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  1. Hutch abdi loovens

    due to the injuries to hutch & FF carlos as stumbled on to what I think is his best team so Wallace for pudil should be the only change .............though it's always been that if hutch is fit he plays so i'm wouldn't be surprised if i'm wrong .
  2. Hutch abdi loovens

    I don't see him leaving Wallace out ....
  3. Hutch abdi loovens

    nice problem to have .....
  4. Give SAG a break

    not legally it cant......I don't know the in's and out's of what's required but there's a government book that details what safety measures have to be in place and it's a FACT that we cant meet those measures with a full capacity ......the ends at QPR & Brentford are cramped but due to the small capacity they hold they must be legal if they wernt they wouldn't get a safety certificate and would be closed down .......
  5. Give SAG a break

    well maybe you know more than chansiri then ....but I doubt it .............nev we are talking about football club that's losing 1000s and it's been going on for years do you really think that if they had a leg to stand on that they wouldn't do summat about it .
  6. Give SAG a break

    if that's so why don't the club do something about it .......i'll tell you why because they'd lose .....the ground falls down on safety standards thats wriiten in the rules if it didn't do really think chansiri would let it ride ....we've obviously done summat coz the capacity as risen by a 1000 or so but they need to do more .
  7. Give SAG a break

    SAG just follow the rules as laid down in the government's guide to stadium safety if the club did the same there wouldn't be a problem ...........
  8. generally crap but he did have a bit of magic in him did esajas .....
  9. Talented Individuals

    classless ......I take it our presser is tomorrow and can guarantee the stylish one will not be making derogatory remarks about them
  10. yeah your not the 1st one to point out my "diaristic deficiency "
  11. Kop not sold out shocker

    that can be topped
  12. don't think thats right ....spurs were on a slump they had drawn the week before and we'd certainly been hammered at wolves a couple of weeks before plus we'd drawn 2 or 3 games
  13. that certainly sounds more plausible ....I can remember for the cup final in 66 that debenture holders were guaranteed a ticket and didn't have clue back then what debenture holder was ...if they whacked out a 100 quid then they deserved one
  14. don't be so hard on yourself ..I nearly plussed you .....well fairly nearly .