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  1. Is there a connection between the EFL and referees.... I hope they make a new programme on the Quest / Blaze channels called "Impossible refeering", .. Or "Conspiracy theories", or "Abandoned Responsibilities"!..
  2. Not sure if I've had too many beers but, (in comparison).. How did FF get stung outside the juristiction of English Law, having already been penalised the year before? (fine x match ban twice?), despite this being dismissed. IMO, I would also pursue this legal argument retrospectively in principle!
  3. We got 5 seconds on look l**ds
  4. Ash Baker gone to Newport (permenant undisclosed fee) if not already posted..
  5. So, is Wickham starting or on the bench today?
  6. This was supposed to be a decision in the next 24 hours when first touted...... Approx 50 hours expired now I think!
  7. Why not?,,, never stopped any other club signing foreign players (in or out of EU) ??
  8. I like FF, but I cannot remember a xmas/new year period he has played for us since he came here, due to injury or suspension...!
  9. Always a chance that somebody is too spannered enough to go on boxing day after Christmas day activities / festivities... But it all depends if they get up in time or remember to advertise the fact..
  10. Normally, places that advertise "matchday parking £5, £7, £10 or even higher"... Depends on the Christmas spirit really... How much you want to be goosed by or how much they want to drop all charges and let you park for free.
  11. Not sure about this suggestion (a bit off piste) but what about iorfa, lees, boner and hutch as a back four or a 3 /1 ...? Hutch started as CB at chelsea but never seen as much action at swfc.. But absolute Mint on the sporadic occasions whenever ive seen him playing there... Time and composure, can play and pick a long accurate ball out..... Beckenbuear esk stylie!
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