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  1. Know it well, down that way most Thursday's
  2. And right now the biggest most popular thread is about what's going off in the world
  3. I'm reporting you to the BCC (biscuit complaints commission) I demand a recount on the garibaldi vote, justice for garibaldi's ✊
  4. Once did one only wearing shorts and it carried as far as my trainers if that answers your question?
  5. I've tried having a quick look this morning but couldn't find anything, good luck
  6. He slid in on the goalie and caught him in the goolies, goalie smacked him and they both got sent off
  7. Someone help me out here, I seem to remember him one v one with the opposition goalkeeper, slid in and caught said goaly in the plums with his studs, keeper smacked him one and they both got sent off, either that or I had too much cheese last night and I just dreamed it
  8. F**k your salad cream or mayo, ask him what his favourite cheese is
  9. Let them get 80% wages capped at a maximum of £2500 a month, westwood's dummy would be spat further than Fatima whitbread's javelin
  10. I suppose half a pound of rump steak is better than half a pound of liver
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