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  1. Good to know all restrictions were lifted on 19th July... Policy on the hoof!
  2. So even though he's not an out & out striker we still manage to lose our best goal threat Get some strikers in ASAP Dej.
  3. Deffo part timer. And I'll be even more of a part timer moving forward with this idiot still in charge... he's had all he can get from me.
  4. I can throw a little context at it. Season 2016/17 I bought a package in Dooleys for 10 games for 2 people. Couldn't make every Saturday home game due to family reasons so wanted a 10 game plan of my own choosing. Cost me £4k + vat
  5. It's not always a case of 'keeping' them too long ... often it's the case that they've been awarded crazy financial contracts that many of our peers can actually match so we have no option other than to run them down even if they've been ostracised.
  6. Worst? This is the best stuff since that dude in the 1970s who made a living outta daft pronunciations ... can't for the life of me think of his name
  7. It's the best part of the match so far ... might tune in to a few Alfreton matches this season just for the comedy
  8. Is there any wonder why this fukwit chairman is as quiet as a church mouse! Not a word from him for months. I'll bet his family are so proud of him ... He's a total embarrassment.
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