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  1. I keep getting one for bodybuilding supplements, I'm a 44 year old overweight bloke who likes beer and junk food, how does that one work out?
  2. You can always tell when everyone is losing there 5h1t on here when it takes this long to post a comment
  3. Yeah but I've found the crusty bits either get A) stuck in your nails or B) go up your nose or C) both
  4. https://www.allthingsworn.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjw34n5BRA9EiwA2u9k3wbR7dLhOv1-ne8PooL0dRcZqdPW-__a0KsZLwOkWgllZvPEZ59f1hoCQaQQAvD_BwE yeah erm I asked my friend and he sent me this to send to you (be honest and admit you clicked it)
  5. She could tell me off any day
  6. Posh end???? tell me more Unless you live in Cawthorne
  7. When's next meeting up greno woods?
  8. Thanks for the link pal, Brazilian women looking for mature men, may have to have a look at that one
  9. https://theterracestore.com/search?q=swfc&type=product not got em all on here but still a decent selection as well as some other bits
  10. Getting a bit fed up of watching that football bounce up and down
  11. Know it well, down that way most Thursday's
  12. And right now the biggest most popular thread is about what's going off in the world
  13. I'm reporting you to the BCC (biscuit complaints commission) I demand a recount on the garibaldi vote, justice for garibaldi's ✊
  14. Once did one only wearing shorts and it carried as far as my trainers if that answers your question?
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