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  1. He didn't get booked when he jumped in the crowd at forest, refereeing double standards n all that
  2. s73owl


    It's not the only thing she takes to the face
  3. Few year ago yeah I'd have had her as my front lass looks a bit plastic now, too much work
  4. Why are McDonalds in other countries different to the ones in the UK? Went to Benidorm last year and ordered a beer with my Big Mac couldn't see that ever happening over here
  5. s73owl

    Celebrity Tango

    Where the f**k you been hiding?
  6. Champagne bottles? Better than knives and guns I suppose
  7. s73owl

    OFFICIAL: Iorfa Signs

    How much are sky saying we paid?
  8. When you couldn't find the hold button and by the time you did the page had gone and you had to wait half hour for it to come back round again
  9. s73owl

    OFFICIAL: Iorfa Signs

    So does half the blokes on owlstalk
  10. s73owl

    Staff should know the rules

    Got to better than a bridge too var
  11. s73owl

    Steve Bruce

    Wait till he gets here
  12. s73owl

    Nowt special

    Your lass is just pure filth S36
  13. s73owl

    Man of the Match - Wigan (H)

    Big fat 10 for r fletch
  14. s73owl

    Wednesday 1 - 0 Wigan OMDT

    Wonder what the guy behind him is doing to make him look like that