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  1. the list is endless over the years ….even we got to the cup final with 4 teenagers in the side so it is possible to play at the top level at that age . …….all that matters is ability
  2. the stipulation that Birmingham had in the summer that they could only sign players on less than 10k a week , you'd think with how we are going to be way over the FFP limit that we'll have summat similar imposed ……...no idea what players like lazzaar,arrans,hector are on but i'd be surprised if we could give them what they'd want . same with a lot of other names that are being bandied about in this and other threads . loan market and freebies seems the way we'll be going . …...what chansiri said last autumn" that we'll be in big trouble come the summer if we don't go up" probably still rings true .
  3. matias came from a club that averaged just over 2000 so couldn't have been on much over there ….it's hard to imagine that we would have dangled any where near 10k to have attracted him over here . …….
  4. I went for sterland mainly because he weighed in with a few goals but find it difficult to separate him ,nilsson & smith ...all 3 class acts .
  5. if the allocation was 4500 and we sold the lot we'd be saying what great support ……..it makes no sense that if we sell that many but just because theres a few hundred empty seats that our support suddenly becomes poor .
  6. I'd guess that Carlos didn't sign him and the deal was some sort of stitch up between urbys agent and whoever was doing our recruitment at the time ...
  7. A fellow anorak then mate ......I got it back in the 80s it's a mighty tome and not light reading .
  8. the long range pot shots always seem to get the headlines but for me I much prefer where the opposites defence are sliced open by some slick 5 man move with the scorer just stroking it home preferably after rounding the keeper …...trouble is a I cant think of one .
  9. we should offer him what we can afford ….the days of giving in to players demands as to stop if we are to get the right side of FFP …..it's pointless giving him xxx amount for the 10 points he saves us if by doing so we get hit with a points deduction as we surely will if we keep flouting the rules …….he may well take a drop in wages to stay here but if hudders or whoever are in a position to offer more then that would be a test of his loyalty and love for the club that some seem to think he has …
  10. you think the championship is crap ?......I personally think its a very competitive enthralling even exciting competition where more than half the clubs are capable of mounting a challenge for a play off spot …...unlike the predictable prem where we can name the 6 clubs who'll be the top 6 next season and probably the one after that as well .
  11. Makes you wonder how we've been on such a good run since Christmas with those two in the team ......if we can sign better players then I'm all for having them out the 11 but unless chansiri can magic up a way round ffp I think it will be very difficult to get better than those 2
  12. our midfield of hutch reach, boyd & bannan can stand up against most of the others in this division …..
  13. played really well today ….he's a good keeper .
  14. good team performance …..once again I don't think anyone stood out so ive gone for bannan a 30 yard screamer and a sublime pass for the second outweighs everyone else when it comes match winning performance .
  15. bruce had him at villa and didn't bring back,i'd like to think he'll do the same next season …...
  16. I thought the ref had good game.....it's difficult to have such a great match as that if the ref is having a mare .
  17. Being of a certain age Springett is the undisputed number 1 and everyone who saw him will no doubt agree
  18. exactly …..even wilder ………..so bruce;s way isn't the answer and yet we all think he can do well for us .
  19. but surely he'd know that if a team as good as leeds plays a 3 and we only have a 2 that we'd be out gunned ….reach can play in the middle so he could have put him in there or pelupessy who didn't let him down against forest …...bruce is no fool and what happened in other games against lesser sides that plays a 3 we have had success against cant have influenced him ……..
  20. that game lazaar played on his debut was everything you'd want from a wing back and certainly nothing wrong on the defensive side of his game …..he looked the real deal to me .
  21. i'm not one who gets involved or even knows too much about the tactical side of the game but bruce obviously does …….this is not having a dig at you but bruce would know that leeds play a 3 and yet he plays a 2 so what do you see that he doesn't …..
  22. I wasn't overly impressed with his defensive work as he seemed to go missing on occasions but the lad as some ability which may flourish under bruce…..
  23. who would you have alongside if all games were like that and what system would you play ?...…..
  24. played well today but then he always does ….,,
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