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  1. Just a rumour...

    Yeah we're to blame for not wanting to be humiliated by our neighbours at home and having a team that is the only one to lose to the worst team in the league(and twice). And for being 12th when the owner of the club said the aim is top two
  2. Under 23's v Brummies

    Good young player he'll on to be a star, for someone else
  3. Under 23's v Brummies

    Matias is alive Owls U23s v @BCFC: Dawson, Baker, Nielsen, Williams, Pudil, Murphy, Penney, Butterfield, Borukov, Clarke, Matias #
  4. some people on here

    It is strange how some people don't think the manager should be replaced now We failed to get promotion in the first two seasons, which was the aim This season we lost in an early round of the cup, again We've been humiliated by the pigs with the worst result against them at home in history We're the only team to lose to Bolton this season apart from the mighty Crewe, and we've done it twice we're currently 12th when the aim this season was top two im not really sure how much worse things about have to be for it to be a sackable offence but I don't really want to find out

    John Aldridge and Ian Rush?
  6. Just a rumour...

    Can we have a poll for who's disappointed that this rumour isn't true?
  7. Just a rumour...

    If it was a mourinho style masterclass we would be getting decent results for our club. Not being the only team besides Crewe to lose to Bolton, and twice
  8. There's the January transfer window for a new manager to sort out what he needs If people are suggesting we shouldn't be hiring a top manager who is available just because we don't have the right players now, I think they will be regret their opinion especially come January when that top manager is signing the right players for his new club
  9. Carlos simply has to go now We've failed to get promoted in the first two seasons, which was the aim And now we are midtable, we've lost in the first round of the cup, been humiliated by pigs at home, our worst result at home to them in history, and apart from Crewe we are the only team to lose to Bolton, and we've done it twice The longer Chansiri doesn't pull the plug the more we should worry that he actually is just happy owning a club with his name on, and that talk of promotion is just a speech to keep fans onside. I dont normally advocate fans booing or chanting during matches but unless a clear message gets to Chansiri I worry where this season is going
  10. Agree with you there, I actually think Lambert would be a decent choice as I feel we now need a solid British manager who understands the championship. I know that when Brighton appointed Hughton their fans weren't exactly excited but Lambert could do a similar job for us Obviously Big Sam would be a top candidate if available but I wouldn't complain if Lambert is being considered
  11. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    Apparantly he has said today that he'd consider a championship job if it's the right opportunity. I think our club size, stadium, fan base and playing staff would make us a decent championship option. though it depends if the way the club is run upstairs would put him off or not
  12. Loyalty

    Bolton can say the same thing, a bit of tinkering and more Lady Luck and they would be higher up the table. Funny old game isn't it? Apart from when you have spent loads and have said top two is the aim, then it's not so funny
  13. Not bothered

    Yep Carlos seems to think that we are still on course for promotion this season and that denying us 1 point at Bolton is disappointing, but that we will still do it. How anyone including Chansiri can agree is beyond my tiny brain's understanding.

    Do you know what your mate's problem with Big sam was? Besides stopping their decline, getting them promoted at the first attempt, making them a top ten side in the premier league. I guess he prefers bottom 6 "atttactive football" under Bilic
  15. BELIEVE!!!!...

    If Big Sam wants a championship job, we'd be the biggest chumps on the planet not to approach him now before someone else does