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  1. Chansiri will now be thinking the season will be finished in February,so no need to get a manager and new players in now.save on wages.
  2. I reckon Ryan Lowe will have Plymouth up for this one.
  3. Taking their clubs abroad ,then coming back with covid.and saying (I'm sorry)
  4. They're bedsits,perhaps they don't like him.
  5. There won't be room for three coaches getting into the ground,it's bad enough for one coach.i expect they will drop them off in the city centre and let them walk the rest of the way.
  6. I thought the EFL said if a team fails to play it's awarded to the opposition .saving fixture pile up
  7. It was the last time I went into town,I expect it's all shut now due to covid.
  8. He only brought himself on,so he could tell people he played at hillsboro.true story.
  9. They will still go out and mix with people at party's then say sorry,!!!
  10. I expect Sheridan the Swindon manager knew about him before,with his ties to wednesday.
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