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  1. Poor all round tonight, no need for scapegoats.
  2. Aren’t you I’m weeing myself. Likely no money to spend either
  3. Hughton Stendel Cowley In that order for me
  4. Newcastle likely to be reporting he's been sacked before we announce he's resigned
  5. It is but there seems to be plenty happy to give him a chance there are many up in Newcastle, inc MA, who aren't. Personally think he's put himself between a rock and a hard place.
  6. Agreed I think DC has basically said here's what you need to pay take it or leave it and dont bother calling back unless it's to agree to these terms. I do also think that Bruce is possibly having doubts beacuse of the current situation at NUFC and knows just how precarious his position there will be
  7. Not for me personally, if he stays gets my full support thought he was the right appointment and still do. However if he goes, good riddance and Chris Hughton gets my full support. #FootballisFickle
  8. Yes thats the image I have in my head obvioulsy just wrong game. I could never understand why he got the abuse he did.
  9. Agreed wasn’t the 2-2 draw with Oldham that game after Oxford when he made his point to the job when he scored both pens
  10. If someone could just clone a left footed and right footed Roland Nilsson that’ll do.
  11. So not guilty in a court of law but guilty in the kangaroo court of the FA. An absolute joke!
  12. Michael Owen particularly in 98 when he scored a hatrick to deny us 3 points. For us Waddle or Des Walker both had class by the bucket load
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