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  1. Absolutely correct they’re not there to make up for the shortfall in income, the idea is they’ll cover higher Premier League wages while a relegated club adjust to lower income. Problem is they’re paying wages at the bottom end of the Premier League wage scale so any money left over will be theirs to do with as they wish. Assuming they’ve borrowed approximately £50m, probably at next to no interest (Muslim bank to a Muslim) and over a favourable length of time to pay it back, I can’t see how even relegation would be a major spoke in the wheels in regards of this loan.
  2. Yeah they’ve only got another £120m coming next season plus two years parachute payments if they go down. Bet they’re pooing themselves.
  3. Wednesday appealed thus delaying the process. Most were happy about this?
  4. I’m almost sure, and I stand to be corrected, that the gable on the roof is not the original. When the South was extended it was fitted then. It’s a completely different gable? I’m sure I remember the Star showing 3 different designs and asking for readers to choose their favourite.
  5. Only way would be drawing season ticket holders out of a hat. Winners get to stay at home.
  6. Look, it’s bad enough as it is. We don’t need the likes of you taking the ********.
  7. Keep seeing this about a PL2 but not seen anyone explain how it works? Rename the Championship PL2 and then the current PL will give it half their money? Obviously that’s not going to happen so does anyone have any idea how it will happen?
  8. What hole? Selling the ground to ourselves at an inflated price or backdating it to the year before? The first has been done before though not necessarily at an inflated price and I wouldn’t exactly call the 2nd a loophole, hence why we’re facing charges.
  9. The mantra is to gush over everything Wednesday and the chairman. Don’t do that and you get labelled a pig, especially if you don’t have many posts. Cant be bothered getting drawn into it mostly, but it is a bit tiresome. For the record can’t wait for football to return, scared about Wednesday’s return.
  10. He hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about.. Here’s another one...
  11. Across the city regular improvements have been to the stadium. It’s now a better stadium than Hillsborough and in far better condition. Granted not over the top treatment but enough to put Hillsborough to shame.
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