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  1. After the latest signings, all effectively Championship players and looking down the fixture list there's no club we should be worried about. Real sign of intent and i think we'll dominate this league. We're a year wiser now, the players will know what it takes to grind out results away at teams like Port Vale and Cambridge and so will the manager. We should have a fully fit squad to start the season with too, teams are going to hate playing us with the strength in depth we have.
  2. Let's start the new season how we finished the last
  3. Ohhhh even better we start in July this year, scrolled straight to August! After last few days signings and looking through the teams i think we actually walk this league.
  4. First game of the season, away Charlton at home the week after. Top of the league by the end of August Cannot wait for the new season now, had enough of summer, just want footy back.
  5. That's interesting mate, what evidence is there that he was holding out and missed a deadline? In terms of a toxic culture, evidence in the form of numerous senior staff leaving such as palmer and katrien, but many other mid-senior and below staff left too. Added to that, the way some other players have been treated such as young george hirst and liam shaw as well as the fact i've personally met chansiri and can state the venomous disdain he had for fans and in fact anyone who dare question his authority is reminiscent of very toxic work cultures i've experienced.
  6. Yeah because a player would put a post up on social media questioning the validity of a claim if it was just a case of 'missing a deadline'. Luongo is not the only player to take to social media about the club
  7. If this is true, it's a stark reminder that the culture behind the scenes at the club is pretty toxic
  8. A Brazilian defender who has played top flight football In Europe and has interest from teams in the league above, but he really wants to come and play in the third tier at Sheffield Wednesday? Sounds absolutely plausible
  9. Not everything is 'left vs right' why can't you accept that some people don't enjoy the football England have played under Southgate, why do some always have to make about more than the end product being served up?! The guy would struggle to get a job back at Middlesborough is he was fired from the England job. Last night was tactically inept.
  10. Ouch, painful viewing that. Jordan is class though, really enjoy listening to him, most of the time
  11. Lol Give over. I'm not here to feed the troll.
  12. People go on about the euro final and the WC semi, but this is the best England squad we've ever had. England under Southgate are a tough watch and let's be honest, if he was sacked in the nuhed struggle to get a job at one of the top clubs. Losing 3-0 and he brings a forward off for Maguire. The press should ask him what he was trying to achieve with that as all it did was give their back line more space to move the ball about, find a man who then scored!
  13. Wow. It only took 4 posts for someone to blame the fans.
  14. Amazed someone hasn't mentioned the IPTV service they resell yet
  15. I find your constant negative, condescending, glass half empty replies on here nauseating. But you crack on, it's pretty clear you're generally not a very happy fella.
  16. Just a conversation and someone else's perspective. Sure you feel better for such a condescending response, as usual!
  17. The weakest Germany side for some time mind and an Italy side that a few months later were denied a place at the World Cup by North Macedonia! It seemed a pretty weak tournament and i think on reflection we should have won it comfortably with the players we had at our disposal as well as the route to the final. Watching England, tactically, It's like Southgate has been given a Ferrari and chooses to tootle about at 20mph for safety. Painful to watch.
  18. Absolutely agree, it was a cracking bit of play for them. NML could have done better, Storey could have done better, Palmer could have done better, Moore could have done better, but at the end of the day we're playing in League one next season and going around calling players 'druggies' and lazy is plain ridiculous and not the reason we're still in this division.
  19. I was reading it and thinking just that.
  20. Wow i login and have 3 notifications, all from you. I've definitely got under your skin! For someone who clearly can't read very well, you don't half type a lot. Nobody said NML didn't track back, you just have an agenda against the fella and want to label him as a druggie and lazy because he didn't track back. If only life was as simple as you. coming on here spouting off about your 'education' absolute golden! Calm down and have a suck on another werthers
  21. Glad you agree. Holes at the back, created by having a forward thinking winger playing.....RWB with poor cover positionally sensed player behind him But yeah, something about NML's desire, heart, grit, pashun.
  22. I'll make this my last post, in which i'll first address your point on getting to know who i'm talking to. if you wish to send over your CV via dm, feel free to do so, but to posture up in such a way as 'you don't know who you're talking to' is juvenile and a clear sign of you knowing your argument is weak, appeals to authority, no matter how thinly veiled are always a poor address. All of your points are based around how you chose to perceive 'effort' in the case of NML, did you have your speed gun at the match to track the speed of each of his runs, or are you more up to date and have his Catapult GPS data?! I don't need to go back and forth with you about NML's effort, because you're either choosing to ignore the basics or you just don't get the game. I am sure Shankly would have advocated playing players in the position the teams needs them the most. With that in mind your whole argument and laying the blame at NML apparently (in your eyes only) choosing to not track back is dead and buried by the simple fact that the team would have benefited far more with Palmer at RCB rather than at LCB. If you genuinely cannot see that having Storey as RCB with NML at RWB in front of him on one side, with Palmer at LCB and Johnson at LWB created a massively imbalanced defensive unit, then unfortunately i'll double down on my point that putting NML and expecting him to track back effectively is stupid. You can try and reduce our lack of promotion to NML not tracking back all you want, but the fact is by doing the above, tactically we left gaps to be exposed against a quality left sided player, who took advantage of the situation under instruction from a tactically smart manager. Also FYI, i have a much deeper understanding of this due to my CV/experience/education/background etc.
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