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  1. Some great performers today. Hutch Gregory NML But we are a different team with Luongo on the pitch - all action performance from him MOTM
  2. The left side of the wall just never jumped and watched it sail in the net ffs
  3. Ashley & Chansiri One a successful businessman that makes money. The other is Chansiri
  4. Wonder if the MKD manager might give him a fair shake! Not getting it here.
  5. We've been waiting since the beginning of this century ffs! How much longer do we twiddle our thumbs waiting?
  6. Yep we obviously disagree but hey ho. I would throw Neil Lennon into the frame. He might laugh in Chansiri's face but he's managed a very big club in a 2 team league & seems very strong minded so won't be fazed by anything this club might throw at him. Quite a miserable, nasty tempered guy ... If it doesn't work just sack him next January
  7. If we do get another manager this week (here's hoping) then I'll give him until the transfer window opens next January. In that time if he hasn't managed to get us promoted via the play-offs this season & we are not top 2 come next Jan then off he goes. And I couldn't care less whether DM or anyone else is a 'nice guy' ... I don't want to have dinner with him, I want him to get us promoted playing football that we can enjoy and not this dirge we currently have served up.
  8. I wasn't deflecting anything. I asked you a question and you replied by asking me a question . Thanks for humouring/patronising me though ... It's very much appreciated.
  9. I've noticed you love asking questions when someone replies to a post of yours but you avoid the questions asked of you.
  10. It's absolutely got nothing to do with the fans. Only one person can call a halt to this and that is Chansiri. Do you think at the start of this season that Chansiri said to Moore that anywhere between 7th - 14th place in Lg1 is acceptable? Not a chance he did ... he was even deluded enough to think we could still challenge for promotion in the Championship when we were nearer relegation. Chansiri is haemorrhaging cash at this club & the least he will expect from Moore is the play-offs and even that is a coin throw ... The other 2 promotion places are already beyond us.
  11. Moore rarely puts the same side out twice even when he has the choice. He loves tinkering. No more excuses for this manager Mr Chansiri ... Fire him today.
  12. Gregory is getting no more than scraps to feed off and puts himself about ... Berahino on the other hand...
  13. Now is the ideal time for Chansiri to pull the trigger ... no game for 2 weeks and get a new man lined up this week. Although I agree nobody can usually fathom what Chansiri might do.
  14. If Chansiri in any way thinks he backed Moore last summer then he has no other option than to fire him tomorrow morning ... and even that will be 6 months too late. Dreadful manager & DC will be looking at his bank balance dwindling with little chance of getting back to the Championship which is surely what he tasked DM with for this season. 2 of the 3 promotion places are already out of sight ... and the other is the crap shoot of the play offs which are looking distant. I expect Moore to be sacked tomorrow.
  15. Shrews sitting deeper now .. happy with what they have.
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