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  1. We must HAVE, we really must HAVE....
  2. Its like the Tooth Fairy has actually arrived £600k....
  3. Not me....count me out... I don't carry that sort of bargain cash amount of money about with me.... Its tha cost of living, energy and fuel prices that's done it I suppose.....
  4. Pope is not bothered about coming either...
  5. Carlton ""marjuwana" Palmer.... Discaimer: But not neccesarily in that order
  6. As Bruce Forsythe used to say... "Good Gandi, Good Gandi"
  7. Sam Hutchinson on a free, x Chelsea........100% committed. I know he'll do a good job for us!
  8. Last line needs a bit more work....
  9. Says in Star deadline for retained list is next Saturday but likely TBA before then.
  10. Don't mince your words pal... U tell em how it really f***** is...!
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