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  1. I knew what I was doing when I was 18 She was called Linda She was 38 And married
  2. How many men would he have had to nosh to get 2 litres of man milk in his stomach? If we take the average of 3.75ml ejaculate per man he would have had to nosh roughly 534 men before having his stomach pumped this post is getting deleted I'm sure
  3. old OG gets a fair bit on here, it's not his fault he can't hold on very long
  4. I do believe that me and hawks have, and scuse the pun here but we've come across the same woman, only I ended up at her house, did the unthinkable, woke up in the morning, she cooked me a breakfast and then was kind enough to give me a lift home bless her
  5. Come off it we all know that you just made that up.... He doesn't smoke cigars
  6. Dunno But that guy in the background with the white shirt has the strangest looking hair/man bun I've ever seen
  7. Villa fans must be on it now 38% 38%
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