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  1. RockieOwl

    #OnThis Day in 1980

    Befoe my time.... but were we already pretty much guaranteed to go up because of the goal difference or did Chesterfield mess up in their game?
  2. RockieOwl

    Made my mind up

    A very good post
  3. Still in. Could lose the next few games 7-0 and still won't change my mind. Need to give him the summer, pre season and see what happens next season before he should be judged
  4. RockieOwl


    Don't think the performance was too bad. Just some awful awful defensive mistakes
  5. RockieOwl

    Well, well, well...

    Last season when he got injured. When was it? February? March? He went to the thornbury and was told he needed surgery and would be out for the season. The club didn't accept that and went elsewhere, abroad, for other opinions. I remember at the time the papers were being told they were after second and third opinions. To me they were just looking for people to try to get him back that season. Fernando obviously had a say, but just like Tom Lees had said, players just want to get back to playing. It was negligent getting him back too early and I wonder if this is a reason why Carlos fell out with the medical staff. The result is we have not had him playing most of this season
  6. Happy with that. Strongest line up with the team available
  7. This needs asking. Now that the projection for this season should have been submitted by 1st March the club will know if we have failed or close to failing the ffp requirements. How much of the money lost in the last 2 years will go towards the ffp? How close are we to not meeting the requirements? If we have not met the requirements, what is the expected punishment? Since next season we will need to save money and have similar finances to the 15/16 season, what plans are in place to reduce the losses?
  8. Puts things into perspective a bit that some of our rivals who have stayed in this division lost more than us last year. I don't know what they have done this year but Derby, Bristol City, Reading (£30m wages!) And Brentford all lost more in 15-16. So we are far from alone at being at risk of not meeting the criteria. On the face of it it does look bad. However are these just general accounts rather than the amount you can lose for FFP or P&S or whatever it's called? So money spent on the ground and training facilities etc will be included in these accounts but aren't included in the FFP calculations. That could easily be £5m over the last 2 years. Maybe more. Depends what is included in the FFP calculations. So that could leave us with at least a £15m loss for this year. Not ideal and looking like a challenge but far from conclusive that we will fall foul of the criteria. The club would have known about this for a while which is why we got club 1867 introduced etc. I have not been a fan of the pricing since it was introduced and far from a fan of the 1867 scheme but I don't think this is as concerning as a lot of people are making out
  9. And 11th March the year before
  10. RockieOwl

    Jo’s - not very good

    I'm pissed off. Very pissed off at a poor performance. But blaming jos for this?? No. Person to blame is in the opposition's dugout. The key games are Ipswich and Bolton. If we don't get 4 points from them then I'll worry. Talk of relegation is premature. Give jos a chance. He deserves it with the absolute rubbish Carlos left
  11. Can't see anywhere else, but check twitter out anyway. 8.05 Kick Off.
  12. That's incredible. So incredible I had to look this up. I thought I had them when I saw we beat Forest in 94... yeah 1 year, but Forest were in Division 1/Championship then. We have had some terrible results, especially in the first few years of the 21st century but had chances of beating some teams at Hillsborough. Derby when they had that terrible season... lost on pens, Fulham and Man City before their billions but United are the last top division team we've beaten in the FA Cup. And they were the only team in the top division we did beat that year. So that got me thinking when was the last team we beat someone in the top division in 90 minutes (I bet work love me). The answer: At Hillsborough (and without a replay), it was the year before, again against West Ham. 83/84 4th round against Coventry - before I was born!