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  1. From swfc twitter: Our home fixture v Brentford (26 Feb) is Category G, meaning adult ticket prices are £20 in all stands.. Good news for non ST holders, should put at few on the gate...
  2. owls-swfc

    Onomah injured again

    Got bowled full length (no pads), lbw!
  3. owls-swfc

    Bruce quote:

    Fixed it for you...
  4. owls-swfc

    S.T renewals.

    Got the 5 year option (and currently in the last year of the previous 3 option).
  5. owls-swfc


    The blue stripe is not central!
  6. owls-swfc

    Steve Bruce in one word

    # Itsjustnotcricket
  7. owls-swfc

    What’s the chances

    17 x 3 = play-offs
  8. owls-swfc

    Man of the match and scores

    Fixed it for you..
  9. owls-swfc


    If we stop bigging him up.. Chelsea might release him on a free.... Doncha know!
  10. owls-swfc

    Bruce on........AWAY FOLLOWING

    Can't really judge if he is signaling a 4 or a straight 6 in that pic TBH..
  11. It really could couldn't it?
  12. AGAIN! (soz semi final different comp)
  13. I hope he never decides to grow a tash FFS!
  14. owls-swfc

    9 Points Off The Play Offs

    No, I was just benchmarking the wider audience,... If truth be told, I could do with another ar'se to give the other ar'se a bit of respite.. #hemmoroidsarus.
  15. owls-swfc

    9 Points Off The Play Offs

    9 points is nothing..... If you compare it as anology to 3 shi*s a day,... You can do it if you really want to do it.....