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  1. 10 points and a good old scrap. Never boring being an owl
  2. isnt Penney out of contract at the end of the season? not sure tbh
  3. absolute clickbait, as it should be. Hes found really well, we should all get behind him
  4. have to agree sounds a bit mad but reminds me a little of Yaya Toure how he strides and eats up ground in front of him. Maybe worth him and Hutch swapping positions
  5. agree on Iorfa, at the moment reminds me of a no nonsense Hector back there. Vindicated the decision not to spend on him for sure.
  6. bloke looks like he is burdened to even try and contribute in an attacking sense. Said it since the bottle of the Hull penalty shootout he isnt interested. Get rid.
  7. life changing for someone from his background. mad not to take
  8. thier view is actually miles off the mark, DC has been over zealous with his manager stays so far.
  9. been quite vocal to give him a chance but I have to swallow my words, now I think I can agree he isnt the manager going forward
  10. depends on the fee, with most here he is solid but nothing flash in possession. Must be a decent offer to be tempted.
  11. maybe so, maybe not. but you seem to have everything worked out. wisdom at its peak
  12. I have both, I dont sit there accepting rubbish as I am sure you dint either. Media said he asked Houghton to take it and wouldnt and Bruce did a runner. Name your candidate who is ready now to take us up, realistically?
  13. bang on, but some posters seem to have it fixed. Give Boris a call, we could do with it.
  14. hardly the point I was making though is it. Even through the wins it's like you are waiting for a moment to strike LB. Whilst I think he maybe deserves upto 10 games as we are a play off contender at best, you seem to have him down as Irvine esque. Fulham, Leeds and W Brom will be ahead whoever we have so play off is realistic isnt it not? If he loses abjectly over next 4 to 5 then yes I agree. But who is out there who is obviously better, available and willing?
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