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  1. I guess someone has already replied to the tweet with: Will the new kits be available? Will the new signings be there?
  2. Or are we getting Clare tied up to another contract before he goes out on loan?
  3. Nah he's off the booze apparently
  4. Good to see Penney going out to get some football.
  5. stumps


    Been a while since we played Notts County
  6. stumps

    Jordan Rhodes..

    Strangely Rhodes best games for us have all been when he had Winnall alongside him and was even pointed out on commentary tonight how much we missed a player like Winnall to play alongside Rhodes.
  7. stumps


    Stupid just needed to stay on his feet
  8. stumps

    Team for Friday

    Could easily be 4-2-3-1 with same 11 especially given that’s JL’s preferred system
  9. stumps

    Double training sessions

    It's the Gluten free version
  10. stumps

    Caption Competition

    Right now we have got rid of the adverts I want big arrows pointing towards the opposition goal and FFS dont forget to change it at half time!