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BREAKING - Wednesday given suspended- 6 point deduction

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1 hour ago, Plonk said:

Does make you wonder if there are new owners waiting for contracts to be signed off, but didn’t want to start on minus 6 so stumped up the wages? Sounds far fetched but didn’t Att sign a couple of players before his dad was official owner?

Please for the love of god let there be a takeover happening. 

Sadly it’s more likely Chansiri is skint or has lost interest.  

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1. There is no 'new' money.

2. There is no takeover.

3. We are clearly under an embargo. We are not allowed to pay any fee's for a player. Which is practically the same as an embargo.

4. Good players will not want to play or sign for this club.

5. We will be deducted points this season.

6. People will not be even slightly interested in buying Sheffield Wednesday. The club is in a financial mess, and there are a thousand clubs out there that will have a better return on investment, and be cheaper to get into the top flight. 

7. It will be a very long time until we are playing championship football again, probably even a year.

8. Jefferey Epstien did not kill himself.

9. The government need to replace the batteries in the Birds' again.

10. Josh Windass, Patterson, Bannan, Iorfa, Palmer, all want to leave the club, and do not want to player League one football. 

11. The time portal underneath the north stand will be dismantled, and from next season the gym will be used as a religious centre for the homeless. 

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1 hour ago, vulva said:

If it’s 6 points for every month we don’t pay on time we could be on -36 at Christmas. 

Have to forget about automatic and settle for the play offs then. 

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Sounds like only -6 points at some point during the season is the best case scenario. More likely it will snowball. I expect worse to happen after the initial -6 deduction.

What a fool

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45 minutes ago, devonshire owl said:

At least our wage bill is coming down now.

To be fair to DC, he’s got it down to zero. He deserves huge credit for that 

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Just now, Pastor Kidneys said:



I'll bet his family are so proud of him ... He's a total embarrassment.

yeah it must be horrendous for him .......awful times for all concerned and hopefully for him they rally behind him . 

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3 hours ago, SwellOwl said:

So as long as we pay players on time this season, we don’t get deduction for season after?

 Based on past performance...

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1 hour ago, King_Monkey said:

Wednesday failed to pay wages in February, March, April, May 2021 in full.


Derby failed to pay wages in December 2020


dont worry about Derby, they’ve got bigger issues coming.

i guess this is my point, they have a circus to deal with compared to us, it will be interesting to see their actual punishment when we started -12 despite the tongue in cheek about the useless gaffer

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2 hours ago, jonnyowl said:

Maybe not but entirely plausible.


He doesn't pay the players for months citing lack of revenue because of COVID then the minute he's threatened with a points the deduction he's able to find the money to pay all the wages quickly.


Without the threat of a points deduction he wouldn't have paid them.


That is 100 per cent true.

He had to pay all as you stated and the points reduction is suspended because he did. If he fails to pay again it will be imposed.

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4 hours ago, wellbeaten-the-owl said:

Can't argue with that

Seems fair enough. Not much of a punishment, just pay the players, should be easy enough with a new season and ticket revenues.

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4 hours ago, Groundhopping Owl said:

As per John Percy from the Telegraph, very reliable source. Apologies if the pope is feeling under the weather.


Not to stoke the fires but when are we going to protest at this joke of an owner?

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