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  1. Southie_Owl

    Steve Bruce

    There’s lots of ways he could change things, and I wouldn’t agree that the back 5 are fine. Keeping some clean sheets against the worst teams in the league and then having a shocker against Rotherham. Just as an example Bruce could go with the below formation and line up, with Hector stepping into midfield and Bannan going further forward when we are in possession. Like I say, Saturdays game will be more intriguing for me as to what Bruce can do with the squad. As so far I think he’s kept the status quo, and rocking all over the world we ain’t. Westwood Iorfa. Hector. Thorniley Reach Hutchinson Bannan Lazaar Aarons Joao Fletcher
  2. Southie_Owl

    Steve Bruce

    Personally feel Bruce has done a solid job so far, as you can’t polish a turd. And he’s been loyal to the team he’s inherited, especially the defence. Most would have complained had he changed the line up after a few clean sheets in a row But after the last game’s showing its time for Bruce to change the team as he wants it, so Swansea is probably the biggest game so far under Bruce. If we fall flat after a week’s training then it will be disappointing
  3. Southie_Owl

    Are we mathematically safe?

    I think I read the other day that the EFL want Birmingham deducted 12 points for breaching FFP rules and Brum have said they will push to get other teams punished too? Lets hope we’re not one of those teams as I don’t fancy us drawing our way out of trouble
  4. I think a lot of teams do this these days, but imagine if Fergie put Giggs on the right and Becks on the left for the whole of every match. Seems an odd thing to do to me Like I said after the Ipswich game I’m not sure why Reach and Boyd didn’t switch for a bit in the second half. But I have more faith in Bruce’s coaching than my own
  5. Southie_Owl

    Gi new lads a run.

    This is good
  6. Southie_Owl

    We need a Kieren Lee

    We could also do with Hooper’s footballing brain up top to connect play from midfield and strikers. When he is back from injury. His partnership with Fletcher was promising (waits for holmowl to provide stats to say it wasn’t). In a couple of weeks I hope we will have Hooper and Aarons ready to start games as that should make a difference
  7. Southie_Owl

    Adam Reach

    Don’t think it works having him on the right side ALL match, I’m not sure why our wingers don’t swap sides occasionally. And unfortunately Reach isn’t providing enough in the shirt he is taking up. Im surprised Aarons didn’t replace him towards the end
  8. Southie_Owl

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Pelupessy.. top player. Said no one ever Im sure Liam Shaw would have contributed more.. rhyming to pass the boredom
  9. Southie_Owl

    Millwall v SWFC

    Should be Wednesday on your telly every time I might put the Man Utd game on my laptop to keep an eye on it
  10. Southie_Owl

    Nuhiu picked above Winnall

    Not read this thread, usually avoid the Nuhiu ones. But I’m assuming a fit and sharp Winnall will be on the bench ahead of Nuhiu.
  11. Southie_Owl

    Fox...... Cannot start again!

    Fox is doing okay, I think we need to look elsewhere for the more creativity we need. Which means dropping Boyd and replacing him with Aarons or Joao. And hopefully Onomah and Hooper will be back soon too for more options
  12. Southie_Owl


    Our failure to sign a pacy winger under Carlos’ 442 system was the main reason we didn’t get promotion in that second season, imo. Wallace’s legs had started to go and we were crying out for pace to get the ball up the pitch faster and cause defences different problems. Hopefully Bruce won’t make similar mistakes
  13. Southie_Owl

    Extended highlights

    Yep we did everything right in that game but just didn’t have the composure of a Hooper or Lee to take a chance. Often FF would help out but he still seems bit rusty. I don’t think we can ask much more of Bruce so far which is a good thing
  14. Southie_Owl

    These clean sheets

    Glad I’m not the only one who thought that. Respect to Jay Pee but he’s not good enough and shouldn’t be part of our long term plans. I’d sooner see one of the youngsters featuring like Shaw because at least he might be needed next season