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  1. I'd pack that 8 out with Paterson, Shaw & Reach. Mainly for the energy & commitment of Paterson breaking from midfield. Shaw & Reach because we don't really have much else to choose from. 3-5-2
  2. I've watched Wednesday for over 55yrs. In that time I've seen some great players in the blue n white. I've also seen some very good players, very average players and plenty of shocking players. I'd place Adam Reach in the very average category ... can produce the occasional 'worldy' and has a good engine. But I've rarely come across a player in our stripes as cowardly and quite frankly nesh as Reach. A modern day 'footballer' that couldn't tackle a wet paper bag and earned millions in the process. More fool us! He won't be
  3. Competition will be fierce for his signature mate ... you'll probably be up against the Royal School of Ballet
  4. We're unable to save ourselves so we've no right to expect others to help.
  5. Well you wanted him to hire another one when Pulis was here? What's another inept appointment matter in this sh*tshow.
  6. This^^^^^ The players are spineless but don't let Moore & his team escape that performance. I hope he's fired as soon as we're relegated.
  7. Well I'll say it now ... Darren Moore that is a fkkn disgrace of a set up. Needing a win to give ourselves a chance and just one sub?? Smith stood on the touchline like a pot pr*ck not daring to make changes without getting on the phone?!? Clear this deadwood squad and fire Moore and his team after the game against Derby.
  8. What’s wrong with this management team .. do summat ffs!
  9. Westwood had his hand in the calamity but why did Reach head it back into the area? Stop defending the useless tw@ Reach
  10. Get Reach & Harris off now! And stop fkkn about with Paterson at FB ... Get him breaking from midfield behind the strikers ffs. Who the fkk has devised this set up and tactics ... dreadful.
  11. Reach’s accuracy to find a Forest player has to be applauded
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