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  1. Couldn't we just pop him on a low light for a couple of hours till the footie finishes
  2. I was there ... bit of a crush on the Bramall Lane end. Great days.
  3. Bannan so far out in front of the others ... in fact he was better than the Watford midfielders too and that was with odd shoes on. Will Hughes couldn't lace his boots.
  4. Borner fkd up there and just chucked his head in the way to avoid a booking
  5. Again Windass needs that 2nd touch ... just roll it across goal first time ffs
  6. I thought if the attacker was in an offside position and made an attempt to play the ball it was offside ffs! He was clearly swinging a leg in anticipation of Lees missing it. We'd have been better off letting the ball run to him. Pathetic from Reach tho getting caught under the ball.
  7. 3-5-2 surely? Hutch CB with Lees n Borner Reach n Urhoghide wing backs
  8. If Brown & Reach had his heart and desire they'd be better thought of around these parts. I'm not his greatest fan but he puts it in for the team and that's you can ask of him.
  9. Did well again today ... fair play to the lad. Doesn't shirk and puts a shift in.
  10. Probably be OK for us in league 1 ... TBF he's been nowhere near the worst performer this season.
  11. Yep, I was there too. Scrambled up the shale banking on the away end after the gates were bulldozed open by the sheer force of the crowd trying to get in. I was a very narrow entrance down to the turnstiles and the gates couldn't withstand the force ... bit of a crush tho. Great days following Wednesday then.
  12. WOW - who actually agrees/authorises this? Total wastrel!
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