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  1. Yeah they replayed it from a better angle after he scored the penalty, you can use slow-mo on iFollow.
  2. O’Shea went down softly, but Odubajo had grabbed a handful of his shirt after he was slow to move. Really, really daft - again.
  3. Clearly these are the toughest of times economically, but this really doesn’t bode well.
  4. Not convinced they’ll find a buyer for him In this climate though, not with that price tag anyway.
  5. Do we think there might be a chance of keeping Wickham for next season, probably on another loan deal? He's got one year left on his deal at Palace, can't see him getting back into their side.
  6. Draw. WBA haven't exactly raced out of the traps since the restart but it's a big challenge for us. Would be satisfied with a point.
  7. What a phenomenal shambles this whole affair has been, the SPFL have once again been exposed as not fit for purpose. The only positive I can take is that the last footy match I went to before lockdown (which now feels about a million years ago) was Hearts knocking Rangers out of the Cup, that was a cracking way to end the season
  8. From total naivety to total cynicism in one quick change of owner. The latter will get us further I suspect.
  9. Derby fans are praying for this, they'd have a good chance of losing their record low points total if we were in the PL next season.
  10. To those saying Monk needs sacking as part of a club "shake up": it's obvious Monk's plan has basically been to get through this season then make his stamp, i.e. shake things up, in the summer. Remember he arrived in September when the transfer window was shut and Bruce had decided the retained list. I agree that we've been crap since Christmas and Monk has to shoulder a fair bit of the blame for that. But I also agree with those saying that our biggest problem is player power - and we're not going to dispel that by getting rid of Monk and giving the squad the impression that they've gotten DC to bin yet another head coach by downing tools. Monk doesn't strike me as the type to put up with any nonsense, you could almost see the steam rising off him in recent post-match interviews, plus why else would Westwood, Hutchinson and Bates have been training with the kids? That's a good trait to have at this club and I'd give him a crack at next season - after all the shenanigans he's had to navigate at Leeds, Brum and Wednesday he might be a good man to have in charge during what may well be a very weird season.
  11. I remember being desperate for Jeremy Helan to do well with us, he had so many physical gifts that you just felt like a good run to boost his confidence would be enough to make him a top player at this level. Sadly he never quite got there. Julian Börner is heading into this sort of territory for me. I accept he had a dodgy spell after Christmas (along with the rest of the team) but I love how committed he is, he really would run through brick walls to get us a win.
  12. With or without the details of last night's meeting there's enough evidence to show that Chansiri's effect on the club is verging on ruinous at this point.
  13. You're probably right there. The FFP figures sort of reflect that - a perfectly manageable £10m loss in the first year, £20m in the second but at least we got to the play-offs again, then suddenly the spending got bloated out of all proportion and we lost £30m to finish in mid-table.
  14. Must sweep my hat off to DC, it’s some achievement to run a business for 5 years and learn absolutely nothing in that time.
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