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  1. RockieOwl


    Can see he has talent. But today he was poor. Needs to improve his work rate massively
  2. RockieOwl

    Standing ovation for Rob Staton

    Called him a second rate journalist once. About 10 or 15 years ago ha. Think it's fair to say I take it back. Top journalist and probably will get a top job eventually.
  3. RockieOwl

    Away games, a closed shop?

    The Forest game sold out on 5th September. On 5th September, people with 560 points could buy tickets, so if you have had a season ticket for the last two years, only 10 extra matches you would have needed to have a chance of buying a ticket for Forest. Not exactly closed shop. In fact, I don't go to away matches any more, and I have 480 points so including 2 cup games over the last two years, so that's just 8 extra away games over the last two seasons I would have needed to give me a chance of buying a ticket for Forest. If I went to all 5 cup games over the last two years on my membership then just 5 away games. And there are opportunities to go, some surprising. Two seasons ago was the last time I went to an away game, Wolves and Preston, both 3pm kick off (Preston was NYE the Wolves match a Saturday) and both went to general sale. Reading and Brentford this season looks like it went to general sale and Wigan looks like it sold out at 490 points. I have little issue with TPP and you can increase your TPP if you really want to and don't just want to go to all the local matches. If there was anything, maybe anything further than 100 miles you could give 20 points? Midweek away games add 10 points (so 20 for <=100 miles, 30 for more than 100 miles)? But other than that it's a fair system
  4. RockieOwl

    Devaluation of the League Cup

    But when we played Newcastle in the round before, we didn't play our first team. It's only because we played Arsenal at home in front of a full house that we played our full strength team.
  5. RockieOwl

    2003-4 season stats

    Wow, many bad memories. Sturrock's Plymouth outclassing us. Kim Olsen (Notts Co. away). Blackpool beating us 4 times. QPR going up at Hillsborough and outclassing us. Some good ones, Brunt scoring a free kick on his debut. Peterborough was a good day out and was a good start to the season. Shows how much the first 3 games mean though.... Proudlock hattrick... OK really scraping the barrel now.
  6. I actually think this is a good idea and I have always disagreed with the pricing of the tickets, but these are prices more like what I expected them to be when Chansiri first took over. I don't see many people taking this up though. There is no expectation of being towards the top of the table being the main one, but that affects all tickets, but a lot of people just won't turn up now anyway. However for the ones who do want to go, but can't justify paying current walk up prices, this should reflect better value. £30 for Kop, £33 for North, £36 for South (ish) with kids (u17) £13. The games coming up aren't likely to be low category either. We have Stoke, West Brom, Leeds, Derby and Middlesbrough, all good teams expected to do well. And also the Rotherham match. However, can they afford to stump up the £200+ or around £300, including a kid, now before pay day? When pay day comes, two of the games will have already gone. Also if people can't make midweek, then 3 of the games are already out of the equation and there might be more games moved for TV. A step in the right direction. I just hope that if this doesn't get a lot of people signing up, the club won't just ditch this idea because I think more flexibility is needed and a lot more notice given before the first match this affects.
  7. I used to work with the guy who's running this and I have already entered. It's for a great cause close to the organiser's heart. For every entry fee of £5, £1 will go to the trust. Give it a go. And for those of you are familiar with Binky's competition, it is pretty much the same thing - but you've got to pick a bad team from every pot, not just the division.
  8. RockieOwl


    I think there will be more things to take into account. Before the Wembley season, we had the pitch and scoreboard built, money was spent on upgrading the training ground and corporate areas, and there's even things like the new owls put around the stadium. I know you have said £4.5m but that's probably without the extra stuff we spent money in 15/16. You have also added wages from last season, but we had Rhodes for half the previous year, although you've not taken Winnall into account for a full year so will scratch that off even though Rhodes will be on a lot more money. However there is also McManaman, Sasso, Buckley, Sougou, Melo, Bus who would have been on the wage bill in 16/17 who were not on the wage bill last year. Even Helan for a few months too. I wouldn't be surprised if we fell foul of FFP, but I think if we do, it will be tighter than you think
  9. RockieOwl


    Or this one
  10. RockieOwl


    Transfer window shuts 10th August
  11. Roland Nilsson Roland Nilsson Roland Nilsson Roland Nilsson Roland Nilsson Roland Nilsson Roland Nilsson Roland Nilsson Sam Smart Roland Nilsson Roland Nilsson
  12. Yeah only one. Once in a while he will cross a decent ball but most of the time it's rubbish
  13. RockieOwl

    #OnThis Day in 1980

    Befoe my time.... but were we already pretty much guaranteed to go up because of the goal difference or did Chesterfield mess up in their game?
  14. RockieOwl

    Made my mind up

    A very good post