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  1. Did you read that correctly? check the date first September 23rd Which is 3 weeks ago. It states that as from a week earlier 18th September they were refunding for last seasons tickets 2019-2020. Today is October 17th and in regards to the 2019-2020 season ticket refunds we are still waiting. where is that “Exactly the same as ours” ? Does having more season ticket holder’s mean that we don’t have to update them as often? Just to clarify the accusation of Millwall accusing their fans of illegal streaming that you made I have attached the paragraph. Please show me
  2. That lovely family club Millwall are already refunding last season and are in the process of sorting this season’s refunds.https://www.millwallfc.co.uk/news/2020/september/club-statement-on-season-tickets-refunds-ifollow-and-more/
  3. After putting the iPlayer statement out today I think SWFC need to do the same in regards to refunds. To preach about the right and proper way to act and then to not do so themselves is hypocrisy at it’s finest.
  4. Maybe them people want to look nice for all the new signings that are arriving today?
  5. That’s what I was trying to explain myself. But apparently it’s a brilliant savings scheme. You buy the season tickets and just never use them. And the best bit is you save a fortune by not going as well!! Im going to buy loads when next season’s go on sale it’s a no brainier..
  6. I will ask you to play the Devils advocate... Hirstysfags are you going to renew?
  7. You need to learn how to explain what you mean without getting frustrated and calling people names. If you can do that you will be a much better person when you spend all that money that you have saved ......
  8. I kind of guessed that. The frightening part of all this is -that when normality returns after the way “fans” have been treat will the fans return?
  9. You have missed the point were we paid for season tickets that we couldn’t use. Explain how purchasing something that you can’t have saves you a fortune? You are salesman’s dream!!
  10. Which Season ticket money as gone? The 2019-2020 one which most are waiting for refunds on ? Or the 2020-2021 which some of us bought on the early bird renewal ? Im struggling to understand your logic on this. So by keeping on buying these and not going we are saving a fortune????
  11. I think most people would be interested in knowing why the lack of communication and the excuses for this. Personally I think regardless of any excuse it’s been very poor.
  12. The club should have refunded all season ticket holders who requested a refund before paying any transfer fees for new players. The communication in regards to this as been dire and shows that the club as little if any respect for the fans. That is why the emotional play in regards to taking a credit or other means is being rightfully disregarded by many supporters. Remember there is no club without its supporters.
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