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  1. Dirty Leeds winning isn’t great for the toon either as there’s a bigger gap developing between them and safety. Oops
  2. I think I read someone on here saying if we go up this season our ffp will be reset so we can lose £39m over 3 seasons? Anyway a promoted Sheffield Wednesday who can spend a little money should be good enough to stay up
  3. It is funny looking on as outsiders. Things aren’t going as they hoped, I’m sure Howe must have been their 10th or 20th choice as manager. They had a better one in charge before he took over. A Norwich win tonight would certainly make it even funnier
  4. Performances have improved, but our league position is still dubious given if the teams around us win their games in hand we would be back to 5 points off playoffs and 8 points off top 2. So we really need to see a run of wins to be able to climb the table and I feel it’s possible with the squad we’ve got.
  5. He’s great and showing why Gerrard wanted to sign him permanently for Rangers last year before he decided to go to Switzerland. I like the look of the front two with Windass behind them. But both Kamberi and Gregory seem to do a similar job, hold the ball up very well and link play but maybe not prolific goal poachers. Hoping we sign another striker in January to help offer something different
  6. Yes when you are a good team games like yesterday can still happen, that’s just football. Liverpool drew 2-2 at home to Brighton, Man City lost at home to palace, Bournemouth drew 2-2 at home with Coventry and so on. The main thing is you maintain performance levels and win the next few games when luck is on your side.
  7. It was bitter yesterday, I used to be Steve but after something snapped off in the cold I’m now called Eve. And knowing our club I doubt it will get refunded anytime soon
  8. As others have said it’s risky playing Dunkley, Brennan or even Palmer (if fit), considering the lack of reserves. So I would like to see a defence made up with the likes of Agbontohoma, Thompson and Brown. There should still be enough further forward with Berahino, Sow, Mendez Laing, Wing, Byers, Dele-B etc. to beat Hartlepool at home. With respect
  9. Wonder if we’ll make a loan move for a certain Urhoghide in January…
  10. Didn’t BPF save the free kick against Accrington that was going into the top corner last weekend and won us 2 points? And now he’s rubbish as he cost us 2 points. I think he’s an acceptable goalkeeper for this level of football. If we had a goal scorer on the pitch yesterday we would have won 5-2
  11. As someone who has been disappointed by performances and voted Moore out when there’s been a poll, my feeling is yesterday’s draw was different as we were very unlucky not to win. A worldly free kick and an own goal has denied us a deserved 3 points. Also if we had a better goal scorer on the pitch upfront we’d be out of sight. Moore has got the team playing well now, just needs to sign at least a central defender and goal scoring striker in January and then the team could be the best we could hope for at this level. So no need to replace Moore until that we give him that opportunity in January to tweak the squad
  12. You’d think having Moore as his manager here would be a good place for him to develop as a central defender. It will be interesting if he agrees or he prefers to sit in the stand watching Celtic play every Saturday afternoon. He’s doing well and is very promising.
  13. Yeah, Sow is our player too same as Berahino. I think they’ve both signed till June 2022, but I would be trying to let them move to other clubs in January - if someone will take them!
  14. Yes that’s sadly true, we need a piggy Sharp type striker in the squad. I think we set up today as 3412 with Windass roaming behind the front two, and we need a striker to add goals to the pool of Gregory and Kamberi. As Berahino and Sow don’t appear to be up to it
  15. Agreed, and to be fair Shodipo had a decent game going forwards too. We need to review our striking department, As Gregory and Kamberi seem very good at link up play and holding the ball up but don’t seem to be prolific.enough in front of goal. So many times in recent games the ball has been played across the box and no one has got on the end of it. I hope we are looking at moving on Berahino and Sow in January and replacing them with a better option.
  16. Yep just said this in another thread, get in another centre back on loan on 1st Jan to replace Gibson’s place in the squad and also move out Sow/Berahino and sign a more effective striker (than those two), and we could be the best side in the league
  17. Fair enough! I agree tho that our current performances are as good as anyone else in this league. We were very unlucky not to win today. Keep this going to January and then make some tweaks to the squad, swapping out Gibson and Sow/Berahino for a centre back and a new forward and we will be an even tougher side to play against
  18. Yep I try to forget the defeats to Plymouth this season too
  19. Yeah I’m more in this way of thinking than believing he was a charlatan. It was never lost on me that he signed Loovens, but got sacked before he could play him and then we suddenly improved defensively. People always put that solely down to Gray but having Loovens in that defence was a huge calming influence. Jones is not in my top 3 managers of the past 28 years of support but he’s certainly nowhere near the worst we’ve had
  20. Moore took a gamble and unfortunately it hasn’t paid off. I’m hoping he proves he’s a good manager by cutting his losses, let Berahino (and Sow) leave in January and replace them with more effective forward players (on loan of course unless there’s some free deals to be done at the time).
  21. I know glass houses and all that, and we’ve suffered enough from our own mismanagement. But imagine spending £23.5m on a striker and he’s only scored one league goal, and in a defeat too. At least Rhodes actually found the net a few times and cost a lot less
  22. Yeah Hanlon is one of their strikers. I agree with you tho that they may target Brennan as a “weak” link and test him as much as they can
  23. Are you thinking of the Parrot who’s on loan at mk dons?
  24. Wonder how quickly can we get “WGUAW” embroidered on shirts
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