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  1. This saga isn’t done for 3 months, never mind 4 weeks unless football clubs want to finish the season in the summer I can only see one option
  2. we’ve still fallen off a cliff edge since Leeds in January as if the club had a bomb given to it for Christmas
  3. We pay some of the most inflated prices to watch overpaid blokes kick a ball around a pitch hardly a marker for ‘intelligence’ is it
  4. A manager will only work wonders when he can solely concentrate on the team theres so much poo flying about in the background its unreal who would actually want to come to us? Genuinely.....
  5. I see that but I literally don’t think anyone would be able to manage this lot, not even Pep Guardiola
  6. Quite easy to get lost in this and read them as all negative numbers 😭
  7. The ‘secret’ that’s been around since the days of Carlos ? that would be a no then
  8. remind me again, how many managers were desperate for the job when Bruce jacked off??
  9. I felt sorry for him tbh clearly massive issues behind the scenes Even if Monk decides to walk or if he is sacked, NO-ONE else will come in and fix this absolutely shower bad times
  10. No pressure tonight far lower expectations
  11. I’d be pissed off if I saw my defenders weeing about with it in the penalty box rather than getting it up the pitch.....much like we did for 90% of the time we had the ball sometimes it’s unwarranted but, from what I saw, Bannan was well within his rights to have a go
  12. No one except our defenders have touched the ball tonight we’re playing Man City for gods sake
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