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  1. He's not quite that bad but I'd be panicking if anything happens to Pickford or Johnstone now. Ramsdale shouldn't be anywhere near an England squad.
  2. I still think Croatia are the second best team in our group. The Czech's looked pretty poor, Soctland could easily have scored a couple themselves. Both teams struggled with any kind of ball retention. They just had two very good finishes. The Scots had Dykes upfront FFS. Surely they wont pick him against us? At least Adams would offer some threat with his pace and movement. I'd not be too fussed with a draw against Scotland because it's always going to be a battle when we play them. It's their cup final. We should beat both though lets be honest. Two low quality teams.
  3. Pedri is a lovely footballer, as is Koke. They don’t have great depth and refuse to play Traore. Sweden have two good players and are well organised. They didn’t really struggle tonight. Maybe a bit tired in the last ten when Spain could have nicked it.
  4. That was probably the worst half of football in the tournament yet.
  5. Although they’ve taken Morata off so they might have someone up front who actually tries now.
  6. I personally think Spain have looked woeful. Slowly passing it around like a training game. No pace in the team. Boring.
  7. Yeah, i like the look of Turnball now he's got over those injuries. He must be a better option for them than Armstrong? Apart from Robertson they only had Adams who looked like he offered anything going forward. Also, if they play three centre backs on Friday we will crucify them. They would have to play narrow and then our full backs (if we pick the right ones) will have a lot of space.
  8. I've been watching old episodes of Celebrity Hunted. Genuinely hilarious how fake it.
  9. Potential match of the year on Takeover. Fatal four way between Cole, Gargano, Dunne and O'Reilly (also featuring Karrion Kross) was tremendous.
  10. This is our main issue. We dont play to our strengths. Unlimited attacking options but we'll pick a side focused on not conceding.
  11. It was a very good header for the first and a tremendous finish for the second. That being said these two teams look like they spend all training without a football. Running around and misplacing passes. Our attack should pick them apart at the back.
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