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    Went into boyes the other day and they were selling hai karate, now that was an acquired taste
  2. History - Who were the pigs in Sheffield?

    I only know one angry bird and I'm married to it
  3. Give SAG a break

    Somebody should do something about it
  4. Give SAG a break

    Let's not get started on villa Park, one of the smallest concourses I've seen at an away ground
  5. I've got another one boys and girls, Paul's pointing and looking quite excited, but not as excited as Barry because he knows that's going up his ar5e tonight, God I'm on fire today
  6. Get some Hendo's on this

    Amen brother, it's a ****** breadcake, sick of all these non believers with their baps, barms, cobs, rolls, stotties and teacakes. . . .
  7. I keep looking at that kids jumper, it's like something your gran bought you as a kid and your mates ridiculed you every time you wore it
  8. More female looking than the original
  9. I've got another one and it's only taken me all afternoon to think of it so here goes "it looks like she's ordered a cocktail" thank you I'm here all week
  10. Just wanted you to admit it first
  11. Could be barrys, slipped it out when she wasn't looking and slid it up the side of her arm
  12. Probably just me here but her right arm looks very phallic shaped quite pen15 esque