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  1. tbh I see Rotherham winning the league but our finding of style and depth we can get 2nd
  2. didnt we come from behind away? we have no divine right to turn up and win away
  3. I think 5th but would be pleasantly surprised to break the 4 up above
  4. agree here looking at the table it seems is 2 from 4 for auto and 4 others for 5th/6th
  5. Looking and waking up 4am to watch on iplayer today I felt after that bolt we would stumble but we kept going. The side mentality is turning. Can we beat Wycombe and go 10 unbeaten in the league?
  6. look at the backline and how we kicked on, dont forget these are the form side in the league. ITV came for an upset in historic eyes and we could have won. Be positive
  7. I will be clear watch us every game and think clear we have thrown points through errors but the balance is 5 home 8 away right now, can we join what seems a pull away 5 by our home form?
  8. seems to have a good agent these payoffs for sure but lets not kid ourselves anyone in same position and the chance would have done same. 6.5M for gaffers not long in situ sadly i think is chancers finest hour business wise
  9. give the bloke time yes hes made errors but if he didnt would be elite. I think we get in low position playoffs end of season.
  10. watched the game done on a flick chance on a sucker punch in added time, I aint his biggest fan at home with the set up but he did change at half and we fought. He is learning but i hope he doesnt revert to type next match and goes with 2 fw
  11. i watched the game yes he doesnt know his attack yet which is a concern but it aint on DM we dont have 3 tonight
  12. give the lad time today i felt post goal we controlled a rival away, down to goalie switching off, lets see after 4 or more so games?
  13. agreed here watched its a huge clanger when we controlled a lead.
  14. i did and saw the intent, this is down to BPF , probably 1st time this season i saw the recovery challenges in place but he needs more potency in attack, i agree there
  15. i agree with before but tonight post goal we bossed Ipswich this tonight is solely on BPF and his inability again to do basic concentration
  16. tonight aint on moore that performance we dug in, this is on the keeper again
  17. joke comment, watch Bailey calamity and think again
  18. actually watching on iplayer i agree, thrown the game. I would be more sympathetic if 1st error but hes made 3 glaring now. This was our best performance of the season tonight and he didnt focus. I am so pissed off at him today. Sending him back maybe premature but he needs to wake up and fast.
  19. Arguably best striker in his era bar Pele, sad news
  20. its now a free hit for rooney but the bigger issue is Derby owner and the board. Let me divide the argument. Derby are a big club and good fans, this isnt on them but we are done before them which would affect the type of player signings we can get in and holding -12 at the time. Wycombe and Rotherham also. This sits completely on the EFL when you consider the scenarios for me. Messy is an understatement but i wish Derby fans the best going forwards, they don't deserve this either.
  21. start of the end with fans but he already declared wants not to renew, he wants a CL before going
  22. I feel ripped off the price for a season pass from 140 to 170 pounds this last week. Paid up but i feel perplexed in the changes.
  23. overreaction the 2 goals were kids football mistakes as DM got 15 new get to 10 games and see?
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