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  1. I'm stuck in Newquay with the Mrs and the youngest, poor phone signal and WiFi keeps dropping off, no chance of watching it on telly, going to the game seems like the best option, Mrs not happy as she's made plans for a meal out tonight
  2. Mate we've still got f*****g carrier pigeons in Barnsley
  3. Couldn't make it for the live stream punks but have just subscribed, keep up the good work fella
  4. I can remember an old top gear episode where they resurfaced a road, council said it was going to take them 12 weeks or something similar to do it, top gear lads closed it, threw quite a few lads on the job and had it done overnight, says a lot really
  5. Old Daz seems to be packing a fair old package
  6. Steve bracknell https://youtube.com/user/royaloakofficial https://youtube.com/c/Bracknall Give em a watch
  7. La Chambre the 2nd best club in Sheffield closed down, had a few good nights in there
  8. @@owlstalk with the arms folded
  9. HP with bacon Daddies red sauce with sausage Dems the proper rules
  10. Sorry to go all grammar police on you RPC but it's Rebekah
  11. Susan Boyle giving Rachel Riley one?
  12. I'd have loved that, I got a Skoda 120 estelle, stunk of wet dogs and overheated regularly
  13. https://www.swfc.co.uk/#bmb=1
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