. Wont sign a new contract that would take these out even with 1 more year so will just run out his contract is my guess. Not buying that Jos says he's not seen him play. He could have assessed past matches, look at the pre-season and he would see he is our best keeper this season. No-one can say that Wildsmith and Dawson are better over the last 12 months. It is just a contract issue
  9. RockieOwl


    Hutch thinks he can play all the time. There was a similar situation last year when he said something when he came off after an u23 match. He was just going through the same process as all the other players who had been out for a while. It does seem strange this time around but given he has had similar outbursts before I would take what he says (If true) with a pinch of salt
  10. RockieOwl

    Jos gone?

    Very true. But would Joao and Bannan in particular have signed new deals if DC wasn't saying things like that?
  11. RockieOwl

    The goalkeeping situation

    Westwood wont play for us again. The test will be if Dawson gets sent off or one of them gets injured, and wildsmith has been a bit injury prone in his young career. Westwood wont make the bench. Both Dawson and Wildsmith are good shot stoppers but that's it in afraid. Wildsmith has already cost his place with all the mistakes he made last season and Dawson has been given this year to prove himself, but although he's not dropped any clangers he doesn't fill me with confidence and his kicking isn't great. Happy to keep him till next year, get Westwood off fhevwage bill and bring a new keeper in. I think we have to accept this for many things really. Get through this year in mid table, and start bringing in players for next year
  12. The problem with the press conferences is that no-one challenges him or asks for more information. The questions are too easy for Jos to deflect with no follow up. Abdi was supposed to be playing u23s in the international break. He didn't, he was asked if he was injured and he said no. So why is he not playing ? Why does Westwood not play u23s? What's happened to Hutch? Why are Jones and Boyd not making the bench? I thought he said Jones was coming back from injury but no-one asks why, what is it? Couple of weeks are mentioned and that's it over with
  13. RockieOwl

    Can't be bothered

    I'm hoping he's learnt. How stupid must you be to do exactly the same thing? But the thing is, what alternative do we have? Hope that he sells up? He says he is in it for the long haul and I don't believe most if what he says but that I believe. The only thing that we can do is support them next Saturday. Wont be easy with norwich flying (how many times have we had to say that recently too about our next opposition) but ride the storm and hope that next year will be better. You could even point at Norwich who have done that who had a pretty ordinary season last year but doing well this
  14. RockieOwl

    Can't be bothered

    Two pictures of Chansiri but most people blame Jos. Why? It's the way Chansiri approached things in the first two years under Carlos. It was a gamble and it didn't pay off. I would compare it with how Forest gambled, failed and it took two or three seasons before they could start buying good players again. Hopefully we won't need a last day win to avoid relegation but we will need to put up with something similar. Whether Jos will be with us that long indent know. Not sure if DC will have that patience but I will be behind him for now.
  15. RockieOwl

    Birmingham -V- Wednesday 18 OMDT

    Jones is injured isn't he? Not like anyone wanted him to play before today anyway. Boyd and Hutch... is that how desperate we have got. Just goes to show how much choice Jos has right now. Or maybe we should put injured players on the bench now just because they are experienced. They're not gonna play anyway so why not. Or put young uns on the bench to get experience. Not a difficult choice really