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  1. Both centre backs were outstanding. Give them both man of the match. Harris and Fletcher both up to the high standard you expect. Both fullbacks did well. Bannan got MOM on Sky because Irish Keef was trying really hard not to ejaculate every time he was on the ball. It was a bit cringey how much of a hard on he had for him. Great ball in for the goal but one of Barry's more average games really.
  2. Reach-around to Feltcher? Pretty sure we can Grnd out some results using that. Out of the two you really need one to be top, hopefully aggressive.
  3. Slightly underwhelming, however, anyone but that shitcap wearing, four centre backs using, smash it forward anywhere and get a set piece bellend, Tony Pulis. If it was a choice between the two I would have helicoptored my n0b around Meadowhall when DC chose Monk.
  4. Interesting tidbit I've been told about their tactics is apparently they instruct one of their players to stay down after getting fouled around half way though each half so they can get in a huddle. Then they can relay any additional tactics or implement a change in tactics if they have spotted a weakness. I mean, it sounds like parks football kind of stuff but still interesting.
  5. So in your defence of Pulis you've moved from saying that Liverpool under Benitez were a long ball team to Bolton under Allardyce were not? How is this your argument for Pulis? He plays dogshit hoofball. He demands a massive salary for his dogshit hoofball. We charge the highest prices in the league. It's not acceptable. Doesn't matter though because Bolton had JJ Okocha 20 years ago. Fuck off.
  6. @John O'Brien Good to see your lad is back fit and firing, John. Other than Jordan who looked the standouts today? I saw that Rice was on the bench but he's the one being tipped for the top now isn't he? Although Hunt has always looked like a proper player to me.
  7. So what? Having a defensive midfielder doesn't make you long ball merchants. Barcelona have had Busquets at the base of their midfield for years. I've got no issue with us playing Hutch at the base of midfield (even though he's a better CB) because he can protect the defence for if the full backs get forward. If he gets the ball he should play his role properly and give it to better footballers who can create something. Pulis' teams play a narrow four at the back, all big lads who are there to attack the ball at set pieces. They aren't going to be giving width, they aren't looking to receive a pass and when they have the ball they aren't looking to play passes into feet. Get the ball and pump it forward. Get a set piece. Horrible.
  8. Fuck off. Liverpool had Hamann, Alonso and Gerrard in midfield when Benitez was manager. Long range passing is completely different to long ball football. Gerrard playing it inbetween two defenders for Torres to run onto is not long ball football. Smashing it forward and hoping the big man holds it and wins a corner, free kick or throw in so you can load the box is long ball football. There's no technique and there's no enjoyment. Attacking fast pace football can be technical and enjoyable. We were playing it at the start of the season. An organised flat back four with no creativity going forward is the Pulis way. It's not football and if you have to pay £35- £45 a time it should not be acceptable.
  9. Each to their own but I want Wednesday to play football. Pulis doesn't play football, he plays smash it forward dinosaur ball. I'd rather shit in my hands and clap than that. Megson had some leeway as a Wednesdayite and the fact we were one of the worst teams in division three at the time. Getting out of that division was the priority but now we have the opportunity to not go back in time 25 years to get results. We can try and find a more forward thinking approach. Fuck Pulis and Megson and Allardyce. Their "style" isn't football.
  10. We need to go balls out ALL DAY BROTHER Take them round the back of the bike sheds and bend them over. No more sitting on our hands, let our hands give them the shocker. Goals in their face.
  11. Anyone been on StPauliTalk to see if he's the worst left back in the division and needs sending straight back?
  12. They cant be Leeds fans, they would have taken more than that.
  13. That was more because we looked out of sorts. It took us about 35 minutes to wake up, like we were still hungover from Saturday. Second half was different though, were controlled them.
  14. Teams that do this, especially at Hillsborough, are playing right into our strengths. Long may they continue to do it as none of them have players technically gifted enough for it to be a big issue. It's no coincidence that we struggled the most against Millwall. If teams keep giving us the ball in their own half we will kill them with Harris and Murphy in the side.
  15. Is it just fouls or are we taking about free kicks conceded? We must have been offside ten times.
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