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  1. So long as I can have it back when you've finished and don't stick any pages together
  2. Mi lad's playing it already, paid more so he could get it a bit earlier, sick of the shouting coming from his bedroom now
  3. Can't stand Marmite and I live in barnsley so I should get the official say here, out of the 2 id have to pick Barnsley
  4. Previous manager f****d off when Newcastle came a knocking didn't he?
  5. Anybody else remember Warhurst been on Saint and greavsie? They had the fastest player from each club up against each other to find out who was the fastest in the league
  6. That's my little beauty at the back, top row, far left, bit of a squeeze sometimes what with me and the sister and our 9 kids but we get by
  7. I used to think that until I smashed my mates ex wife quite a few year ago, she was utter filth, now anything goes
  8. You mentioning gladiators makes me think of one in particular Jet I'd have let her beat me with her pugil stick any day
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