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  1. It was called goalhangers in my youth.
  2. We've been trying to move players out for the last few years,but they won't go.!!
  3. I still hope he loses his job,horrible two faced person.
  4. I think he's part of the England coaching team.
  5. Do you feel sorry for the people who always leave ten minutes before the end?
  6. Yes,but we can slip further down the league.which could make a psychological difference to the team.
  7. You have to keep bullen,because in six months time when monk leaves,bullen will carry on with the care takers role again.
  8. We did say judge him over ten games.
  9. Anybody got any superstitions before or leading up to the game?,I took my dog on a longer walk Tuesday night,and we won.so tomorrow I've got to do the same walk again.no it's not Brucie's dog.
  10. Are we going to have this conversation every time a manager becomes available.i saw his team play Exeter ,and you thought jos was bad,he is worse,no motivation just stands there looking into space.terrible manager,let's move on now.
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