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  1. Pick the players who won't be playing Saturday, league is more important
  2. Coventry game with Rotherham called off due to pitch issues
  3. I am happy with three points Clean sheet first win of the season
  4. Norwich losing to Wigan. Surely it won't be relegation for Norwich this season again.
  5. Come on Wednesday Those who are going today, get behind the players.
  6. Watford beating Sheffield United 1-0 after 56 minutes still a long way to go this season.
  7. The rule about time wasting will never stop Unless the player who are wasting time, the other team get an automatic penalty award.
  8. Scoreboard was a bit of a laugh. I don't remember Dawson coming on.
  9. We are not bottom of the table tonight Barnsley lost We did not lose
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