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  1. Yeah, you tell 'em! Comparing addiction to addiction is quite the stretch...
  2. I just hope it's still interesting going into the singles. Dont want it to be completely one sided and all over like Medinah...
  3. .He was desperate for the Forest job at the bottom of the championship by all accounts. They didn't want him. He's burned plenty of bridges
  4. Pretty good timing for Joe Clarke to get his first hundred of the season. He's been a potential England player for years and there is going to be spots open for the Ashes this winter.
  5. It has to be the people who are spending the money who are responsible if it all goes to shit. Reading's owners had a right good go and it blew up in their face, just like it did with us, just like it did with Derby, and countless others. The owners need to know that if they spend all the money and it doesn't go well then they take on the debt. Then it is entirely their decision about how much they spend. It should be the same with clubs in the Premier League who get relegated. If they haven't included clauses to reduce wages in player contracts then why should they get help paying those contracts? Have rules in place where relegation clauses are mandatory. If you have that then there is no need for parachute payments. If they dont include relegation clauses they foot the bill until they can sell the player.
  6. I think there's a good chance we get hammered. It feels like one too far for Poulter, Westwood, Garcia. I'll go 16-12 USA
  7. Pah, David Jones earned half that on his own at Wednesday.
  8. It's true that Ronaldo shouldn't be compared to Messi anymore, the current Ronaldo should be compared to players similar to his skillset like Gerd Muller. It's not luck that he gets tap ins or free headers in the box, he's incredible at it. Just like Muller was.
  9. I mean, the first one is as much of a pen as you will see. you can clearly see the defenders knee smash into Ronaldo's. The second one looks like a penalty until you slow it down and see he was falling into the contact, he even got the good 'ol foot drag back out just for old times sake. He probably didnt get the first one because refs think he's doing what he did for he second one. Unlucky.
  10. They must be short of wingers who cant get crosses in.
  11. "I had a goal drought once, worst 15 minutes of my career"
  12. Love the stuff you hear about him like still wearing his suit having a cup of tea and a fag at 2.45, got changed and went straight out with no warm up.
  13. "Expecting child with his pregnant niece" Was she already pregnant when she got pregnant?
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