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  1. yes and we cant afford any negative results against cov, rotherham and wycombe to hammer that home
  2. will be in the lottery for 18th and i think they go down
  3. Instead of celebrating a good away win of course an agenda comes up. We all know what the big man brought, but he ain’t here. Very strange op
  4. controlled that for the majority, superb performance, passing and movement way ahead of them, well done to the lads and the staff
  5. Agree here but if he gets us winners in 3/4 games it’s not bad business. Let’s hope Cocu continues to be clueless
  6. With Covid it’s a simple no. Unless mega money, simply put we need him. Do one Brentford
  7. Bus fares go up each year, can’t blame him for that
  8. I wish I can see better solution but unless he brings in a target man we can’t play higher up, can’t disagree the home form though it’s a shambles!
  9. Some live for it sadly but I agree we need to get behind the lads in such a predicament
  10. For me Van Aken should be tighter to the striker. Bannan there, no idea
  11. Keep teams out and nick one and sit in. Reminds a little of Stuart Gray tactics. In the situation we face and players we have, wise.
  12. Watched the game thought he looked decent yesterday as did Luongo again
  13. Sounds like a win win for the bin dippers. If he is the player Klopp thinks he is it’s basically a loan of sorts. If it isn’t pigs still don’t have a reliable source of goals.
  14. It shows the good business to spend on Iorfa against hector despite the collective clamor at the time to sign for 4m plus
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