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  1. BPF was outstanding throughout. Honourable mention to Palmer, who really seems to have found his position now.
  2. Brennan has a really promising run of games… so naturally gets injured. Sod’s law really does have it in for us atm
  3. Seem to remember him being talked about as one of the best left backs in this league last season. On one level seems a no-brainer but only if he’s capable of playing wing back as well as in a back four.
  4. Have to say his spell at Ipswich has surprised me, he seemed good at moaning and not much else.
  5. Few points: 1) great bloke isn’t he? 2) I’m pretty sure he went to the school right next to Tynecastle but had a season ticket at Livingston of all places? Good God what a soul-destroying experience that must have been. 3) very interesting to hear him acknowledge that his favourite position isn’t necessarily his most effective one. To add to his cult figure status, could he end up as the new Warhurst, equally comfortable in defence or attack?
  6. There have been one or two worse than him, but I’m surprised Dave Jones’ name hasn’t cropped up in here. If the mark of our worst ever manager is being most relieved to see them go then he’s top of the pile for me, I felt like a lead weight had been lifted when he finally left after that Blackpool game. As soon as Terry Burton left and the promotion bounce had quickly worn off the football was absolutely rancid. We recovered once Stuart Gray came in to essentially manage the team, since by the sounds of it we were lucky if DJ turned up twice a week. Kieran Lee and Chris Magure were great signings but they only got a run in the team after Jones left. Same story with Liam Palmer, and Connor Wickham looked hopeless until Gray took over. Meanwhile we spent money on dross like Taylor, McPhail, Olafinjana and Sidibé. He let the likes of Rob Jones and Ryan Lowe leave when they had more to give. Perhaps the main thing was he just looked utterly disinterested for the whole time he was here.
  7. I’d say those attributes are similar to Stevie May too. You could tell he had a great footballing brain but physically he had no gifts at all - managed to combine being small, weak and slow.
  8. I was at the two pre-season games we played there in recent years, it essentially felt like the club indulging fans with a summer treat when we got a pre-season game in York. Bootham Crescent itself was pretty ramshackle but as the cliché goes that was part of the charm. The away end must have been grim in the rain but the sun could cause problems too, those crush barriers ended up being hot enough to burn your arms if you leaned on them in sunlight. Also remember someone climbing on the roof of the cantine and promptly falling through it. Both trips were just great fun. I went for a look myself a couple of months ago when I was in York, very sad to see it cold and empty. I'll probably end up visiting the new ground with Bradford PA at some point but have to say it looks rubbish, not a patch on the old one. I remember the game in the picture, think we won 2-0 with Chris Maguire scoring an outrageous goal from about 35 yards?
  9. I'm pretty sure the all-time lowest PL attendance was Wimbledon v Everton, couldn't tell you the year. Could well believe one of our games down there being in the bottom three or four though.
  10. Thought Bannan dictated it very well too. Brennan had the one iffy moment in the first half but otherwise looked nice and composed, I’d be keen to see him continue in the starting XI. Gregory looked off it until he scored, as did Windass - football eh?
  11. Dunkley was titanic, particularly at offensive set pieces, but I’d dock a mark for the penalty that probably should have been given against him. Corbeanu subdued early on but grew into it very well. Honourable mention for Hunt who looked consistently threatening while playing far higher up than we’re used to (trying to match Corbeanu?). I’d be tempted to say Luongo, much as I don’t like nominating subs at MotM, he changed the game when he came on. Did more in 35 minutes than Byers did in 55, and I didn’t even think Byers did particularly badly.
  12. What a huge win. Finally we’ve managed both a good performance across 90 minutes and the result to match. Bloody brilliant. Delighted for Darren and the team.
  13. Christ he fluffed that horrendously first time didn’t he thought Windass had looked terribly rusty since coming on then he absolutely blasts that in. Brilliant.
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