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  1. the fact that at our age we are running out of tomorrows doesn't bode well for us seeing it mate .......
  2. Kyriakos Papadopoulos

    Etienne esajas free agent ,knows the area, experienced in the championship , flying winger , takes a mean free kick and just like jos he's dutch ......guess though if jos as seen him play that'll put the kiybosh on it .
  3. Paul cook or Paul Hurst

    your right prove yourself at a lower level and you deserve the chance to step up .......but it as to be the right club at the right time and not sure the basket case way that Sheffield Wednesday are at present is the right time for hurst .......
  4. Peter Rodrigues

    40 years on and apart from the hair he's hardly changed ......
  5. home shirt option 2 ......not overly keen on any of the away but if I had to choose it would be option 3
  6. same age as me and think we replicate on 6 players .....Henderson doesn't get near my team but one of the greatest entertainers I've seen down at Hillsboro ...you knew if willie was in the team you were in for some excitement .
  7. spot on with that .....I think though he more or less stumbled on to the wingless wonders as in the early games in 66 he played 3 different recognised wingers and all of them failed so must have thought t feck it i'll go without and everyone hailed him a master tactician
  8. brown never quite settled on how to play ...he went out and got the best header of a football ive ever seen in Ritchie but then took him a while to realise we had no fecker on the wing to put the crosses in .he'd sold Dobson by then so kept bringing usher back but he was borderline useless.when brown left we then got archie Irvine who was even worse and we never did get the best out of Ritchie .
  9. tall lad (for the time) ,someone must have told him he had a good pair of legs coz he used to wear the shortest shorts imaginable .really good player and only lost his England spot due to illness at the 62 world cup in chile ......oh and he liked a bet
  10. in the 66 brown did play a loose 4-4-2 with 2 wingers usher & Dobson but switched to 4-3-3 for the semi against Chelsea with pugh and Quinn coming in and joining Eustace in a narrow 3 in the middle with smith and megson as the overlapping full backs and stuck with it for the final . .......it was a fluid way as mccalliog who wasn't a typical number 9 sorted floated between attack and midfield .....i'm sure some will have a different view but that's my take on it .
  11. I recall it a little different to some of the other oldies ........young was a defensive wing half and tommy mac more the play maker further forward ....Wilkinson who wernt much good and Dobson played as wingers , pearson would play deeper alongside tommy mac with the number 9 and fantham as the spearhead .......Quinn didn't last long in the number 9 shirt coz he was only a tich and lost out to hickton.
  12. seen a couple of versions of his death , one that he died of heart failure and another that he sadly committed suicide aged 30 ......
  13. .I told you why I prefer sterland in my team , he gives more in an attacking sense than nilsson ...the bloke scored 49 goals roly scored 2 . with springett in goal , swan & walker at the back I want 2 attacking full backs ......the thread said your best Wednesday 11 not your best 11 Wednesday players ......
  14. Joey Pelupessy

    we need to sign "young hungry players from lower level who'll have a resale value " ....and then slag em off after they aint ripping it up 10 games after arriving .......