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  1. Chansiri and son

    Did you ask him if he was "gutted" and did he understand the meaning of this? Alternatively, did you ask him in Thia lingo to confirm that actually was?
  2. £27 Million

    It's Chansiris money to blow anyway,.. But yes I still spend my coin on watchin Wednesday home/away..... But I now make sure I have a tightly screwed up £20 note in my pocket to make sure I don't go home p*ssed off and completely skint....
  3. The f*ck off Wednesday thread

    I'm slightly upset on the upsetometer scale...
  4. Reach seems untouchable.. If he starts full back, somebody gets subbed on the wing position.. If he starts on wing position and full back goes, he assumes that role.. He can't tackle...We need an option that can! He got a good motor.. but not suitable for all positions.
  5. Carlos goes if we lose?

    "This will not affect the £20 in your pocket....." (Harold Wilson,. British prime minister 19th Nov 1967)
  6. 3 changes tmoro

    Swfc win, Sufc lose, we all get p*ssed .. My 3 changes
  7. I bet you a screwed up £20 that your wrong.. Unless your a magician and the Value goes up to £50 when you unravel it..!
  8. A very crumpled and creased £20 note..
  9. New kits this week?

    Fixed it for you!
  10. Matias / Boyd

    Does abdiboydy know WTF is really going on at the moment?
  11. Sheffield Wednesday Team for Saturday

    Where's Marco Abdi, and Almen Matias? I seem to recall we signed these two players some time ago IIRC...