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  1. If Bristol City get £15m+ for a Brentford player then we should ask for their transfer negotiator in any deal for Joao.
  2. Not every single one my friend. I mean, growing up in Derbyshire I met a few.
  3. Derby fans were delighted when he left. I mean, your average Derby fan knows fuckall about football but he must have been shybo if they wanted him gone.
  4. Van Bronckhorst played in the UK for six years. If you want Bullen over him you are mental. I love Lee and want him at the club but he shouldn't be given the manager's job. It's complete pie in the sky about Van Bronckhorst but if we have a chance to get him we should do everything we can.
  5. I saw this thread title and checked Sky Bet for the new manager odds.
  6. This is a man who knowingly paid his staff less than minimum wage. I'm not sure he'll give a shinyshite about what we say.
  7. That's all you've got to say after that whingefest earlier, mate.
  8. Yep, that was tremendous levels of flouncing. You played that well. Although you are being a bit of a whiny ballbag the last few weeks though so, you know, chill out.
  9. I love that the @SiJ vs @SallyCinnamon fued is still ongoing. Must be about 7 years now.
  10. Hopefully he doesn't get sacked because that would mean he gets a big payoff. I want him to be there for at least two years as that would mean relegation and championship mid table mediocrity while being hated by his whole fanbase.
  11. Lets not forget the Eire away shirt. Big chants of Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole and Jack Charlton's green and white army.
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