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  1. No good around the box! It's a no from me.
  2. I'm getting to the point where I couldn't Cairo less!
  3. The way things are going, it may be beneficial to play behind closed doors, irrespective of covid 19 virus!
  4. At least Wildsmith was doing a lot more gobbling off at defenders, whereas Dawson is mute!
  5. Not seen anything about our cup tied players : Anyone know which players are not eligible to play tonight?
  6. Hope ur OK with the shouting and finger pointing over at your end.... Keep safe pal.
  7. I'd take the hit if we finish 7th after full season fixtures have finished .. Otherwise kin do one! Good Post (I don't mean you btw)...
  8. I'm stood at the cooker, preparing a Deliah Smith recipe supping some wine ..... "Let's be avin yer"!
  9. You elude to fan base wanting DC to get rid of FF, but your not accepting the fan base encouraged DC to sign Rhodes...
  10. Disagree a bit there R.D., since the same fan base were collectively demanding the signing of Rhodes and he duly obliged........ It works both ways!
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