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  1. Since my server isn’t working well abroad I will answer the 2 comments. 1. crouch isn’t our payer and there wasn’t a direct comparison made it was the jumping and heading ability of two 6ft 4 plus frontmen who maybe we assume should dominate aerial duels. Didn’t at all say they are comparable as footballers ability wise. 2. He actually slows the play, wins set pieces and gets late goals. But he shouldn’t start. On a lower wage a very useful squad player. It’s down to him if he wants regular starts and if so he can’t get here as it stands. Never let us down tbh there have been a lot who have on much bigger wages and salary such as Rhodes.
  2. Not what I said at all I cited a clear weakness for what should be a strength in his game. Never mind.
  3. If that’s the case in the climate now then yeah needs to go or a much lower wage. What I won’t stand is posters here speaking in an aggressive and subjective manner on a topic they opened 😂 madness
  4. I will cede the jumping lower than hid height but so did crouch for Liverpool and England. It’s not about his condition it’s about closing a tight game out. As I’ve reiterated before he isn’t a starter but for sure in the last 5 years there have been much bigger wastes of wages than him and continue to be so.
  5. I do and he’s been kept on by 5 managers now to do that job. Must be a reason why. Course I agree not the man to fire us to promotion. A different argument
  6. Probably should by looking at their star striker downing tools
  7. Can’t understand this post. He’s a good player for what he brings which is closing out teams and bringing others into play
  8. He should do considering the plight of -12 and the other two having glaring weaknesses (albeit different), but yeah he is history now. Need a buyer for him
  9. Whilst I agree with the principle set out there is just too much relying on finances and it’s easier to fire a manger than a squad. Football faces a cultural problem now all to do with revenue and greed.
  10. Suprised at Howson and Friend on that list for Boro, something wrong at that club beyond the players. Ayala off to Leeds by all accounts. Would definitely take a look at those 2.
  11. Not first time this has been heard to me either, he’s the mastermind
  12. None taken 😌 Just think with the financial position we are in we need to either play Penney now or spend same, if not more, to replace
  13. A good solid player can attack and defend. Shambles not to sign him up tbh I
  14. He was signed as a Loovens replacement in playing style. Sadly defenders need to be stronger than a cardboard cutout
  15. If wage is right and he is backup then I don’t see the issue. Of course, if it’s a regular starter then it’s a concern
  16. Seems like a bit of banter tbh, no surprises in Chansiri meddling 🤣
  17. Mark Robins the perfect fit for me, but why leave a club he has no real pressure at?
  18. said few years ago he is an egomaniac, money doesnt matter to him, adulation does. The fans staying away hurts him more than the lost coin
  19. Would agree with the op, in fact attack wise our plan used to be to have the wide players hug the touchlines and the mid partner of bannan (or whoever chosen, hopefully Luongo) to gain adequate space to do so. This is in order for the counter diagonal wing attacks to happen, who then cut inside more often than not and influence the game. For that to be less than predictable it needs a target man or link player with a goal/aerial threat. So it was effectively a 50/50 choice for opposition which meant this was sucessful before. The downside was when we are at home the onus is on us to control so this I think was why we were so prolific away upto and including the Brighton FA cup game. Fletcher was perfect foil because of his strength, intelligence, aerial threat, ball retention and all round link up play. Tonight though, it was difficult to see the patterns or attacking intent in the 1st half, I did feel the intent was to be more patient but it was the wrong call, he needed strength and ball retentionn as a means to stop the high frequency of turnovers in our attacking phase. Nuhiu was maybe the best option for this as with Harris and Murphy outside to support. He got it horribly wrong 1st half. The main issue going forwards? The downside is our main cb (Lees) and both goalkeepers cant pass accurately through a low to moderate amount of pressing with reliability at all. I think this is why Bannan has to sit so deep and be protected by his partner, in order to execute the attack with any real purpose. For me, Borner or Hutchinson is much more reliable with this as is Iorfa so should start, in order to get Bannan a higher starting postion in order to dictate play 5 yards futher forward or so. It is because of Lees (as good as his defensive work is) the team in a defensive phase has to adjust its set up a lot in order to reduce the risk of losing possesion or exposing the final 3rd too frequently.
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