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  1. A1 every time. Allow lots of spare time it gets heavily congested around Cambridge on the M11 early evening.
  2. Owls are excellent at catching mice Utah but it’s the regurgitation I’m not looking forward to that Neil is a big unit!!
  3. I had deliberately donated £13.82 to out you OCDer’s!! Easier than catching a mouse!!
  4. Tried that to no avail even though they were really helpful. Managed to get one from a fellow owl .
  5. Anyone got a spare? Can meet and pay outside ground if possible.
  6. I got stabbed twice that evening on Lloyd street. There was others from Sheffield stabbed as well. Still think Tranmere away on the Tuesday night after playing them on the Saturday was bad. worse Wednesday away following I’ve seen only about 300 of us got attacked from all sides at final whistle.
  7. That is 100 per cent true. He had to pay all as you stated and the points reduction is suspended because he did. If he fails to pay again it will be imposed.
  8. Early birds were sold January to early March before first lockdown. In them much missed times of normality.
  9. How can any owl ever even consider them before Hallam? Hallam play in blue and white and have a Wednesdayite chairman. Also only a mile and half from Hillsborough.
  10. I can 100% assure you that he hadn’t. I wish my knowledge of the going’s on there was equally as good at Hillsborough.
  11. Wilder and his agent have been causing lots of bother behind the scenes since before Christmas. Both of them were concerned about the “Wilder” brand and its loss of appeal if relegated. Thats why there was no backing for him in January in the transfer market. He has been paid way below the numbers being quoted on here. He was on 4 Million a season at the sty and only had until July left on his contract. He has been playing up trying to get paid off for months. His concerns for himself were much greater than his concerns for the club. So much for being a blade!!!
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