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  1. I would be surprised if that happens tomorrow. Tony Stewart is in Kosovo where he is building a new national stadium in return for a business investment. I think that will upset a few toytowners when that becomes public knowledge. :)
  2. Let’s see who can finish this old beauty- Millwall fan nicked a scarf ...........
  3. Chansiri and Bruce at Hillsborough now.
  4. Westwood “Tired” is what I was told this morning read into that what you will. Dawson starts.
  5. Is there anyone smart enough to start a just giving account for this poor man?. Lets get Harry a box for a game from the fellow supporters.
  6. I’ve never seen a manager sat as much as him. Nobody in our technical area for most of the match disgusting.
  7. Let’s wait and see who has egg on their face shall we? care to bet me £20 loser donates to charity?
  8. Been told Hirst as signed his contract today and is staying.
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