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  1. I think @TodwickOwl already has applied a points deduction because 6 wins, 2 draws is 20 points which would give us 68 points in total. It would take more than that though to get to the playoffs. We had 74 points in 15/16 but is it 70 points the lowest amount a team has had to finish in the playoffs? We would need it to be that again this season and do slightly better than what Todwick expects, although Preston in 6th are currently heading for about 74 points. Bristol City in 7th currently heading for 70 points. It is funny how one win in the last minute against poor opposition makes us all look at this again, although it happened last year after beating Ipswich in the last minute and that was definitely on until the Villa match. However, we need to look at the Derby match only. Except I can't! Because if we beat Derby and then beat Brentford we would be at most 5 points outside the playoffs. If results went our way it could be less than this. We just need to put those W's together now though!
  2. Whatever you say about the players that are playing and even those that aren't. Whateve has happened, these players care shown by the celebrations for that winner today. Missed the massive group hug and Bannan jumping on Monk too. They enjoyed that as much as I did. Just hope it kick starts our season again
  3. Huddersfield lost 3-0 at home tonight. Not exactly doing well there are they where they have parachute payments
  4. It's his kicking though that's the problem not his actual keeping, or at least his shot stopping which is excellent. What would we do? Keep him in when he may be liable to miskicks, go with Westwood who has made mistakes this season? or go with Wildsmith who hasn't played for a couple of years, still is inexperienced and made mistakes when he last featured too
  5. I think £30 is fair enough. The Arsenal match sold out very quickly and Arsenal are and were nowhere near as good as Man City. This match will probably sell out no problem
  6. Come all the way from Belfast but its a bit of an arse going to the ticket office behind the South Stand?
  7. You can usually pay at the little South Stand ticket office I think
  8. There is also the fact that kids / concessions are not included, and factor in we have what …. 15,000 season ticket holders? I reckon we would be lucky if 5% took this offer up. I think a few people would be able to get 0% for a credit card which provides cash - I probably could, but am saving for a wedding so its a no from me but I just can't see many people wanting to put that much money up front even if it does look a solid deal, but I also still think its a risk. A couple of years is a long time in football. Who knows what will happen to the club or the EFL and the rules they create. I am one of those "idiots" that bought 1867 (1 year) so am now paranoid that my money will be lost if Chansiri pulls the plug and we go into admin or something. However if anyone has done a 5 year season ticket before and would do again, then this is a much much better deal
  9. Not many people will take this up so that won't be a problem. I would, but cannot afford it right now and think it is a bit risky, but for people who are well off, I think its a great deal.... if you trust Chansiri to hang around for 10 years and the club doesn't go in admin etc
  10. A lot of others will get the plaudits, mainly defenders, and rightly so. In fact noone had a bad game. Even murphy before his goal was playing well. But special mention to Lee. He has not played for ages but still shows that he offers something completely different. Finds pockets of space, great with the ball and still has those wing mirrors which stuart gray said about him. Whether he still has the legs to continuously play and whether this will be his last season or not it's good to see he is still very part of the team
  11. There is no denying that but that does not mean Murphy had a good game. Terrible from both flanks. Only guy providing any service was Fox and that is saying something
  12. That was awful from palmer. Absolutely awful. God knows why he let the ball bounce for their pen. Never knew he had that challenge in him to get sent off but at least it makes wednesdays decision a lot easier for Monk
  13. A step to the right though and he leaves the left hand side of his goal open and that is the side that keepers shouldn't concede. Fletcher jumps and it isn't a goal but even if a little higher that is the side of the goal that keepers will always say you find the corner well done
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