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  1. I still can't get excited about the result today,good win for us,but all this uncertainty about what's going to happen with our off the field problems.
  2. Any reason why we are playing on a Sunday,or is it just for sky saying so.
  3. Anyone listening to this,championship clubs ffp etc.
  4. And would he want to stay if we were demoted to league 1or2.?
  5. Can we afford to pay his forty grand a week again for another couple of years !!!.
  6. Why were Glasgow rangers relegated to the Scottish second division,?anyone remember.
  7. What about Exeter,or Plymouth away.id be happy with that.
  8. I expect you could,if you were getting forty grand a week!!
  9. What's the latest on him joining the club?
  10. I've only just got owlstalk back on my computer,been down all night.some technical problems I'm told.
  11. It was by the sweet,little willy won't go.think it was 1970ish
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