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  1. Thought he lived in Dore?... Has he emigrated to Virginia USA now?
  2. Thats 20 seconds of life that I'll never get back...
  3. Sophie Ridge on Sky News, has just been talking to jonathan van tam - about vaccines He says he wants to get back and see live football ASAP like everybody else... SR, name dropped SWFC and she was a fan - as we know.... and added that she wants live football also, but made reference to our current plight and position putting a bit of a dampener on things!!
  4. Thought Rhodes had the best chance,.. diffucult header tho it was..... but after the final whistle was laughing and joking with their manager and staff as they were crossing the pitch to their changing rooms in the North..... #angrymad
  5. Thanks for that...... I've been searching everywhere on the Internet, without success....
  6. Thanks for that,... Been trying to find todays table (after the match) everywhere on the Internet - without success ........
  7. Thanks for that,... Been trying to find todays fixture list everywhere on the Internet - without success ........
  8. Dad,.. Dad, have we signed anybody yet Dad?
  9. Hopefully they will have agreed that if he gets sent off in the first half, then he won't get paid for the second half ....
  10. Bannan, Hutchinson, Shaw in midfield would be great
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