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  1. Some top quality point scoring in here. Hats off to the Told You So Brigade
  2. Ironically it actually seems to be quite a draw - the players and staff all seem to live in Yarm and love it, Mendieta still lives there years later, I think Karanka does too.
  3. It’s sad, but I almost hope he goes, just because I’m sick of reading the bile on here about him. He’s been a great servant to the club and deserves a lot more respect than he gets.
  4. We may be priced out of Morsy but surely we could afford Will Vaulks? He seems a far better option to me.
  5. Btw if we're looking for an experienced keeper to come in as no. 2, Dorus de Vries has been released by Celtic, we could probably do worse.
  6. Apparently they've no intention of keeping them, it's something to do with massaging FFP figures by not wanting them to leave on a free.
  7. Hear hear, I enjoyed the Benfica game a few years back.
  8. Stuart Webber has proven himself to be a very savvy operator in the transfer market. If he’s openly saying in interviews that our valuation is “outrageous”, we probably ought to listen.
  9. Could it possibly be Leeds’ training ground? That’s somewhere around there, Thorp Arch I think it’s called.
  10. Yeah this is how I interpret it - it’s his way of saying to McCabe and the Prince stop squabbling and put some money behind me.
  11. Nixon suggesting there might be significance to Wilder even now being linked with West Brom, possibly an indicator of unrest behind the scenes...
  12. There’s a suggestion that might be a swap deal involving Gary Gardner
  13. Sadly yes - he’s at Red Bull Salzburg, which he’ll be using as a springboard to a big Bundesliga club, or others in Europe’s top flights. The only chance we’d have of getting him is if his development stalled.
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