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  1. Top lad, duvel tripel hop, cracking drink but too pricey and strong to drink a gut full
  2. Only massive arse r lass has is me according to her
  3. I don't think I could, heard he has a massive wang and he's a bit on the rough side
  4. Better than owt that I could knock up Hoots
  5. Do you develop the more risque stuff? Asking for a friend obviously
  6. I was trying to put a negative spin on things
  7. Photoshop to me was where you took your old 35mm films to have them developed
  8. That's getting mi kit off, quick in and out, kit on and out the door
  9. We're going to need pictorial evidence with this one pal
  10. So would forestieri be if they did there star jumps
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