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  1. A very small negative. Dunk and Duffy are both right sided centre backs and they’ve done very well playing in a back 4. Ferdinand and Vidic were right footed too.
  2. Supposidly there was the new Asian investor at the game on Saturday. Or was it Obi Mikel
  3. I thought he was a forward not a left midfielder?
  4. U18's

    Yes that’s him, got into the first team back home at just 15. Hopefully one to watch
  5. Tom Lees

    Yes I won’t be upset if we sign Venancio as he’s a good player, but you’d think there will be centre backs available on free transfers or loans in the summer. for example Adarabioyo on loan from Man City would be great business for whoever gets him. Sol Bamba was a free transfer signing for Cardiff and would have been the big unit we need so hopefully there will be some bargains out there for us
  6. U18's

    Is Hamud the Hammoud who’s surname changes every game?
  7. Defender Clark Robertson from Blackpool might be worth a look as we like Scottish players on the fringe of the national team
  8. lets go and pee on wolves celebration

    Realistically we will be beaten. But Wolves haven’t come up against a side this season with Forestieri, Joao, Bannan, Lees, Hunt, Pudil, Reach playing together. If these guys perform well, they can give the Wolves defence a test. As our friend on here always says, they ain’t Barcelona FFS.
  9. To be fair to Clare i’ll understand if he wants to play for a London team. It will be disappointing if he joins a club like Derby or Forest
  10. I mentioned in the formation thread that the athletico Madrid 3421 formation suits us best, which is similar to what we played second half on Saturday when Joao and Nuhiu came on. Basically Forestieri playing off a central striker and being given some licence to roam around the pitch is what’s suits him best
  11. Not great reading but we all remember the Leeds/Tom Lees story. I see there’s a couple of posters who say he would play better with better players, and that Sunderland fans should be careful what they wish for if they think they’ll get better next season. Hopefully Jos has a better eye for a player to improve than depressed Sunderland fans
  12. Formation

    With our squad right now I would probably go with an athletico madrid style formation of 3421 But improvements need to be made to toughen the defensive game, Fred might not be signed and VA is still to prove himself Westwood Vennancio Lees Van Aken Hunt Lee Bannan Reach Hooper Forestieri Joao
  13. Gossip

    Go on...
  14. Gossip

    A brazilian?
  15. Gossip

    Surely not