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  1. Fingers crossed we get some news from kevtheowl soon. UTO kev UTO
  2. Lots of possession, creating numerous chances, loads of movement, majority of the team youngsters, comfortable win. This doesn't feel like Sheffield Wednesday.
  3. Hutchinson said the BBC adaptation of Julia Donaldson's The Snail And The Whale was the best one they had done since The Gruffalo. Monk, being a big fan of The Highway Rat, couldn't believe that Sam would overlook the voice acting talent of David Tennant and wanted him to apologise. Hutchinson was adament he was right and was quoted as saying "David Tennant is complete shit, they would have been better off using Tommy Wiseau" and so Monk threw his can of Wella Professional Performance hairspray hard at Hutch, only missing by a couple of inches and taking a chip out of his locker door. Forrestieri was sat in the corner sniggering at the word Gruffalo.
  4. That's because Monk's Mighty Marauding Mega Massives are cruising down undefeated street.
  5. You need to die on this hill. Bump this thread after every point gained. In fact, fuck it, bump it after every completed pass. I have faith in you.
  6. Hopefully we can be sensible (although our track record of that is not great) and take him on loan with an option to sign if we stay up. Agree the fee now and get it done.
  7. Favourite Nuhiu goal was away at Boro. Headed a cross up in the air then headed it down into a defender then barrelled through the defender to shin it into the corner. BEAUTIFUL. Going to miss that big sexy bastard.
  8. Apparently been sacked from a previous club (Peterborough) in the past for doing coke. So probably that. Although the rumour that he went into cardiff city centre late at night and paid randos to fight him is so much better.
  9. PURSEHOUSE What a tremendous name.
  10. He’s 6,3and doesn’t score with his head. Kachunga is known for his pace but scores most of his goals with his head. Perfect.
  11. Kane nearly nicked it at the end there. Don’t deserve to win picking that team. Two defensive midfielders and three centre halfs. Coady played some nice passes early on but Phillips and Rice we’re both utterly dreadful.
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