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  1. owls-swfc


    Polar opposite to big Dave..
  2. owls-swfc

    Borukov to play?

    All being well.. providing his foot infection clears up!
  3. His match ban should have given the club a bit more additional time in which to knock up a tailor made shirt to actually fit him...
  4. owls-swfc

    SWFC Crop Circle !

    Photoshopped,.. the image in the picture needs orienting vertically instead of horizontally to make it more believable..
  5. owls-swfc

    Nando car accident

    So the "think bike", concept is not a learned trait to FF offspring yet then..
  6. owls-swfc

    Forestieri "We played as a team"

    Like I've said before, I hope Chap Asda don't increase their prices..
  7. owls-swfc

    No More I Love Yous

    We've not got a problem with FF until Chap Asda stops doing the Asda price reduced offer range.. I really hope he can't be temped by Aldi "bogof" offer at some other supermarket chain elsewhere in the country..
  8. owls-swfc

    Feeling positive

    Updadownbeat init..
  9. owls-swfc

    Big Sam anyone?

    That should do the FFP quite nicely, with paying up JOSS contract and paying a man known to have got the sack from England job under dubious circumstances, what would be extortionate amount of £cash. Well thought out!
  10. owls-swfc

    Flag Surfing Today

    Yes, one bloke who seemed to be directing this debacle - actually thought it was OK to launch the flag up the kop with the column in the way,.. Should have gone to spec savers,.. Cringeworthy indeed... He needs putting in stocks (and pelting with tomatoes) in the centre circle at next home match
  11. No, no,...I'm not having that ....there's a place at place at Eastbourne!
  12. owls-swfc

    More positives from #SWFC

    With OT lately, it would be more appropriate to play Arctic Monkeys.. "Mardy Bums" Caveat: Not read all previous posts if already mentioned!
  13. My dad said that he lived opposite side of road on Doe Royd ont Cross (he bought a pair of football boots from him, but never actually played football)! Deffo from P. Cross..
  14. owls-swfc


    Good.. That means back in 1 week, instead of the normal 2 weeks!