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  1. If true, looks a smart guy. Proper minted and a lawyer, save some money on our legal battles the...could he do a job for us.
  2. If you were the moaning club you would not be to pleased. And Dawson still starts, why not Wildsmith.
  3. I didn't realise it was so expensive at Hillsboro....the quality of Football is worth every pound...oh wait forgot it's not 1993 anymore!
  4. We may well win, even bad teams win eventually. All well and good saying what good players they are, but if they can't be bothered to run, pass or tackle then we lose. Applaud your positivity though. This is all down to the players attitude, even the ones who are coming out of contract who I would have thought would try so as to get another club.
  5. All this DC bashing is getting tiresome. Not sure what the alternative is, he is one chairman who has backed us. It is his club to run and will learn from all this and p and s stuff, we were close to the PL and gamble didn't pay off this time. We don't have an option other to trust him and back the club. In previous years I think some of our other chairman would have just rolled over to the EFL and just accepted things. Think DC is showing he will stand up for what he believes.
  6. I feel so used now, you said you'd still respect me ....Just took my directions off me and left....!
  7. Yes, some may certainly think it does as can create a lack of confidence in the authority of others to make the correct decisions. Just like in any profession one persons action can reflect badly on all.
  8. Ok obviously in the light of the Flack tragedy no one would condone trolling and hounding anyone and the law must take it's course without any prejudice. I generally support the Police as they have a bloody hard job, dealing with some difficult and dangerous situation. I do think however looking at the video, this did not appear a spur of the moment thing although thos will be investigated and other footage may be abailable which shows a difgetent perspective. From the footage circulating it does appear there may have been time to think about where he was aiming, looked a little like some medieval joust running in baton drawn. This, the lad may have been fighting, well the pertinent bit was had, was he still a threat who knows. Hitting an unarmed person around the head would seem to be extreme.
  9. They really don't like him so bitter. Worse than us. The positive to having Warnock as manager is if he did get us up it would wind dem blades up no end.
  10. Park at Midland station and get the train... Serious note, just park in the city centre and get a cab or walk about 30 mins. Or closer to the ground.. Birmingham Wheels Park at Adderley Road South, Saltley, B8 1AD. This is approximately ten to 15 minutes walk from the ground.
  11. Who you talking about? How much Money has Monk had to spend. I still go to matches and got the Man City tickets, so supporting my club means I am a brain dead clapper?? Think your post might make you more qualified than me!
  12. Great post that...I'm surprised he has not resigned with all the stuff placed at his door. I think he deserves our support not our ire. If he is allowed to get through this we might have a bloody good manager who can manage in adversity.
  13. Just stick with Monk, where has constant change got us. Would be a better option to appoint a Director of Football with a plan who has the experience. Got to say Monk has got little to work with.
  14. Thing is though at the minute looks like Dawson can carry on making mistakes and not dropped. Sometimes you need to break the cycle. Put Wildsmith or Westwood in nothing to lose is there? Can't just accept mistakes of it is an outfield player they get dropped to sub bench at least.
  15. Funny think is that we have had various owners and not one of them has grasped that you need to buy and sell players to increase profits. Why is it such a problem for us? Is one issue we are always chasing the dream, beginning to think accepting mediocrity for a couple of seasons so we can build might be a good thing. Although not sure how patient we are as a group especially with the other half doing well.
  16. Absolute scandal to be so low. Saying that been this way for years never really been a selling club from my memory. Problem is can you imagine the uproar on here if 3 years ago we had sold Bannan, Lee etc, proper meltdown.
  17. Would be funny as f@#$,. DC then gives monk 100m to get us up next season... Then invite Gibson to our promotion party.
  18. On the list of his case the derby one in case continuing but looks as if ours is concluded. Is it we are just awaiting the decision, guess he earns his fee with the appeal.
  19. I would rather the former, can we trust players who can't be bothered not to do it again. Obviously on so much money the win bonus does not even appeal to them. Agree 're D.C. needs to back or sack.
  20. Well in fairness who is all those two players have left. Not sure who would give them contracts if the stories of sulking and not wanting to play for the team are true. Both done well out of Wednesday.
  21. At least us fans have a fighting spirit...
  22. Thing is with DC he is stubborn any just may do the unexpected and back the manager. Bit like in the workplace where the bosses back each other regardless.
  23. Yeh, agree to differ. Just think changing managers every year hasn't achieved much and maybe giving a manager the opp to buy and pick his own team is worth a shot. Can't remember the last manager who actually had a say in transfer don't think CC did although our most successful recently. We all want the best, as getting tiresome these performances.
  24. That's the thing, is he poo. Who else do we get and if so what when some players dont like them. Sack again? All a bloody mess. Whatever it is DC needs to do something either sack some players and back Monk or back the lazy sods and ditch another manager, trouble is who would we get as toxic players would not be too attractive to work with.
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