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  1. how many is quite a few ?...…..I had dawson down for 2 possibly 3 goals last season ..
  2. Not 300 times he didn't.......common sense tells you that if you play that amount of games in the premier that you can't be crap .....
  3. had a very good couple of seasons but for some reason his standards dropped in his final season and was overshadowed by banno …...
  4. bruce must have rated him having played for 2 clubs he managed …..you don't play 300 games in the prem by being "utter gash".....
  5. westwood is worthless when it comes to transfer value …...when it comes to ability he's at least the equal of those 2 so to replace him would cost a lot of money ….makes sense to retain him don't you think ?
  6. I believe so …...I got the story from a harry Catterick biography I read a while back …..
  7. that sums up our board that they were considering jimmy Scoular who had just been sacked by the mighty Bradford park avenue …...fred was right that ken taylor should have been opening the batting for England …..
  8. only the most rabid owl would think megson was better than Wilson ……Catterick tried to sign Wilson when he was with us and offered megson and money but hudders said no ..megson was a very good 1st division full back but Wilson was world class in the mid 60s
  9. if we are in contention for the play offs right up to the 46th game then i'd think that would constitute a good season …...
  10. He did and it was ....I was down there a couple of months ago and sadly the stadium is now demolished....once Griggs pulled out a town of 6000 or so couldn't sustain a club much above southern league level.....I think all the locals knew it couldn't last but it was fun while it lasted...
  11. Doc Marten have no affiliation with northampton......being a honary wellingborough boy I feel it's my duty to point this out ...it's akin to saying rovrum is the home of steel.
  12. Worthington gets in my best seen 11 but only by a whisker from THE DON …. rushbury wernt it
  13. must have some money backing them if true ...average attendance is 3000 and would you'd think be a massive drop in standard for him .
  14. i think we had a change of chairman with McGee replacing sheppard and old bert probably wanted to bring in his own choice …..
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