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  1. Inclined to agree. The bottle of the penalty for whatever reason he gave was the end of his time here effectively. Recoup as much as realistically possible and move on
  2. On ability alone it’s a no brainer he’s class but sadly, like Ranger, he’s too busy being a bad man
  3. He was originally brought in as a replacement for Loovens; least in terms of his cultured defending style. Problem was he couldn’t defend physically where Loovens could
  4. Agree with the above post, he’s just too expensive to be sat on. Anything where we recoup a good portion of his transfer fee is good business sense
  5. This one with a big black collar and buttons would be the business
  6. Whatever helps us out. Million and his wages gone would be a boost
  7. I doubt they will be wound up. Admin and points taken is the most likely outcome
  8. Need 20 points at least. Hope we can do it
  9. Whilst he can be culpable of slowing down play in transition, he certainly is the best technical player we have by a mile. For me he would be ideal as a deep lying playmaker. Therefore I think he will be at his best next season as I think Bruce will have more pace out wide and up top next season. As for hiding? Laughable. The bloke drops deep regular to start attacks.
  10. The OP has a point there is a core of clowns who seem to thrive off seeing us fail.
  11. Ruud Gullit thinks he’s above any form or attempt at an apology because he was a world class player. Simple really.
  12. Under rated Chelsea player, should start week in week out. Second only behind hazard for me.
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