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  1. What makes you say they are mentally weak ?.....
  2. Fine lines coz your always vulnerable at 1-0 but getting caught out going for second is equally galling .. the buzz phrase these days is seeing games out when your winning but the best way to do that seems open to debate ....I prefer the attacking option but seen as we've won 9 by narrow margins and only failed to see out 4 games I guess the manager as to weigh up what's best .
  3. We seem to be doing ok with whichever system monk plays .....my only gripe is that odubajo and Murphy arnt quite up to standards required .
  4. yep as did wolves ...ours failed as did derby's . that's why we are playing them tonight for a few grands worth of tv money instead of the millions that wolves and villa get …….its a gamble worth taking if it comes off but you have to live with the consequences if it don't .
  5. that's as maybe but it not the rule is it ….we all know lifes not fair and you have to adapt to the hand you've been dealt ….you get promoted its a huge prize that's why clubs gamble by breaking the rules if the gamble fails you cant really complain with the outcome . if we'd have beaten hull we'd have been very happy to accept the parachute money if we'd have come straight back down to give us a head start on the rest of the division the following years . …...its not a fair rule if your on the wrong end of it but its a bloody good one if your on the right end .
  6. Simple solution is just stick to the rules and dont go over the 39 million . .. ..it can be done if you have sensible plan on how to run a football club .....the clubs that fall foul on FFP are usually those that gamble on making the prem and when they fail the are fecked.
  7. that's a problem for you to sort out coz I'm sure the lads back themselves …...we have a very competitive side ….not great but no one as taken them apart and points deduction aside I expect them to be in contention right up until may .
  8. seems to be a theme developing that we only loan to crap teams ……...,macc , chessie , gainsboro, st pauli all struggling , livvie not doing too bad but then they would seen as they don't play our lad . ...guess its character building if nowt else the boys
  9. i'd be happy with point and be one outside the play offs this time tomorrow …….
  10. palmer for odubajo ,reach for murphy and luongo for nuhiu ……..
  11. good man davey ….I was on the front row of the north down the kop end rooting for you gallant lads and pointing with some intent at the Lancashire hordes .
  12. the one I refused in the grandstand on Saturday ….had to show the young lass how to tilt the plastic container as she didn't have a clue bless her …...best was at Carlisle in the 70s though no idea who the brewers were .
  13. that is sad news ….I didn't know him but thru Arthur Rowley jim sent me 2 tickets for the cup game when he was oxfords manager in 84 .RIP
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