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  1. how do you answer a question like that when you dont who is going to replace them .........i probably wouldnt have kept rudi,atherton,nolan,etc etc but when you replace them with the likes of hendon , maddix ,lescott etc etc you think are these lads better ......a more pertinent question would be is moore the man to get better players in and will he be allowed to....
  2. i thought richards was just the chairman ....did he own the club or have the power to sell it ?
  3. we'll never know will we ....everyone thinks there generation is best .ive seen the modern players of yours and think mine is better just as my dad would have thought his were......its an impossible to say who is the best ever .all you can be is the best of your era .
  4. first one ive missed this season and thank feck i did ...must have been gutting for the faithful . ...think our race is run .
  5. so you dont think having an owner with money who gets a good manager and lets him manage is a good idea and we should go down the barnsley route where they sell there best players remain solvent and operate in the 2 divisions below . .......and its not changed the smaller clubs have fed the larger clubs since football got rid of the maximum wage in 1960/61
  6. Success for barnsley is being in the championship ,we've been in it for 16 of the past 20 years and whinged thru just about every one of them ......using them as a role model is fine if that's the height of our ambition but I doubt it would bring harmony to our fans for us to act as feeder to the top clubs while we wallow in the second tier .....I personally like the idea of getting a owner with money who's got the nous to appoint a manager who knows how to spend it .
  7. kuchunga (75), brown,(76)dunkley(62),paterson(95),windass(64) at championship level or above so they patently are good enough that we have had 4 managers who cant get them to gell with what we already had is a different matter .......
  8. they could give a 10 year one but nowt much will change if he cant choose which players he wants . .......
  9. Certainly one of the best I've seen but was more or less finished as a great player due to his life style by his mid 20s which probably rules him out in best ever category .playing for no hopers like Ireland wouldnt have helped his cause
  10. pele played in an era where players got very little protection from the refs , pitches wernt the bowling greens they are now , the ball and boots stand no comparison to today ,i very much doubt ronaldo and co would be pinging in dipping 30 yard free kicks kicking the leather footballs of the 50?60s .......players like pele,di stefano,puskas would be be right up there with the greats of the game if they were playing in the modern game .
  11. west ham when it was the terrace was poor ........you didnt want to sit on the front row of the side stand at filbert st either .
  12. I didn't realise we had a debt... who do we owe money too.?
  13. How a manager who's been in charge for around a dozen games can be blamed for how poor we are is mind boggling .....2 years min when they have the team that they built should be the time to judge them .
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