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  1. owls-swfc

    Iyad Hamud

    Iyad almost Hamud a Bourokov on my foot once, but it cleared up
  2. owls-swfc

    João Does He Do It?

    Ha, ha.. Like it..
  3. owls-swfc

    Gary Hooper

    # I'd said a hip-hip op, hip hip op to you don't stop#.. Golfing
  4. Could have done with that outside the box during WBA match for their second. #takethehit
  5. owls-swfc

    I wonder if DC...

    Hindsight means nothing to anyone if they can't remember...
  6. owls-swfc

    I wonder if DC...

    Fixed it for you..
  7. owls-swfc

    Lee johnson

    Especially, in that very match.. If anything he should be lauding the referee as their 12th man..... I was there for the 90 mins (normal time) + 7mins (excessive extra time granted) + 2mins (WTF time)!
  8. owls-swfc


  9. owls-swfc

    clean sheet today?

    Went out on the lash last night, up early and on my way to Bristol, but noticed I haven't kept a clean sheet either!
  11. owls-swfc

    You take one for the team

    Good shout.. what's done is done.. However, if the second player doesn't intervene and do the deed, then he is just as culpable (not the blame game) Take the hit, they did with FF and the dice rolled in their favour. Need to get a bit uglier near end of matches to tick-tock the clock down.. But do it in their half of the pitch as pre- emtive measure
  12. owls-swfc

    I'm still feeling positive

    We played so well, for 80 mins against previously top of the league team and looked the part.. That's why many consider it a success given the overall performance (not the finish) I'm not concreting over the facts...
  13. owls-swfc

    Outside View

    I'd also give a good review if someone invited me to get in free aswell, . Sounds like a he's only willing to come again under a similar "No pay as you go" arrangement...