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  1. Sky said we haven't scored more than two goals since September 2019.is that right.!!!
  2. We were saying all this last week and the weeks before,but nothing seems to change.same old story.
  3. Thanks for that,didn't know how to do it.
  4. Can anyone tell this chap that the sound is still poor,and can't hear what he's saying.no I'm not deaf.thanks.
  5. If we had won on Saturday,we would have been in the playoffs(I know it's still a long way to go)but it would have been a different picture,and not so much gloom around the place.uto.
  6. Please don't say two weeks,but does anyone know how long he's out for ?
  7. You got to applaud our fans who made that long journey,to see that happen in the last minute,and our performance throughout the game.well done to all of you.safe journey home.
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