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Community Answers

  1. Atmosphere seems fine to me and looking at our home record youd think the players are happy with it .... the fans get behind them and hardly any whinging at individuals. ....what's not to like ?
  2. Old bobby wernt that youthful he'd have been least 29 or more when that photo was took and vic went to fulham after his time at hillsboro ....
  3. rovrum did well percentage wise of there home support sunderland and ipswich not so well accringtondid better than them with 10% .
  4. a fair way to to see how good your away support is to see what percentage of your home support you take away .....we are summat around 12% ..i dont know the average home attendances of the other clubs but i'm sure someone does ......
  5. any manager who pins his hopes on our youngsters aint going to be in the job for very long .......
  6. no .......and i dont agree that we crumble.look weak and clueless like you said in the previous post either .....
  7. If that's the case that so few teams can do it then it's not really a problem is it .only time we've crumbled is at sunderland ,plymouth and lincoln which out of 46 games ain't too bad .
  8. We got 85pts and lost just 9 of 46 games how the feck could we have record like that and be clueless , weak and prone to crumbling ....
  9. Play like we have since the turn of the year .....I think we've been excellent played some lovely stuff and results have been good ...
  10. we have home record second to none and you want the pitch changed ........why ?.....
  11. they didnt attack much in the 1st leg ....one shot on target and one corner ,perhaps they should sack there manger
  12. vadine oliver released by gillingham with a scoring record of better than 1 in 3 over the last 2 seasons in a crap team .......
  13. "not quite up to holding a regular place "?. he played over 600 games for them .
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