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  1. loyalty wont be shown by the club if he does his knee this weekend that fecks up his career .......6 months on around 2 grand a week or a3- 4 year deal on say 10k a week guaranteed is a no brainer .
  2. who's truly awful ?.....we got a few who are pretty average but just coz players like kachunga,brown,penney ,rhodes, dele, marriott dont get much game time dosnt make them truly awful .
  3. very good player but he wasnt even our best player of the nineties .
  4. i think they are very good for the players and themselves .....once they get them here most of them become unsellable as they would never get a contract as good anywhere else .players like abdi,hooper,wallace ,nuhiu,lees,lee,pudil,hutch,winnal,rhodes ,fox,fletcher and no doubt others ive forgotten can sit out here on good money and then the agent gets them another club when the contracts up .......money for old rope
  5. What's the alternative whinging about it ain't going to alter the situation ,you cant make players sign new contracts ..get what we can and move on .
  6. i pay attention and ive never seen anything from any member of the club that said he had behaviour problems, ....i may have missed it so set me straight if you have .
  7. well thats how it is ......we'll get what he's worth with 5 months left on his contract . he;s a young lad whos played a few a games and done well like wildsmith and dawson did to earn themselves 4 -5 year contracts which the club probably regret giving them so understandable why the club arnt wanting to commit to long term deals just on potential ....
  8. we always whinge that we dont sell players and now when we have one we can we still whinge .....
  9. youd only ever sign the desperate for a contract on that basis .......
  10. he's a good player who'll strengthen the squad and for free on a contract that you'd thinkwould be considerably less than what he was on before . ....i doubt we'd have got anyone as good on those terms .
  11. none spring to mind .......never been a big fan of everton as they have given us some grief over the years in the cups .
  12. have a book by tommy lawton (1946) ...evidently we wanted to sign him as a 16 year old amateur (you couldnt turn pro till 17) he asked the club to find him a job for a year and they offered 10 bob a week on the quiet ......he turned it down and the rest of his career is history ...
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