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  1. Minus 12 and we’ve won the league minus 12 and we’ve won the league
  2. I shall carry on going regardless of who is chairman or chairwoman. Always have and always will . Renew my season ticket in the south and watch the poo that makes me happy being unhappy.
  3. You are quite correct and I stand reprimanded for my outlandish behaviour. I have had a quick read of their aims and objectives and found this———Will a Supporters’ Trust seek to own the club or buy shares in the club? One of the objectives of the Supporters Trust movement is fan ownership of clubs. We recognise that in the modern Championship that is a very difficult thing for fans to be able to achieve given the scale of the financial issues involved. Our objective in seeking to build a Supporters Trust is to further fan engagement and influence with the club. All our ideas and energies are focused on this and we have never discussed trying to own the club or purchasing shares in it. After reading that I stopped being interested in the trust as a force.
  4. So you just believe and support anyone who puts trust in their name? Tell me about these wise men you follow? who are they ? What’s their agenda? Are they putting together a buy out package?
  5. Don’t knock the Dingle lad it must be hard living in a town where you are in the minority for supporting your local team.
  6. Pigs have taken control of Bramall Lane today. Will be announced shortly.
  7. That’s probably why I and others didn’t get the telephone call stated in the original SWFC rebate email.
  8. Seen it all before haven’t we. keep renewing and stop the tantrums that the snowflakes are having on here.
  9. The record bit worked for me thank you.
  10. The below email was sent out on Thursday last week. I received it in all email accounts. Try looking in your spam.
  11. Sindercombe social or the Defectors weld. Try and avoid the White Horse on Uxbridge road.
  12. Unfortunately the only way is by experienced players. Maybe Monk will bring one or two in that may make the difference- let’s hope.
  13. So in the present losing run we should look to playing 16 years old debutant players to turn it around? perhaps you are over reacting? perhaps Monk should be allowed to bring in some players before we ruin some youngsters football career?
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