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  1. Really want to believe this is the case but the media are claiming Chansiri is as committed as ever to be owner. Which means he’s just totally incompetent by leaving Thompson in charge
  2. Feel the same, many teams have shown that if you get your sh*t together in league 1 it can carry you forward for a better future. Almost a step backwards to take two forward rather than treading water in the bottom of the championship. However as you say our biggest issue is the owner preventing us from being one of those well run clubs that can regroup and form a plan for success. Please go Chansiri
  3. Don’t think you can mate, only on an App so tablets, or the tv red button
  4. My Brighton in-laws laughed at me when we signed Brown, their exact words “he’s alright when he actually plays and isn’t on the floor or having a joke with the opposition”. I thought his time at Luton meant he had improved but sadly it seems they may have been correct with their assessment
  5. Ricky!! Think you could be right mate something strange is going on
  6. Let’s hope Chansiri is looking to sell and that’s the only reason he’s not offering a manager a contract longer than 3 months. Otherwise it’s just too depressing to think about
  7. That Sanetti game will always hold a place in my heart as it was my first game at S6. Travelled up the day before with my family, all excited, then played badly and went 0-3 down. Set me up very nicely for what was to come. It was also the PL’s record attendance maker Gareth Barry’s first appearance that game too.
  8. No worries I thought that sounded more likely than Loovens who hasn’t been heard or seen of since his time with us and that includes a stint at Sunderland Keane or Terry would be more understandable. Guessing they weren’t interested in our advances
  9. Yes a high profile ex player would usually refer to the likes of Keane, Terry, Vieira etc. Not so much a Wednesday player with their massive reputation in the world.... Depends if the OP meant an ex (owl) player or just an ex (football) player. Needs some clarification
  10. Yep as someone who has Brighton season ticket in-laws I can assure you that being a Brighton fan over the past 8 years has been a lot more fun than being a Wednesdayite. The solace is they also had 25 odd years outside the top flight with sometime in league 2 at an athletics stadium but our spell since 2000 hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses in comparison. We just have to hope that miracles happen and one day Wednesday will be good again. Hopefully before my eyes are gone
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