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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing him dropped, but that's mainly because I want to see what Luongo can do from the start of a game. Bit harsh on Lee and in fairness Reach too but as ever, we've possibly got one too many creative midfielders.
  2. Think Bullen would have to do a lot wrong between now and the international break for me to agree with you. We're yet to put in a really bad performance (if we think we've played badly this season then we've clearly forgotten some of the performances under Jos not so long ago) and simply put, we're top of the league. Keep going Lee.
  3. Whatever contract he's currently on, it needs to be made longer ASAP. What a player.
  4. Where's the Man of the Match thread mi'lud? I'm chomping at the bit to vote for King Julian.
  5. We've played brilliantly twice, had two middling performances and come away with 9 points from 12. We're doing well, Preston away will be more of a challenge on Saturday but I really think at present there's a belief around the club that we can get a result from any game. Maybe it'll last, maybe it won't, but for now it's looking pretty rosy.
  6. Between Börner and Harris it looks like this is the summer where we've finally gotten smart in the transfer market. Two automatic starters, zero fees.
  7. Fox didn't dazzle on the ball but his main job was to defend his flank and I thought he did that very well. Booing him is beyond senseless.
  8. Wasn't pretty but I'll certainly take it. On to Saturday, when we're surely going to have to play better to get a result.
  9. It's still far from scintillating but the goal has woken us up.
  10. *Pedantry alert* - iFollow commentator said he was told on Saturday not to pronounce Börner as "Burner"...? That's going to grate on me very quickly
  11. Luton look to be growing in confidence a bit here. Half time can't come soon enough.
  12. Börner looks more composed with each passing game.
  13. Not especially encouraging so far. Luton's diamond is constricting the space in midfield and we don't really know what to do.
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