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  1. No secret he was due to take over after Carlos' second season before DC persuaded him to stay. Was in the directors box today.
  2. 2192 tickets. What a bunch of fucking scrubbers.
  3. Adem Poric

    It's Jos Working Out So Well...

    Jos is the boss and Wednesday score goals, goals, goals! Sheffield GOALS! Wednesday GOALS! Football!!!!
  4. Adem Poric

    New song for Adam reach!!

    Tremendous. In the song thread please.
  5. Adem Poric

    The new 5 million pound man

    Agreed with this. His crossing wasn't good last night. Although I've got no issue with him taking risks. I wish some of his team mates would take more to be honest. We struggle in games when we stop taking risks and try to shut up shop.
  6. Cant see anything from tonight. Dwight Gayle will win at least one penalty with his constant cheating. They've also got Jay Rodriguez, Matt Phillips, Oliver Burke, Harvey Barnes and Wes Hoolahan so zero chance of a clean sheet. They will walk away with the league this year. Already moved on to the next game.
  7. Adem Poric

    Sam Winnall is on his way back!

    Me too. The environment is extremely important. Kudos SWFC for helping make the changes that need to take place to make a cleaner, greener planet.
  8. Adem Poric

    After the horse as bolted

    Get in the sea
  9. Adem Poric

    Time to turn up

    Indefensible prices on a Saturday at 3pm. Friday night and live on Sky? Not a chance. It's that high so they can charge Leeds that much. It's disgusting.
  10. Adem Poric


    I'd be tempted to change it. I want Joao in against Leeds.
  11. Adem Poric

    Holte End

    Villa are a great club. They NEED to go up this year though so I can't see Bruce lasting much longer. They are in a huge hole with wages, if they are in this league next year then they will have to sell their best players to avoid penalties. Lump on Wilder to be their gaffer before Christmas. He'll be there as quick as a flash given the chance. He's probably already got his agent on standby to put an application in.
  12. Adem Poric

    Pelupessy proves old saying

    I thought he was tremendous yesterday. People will watch him and not rate him because he's not chucking himself into challenges like Hutch. The difference is he doesn't need to because his positioning is very good. His discipline also makes Bannan better as it allows home to play further forward. If Bannan plays then we need Joey in there too. Ideally when Hutch is fit he can be a super utility bench player.
  13. Adem Poric

    Liam palmer

    Palmer probably just saw a ball and became so fixated on it he stopped moving and ended up being late.