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  1. I'd rather be in it than LG1. Get what you are saying however, actually getting to the Prem if sensible can set you up to invest money in the frastructure of the club for years, build decent youth set up etc etc. Likes of Norwich, Burnley have banked a few quid, they have no illusions about titles etc, but don't worry about filling accounts or points deductions.
  2. So we have money to spend...like flies round poo .
  3. It's as if the worst areas of Rotherham are manly where the miller's live... Funny can't see an area call New York...did they make that up as well
  4. Shall we have a thread on which areas are Wednesday in Rotherham....might annoy the miller's...
  5. Agree, talk is cheap and doesn't seem to reflect what we see on the pitch..
  6. What do you want...a statement that says... unfortunately due to our inability to stop conceding soft goals and certain individuals switching off at critical moments, we can confirm that we will be plating in League 1 next season. I'm sure you will join me in congratulating the managment and playing staff for their hard work.
  7. There's a reason some of these players are at a 3rd division club. Anticipation and decision making is the difference in a average and good player.
  8. Tony Christie lived in Sheffield...drove past ground numerous times...after that not sure.
  9. Inclined to agree with that unless we can find a proven and successful manager to join us. My doubts are that when it really matters he can't help himself by being cautious like these 2 games. And can he find the plan b. Some difficult decisions as don't want another wasted season in league one. Maybe DC needs to chat with some of the senior players to get their input.
  10. Great Post...what ever the result well be back watching them again like we always do. If we get behind them like like Brighton, Burnley qf, Arsenal LC we can do Hillsborough is a special place on nights like this, let's make it so again.
  11. Same here, loads of family who have lived in Rotherham for years and years and never heard of the area being called New York....most of them seemed to refer to the company based gheir Guest and chrimes (think it was) or Sheffield Rd. I stand to be corrected by AL but is their a map showing area called New York in Rotherham. Personally quite like the way their ground looks big on the outside then once inside it becomes smaller....
  12. Hopefully Moore and the players can put in a response to the abject performance on Friday. We have seen too many of these games this season. My thoughts are if Moore can't get a performance out of them in arguably the 2 most important matches then he needs to go. The squad is good enough and we are close but something is off.
  13. We got out of jail tonight, poor performance and only 1 down. Can't play yjat bad again hopefully. We can do this on Monday at least we have no option but to go for it now.
  14. Exactly, you pay your money..funny how never an issue in any sport but football.
  15. TBH our defenders have been giving stupid goals away all season, shouldn't be surprised.
  16. Why was the Blades Sunderland so low at the lane? Would have thought it would have been higher?
  17. They should be content with their seat smashing record. Wonder how many they are on this season?
  18. Don't care who we play in a final if we get there. It's about how we play on the day...if we play as well as we can we win.
  19. This, no way we can defend for 90 mins and get anything. We're just to leaky at the back.
  20. Thing about unbeaten runs is they end. If we were unbeaten in 13 at home plenty on here would be doom and gloom and forecasting it ending as its the Wednesday way. They are unbeaten as they have found their form however so have we. It's anyone's to win really.
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