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  1. Is there any footage of the home game, can't see anything online?
  2. Same here, ended up on the cheese wedge one of the best cup night's at home. Couldn't believe the attendance. Another nearly won it year. Bloody Brighton.
  3. Forgot about that one. That will be a no then.
  4. Hasn't Pearson got history with Thai ownership? Sure DC will have asked them about him already.
  5. Lol...misguided. we have already established that what we as fans put in cash wise does not contribute hugely to our income streams. So do you really think us not putting our hands in.our pockets is going to make DC say OK you win? None of us are happy with the current situation, however about as much as we can do is whinge and moan. When football fans return then if some want to stay away fair enough, your choice. I will keep going as I have done for 40 + years.
  6. Tbh was not knocking DC a all. He's you say has put more cash into the cub in 5 years than the previous 150 years.
  7. Maybe the good results have something to do with being paid. Quite like Thompson, but just a coach and do need a manager with fresh backroom staff. If we are making another change let's give them freedom to do it their own way. I do think it is looking increasingly like Cook won't be joing as others have pointed out what's stopping him if he has been offered. Wouldn't think its money / transfer budget as think Cook would still join if DC said no budget till next season. We have a squad that is good enough to stay up now.
  8. One of the most disappointing signings for me. Thought we had made it when we signed Jonk, a top class player signing for us. Every week expected him to show some class etc and each week did nothing. Total deflation, on a par with the Blondeau lad, he looked like he had never kicked a ball.
  9. With haven't got a clue, meant re the finances and signings. No him as a coach. Think DC and advisors have the say. Although they might say do you want player a or b.
  10. They shouldn't worry, simple solution if they go bust, they can reform as Wayne Rooneys Derby County....FC. problem solved
  11. He obviously hasn't got a clue and don't think he has asked DC. Can't blame him, just a coach and might as well just get on with it.
  12. Is Jay Paul Cook agent! If not should be. Good read that.
  13. It becoming a joke this, bet DC hadn't even heard of half of the supposed front runners. Clown Coleman not for me boyo.
  14. So reading that article, the efl does not intend to require EFL clubs to test twice a week as it would cost clubs 10k per week, most have not been doing once a week. About time they put a stop to the clubs who refuse to test by docking 3 points for each missed test week. Its as if they are putting money before the health of not just players but anyone they contact. Just call a months break and see where we are.
  15. True. They may be testing PL players each week. But how many of the EFL and non league clubs grounds were doing testing. The whole point is to limit journeys and people mixing. We can only mix in essential businesses with a mask, what is so special about football. It's as if the PL have got cash so they can buy there way. The EFL should enforce mandatory testing a few days before each and every game, if they want football to continue.
  16. Not sure why the delay, if DC wanted Cook would be in by now. Might as well just give it to Thompson, no signings so does not really matter
  17. Bit difficult to close essential businesses ie food retailers etc as we would starve. Struggle to understand why football is exempt from the rule. Its not just the 22 who are in the pitch, looking at the game at Marine, looked like hundreds were involved in the game somehow. Players, journos, directors, security, BBC staff and technicians. Why did the BBC need to take both Wright and Shearer to both live games, 1 at Arsenal and 1 to Marine? Multiple this by all the FA Cup games over the weekend and thousands of individual journeys.
  18. Don't know what it is with some of our fans, just a set of whiners. Happy with Everton, with a chance of Spurs Got to be better than playing Barnsley or Luton..of course we would beat so easily just like the league. Quite like Everton, probably lose but who knows. Need to keep in the Championship so no biggie if we go out.
  19. Rather play them in the Championship next season first game if the season. Obviously we win and their misey continues.
  20. It would be great to see a reset. Unfortunately think when coving is over and certainly within 18 months clubs will be back to chasing the dream. Only thing that will slow it down would be reduced contracts from SKY etc. All chasing the PL dream. We need to get through this and next season with little money and avoiding relegation. Then start rebuilding a sensible team and wages
  21. Not the type I would want to manage our club.
  22. Exactly this. Although quite like him, always good value to listen to.
  23. Out of that lot, Poyet or Fink for me. Pearson, just not fair to give him a poison chalice.
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