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  1. theories or whatever you want to label it is, the poster there made a valid point, we were swimming the tide with 10 and were resolute.
  2. really is this simple but people will have agendas, seen the game seemed streetwise but always up against it with 10
  3. Shilton Seaman Le Saux A Cole Adams Terry R Ferdinand G Neville J Cole Scholes Gerrard Lampard Becks Gazza Shearer Owen Rooney Kane Sorry I just know 96 and beyond
  4. wasteman after the new deal, really no need for the dig
  5. in hong kong for a while i can agree, he sounds a grafter who wants his staff to do the same
  6. Pulis to stop up. No questions asked there.
  7. if wikipedia is anything to go by then the pigs really are bored under lockdown
  8. Watched the game so happy to hold my hands up and say great performance. Hope we kick on
  9. but we need some signs we are going the right way, think most would accept us getting beat if we can see a style or signs.
  10. Want him gone for 2 reasons: lack of progression as a side in 12 months and abysmal record no plan b and put square pegs in round holes fairly often but agree as mad as it seems the biggest problem is upstairs, both suffer from extreme stubbornness
  11. Not one for calling for managers heads normally but this man tonight and the 8 months prior. No words. I will be balanced though. His plan A is decent yes, it’s the basis of his wins, play to a link up hold up player (hence the results until Brighton FA cup Fletcher injury) But beyond that a scattergun approach in selection, reactive approach from behind and worst of all the same excuses. There are managers out of work who can least galvanize us and show us fans some hope. who would you have?
  12. Could be 4/5 adrift by next winnable game. Done for
  13. He did his job and was undone by a set of bent sods from the Far East. The point stands he was screwed over. If he’s the right man is another story.
  14. My point is the timing and the financial implications. Cook had a much harder task in the timeframe as a newly promoted side. But of course I hope Monk pulls it round. On the average of catch up to those around up at this rate it would be 21 games (we have gained 4 as it stands)
  15. Really a comment which is both unnecessary and unprovoked. Just asked a balanced question for debate.
  16. Not failed where he has been. Not against if monk is booted. Wigan going wasn’t his doing was the bent owners
  17. For the first time I agree. 1 win in how many at home is untenable. Despite his good record away we need to be stamping an attacking mindset at home. It is his tactical set up here that will get him the boot
  18. May as well chuck all up top and get done 2/3. The red is clear as water and all
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