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  1. Just had the call so I am expecting it to hit the bank account on Monday. Just this season’s to sort out now.
  2. The ginger haired lad who does all the away tickets. He is always helpful.
  3. Finally received my last minute.com refund from March holiday today. This refund was ordered by the competitions and market authority. This just puts it into perspective how bad it is by Sheffield Wednesday not to have refunded lifelong supporters before now. Absolutely unforgivable treatment of supporters.
  4. I think the club can kiss goodbye to future season’s ticket holders if that’s the case.
  5. I managed two episodes before binning it. poor production and acting.
  6. Another early refund applicant still waiting. Merry Christmas to Sheffield Wednesday and all the best for 2021. Let’s hope for a new start in customer relations.
  7. I have travelled both the Malaysian and Indonesian side’s of Borneo. Both friendly, safe and interesting. Balikpapan was my last stop before heading to Maratua island early last year. The Indonesian side-Kalimantan is the poorer of the two and it’s obvious to the eye at times. She will love it.
  8. Hallam are the new Wednesday as a few people have found out this season.
  9. Looking for a helper to repay? https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2020/december/job-vacancy/
  10. 29th June 1314 and heard nothing yet. They must still be on the early morning refunded..... I am pretty sure they will update us all soon.
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