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  1. if fletcher refuses to train or play he'd be suspended and fined 2 weeks wages , funny they've kept it in house .
  2. i'd strongly advise against jumping up and shouting "yussssssss ger in there " with a big smile on your face when wolves pop a last minute winner if your sat in the north .....
  3. you'd feel a bit bad hoping we lose and chansiri didn't sack him. be a bit of a double whammy .........i'm hoping we win next the 6 games and put all the whingeing and whining to bed for a while and get back to naming our best ever Wednesday 11.
  4. WHAT ..... he's praising them to high heaven so the expectation is that they only have to turn up . .....how can he heap the pressure on them , do you want him to say are crap and we'll hammer, them saying stuff like that and the wolves boss wouldn't need a team talk to get his players up for it ...... he'll have a plan you can be sure of that ,it wont be good to watch and it may or may not work but he'll have one .
  5. cant be expected to work 1st time out ,should be much better with those 90 minutes under there belts
  6. lulling them into over confidence where they think they just have turn up to win while our gallant lads knowing they the underdogs fight like gladiators and turn them over ....................................maybe
  7. i'm not ignoring nothing if you say carlos wanted him at istanbull I have to believe you because i'd be calling you liar without any proof that you are .... I personally think he said it's a player he admired for a while which is different to saying he tried to sign him at his previous club seen as joao was a teen just starting his career at the same time as carlos left his last job ..I have nothing to back that up you must have something that says he did try to sign him so i'll believe you .
  8. I be surprised if he tried to sign joao for his previous club(istanbull bb) as joao only turned pro in the same year carlos left his last job before us ......I can only go on what chansiri said at the steering group meeting ,they are his words not mine on how the transfer system works ........that everyone else chooses to ignore what chansiri said and pin all the blame on carlos for the signings is up to them . ...if anyone says we play crap football i'll nod in agreement coz we do but half truths and wild speculation i'll try and counter .
  9. First time ever

    i'm sure there is .......but when you start chanting stuff like that they usually react by sacking someone .......and lets be right he aint gonna walk away is he unless he can right off 50-80 million without batting an eye .....
  10. an opinion I wouldn't argue against too much..
  11. having the the final say on a list drawn up by a committee is not the same as signing the player you want .......and while the outers can beat carlos by making up any old crap they want i'll keep trying to put an alternative view if that's ok with you .
  12. if chansiri say so then it must be true .......4 goalie's ..4 and a bit full backs , 4 centre backs , 6 centre midfielders, 4 and bit wingers , and i've run out for fingers for the strikers .....we cover all the bases except for FF
  13. god knows but i'm not expecting an all out attacking line up .....
  14. no in the team photo that adorns my laptop we have 28 players only 3 of them havnt played this season (kean,dawson & fred ).......