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  1. Don’t worry that’s how our owner feels about football.
  2. It’s been frustrating supporting Wednesday for 28 years now. Nice that it’s not changing anytime soon.
  3. My family are Cardiff city supporters, they are desperate to see him replaced as soon as possible. For once I’d like us to hire a manager who’s most recent club’s supporters weren’t happy to see their manager leave. That might help us to hire a good one
  4. I think Lowe could be interested, despite the poor performances on the pitch we’re just outside the playoffs in the same league as his current (smaller) club, so a decent wage and the permission to mould the squad how he wants in January (letting some loan players be recalled, swap them for new loan players etc) and he could be lured by the potential of managing a big club. Though I think someone else might snap him up before Chansiri considers it.
  5. It’s very bizarre and poor management from someone. Whether people rate them or not, players like Corbeanu and Kamberi must be thinking why did I choose to sign on loan for this club who clearly have no intention of playing me regularly? Can see them both asking to be recalled in January, if they haven’t already
  6. Not quite 14 free transfers, 6 players are here on loan and so will return to their parent clubs next summer. Players like Windass, Bannan, Iorfa and Luongo won’t be here next season if we are still in league 1, so that means another squad overhaul next summer needing to replace about 10 players. Not a problem, it’s just the idea that this season can be one where the squad gels doesn’t quite work when it will require a rebuild again next June. So I feel this will be a wasted season if we don’t get promotion.
  7. I would say no chance, more likely to be the non league sides against league clubs
  8. The Saints sacked Pardew at the end of august in league 1 when they felt he wasn’t the right man for the job and they felt that Adkins was. I feel we’ve got to that point too with our manager. He’s not the man to get us promoted and progress us in my opinion, so every week he’s in charge is just a bit of a waste of time.
  9. I’d swap Ashley and Bruce for Chansiri and Moore in a heartbeat. Sadly won’t ever happen
  10. In the spirit of generosity I have decided to donate my prize to a charity raffle. So I’m a football brainiac and a thoroughly nice chap too
  11. Yes that’s what’s been promised. What’s it to do with you?
  12. I was spot on besides not knowing Adeniran was injured. Would have been useful to know that!
  13. Something about our current squad and performances doesn’t scream FA cup run
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