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  1. Reminds me of a time at school when one of my PE teachers thought it funny to bring a medicine ball out during football practice, threw it at me and shouted "heads" me not knowing it was a medicine ball proper stuck the nut on it, the look of horror on his face as I came round will stick with me forever
  2. I've got your arm twisted up your back, you have to choose one or the other
  3. Agree with you on that one pal but just one quick question Pork or beef?
  4. Nah, someone just asked him if he wanted to go see Mamma Mia
  5. Haven't got any pictures of him but did make a delivery to him a little while back, had to knock him up out of bed, came to the door in his dressing gown, had a good chat with him, really top bloke, down to earth and a good laugh
  6. No doubt grandad will be along soon peddling his wares
  7. Can't wait for him to score his first goal and see people change from "he's rubbish" to having a proper tug fest over him, give the lad a chance ffs, WAWAW ???
  8. Rod Stewart plates for Sunderland? He must be knocking on now
  9. Just drove past @Maddogbob's house, he must be getting some practice in
  10. It's got to be up there as one of the most memorable
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