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  1. Well said, I very much doubt we are trying to get a manager from another club, but if we were I would be happy with Cowley.
  2. Crazier things have happened, Benitez and Bielsa being championship managers being two. The pigs being a PL side being a third
  3. Ah apologies I thought Bazza meant Barry from Eastenders.
  4. Noticed he was missing from yesterday’s training photos and video but didn’t want to say anything. Hope this helps
  5. Reach was a little anonymous at Reading last week and never really got into the game. We tended to play over to Harris a lot which worked very well, but it meant Reach on the right wasn’t really involved. It will be interesting how he gets on today, with the likes of Murphy, Forestieri and Luongo waiting in the wings
  6. It will be the same team as last week with Dawson in goal, however in the future a front 3 of Murphy, Harris and Fletcher would be good. It would give defences all sorts of problems
  7. Got a good feeling about this guy, I predict he’ll be a star for us and take us back to the PL, (promised land). Lees, Bates, Borner and Thorniley are great centre back options, I’d put Iorfa at right back to make us extra tall/strong as a defensive unit. Odubajo can do some sprinting up the wing from left back
  8. Agree with this, whether it becomes 433 or 4231 it’s the best way to fit in all the midfield & creative players we have now. As you say it’s down to the players to determine who gets in the starting eleven.
  9. Probably about Bruce is the new Newcastle manager. Wait does Nixon work for the Star?
  10. His success with Wales was fantastic, but it seems that was based on his patriotism and Bale rather than his managerial skills. As his club record is pretty poor. Pulis would do a better job even if it would bore the pants of us.
  11. Van Bronkhor.. sh*t that’s two names
  12. I worry it would mean we ain’t leaving the embargo anytime soon too
  13. Of course they are, we’re Sheffield Wednesday we’ll hire sh*te if we want
  14. Reach is looking very sharp this summer, maybe the extra fitness training is helping. Get the right manager in and he could be a star player next season for us
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