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  1. Midfield Options

    I would look to copy Hudds example and go for the younger and more energetic players, let the experienced pros go from the wage list. Especially if we are in trouble with FFP. Dawson New/Hunt Venancio Lees New/Penney Pelupessy Bannan Clare Reach Forestieri Hirst
  2. Sean Clare

    Personally I would get Ali and Kane, sorry I mean Clare and Hirst signed up to long term deals and get them part of the first team/squad from now onwards. I know people say Hirst isn’t ready yet but there’s no harm having him at least on the bench. Especially as we don’t even use substitutes sometimes. But he could be brought on whenever we are 2-0 up, or 0-2 down
  3. Team vs. Swansea

    The team i’d like to see will be a lot different to the one that will be chosen, and I don’t blame Jos for having to rest players. But I’d like to have seen the below:- Dawson Venancio Pudil Loovens Hunt. Boyd Abdi Pelupessy Reach Rhodes Joao The team I think it will be is:- Dawson Venancio Loovens Baker Palmer Fox Butters Jones Kirby Stobbs Rhodes
  4. Young George

    Hope so
  5. Very true. The world won’t blink twice if we lose to villa today, but a win (even on pens) at Swansea and it’s a big achievement. With the reward of being in the quarter final for the first time in 21 years and playing one of the best teams in Europe. If we get relegated this season it won’t be because we lost to villa.
  6. Someone on here will know
  7. He was arguably England’s best striker at under 18 level. Scored 40 goals last season. If we don’t try to keep hold of the talented young players then we may as well shut the academy as if you ain’t producing players to potentially be in the first team then what’s the point
  8. Surely if Hirst gets into the first team it will make him more keen to stay? And more likely he’d get a contract worthy of a first team player
  9. Just remembered he scored 40 goals last season, and now seems to have started bulking up. Imagine if he becomes a decent first team player
  10. Team for Villa

    Hard to know who should be in the team when we don’t know who is fit my guess is the team will be this Wildsmith Hunt Vennacio Loovens Pudil Fox Clare Pelupessy Reach Wallace Nuhiu
  11. Potentially doesn’t have to be going anywhere if he gets into the team and makes a good impression. I’m sure we’d then offer him an acceptable contract and he’d want to stay playing for the club he supports. Hopefully!
  12. And some claimed he dropped a bo**ock on Tuesday with no knowledge of our actual injury/fitness situation The biggest bo**ock Jos seems to have dropped is joining a casualty ward and not a football club
  13. Young George

    With Joao potentially injured too now it’s time to sort this out, get Hirst signed and into the team. Please
  14. Reactions.

    Only Jos and the players know how fit the available players are and how much rest they need. I’m going to trust him that he made the right call to ensure tired players don’t pick up injuries too, especially as the injured players don’t appear to be returning anytime soon Hopefully we’ll see a more attacking line up on Saturday
  15. Young George

    Will there be a live stream?