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  1. New kits this week?

    Fixed it for you!
  2. Matias / Boyd

    Does abdiboydy know WTF is really going on at the moment?
  3. Sheffield Wednesday Team for Saturday

    Where's Marco Abdi, and Almen Matias? I seem to recall we signed these two players some time ago IIRC...
  4. Fans falling out today

  5. Something isn't right

    3 centre backs plus bobbar loads in midfield... Is the only way to go.. It's pointless playing wing backs to cover the amount of ground that carlos expects them to do. Just bull up midfield and jobs a gud un. .
  6. What Perfume.

    Sorry, I don't understand.... Is this some sort of canned fart from the south stand?
  7. Spell check... Text predictor..
  8. Fixed it for you.... This even tops the regular time-lapse updates for the Desso pitch when first laid IMO...
  9. Thank God for players in same hotels as Sam779.....!!!
  10. Disrespectful names

    Bernt Hass (always always a gud un to roll out at SM events)!
  11. Christian Mayrleb

    I'm p**sed on a Sat night.. I think your clutching at straws and fishing for a response .. So Yes I'm hooked.. (Caveat: if you are Neil.. then do one!)
  12. Abdi

    This thread....... It's abdi, abdi abdisoluteley ridiculous. I'm abdisolutely sure he will be back.!
  13. Wildsmith or Westwood

    It's got to be Westwood... but TBH - his positioning behind the wall v pigs was w**k . PS I'm only 5'3", so wouldn't be able to see over wall.. So I would stand in a place where I could see #angrymadmidget