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  1. Get shot Never should have brought him here in the first place
  2. Geee Ore you melt 4 points off top just hope we we learn our lesson
  3. Tell the melt to pipe down then - so called “footy fans”
  4. Standard Wednesday though innit - we've done this for years tonight was our night and we won What happened last Friday has happened countless times over the years onwards and upwards - enjoy it while it lasts and a good 3 points before the weekend’s game which will be a lot more tough
  5. Adthe on from the start never ever works ah well league is more important
  6. Agreed Only at Wednesday could a fanbase get excited about the Cowley's who would be nothing but a punt i just hope Monk is given the support he needs. He’s a better track record at this level anyhow.
  7. It is abit odd really any other player would be going mental
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