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  1. which one was it ?......they have plenty to choose from
  2. he can hardly string a coherent sentence together .....
  3. £55 million and the only one ive heard of is webster .....
  4. as he failed ?....according to the brizzie fan down the post he's improved them each season he been there …i don't know what his total spend is but if you improve year on year then you arnt doing a lot wrong .
  5. lee Johnson 3 years to turn things round with money to spend gary monk ….9 months with feck all to spend …….
  6. Cheers mate .. they were called terms in my day .
  7. Learned summat there ...never heard of quartiles....why is Sept-Nov number 1?
  8. Yep we cant possibly know but the managers do and they have all chosen lees.
  9. sign of the times ….i'd bet not many prem players live in a 3 bed semi …..
  10. Dont know who'll we'll be after but I'd hope they'll be loans and freebies on sensible contracts .. ...if we keep bb,reach,rhodes,westwood it's going to be struggle to get back on side of ffp.
  11. I try to look for the best in every player but its hard to do so with him …….I think he can play going forward but his switching off and letting opposites get the wrong side of him when defending is going to cost us if he keeps getting games .
  12. couldn't really fault them just west brom were better ……...
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