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  1. For the goalkeepers we have to decide who is mostly likely to be able to take a punch when one of their cretins runs onto the field.
  2. Well done for getting this one going lads. Gone down a storm.
  3. A bit late to this but I thought Iorfa was absolutely colossal. Borner was his usual dependable self, Fox was solid, Hutch had a good game, Fletcher worked his socks off, Harris was our big threat as always. Palmer still looks out of place at right back. I cant praise him high enough when i see him at left back but on the right he goes to pot. Positioning is off, he falls back in to his old routine of switching off and ball watching and on Friday his passing was poor as well which compounded his performance. Reach wasn't great either and Bannan had an off day. Plus the ref was completely bent so we didn't have a chance anyway.
  4. PHEW! I was getting worried we were being singled out there for a minute.
  5. What restrictions are being put in place for the surrounding areas of Bramall Lane on match days? I can only assume they are similar. Right?
  6. His name is Kadeem and he dances down the wing, He’s got the ball twisting past you like it’s on a string, And when he takes you on he’ll have you in a trance, Oh Kadeem Harris just pulled down your fullbacks pants. YOU'RE ALL FUCKING WELCOME
  7. Couple of things:- 1) Blood 2) If you cut someone in half they are dead and you go to jail. I cant stress this enough - DON'T CUT SOMEONE IN HALF.
  8. Tonight was being a Sheffield Wednesday fan in a nutshell.
  9. Nailed on they would score with first shot on target.
  10. He's not been injured for a year. The lad needs to get down the gym a bit more if he's not fit yet.
  11. In all seriousness, I'll be having Hull in my bet tonight. We can say "let's be positive" but anybody who has followed Wednesday for longer than a week knows this is exactly the type of game we will lose. Midweek game, away from home, good win away at the weekend, looking towards breaking into the top six, confidence high, options in the squad = annoyingly weak performance and probable defeat. Classic Wednesday.
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