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  1. so £430m "investment", £130m being transfers and £30m on transfers. Obviously wages would have shot up loads but we're looking at a what... £100m-£150m gap somewhere. Where's that money gone?
  2. Because its the World Cup, not an extension of the Euros? And England may have battered Panama in 2018 but dont forget Costa Rica knocked out us and Italy in 2014
  3. Not sure those stats are right? Can only see 9 wins for Moore. 3 in Championship and 6 in League 1. Quick count and maybe wrong, but I see 31 games, 9 wins, 12 draws so 39 points and 1.26 points per game
  4. Looks like it already has been but no announcement
  5. I thought this so had a quick look at the stats and most of the players above him are strikers. 3rd or 4th in defenders. I don't rate Dunkley but that is his strong point. Mobility on the other hand... However had a quick look at Gregory. Wins 2.1 duals per match, as high as 96th in the league, so why we are playing it long to him most of the time I don't know. Also looking at average ratings. I know it can be subjective, but our highest rated player is Bannan in 50th!!
  6. He's a Wednesdayite, used to post on here many years ago as a fan underneath his name. Changed his username now but still on here
  7. Looked a penalty live but wondered if it may have been soft. Still looks a penalty when seeing it again
  8. Yup definitely so giddy I made lots of mistakes
  9. Before last night and even before the run of 4 without a win I have always been looking at October as a key month. 3 home games and the 3 away games against Wimbledon, Cambridge and Charlton. But now with the Sunderland game being rearranged for November, 4 of our 5 home games will be at Hillsborough so 7 out of the next 11 games are at Hillsborough Is it unrealistic to expect 8 or 9 wins out of these? If we are to go for the top 2 surely thats what we need to do. All of a sudden last night's win is getting me all giddy and excited again!
  10. Was in line and thought it was offside to be fair but seeing the picture of it when the ball was played I admit I was wrong. A split second later he looks offside. Not why we didn't win though. We were absolutely dog sh the second half. One chance in the 90th minute in the second half when chasing the game?? Improvement needed fast!
  11. Looks like Cooper going to get the Forest job
  12. He'll get his money back for the match ticket but yes I'd still be pissed if that happened to me
  13. Not checked odds but wouldn't say she's favourite on the face of it. Fernandez not a qualifier plus has beaten better players on paper. Crowd will also be more with Fernandez too I reckon since she's from Canada, but its one hell of an achievement whatever the result. I have a feeling she will do it though
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