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  1. That was his first red card since January 2017 though. 1 red card in 4 years isn't exactly a bad disciplinary record
  2. He had his contract terminated in December so not all of those are because he wasn't selected. Notice they have only won 1 in 9 since he wasn't in the squad and won 3 out of 5 when he started
  3. You keep repeating it but its 13 points!! But still pulis might be worse
  4. We need a strong forward up front. Thats why they went for zohore. 2 in 8 is 11 goals over a season. Not brilliant but not too bad either. If woUld also help Windass or whoever up front who are not strong enough to compete with the long balls
  5. Surprised we didn't sign wickham again in the summer, or September or whatever the last window closed especially after not signing Zohore from West Brom. Actually not heard anything about him, and just googled him and he's injured too!
  6. It is but it would have to be one he'll of a sell if we don't get a win before then. If you include the new years fixture there are still 5 games
  7. Its 4 points. Not loads to make up. I thought after the hudds match the next three matches were crucial. First one gone and again can't score more than one at home but want to at least make it to Xmas before thinking this. In fact forest game is crucial
  8. A lot of the senior team there should be released. What about Kachunga? I thought he was only given a one year contract?
  9. Monk did it at the end of the transfer window (Wigan game) and was far from subtle. Clever man was Garry Pulis has only implied something, 3 weeks before the window opens so hopefully this will have a far bigger effect
  10. We thought we had a chance but got battered by Coventry 4-1. Had to go to Arsenal and win, and we were winning 3-1 but didn't hold on
  11. Better run? 2 points per game is 92 points over a season which is usually automatic promotion. I have never said we should go backwards. Why would I say that? You keep putting words in my mouth. All I've said is that it might take a few games before we do go forwards. Hopefully starting Saturday.
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