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  1. Not sure what there is to complain about with him really. He barely touched the ball as all he was picked for was to chase around the back four and try to get on to our aimless punts into the corners. Our tactics were to hang on until the end and try to nick something from set pieces. Da Cruz and Murphy (and Forestieri) were picked to help us stay in the game by putting on pressure when they had the ball and maybe stop their flow a bit. We were absolutely awful but Da Cruz seemed to be following our tactics as best he could.
  2. Really enjoying everyone slagging off the linesman on the South Stand side. I used to go to school with him and played football with him when we were kids. He's a good lad. All refs are shit though (especially him the Derby supporting bastard) so any slagging off of him really warms my heart.
  3. I don't want anybody else Rising at the back post it’s Steven Fletch Oooah, I don't want anyone but Fletch Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no
  4. Spoke to the person I used to work with who works at melwood again. We have asked about Brewster but so have loads of others, at least five championship clubs and two Prem. Liverpool want guarantees on minutes or the fee is higher. Quote was, "if he's not playing he's better off training with the first team here every day than with lesser players".
  5. I've been told they want him to have guaranteed minutes and it has ruled us out.
  6. Great news. We've got 80 million quid burning a hole in our pocket from selling the ground. Pay off the fine, sign five players in January, win the league. WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY
  7. Seriously, I saw some of their game when Hunt cam on second half recently and Hunt was doing his usual excellent overlapping followed by his usual awful crossing followed by getting caught out of position followed by having to race back to dive in last ditch. Hunt in a nutshell.
  8. Glenn Cockerill https://www.11v11.com/matches/sheffield-wednesday-v-southampton-07-april-1990-89683/
  9. For the goalkeepers we have to decide who is mostly likely to be able to take a punch when one of their cretins runs onto the field.
  10. Well done for getting this one going lads. Gone down a storm.
  11. A bit late to this but I thought Iorfa was absolutely colossal. Borner was his usual dependable self, Fox was solid, Hutch had a good game, Fletcher worked his socks off, Harris was our big threat as always. Palmer still looks out of place at right back. I cant praise him high enough when i see him at left back but on the right he goes to pot. Positioning is off, he falls back in to his old routine of switching off and ball watching and on Friday his passing was poor as well which compounded his performance. Reach wasn't great either and Bannan had an off day. Plus the ref was completely bent so we didn't have a chance anyway.
  12. PHEW! I was getting worried we were being singled out there for a minute.
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