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  1. Groundhopping Owl

    Shortlist of 5

    You do realise there are clubs outside of England? Wagner has already turned down the Wolfsburg job and will have the pick of any Bundesliga club he likes when he leaves Huddersfield, all of whom are a damn sight bigger and better than we are. Also, you're massively overrating how good an option we are. Managers (rightly) couldn't give a throw how many fans follow us away every week, all they're bothered about is the size of the budget and the stability of the club behind the scenes. We're dreadful on both of those scores. So yes, if we were someone like Derby or Bristol I could perhaps see your pont, though I still doubt any of those you've mentioned would drop back down to the Championship.
  2. Groundhopping Owl

    Shortlist of 5

    Howe will walk into the Tottenham job whenever Pochettino moves onto Man U or Real Madrid. But you seriously think he's going to want to come here instead?
  3. Groundhopping Owl

    Who Is to Blame?

    Interesting, wasn't aware it was that way around. Doyen only ran one aspect of the club though, their involvement didn't stretch beyond recruitment and our problems run deeper than that.
  4. Groundhopping Owl

    Westwood to Weeds

    I agree. But I'd feel much better about it if we'd have sold him in the summer, and he wasn't going to help Leeds' promotion charge.
  5. Groundhopping Owl

    Who Is to Blame?

    The buck stops with Chansiri. He's vested almost all decision-making power in himself and it doesn't half show. Jos has been far from faultless, but he's stuck with the squad that Chansiri bought and has no budget to put it right. It was DC's decision to involve Doyen so heavily in our transfers so blaming them is a bit of a misdirection.
  6. Groundhopping Owl

    Fans Forum - Change of venue

    Christ they must be expecting a lot then.
  7. Groundhopping Owl

    Westwood to Weeds

    This would turn my stomach. Sadly, it would also make sense.
  8. Groundhopping Owl

    Meadowhall Shop

    The club must be feeling pretty bullish about the amount of trade they can do as it's far from cheap to set up shop at Meadowhall, even just for a short while.
  9. Groundhopping Owl

    Why do some fans dislike Bullen?

    I don't dislike Bullen at all, in fact I like him a lot for being a great servant to the club. But just because I like him doesn't mean I want him to replace Jos - that hiding we took from Burton at Hillsborough is far too fresh in my memory. If we go with a caretaker or even decide to promote from within I'd much rather it was Haslam or Thompson.
  10. Groundhopping Owl


    Warnock’s got a far longer and better track record in this division, and he doesn’t need millions spending to get results. Cardiff spent peanuts compared to the teams around them last season.
  11. Groundhopping Owl


    Exactly the sort of unimaginative and doomed appointment I’d expect from the current regime. Bruce is overrated in the extreme, he doesn’t have a clue how to work without a sizeable budget behind him - one which he won’t get here.
  12. Groundhopping Owl

    Alan Nixon

    That was a brave thing to ask on this site, I've scrolled through page upon tedious page on here of arguing over whether he's the oracle of the Football League or a clueless punter. Long and short of is he seems to have some connections that make him worth listening to, even if he's far from 100% bang on.
  13. Groundhopping Owl

    Next SWFC Manager - Ballotageddon MKII

    None of the above because I just don't think Jokanovic is realistic. Steve Clarke has been my choice for a while, did a very underrated job in two jobs south of the border then he's come up here and done unbelievable things with Kilmarnock.
  14. Groundhopping Owl

    Paul Clement

    Nah it was Lee Clark who went to Birmingham after Huddersfield, his career is pretty much done by the looks of it. I'd have Steve Clarke here though - he's doing an unbelievable job at Kilmarnock, they're looking like genuine challengers to the Old Firm this season. Very harshly sacked in both his jobs south of the border.
  15. Groundhopping Owl

    Skin of our teeth

    We're not doomed, but the signs are very ominous indeed. The fans and the club are at loggerheads, the team has no cohesion and doesn't seem to have much motivation either. We were absolutely appalling on Saturday and we have been for weeks. The moment we start to think we're too good to go down is the moment we should panic - clubs around and below us will be rubbing their hands and lining up to hit us with reality check, starting with Toytown.