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  1. With out a shadow of doubt he isn't......
  2. Who'd be manager?.....goalie makes a clanger and the manager cops some for crap tactics........Westwood catches the ball and reach shoots a foot lower and we win the game with buĺlen being praised for bringing home the points.....tough job
  3. While I'm happy with bullen if we are going to appoint a new bloke then rather someone from the lower level like the cowleys,tisdale,ainsworth rather than the serial failures that seem getting a mention .....big gamble though as for everyone that does step up and succeeds theres many more that can't hack it.
  4. We have a decent squad and for me it's how they play rather than who plays ......2 wide men and striker is the way to go .
  5. We have done feck all for 2 seasons and the winds of change are now blowing in the right direction(We hope)....there bound to casualties and some favourites are going to fall by the wayside ....we have to change the squad for the better of the club rather than pander to the fans who moan when there hero is left out .
  6. Fair comment but then would you employ a manager like pulis,monk,Coleman, rowett ect ect who's CV says sacked sacked sacked ad nauseum......we could go down let's get a young gun like stoke have with Nathan Jones but that's gamble as they are finding out ....bullen might turn out to be a dud but at the moment he's done ok and until that alters i see no reason to change
  7. so if he goes 20 games unbeaten you still wouldn't want him appointed …...
  8. the lowest average in div 1 that season was 17k (Leicester )who also had the lowest highest gate of 26k so they all did ...our average was 11k second only to Wrexham who just topped by a 100 or so .
  9. when he arrived we were 16th place and when he left 1 year later we were 18th, considering his hands were tied with the FFP then I reckon we've had far bigger failures than him .
  10. tis true ...16 league and 5 in the cups ……..
  11. bloody hell ,I thought you was talking out your arris ….so looked it up and spot on mate 21 goals that season .
  12. i'm firmly in bullens camp but if we were to go down the lets get a manager from the lower level i'd be pitching for tisdale whos record is certainly as good if not better than the cowleys …...
  13. We could appoint a new bloke today and still get turned over on Saturday and he'd be the one getting vitriol .......if fans don't want bullen coz they don't think he can do the job then fine but you can't not give him a run at post on the strength that he'll cop some if he fails.
  14. good test for bullen this, they'll probably play matt smith so stopping crosses coming in will be important .....having 2 attacking wingers may not be a good option if he wants to stop that or does go feck it let them worry about stopping us ........
  15. it's not an opinion I share ........carlos got us to 4th and fans were calling for his head, megson got us to 3rd spot and got dogs abuse ,I doubt if bully gets 4th this season he'll be copping it . ...
  16. always have a couple of beers before the game and yesterday feeling a bit peckish asked for a packet of crisps ..."what flavour " she asks ,salt and vinegar please .....gets back to me cubicle and feck me she's given me plain ......ok its not a big deal but if we cant get the small things right then it' can so easily spread and before you know it the back 4 are giving the ball away, fletch is missing sitters and we are tumbling down the league and with the ramifications of FFP unable to stop the rot .............it needs sorting .
  17. he's either good enough or he isn't ....whether the fans show less patience with him shouldn't be an issue on whether he's appointed .......lets be right we'd have a new manager every 3 month if chansiri was influenced by what we say on here .
  18. i'd prefer the title of head coach ......guess it depends on what route chansiri wants to go down . does he want a manager who's in charge everything or just someone who gets the best out of the squad that the owner and his recruitment team can provide.
  19. if bullen is working well with Haslam & Thompson then get someone to replace them in there previous roles ......
  20. we have a decent squad that needs to be utilised so its not a question of who drops out ....we have 2 games in 4 days next week and it's highly unlikely that we'll play the same team in both games .....lee probably wont play 2 , bullen as said that they'll be games that he wont play both bomber & spud .,........ we can cover just about every position so the days of running players into the ground and playing them when they arnt 100% are hopefully over .
  21. i suspect that bullen does nothing but look after the squad....if he's got Haslam, weaver the fitness bloke & Thompson that's 5 working with a squad of 25, how many do we need? ......…. if we think that he needs a tactical coach to help guide him that's a different matter but from what we have seen so far that doesn't seem to be the case .
  22. Just give it to bullen .....the way we played yesterday I want more of.we never took a backward step,pressed them way up the pitch and played some great football with pace....what's not to like
  23. Going to be interesting to see how bully uses them ....listening to him post match he said that they won't both play in certain games......Going to be tough choice of which one to leave on the bench.
  24. totally agree you should pick your best team for every match but whats the best team …….bannan gets in my team but you could get 30 different sides from 30 different posters ., then you have what works against Barnsley at home may not be ideal for millwall away .I find it hard to believe that we'll play 2 wingers at the den ……..what we have now is a squad that seems capable of covering just about any given situation .
  25. Can I access the south from leppings lane ?.....
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