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  1. playing christmas day & boxing day had no adverse affects back in the day
  2. you ignore the medical profession at your peril the 40 a day capstain full strength smokers will tell you that .or they would if they were still alive ………….i'm of the generation of playing sport all day long as kids and didn't seem to do me any harm . these days lads under 19 in the local cricket league arnt allowed to bowl more than 42 balls in a spell coz it can cause damage to there bodies.i do a bit of umpiring and wobetide if we don't get a card with there date of birth on it from the skipper as the game cant start . . …...crazy old world init .
  3. I tend to agree with you but the medical boffins have proved that 2 games in such a short period increase the risk of muscle/pulls/strains injuries . …….do you ignore them, play twice in 72 hours and take the risk that bannan or FF don't pull up lame in the second game and be out for 6 weeks …….
  4. torryowl

    George Boyd

    I don't understand why he's changed from the 3-4-3 that was successful at the back end of last season …….I like you would have boyd as wing back but if he doesn't fancy him there then i'd happily have him in the centre next to bannan ……...if he doesn't get a game I can only think he's another they want to try and force off the wage bill.
  5. he cant can he unless he wants a one way ticket back to Holland …...I don't think he sounded like a muppet I thought he handled the question very well even though he probably was lying thru his teeth .
  6. that's a very good point .IF dawson or wildsmith are as good as we hope they'd fetch in far more than westwood …
  7. call me a cynic but what we were told in the survey and what happens in the real world are poles apart imo …….that there was no mention of FFP in the survey tells us that .
  8. that the gamble the club take and we know chansiri likes a gamble …….
  9. it's an option but whether its the best depends on how you look at it ….we have to reduce the wage bill he's someone we can probably shift out to do that . if we could get rid of abdi or jones then they'd probably keep hold of westwood but it's highly unlikely they'd be a queue of clubs for those two unless we subsidise there wages which then kind of defeats the object of getting rid of them . …...
  10. I think it's fairly obvious to most that westwood is our best keeper but he hasn't got a future here and we have 2 good young'uns who have ..the club want him gone and off the wage bill so try to force him out . if they play him he's going to want stay to the end of his contract which is summat like a million quid we have to pay him and then watch him walk away for free ……..we all know that's the reason but the club arnt going to come out and say that are they .
  11. clubs are always looking to strengthen so you'd think if westwood would be number 1 at every club in the championship then it's strange one of them hasn't signed him as i'm pretty sure he's available …..
  12. I missed Catterick by a season but those 4 are far and away the standouts …….I think the list of fallouts would be a lot longer
  13. torryowl

    George Boyd

    i'm not sure we are a good enough team to not be able to get George boyd into it . …...
  14. by some distance ibbo …...
  15. this would be mine ….it helped me put all our setbacks since in perspective and I suspect i'm not the only one who thinks the same