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  1. If Bruce wants Cattermole then I trust his decision. Having worked with the player before and knowing his influence in the dressing room & on the pitch. Bruce has helped assemble playoff of higher squads on 6 occasions in this league, and I back his opinion over some of us on this site
  2. I’m comfortable with what I’ve learnt personally. Bruce is going to be signing 2 or more, attacking players with pace and younger legs. Downing would be a different option and on a 1 year deal. If we do sign him it means Bruce thinks he’d be useful for a season and we have the budget to add him to the squad. I trust Bruce’s track record of building promotion squads more than some folk on owls talk or Carlos
  3. Agree, people have a melt down but maybe we’ve only offered him a 1 year deal, to add to our options as a delivery specialist when it’s needed. As you say, there’s nothing stopping us trying to sign a pacy wide player too
  4. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.footballinsider247.com/massive-coup-pundit-reacts-as-northern-club-close-to-signing-spurs-player-for-multi-millions/amp/
  5. Exactly right, as a club we all need to go into the first game with the belief we are a top two side. And it’s great to hear Bruce has the same feeling
  6. In truth it’s much of a muchness, same old sh*t different day. It all depends on what team we create in the summer, as to whether it will be easier or not. We had the 3rd best team in the league under Carlos, which could have been better with the right recruitment, and still fell short. So recruitment is key
  7. Not sure I’d make WBA favourites at this time, as they have no manager and goal scorer Gayle has returned to his parent club. Im happy we are 9th favourites, as it means people aren’t putting any pressure or expectations on us. And I think they are wrong as Bruce with money to spend in this league usually assembles a play off squad or better. Fact
  8. Personally I feel Bruce would have got Villa to the playoffs this season had they kept him on. Villa fans gripes with Bruce were, style of play, failure to sign a centre half to replace Terry and too many draws in the first 11 games. In the 20 games after Bruce left and before Mings arrived, they only won 7. Hardly a massive improvement on Bruce’s record and his 41% win percentage. It was villa’s wins from February to May with Mings in the team that confirmed them into the playoffs. Meanwhile in the same period with worse players, Bruce had a similar win % with us. And no one can doubt that Bruce would have signed another centre half in january for Villa. I hear James Chester has revealed that in those 11 games under Bruce he was the only fit centre half and he was secretly injured too. Bruce alluded to making mistakes at Villa, and I’m sure failure to sign a centre half last summer will be top of that list
  9. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a club like Arsenal sign him then loan him to Birmingham or Brentford, or even back to Charlton.
  10. Westwood Odubajo Hector Findlay Bidwell Onomah Diamé Bannan Forestieri Kololli Fletcher
  11. Poor article aside it’s exactly the type of player we’ve needed for a while even during Carlos’ time. A pacy wide forward who can create chances and score goals. If we’d had that in Carlos 442 side we’d have been promoted. Hope we can get this guy to choose us over dirty Leeds
  12. Yes they want one.. billion.. dollars (Dr Evil) Joking aside I think it would be a good signing if the price is right. He was highly rated at Spurs and Bruce probably knows what player he’s getting better than owls fans who saw him have to perform under Jos the clown
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