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  1. The 5-4 Man U game springs to mind. (vaguely) Also 1-0 down at half-time at Blackburn 1980 ... won -1-2 ... absolute bedlam in he away end
  2. They keep banging on about a 'difficult' run of fixtures? They've only played 4 of the top 10 and they were also fortunate to play Liverpool, Man C & Chelsea when they were all coming off the back of midweek European fixtures whilst they had a free week. Excuses.
  3. Yeah fair enough ... I did think there was a slight slip as he moved forward but it didn't show as much on the replay.
  4. I thought he slipped on live viewing but looking at the replay it wasn't as obvious ... benefit of doubt for now. Whether he did or not he'll still prove to be better than either Dawson or Wildsmith who admittedly was unfortunate to be dropped. I would have played Wildsmith today but no way is he better than Westwood once he's back up to speed.
  5. As bad as he is we have run out of options ... He certainly can't be worse than the donkey Paterson. How he's earning a living as a footballer is a total mystery.
  6. If he wanted to prove to Pulis that we should play long ball and miss out midfield then he couldn't have made a better job of it ... his worst game whilst he's been here.
  7. I know we're down to 10 men and up against it but what exactly does Paterson bring to the table? He's just a lump.
  8. 4 day build up to a shambles And some were still wanting Monk to be given more time.
  9. Similar to a choice between the 'hoea sisters Diarr, Pyorr & Gonorr
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