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  1. Or....and bear with me here because it is a bit radical.... vote for for the actual best goal even though it might not be a Wednesday player
  2. Across the board their prices are more expensive. What offers do you mean? One off games, concessions?
  3. You haven't checked the prices have you? Our prices are cheaper than theirs this season.
  4. Wednesday 12th, United 19th in all time honours list.
  5. It does raise some interesting questions though. What worries me is just where is the money coming from or is it really just wishful thinking?
  6. To be honest that was a bit embarrassing. We may not like him but booing him showed us up IMO.
  7. Can't be bothered to read the whole thread so apologies if this has been mentioned already. "We have studied the city of Sheffield and find it a very strong market with a solid future and the strength to support two large clubs - with Wednesday being the preferred, of course.." Could this be taken as a hint they may look elsewhere to invest if they continue to be blocked at SWFC ie. across the city? I know Hobson's an Owl but he's been on record more than once expressing his admiration for how things are done across the city, and after all he's a businessman as well as sports promoter. It sort of hints at a veiled threat to me anyway.
  8. Well perhaps we should. It seems to me this could be a unique time to join forces as fans and fight this in a focussed and concerted effort as one united group. Stronger together in opposition, weaker divided.
  9. Right reasons???? Getting one over the blunts knowing we are reliant on funding that hasn't and doesn't look like materialising? So Sheffield misses out then but hey so what, at least they didn't get it! Is that what we've become? We're as bad as them and all the pontificating about it being good for the city and they should just accept it for the good of the city looks very shallow just now. I really would like to hear from the club at what stage we are regarding the development without the bull about waiting on grants etc. We got turned down for one at the end of the year, what's happened since? Have we re-applied? Are we likely to succeed? Can we meet our commitment by 2018? Or are we going to wait until the last moment before withdrawing and then heap more shame and embarrassment on this once great club?
  10. Everything in place apart from the funds to build it do you mean? Evidence of what? Computer generated images?? Give me a break. We're now in L1, no investment on the horizon and this whole ground development is a wish list. At the moment I just don't see there being even the slightest chance it's going to happen and if you are anybody else thinks it is, explain how.
  11. Okay, as far as I understand it, it was a prerequisite that any bids put forward were entirely self funded and specifically NOT dependant on grants of any kind. We've heard from LS several times, and now yourself that our bid and ground development are dependant on grants from the government in some form or other. This seems to fly directly in the face of one of the conditions of the bid. Can someone on here please tell me where they've got the impression that our ground development will be paid for through grants? If we're hoping for investment in the stadium from private parties once we've got the nod, can you tell me what's in it for them, what will they gain for investing millions in our stadium? Can you Deejayone clear this up once and for all, if no grants are forthcoming but England win the WC bid how we are going to fulfill our promises to the 2018 WC committee that we will provide our promised stadium? It's one thing revelling in our victory over the blunts in the bid, but we're going to look very foolish if we can't come up with the goods. And frankly at the moment that's looking a distinct possibility.
  12. No it isn't going to happen and never was. Anybody who thought that we'd get our ground rebuilt through the taxpayer and grants are as big a fantasists as Lee Strafford and suffer the same delusions. It isn't going to happen, end off.
  13. Absolutely agree with that, I couldn't believe it either. I recorded it and the loudest song to be heard was Hark Now Hear FFS. That and Hi HO Silver anway.
  14. What on earth has happened to this club. From being a well respected club not so long ago we are now a laughing stock. We have a Chairman who seems to spend more time on message boards and such like fuelling his own ego than rather than actually managing the club. Instead of having his focus on the first team he decides to divert his attention to other areas which would have followed on naturally following a successful team. We need someone who is less media conscious and more focused on what's happening on the pitch. I don't give a stuff about the community. Whilst the Children's Hospital is a very worthy cause the shirt sponsorship is something to give away when we're not on the edge of administration. The World cup is a pipe dream and a diversion that we can't afford. Too much emphasis has been put on investment. Just how much difference would a few million coming into this club really make? We've taken our eye off the ball. Instead of being totally focused on the playing side of things, that has been almost an afterthought. As a result we're now deep in the proverbial. We are now a League 1 club thanks to poor management at the very top. We have to face the repercussions of the absolute disgrace that was the aftermath of yesterdays match. Large sections of the stadium closed next season is a real possibility. Not that will make much difference with the expected reduction in attendances. Follow that by the total lack of condemnation by the club of the perpetrators. A simple statement saying that we will assist the authorities is not enough. I don't want to hear incomprehensible sound bytes which I have to read 3 or 4 times to try to understand what is being said. I want to read about the latest striker we're going to sign. I want to read how nothing less than the title next season is satisfactory. I want to be told that from here on in the only thing that counts are results. Everything else, the ground, the World Cup. Investment, I don't give a stuff. If Lee Strafford doesn't understand that, than he's not the man to lead this club forward.
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