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  1. So we're a week early with this post !!
  2. I thought we played it on the 30th may.might be wrong.
  3. I still think it's a lovely place,and brings a smile when I enter junction 33 lovely
  4. Still got the letter he wrote to me,after I congratulated him getting manager of the month back in 79
  5. Only if they have a antidote.not going to happen for a long time.
  6. Anyone asked what the referee's etc think of all this,and how it effects them.
  7. My wife god bless her,on our last visit to Sheffield,after watching the game we met up at the park for drinks,on the way to the Chinese take away,she had to spend a moment in that corner.that memory has always stayed with me.happy days.utw.
  8. You don't want to go to Plymouth,awful place.would'nt want him but what happened to Chris Coleman?
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