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  1. Now you've gone and done it.... Word suggestion and all that!
  2. I'm sick of these abbreviated names, SAG, SYP, JVA .... But seriously..., I have hopes they will all come good in the end...
  3. Thanks for this info (not been mesen) but any pubs within staggering distance in between will surely help. Ta much so.. WAWAW. (disclaimer)!
  4. Soz about this and wrong section I know, but asking on behalf of mate who's proper gutted with family booked holiday and he needs too know where to catch match(es) live... I know about Lanzeoteowl but alzeromite /xdyslic prevents me from r..
  5. As I said in another thread: HMS. P**stheleauge is now being supported by two fast cruisers..
  6. If Snoots doesn't post the OMDT, we can forget about automatic promotion...
  7. HMS P**stheleauge has now got two fast cruisers in support both the port and starboard sides.....
  8. Somebody said that Hector (having not been sold in this transfer window), maybe available in loan window or when it reopens in Jan,... By which time his contract /worth will have eroded, .... So to cut to chase... We'll have him for the run-in!
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