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  1. s73owl

    Cardiff in for FF

  2. s73owl

    Cardiff in for FF

    @OWLERTON GHOST definitely would
  3. s73owl

    Jos fall guy

    Did somebody mention fall guy? Heather Thomas? I still would
  4. s73owl

    Atdhe Nuhiu Red Card

    Gives Fletcher a chance of a start against hull
  5. s73owl

    No wonder Radio Sheffield don't like us

    Right apologies if I've missed this been posted before but is it just radio sheffield or all BBC journalists/staff that won't be at the game? Will that affect match/score notifications on the BBC sports app too?
  6. s73owl

    Mobile phone found

    Same here pal, never been interested in any Apple product
  7. s73owl

    Free agents

    Not as good as Daisuke Suzuki
  8. s73owl

    Mobile phone found

    Sincerely hope so
  9. s73owl

    Mobile phone found

    Come on Neil, pin it for 24 hours, let's try get this phone back to its owner, imagine if it was yours?