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  1. They are still waiting for the money.
  2. Mathematically safe now

    Dont forget the world cup.
  3. Left Back

    Don megson was quite good.
  4. This was one of the last walks me and my late wife done in sheffield.few beers in the park hotel ,then down to the chinese fish and chip shop.best chips ever.we really loved sheffield.
  5. He could be back with us next season.its a funny old game.
  6. Much better from Pelupessy

    Perhaps he meant dennis wise.
  7. The atmosphere on the kop is good,but for a better view ,half way line on south or north.
  8. Would a point be a bad result tomorrow?

    Still remembering magugan scoring from near the half way line.brilliant
  9. Sitting on seats.

    I see its sports relief tonight.so have any you lads and lasses done anything for charity.like sitting on all the seats at hillsbro.?
  10. Does anyone run a minibus from exeter for matchdays?.
  11. Saturday.

    That sounds good.
  12. Saturday.

    So what are you doing saturday,now theres no game.i will be at exeter v swindon.
  13. Player Ratings V. Leeds Utd

    So did you give the ref a 9 solely based on that one decision,or was he good all the game.
  14. Sheffield Wednesday team for Leeds away

    It cant be good for the dressing room,when they see players always injured for simple reasons.and theyre playing to keep the club in this league.it wouldnt work in the real work place.
  15. We always seem to lose a game before the international break.would be nice to change that,and all of us have a nice two weeks off.