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  1. How can any owl ever even consider them before Hallam? Hallam play in blue and white and have a Wednesdayite chairman. Also only a mile and half from Hillsborough.
  2. I can 100% assure you that he hadn’t. I wish my knowledge of the going’s on there was equally as good at Hillsborough.
  3. Wilder and his agent have been causing lots of bother behind the scenes since before Christmas. Both of them were concerned about the “Wilder” brand and its loss of appeal if relegated. Thats why there was no backing for him in January in the transfer market. He has been paid way below the numbers being quoted on here. He was on 4 Million a season at the sty and only had until July left on his contract. He has been playing up trying to get paid off for months. His concerns for himself were much greater than his concerns for the club. So much for being a blade
  4. Refund and early bird as zero correlation otherwise I would have been refunded much earlier. There is and no science to this refund malarkey it’s just a waiting game.
  5. If your youngest one is 14 now that’s plenty old enough trust me. I was travelling across India and other countries with my son when he was 10 years old. Anyhow do communicate with Balaram and enjoy planning.
  6. If you are interested I have dug out my contacts over there. Balaram Is the owner and you can contact either him or his wife on the following. https://www.thameltravel.com/ Have a look at what they do and ask any questions if unsure, Do remember Nepal is a few years behind with progress so don’t expect western standards. The people are so friendly and humble.
  7. I have trekked around Nepal a few years ago I was 52 at the time. I didn’t do Everest base camp but did trek some of the Annapurna range stopping in hill stations overnight and tea houses. My son as done Everest base camp and was disappointed by the amount of people and the litter that’s up there. Nepal is a amazing country to see and don’t forget to head to Chitwan which is the jungle area and will amaze you with the animals. lots of white water rafting to be had as well. Kathmandu is a city not to be missed. If you need any more information pm me I have the name
  8. I know of another person who is in a similar position after having the call on the 15th and being told the 3-5 working days scenario. My own was paid back within the time frame that was given. I wonder if this is a deliberate slow down on the payments or if there is a cash flow problem at present.
  9. Well at least I should be able to get parked easily and get a pint without queuing. Roll on Rochdale at Hillsborough January 2022 it will be brilliant.
  10. The problem is I have had my seat for years and it’s central in the south and they do not come up very often so I am loathed to give it up.
  11. I’m carrying mine forward and hoping for the best. I would always still go even if relegated. I am so looking forward to the normality of watching us lose at home on a cold wet match day again.
  12. The biggest Wednesday school in Sheffield by a mile!!
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