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  1. so the tweet about change of ownership wasn’t recent then
  2. Top post mate. It seems some are missing the point that the reality is football players care more about being paid the money they have earned, than they do about the football club. Why should Reach care that Wednesday are relegated this season? He’s going to sign for another championship club in about 1 week who (he assumes) will pay him every month for his hard work. Not have the uncertainty like at Wednesday, where you train hard and then wonder, will I actually be paid for this? The owner not paying players wages IS a catalyst for poor performances. E
  3. Confirmed https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2021/may/derby-v-wednesday-live-on-sky-sports/
  4. Well played mate, I keep forgetting to post my predictions so will wait and copy yours next time
  5. This was an excellent point mate, last night was arguably one of their easiest games remaining and they lost it. I agree that they won’t be winning more than 2 games again this season. Sadly we won’t win all 3 of our games either, as we are a bottom 3 team for a reason
  6. Yes it definitely happened! I remember it started snowing and we held on for the 3 points. Good times
  7. Not sure I follow this? Rotherham still have promotion chasing Brentford and Barnsley to play. As for teams with nothing to play for they also have to play Luton and Cardiff, who have recently tried hard enough to get decent results against Watford and Brentford
  8. Ha, would love to see that. People saying we shouldn’t accept someone bad just so we can replace Chansiri, but we’re a league 1 club now. And let’s face it, Ashley would do a better job getting us back to the top again
  9. For years we dreamt of having money to spend and when we did, we wasted it. A shame but it’s done now, the next mission is trying to get Chansiri to sell up as he can’t be trusted to run us correctly
  10. We’re having our living room furniture recovered at the moment. So-fa so good..
  11. Unfortunately we left it too late appointing Moore. Asking him to keep us up when his first 6 games in charge were playing Norwich, Watford, Reading, Barnsley and Cardiff was a bit unrealistic. We’ve got 7 games left and I believe Moore’s managerial record with us will become more 50/50 by end of the season. I.e. same wins as losses, which would be an improvement in our form but won’t keep us up. Particularly as I believe brum and Coventry will win games too
  12. Well I find this opinion quite remarkable but I respect people have different opinions so fair enough. All we can do is see what happens in the next fixtures and if our “utter sheite” performances continue. Personally I hope they do as it’s helped us get 7 points from the last 12 available which is an improvement.
  13. Good news is we’re on sky again in the next game. Also we finally have a highly rated manager and coaching team who are getting the best out of their players which may help a little too.
  14. Exactly right, it’s amazing some are saying it was a freak result and implying it was lucky (and more surprising that people are liking the post). The players earned that victory and they’ve been playing better since Moore took over. Yes our conversion rate was impressive but we played some lovely quick football, created goal scoring chances and worked Bannan into spaces in between their midfield and defence. That’s why they struggled to “nullify” him. The pundits described it as the best performance in the championship this season, not the luckiest. Okay sure, one swallow does
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