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  1. Don't the players discuss things with the management team,their ideas ,how they should and want to play.?
  2. So match day we would get 25000 in the ground.2000 on owlstalk,what do the rest of the fans think about monk?
  3. Let's see where we are after ten games,still to early to talk about relegation.
  4. Dunkley won't be playing until after Xmas.
  5. Since some of you came down to Torquay for a couple of days,the infection rate in Exeter has doubled.
  6. Hope he hasn't got a room next to the generators,they run all night.had to move rooms in the end happy days.
  7. Imagine having fans in there,especially in the last five minutes.
  8. I did smile when Huddersfield scored a late goal against rotherham.only to see we again concede in the last minute of the game.could have gone down to mins five points,now we have to wait ten days before we play again.weekend is going to be crap now.fine margins but upset lots of people.
  9. So long as we're seven points behind forest at the end of the season ,we will be ok (ha ha)
  10. Can't see any threads to the above,your opinions please.
  11. Are you allowed to go to the ground,see the players arriving ,or do you stay in the park with anyone else that supports the club.or do you stay at home?
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