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  1. Be gutted if it was behind closed doors but I’d take it. It’s getting there what’s important and if we were in with a chance this season I’d snatch your hand off.
  2. I’ll be surprised if the season is completed without at least one club facing these issues.
  3. I quoted two posts which stated the reason for returning was all about money and two which said it was irresponsible. Nothing to do with Sheffield Wednesday specifically. It’s you who is trying to turn the discussion into a Sheffield Wednesday issue which isn’t what the thread YOU posted is about. So no, what I said isn’t inaccurate but just a personal opinion which is the whole point of a forum surely? Or is it?
  4. Maybe not on this particular thread but on plenty of others on this forum. Just getting fed up of hearing how it’s all about money, it’s corrupt, they hate it, no morals etc but they have the need to read all about it and then bore us all with how disgusting they find it. Here’s a thought, don’t go or post on football forums if you find it that distasteful! Btw, I hate cricket. I find it very boring. But I don’t feel the need to find a cricket forum and tell them all about it.
  5. I have to ask as you all seem to hate football so much, why are you reading a football forum at all? ...and then going to the trouble of telling us how much you hate it, how it stinks and how corrupt it is? You could be out cutting the lawn instead, if you haven’t got one mine needs doing.
  6. What’s so disgusting about the Premier League trying to return to work like every other business in this country?
  7. They’re footballers. More than 10 clubs in this league have similar or bigger crowds than Wednesday. Are the players at those clubs not under the same pressure? It’s excuses that’s all.
  8. What happened to ending it now because some things are more important than money and self interest? You know like players and staff health etc. Just asking because of the vast majority of posts on here slating the Premier League for trying to play on because of “money and self interest” Seems morality goes out the window when it suits.
  9. So depending what the bonus was, maybe £8m, maybe more maybe less, they’d have lost approximately the permitted losses. As I said yes it’s a loss but within the permitted allowance. You keep quoting £21.3m as if they’d have lost that if they hadn’t gone up. They did go up and so the bonuses were paid, and they wouldn’t have lost that if they’d stayed down. I don’t know why you’re having a hard time understanding that?
  10. Nobody’s disputing they were making a loss, just that they were within permitted allowances. If they paid out £8m in promotion bonuses they would have been under the permitted £13m a season? It’s not unreasonable to think that bonuses of at least that they got for staying up would have been made given the vast rewards for getting there.
  11. Not sure exactly but found this which explains a lot. https://financialfootballnews.com/category/sheffield-united/
  12. Promotion bonuses were the reason for the higher than normal loss.
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