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  1. Apologies for the last one
  2. This took 2 days of digging in the attic, I knew I'd still got it somewhere, not seen another one anywhere else
  3. Hands up, who's got cuff links and have you ever worn them? I've had a pair in the bedside drawer for the last 12 years and never worn them
  4. Graham Hyde

    I can remember having that shirt, I can also remember the static every time I pulled it off over my head (Cue the innuendo)
  5. Fernando Forestieri

    You off anywhere nice?
  6. F.A.O John Terry

    Has anybody tried walking on the beach on crutches, it's harder than dirk digglers shlong, bit of staging and look at poor old me going on there, absolute plumsack of a man
  7. Who's bought one? Come on hands up
  8. Oh I don't know, that money box looks mighty fine
  9. I'm sure there's a few fellow OTers still got a blue Peter badge, bit of sticky back plastic, couple of blue balloons and a marker pen, they'd make a killing
  10. I'd buy them too, the Mrs may start asking questions though