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  1. Yes a break would help us no end ... we've been right at it since the last postponement against Swansea...
  2. Where there's a chance mate we have to try ... but draws are of very little use to us now .. wins needed.
  3. Wing back and he's got the energy to do it ... Would prefer Odubajo doing it but not possible.
  4. Just for once lets put round pegs in round holes. Play strikers who are actually strikers instead of converted midfielders/defenders. Provide them with chances and lets see how they do. Neither are good enough to do the solo striker role and they need to play off each other as a pair. Paterson runs around a lot and has energy so lets get him involved in midfield and breaking into the box to assist the strikers...a better role IMO. Hutch doesn't have the fitness or finesse for midfield and has always been a CB IMO. Our fullbacks are a waste of tim
  5. Couldn't trap a medicine ball. That miss bang in front of the goal was dreadful.
  6. I'm not a great fan of 3-5-2 but with the fullback options we have we may as well go with it and just play 3 CBs. It also allows us to pack midfield too as we lost that battle last night and for goodness sake play 2 strikers that have made their careers out of doing that instead of makeshift with Paterson & Windass... neither of whom are strikers
  7. That attempt at taking a corner tho .... Kachunga goes to take it ... stops and turns round and then Brown decides to jog across with less than 30 seconds remaining and then takes a worse corner than Bannan ffs! Pathetic effort from Brown.
  8. Yeah but we can't always rely on playing against 10 men for a quarter of the game. We were pathetic for most of that match.
  9. What a load of crap DM. Must have took Thompsons advice. That formation doesn't work either with the squad we have. The fullbacks are dreadful. Just play players in the position where they've made their careers. Rhodes & Marriott are strikers so play them together up top. Get Windass & Harris wide and then 3 in the middle as we totally lost the midfield tonight. Bannan, Paterson, Shaw maybe. And put Hutchinson in as a CB because he doesn't have the fitness for midfield and flank him with Lees & Borner. Not muc
  10. Yeah he's let the other 10 down without doubt...
  11. Even before that late goal they were still pushing men forward with 10 ... Only reason we actually scored is cos they went down to 10 ... We're absolutely useless. At least we have a manager with Lg1 experience because we're gunna need it.
  12. What is wrong with these wasters! Neither of them can make their mind up who's going to take a fukking corner in the 6th minute of injury time and the Brown surpasses Bannan in the sh*t carner taking and they break and score ... Just fukk off the lot of you and take that idiot owner with you.
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