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  1. Not be the first time @OWLERTON GHOST has surprised somebody from behind
  2. Sorry blenki only just read your reply, I think r lass wants to unload me later mind so I'll see how she's fixed for a few pics
  3. Excellent read as per usual snoots old boy, cant make the match today, was on call last night and guess what? Yup I'm in work, currently sat on a loading bay in Birmingham waiting to get unloaded, make some noise for me today will you?
  4. Cant beat a good OMDT read whilst sat on the pot, excellent work snoots
  5. Are we talking a zoom ice lolly or are we hardcore and going with a chocolate feast? purely asking for a friend
  6. Somebody pass me the tissues
  7. Tried and trusted, more consistent than the blue pills, splinters and rubber burns are a b*****d but worth it
  8. It was the 6 year old kid that got made to take it in, police and stewards can't or won't search them that's the only way I can think how these things get into the ground
  9. You know me all too well OG old boy
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