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  1. Only 4 days ago he said he was 100% https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2017/november/lee-back-in-the-fray/
  2. Jordan Rhodes

    Had a great chance in the first half too. Another chance in the second. Didn't even test the keeper. Needs to do better
  3. SWFC Loan Watch Returns! (part one)

    Has Stobbs been recalled? Saw his name in the lineup for the last U23's match against Huddersfield but can't see anything online about it. Or has he got a brother thats just broken through to the U23's?
  4. International Breaks

    There are still qualifiers for the World Cup. Both Irelands, Denmark, Croatia etc as well as African qualifiers and the inter-continental playoffs. We don't just stop because England have a friendly
  5. Fastest Wednesday goal?

    Barkley scored a goal straight from kick off but that was second half
  6. Streams for tomorrow

    Lost bloody signal on Modbro on the stroke of 90 mins and couldn't get back on but other than that was the best stream all season including iFollow
  7. Streams for tomorrow

    Yup same. Trying to download it on laptop through bliuestacks but working perfectly on my phone
  8. Streams for tomorrow

    Nope, nothing playing for me. Must be missing whatever software it is. Tried flash player (not the popup ads, the actual one going through google) and thats up to date
  9. Streams for tomorrow

    Got in Modbro since I couldn't get anything on the laptop
  10. Streams for tomorrow

    I just get black boxes. No links work at all. Anyone know why
  11. Best XI since PL relegation.

    Hinchcliffe was one of the reasons why we were so poor the first year after relegation. Didn't play because of injury but then as soon as we get to the semi finals of the league cup he's fit again. When we got knocked out he was injured again. Just like jonk and de bilde he didn't want to play but was happy to collect his wage
  12. Clinging onto this. Also that Fulham only had one more point at this stage last year.
  13. Tonight’s performance

    Not convincing but a wins a win. Let's hope it's a turning point because we have a tough game Saturday. In fact 3 of the next 4 games away I think. The atmosphere was so strange as well. Would have been even weirder at half time if Rhodes didn't score. Should have buried the other header
  14. Pudil and Hutch

    Of course we are. Now. That's why we sacked the entire medical team last year so that the players are looked after. Last year=poor management. This year=bad luck...