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  1. Just listened to shefcam,and he says it's down to injuries to six first team players that would normally be playing.thats part of the problem that Darren Moore has got.he talks a lot of sense.shefcam not Moore.!!!
  2. And would we be any better in the championship with this lot.loans and freebies again,as we haven't got any money.
  3. And have we got any money to pay him and the backroom staff off.and then get another manager and backroom staff again,and on it goes.stick with Darren and let's see what happens.
  4. I'm asking a question on a debate,so why reply with that.or can't we say the b word no more.
  5. Not playing the race card here,but apart from Chris Powell at Charlton,what other black managers have been successful.?
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