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  1. seems a proper player and in time a shoe in for england, can tell his exp at AC has grown leaps and bounds. He should be considered 3rd of all in that role, lets hope he kicks on and starts, one small mistake in his debut but the positives good for him
  2. Champ building up is the place to do this ideally but I think already we are trying to balance this off. Let's see the summer.
  3. The Sun ran a story https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/18800144/brentford-transfer-sheffield-wednesday-cadamarteri/ so made up we are keeping the talent, must be some promises made lets enjoy his path!
  4. for sure on his current path the standout but as others have said needs time to slot in, a talent though. More excited about Jude at this time. Some player he is.
  5. player in there, a no brainer maybe he gets 15/20 starts next time with rotation but needs to be more streetwise on 50/50 starting positions but no doubting his energy, strength and ability to carry ball a long way
  6. Moore seems to get the best from these characters
  7. would like us to go for alfie may in these 3 names and 500k maybe a ceiling price
  8. for sure previous gaffers who had him building up were wrong, he is a killer with passes down the sides and his close control in tight areas to create attacking situations.
  9. we always seem to take 2 years to bounce back we aren't a lot off, 85 points usually means 2nd, let's see the 4 keys we need. I would like us to retain Luongo out of all out of contract.
  10. always looked for a quick set up, moore maybe first era where its slightly changing but the infrastructure of culture/facilities for youth and training should be the build
  11. Jordan always quotes forest and us for this
  12. i felt in some weird way on my 30th v hull final its destiny now i just hope one day, lets believe
  13. we need 4 starters, a lot comes to the price of josh, if we can pick up 1/2 defenders, 1 cm, 1 fw we are live
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