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  1. Haha yes, was being ironic, glad someone picked up on it!
  2. What you've done there is to take some statistics and push your own subjective as per the interpretation. It's fair enough to do so, but there are plenty of 'should's' to take from a lot more data sets. We should be higher up because we probably have the highest wage budget in the league and we have a pretty decent squad too. I believe chances will come with the right players playing in the right system.
  3. Shows just how bad some fans view Moore.
  4. why did Iorfa go down there? Made a mistake and then goes down like he's injured, only to come straight back on.
  5. 10000% agree with this mate, i do believe that we were in a position to win games to stay up last season, par for the managerial/tactical errors, both with moore in the dugout and smith. we've needed a proper leader on the pitch/in the dressing room for some time now too. We need a semedo/loovens combo bringing in! Agree with all that you say and i was given pelters on here for saying moore would be a better assistant than a manager, i dare say he gets on well with the lads, but even that won't be enough when they get tired of playing this sort of football. You only need watch the Acdeniran interview to see that he was really frustrated and almost expected us to win, that dressing room will soon be lost unless things start to change.
  6. I see everyone still hates life after we don't win a game then We're 9th, with better game management, we'd be sitting 4th, anyone trotting out the old 'if my auntie/if's/buts' probably doesn't grasp the point of a discussion forum
  7. Can we mention how big the booger must be that he keeps trying to remove dislodge during the interview?!
  8. We've dropped 6 points in the last 7 days. if we'd walked away with the wins, as we should have then we'd be 3 points off the top, pretty sickening to think that and i do believe if moore stays those 6 points dropped will prove pivotal at the end of the season. Wimbledon - coming away with a draw after going 2-0 up is very poor, it showed a lack of game management when in control of the game Cambridge - no game plan to counter the windy conditions, played on the back foot, trying to play it out from the back and then we weren't clinical enough in the 2nd half with the wind behind us. we looked desperate second half, the players must sense the pressure is building by now on moore from the fans Lincoln - granted i only saw the first half yesterday, but we were second best for that and they should have scored a couple. Players at the back losing the ball, midfielders dropping back and losing the ball, forwards struggling when in the final third to pick a runner out. All 3 of these were winnable games against teams much lower than us in the league and in 2 of the games we've come away thankful that we even managed a point, the wimbledon we all saw that coming as we sat back and didn't control the game. I said last season that moore's game management was really poor, strange subs, formation changes and an inability to close games out, plus the strange starting line up's which have been even stranger this season. We have a good enough squad to get out of this league, but tactically we're poor in so many areas. it's almost as if the players have to get used to a new style or system for every game.
  9. 5 full backs in the starting 11 I reckon we're going to play it through the middle
  10. A year ago, that would be a back 4 with 4 full backs Thankfully, one is now a firmly established CB, so at least we have one and then just the 3 full backs.
  11. Brown, Berahino and Gibson are more than good enough for those roles. It's sorting the midfield plus the other 1-2 forwards and formation out that's needed
  12. 0742


    Some shîthousery on both sids of the issue then How do you see the fight going at 205?
  13. 0742


    Absolutely insane that he's not only missing weight, but doing so by so much. makes you wonder if he's even trying to make weight?! So much for the UFC performance institute stepping in to ensure this doesn't happen.
  14. 0742


    poo house move if so. Josh Taylor's fight is now postponed until end of February due to 'injury', makes you wonder why whyte couldn't postpone his fight, maybe he's had a whiff of the fury fight
  15. Corebeanau Give him a run of games and he will tear this division up. Only player we have who could actually be exciting and get the crowd on their feet
  16. "I hope you guys are getting a slap from your bosses, whoever your source was, whoever's feeding you, didn't get it right." That's what you get from a despicable man. Also, we didn't sell him, he walked and we were compensated due to the fact he was bound by a contract that he was quickly willing to break.
  17. Because Bruce would give all that money back and more to have stayed in that job. To see him cast aside, like he doesn't matter, without being given a chance to spend all that cash and have his ego further inflated with the success coming their way, is exactly what he deserves. Let's not for one second glorify this guy or give him the martyr status, just last week he was gloating to the press that they were wrong about him being in charge for the spurs game, even going as far as to say their bosses at the papers should give them a slap for being wrong. The guy is despicable and people are bored with his woe is me, sad grandma face post match interviews. Still, i'd take him back tomorrow and have Moore as his assistant
  18. I think we can all agree that bannan has been an integral part of the team and the most important player since 2017. We can all see that a large % of our play starts with him, goes through him or he's the one playing the key passes in the final 3rd. It cannot be denied that he is our puppet master, pulling all of the strings and has been for some time. He is capable of moments of brilliance that very few others are that we've had playing for us in that time. This is just my personal preference, but i haven't enjoyed watching us play for a long time now. I don't like how we're so one dimensional, i don't like how we set up for Bannan to have to drop so deep for the ball to get things moving forward, i don't enjoy seeing him ping hollywood balls to inept players who aren't on the same wavelength as he is, i don't enjoy seeing his captaincy style on the pitch either, one of berating others, steaming in to tackles out of position, chasing defenders down desperately when not needed. I just don't enjoy watching a team that has bannan pulling all the strings anymore, maybe it's just fatigue of seeing the same thing over and over yet producing no different results. 'the best player by a country mile, at a mid table 3rd tier club'.
  19. Shocking foul to give away by Palmer No need at all
  20. Wind behind us, we'll be over hitting balls all second half now
  21. He doesn't know his best formation or starting 11 yet though, once he finds the best formation, then he can start on finding the best 11. Hopefully by the end of the season!
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