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  1. You’re not telling me that Colin doesn’t have a legendary reputation worldwide? Tbf Wagner knew he was a Blunt when Warnock gatecrashed his presser at the end of last season
  2. Saturdays Programme. It's a sign...

    “We are sorry to announce that the return train to the Premier League has been delayed by approximately 20 years. Sheffield Wednesday would like to apologise for the inconvenience (and heartache) this may cause you.”
  3. Joey Pelupessy

    Wouldn’t really be in his interest to do so - if he decided to wait until the end of the season he might as well not commit and try and spark a bidding war. He’s had interest from two pretty high profile sides so it probably wouldn’t be that difficult.
  4. Joey Pelupessy

    Fair point. The only thing I can think of is by leaving him to become a free agent we'd inevitably come up against competition from other clubs and his wage demands would inevitably go up, along with his agent's cut. If New York City were interested in him but have backed off we'd do well to get him while we can and not leave him with the choice or living in Sheffield or living in New York come the summer.
  5. Joey Pelupessy

    Yeah I think Lopez was on the bench - my point was more that in general our squad was built around quite diminutive players that season, which payed off when we sweeping teams aside with really quick and exciting football, but backfired badly when we came up against much more physical sides like Hull.
  6. Official January Transfer Rumours Thread..

    Yeah Phil Hay from the Yorkshire Post (who is pretty reliable) says Forshaw's move to Leeds should be all done and dusted by the end of the day.
  7. Joey Pelupessy

    Jackson Irvine is the one that really bugs me, that lad is an absolutely superb box-to-box player and we let him go to fecking Hull.
  8. Joey Pelupessy

    I think mostly it doesn't have a great effect if you have a team of average build - unfortunately it just so happened that the team we played at Wembley was particularly diminutive, which was all part of Carlos' style with us. He wanted small, nippy, technically gifted midfielders like Bannan, Lee and Lopez, who sadly were inevitably going to be bullied by a unit of Huddlestone, Livermore and Diame.
  9. Joey Pelupessy

    More importantly, did Glenn Roeder have any input?
  10. Joey Pelupessy

    Nope - that song is a bit like Palace's "we love you" one, no matter how good it sounds I'll always associate it with an utterly miserable day and wouldn't want to sing it myself.
  11. Joey Pelupessy

    Good post. Think from efficiency's sake it could be quite a canny signing - if he can do the deep-lying playmaker stuff while getting a few tackles in and occasionally driving us forward (note - I'm not demanding that he must be brilliant at all of the above because if he was he'd cost about £80 million ), not only will that mean he's a bloody good player but it would mean several of our other midfielders (Jones and Butterfield mainly) are surplus to requirements and are free to leave and free up space on the wage bill.
  12. Player ratings

    Nice to see such praise for Nuhiu, especially as he was usually very ineffectual against lower league opposition who would just manhandle him all game. Dire memories of that Macclesfield away game.
  13. Joey Pelupessy

    Crucial question - is he a Doyen client? Well someone had to ask
  14. Paddy Miquel Nelom

    That FootballOranje site are linking Birmingham with this lad, but not us: http://www.football-oranje.com/birmingham-city-interested-nelom/