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  1. Does seem odd, thought he is better than lg3
  2. The draft does not include transfer fees I this think. The wages make PL look like non league, hasn't some player signed a deal worth 200 million?
  3. Good luck to the lad..got some proper abuse for no good reason we do like a scapegoat here. Recently think we are getting a bad name for hounding players and not supporting. Never used to be like that they would get a chance.
  4. The guy is absolute class. I know a lot of players say good things about previous clubs. With Reda, you get the feeling he 100% means it. Does seem Wednesday does have a way of drawing players in.
  5. We all know it is one rule for them and one for us. Would have thought it will be sorted. In fairness things are changing 20 years ago this would not have been news and a PC would not even had to answer to any charge or investigation.
  6. And this is the crux of the matter, probably don't want to stump up 50m for a lg1 club. Can't blame them. Only way they get the money back is bulldoze and build some flats etc.
  7. Didnt Bournemouth already give the EFL 5m out of the 100s of millions they trousered for being the PL?
  8. Charlton really are the whiners, they got naff all points so why should they stay up..they really are the [email protected] of London. Crap place to get to, which with the transport links in london means even locals dont want to visit. On a plus side for them they won't have to give us another 6 points!
  9. Love the away shirt, think it's on point. Home shirt good bit similar to the current one which was good anyway. Well done Wednesday...getting the retail right...
  10. That steel wall is a disgrace, one of the 1st things visitors see and council or whoever can't even get it working properly. Sheffield city of the future. The old pub, really would think that it could be purchased by local authority or even owls and blades cough up a few hundred each to own it. As others have said people travel all over the world to see stuff far less important...should see if FIFA want to save it.
  11. If we are that short of players 1 year contract no harm. Not as fussed by Lee, as strikers we need and the big lad does not seem as injury prone.
  12. Is Hughton the new Curbishley, he's been waiting 10 years for a PL job!
  13. Not sure. Does make you wonder why anyone would buy a champ club if you can't invest to get promoted. Think it is the EFL who will kill the game. As for parry, don't remember Liverpool keeping their cash in the bank seemed to spend spend spend. It's ok to have these ideals but only if it is truly equal Inc PL clubs who are relegated. Sick of this p and s crap, just want clubs to get back to football and buying and selling who they want.
  14. Think he has more important things to do like getting new players in and getting ready for the new season...rather than talking to a well meaning group who would contribute ...???
  15. All roads lead to Middlesbrough then. Can they dock Boro 21 points for having Gibson as chairman
  16. Well they should have got a few more points...hardly our fault EFL should have got it sorted. No sympathy the EFL have wrecked our season as well, maybe if we had not had this uncertainty we would have had more points and the charlton would have to find another scapegoat, like their own waste of a team.
  17. It's as if the EFL and PL are trying to ensure their is an advantage to PL clubs over Champ clubs who haven't been in the PL recently. How did the EFL ever agree that it ok to let some clubs spend more to give them an unfair advantage. Has to be an even field if not just let all clubs spend what they have.
  18. It's a good point, you would think going into admin should incur automatic relegation as stuffing suppliers etc for maybe millions is about as bad as it gets. What we seem to have done should in no way be the same punishment think it will be reduced to 6 or maybe suspend so many points. In reality the whole EFL process is a shambles. Wouldn't be surprised if their will be discussions amongst the "big clubs" in the champ and may be lg1 about some challenge to the current running of the league.
  19. Part of me thinks it is becoming like a closed shop for promotion unless you take the risk of splashing the cash or you have parachute payments. Okay there is the odd exception. Think might as well go for it.
  20. So you think our players should give up before a ball is kicked. Okay not going to be going for automatic but got to believe we can finish 12 points above 3rd from bottom. Also think a few more clubs will get deductions.
  21. So does that mean A) our players are so much fitter than other teams B) they have done nothing for large parts of the game and have energy to burn. C) Other clubs feel sorry for us. Sorry no prize for the correct answer.
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