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  1. Two very desperate seasons 74/75 & 75/76 ... probably the worst we've ever had. Amazingly when big Jack joined it seemed to galvanise the fan base ( especially the away following ) ... had some great days on the road.
  2. Of course it was NML's fault ... bloody sauntering back without a care in the world & only been on the field 5 minutes.
  3. Spot on Carlton. Good player is Bazza & far and away our best player right now ... but not in the same league as CP.
  4. I know you're fishing Neil but Hirst looked 10 times the player that Berahino is now.
  5. Good. Too inconsistent. Drifts in & out of games.
  6. That's shocking - needs locking up.
  7. So all he's doing really is proving how poor their home support is. Thick ****
  8. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...
  9. All the data you need mate is just look under the heading of League 1 ... you'll find us wallowing down there awaiting the fixture list in mid June telling us we've got trips lined up to Forest Green Rovers & Exeter City among many others. If you're happy & content with that then that's fine ... some aren't.
  10. We actually got done by 3 managers ... 2 have automatic promotion & the other has just schooled DM over 2 play off games. 85 points mean absolutely nothing now ... all DM has on his CV here is a relegation and keeping us in league 1.
  11. What points haul? You do realise we're still in league 1 next season don't you? 2 of the teams relegated from the Championship last season are on the brink of promotion. One team has already achieved it & another of the 3 has a one game winner take all chance ... any idea what happened to the third team of that trio? You know, the team with the biggest budget in the league?
  12. It just saved us being eliminated by Wycombe or MK Dons instead.
  13. He got 13 points from 14 games in the Championship that ended with us getting relegated under his stewardship. All his points have come in the 3rd division and all he has on his CV here is one relegation and ... nothing.
  14. Shocking that he couldn't be ar*ed to track back when they scored ... as much his fault as anybody.
  15. Tragic that Darren Moore is even mentioned in an article alongside 2 great Wednesday managers. And Wilko & Catterick were managing at a higher level.
  16. The goal was as much to do with NML not tracking his man & leaving an overload on our right hand side. He'd only been on the field 10 mins and just ambled back instead of chasing them down. Pathetic
  17. Best team went through over the 2 legs without doubt. Better tactics all round and they didn't just come to defend the lead.
  18. If we’re just gunna lump it we might as well have the battering ram off the bench ffs
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