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  1. Load of s**t in my opinion.. The amount toilet rolls and the cumulative costs incurred over time, make it a non starter for me...
  2. The first German was Wilf Smith Born in Neumünster, Germany, Smith moved to Britain with his family when he was a child. They anglicised their surname from Schmidt to Smith at this time
  3. I don't know Onomah about that but I'm sure Diame that we can get better if we hold out..
  4. You've come up Trumps on that one...
  5. I'm diametrically opposed to this thread with respect to the official transfer rumour thread.. TBH..
  6. It's been proven historically that managers just don't onomah what they are doing..... But I'll give this manager the benefit of experience of knowing what he's doing onomaobsilutely...
  7. Yes, IT was really large and more than likely, difficult to Carrie..
  8. I think the above would carry a lot more gravitas if converted into Chinese text..
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