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  1. Regardless of whether Reach is right or not to defend Jos' managerial ability, it's good to see the squad rallying round the gaffer. We need to maintain a united front, regardless of how badly things are going.
  2. He might have lost his passion for Wednesday a bit, but I suppose That's the Way Love Goes. I'll get mi' coat
  3. "First, he wished it to be realised that the Supporters' Club was not intended to be a grumblers' society". He wouldn't have liked this site very much then would he?
  4. Glenn Loovens takes a tumble

    Is that Freddie Sears he loses out to? F*ck me, he's not exactly a renowned powerhouse is he?
  5. For me this shows the current clash between schools of management in English football. You've got Mourinho and Carlos' Portuguese method as described in that cracking article, which gives a short term boost before the squad's conditioning and mentality disintegrates. They're increasingly starting to look outdated in the English game, Mourinho's Man U are light years behind City. I'd actually lump Wenger in this category as well, because his team similarly lack any urgency or motivation and his managerial style looks totally past it. Then more recently we've seen a German style introduced by Klopp and then Wagner, which is all about physicality, high pressing and energy. The top managers in England all take cues from this - Pochettino's Spurs press high up, Man City zip the ball around at lightning speed when they want to. Even at a more comparable level for us, look at the success Eddie Howe has had with Bournemouth, where it's all about dynamism and energy. I'm convinced we should be following the German teams with a much greater focus on conditioning, sports science etc. - who knows, maybe that's what Jos was brought in to do? You don't have to look very far to find evidence of the second method's superiority - I'm sure we haven't forgotten which team and manager beat us in the play offs last season.
  6. New Manager Now - For Next Season

    The Charlton analogies are apt at present, we're sliding towards league one as the off-field chaos only grows. Remember, Charlton didn't drop out of the Championship immediately after Duchatelet and Meire came in, they battled for a while until a series of managers chucked in at the deep end did for them. Can hardly wait to see Guy Luzon or Bob Peeters in the dug out next season. Jose Riga might be the best we can hope for as things stand
  7. Neil Harris and Alex Neil.

    We're at basket case at present. It's amazing how quickly things change, when Carlos left the Wednesday job probably still looked pretty attractive - big budget, a lot of the backroom chaos wasn't very widely known and a club that seemed on an upward trajectory and only needed a few tweaks to stop underachieving this year and get back on the right track. Bloody hell, look at us now. No chance Harris ditches his beloved Millwall to end up on a hiding to nothing at Hillsborough. I really rate Neil and would love him here, but Preston are the model of stability and again I'd be very surprised if he walked out on them to join us. Paul Hurst would probably be our best bet as it stands, he's a Wednesdayite isn't he? If so, we could pray that blind loyalty to the club breaks through to him, because if I was advising him dispassionately I'd probably tell him to stay right where he is. As things stand he's got the chance to win a trophy at Wembley and deliver a stunning promotion for a small town club. To go from that to battling to save a sinking ship would be madness in the long-run, he's guaranteed a job in this division already so he might as well wait for a more stable position - including at Hillsborough if by some miracle we manage to stay up and turn things around with a massive clear out in the summer. I honestly think that Jos will be here til the end of the season, although whether he goes beyond that is pretty dubious.
  8. It's important that fans feel as much loyalty to the club as possible, so that they keep turning even in the bad times, I totally agree. But there's two other things at play here. First, it doesn't feel like we're getting any loyalty back from the club at present. Wednesdayites have shown their capacity to endure dross on the pitch over many years now, but it's another thing entirely when the club is demanding that you pay over £30 to walk up and watch the crap we're turning out at the moment. Which links into the second thing - yes, we're devoted fans of the club, but it's becoming increasingly obvious that those in charge of the club see us mainly as customers. If they want to see us that way then fine - but they really shouldn't expect anyone to turn up with the way things are at the moment, because what they're offering is an appalling value proposition. It's pretty ironic that fans are treated as customers, but all the while the club is relying on their innate loyalty so that they keep turning every week.
  9. Bullet after Bolton?

    Well exactly, Swansea took the decision out of DC's hands. I honestly think that if Swansea had decided against trying to bring in Carlos, Carlos would still be here and DC would still be vacillating about his future.
  10. Couple of observations

    It's astonishing how many sides in this league there are where the wheels have totally fallen off. I've got a really horrible feeling that Parkison will drag Bolton to safety (starting with a win at Hillsborough this Saturday), Barnsley's kids will hit form and keep them up, Burton will do their plucky little underdog act to stop up again and sod's law will ensure that Hull costs us another division, leaving us, Brum and Sunderland to go down. It doesn't half feel hopeless at present.
  11. Jos out !

    Thing is, the mood was always liable to turning against Jos very quickly. He has no prior connection to the club or even to English football, he's not very charismatic and he plays very cautious, defensive football. None of the above are inevitably bad things - David Wagner had no prior connection to English football, Slavisa Jokanovic doesn't have much charisma and Warnock plays cautious, defensive football, and all of them have proven to be excellent managers in this league. Combining all three together makes Jos a pretty hard bloke to get behind though. It's not that I actively dislike him, I just feel no emotion towards him whatsoever. Carlos was a nice bloke who'd had a lot of success with us, so I was sad to see him go, Dave Jones was humourless and disinterested in the club so I was utterly relieved to see him go. With Jos I'm just not bothered if he stays or goes in all honesty, the team feels stuck in a rut regardless.
  12. My thoughts on Jos

    It felt at the time like an appointment that could have gone either way - well it's pretty clear now which way it's gone. Jos was an off-the-wall choice who was appointed for his track record of getting promotion in Germany. Unfortunately, his lack of knowledge of both the squad and the league in general meant that he needed a big adjustment period, and during that adjustment we've slid into a relegation fight and no longer need a manager with a track record of promotions, but a manger with a track record of keeping teams up in this league. I feel sorry for Jos as he's clearly not a bad bloke, but this really isn't the right situation for him.
  13. Jones and Butterfield (again) FFS

    Does anybody else have the bizarre feeling that we're still going to sign Butterfield permanently in the summer, even though we blatantly shouldn't? Our transfer policy has been so abysmal that I really wouldn't put it past us atm. Exhibit #647 of our abysmal transfer policy was sat on the bench tonight - why the hell is Abdi sat on the bench instead of starting?
  14. Who’s renewing?

    Probably, but it's mainly out of duty, habit and the fact that I like my seat and the people around it. Might as well take advantage of the cheaper student prices while I still am one too. Actively dreading the moment where I have to click "Pay Now" though.
  15. Brian Laws

    Bring him back, if only so we can play "I fought the law" on the tannoy again, cracking tune.