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  1. It came from Sam himself when he first came back. Someone with more computer nouse than me will be able to find it I’m sure.
  2. Because you’re that injury prone you can’t get another deal. Like someone that’s frequently off work due to illness gets laid off due to always being off and only job they can get is through an agency.
  3. Isn't hutch on one? I’m sure there’s an interview with him saying he was. If there isn’t then that’s fair enough.
  4. Those saying Wickham is an expensive crock, would you take him on a pay as you play deal? for what it’s worth I think he’s an expensive crock, but could be tempted with a pay as you play.
  5. Without pouring water on this. Is this confirmed by anyone actually in the know rather than some random poster on owls talk? Hope its true
  6. People will still say he’s leaving.
  7. Thanks mate. I thought I was misreading it somehow but couldn’t work out how.
  8. Billy sharp the massive blade would wear his Wednesday tracksuit under his shirt? Or have I completely missed the point of this post? If so, I do apologise
  9. Congratulations, Punky. I love watching your videos on here and I always give them a thumbs up for the hard work you put into them. Sorry I don’t subscribe. I literally have no idea how to do that
  10. Surely he would rather drive to hillsborough every day that flipping Stoke!
  11. Wouldn’t he have to agree to sacrifice the remainder of his contract? I’m not sure how these works but surely if he’s contracted to that money he’s entitled to it, and I don’t think we could match it. Very decent. I’d like to see him here. didn’t he do really well for millwall in L1?
  12. Didn’t YesWeCrann (spelling), the bloke that writes for the star say that he was still under contract? If so, I imagine he will be on massive wages. And can’t see that getting settled. I would take him here though
  13. To be fair, so does bannan. It’s just his is the width of his head.
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