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  1. Good post mate, I think Monk was the one who found Hernandez for Swansea/Leeds? Leicester & Brighton signed Knockaert when they were in the championship & there’s similar attribute players out there we could get in January that aren’t so well known in England yet, waiting to make a name for themselves. I’m hoping FF will become the player of old but if it doesn’t happen before January then we definitely need to strengthen the creative play
  2. fair enough, personally I’d say Westwood/Dawson, Borner, Iorfa, Hutchinson, Bannan, Luongo, Lee, Harris and Fletcher are decent championship players. We just need some creative spark to add to that mix. There’s not many I would definitely swap with the Cardiff side that won promotion from this league anyway
  3. Agree we couldn’t ask any more, but mediocre players is harsh. I’d say 7-8 of the team last night are as good as anything else you’d find in this league. It’s just a couple of attacking players needed to give our organised side a creative spark. If we signed an attacking left back to replace Fox and creative winger to replace Reach I’d say the team is as good as anyone else
  4. this ^ I bet people would have been delighted if Dyche or Hughton were appointed, never mind that they’d have made us hard to beat and pragmatic too. At Burnley Dyche had to spend £8m on Andre Gray and Brighton needed to spend £4m on Knockaert to add the attacking spark to their organised sides to get promoted. I’m sure Monk realises we need to bring in similar players in January to improve the team. Hopefully loans or wheeling and dealing will be possible. Otherwise he’s doing as best as we could hope for so far
  5. I’d go with this, and if FF isn’t ready to start games maybe put Lee on the right and Harris on the left.
  6. currently looking dry on Tuesday evening, UTO
  7. They helped get Che Adams to be valued at over £16m so must have done some good work.
  8. Random, just seen that Gareth Seddon is his agent. The things you learn on other people’s Twitter
  9. Matt Penney, on loan in Germany
  10. This team for me too, think it would work well with the energy in midfield and pace in the forward line
  11. Interesting fixtures in midweek, Leeds v West Brom and Charlton v Swansea.. means IF we did manage to win at Hull we would be guaranteed a top 6 place.
  12. Or teams in European competitions shouldn’t take part. It would help them with their own fixture congestion and ensure the big 6 clubs at the time aren’t in the league cup. Or have a PL league cup and put the championship clubs into the Johnstone’s paint trophy or whatever it’s called now
  13. I remember Warnock said he wasn’t in his plans but suddenly something clicked and he looked a different player in training so he started playing him in the PL. He’s the type of player we needed in Carlos’ second season when Wallace was starting to have less effect in matches and we were lacking pace. Hopefully Monk can form a starting eleven that will challenge the top 6 this season
  14. Now we have our manager I’m not fussed the Cowleys have gone to Hudds. If they have any kind of success in the next 6-12 months they’ll be gone to west ham anyway. I’m confident Monk will do just as well for us as the Cowleys would have, maybe with less of a lower league playing style too..
  15. This is a huge opportunity for Monk to prove he’s a good manager, at a club with a loyal chairman and decent squad of players. He should see some parallels with Sean Dyche, another British man not exactly well known in the world of football but who’s been able to achieve success as a manager and attract players to sign for him. Ex-centre back Dyche, was aged 41 when he took over at Burnley during an October when the team were 14th and 5 points off playoffs, got them to finish 11th that season and then promoted in the following season. Ex-centre back Monk, is aged 40 as he takes charge of the owls. Both are 6ft and had ginger/strawberry blond hair during their playing days. Coincidence.. Difference being that Monk has had more managerial experience at a younger age. Unlike at his previous clubs let’s give Monk until next season at least as hopefully he could turn out to be our Sean Dyche.
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