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  1. De Marco praising Blavdes win and performance in PL (twitter last night)??
  2. We'll be OK,.. I don't think Tuna have realised the concept of social distancing from the fishing fleet just yet...
  3. Dad,. Dad,.. why is there somebody from Derby on the EFL board Dad?
  4. Take it a stage further, do Middlesborough and Barnsley for deformation.. Or whatever its called.
  5. We could always appeal if there is no appeal allowed.
  6. This thread needs something to relieve all the pressure building,... either a decision or an enema.
  7. That reminds me... Hope Marco does another food photo in twitter tonight. If - Strawberries and cream = we are OK If - Bangers and Mash = we are ******
  8. Exhibit: 1. E-mail from EFL, OK to proceed 2. Bill of Sale for Hillsborough.
  9. Sonofbert2, was telling us to 'Get Ready' yesterday, ... What's happened Son?
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