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Community Answers

  1. This guy is off his nut. Covid or no Covid we were always going to be in trouble because the top dog couldn’t run a pissup in a brewery.
  2. Not to stoke the fires but when are we going to protest at this joke of an owner?
  3. Impressive that they’ve modelled the stripes on Chansiri’s heartbeat ?
  4. DM didn’t really have a chance to look at either of them and decide whether they were good enough the other managerial appointments made by Chansiri, and Chansiri himself, are entirely to blame for letting them run down their contracts bonkers business strategy tbh constantly going ‘WTAF’ where this club is concerned atm
  5. Great news but this is what it’s come on to - Positive because Chansiri met a basic obligation once in the last few months yay i hope this is the start of normality for us
  6. Ahem dont forget that he’s good with PowerPoint christ - reads like a graduate’s covering letter
  7. Unless someone posts a YouTube highlights video I’m not sure I can get excited.....
  8. More interested in the guy next to him who doesn’t appear to have any legs
  9. Lolz what a great custodian we have at the club but the way he says ‘up the owls’ with such enthusiasm I can’t help but laugh
  10. Haven’t even given it 2 minutes thought but we haven’t got a choice the youth can only do their best, and certainly won’t get any criticism from me if they do end up being named on teamsheets
  11. Ball work isn’t important though at this stage - surely it’s all about fitness?
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