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  1. Not really much of a loss. Loved Fessi but trouble follows him around. Injury record the last 3 seasons is poor. Fletcher has only had 2 decentish seasons. Puts in maximum effort, but his injury record is even worse. Fox just isn't good enough. Improved yes, and I think he was unfairly given lots of stick. A solid left back, but shouldn't be first choice if we want to get promoted and has been a massive step down from Pudil
  2. Been a massive fan of Fessi for a long time but it is just one thing after another with him. Whether its his fault or not, bad things just follow him about. Time to get rid I'm afraid
  3. They let ifollow stream the matches which only season tickets can access just like any other match not shown by sky
  4. Normally yes, but Sky have made the matches live on Sky available to season ticket holders if they don't have Sky. Not sure if there is an option to buy these on iFollow if not a season ticket holder though
  5. So two games on Sky, and wouldn't be surprised if Fulham game is also chosen or even Boro match if they (or us??) are going into the last day needing to win to stay up. So why should I not get a refund for my season ticket? I already have Sky Sports, and then just pay £70 max on iFollow which could be £50 or £60? If players took a cut then maybe I wouldn't even consider this, but as I have heard nothing, then why I should lose money?
  6. In the interview with the guy from QPR, might even be the same one but not put this in the article, he says they are fully committed to finishing the season, but don't agree the timescale. He sees no issue with going into August, including the contract situation.
  7. Must have missed Plymouth's issues. Why would they get points deducted. Had them e/w at the start of the season so this could really mess up my winnings if the current standings will be used!!
  8. Talking of Aguero, is he in England? Any players in Argentina? They have banned all plane travel until September
  9. Should have been asked about Bruce. The last we heard was that there were legal issues that needed to be resolved and so have never heard what happened on this
  10. Wolves asked to call the game against Olympiakos off so can't see how our game against Forest will go ahead
  11. I think asteneer's response is true also, but there is definitely a weakness mentally as well. Problem is, some players who do try are just not very good (Fox, Palmer) Losing 5-0, 3-0, 3-1 in three of the last five home games is definitely a million miles away of what is acceptable. But seeing the estimated sales figures this morning made me ashamed and posted what I did and I rarely criticize anything, football related (match days excepted) or not.. I always had pride in our support, but the attendance on Wednesday will be more embarrassing than just about any scoreline.
  12. I have since he put up prices at the beginning of his reign, but that didn't stop me supporting my team. Any opinions that I or others had were basically told to shut up. One of the main critics, Kivo, who was ridiculed and got loads of abuse, is now popular with his opinions. I have never liked Chansiri back when people treated him as a celebrity and don't now. My point is that we should now, probably more than ever, support the team. WAWAW? Not this Wednesday
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