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  1. Your an Owl where do you live

    Derby now but used to be Barnsley (clue in name)
  2. Give over Surely the merit of a player is to pull it out the hat when it counts ?? Threadbare squad and he’s performing - what more you want ??
  3. Dunt think he’s been given a fair crack of the whip last few seasons. Unplayable at times, great asset to have keep it up Nuhiu
  4. Be quite nice actually wanting to watch the extended highlights on YouTube in a bit well done lads UTO
  5. Blooody standard FFFFFFFFFFFS
  6. Can we play player injury bingo?
  7. Points needed

    39 points Brum and Burton are bobbar, but they score goals and that makes me wonder whether we are safe at the moment
  8. And yet he still didn’t see this coming
  9. FAO all the players

    Does that make the performance against Bolton anymore acceptable? The level of complacency in this statement is quite frightening. Since when do Wednesday fans find it acceptable to depend on complete luck to save ourselves from relegation ??
  10. Fantastic I can sleep tonight knowing that
  11. Is there owt going off at this meeting or what?
  12. Seems a strange time to release that information the steering group meeting is going to be fun