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  1. What exactly is Monk supposed to do then ?? Because he’ll continue to try and polish the turd that is our players whilst occasionally adding to the shitmix aswell - for the want of trying something different no-one wins here, least of all if he gets sacked 3months of the season, points deduction looming; and fans STILL think we’ll magically rise like some ****** Phoenix if Monk is disposed of If the whole issue at Wednesday is systemic then sacking Monk doesn’t solve the issue we have to ride this out I’m afraid.
  2. Geee ore it’s like a stuck record on here there was a reason he was sacked !!
  3. It’s only football and we’ve been in far far worse predicaments than now
  4. You inferred those two are outcasts and it’s affecting the squad though ?? That’s complete BS ain’t it really ?
  5. What’s the common denominator? The players roll on the summer where ever we are
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