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  1. So not guilty in a court of law but guilty in the kangaroo court of the FA. An absolute joke!
  2. Michael Owen particularly in 98 when he scored a hatrick to deny us 3 points. For us Waddle or Des Walker both had class by the bucket load
  3. I think more likely to be looking into who he sends out on loan or keeps as back-up to Westwood as they have already said they want to keep him.
  4. Never been so pleased to see number 5 on the team sheet since Hirsty in the 93 cup final.
  5. Westwood Lees Hector Bannan Hutchinson Reach Fletcher Rhodes is a hell of a spine and starting point next Season. I get what people are saying about Rhodes but he’s a Wednesday player and given the fresh lease if life like Boyd and Matias who knows
  6. Let em have it, wont imagine they'll make a deal from it and by the time they have repaired the pitch it will probably cost them in the end.
  7. Yes, Lanzera. Always wanted a pair.
  8. Lanzera a la Shez in his pomp
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