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  1. s73owl

    The ITKers

    Would let Sybil Meire ride me like sea biscuit
  2. s73owl

    The ITKers

    If that's ITK consider me in
  3. s73owl

    Meadowhall Shop

    Great idea but I hate Meadowhall at the best of times, if it's not full of kids it's ignorant twohats that seem insistent on trying to walk straight through you, so i won't be visiting it F**k I'm sounding old
  4. Woah steady on with the second bath stuff Mr Farrell, we're all on having a first one
  5. Looks and sounds much better S36 old boy
  6. s73owl

    Alan Nixon

    Do you reckon he'd go all cuddly after or roll over and go to sleep?
  7. s73owl

    Alan Nixon

    I've just spaffed at that thought
  8. s73owl

    Alan Nixon

    I wouldn't mind being over Fiona Bruce
  9. s73owl

    Alan Nixon

    If she's let her armpits go like that, I can only imagine the state of the front garden hedge
  10. s73owl

    Alan Nixon

    This may come as a shock OG but
  11. s73owl


    I wonder if this guy likes crosses? Coat's on and I'm leaving
  12. s73owl

    Real owl

    I need website names now
  13. s73owl

    The year 2018

    That's a lie, they'd have had 5 men on the job and wouldn't have it done for a fortnight, sat on their arses in the van because of the weather
  14. s73owl

    Birmingham Tickets

    There'll be plenty of fans been on the lager no doubt