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  1. Southie_Owl

    I've got a source in club (No joke)

    Okay so it’s back to my initial hope that Chansiri is trying to sell us to a super power like Red Bull and they want to hire a world class manager. So are leaving Jos in charge till that happens. No worries..
  2. Southie_Owl

    Westwood starts u23

    Interesting... Its all making sense that the manager was dismissed yesterday and we’ll get the news during this week. Maybe once Chansiri has arrived to make a statement
  3. Southie_Owl

    Alan Nixon

    Well that’s a random one. But wouldn’t be a surprise if we get rid of Jos, think Bruce is coming in but in fact it’s Bruno
  4. Southie_Owl

    Club response required

    Hoping something happens tomorrow now
  5. Southie_Owl

    Alan Nixon

    Nothing personal towards you, but the fact we have fans who would rather appoint Sheridan than Steve Bruce says it all. In that every one has different opinions. If we appointed Jokanovic there would be people moaning that he was useless this season having spent £100m. If we appointed Arteta people would moan he had no experience as boss If we appointed Cowley they would moan they have no championship experience and so on
  6. Southie_Owl


    So when Leicester won the league, should every other manager been sacked as they weren’t good enough after they spent millions?
  7. Southie_Owl

    Alan Nixon

    Yep, some folk wanted Big Mick but I remember wolves lost 0-4 at home to WBA in their derby once. And the wolves team was poor for a while. Managers/teams have ups and downs. Chris hughton got sacked at a few clubs but Brighton fans love him. Maybe Bruce will take everything he has learned and improve us
  8. Southie_Owl


    They did, a dinosaur who plays a terrible style of football. They’ve changed their mind since.
  9. Southie_Owl


    Yes we have an ownership that previously appointed unknown foreign managers Carvalhal and Luhukay. Now we are linked with Steve Bruce. We are fortunate that Nixon didn’t say it was Guy Luzon or Jose Riga. The ownership isn’t changing, so people need to realise that we aren’t about to appoint the next Klopp. Who incidentally has spent over £300m to win f*** all so far. Yet Bruce spending a fraction of that at clubs like Hull and Wigan and making those minnows successful is being laughed off. Us football fans are a funny lot
  10. Southie_Owl


    Yes 4 promotions from the championship, playoff final with Villa last season. Previously linked to jobs at Man Utd, Newcastle and England in his time. What’s he done this week? Waste of space
  11. Southie_Owl

    Alan Nixon

    Short term is fine, we’re not going anywhere in a hurry under this ownership. What we need is an experienced manager in English football who will know who he should sell and who to snap up for less money.
  12. Southie_Owl

    JOS OUT!

    I see a few fans on Twitter reckon Jos has gone. Probably just Chinese whispers from the Bruce story mind
  13. Southie_Owl

    Alan Nixon

    Yes having thought about it more, apart from the last few months at Villa Bruce’s record as manager is very strong. Lots of promotions and keeping teams up in the premier league. We’d be lucky to get someone like Bruce
  14. Southie_Owl

    Alan Nixon

    A few problems with Bruce a) looks like a dinner lady b) calls us Sheffield c) villa fans were desperate to get rid a positive a) he’s not Jos Luhukay
  15. Southie_Owl

    Alan Nixon

    The winky face suggests Jos could be gone tomorrow...