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  1. Good post, as you say we’ve only really struggled in the second halves against WBA and Swansea and most of the Preston game. Considering they are 3 sides pushing for promotion/play offs they were going to be tough. Tuesday night is a big test for Monk and the squad as it’s effectively become a relegation 6 pointer. Can they step up and put in a good performance? Or fail with a whimper. Answers on a postcard
  2. Similar to when we signed Glenn Whelan from Man City in league 1
  3. Have to agree, I think we need to prepare ourselves that it’s league 1 next season. I’ve wanted Monk to do well but it’s not looking very promising. Some names I wouldn’t mind being linked with if we are in league 1 would be Hughes Lowe Terry Cook Wellens Ainsworth
  4. I think selling a majority share holding is the most likely way Chansiri would back away now. As it means he could still get some return for his investment if he sold shares to a consortium that knows what they are doing. And he can still feel like he had a part to play in getting us back to the PL. Lots of clubs have multiple share holders so it’s a possible option. Just need someone daft enough to want to invest/lose money on us
  5. Absolutely, there’s more chance of catching Usain Bolt when he remembers his wife told him to keep an eye on the washing outside and it’s been raining for 5 minutes. Just need to have the stupid points deduction confirmed and get ourselves safe as quickly as possible
  6. This ^ the league season is 38 games and average teams usually find their place eventually. Remember Hull under Phil Brown, top 4 for a bit and then relegated in the same season (need a fact check on that one). But still, the pigs will finish bottom half and providing they don’t sign any one decent before next season they will keep dropping
  7. Interesting the Yorkshire post have given 5/10 for his contribution in the game. I wonder how badly you have to be to score less than that.
  8. Spot on, we just outplayed the team that were 4th and people are worried this team can’t beat the likes of QPR, Boro and Huddersfield (all of which we have beaten this season). As you say, I’d rather these fixtures than if we had to play Leeds, Blackburn, Brentford instead in the last 9 games. I don’t rate Bristol city or Preston as highly as others do either
  9. Ha optimism tank draining away, just in time for the Saturday 2pm team announcement of Lees, Pelupessy, Da Cruz and Nuhiu in the starting line up
  10. I read this earlier too, as you say we have to hope that Monk turns out to be a decent manager. On Xmas day I would have said I was happy for him to be with us long term but something has gone horribly wrong since then. Maybe the return to fitness of our best players and more time to implement his ideas will help us finish the season strongly. Also any squad unrest might have been resolved with certain players not being involved in the daily training. Anyway, lots of hope until Saturday and then we see Pelupessy, Nuhiu and Da Cruz in the starting line up and it’s wet fart time again
  11. I agree these would be our best remaining players, though potentially with Wildsmith in goal. And perhaps Reach as a wing back Wildsmith Lees Iorfa Borner Odubajo Hunt Luongo Bannan Reach Harris Rhodes
  12. Now he’s fit he’ll probably go on to play for Juventus.
  13. Apparantly that photo was taken during a sprint session and the rest of the training group were already finished and back home playing Fifa 20.
  14. Good post, with Chansiri and Monk staying on a while longer I think we just have to hope that whatever craziness has gone on between Christmas and March it can be resolved and that Monk can turn the ship around. One of the key abilities a manager needs is to be good in the transfer market. And to have a decent coaching team. Let’s hope Monk can get that and he can find success with us.
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