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  1. But no money has been transferred anywhere, why would a finance company be involved. It’s all a paper exercise isn’t it? There’s no £60m, it doesn’t exist. He’s supposed to be paying for it at £8m? a year, that’ll be another paper exercise. Just shuffling figures around from fake company to fake company.
  2. Well if the 30,000 plus Wednesday fans who don’t ever go to matches decided to go it’d have made a difference...
  3. Megson is EXACTLY what this club needs. I just don’t understand why others can’t see that. His football ain’t pretty but who cares about that when relegation to League One is looking more likely by the day? Megson would keep Wednesday up and live to fight another day. As it stands only oblivion is on the horizon.
  4. Hopefully you’re not serious, nobody can be as thick as you’re making out?
  5. I didn’t know that and for the life of me can’t understand why the FA have never done it. It would rejuvenate the Championship and EFL.
  6. Half the Championship gets crowds of 20,000 or above and most of them could probably say they’re crap as well. Add the fact 25,000 aren’t actually attending matches despite what the ‘official’ attendance says, the ground looks more than half empty and the atmosphere is poor most matches. It doesn’t come across well on the telly. Add the fact 40,000 can’t attend for big matches, rare as they are, as the capacity is now about 34,000 and you can see Wednesday really aren’t anything special in terms of attraction to the outside world. Wednesday aren’t any more of a
  7. It just wouldn’t make it more attractive. You’re looking at it with your Wednesday hat on. The worldwide TV audience is interested in the big six of the current Premier League and who they play against. To them it doesn’t matter whether it’s Man U v Bournemouth or Man U v Wednesday. It’s the exclusiveness of the PL that is one of the attractions as well as seeing some of the worlds top players. Wednesday v Derby would hold no more interest for your average fan in Hong Kong than it would Wycombe v Barnsley. It might over here in the UK but not really anywhere else. You s
  8. Whats the incentive for the current PL to dilute its income to accommodate another 20? clubs in a PL2 or dilute its attractiveness to the worldwide TV audience? Call it what you want, it’ll still be 2nd tier football and it’s not attractive to a worldwide TV audience. Also who decides which clubs should be deemed attractive enough to be included? You seriously think that’s going to happen, clubs just accepting they’re not big enough or attractive enough to be included? Again, what’s the benefit to the current Premier League. Less games = less matchday revenue
  9. No-one disputes that but this thread is asking if It’s time for a PL2, a completely separate discussion. Which for the record is a ludicrous idea and complete non starter.
  10. I’m puzzled because so many Wednesday fans claim to have chatted to him at the ground etc and said what a nice guy he is. His English can’t be that bad?
  11. Jesus, people still banging on about parachute payments when in reality they’ve got fizz all to do with it.
  12. Really, how far the name of this club has fallen. Utter disgrace.
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