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  1. I admire the OP question but irrespective of articulate debate on here, do you think Chansiri would actually listen to suggestions from fans? Because he’s fallen flat on his face when offering the fans forums and is clearly a very proud man who won’t be belittled and/or listen certainly not in public anyway By the way, what is with the obsession on here with Sam ‘dodgy dealings’ Allardyce and Director Of Football?? Do folk think that he’s not got a bad reputation ?? And do you think that serves as a good footing??
  2. If we ship goals every single game it doesn’t matter what the formation is we are a boat at sea with a hole in the hull and, just to make matters worse, we don’t have goal scorers queuing up we are making way too many mistakes at the moment
  3. It’s a habit we’ve had for a while quite unbelievable really
  4. 244 pages so far shall we say 300 by the time Neil goes to bed later ?
  5. Definitely the face of a man who’s just been paid on time good luck Ciaran!
  6. If there are money issues they usually come out the woodwork well before...the timing of the story stinks of trying to derail us entirely and a complete stab in the back of the club
  7. Complete BS story and makes no sense whatsoever against the last performance on the field
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