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  1. Yeah let's celebrate 1 point from Morecambe, Plymouth & Shrewsbury. We're really ripping this league a new un.
  2. We've probably used up Moore's talent in that he can attract 'names' to the club. I'm yet to see any positive side to his coaching credentials. Let's not forget he was in charge when we were relegated ... far from his fault as he was firefighting last season but come on, this just ain't good enough and he will be axed eventually ... no need to prolong the agony. This guy will not get us promoted.
  3. Well that's a new free kick routine ... Bannan hits it too long past the far post
  4. Really poor goal that - what was Hunt doing allowing the cross
  5. Great stuff Dunsby ... always interesting content.
  6. How to completely dominate a game and end up a goal down.
  7. Just seen the Wednesday team coaches arriving at New York stadium and Hutch was the first off the coach ... looked like he was still limping to me. Leave him out until he's fully recovered ... no need to rush any players back with our squad.
  8. I just love how the penalty taker is about to wheel away in delight and then BPF flies across to thwart him
  9. This squad will realise it's full potential when the games come thick n fast in the winter months ... It's nowhere near hit the straps yet but it will. Best squad in Lg1.
  10. No need to take a touch there Gregory ... just clip it over him first time
  11. Well I thought Paterson would get involved eventually!!
  12. Has Kamberi actually completed a pass to one of our players yet?
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