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  1. Let em have it, wont imagine they'll make a deal from it and by the time they have repaired the pitch it will probably cost them in the end.
  2. Yes, Lanzera. Always wanted a pair.
  3. Lanzera a la Shez in his pomp
  4. Thought that’s why we’d signed Hector to go with a Back 3. But whatever pick a system system and stick to it. Confusion reigns at S6 and it’s showing in our performance’s
  5. Normal Service Resumed. Dont understand why we’ve gone away from 3 CB’s with Hector in the middle.
  6. The extremes we'll go to so we don't have to play top of the league next weekend.
  7. Think it was written on the back of the team sheet!
  8. 30yrs on and I still haven't learned...I should know better! Definition of insanity...doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result
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