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  1. are you for real ? the blokes about to take the free kick and you want the keeper to approach the ref saying there someone stood in front of me .....that would go down well with the manager and goalie coach as he chipped it into the empty net .
  2. I think dawson was in the position that hes coached to be in ......he can only stand where he can see the ball . if he stands behind the wall whats the point of the wall .....
  3. no...the misses far outweigh those that go in ….it was a good un tonight but that's the first one ( I think) since the Norwich game .
  4. rubbish …….the wall covers one side and the keeper covers the other . the ball went in the bottom corner on the walls side ..how can that be dawsons fault ?
  5. you put a man on the line and your asking for trouble ….no teams do that ..
  6. hows that work ?...….. any point away is always a good point …...
  7. all that matters is the result and where we are in the table and seen as we are in contention its hard to be critical of how we play …...if we have to kick our way to the play offs I think we can all live with that . …… it's got to be better than being a soft touch that gets bullied into defeat .
  8. yeah I thought we looked competitive and can see us being one of the contenders for the play offs …..
  9. when your hanging on away from home bringing adthe on is a no brainer ...taking bannan off probably isn't …….don't think it affected the outcome but worrying that he thought it was the way to go .
  10. decent enough performance from the lads and a well deserved point …...I went for hutch just in front of the two centre backs which I suppose is quite apt ……...didn't think much of the managers use of subs .to bring adthe on I can understand but to take off bannan was a mind boggling unless he had a knock …..as for murphy and leaving FF sat on arse beggars believe .
  11. it was a fair result …..how it came about wasn't.
  12. never really noticed him so did nowt wrong but didn't influence the game ….apart from the foul he didn't commit that cost us 2 points . .
  13. Joey would be the obvious replacement unless we are chasing the game
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