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  1. torryowl

    Gi new lads a run.

    I don't see Palmer or fox as wing backs but in flat back 4 like we have been using lately they are more than competent... ...
  2. torryowl

    Well done Wednesday

    Yeah I think his ambition outweighs his ability when it comes to passing the ball.. steady enough centre back though.
  3. torryowl


    Best manager I've seen was big jack and it took him 2 years of turgid football grinding out results while built a successful team .....think it could well be the same for Bruce, whether he'll get the time though as to be debatable.
  4. torryowl

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    I've always had that philosophy so happy enough with the point but that was a poor performance tonight …….
  5. another clean sheet is a big positive .how we are playing as an attacking unit isn't …..we look like what we are , a mid table side.who are difficult to beat but constitute no real threat to the opposition .
  6. torryowl

    Man of the match - Millwall (A)

    keeper and back 4 all worth a 7....5 & 6s for the rest of them . ……… the lack of attacking intent made it seem we were happy to take point which is a bit disappointing .
  7. wonder how many we have on the clubs data base of people who have actually bought a ticket ……I couldn't hazard a guess
  8. torryowl

    60 years ago today

    boxing day 1960 …...
  9. torryowl

    Nuhiu picked above Winnall

    nuhiu is an ideal player to have on the bench when your either chasing the game or hanging on to a lead …...defensively he excellent when the balls pumped into our area from free kicks ,corners …..if we are chasing then lobbing it into the oppo's box he causes them problems just by his sheer size ……...we all know what he can and cannot do as do the 5 managers who have consistently included him in the matchday 18 .
  10. torryowl

    Vic Buckingham

    but by the time Buckingham left we'd dropped to 10th and lost 6000 supporters from when he took over …...I remember him as not being popular but like I said earlier he was probably hamstrung by the board's tightness in the transfer market .
  11. going back a long time colin Dobson looked like he was destined for the top but ultimately didn't deliver in the top flight ……..
  12. torryowl

    Vic Buckingham

    from what I've read Buckingham wasn't popular with the players …….the crowds dropped like a stone with him in charge even though we never finished outside the top 6 which sort of goes against we were an attractive team to watch . …….i'm only guessing but taylor and him were chalk and cheese and no real surprise when the board got rid . …..cant have been an easy job though for him coz in the 3 years he was here I can only think of 3 players that he signed from other league clubs which tells you how much ambition the board had .
  13. torryowl

    Fox...... Cannot start again!

    totally inept attacking performance from the team so lets drop the left back ……..fox wasn't great be he played better at left back than FF did as striker .
  14. torryowl

    Man of the match -Reading (H)

    disappointing patchy performance ,went for westwood as for me he was the only one who played to a standard expected for 90 minutes …...
  15. torryowl

    club crest

    the new badge don't look good on leisure wear ……..