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  1. devonshire owl

    Two days to go...

    I thought it was tomorrow.
  2. devonshire owl


    Another saturday ticked off,not many left now.what have you all been doing.?
  3. devonshire owl

    Andy rhodes

    Bbc sport app
  4. devonshire owl

    Andy rhodes

    Just seen he might be going to oldham as assistant manager.any ideas who could take his place?kevin pressman perhaps.good luck to andy in his new challenge.
  5. devonshire owl

    On Debut

    The chinese chippy in leppings lane is the best one.
  6. devonshire owl

    Owls in the park.

    Thanks,will give it a miss.
  7. devonshire owl

    Owls in the park.

    What time does it start and finish?was going to come up on the train for a day trip.its still on sunday 1st july.is it worth coming to see ?
  8. devonshire owl

    Safe standing at Hillsborough

    So why is it the premier and championship teams have to have safe standing,but you can have two thousand standing in a league one or two ground?
  9. devonshire owl

    Big sam

    So michael vaughan would love big sam to be our new manager,im happy with what weve got.whats your thoughts?
  10. I see on bbc sport,swansea now want to keep him as manager in the championship.
  11. devonshire owl

    Staffing at #SWFC

    Just listened to a interview with arsene wenger,he said when he joined arsenal they had 80 staff,now they have 700 .so how many do swfc.employ?.fulltime and part time i would say.
  12. devonshire owl

    Nice Words

    I love coming to sheffield.
  13. I know the season hasnt finished yet,but its only about ten weeks to pre season.but will these long term injured players be ready by then?
  14. They are still waiting for the money.