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  1. Adem Poric

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Where's @Dark$ide aska @_Ibbo_ when you need him.
  2. Adem Poric

    Team vs Lincoln

    Also, I'd guess Hutch will play midfield and Reach will be left wing back.
  3. Adem Poric

    Team vs Lincoln

    Pelpuessy though...
  4. There doesn't need to be a clause, it's part of all loan deals that players cant appear against their parent club in the league. He could play against us in the cup though.
  6. They have Ben Marshall and Jordan Rhodes. It's a 2013 Wednesday fans wet dream.
  7. Adem Poric

    Away kit 2018/19

    Nice to see that there will be a supply of mens, kids and infants kits. Well done Wednesday.
  8. Adem Poric

    Possible player exit?

  9. Adem Poric

    Possible player exit?

    He's Ok. No more than that. I'd think we can pick up better and hopefully we've got someone lined up already. £1.6m for an average Championship player in the last year of his contract who is earning £20k+ a week will do for me.
  10. Adem Poric

    Wednesday/England Band

    Stop giving those media whores the attention they crave. All they do is stop fans from making an actual atmosphere. Self promoting, tuneless, Leeds loving twats.
  11. Adem Poric

    North West Training Camp

    It's about £120 a night at Mottram Hall. Worth it to go and sneak a peak of Gary Hooper in the shower. AMIRITE?
  12. I kind of want the away kit to be striped but the home kit to be the same as last season just for the meltdown.
  13. Adem Poric

    According to reports in Portugal...

    Signed for Benfica two weeks ago. Benfica about to receive £15m from Forest for two of their players. Are they in trouble or something?
  14. Adem Poric

    “Out of Leftfield” signings

    Don't want any of these lot