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  1. Probably find Storey gets a chance at Preston or loaned to a lower end championship team. Someone like Rotherham might fancy it. I expect the links to Tucker are as a storey replacement. so maybe Tucker Dean/Flint Gibson With Iorfa, Palmer and Brennan as extra options
  2. In our office it’s when the first trump has been smelt, so usually 8.30am . Lads bants.
  3. Absolutely, we all love football but wages are an obscenity. Some say “but their careers are over by 35 so have to make sure their families are set for life”. Really? Lots of people will only earn in their lifetime of working what Mbappe earns in one week. Then footballers also go into be well paid pundits, coaches, reality tv stars. It’s greed, pure and simple. Footballers can still live very comfortably for life and get paid a fraction of what they are on these days. Whilst the people they are meant to be performing for are having to foot the bill. A salary cap needs to be brought in this country, and any footballer who thinks it’s “against their rights” can go and play in front of empty stadiums in Dubai.
  4. Massive respect - but I think you’re wrong. They aren’t going to say, “Dean, Gibson and Storey have returned to their parent clubs but we’d like to sign them permanently”
  5. Absolutely. If we can get £1-2m for Windass then it gets you decent player(s) in league 1. Ideally we need to be finding the next Twine, Callum Wilson, Watkins or Toney - players who started to climb the ladder in the lower leagues. Though I know some will say that we can’t afford to take the risk and need to sign proven players when spending cash, I think that’s where our transfer strategy has gone wrong.
  6. I agree about Wilson. I often look at some teams line ups who are successful in these lower leagues and think “who are these players?” And then they beat us. It’s probably time that we join ranks and replace the well known ageing players like Luongo, Hunt and Windass for the likes of Wiredu, Wilson and McGirdy. We need to put together a team that will win matches in league 1, not have too many players that were good in the championship a few years ago etc.
  7. Think it’s better for us if Sunderland are promoted.
  8. Was being watched by Forest scouts and other championship clubs. He has operated as an anchor behind a two-man midfield this season, whilst he’s also operated as a more conventional central midfielder. Might be a good replacement for Luongo that we seem to be looking for
  9. Can’t see Newcastle basing their new era on one game at Burnley, their plans will be made already. Plus if you were Newcastle, would you prefer to have Leeds or Burnley in the league with you next season? One is a big club with potential pulling power, the other is a town called Burnley.
  10. Yeah Brentford are quite relentless in style of play with their forward line and Eriksen now. Will be an end to end game but can see Brentford scoring a couple at least. Whereas Newcastle away to Burnley, not sure they’ll be that bothered to turn up
  11. Sudden injection of cash from rich investors.. or we got some dates wrong again. Could go either way this, suspense
  12. yes you’ve got a point - if you have a criminal mindset like that then when you lose your cool you do illegal things like assaulting people. Should stand up in court
  13. It would slightly scupper the Gregory & Vardy strike partnership planned for next season
  14. Happy for Moore to stay but l wouldn’t be gutted if he went. The squad needs a rebuild now anyway. Liam Manning should be top of the list if we needed a new manager
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