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  1. this, I’ve always thought something would stop us being promoted back to the PL. used to think it would be a rule that no clubs named after a day of the week can play in the premier league. But seems it’s going to be something even more obscure like the EFL being d*cks
  2. Correction: irrelevant for 99.9% of the fan base. For me it’s a flipping nightmare draw as my partner’s family are Brighton season ticket holders. And yes her Dad looks a bit like Ned Flanders without a tash. So the jokes have started already at my expense, and the Christmas and new year holiday will be fun.. if ever I needed Wednesday to win a game it’s this one!
  3. I preferred the song Livin in a box.
  4. It’s good they show the matches, the issue I have is why can’t they have a co-commentator. There’s hundreds of ex-players out of work who would like a chat about football
  5. Totally agree, besides starting with FF I can’t see much else Monk is getting wrong. And maybe FF hasn’t been ready to play 90 minutes. My apathy is also with what’s happening off the pitch too
  6. Not sure about the ability but you are bang on about desire and intensity. Reach for example has some fantastic ability when scoring those great goals but doesn’t have enough intensity in his game. McGoldrick sums it up for me, a player that was talked about on here as a potential signing from Ipswich and I remember the majority of us weren’t that keen. Now he’s giving PL defenders a bad day I think what Wilder and Warnock in the past have realised is that a team full of aggressive players who work hard can sometimes achieve more than a team of “nice footballers”. It will be interesting to see what types of player Monk goes for in January if he’s able to, as I have a feeling it will be ones with aggression and an attitude, rather than fancy dans
  7. This is a huge point as for the best team in the league to say we were the best side they’ve faced means we aren’t too far off. Hopefully a positive performance and some luck on Wednesday will lift spirits again
  8. According to the club site he’s on 249 appearances for the mighty owls.
  9. although I’m a big fan of FF I’d start with this line up tomorrow. As we are away against the best team in the league I’d expect us to have a platform of 5 midfield players but with one of them told to support Fletch when possible.
  10. First goal I saw at S6 was by an Aston Villa player.. But the first Wednesday goal was by Sanetti when we lost the game 1-3. Also Gareth Barry’s first PL appearance too.
  11. No surprise to see Peterborough being interested, the type of player they’ll sign for peanuts and sell for profit a year later. We need to sign a young pacy striker and if it’s this beryl woman then so be it. If he turns out to be the next Callum Wilson then even better
  12. Great point, some managers take a few clubs before they find their feet and get their major success. Hopefully we are that club for Monk. Imagine if he achieves with us what Dyche has done for Burnley, we can dream
  13. It would get on my t*ts to have a manager who doesn’t speak English all the time. Anyway, he’s clearly a good manager. But with the financial situation in the championship and FFP I’m happy to have someone like Monk, who I think will get us promoted. I’m not sure having a manager wanting to score perfect goals would be so successful for us. So good luck to those dirty Leeds b*stards
  14. Good post mate, I think Monk was the one who found Hernandez for Swansea/Leeds? Leicester & Brighton signed Knockaert when they were in the championship & there’s similar attribute players out there we could get in January that aren’t so well known in England yet, waiting to make a name for themselves. I’m hoping FF will become the player of old but if it doesn’t happen before January then we definitely need to strengthen the creative play
  15. fair enough, personally I’d say Westwood/Dawson, Borner, Iorfa, Hutchinson, Bannan, Luongo, Lee, Harris and Fletcher are decent championship players. We just need some creative spark to add to that mix. There’s not many I would definitely swap with the Cardiff side that won promotion from this league anyway
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