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  1. My opinion on this move would be very much according to his price and how it affects our dire financial situation. Taylor's got some of the attributes our current crop of strikers lack, but I'd definitely want us to move some players on before trying to bring him in.
  2. St Pauli' last games before the winter break are against Wiesbaden, who are in the relegation zone, followed by Arminia Bielefeld who are top of the league. Could see Jos not being in charge after Christmas and that might well have consequences for Penney.
  3. I expected him to give us the odd heart-in-mouth moment defensively, but I’ve got to say I envisaged him offering rather more end product at the other end of the pitch.
  4. Saying that strikers are incapable of having a good game unless they score is the sort of analysis I'd expect from a 8 year-old.
  5. Kirby was named Man of the Match so I wouldn't be too downhearted.
  6. For whatever reason he seems to have his critics on here, but Kieran Maguire's interview with The Star is pretty good just to explain what's going on without getting lost in excessive conjecture and speculation: https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/latest-owls-news/sheffield-wednesday-efl-misconduct-charge-what-does-it-mean-will-they-get-points-deduction-and-how-long-will-it-all-take-1019834
  7. Well yeah but it doesn't half make for fun viewing, that game at St Mary's was the only England qualifying game I've enjoyed for probably over a decade
  8. If they see this through then Nuhiu is going to go down as a national hero, what an incredible moment for him.
  9. It doesn't look likely though does it - every time DC has surrounded himself with seemingly sensible advisers, he's rejected their advice and done it his way. Tend to agree with your second point.
  10. The fact that we were so late in submitting the accounts in the first place (and all the rumours flying around at the time about us selling the ground to balance them) was a pretty big pointer that something was badly amiss.
  11. Agree with this, DC's dealings with the EFL have always seemed rather adversarial, so they're not likely to be pre-disposed to help us out.
  12. Love it when people stick their hands in their ears and ignore well-presented facts because they're inconvenient. Maguire's insight is almost always excellent.
  13. God above. It’s just not going to happen today is it?
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