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  1. We will need so many new players

    https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/890563/Sheffield-Wednesday-Carlos-Carvalhal-Axe-Sack-Wolves-EFL-Championship Its good to hear newspapers reporting that we will be spending money in January, despite some on here saying we are skint. Hopefully we will have the right manager in charge by then to help spend it
  2. Never heard of Carte Blanche but wouldn’t put it past Chansiri to make him the new head coach
  3. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    The problem is that I don’t even want to have a future with Carlos in charge even if we did beat wolves and somehow got promoted. If Carlos thinks every game in the championship is so tough and sets us up negatively, imagine his face when he sees the premier league fixtures
  4. I heard he now just goes by the symbol @
  5. Haha fair point, there’s probably a good reason why no other club have taken him on again
  6. Pearson Pulis Keane Michael o’neil martin o’neil Lee Johnson Dean Smith Glenn hoddle paul lambert gary neville I just think we need a British manager who understands the English game and would help to recommend more suitable names to the recruitment team
  7. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    The whole “one game to save himself” is stupid, he’s either the right man for the job or he isn’t. One good result against wolves will not undo the errors from the previous two seasons, or the clusterf*** that is this season. Just sack him now, announce it tomorrow and give a new manager a few weeks to assess his squad before making transfers
  8. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    Or we have to get promoted this season otherwise Chansiri is seriously considering only offering Carlos a one year extension in the summer
  9. It seems Carlos takes a lot of notice of what we say on Internet forums so at the very least if he sees the majority of fans online want him gone that might make him consider his position
  10. Hardly a crisis

    Said the same last weekend, it’s one thing getting “tactical” draws against Bristol City and Ipswich etc, but then you have to follow it up with victories against the likes of Hull. If you don’t then actually you just aren’t very good and the best you can do is bore draws. Today it could be 0 wins from 8 of the bottom 9 clubs in the league. It will be very interesting to see how good we are today
  11. Flint

    Baker, our recruitment really is suspect over the last few seasons. We needed solid and strong championship ready centre backs in the summer, but we couldn’t find any amongst 200.
  12. Nothing will change Saturday

    One drawn result in isolation may be good, however the trouble is if you are dropping points in your other fixtures to the likes of Bolton, Birmingham, Burton, Sunderland, Hull etc then you have a problem because where are your points coming from? The pigs & Cardiff are in the top end of the table because they beat the poorer teams and then can afford draws or defeats to the better sides. We on the other hand just seem to want to draw every game which will just get us to midtable. At the end of the season we can’t look back and say, well we finished 12th but we got some good draws against the playoff sides
  13. 100% This ^^^ To rely on winning the playoffs in this league is just stupid and it feels like he hasn’t learned from the previous two seasons. You just have to ask Brighton fans about the playoffs and all the injuries they had in that first leg against us to know it’s a lottery on the day. Unless he has remembered that and is actually hoping the opposites have injuries not us
  14. Cc and josè

    Most of the football world recognises you need some pace in the side to help with the attacking play, Man Utd have rashford, martial, Lingard, Valencia etc as well as a “big man up top”. We prefer to slow it down and light a cigar with a bit of jazz music playing in the background