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  1. They'll still be ridiculously priced, still won't have stripes on and will more than likely be crap quality. Suffice to say I won't be buying one.
  2. Flares on Sunday

    Waiting for the Rotherham Advertiser to publish a deadly serious article reporting that Wednesday fans are planning to smuggle pyrotechnics in hip flasks and picnic blankets into the ground this Sunday.
  3. One thing holding us back

    It's true, it needs to be someone who can consistently offer some end product. Helan, JJ and Maghoma all failed here because their end product just wasn't anywhere near reliable enough and their game had major deficiencies. I remember screaming for us to sign Dyer after he left Watford.
  4. There was a suggestion on the Norwich forum that it was an unpoliced game. I remember us having problems with this in a home game against Preston a couple of years ago (the one where McGugan scored from about 40 yards out), their fans were attacking the stewards after they scored and there were no plod around to help at all.
  5. The bit at the end after the embarrassing scenes outside the away end - "So I ain't tryin' to make excuses, but... literally, the referee and their players, they were just cheats, utter cheats, and I'm not just saying that" - then tries to blame the Norwich fans for it kicking off. Cry me them salty tears
  6. Of all the pathetic excuses I've seen from your lot for the endless instances we see of Blunts embarrassing their club and the city, this is right up there among the worst. Get a grip man.
  7. Adam Reach again

    Forestieri's injury could be the best thing that's ever happened to him because he's now getting a consistent place in the team week in, week out and his confidence is blossoming as a result.
  8. David jones

    Bit of a Gareth Barry type. Neat and tidy, steady and unspectacular - but he improves any team he plays in.
  9. One thing holding us back

    We're crying out for that pace out wide, even just to bring off the bench and change a game, just as JJ used to. The player doesn't have to be a world beater, somebody like a Lloyd Dyer or Kazenga LuaLua would do the job just fine.
  10. Bolton Away

    Just the regular prices of Virgin/whichever operator you want to book through it seems. To be specific it appears to be two sets of advance singles from Edinburgh to Horwich Parkway and back, going via Preston. Have to admit I was gobsmacked to find ones that cheap. Will get it booked, thanks for the help :)
  11. Bolton Away

    Hi lads, How easy do we think Bolton tickets will be to buy next month? I'm a season ticket holder with 530 priority points. I suspect I should be fine but I'm making doubly sure because I've found trains from Edinburgh down to Bolton for £25 return so I'm tempted to buy them before the price gets jacked up. Thanks
  12. Van aken

    As a whole the defence has let in 7 goals in 8 games and two or three of those are down to total aberrations. It's a credit to all involved for our solidity at the back which has covered up for a lack of goals - but now Van Aken adds a whole new dimension with his passing ability.
  13. Finally

    Van Aken deserves massive credit for the goal we scored, he started the move by himself. When was the last time we had a defender able to step out into the opposition half with confidence and send a pass into an attacking area? You could tell Cardiff weren't ready for his passing - for the goal Bryson was left trailing in his wake because he was clearly expecting Van Aken to hoof it. Reach's improvement over the last few weeks has been close to incredible as well. From whipping boy of the fanbase to one of our most consistent performers - he's now got the end product to go with all the effort. Just goes to show players need at least a year to adjust before you can write them off altogether. The short-termism in football these days means most new signings that don't take the league by storm within two or three months are discarded.
  14. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    Not been today, took in Hibs 2-2 Motherwell for my weekend viewing. I would have probably taken a point beforehand given Cardiff's start to the season and our record against Colin but given the lateness of the equaliser, I'm sure we all feel massively frustrated tonight. It's been an indifferent start to the season but it could have been a hell of a lot worse. As usual we seem to be struggling with the fine margins that separate top half/play off sides from automatic promotion contenders and we desperately need to find a rhythm soon and get ourselves up there. Really could have done with that win as if we lose to the pigs next week (God forbid) the mood will likely turn very nasty. I don't like how the mood of the fanbase seems to be teetering on such a knife edge regarding Carlos but that's how it is at present. We move onto next week, let the pre-derby stress commence...
  15. Colin's Comments

    I like Carlos a lot but Warnock has a track record over decades in this division, Carlos has been here two seasons and hasn't delivered a promotion yet. He's got a way to go to prove himself as a master of this division, much as I'd rather he got us out of it and set about becoming a master of the Premier League instead.