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  1. Fernando Forestieri

    We will be OK, he's not going to any other city/football club ... Those yellow bikes are parked everywhere in Sheffield....
  2. Fernando Forestieri

    He's going nowhere..... He likes the reduced price section in Chap Asda too much to want to leave....
  3. Fernando Forestieri

    Paid his wages all season whilst crocked.. Needs to pay back in loyalty (hopefully)
  4. Have we ever seen him in a Wednesday shirt before?
  5. Olive Grove in colour

    Sufc, still hoofing it after all these years I see..
  6. A picture of swfc ground by the look of it...
  7. First visit to the KFC yday

    The one at Lane top is not to far away from opening...
  8. Man of the match

    I hope Rhodes isn't on the hit list for summer clear-out... he needs wingers with decent crosses.. always has, and always will..
  10. Random video's like this would be better served to identify the "traffic wardens" waiting patiently in covert areas...in order they can plant a fine order on yer windscreen. . rather than advising you to move and before they actually do it..
  11. Playoffs?

    This topic only deserves a "shoes off" or a petition due to unfair play the "millennium wheel"... as historical photos would have you beleive..
  12. Have a look at this..

    I was there.. one of the original trumpers (notice the gap forming central middle kop) I still do trumping even now,.. but it's less controlled than it used to be due to age..
  13. Better Late Than Never

    That's a very optimistic statement..
  14. Abdi is for life, not just for Christmas..
  15. Hooper

    Locked inside corporate box and can't get out!