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  1. Disagree. We are where we are because we are utter pants
  2. Break the bank and get Paul Warne in.
  3. We didn’t. We lost after an inept defensive performance with no attacking threat.
  4. You watched the interview with Gary Neville. He seems keen to manage and thinks he has a point to prove. He pretty much spells it out he’s looking for a route into management as he thinks he has something to offer.
  5. Do we really have the best squad in the league? Everyone on head is moaning about each individual after almost every game
  6. Don’t think he would come for the money. I like Ryan Lowe. He’s better off staying away.
  7. Roy Keane. wouldn’t stand for the half arsd performances these cowards put in.
  8. when it’s too late maybe. Disagree. I think Ryan Lowe had much more sense than to come here. give me one valid reason why he would come here.
  9. Come on Crofty. You know as well as I do that chansiri doesn’t have the bottle to sack him, and Ryan lowe wouldn’t want to come here.
  10. Chansiri will leave it too late again.
  11. I gave up at 1-2. Was inevitable
  12. It would be option one for me. I want us to go out and try and win every game we play no matter who the opposition is. if we draw one of the big clubs in the cups I would much prefer to see us try and do something and lose 5-1 6-2 etc that sitting back and still losing 3-0.
  13. As it’s a hypothetical question, I will give a hypothetical answer. yes, if he accepts all his wages on a massive win bonus only.
  14. Out of interest. Which of the two options below would you prefer. 1) go out every Game to spank the opposition, potentially slip up in the odd game and potentially miss out on promotion. 2) go out to nullify the opposition and try not o lose games. Sneak onto the play offs after a boring season of 1-0s and 0-0s
  15. Roy Keane would be my preferred choice. He wouldn’t stand for the half arsed performances this lot put in on an all to regular basis. I would also take Paul Warne from Rotherham.
  16. Unfortunately I can’t see him going anywhere all season.
  17. Clear out your locker, pal. shambles!
  18. I hope to god that’s true. It’s the kind of petty behaviour that really makes you chuckle.
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