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  1. We need others to mess up first (including Wycombe) And even if we do make it possible on the final day we need to overcome our shocking record at Pride Park slim pickings
  2. Money has completely transformed the game, with businessmen’s fixation on ‘growth’ year on year. it should be about financial sustainability. The heroes comment - this is complete perspective. The players do a fair amount of community work, and I would say more so than other clubs therefore the club are achieving this ‘good PR’; it’s impact is measured on whether the fans actually give a throw about them turning up to support less fortunate members off the community, e.g. sick children
  3. He’s played 251 times for our club I wonder who is 2nd
  4. It deserves the whol Alan Partridge showreel every description fits it to a tee
  5. Yep exactly what I saw aswell It’s frightening how poor we are once Green and Kachunga come on, we did well to keep a clean sheet yesterday
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