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  1. Something's making me think that the person who looks after the official swfc Instagram page should edit the post
  2. We'd blow Newcastle out of the water with an offer of these
  3. s73owl

    Henry Landsbury anyone??

    I called sloppy seconds
  4. s73owl

    Henry Landsbury anyone??

    Did somebody mention lansbury?
  5. s73owl

    One For The Ladies

    I'm hoping he's not got his shirt on to hide the flab
  6. s73owl

    One For The Ladies

    What's Fletcher doing cuddling Bruno mars?
  7. Yeah that's a good philosphy normally brought on by excessive alcohol consumption in my case, it's when doing the walk of shame in the morning with a massive hangover that the reality of what you've just done kicks in
  8. What if Morgan put a Cinderella dress on?
  9. s73owl

    If you absolutely had to....

    It's like asking which te5tîcle you want lopping off, I want to keep both thank you
  10. s73owl

    jack cork?

    Let's just wait and see if this rumour has any buoyancy I'll get mi coat