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  1. Have a shower before you come down to london? Is that so we're nice and clean for when we get stabbed?
  2. OG mate, the blokes posted something proper and you're coming out with sheeite like that You should be offering swizzel lollies, sherbet fountains, and wham bars
  3. I'll give you a like because I've got an easy day at work and the sun is shining so all is good WAWAW
  4. Mate my mrs has just come in with a 12 pack of Corona so I'll say anything you want me to baby I'm on cloud 9 at the minute
  5. How many packs a week you going thru these days S36?
  6. Mate I'm going to skeggy with the wife and 3 kids, my life has gone drastically wrong somewhere 5h1te post
  7. People saying 1-1 yeah I'd take that, but I'd love for us to smash em 3/4-0 see what the reading fans think then, only decent thing in reading's the M4
  8. Admit it, that's what you really wanted to put
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