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  1. Keke Simmonds put a love heart on his photo on Instagram. Hes coming to Wednesday 🍆🍆 who is he?
  2. Do you think the club has intentionally got one striker? Do you not think we would like more? Do you not think we’re looking at options and potentially negotiating with agents? Not every player we want to sign comes off, but also The press and ITKers don’t get wind of every one we try and secure.
  3. As with all wednesday players, I’m really hoping he does well. good luck JVA
  4. I thought it was time Bullen went so we could freshen things up, however I’m pleased with this move. Should be a good steppingstone between first team and u23s. I don’t follow much for the u23s or u18s. Does anyone know if they play similar systems to the first team? Or completely different.
  5. I think not having a permenant position hasn’t helped reach during his time at wednesday. Just to back this point up. Ake was relegated with Bournemouth and signed for Man City, and I believe David Brookes has either signed or been linked with Liverpool.
  6. I don’t. How do you know they do? as previously said that’s why I asked the question.
  7. Kachunga with plenty of headers. Dunkley with a few headers. I can see us setting up playing a high tempo attacking passing game.
  8. Yeah very plausible. there’s no end of reasons why it could be. I was just interested as to why
  9. In what way is that rude? How is that moaning? It was a genuine question. Things such as BMI checks and general checks. I’m sure there’s other things as well, it’s just interesting to know. Not everything is a dig and a moan. See above. It wasn’t a moan or a dig, just a genuine question. as someone has already said, there’s nothing saying they won’t be doing some thing over the weekend.
  10. Yes. I would like to know. If that’s ok with you!
  11. Thought it was today. if it is tomorrow, does anybody know the benefit of going back on a Friday and then having two extra day’s off?
  12. We’re going to get them match fit, then they’ll sign for someone else.
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