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  1. runningaround

    Danny Murphy

    Ruud Gullit thinks he’s above any form or attempt at an apology because he was a world class player. Simple really.
  2. runningaround


    Under rated Chelsea player, should start week in week out. Second only behind hazard for me.
  3. runningaround


    Can’t see why he said getting completely slated tbh, clearly helping out fox down the left side. He was intelligent in his defending and retained possession reasonably well. God knows what some of our fans expect at times...
  4. runningaround

    Forestierri 14m

    The leaked valuation is the opening price of negotiation imo. I think an offer of 10m would be more than good enough for a player who’s never fit or available these days.
  5. runningaround


    Agree totally with this. Hooper is a massive loss, best striker we’ve had for a long time when fit.
  6. Kim Olsen Jon Beswetherick
  7. runningaround

    Lookman deal done....wow

    Nixon rubbished it and blocked the make believe reporter as a result.
  8. runningaround

    Gaetan Bong

    We don’t need no smoke about this transfer rumour
  9. runningaround

    Chris Turner

    Just had a look, can’t reallt fault what he’s claiming. Definitely better upstairs than down in the dugout. Not many clubs make profit and compete these days. Good luck to him
  10. runningaround

    deer Mr Chanseri

    Leigh bullet I will have a pint of what you are on!
  11. runningaround


    Good player, unlucky under Carlos and needs run of games, maybe worth 1/2 year extension with clauses on playing time
  12. runningaround

    Hutch's salute....

    Bang out of order that needs to just focus on playing. Good result though
  13. I might have read the article link differently but it suggests to me the player power at the club is completely out of hand. It also undermines the authority of the previous management of the players know they can go straight to the owner when they don’t like something. Tom Lees is out of order here. He should stick to playing football and improve his leadership and performances before criticising others. I would shift this player out based on the past 12 months or so been well below the standards he set before his big contract.
  14. Poetic words. He openly admits English isn’t first language and was referring to the losses he is funding.
  15. runningaround

    Look in the mirror....

    For me the chairman wanted love and adulation and actually meant his words as being part of the Wednesday family. However, with big power comes big responsibility. If he isn’t leading well then to sell up is best for all parties involved, certainly for his own and his families emotional well being. Reading his statement from various sources, it seems to be clear he desperately wanted success but had no clear idea how to attain it and it’s worn him out. Any personal criticisms he will have taken personally (as most Asians do I know) and it’s sad it’s turned toxic now. I wish the bloke the best of luck and say thanks for trying with us. Life isn’t always the fairy tale ending.