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  1. Went Sunderland 1969 with a lad who had polio and confined to a wheelchair ...they let us carry him in we lifted him up on to the floodlights pylon and he sat there all game ....H&S was a bit more relaxed back then .
  2. sure I read somewhere that at one time there was a stable behind the north stand where the groundsman kept his horse which pulled the mower and roller ….
  3. it seems a bit churlish to worry about season tickets ….I've bought the early bird for next season , be a bonus if I get to use it coz I don't expect too.
  4. havnt got the skills to post it ….but if you google sheff wed pathe news you can find film of the 1928 cup game against the blunts and also better footage of the quarter final against the arsenal in 1935
  5. jack signed him for Wednesday and picked him 35 games for Ireland which says to me he rated him ….
  6. millinery was the business to be in back then ……..
  7. havnt been a football fan for many years but have a season ticket for us and like you in truth I havnt missed not going these past weeks …...not good that I should feel that way even more so when ive splashed out £315 on the early bird for next season (if there is a next season )….
  8. your not on your own mate .cant recall him at all …
  9. its all about opinions mate but if big jack thought he was good enough then I'll go with his …...when you think we've probably had 4 very good managers in 60 years and 2 of them picked morris on a regular basis it beggars believe that anyone could think he was awful
  10. collectively …….ramsbottom ,Thompson,cusack ,dowd quinn ...takes some beating ……..possibly not the worst players in there positions but as unit I cant find any worse back 4 …..
  11. Have in the back of my mind that there was a story that summat went off pre season with holton and big jack and that's why he was cast aside ....
  12. impressed with your knowledge fred ...but we were rubbish in reality and got we deserved .to lose that game summed us up .
  13. young men making money out of rich businessmen who are trying to make money out of them ….who are the culprits ?.....blowed if I know but if I was a player i'd be taking every penny they offered and if I was a rich businessman i'd stick to what made me my money
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