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  1. 39 - most shots in a premier league game this season - WBA vs Sheffield United HONOURS BOARD HONOURS BOARD HONOURS BOARD
  2. Striker scores goals in team creating chances. It's not a huge surprise. We are creating absolutely nothing. We got great money for him. He did nothing in a poor team last year, he's doing well in a good team this year. Forget about him.
  3. We are absolute awful. Thankfuck no one is having to pay to go to these games. 30% possession and one chance created in the first half at home. Dreadful.
  4. Breathe me in Breathe me out I don't know if u could ever live without Elias Kachunga high Elias Kachunga high Elias Kachunga high EliasKachungaHigh
  5. Hooper by an absolute mile. Worst would possibly be Rhodes. £6m for probably three good games and a big thumbs up.
  6. I thought Reach was an 8, Luongo and Bannan were a 7.5 and the majority of the rest a 7 - in the first half. We weren't as good second half because we dropped too deep and allowed them back in. Probably knock half a grade off everyone for that but a solid display all round. We are desperate for a centre forward though.
  7. Stats like that are nice but it's when you actually see him playing well that is a good thing. He absolutely deserves his spot if he plays like that every week. A very solid 7 out of 10.
  8. Probably the only player in football history to put a club on his back and win a top division title almost by himself and put nation on his back and win a World Cup almost by himself. You could argue forever who is better out of Pele, Cruyff, Maradona and Messi but he did all the stuff he did while being completely off his chebs all the time. What a player.
  9. It's as if someone got a toy stadium for Christmas and they can't get it out if the bubble wrap.
  10. Wilshere might see it as a challenge. He's never had a neck injury before so maybe that's all he needs to tick off to claim full disability?
  11. Berge is potentially a good player. He's the only one they have signed from a non-British club (who is near the first team) and he is the one who plays in a completely different way. He slows their play down. WIlder's football was always based on high tempo, that tempo seems to have gone down. Maybe only British players have that humble quality that is necessary for all superBladesmen?
  12. I loved Bart-Williams. Always wanted his name on my shirt but my mum and dad said no as you had to pay by the letter back then.
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