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  1. Sibon is good call coz I don't think any two players have divided opinion as much as those two.....
  2. When I saw the thread he was my 1st thought.....Ellis copped some off the fans as being one dimensional and yet like nuhiu there was far more to him than what some perceived ....you didnt become regular under catterick by being crap and seen as nuhiu figures in every squad it seems you can't do it under joss either
  3. torryowl

    Matt Penney Contract

    I've seen him play.....you must be naive if you think sacking Joss is the answer to Penney not signi g a new deal.... the lad holds all the cards why would he sign anything at this time when knows that come the summer they could be host clubs offering far better deals than we can give him...
  4. torryowl

    Matt Penney Contract

    If he's as good as you say then he'd be soft in the head to sign a contract like what you propose.....he's likely to be demand if he's that good and to be able to leave for just a compensation fee must be very appealing to him .
  5. torryowl

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    There keeper who's name escapes me fumble stevanovics volley over the line and clawed back for dondalson to put it the net but it was definitely Stev who scored.... don't know why that goal is favourite of mine coz I've seen many better but it's one I remember with great joy
  6. torryowl

    Team for Boro

    Brave call to leave out reach . ..
  7. Planning permission would put the kibosh on that mate .....
  8. torryowl

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Stefanavic at Chelsea always get my juices flowing......2-0down and getting ripped apart by Zola the team dug in and that injury time leveller was as sweet as could be .
  9. No matter how good the squad is they'll always be whipping boys......
  10. torryowl


    So you think Dawson as cost us games .....which ones?
  11. torryowl

    João Does He Do It?

    His goal scoring record since Jo's arrived says he should start every game....that he doesnt says Jo's is looking for more though what that is I have no idea..... .he's a 20 goal a season and yet that's not enough for Jo's.
  12. torryowl

    Jos v Carlos - 38 games in

    that's pretty impressive from carlos when you consider what he started out with, to integrate a whole host of new players and get them to the play off final was no mean feat...….
  13. i went down there last Saturday , crap game but the pie & peas for 3 quid made it worthwhile …..
  14. torryowl


    we need wildsmith to go down with the flu next week and see if westwood makes the bench …..if it is westwood then he's 3rd choice on merit if it's wallis then there's probably summat going off .
  15. does he think that the 7 who are away will have forgotten what he wants them to do …...he can plan and prepare as much as he wants but he wont have a clue what team and formation he's up against until bullen hands the team sheet over and hour before the start .