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  1. Adem Poric

    Distort a Wednesday Manager

    Is that Ivan Ooze?
  2. Adem Poric

    1st February

    He's got to work his way through his Terry's All Gold, Lindt chocolate Santas and Turkey and stuffing sandwiches.
  3. FFS DAWSON!!!!!!!!!11 Wait...
  4. Adem Poric

    West Brom - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Defo more nervous now we're playing against 10.
  5. Adem Poric

    Liam Palmer

    He has one good game in every 5 or 6. No need to start pulling him off when he does his job properly every now and again. He'll be back to standing on the half way line ball watching next week.
  6. Adem Poric

    Hutch's salute....

    He's just sniffing his fingers...
  7. Tomorrow it'll get changed to Wednesday. Is there nothing he won't do to dodge the fans?
  8. Adem Poric

    Owls watching Tranmere player

    Almost word for word what the lad at work told me. Although he told me that we were in for him on Monday, I just didn't believe him.
  9. Adem Poric

    Owls watching Tranmere player

    I think he's about 6 goals ahead of the rest of the division. Only been playing professionally for a couple of years. Late bloomer. Ian Wright didn't get to Arsenal until he was 28.
  10. Adem Poric

    Owls watching Tranmere player

    This is true. We have a bid in for him and he's expected to join in January - unless someone else comes in. Tranmere fan I work with is gutted, said he's the best player they've had in 10-15 years.
  11. Adem Poric

    Heard it’s Pardew

    At least when big name players are left out it'll be because he's been trying to bang their wives/girlfriends instead of bullshit contract extension stories.
  12. No secret he was due to take over after Carlos' second season before DC persuaded him to stay. Was in the directors box today.
  13. 2192 tickets. What a bunch of fucking scrubbers.