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  1. Have you bought them a book to share reading?
  2. That's it now.... I'm forever going to think of a picture of a clapped out Morris Marina whenever Pulis name is mentioned!.... Similar to Reggi Perrin picturing a hippopotamus whenever the mother in law was mentioned.....
  3. People still not listening to the massage.... "hands, gonads, space" !
  4. Seems like all the refs are trying their best to self isolate all Wednesday players...
  5. Yes, I remember those..... In winter when cold,, they went more rigid (no give in them), I bit like heading a large golfball..! If you got caught in the goolies with one on a cold day... You didn't get up very quickly and probably have to go off... I can still remember rest of team pi**ing themselves at the demise of the poor souls!
  6. There is obviously a link to dementia and heading a football (similar to what you might expect in boxing)... However, the players in the 50s and sixties were playing with totally different (bigger and heavier) balls, that got heavier throughout a match if saturated with rainwater..... Today's balls a smaller and lighter and don't absorb water... You would expect a lower risk of long term damage although still a risk of course.
  7. I'd love to see a video of those 3 concecutive corners Potter did (this feat is only surpassed by the Colin West penalty FFS)!
  8. Conundrum : Are the EFL.. that were previously stopping clubs (with money) to spend,.. now doing the opposite and asking clubs to fund themselves to stay in business, in order to save the EFL?
  9. So... As it stands...... - Biden 253 - Trump 214 - Owls - 6
  10. Just to clarify.. Brown must start
  11. FFS.... Trick or Treat is not due tommoz!
  12. The 3 weeks was for either party to appeal against the initial panel decision.... We did but the EFL didn't... We are waiting for the appeal to happen "during the Autumn", which finishes about 20th December!
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