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  1. They've got this to look forward to
  2. Nixon

    I lived there quite a few year back, bransholme estate, nothing cultured about that I tell ya
  3. He sounded pi55ed when he got interviewed after the Birmingham game on Saturday
  4. Big Thank You To SWFC

    Fantastic, glad your mum enjoyed it, well done swfc, just one thing though, what's going off with Fletcher? He's got a ruddy great big hunchback
  5. Gossip

    Shouldn't that be VVS? FFS
  6. Gossip

    Post of the day right here
  7. Nixon

    Is it? I thought something looked a bit wrong, auto correct must have done it when I googled honeyman, please accept my most humble apology
  8. Gossip

    Of the people I know, I don't know garlick or Baldwin smart ar5e
  9. Nixon

    He'd be the midfield beast we've been looking for
  10. Gossip

    I've sat on this bit of info for ages now and didn't post it for fear of a public owlstalk hammering, I can't name names of the people I know or business names purely because of me wanting to keep my job, anyway I know this guy, owns a successful business whom I supply, he's a box holder at turf moor, friends with Mike garlick and David Baldwin, few week back he was talking to garlick and Baldwin and asked about their plans for nahki wells for next season and got told he wasn't in the plans for Burnley fc next season because he's signing for us, I've known this guy for years now so I've no reason to not believe him, told me about Andre Gray to Watford weeks before that happened and same for woods to Burnley weeks before that happened too, anyway now I've got that off my chest I'm ready for the hammering
  11. #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    Never gets old that one S36 never
  12. Steve Morison

    Watch this space
  13. I'm going because I want to see Kerrie catona take one in the face And yes I am on about a football