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  1. Simon Donnelly scored a very quick double away at a very good Millwall side, but Gregory's must have been quicker than that
  2. We didn't just get beat, we got battered that night
  3. Just like Russia, people will watch the World Cup. I'd love to think I could boycott watching it because it's in Qatar but I know I won't and the vast majority of people won't either
  4. Cheltenham had their October and November fixtures called off but it was all because of the other team, so I think our game will go ahead https://www.afcwimbledon.co.uk/news/2021/november/league-one-match-postponed-due-to-international-call-ups/ https://www.ctfc.com/news/2021/october/portsmouth-game-postponed-due-to-international-call-ups/ Also I reckon some teams might not even request it due to lack of time left in the season and the weeks either side of the Easter break would be hard to rearrange a game in. Wigan for example would probably struggle to rearrange any game now for the rest of the season
  5. Being a pedant, I'm sure he wasn't in charge for the Rochdale game. The assistant (forget his name) took charge with Jones in charge. Awful game finishing 0-0 and the assistant came over to us celebrating and I wondered what the hell he was celebrating. Had no idea what was about to happen but my God it was good! Funny thing is we could match the results of that season and could still finish outside the top 2.
  6. Would be strange if all Russian sports people would be banned from sports but not tennis and Medvedev and Rublev though. I saw Medvedev's statement. Just says he wants peace, but not acknowledging an invasion by Russia on Ukraine. All the headlines say Ukraine, but Medvedev doesn't mention Ukraine or invasion from what I've seen. However if "Russian's" were to be excluded, could they swap allegiances? Googled Rublev and he has Austrian family, but not seen anything about Medvedev, although I guess that doesn't stop swapping who tennis players represent. Bedene, fully Slovenian, represented Britain for a few years for example
  7. Probably wants to get back in management, hasn't been able to get Championship jobs, so wants to prove himself at a club that has potential. Fair play to him
  8. Nope can't see it - way too steep. Plus there are only two roads around the stadium (M1 obviously doesn't count), parking rubbish. Two single lane roads into Chapeltown from Sheffield direction which are very busy on a Saturday anyway. No parking in the area. Transport not good enough. May have the train which will help people from town. Never used them but I can't see them being bigger than trams and have a lot less frequency. Anyway, got me googling and came across this on council website which shows brownfield sites in Sheffield. Website says it is an "up to date map" but not sure how upto date as the area in Oughtibridge where they are already building houses is included and so is the old Wisewood school which was having some work doing there last time I went past. https://sheffieldcc.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=58948a14908f4550b0e4cd34e3dad831 Can't see many places really. Always thought Shalesmoor/Neepsend would be good and the area opposite Wickes but looking on the map, not sure if there is enough space there. Old HSBC building? Is that being built on now or is this that available? Lot of building work being done in that area too so even if not on that map, more space could be acquired? Although would have thought all the area within the ring road would be expensive and earmarked for flats anyway. Attercliffe? Woodbourn Stadium?
  9. Never like to do predictions. Let's face it how often are you right, but gonna call it now looking at form and fixtures Wigan champions and Rotherham runners up both with 100 points + Looking at Plymouth's fixtures - 6 out of their next 7 games at home. Think they might nick 3rd, maybe on the last day beating MK at home. Wednesday 4th. Let's face it our fixtures are very favourable. We could end up 3rd but think the Bolton, MK, Wycome away games will stop that. MK 5th. Rotherham and Wigan coming up but then should get enough points before a tricky run at the end of the season where we pip them for 4th and get home advantage for playoffs. Oxford 6th. Very tough April but should get enough points on the board by March. Don't fancy Wycombe an Sunderland in free fall. Would be interested to see what Ipswich's and Bolton's fixtures are as got a feeling they will finish 7th and 8th based on their form
  10. Too hilly there. I walked over the grey part from top to bottom with the dog once and I don't even know what it is. Bike track? But anyway, the trees (green bit) to the left of the bike track (grey bit) is quite steep heading towards Chapeltown Park and the houses below it. Same towards the M1 too, quite hilly/bumpy.
  11. I don't understand your logic. Peterborough finished second with 87 and Blackpool 3rd with 80. Peterborough would have still finished 2nd with 81. In fact due to GD they would have still finished second with 80, but not taking GD into account (and ours is worst out of the top 8 I think) then they would need 81.
  12. Do we know who this is? If he did stay, could it be Alex Hunt?
  13. In a normal world yes, this is the case. But in a real world, many trials are ongoing at the same time, there is a waiting list, people enjoy holidays and decisions have to be made when everyone is available. But when you have a pandemic like we have had, then these studies, these trials get put straight to the front of the queue with huge pressure obviously put on from governments but also with huge money incentives. Trials overlapped rather than run consecutively with the best people handpicked to work on them. People, scientists, regulators etc, working non-stop, rearranging all their other work, cancelling holidays (if these were possible at all), even sacrificing their own and family time, just to get the vaccines ready as soon as humanly possible. And to say its not tested long enough, most if not all compounds have been tested on for years for other conditions. They may or may not work for the other conditions but the long term side effects will be well known. As well as millions, if not billions of people being vaccinated already, you cannot say the vaccine is not tested long enough
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