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  1. there are signs, Moore has implemented a new style, they are buying in the players. The other two are imploding. Its an outside chance but for that daft red card from Crooks Rotherham would have won at a canter. There is a chance albeit slim
  2. Rotherham needed to win that to keep them involved, a no brainer. Just in form now is Udders and Derby to try and catch against the odds
  3. Gerald Sibon was far superior to him but was languid in approach. Sorry I dont agree with the OP
  4. behind this and operate within their means with a plan, all day over Shrek and Derby
  5. In terms of a dump probably Grimsby away in terms of the area and the facilities
  6. until we are down don't give up, of course it looks as sunk as the Titanic but keep believing.
  7. probably the plan since he did it, i dont think he is as naive as many think
  8. im sure if he is fit then Barnsley are in with a real shout to go up
  9. expectations are different, least he knows how to operate a business not a 'family' and 'customers'
  10. he needs time, the coffin was lowered when we bottled the 2 up at Luton. Still think hes got talent and hes the best realistic chance of getting up
  11. same Accy who briefly threatened play offs in their highest league position in the rebirth? Can't see the joke
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