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Community Answers

  1. Indeed but it didn't stop catterick trying to trade him to huddersfield in part exchange for ray Wilson .....town said no and the rest is history .
  2. while the county cup doesnt make my top 3 the 1-2 win at the lane 76 ish certainly counted back then .
  3. players did seem to hang around back in those days as there was no financial reason for them to leave .....don megson was here 6 years before he made his debut at the age of 23 .....
  4. i have seen nothing so far that makes me think that someones due a battering ........
  5. cheers mate ....if you see him again tell him his partner in crime at very wet day at stoke 1967 wishes him well.
  6. .i recall it as 1-1 at half time then 2-1 down and came back to win it 2-3 ......springett played a blinder that day
  7. its going to bug me all night ...what was the name of the lad who ran it in the late 80s/early 90s ?
  8. hunt lost his place to giles coke and on the bench tonight ........
  9. the semi bdm and john ritchie scoring the winner at the lane that sent us top of the league ......
  10. 2 or 3 burberry clad pointers from the cant should liven it up a bit .......
  11. a reliable goalie should be a priority coz the one we have now is a fecking disaster .......as negative as we are we should at present with a sound keeper be in the top 3 .
  12. my first away game 1962 ....it were 2-2 though nev the 2-3 game was a 3 years later
  13. get a decent goalie get a decent goalie get a decent goalie nothing as cost us more points so far this season than the goalie .
  14. keith "lino" ellis ......so called because he didnt look good on the floor ...........
  15. learnt summat there ...i never knew urhogide was dutch .
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