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  1. The bloke got it wrong just as players and managers sometimes do .....we complain that we dont want VAR and then moan when the ref gets it wrong .....
  2. How do you do change the culture of the club if you sack the the bloke who tries do that the first time they have a bad 2 months run of results .....
  3. Nowt against joey but why pick him if hutch is available.....
  4. I'm surprised hutch is included in the list ...one of the best defensive midfielders in the division .
  5. what leagues wasn't mentioned as he generalised by saying one of the worst stands in country a but i'll give you the shoreham and the side stand at Bournemouth ,palace wolves Norwich in the prem …..luton,brentford QPR, the listed stand at Fulham ……..
  6. i'm not comparing anything it was someone else who said we have one of the worst stands in the country .all i'm saying that's theres far worse at many grounds
  7. yesterday I sat in the grandstand concourse having a beer watching the leeds game on the telly ….I could have got thai food ,pies,chips,from the kiosk had a bet on the game at the betting booth ,the toilets were clean , nando was up there in the kids lounge having photos took with the young'uns . strolled to my seat with ample leg room and watched the match which admittedly put a dampener on the day ……not sure what else fans want
  8. why not it was you who said we have a stand that's one of the worst in country …...I could name you as many as you like some of them in the prem .
  9. if we leave 4 up and they have 4 back to mark them plus the keeper that means we have 7 defending the corner to there 5 …….how does that translate to having a free man
  10. no they arnt …..have you been to Brentford ,luton ,crawley , Birmingham ,and countless others …...it's a dated kop I know compared to the modern stadia but its still better than most in the efl .
  11. "weaker match experience "...….does anyone really go to football and have it spoiled because the pies arnt up to much .so some clubs have a better ground than us but our ground is probably better than 90% of the clubs in the EFL so there must be a lot of very unhappy fans country wide ………
  12. you win as a team you lose as a team ,all collectively are responsible for yesterdays loss just as they were in the win at leeds ……..
  13. macc make us look like a well run club …...
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