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  1. how do you pay the window cleaner ?....how do you get your trolley at the supermarket ?.......does the programme 3 quid man do contactless.....you cant possibly go thru life without cash
  2. why is it so important to some how many are sold ?.......
  3. My financial arrangements are a matter for me and the taxman and feck all to do with you so I'll pass on answering
  4. i have a little side line where i get paid in cash as i'm sure do many others ..... why would anyone go to the trouble of going to the bank it when you can just spend it in the shops and bars .
  5. i must have read the website wrong it said they were only running one coach .........
  6. Didn't know we still had a supporters club......
  7. click on news and go down to the third page and its under season tickets back on sale ......at the end its says all season tickets will be posted in the week before the 14th .........
  8. was never worth the millions we paid for him or the millions we paid him for what he achieved here but for free and with the parachute money they get that his wages will hardly impact on then he's a decent signing for them .
  9. i know little of league 1, i know even less of the new signings except hunt and the goalie so i cant predict how we'll do .......i just hope that moore can get the players to give there all and be competitive . if they do i'll be happy .
  10. the goalie and jack hunt are the only two ive heard of so them 2 ........
  11. you sure coz ours got panned for the solid white back
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