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  1. You offer them the contract they want and they'll come no matter who the manager is .....Bannan and FF would have known very little about the unknown Carlos but it didn't stop them signing.... I can't think Westwood and Lee's would have thought Stuart Gray is a manager I'd love to play for him
  2. Was there any police on duty last night ...I don't recall seeing any ....
  3. it's crap though I don't blame the club …..walking down Penistone road before the game and I stepped off the pavement into the coned off lane and some half wit in a yellow jacket tells me to get back on the pavement, why is it coned off to traffic if its not accessible to pedestrians …..getting onto leppings lane while trying to access the car park is a surreal experience as well ….I know its not the stewards fault but do they really have to put the barrier across after each car as gone thru as it causes havoc trying turn right of penistone road ……...
  4. good player fletch and if we are going to be around the play offs come may he needs to stay fit . …..we can cover just about any position but we don't have anyone who can replace what fletch brings to the team . Rhodes , winnall, nuhiu don't come close .
  5. voted for borner ...honourable mentions for lees and harris ….the rest did ok (ish)
  6. tha spot on with he wont get an England cap ……...it does though beggar belief the way he is treated by some . we may well have good support in numbers but getting behind certain players leaves a lot to be desired from some of them .
  7. they didn't play well but crap is well OTT …..
  8. poor old tom lees , been immaculate as per and being advocated to take the captains arm band off him …..every manager (5) he's played under have him as captain for a reason and yet people who have probably never met him want it taken off him …. the blokes an absolute rock and as been since the 1st day he arrived …...this club still as many problems thankfully tom lees being captain isn't one of them
  9. didn't realised the foul count was so one sided but cant say I noticed the ref so he must have had a decent game and got most things right ...
  10. lad did ok but then he usually does so no surprise …..he's a tad limited going forward but his main job is defending and he does that pretty well .
  11. Not necessarily....Thorniley went to league 2 accrington which is probably a lower level than the jock prem and he looks like he can make a championship player .
  12. With out a shadow of doubt he isn't......
  13. Who'd be manager?.....goalie makes a clanger and the manager cops some for crap tactics........Westwood catches the ball and reach shoots a foot lower and we win the game with buĺlen being praised for bringing home the points.....tough job
  14. While I'm happy with bullen if we are going to appoint a new bloke then rather someone from the lower level like the cowleys,tisdale,ainsworth rather than the serial failures that seem getting a mention .....big gamble though as for everyone that does step up and succeeds theres many more that can't hack it.
  15. We have a decent squad and for me it's how they play rather than who plays ......2 wide men and striker is the way to go .
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