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  1. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    I don't! Ever! Even united and Leeds matches but had a good feeling. However check the Northampton result they were 2 up at half time. I missed the first 5 mins of the second half so didn't realise itbwas 2-2 by then.
  2. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    Talk about heartbroken
  3. Row Q seats 60 and 61 is my bet
  4. Advertising hoardings

    Well what a rubbish reply. Sounds as if they are saying tough but we may modify the brightness on sunny days. Yesterday it was weeing it down and night time. Not good enough. Sod the sponsors if I can't bleeding see the ball. I wondered why there had been a delay with the Kop celebrating Hooper's goal. In the South it was hard to see when the ball was towards the North stand. Was exactly the same for the Sunderland match. The next few matches should be OK but in winter when it gets dark before 5 it will be a problem if it doesn't improve
  5. He's banned because he's had another incident within the last 12 months. So what was the other incident? Can't remember for toffee
  6. iFollow

    It did connect so should be fine and am off on my hols now so will try before the Cardiff match
  7. iFollow

    Use AVG and it's worked - thanks
  8. iFollow

    I was planning to watch this with a VPN on my phone, but it wouldn't play. It was the same with other videos though. Now I have my VPN turned off, the other videos, highlights etc now work. So is there an issue with using the app with the VPN? Are other people able to watch this on their phone using a VPN? What about a tablet? Do you have to use the app or can you watch it in Chrome? I am thinking of getting a tablet to replace my broken laptop, so it's worth knowing if it works well with a tablet. I then got my girlfriend's laptop and downloaded Opera browser. When I found the VPN setting, it was stuck on Conecting and never connected. So I found a free VPN, Windscribe. Finally it worked with this, but got the stuttering picture that quite a few other people got. Did people who are overseas get this too? Perhaps its a VPN issue again? My internet speed shouldn't be an issue and adjusting the quality didn;t do anything other than adjust the quality. I still got it stuttering. I also ran out of my 2GB allowance from Windscribe as Nuhiu was coming on. I think it's a while till I will be using this just because of the fixtures. I think Burton is not on it? But will need to try a couple of things well in advance next time.
  9. iFollow

    Finally! Only took an hour
  10. iFollow

    Opera didn't connect to a VPN for me, Just stayed at connecting. I've now got Windscribe and have installed it, and got to the match but at the moment I just have a red circle going round and round for the video?
  11. iFollow

    Trying laptop now since phone won't play. Downloaded opera app but the vpn is not connecting
  12. iFollow

    Playback error try again later on the phone??
  13. Feel more positive?

    Me too. You could see why McManaman never played last season because of Wallace's form. But Boyd plays 70 minutes against Preston, gets subbed and then hasn't played again despite Wallace not playing well. I just hope that it will make Boyd play great the next time he gets a chance
  14. Feel more positive?

    They had some really good chances in the first half though. After the goal, they got through on their left again, free header from a corner, the header from the free-kick and the midfielder who ran through our midfield before scuffing his shot. We had most of the ball in the first half but they had the chances. However only 1-0 down at half time, we battared them in the second half and should have really gone onto win. I bet 13 or 14 of those attempts you mention were in the second half, so we can't really complain at what Grayson says
  15. Get Carlos out of this club

    That was a good post until you said MoM is Reach! What?? First of all Bannan was top class and miles better than most but Reach showed many times tonight he just isn't that good. A couple of sprints down the touchline in the second half ain't gonna make up for an awful game beforehand