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  1. I'm good mates with a City fan who says he'd pack it in if they broke away. Though in fairness, these reactions are all a bit heat of the moment, let's see how many of them stick by it once the glitzy promos are airing on TV for Man City v Barcelona, "The Dawn of the Super Teams" or whatever rubbish tagline they come up with.
  2. If I call them Sevco does it need a capital or not?
  3. Reminds me of Brian of Nazareth being asked by John Cleese how much he hates the Romans. "A lot!"
  4. Bang on. They'd become just like all the franchises Kroenke owns over the pond, doesn't matter to him if the Rams, Nuggets etc. do well or not as they print money for him either way. In a Super League Arsenal wouldn't run the risk of missing the Champions League and costing themselves hundreds of millions as they do now.
  5. Aye that was basically the idea behind "Project Big Picture".
  6. Just tried to watch the clip of Gary Neville ranting about the Super League that Sky posted on their twitter feed, but had to sit through a gambling ad before I could watch it. Couldn't bloody make it up.
  7. Ideal scenario might be to let this Super League be the ultimate greed-fest while the rest of the game remembers why we all fell in love with it in the first place. Yeah I know, dream on...
  8. Agreed. I already feel the same way about the Premier League as I do the NFL or IPL. I can appreciate the quality of the product - but it's a product, I've got no emotional investment in it.
  9. I know it's clutching at straws, it's extremely unlikely to act as a reprieve for us. We've been crap all season and we deserve to go down. However, it does seem like this Super League is going to happen, or at least that they're going to try it, and that's going to set a big chain of events in motion. Most likely there'll be a huge legal battle which means any rearranging of leagues gets deferred until next summer or even later. But it's not impossible that some very big moves are made sooner rather than later. UEFA absolutely will not take this lying down and short o
  10. I'll always be someone who's main interest in football is from going to games, that's not going to change, I imagine you're the same. Unfortunately that's why we're all but irrelevant to the powers that be at the top level of the game. The money we spend on a matchday goes to the club through our ticket, maybe a programme and then a bit of cash in a local pub, chippy, whatever. Compare that to TV viewers, who are paying monthly subscriptions to TV companies, which then gets passed onto the clubs through the TV deals, plus they're getting in-play betting ads rammed down
  11. At first glance it would seem bonkers to kick the six teams involved out of the Prem - but so much bonkers stuff has happened over the last year or so that I wouldn't be massively surprised. I think it's very unlikely this is our reprieve, but its got a lot more chance of happening than us winning our last four games.
  12. Perhaps the most important distinction in football today is between matchgoing fans and fans who watch on TV. You can screw so much more money out of the latter so everything is catered to them now.
  13. As long as we get to stay up too, I can happily accept that.
  14. I was going to create a thread in Matchday but feel like this is a better place to air this: I appreciate this is a million-to-one chance, and will sound utterly desperate. To be honest, it is desperate. It won't work out like this because of sod's law if nothing else. However, hear me out: We know UEFA will fight this tooth and nail, and the NYT article suggests that UEFA could try to block the Super League by booting every team who's signed up out of their domestic leagues - that would mean six teams booted out of the Premier League. If that were to happen
  15. It may well be true that it affected us, at least between that and missing the penalty. Wouldn’t necessarily say Smith was talking b0ll0cks there. What that doesn’t mean is that it’s acceptable - the mentality of this squad is p*ss poor, you only have to look at the fact that we haven’t gotten a single point from games where we’ve gone behind to see that.
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