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  1. Sean Clare

    When he scored they went to Biggs on Talksport and it was either him or the mouthy host bloke who said "great week for Clare as he recently signed a new 2 & 1/2 year deal".
  3. JV, give us a wave, JV, JV give us a wave...
  4. At Leeds? There'll be at least 25k, pal.
  5. Next season, Jos’s squad

    Wallace, Loovens, Palmer, Fox should all be thanked and wished good luck with their future endeavours. I'd listen on Westwood, Lees, Hutchinson, Winnall, Jones, Fletcher and see if we can add £15m to the kitty. Do everything we can to get Forestieri fit and happy. Sign Venancio to a three year contract.
  6. Next season, Jos’s squad

    Cant wait for the "we should have signed Diame after he scored against us at Wembley" threads.
  7. You missed "one game at a time" and "game of two halves".
  8. Is he as good as Sonny Pike though? If not I'm not interested. #sonnypike4lyf
  9. Player ratings

    Sexy times?
  10. Really quite odd. Got to assume Maria's has picked up a knock. Doesn't explain the bizarre formation though.
  11. Westwood, Bannan & Lees

    I think we all want to see Bannan going and getting the ball off the keeper and shielding the back four again, right?
  12. Who cares. We're going to Wembley!
  13. Top Championship Earners

    Fully expected us to have three in there the way everyone goes on about it.