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  1. Better than one of our best points tally in the second half of the season. Yeah, righto.
  2. Used to us not doing great in the important games. Only managed it twice in my life time. wycombe and Hartlepool. Hardly glamorous fixtures either. will I ever see us do well in big games, or get to the premiership? I’d say not.
  3. To say how many people are calling for his head I’ve not seen one decent suggestion from any of them on who could replace him. not even with a dedicated thread. one person even said we should replace him with nobody
  4. People will still find away to argue against his credentials to suit their agenda. Ok we lost in a semi final of the play offs. Which is a gamble anyway. A bit of dodgy defending in the away leg cost us dearly. but the second half of the season is enough to earn DM the chance to go again
  5. Never heard of him, but we should sign him just so we can chant Jerry, Jerry, Jerry everytime he gets in a bit of bother.
  6. Stop talking sense, or they will be after you.
  7. Can someone start another Darren Moore thread? We don’t have enough.
  8. Got to find those small positives where we can mate.
  9. Not once have I tried to defend his tactics. I’m just choosing to back a manager. And not calling for his head every time we lose. our fans want a change of manager every time we don’t win a game or get promoted.
  10. I don’t how he’s ended up in league one.
  11. I think Moore not being shackled by chansiri is a positive. Previous managers have, and I dare say if Moore goes then the next one will.
  12. Well it is about that if people want him out. people want him out, but who do they want in? let’s get rid of Moore and have nobody?
  13. Over the season, particularly the second half i think he does. I get there’s going to be differing of opinions. Especially when emotions are high after a semi final defeat. name me a realistic manager that would come and do a better job under the shackles of Chansiri?
  14. Just think of how many players we wouldn’t have got if we had the likes of Jos, Monk etc.
  15. Alex Neil 1million percent did not outclass us tonight. christ!
  16. They’re not going to say anything else are they? “yeah we’re not good enough to go up top, so we’re aiming for top six” come on
  17. I suppose there’s just a lot of knee jerk reactions after losing a semi final, which were all disappointed about. after that second half to the season he deserves the chance to go again.
  18. I may be in a minority, but I want him here next year.
  19. Only thing I’ve got from this thread is a hard on.
  20. I think it’s impossible to “no longer be in our hands” in a two legged semi final. are we relying on somebody else to get a result for us. All we need to do is win.
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