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  1. We need to pay whatever it costs to buy the Luton goalkeeper & defenders. Then, premier league in 2 years
  2. Rotherham used a lot of energy tonight, more than a lot of their other midweek games I’ve watched recently. Need to ask our favourite uncle Mick for a big favour! .... then we draw 2-2 with Derby
  3. Could really do with a Luton goal every 10 mins for the rest of the game, starting now
  4. This is exactly like when we needed West Brom to get a result against Crystal Palace in 2010. West Brom did it, just! Then we blew it on the final day at home to Palace & it was crushing!! Things turned out rosy for Palace & look where we are again
  5. If we are to stand any chance of securing Marriott down to a long term deal then we need his name on that trophy he could have easily gone back to Derby in January & allowed them to pay him on time every month. He chose to let us pay him, often late & that deserves recognition
  6. This social media blackout is a real blessing for the team & DC if today is another bad day. Reminds me when I once saw 2 people having a heated argument using sign language & after a while one of them closed their eyes while the other carried on, it was so funny. Please just score first Wednesday
  7. I feel like this, then I think... the chances are that in either of these next 2 games, we will concede first. We all know what that means. This is why we don’t string wins together. Would love it if we score first in both
  8. I’ll be honest, things are looking bleak. If I was his advisor I’d tell him to send a blank check to Birmingham’s owners & get Lee Bowyer in for the rest of the season. If it works, shame on us for ever doubting him. If it doesn’t work, it’s only more money wasted & shame on us for only ever offering silly suggestions
  9. Hirst was awful....A good professional job, keep up the good work agent George
  10. Remember that Crystal Palace last day game we had to win & drew. So many memories from that day. Will never forget some fella emptying some ashes into the corner of the pitch just before kick off, crying his eyes out & getting dragged off. Unbelievable tension all day & horrible. The Middlesbrough game we stayed up was brilliant but I think we were in a better position going into the game.
  11. This is clever from the club, making us assume he’s considering a move to a ‘bigger club’. As soon as we get relegated, they will announce contract extension for him & we can all feel optimistic about next season. Absolute genius, bloody love this club
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