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  1. “Gary, remember to buy hair gel”
  2. Really fit in transformers. Not sure what she’s been in since.
  3. When it was the 95th minute and he’s bombing past Da Cruz just to open up space for him to get the shot off ❤️ U Kieran bbz
  4. Dreadful half of football but we looked well organised and combative. Use of the ball was poor but hopefully that comes with confidence. Need to use our pace on the wings more.
  5. A large group of the fans that were celebrating came back this morning and cleaned it all up
  6. I hated all the fuckers that supported Liverpool growing up. Loads of them near me in Derbyshire. Always got on at them for just picking the team that were the most successful. However, living in Liverpool you get to realise they are mostly pretty decent. Every fan base has cunts it’s just when your fan base is so much bigger around the country, and world like, Liverpool’s and Man U’s are then you probably run into plenty of the bad ones. My in-laws are all reds and they have mostly been desperate to win because they have been close but haven’t been able to get over the line. Their entitlement is usually that they think they should be challenging, not that they should be crowned champions before the season starts. They deserve the title and the accolades they have received because they are the best team in the league and the most exciting team to watch. They play at pace and are always looking to score. Possession football is pretty but as Chelsea showed last night having some serious pace and taking defenders on is much more exciting.
  7. All the late 80's Umbro kits were cool as fuck, home and away. This was good but not as good as the green and white hoops. Wasn't until the black and yellow striped kit of the mid 90's that we had anything to rival it. The yellow and pale blue promotion kit is iconic but overrated as far as kits go.
  8. Not sure what there is to complain about with him really. He barely touched the ball as all he was picked for was to chase around the back four and try to get on to our aimless punts into the corners. Our tactics were to hang on until the end and try to nick something from set pieces. Da Cruz and Murphy (and Forestieri) were picked to help us stay in the game by putting on pressure when they had the ball and maybe stop their flow a bit. We were absolutely awful but Da Cruz seemed to be following our tactics as best he could.
  9. Really enjoying everyone slagging off the linesman on the South Stand side. I used to go to school with him and played football with him when we were kids. He's a good lad. All refs are shit though (especially him the Derby supporting bastard) so any slagging off of him really warms my heart.
  10. I don't want anybody else Rising at the back post it’s Steven Fletch Oooah, I don't want anyone but Fletch Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no
  11. Spoke to the person I used to work with who works at melwood again. We have asked about Brewster but so have loads of others, at least five championship clubs and two Prem. Liverpool want guarantees on minutes or the fee is higher. Quote was, "if he's not playing he's better off training with the first team here every day than with lesser players".
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