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  1. Chapeltown Asda,,, "good for you ",,, offers are really paying off on the fitness front...
  2. "Let's be avin yer" Puts chef hat and oven gloves on!
  3. Was chansiri there with a chansiri shirt on?
  4. Same as me after tonight's Friday night curry...
  5. Not sure why he is being lambasted tbh,,, .. I think the focus should be on Reach out or some Boydy...
  6. Most Scottish whiskeys can impair judgement and reasoning, by nullifying cognicency of the brain to varying degrees and manifests itself in various forms....
  7. Move along.. Nothing Nuhiu to see here...
  8. I don't think we'll be loaning anybody out to Mansfield in the near future.....
  9. There will be much celebration in the Chap Asda shopping Isles this evening... The Bogof offers will get a reight hammering....
  10. Extract from Star just now "Fernando Forestieri is due to appear at Mansfield Magistrates' Court at 10am. Our reporter Dan Hayes will be at the court reporting live. Follow our live blog for all the latest updates"
  11. Good counterplea by the defence actually...
  12. Star reporting that FF is in Mansfield Court this morning regarding the incident in pre season friendly. Hope everything goes OK .. Sorry no link from Srar
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