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  1. I adored Nuhiu. Partially because he had one of the weirdest skill sets I've ever seen in a footballer (how many 6 foot 6 players turn out to be poor at heading but decent at nutmegs?), partially because he just seems like an absolutely lovely bloke. Massive mistake to let him go when we did, I agree he could have made the difference between survival and relegation.
  2. I wonder if we've managed to convince Johnson by offering him a longer deal than the Championship clubs in for him. At his age he'll be looking for as long a deal as possible.
  3. For those wondering about whether a fee would need to be paid - think Joe Crann suggested on Twitter that there's a possibility to be creative with deals and maybe have it as a free with a hefty sell-on fee or something similar.
  4. Been linked with us by Nixon, though this one does seem a bit more speculative. Pretty physical striker, scored a fair few at Aberdeen then came down to Birmingham. Doesn’t quite seem to have worked for him there but I’d imagine he’d do well in League One.
  5. There are aspects of his game he needs to improve, he looked a bit clumsy at times. However, I was broadly impressed. Good work rate and ability to actually break up play - not like Pelupessy where he’d run around plenty while rarely going near the ball.
  6. BPF 8 Hunt 7 Hutchinson 7 Iorfa 7 Palmer 6 Adeniran 7 Bannan 6 Shodipo n/a Wing 8 Green 5 Paterson 5 Brown 6 FDB 6 Luongo n/a
  7. Nah I’d hope not, Sims plays on the right and Johnson on the left.
  8. In a sense I get this, he didn’t have that much to do. But I don’t know, somehow his assuredness really seemed to matter. I had the same feeling as when Westwood played, i.e. the back four benefitted from him being behind them.
  9. Based on that I wouldn’t recommend watching us to neutrals. Very little entertainment value. We’re defensively solid but once we get on the ball we’re just shapeless, we don’t seem to have any discernible patterns of play. Most positive thing I could say is you certainly couldn’t tell Huddersfield are a league above us. They were marginally better than us over the 90 but not exactly by much.
  10. Was it Hutchinson who cleared that header off the line from Rhodes at the end? I’d upgrade my assessment of his performance if so, that was superb.
  11. Peacock-Farrell looked solid and assured, he’s my MotM. Centre halves decent defensively, though didn’t use the ball well. Hunt OK, thought Palmer looked off it. Adeniran has something about him, Bannan was a bit subdued, Wing played some good long passes. Green’s end product abysmal, Brown did pretty well, Paterson shocking.
  12. Speaks volumes that solid or even top end Championship clubs are looking at some of our former players and thinking they'd be able to contribute at that level once they're in the right environment.
  13. Wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole. Complete prat with far less footballing ability than he’d like to think.
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