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  1. good choice tbh but the main question is does he have everything on his Beres or not?
  2. i felt he spoke fairly tbh, we rode luck and have a chance to stay up
  3. he was surprisingly and openly dismissive before kick off, his stock is lower champ. deluded
  4. he is raw and not the full package right now but there is a real player in there, agree and get him up to it
  5. he aint the man for us in this climate but he has a good record prior
  6. agree, the forest thing must be political as we found and its wrong. but on the pitch he is class
  7. couldnt find an out ball but great defensive work again, keep it up
  8. how are we in this game? not complaining, hope we rinse them on a break and sit in. up the owls!
  9. whilst this kid is in charge, money taps aside, we are not gonna progress we need a plan buy to sell for profit sell the right time build with stability its what the successful sides are doing (yo yo like rotherham or brentford with profits are doing) whatever his plan is, lets hear it
  10. exactly, its no fluke sides like rotherham and brentford are making steady progress all round whilst we are left staring at the abyss.
  11. Didnt even remotely come close to winning J league with Kobe, closer to the drop tbh. A Jos style appointment and not what we need
  12. Well done to him tonight, on the front foot when we could be against a good Boro side, a nice way to go into 2021
  13. he is a leader, pleased we picked him up for free
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