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  1. Think I’d rather we get a highly rated younger player on loan, like when we got Kenwynne Jones from Saints and he destroyed this league. I know there’s more of a risk with signing young players but you only live once
  2. Interesting, would be the right winger we need. And a good one at that
  3. Tin helmets time, Gary Cahill could be a player coach to replace Williams? I know I know old crock and high wages and all that
  4. BPF;” This is a huge club and the aim for this season is a big one and I want to be part of it. The objective is an exciting one, the opportunity, size of club and the gaffer here - it was a no-brainer to come here”
  5. Promotion back on! Wrong thread, but still true if Dawson leaves
  6. Ademipo Odubeko on loan from West Ham is a good suggestion by an article online. Remember when a young kenwynne Jones came and destroyed this league for a few games with us I guess we are in the list of clubs after young PL strikers and waiting for players to be loaned out
  7. This ^ I worked with a Chelsea fan up until recently and he didn’t know some of the players in their squad (didn’t know they were Chelsea players and didn’t know who they were). What a world to live in
  8. Would have been a good suggestion, tho I feel he’s more likely to be a number 1 in the championship than the premier league now. Goalkeeper is a funny position, if you are second choice you get very little game time. Ward is good enough to be a number 1 for someone yet may sit and watch Schmeichal play 95% of Leicester’s games this season. If we can get a keeper as good as Ward on loan we would be very happy.
  9. Not being funny but didn’t we think Bola was signing and it didn’t happen?. I know the world of transfers is bonkers so not having a go at you, hopefully we see some confirmed signings soon!
  10. More incompetence by Chansiri, Moore told him we needed a number 1.. so Chansiri called this guy to write one. FFS
  11. I’d be more worried if 2-3 teams in league 1 were also making lots of good signings, as it stands Ipswich look strong but there’s still 2 promotion places up for grabs. A striker and a GK and our starting line up is a match for anyone, including Ipswich.
  12. Personally I rate him having seen him play a few times at Portsmouth but this is really the time for him to step up and play well every game.
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