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  1. Don't know how Barker's spell with Oxford has been but he never impressed me when he was up here in Scotland.
  2. What about d) Windass stays, signs a new deal and has two more seasons like the last one? That would be a disaster too.
  3. Saw him being linked with Anderlecht - don't know whether Kompany's departure will affect that or not.
  4. Christ alive, we’ve been offered a seven figure sum for a player who didn’t even manage ten games last season. Complete and utter no brainier. Accept the offer DC, before they get a manager in with more sense than Caixinha.
  5. Good post, it’s a league that’s definitely improved of late - Preston have had a few good signings from that league over recent years, we could definitely learn from them. Genuine question for anyone who might know: how many clubs in the LoI are professional? I know in Northern Ireland there’s just the one atm (Linfield) but south of the border there must be a fair few more, don’t know if it would cover the whole top tier?
  6. I get where you're coming from, though I think it's more valid when referring to the Premier League, which I've all but completely lost interest in. The Championship was probably more fun a few years ago but it's still a really entertaining league to be in, plus it doesn't feel half as degrading as League One.
  7. He works for The Sun, they’re hardly a charity.
  8. Yeah agree, thought both looked excellent yesterday. Thought Bazunu's distribution was particularly good, chipped inch-perfect balls out to the wingers that most League One keepers would never even attempt and rolled the ball out without hesitation if he thought a counter might be on. He'll have a very good career, the fact that he's already Ireland's number one says a lot.
  9. Thought he looked a good striker for this level with the potential to do well in the league above. Would be surprised if he ever made it to the PL mind. Was also surprised he didn't celebrate even more than he did, from Pompey's point of view perhaps he ought to have gone the whole hog and cup his ears to the kop etc. to try and get the home crowd and players to really lose the plot.
  10. What an utterly ridiculous game. Dragged to victory by Gregory, that performance summed up why we signed him. While others struggled with the pitch, the physicality and the pressure, he just stuck at it, led the line superbly and dug out three goals. Key thing is obviously that it's now in our hands for Saturday - win and 4th is ours. A play-off semi final with the second leg at home is far more than I expected before the start of the season, I'll be honest.
  11. Really enjoying how disdainful Staton is of Fleetwood. He sounds properly jarred off.
  12. if Johnson can't cope with the surface then take him off and send on NML. It's not a night for subtlety, just tell him to bulldoze their full back.
  13. Can Hunt give Johnson a lesson on how to get the ball under control and swing a good cross in at half time please. (Either that or the pitch is much worse down on side and the curse will switch second half)
  14. Absolutely brilliant from Gregory, just what we signed him to do. Such an important goal, was already wondering if the pitch would make it a difficult night to make the breakthrough.
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