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  1. In possession - a weak 3-5-2

    We should have been playing 3-5-2 all season. Our players, and that's all of the squad, fit into that formation better. Every time we chase the game we seem to revert to it anyway. Why not be aggressive and play that way all the time?
  2. Wait. Are you being serious? There wouldn't be a different Stobbs because if they were playing well he wouldn't be in the team. If he cant get a look in when they are awful why would they pick him if they're doing well? I feel sorry for Stobbs, he looked a prospect but he had that bad injury and he's just not the same. He shouldn't be anywhere near our first team.
  3. Is that the same Jack Stobbs who cant get into Port Vale's team? Maybe Port Vale are doing really well in League One and he cant quite break in? Wait. They're in League Two? Well they're probably romping away with League Two then...
  4. You'll know better than me, is Club 1867 basically a Ponzi scheme? Promising something in the future to new investors which wont happen for a few years?
  5. If you don't shoot Then you don't score I know that for sure I know that for sure If you don't shoot Then you don't score I know that for sure I know that for sure
  6. Wednesday podcasts

    I couldn't listen to The Wednesday Week. All the people on it would be ok individually (except @eDDie) but as a conglomeration it's just noise.
  7. I like the home kit. It's a nice shirt. In no world would I ever prefer it to a proper striped Wednesday shirt though. It's a nice kit but it doesn't feel like a Wednesday kit. What bothered me more was not having it ready on time, not having the old kit reduced for three month's, the kit only being at a slightly less scandalous price for about 5 weeks, having a competition to design a kit then never producing the kit, etc, etc. There's still been no actual explanation of why the commercial side of the club is such an unmitigated disaster.
  8. Championship Top 6

    Well it's a good job the Realist is back on Owlstalk to help. @Ronseal
  9. Balance = Promotion

    Where to? Three? I would wouldn't have picked him in the squad never mind put him up the order.
  10. Black Shorts

    Well done Karl Nuttall
  11. Fan vote team selection

    If "midfield beast" wasn't on the list to vote for then Owlstalk would crumble in on itself like a ginormous sanctimonious dying star.
  12. Congratulations, you've everyone glad we no longer have stripes. That's an abomination. I like the pasty pocket above the belly though.
  13. Isn't that West Brom's shirt?
  14. Is Joao a must against Villa and JT.

    Play three centre backs, then he can play Joao, Rhodes and Hooper.