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  1. Almost perfect performance. They created NOTHING. If it wasn't for that ridiculous goal we would have been comfortable for 90 minutes.
  2. Adem Poric

    Owls v Pigs U23’s 7pm

    I agree. It's about time we started getting ringers in. Get some fake ID's for some of the older players who can't get a game. Every game against them is life or death. I am devastated right now. HOLD ME
  3. We will lose tonight. We are due to lose at Forest and we just don't do five game unbeaten runs. Expecting Onomah to come in for Marco and Reach to move forward, although with how well Matias is playing that seems a bit unfair.
  4. Adem Poric

    U23's away at Leeds today

    Not quite "it's a game of two halves" that one, pal.
  5. Adem Poric

    U23's away at Leeds today

    They were probably shit in training this morning to be fair.
  6. Adem Poric

    Matt Penney

    He got rinsed first half and his positioning in a flat back four is pretty poor. He's not been playing that role long though so willing to cut him some slack. Much better second half. Positioning is something that often comes with experience. Hopefully with good coaching it will get better quickly. He needs to not watch tapes of Palmer though, he just hasn't got any better. Liability today.
  7. Adem Poric

    Stoke were quite good

    They were a big, powerful side. They kept banging it in to a striker who knocked it down to Ince in the first half. It was obvious but it was easy for them. They could have beat us by six if they could finish better. Even more if they could look across the line. They should be comfortably top 4 with that squad but won't be because they have Rowett.
  8. Adem Poric

    Sean Clare Signing for

    90% of the games up there will be an easier level than when he was at Gillingham.
  9. Get in Baz! How are we level in this game
  10. Fletcher is at best a 35 minute player now. Always looks good off the bench, rarely does when he starts.
  11. Palmer hasn't got any better in 5 years.
  12. Going forward these are incredibly strong
  13. They are quite a bit better than us just hamstrung by having Rowett as manager.
  14. Tremendous challenge by Pelupessy not even mentioned. Classic Owlstalk
  15. Managed to get the stream working after 3 minutes today. Already losing. Classic Wednesday.