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  1. Now it's back for pre season,and most of his. (buddies)have gone,do you think he will show a positive attitude and be number one again,or stay and just take the money.
  2. Wouldn't like to say,but I expect they would.
  3. Will he also bring in his buddy clodet as his no 2.
  4. Don't know if I've missed it ,but did the club appeal against the points deduction?.thanks
  5. It just looks better if we all start with the same points.psycology for the players.
  6. Will we start on minus12,or take them off at the end of the season.looks better taking them off at the end.!!!stupid question really.sorry.
  7. I expect he's thinking,I've spent to much on this crap already,no more spending.
  8. It all started when you wanted Trevor Francis sacked,because we were fourth in the league,and wanted more .so you're all to blame.
  9. What about Birmingham,could they do a job there?
  10. You can go for the Cowley bros now.
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