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  1. Southie_Owl

    Team for Sunderland

    Wildsmith Nielsen O’Grady Van Aken Palmer Fox Boyd Kirby Jones Matias Nuhiu
  2. Southie_Owl

    Another pathetic manager

    I could be wrong but I think Charlton hired a few unusual foreign managers during Meire’s time there.
  3. Southie_Owl

    Where is the possible good news

    I believed you up to 2 and then you took it too far
  4. Think I’ve hit the bottom of the whelm now. Even when we had no money during the MM+Gray days we had hope, that MM was trying to find a buyer to take us to a better level. I can’t see Chansiri selling us anytime soon so it just feels bleak right now. Hopefully Jos will have a Conte moment and find a formation and line up that works, so at least relegation isn’t something to worry about this season
  5. Southie_Owl

    Joost Van Aken

    Yep as Carlos said they looked at 200 centre backs and JVA was the best they could find, or attract, for £4m. Sums up life at Wednesday during the last few years
  6. Southie_Owl

    Player Ratings (non OPTA)

    Exactly what I would have said so I don’t need to now
  7. Southie_Owl

    Just got back

    I thought Hull were pretty poor so we were probably lucky to face them today and not someone better. Hopefully Jos is learning from every game, and that today he learnt Fox isn’t the answer, after learning that about Palmer and JVA last week. As people have said, one of our weakest areas is Pelupessy so hopefully we will be able to sign one player and it may have to be a midfield enforcer
  8. Southie_Owl

    Another pathetic manager

    Our squad isn’t good enough for a promotion challenge. At the moment the question is whether we’ll be in a relegation battle. Personally I feel a manager like Mick McCarthy would get more out of the squad as he’s used to the championship and working with peanuts. But that’s only a matter of opinion and can’t be proved. The reality is unless chansiri finds a buyer it could be a grind being a wednesday supporter for the next couple of years
  9. Southie_Owl

    Dingle Mick

    There can’t be much doubt that big mick would be good for us now, but it just won’t happen under the current ownership. Our only real hope for the future is to be bought by someone else, but again I can’t see that happening anytime soon
  10. Southie_Owl


    Actually it says there’s not a match pass available for this match so that might explain it
  11. Southie_Owl


    Anyone know a browser I can download to get a foreign VPN? When I use Opera it says I don’t have permission to access the content, even tho it worked last year
  12. Southie_Owl

    Here's how #SWFC lineup today..

    Dawson Hutch Lees Pudil Baker Fox Pelupessy Bannan Reach Forestieri Fletcher
  13. Players like Forestieri, Bannan, Fletcher, Reach, Hutch and Lees have to step up today and show the football world that they aren’t championship relegation footballers. What I don’t want to read tomorrow is a tweet from Bannan saying “we weren’t at our best yesterday, but we’ll work hard in training on Monday to put things right”. No Barry the time to put things right is today at 3pm, work hard, play as a team and show us why you’re on the pitch and why we’re in the stand paying money to watch you.
  14. If true we need fletcher with Forestieri and Matias playing off him. Borukov on the bench Really hope it’s 343 and not 352 today
  15. How do you know about it then?