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Community Answers

  1. Sell him for that price nice bit of business (for a change)
  2. Is this taken from Herries Road? Can’t get my bearings with it being so dark
  3. Eric Cantona Emerson Thome - I really liked him when he played for us, thought he was pretty solid
  4. Truly hope Forest absolutely ******** on them in the final hate Hudds
  5. I appreciated it sounded harsh hence my earlier response there are ways around it - folk don’t always need to be confrontational to deal with a problem, which clearly bothered the OP (e.g. remain passive and go chat with stewards, do it anonymously, let them try and deal with it).
  6. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so direct with my language, but I stick by my point moaning about ‘that’ kind of language without doing anything about it is just abit odd but each to their own
  7. Did you tell any of the stewards of the language? From your description it sounded racist? If it was and you don’t speak up you’re part of the problem
  8. Gee ore we lost over two games and now suddenly he ain’t good enough The aim next season should be automatic promotion He’s the man to do it, keep the nucleus of the squad together and we’ll do it
  9. Don’t give stupid last minute goals away which means we end up drawing games
  10. And yet we looked like we were going to go on n win it when he came on
  11. Ref is poo but pet shop him we’ve got to be abit more brave ain’t gonna score if we don’t shoot come on lads Get one we can get another UTO
  12. I’d of been happy with 0-0 that would have been astounding we’re not miles off so all to play for
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