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  1. A step to the right though and he leaves the left hand side of his goal open and that is the side that keepers shouldn't concede. Fletcher jumps and it isn't a goal but even if a little higher that is the side of the goal that keepers will always say you find the corner well done
  2. Too young for Eustace, Burtenshaw, but I can think of more than 3 worse than Jos - Irvine, Turner, 8-0 Wilson, Shreeves and Yorath. Probably on a par with Jewell who is similar to Jos because he had his hands tied behind his back - well I hope that's the reason he brought in Maddix and Westwood
  3. This. I am probably one of those the OP is going on about, but I didn't think he was doing a good job, I just thought he had his hands tied behind his back. I didn't like the Hutch and Westwood situation, the constant changes, but I felt he could have had more time to see if we could improve again since we finished the 17/18 season so well. The first game after he went, we got a scrappy 1-0 win against 10 men Preston, and at the time I wondered if Jos would start turning it around after a result like that, but at the end of the season, with hindsight, the right decision was made. However also with hindsight, Steve Bruce turned out to be an absolute nob. What's done is done, now let's move on. Some people still talk about Carlos, but let's forget Carlos, Jos and Bruce and let's look forward to this season, whoever we get in charge, because it could be a good one!
  4. Did Gerrard ever play at Hillsborough? He scored a great goal at Anfield in our relegation year but did he play at Hillsborough which was first game of the season? Scholes is the one for me even though he didn't start. Beat man utd 2-0 I think around 98 but when he came on he changed the game, he hit the bar and we started hanging on. And Owen too. Peter crouch for QPR is a good shout. Too young and didn't go regular enough to name any other stand out top players at Hillsborough
  5. I think Bruce has already decided that Lee will be here next season. In a press conference two or three weeks ago he was asked how Kieran Lee and someone else was. They were back in training and when asked how good that was his response was it was good for next season. So a little slip from Bruce there i think saying that Lee will be here next season. Hope so too
  6. Was going to say the same. My first derby at Bramall Lane. I was in upper tier and was the first time I ever sat on (or stood next to) wooden seats. I think only other club I've been to with wooden seats is Burnley, and that was about 5 years ago. Poor game. Can't remember their goal, but an Ian Hendon deflected free kick equaliser makes him a Wednesday legend for me
  7. These two games are the only two midweek league games since the beginning of November!
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