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  1. If we lose today we can forget about finishing in the top 6 at the end of the season
  2. Well done to the Wednesday fans who have gone up to Sunderland tonight
  3. video games and maybe going out with the person I met at college in 2019, I got something to asked her as we been looking at rings (she is getting a jelly sweet ring) as we also looked in poundland at the candy aisle
  4. Gillingham vs Crewe Alexandra has also been called off
  5. Will the Morecambe game be shown on the sky comedy channel just in case we have to go into another lockdown next year, and games being behind closed doors
  6. Hoping for an early birthday present for a Wednesday win. Up the Owls
  7. Yes and for my niece she is three, I just covered up her ears so she can't pick up any bad language
  8. 4-3 Wednesday win, and ref blows the whistle for full time after 73 minutes as he wants to toilet
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