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  1. then it reinvents itself with a sensible structure .......the football league ran for a 100 years before sky came on the scene and i'm sure it could again if sky went bust .
  2. i'm sure if mike dean approached bilic as he was making a substitiution that dean didnt agree with and asked him does he want to reconsider i very much doubt he'd give him respectful of a reply . .......why should dean .
  3. sod blackburn but south yorkshire for me all day long ......
  4. Northern prem is step 7-8 and south shields had a 600 sell out on saturday , frickley usually pull in 200 so cant see why they have to sell by e-tickets ....strange times I know but seems a bit ott for clubs with that level of support .
  5. and me ....get a new one every 3 years ...good trade in cheap as chips ,never let me down and nigh on impossible to get nicked for speeding .
  6. the saint scoring against us 55 years ago ......
  7. i remember him in the cup games against the arse ......he sort of just appeared and then he was gone .
  8. i was going to frickley tomorrow but looking on there website you have to buy a ticket in advance using summat called google pay so i'll giving that one a miss ......
  9. average gate in 2019 was just under 700 so the must have a rich owner if they can afford sam ......nice move for him a 2 year stroll living in the sun
  10. we got him on a free from celtic he fitted in well with the rest of the crap we had while he was here ......think i remember reading that he dropped dead at a youngish age .
  11. tell me about it my first pint was 2s11d(15p) my last one was £4.99 when i paid a visit to my old golf club last wednesday ....i wont be paying another visit
  12. i know the rovrum fans sang it but dont ever recall us singing it, quinny left in nov 67 and song wasnt released until jan 68 .
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