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  1. Exactly right, clubs like Saints and Bournemouth have shown what can be achieved with the right managers and club leadership. I’d rather be a midtable prem team with international quality players, than a midtable champ team, any day of the week - especially Wednesday
  2. Have to say he’s a league 1 standard player. Nothing personal just how it is, there was one moment where he put in a very weak attempt to win a ball then jogged back slowly towards our goal as Leeds attacked. One of the areas we need to strengthen in the summer
  3. Funny old game, previously folk were moaning that draws against Millwall and Reading had cost us a play off place, now we are saying it’s the defeat by Villa. There’ll be more twists and turns to come. I still feel a team will be unlucky not to be in the playoffs if they get 73 points, that means we have to win all our remaining games. Is it possible? Yes. Can we do it? Unlikely. Do I fancy carol kirkwood? Who doesn’t.
  4. Sadly I can see a team without financial issues coming in for him, maybe a promoted or relegated PL side.
  5. I’ve been suggesting Grant should start appearing in match day squads for a while too, I guess after the next 1-2 games we’ll see more youngsters appearing before the end of the season
  6. All guesswork but I agree with this, as having to win at Leeds and Norwich seems unlikely expectations.
  7. Exactly right. Against an auto chasing team (the pigs), it was an even game. But our options from the bench that day were Nuhiu, Boyd and Fox. Imagine in a few weeks if we could bring on Hooper, Lee, Lazaar. That’s another level of subs
  8. That is odd, why would anyone watch that show?
  9. I think it will be a “under strength” side as we won’t want first team players to get injured today and some youngsters are away with their international youth sides. I assume Borukov has been with Bulgaria etc.
  10. Matias is one I thought was going to be better than he’s turned out to be. Top Portuguese goal scorer in his league and then that debut against Bristol City where he missed a couple of good chances. Every time he plays I still have hope he will be good, dodgy Blackburn keepers aside. There’s still time Marco!
  11. I reacted badly to being described as a deluded fan, but yes I must be deluded as I do actually believe that under Bruce’s management the current team, plus the other players I mentioned would be a match for any other team. We are 3rd in the form table without those missing players, so I don’t think my view is that outrageous, but fair enough you feel differently
  12. Yep terrible to have faith in your own team isn’t it. I seem to remember we have drawn against the 2nd, 3rd and 4th best teams in the league this season whilst missing the cutting edge and creativity of players like Hooper and Lazaar. If you don’t rate these players when they are fit and playing, then that says more about you than my terrible support of my team
  13. Add Hooper, Forestieri and Lazaar to the current available team/squad and we’re as good as anyone else in this league in my opinion.
  14. Remember the joy when it was discovered we were signing Abdi, I thought we were finally “on the way back” with that level of signing. Its a strange one as he’s training with the first team, so either physically or mentally he’s not able to play competitive football anymore. Its a shame he’s not more involved in training our youngsters and showing that he would like to repay the club for the money we ended up wasting on him. But the truth will come out in the summer I guess
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