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  1. owls-swfc

    Shortlist of 5

    I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need.. I don't need no presents underneath the Christmas tree, I just want OPs, like this to cease. More than you could ever know. Make my wish come truuuuhow..
  2. owls-swfc

    FFP and Sacking Jos

    Because Brentford away last season
  3. owls-swfc

    Dawson, Baker etc.

    Why not try Wildsmith (since Westwood No.. Sorry Ho)..
  4. owls-swfc

    South Stand Announcer

    No one would have believed that in the first parts of the 21st century that Wednesdays affairs were being watched across the EFL, and slowly but surely they would use the FFP against us"..
  5. owls-swfc

    just past Midnight in Thailand

    He will need more than two foooks if working his way through the karma sutra!
  6. owls-swfc

    Carlos Twitter

    Fixed it for you...
  7. owls-swfc

    Playing a settled side

    The best option /change for the Rotherham match would be another manager.....
  8. owls-swfc

    Alan wheen

    It would be good if someone at the club could receive any pictures of Alan (taken throughout the years and submitted by everyone who new him) for a half time preview on main screen and all concourse TVs. Such is his status as a true Owl...
  9. owls-swfc

    Alan wheen

    Yep, still went to away matches despite his condition... Never knew his age tho? Sad news indeed. RIP
  10. owls-swfc

    We’re on our way

    Don't encourage him FFS!
  11. owls-swfc

    are we looking at relegation

    Re utilise rubber band around base of trouser leg as secondary containment for damage limitation?
  12. owls-swfc

    Last night

    Can't ever remember seeing "Jimmy Nail" anywhere near the Chap Asda.. Let alone anywhere near the "Whoops" counter..
  13. owls-swfc

    Last night

    Fixed it for you...
  14. owls-swfc


    Your absolutely spot-on with that observation.. .. As he wasn't on the pitch until the second half!