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  1. Headed goals

    Interesting given that there are a number of people who reckon our full backs are crap and wingers are wasted as Carlos doesn't use them properly...
  2. Cmon Hootie you've been around long enough to know how it works...you're allowed an opinion as long as its the same as their opinion.
  3. Wildsmith Hunt Lees Pudil Reach Jones Bannan Wallace Hooper Abdi Fletcher
  4. This would be my guess too
  5. See this is what I don't get about "Carlos Out!" Season on Season Progression shows the club is moving forward, you 'think' someone else could do better with the players but have no idea who? So how do you know they can do better? One pi$$ poor performance doesn't mean we're doomed to League 1, just as 1 win doesn't mean we need to re-float HMS Pi$$ the League
  6. Next season kit

    Yes it does on the home one
  7. Next season kit

    No issue with the Home kit and it's hooped socks, as for the away kit either proper stripes or solid yellow would've been better. Looks like a black back though and again hooped socks.
  8. Next season kit

    OMG here it comes....meltdown. Performance Mode activated yet Neil?
  9. Team today

    Book a hotel, have a few beers and then watch the match tomorrow. If the other half asks tell them it went to extra time
  10. Next season kit

    The closer we have got to tomorrow the more I have thought this could happen, with a new signing or 2
  11. Next season kit

    Yes this is a colour swatch
  12. "Don't panic,Mr Mainwaring".

    You're too late...
  13. That's ridiculous...surely they'd be ringing clubs in alphabetical order, it would be Leeds next.