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  1. torryowl

    Wigan away

    how old is your son ?
  2. got to be moved they wouldn't play up at sunderland and then 2 days later down in London ….the millwall game will be put back a day as well you'd imagine .
  3. torryowl

    Carlos is missing us !

    we did score a lot of late goals , why is that lucky though ?...………...you make quite a few points I agree with and a few I don't but your spot on with a manager should be judged on where we were when he arrived and where we were when he left and that says without a shadow of a doubt carlos failed in the end ……..for what it's worth I also would have kept gray on as head coach though whether things would have been done differently on the doyen/advisors /committee front is a moot point . melo,bus,vermilj you'd think were forced on gray due to him hardly playing them in the short time he had them .
  4. torryowl


    he's a decent enough player and looking how jos got the best out of nuhiu & joao then it's feasible to believe that he can do the same with winnall…... .
  5. torryowl

    Wow - what a stupid article

    yep it's a sad fact that clubs that have an average position of 31st over such a long period cant really claim there rightful place is in the top flight …...
  6. torryowl

    Carlos is missing us !

    i'd agree with that …..we've fecked up big time on a number of fronts and the short term fix of signing aging and crocked players will continue to bite till there contracts run out ..I defend carlos because i'm not convinced he had a free reign on signing players he wanted rather he signed players that whoever was advising chansiri at the time offered him …….lets hope they give jos a bit more of a free hand .
  7. torryowl

    Carlos is missing us !

    not you as well , I thought you had more sense than to think carlos would be the one doing the contracts …….
  8. torryowl

    Wow - what a stupid article

    over the last 50 years our average position is 31st of the 92 league places ……..while the reasoning for what the OP says can be argued against the fact is he's on the money with being in our rightful place .
  9. torryowl

    Are their any hidden gems

    I thought the thinking by introducing the academies was (flawed) to get the young players to be better coached so as to strengthen the England team ………. the odd few may have but not many players who started out at non league level made the England team in any era ….I still think the county school, apprenticeship,youth league.central league is the way to go.
  10. torryowl

    Are their any hidden gems

    but you'd think that the level of coaching at the likes of bury & oxford wouldn't be the same as Chelsea or man utd ……...if the big club do ditch the academy's then do they still sign the outstanding 14 year olds or do they let them go to other clubs safe in the knowledge that they can buy them later if they do look like making the grade . ….
  11. torryowl

    Are their any hidden gems

    for donkey's years clubs signed lads on leaving school on a 2 year apprenticeship(13players I think they were allowed) , they played in the northern intermediate league and if good enough signed on as pros and made there way into the central league playing agaianst old pro's and youngsters from the likes of man utd & Liverpool where they learned the game …...a system that produced no end of good players for us and no doubt other clubs . ...why this was changed to how it is these days( and it clearly isn't working if clubs are jacking it in) is a bit of a puzzle .
  12. torryowl

    Are their any hidden gems

    if clubs ditch there youth set up where then do the 10- 16 year olds go to learn the game .?
  13. i'd swap winning the world cup for doing the double over the blunts …….cant believe anyone would put there country before there club .
  14. it's all a bit strange coz while I feel nothing for the players and would have no compassion for them if they lose i'm rooting for England to do well …….
  15. well we don't know do we , the club may have identified the players that jos would like but if the players are waiting to see what other offers are about there's not a lot the club can do about it . I suppose the club could make them an offer they cant refuse but then your back into paying silly money …