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  1. Strong play from FDB there but it would have been a tap in for Windass. Probably had every right to shoot really. Windass not happy.
  2. I wonder if it's more a case he's been told not to gallop as far forward by DM? Although he was Johnny on the spot for the first goal he did seem to hang back a bit more than last season. Best crosser of a ball at the club IMO.
  3. Please tell me that's a 'logo' on the sole of his shoe & not a £14.99 price sticker from the market
  4. No - we're still in the same division. Did you miss the question marks in my post?
  5. So you agree the 3-5-2 isn't working then? What's the common denominator in all the available systems then? The manager?
  6. Ditch it. Play 4-4-2 and stop complicating things. No good being the best team for back end of last season ... we didn't get promotion. Either ditch 3-5-2 or DM ... preferably both.
  7. Well he's had anything but a confident start at S6 ... overweight and stuck to his line. If it is a fair fight for keeper then Dawson deserves a go.
  8. He's not my man pal ... just an observation that as the season progresses it'll become apparent that he'd have been useful to have around. If I'm honest I wasn't too disappointed when he left as it was probably time to do so but I don't think the defence is better than last season. 2 of the back 3 that played yesterday will be found out as the season continues. Iorfa & Heneghan aren't good enough to play in a 3 IMO. Iorfa is all over the place and is poor with the ball at his feet & Heneghan, whilst decent in the air, is painfully slow.
  9. This ^^^ Heneghan will look quite commanding when heading and can also ping the odd ball out wide but I fear when he comes up against any striker with speed he won't cope. He'll get run ragged. Iorfa constantly gets under the ball and it sails over his head ... with how tall he is it's infuriating. Needs to sort his positioning. Ihiekwe will be OK when he settles but it's baffling we couldn't persuade Hutch to give us one more year - he's easily as good as what we have now.
  10. Need to drop Iorfa & dump the 3-5-2 and play 2 full backs and 2 CBs in a 4-3-3
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