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  1. Arguably best striker in his era bar Pele, sad news
  2. its now a free hit for rooney but the bigger issue is Derby owner and the board. Let me divide the argument. Derby are a big club and good fans, this isnt on them but we are done before them which would affect the type of player signings we can get in and holding -12 at the time. Wycombe and Rotherham also. This sits completely on the EFL when you consider the scenarios for me. Messy is an understatement but i wish Derby fans the best going forwards, they don't deserve this either.
  3. start of the end with fans but he already declared wants not to renew, he wants a CL before going
  4. I feel ripped off the price for a season pass from 140 to 170 pounds this last week. Paid up but i feel perplexed in the changes.
  5. overreaction the 2 goals were kids football mistakes as DM got 15 new get to 10 games and see?
  6. I watched we did mess about too much out the back in transition and all 3 goals avoidable tbh but we are a totally new side. Two things I hope DM takes out of it is be direct to clear lines when out of shape and again Theo looked a cut above in ability and composure, start the lad right?
  7. perfect 'away day' man and got close to double figures in our total car crash of a drop down, hes played top end champ and as a starter for cardiff in prem, cut the lad a bit of slack
  8. would say watch rio interview as signposted on this page, doesnt condone but for sure mitigating as is the bbc article at the time
  9. best window in living memory, arguable has cover for ALL bar goal
  10. agreed and his side is interesting to say the least, stoke wanted the financial escape
  11. watched it, seems happy in himself and could turn out to be a masterstroke of a signing if Moore looks after him
  12. without bias that was truly special, 999/100 thats easy a goal
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