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  1. Now he's back playing does he do his own coaching ,or listen to what the goalkeeping coach tells him what to do.even though keiran is more qualified.your thoughts please.
  2. Dont worry,hooper will score six goals in march,giving him another two year contract.
  3. It was so depressing the whole saga.for the first time in over 50 years i was'nt interested in the results,because i knew we were going to lose.but a new dawn,full of belief somethings good going to be happening and were all going to be part of this new adventure.ive even started writing on owlstalk again.uto.
  4. Really enjoyed the film,pity they didnt mention milan selling the club to chansiri.but well done to all .
  5. Took my daughter for her first game.hasnt been since.
  6. Ieading two one,and all the people leaving the ground.why.apart from that i did enjoy my first beres pork bap.
  7. Im dreading the train journey tomorrow,theres bound to be one opposite me on the phone for the whole journey.four hours of a one way conversation.
  8. Well im coming up for my first game of the season.twenty six pounds to sit in the south stand.you would have to pay more to watch exeter city.looking forward to it.
  9. Very pleasant lady,dealt with my ticket for millwall.couldnt be more helpful.long may it continue.
  10. Anyone name the eight grounds that were used in the 66 world cup.no googling.
  11. So westwood's thinking,whats he going to teach me.ok for the young lads.but im more experienced than him.
  12. Dont suppose we will be going there again for a pre season friendly.you can always come to exeter.
  13. Who do you think will win their leagues.im going for man c .west brom .sunderland ,mk dons.whats yours .
  14. Did france ,croatia england and belgium get any finacial reward from fifa for where they finished in the competition.
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