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  1. Please, please concentrate on ODI cricket Jonny. You’re good at that.
  2. I've said it before on here, I think the umpires call is fine in principal but the percentages are wrong. At most it should be 25% as a cut off for saying it might not hit the stumps.
  3. I thought he was out just before the interval on that LBW shout. Couldn’t believe the umpire didn’t give it. It must have been about 49% of the ball hitting the stumps on the ball tracker as well. He smacked it everywhere after that. The little prick.
  4. That looks really terrible, might watch it. Have you watched Money Plane yet?
  5. It has grown on me. Justin Spitzer was one of the writers on The Office (US) and you can see a lot of influences in the characters. Two main characters have feelings for each but the female is in a relationship, the manager loves his staff like a family even though they think he’s a bit stupid, Dina is basically female Dwight, etc. It works though. We are up to the episode after the tornado (rip Brett) which I think is the end of series two.
  6. Stokes needs to get some sun cream on before he bursts into flames.
  7. We’ve been watching Superstore. It’s pretty good.
  8. Grown up kids and loads of spare money. I’m a long way from that life.
  9. The pitch isn’t doing much. It looks like it’s really hard to get the old ball off the square though. Stokes and Anderson have been utterly brilliant.
  10. The team we’ve picked seemed to suggest we were in it to grind out runs but not take wickets. Root playing as a bowler. Rubbish.
  11. Apart from Pope’s dismissal this has been another day of gifting wickets. India will get 500 on this wicket.
  12. I’ve lost the will to think “how could we improve” now. We play well first half then capitulate in the second. It feels just like the season we went down to league one in the early 2000s when we had Quinn, Holt, Westwood, Sibon, etc in the side. So few of those pricks gave a shit and it’s the same now. Sleepwalking to relegation. There are maybe three players that actually care. The rest are just waiting to run out their deals or force a move elsewhere in the summer. Thompson has done far more than could be expected but the fact we haven’t installed a full tim
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