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  1. no it wont but you cant possibly think booing and jeering will make the players play better …….posted this earlier this week if you want chansiri to act then get a chansiri out chant going with a few clueless jibes thrown in coz he'll act then ...but nobody will do that. .
  2. we'll have to differ then because I don't see chanting for the managers head ,or giving grief to players who give there best even if they are crap is what supporting the club .is about ….I've backed jos (never chansiri) but can see now that it's time for him to go but calling for him during in a game that we could have done with winning does no good to nobody ..
  3. supporters support the club usually thru thick or thin that's why they are called supporters ...fans come and go depending on how we are doing ….we took 40k to Wembley i'd guess 10-15k were fans who while not jumping on the band wagon wernt committed supporters of the club …..
  4. torryowl

    Next season

    If we all thought that we wouldn't have club. . . .you have to take the rough with the smooth .
  5. torryowl

    Sam Hutchinson

    I want them both gone so no i don't stick up for them ...hutch is my favourite player...I just don't think he'll be laughing at the present situation ..
  6. torryowl

    Next season

    I wouldnt let crap manager or owner keep me away.....if i did I would only have seen about 10 seasons in the last 55 years .....
  7. torryowl

    Next season

    Your not a fan your supporter ....fans blow hot and cold supporters don't
  8. torryowl

    Sam Hutchinson

    you must have a very low opinion of him if you think that or he must have an even lower opinion of the supporters if he revels in our misfortune ……if it's so i'm very happy that he's not in the team if that's his attitude towards us …...I doubt though that your right
  9. torryowl

    Kenny Jacket

    why would you think he'd leave Portsmouth to come to us ?....
  10. you cant be that old fashioned …..managers like Catterick , Charlton , Wilkinson didn't stand on the touchline......I can remember when we got relegated Atkinson spent the whole 90 minutes leaning on our dug out …….alex ferguson spent most of his time at old Trafford sat in the stand and didn't seem to put man utd at a disadvantage …….I honestly don't see what good it does to stand there for 90 minutes .
  11. i don't think where he watches the game from is important …….
  12. good that you said fans and not supporters …...
  13. torryowl

    Dawson, Baker etc.

    how many is lots ?....today was a howler other than that you can put him down for one at wigan . dawson as been our most consistent player .
  14. torryowl


    what energy ?
  15. torryowl

    4-4-2 Solid

    if bannan aint fit then it's time for onomah to step up and show he's more than just a show pony …..whether he can is debatable but if he wants a regular spot in the team then today is his big chance .