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  1. So would forestieri be if they did there star jumps
  2. Does that mean I can get rid of my downloaded stash? It's taking up all the memory on my tablet
  3. If any new signings look like her I'm all for it
  4. She'd be sorely disappointed I'd be sat in the corner rocking, apologising and sobbing uncontrollably
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/wednesdayfansnl/status/1177955769150578689
  6. No idea pal the little un just sent me that
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/wednesdayfansnl/status/1177953105209630720
  8. I cant believe he let that put him off
  9. Swift jab to the back of the neck will do the trick, when he wakes up you'll be sat at home
  10. She's after a new stoker after the old one died of exhaustion
  11. R lasses toy takes diesel Or it sounds like it does
  12. How on earth did you get hold of this picture? It was a nice day, I got on the beer early and that's all I remember till I woke up like this, still to this day don't know who the other guy was
  13. Young un reckons 1-2 harris and fletcher, don't lump on
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