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  1. Nope, just double checked. It was definitely a league one fixture.
  2. Ahem … Crystal Palace at Hillsborough. United seem to manage to keep their fans of the pitch apart from the odd kid who spins get off. You carry on blaming Sharp for getting headbutted mate, expect that from you
  3. Why were Forest fans who were on the pitch illegally in the United players faces instead of around their own players celebrating? Sharp was attacked. Brewster was attacked and I hear Robinson was attacked. It all boils down to if Forest had controlled their fans their wouldn’t have been any incidents.
  4. Keep reading about what a “club of our size” should be doing. What we should be reading is “what a squad of our ability should be doing” Forest Green won’t be rolling up next season having looked up on Wikipedia at the history of the club and thinking “effing ‘ell it’s Sheffield Wednesday, let’s try and hold on for a draw” No, they’ll be looking at the opposition team and thinking “we can do these” They won’t be overawed playing in front of about 20,000, in what will appear to them a half empty stadium. The club as a whole have to get out of the mindset of thinking about how big a club Sheffield Wednesday is, how many come through the turnstiles and how great the away support is…and so do the fans. Sometimes how many come through the gate seems to be all what’s important to everybody, especially the fans. It means eff all to anybody outside Sheffield and is just something to cling onto as the club slips further and further into obscurity.
  5. Where do you see this ‘massive potential’? In what way would Wednesday outdo the likes of West Brom or Swansea or Derby, all similar sized clubs? What do you see Wednesday doing that other clubs can’t without spending hundred of millions? The stadium capacity is 34k. Even a sellout every week would put the club around mid table crowd wise in the Premier League. Sheffield isn’t Leeds or Manchester. It’s difficult to attract global sponsorship or investors. Wednesday will never join the very top clubs and challenge unless they get backers with unlimited wealth. Same as many other similar sized clubs.
  6. Thank god for that. Tonight would have been a total disaster otherwise.
  7. Fantastic that he finally seems to have turned into an adult just as he’s about to be able to start claiming his pension
  8. Ainsworth is most definitely a scumbag. A team reflects the manager so it’s no surprise the tactics they play.
  9. Sorry but can’t edit. What financial situation are you meaning, the £9.5m profit and players on reduced wages?
  10. Sort of irrelevant really. Everybody associates it with United.
  11. Wednesday are no longer and haven’t been for a some time the biggest club in Sheffield.
  12. I think you can judge more whether it’s a thrashing on the losing team fans reaction.
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