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  1. How you managed to display them (chest puffed but empty) stood up on the settee / chair. #unexplainedfiles
  2. Ring Ring: Hello is that SWFC, its OH Leuven here (sponsored by Leicester City) , just enquiring about.. Click., brrrr.
  3. Jimmy Hill (along with Derek Dougan - wolves) were the main instigators in the Players union that abolished the maximum wage... Don't bull him up too much.. The fans have been paying through the nose ever since, whichever way u look at it... #itwindsmeup
  4. Well its not a hole created from any (on the spot) repeated jumping activity, that's for sure..
  5. I've had a few beers today... But I still cannot reconcile how players can still command such exhorbetent wages,.... notwithstanding the restrictrictions, unemployment, that the majority of us will be left in the current situation
  6. Still need to get rid of the anchor donated by the EFL... Its a bit weighty.
  7. I'll drive him down to Norwich away mesen then (just in case)!
  8. # Alas poor Atdhe we Nuhiu so well......
  9. We are not potless! The pot is full but has a lid and a big FFP lock on it (provided courtesy of the EFL)...
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