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  1. ...in tremendously drawn sticker form. Great stuff.
  2. The first half of the game at Ewood this season is in my top 5 worst ever Wednesday performances. Utterly shambolic defensively and not one attempt at goal. That was the moment when it was obvious he had to go and had to go quickly. We cant play that badly this week but it would be absolute classic Wednesday to lose that game just as Bruce is instilling the belief for a late season push.
  3. Yes boys. Goals and wins and wins with goals with winning goals FOOTBALL.
  4. I hate the fact we always lose to these fuckers. Maybe their change in club identity wipes the slate clean and we will have a better record at Frank Lampard's Pride Park than we did at Pride Park in the past. Get to hear all our songs being sung slightly wrong though, so. Yeah. There's always that.
  5. Ok, so Liam Shaw, Conor Grant and Alex Hunt are the new guys to fap over then?
  6. Wilder is definitely a poor man's Warnock but let's not forget that Colin has been an utter scumbag in the past. It's wrong to brush his many misdemeanors under the carpet just because he gets caught telling Gary Lineker to fuck off on live tv. The cheeky scamp.
  7. He's supremely confident his proud united heroes who would play for minimum wage so long as they wear the shirt will beat our £40k per week underachieving mercenaries.
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