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  1. Think I read somewhere that they're being bankrolled by some oligarch or other, Cyprus is awash with Russian cash at the moment.
  2. No, had too many times where I've spent the money only to be sat watching a buffering wheel.
  3. Would definitely take a point today, I'm not convinced Watford are the certs for top two that some have them down as, but they're very strong opposition.
  4. Jozefzoon free to leave Derby, could he do a job for us? Think he's supposed to be able to play wing back, but it's really not worked for him at Derby.
  5. Two years ago it would have been a definite yes. Now... I'm not quite sure if he's worth the outlay, given his inconsistency last season. We need players who fit exactly into our tactical system, not more square pegs in round holes. He's a good player, and I wouldn't moan if we signed him, but I do wonder if what little cash we seem to be able to spend could be better utilised elsewhere.
  6. He's about 20 years before my time and yet I still hate Simon Stainrod. Beyond that... probably Morgan, Michael Brown, Ben Pearson and Patrick Bamford, all of whom are irritating and cowardly in equal measure. A sort of inverse honourable mention for Paddy Kenny who took the inevitable abuse from the kop with excellent humour, even after we'd humped L**ds 6-0.
  7. I don’t like voting for substitutes for MotM - but I’ll make an exception here, since Penney was exceptional in an otherwise awful game.
  8. Foden being named in the England XI has provoked more interest in me than 60 minutes of this.
  9. Maybe we could move the game to the motorway instead. Would certainly be high-octane.
  10. If he tw*ts one in like he did in the Hamburg derby then I’m not complaining.
  11. Does my head in when you see those posts on Away Days twitter pages saying “if you haven’t driven past this ground you’ve never been on an away day” - well if you’re coming from Sheffield you’re actually extremely unlikely to go that way.
  12. There was a very entertaining slow-motion overtake of a truck by a motorhome going on a moment or two ago.
  13. HT Watched the first 10 then decided to go for a bath. Wish I’d stayed in it, that was dire. Feel increasingly sorry for Brown, imagine having all that creativity and absolutely nothing to work with.
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