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  1. Swfc and hooligans..

    I was in Toulouse with Wales at the euros not a sign of trouble. There was no Russians anywhere in city centre for 2 days before and on the day of the game.
  2. It may be interesting trial for what is going to need to happen if we are to redevelop the west stand area. The reason it is in place at other grounds is to be able to charge the away fans the same price as the opposing home fans. Its a no brainier.
  3. It makes perfect sense.Charge the away fans more and redevelop west stand area.
  4. South always as befits such a prestigious game. Its also a good way of trying out the relocation of away fans in the north stand. :)
  5. Let's make a midnight run ......
  6. The Owls Shop 1970s

    It made it easier to get on the home end at away games...
  7. Fletcher going off.

    He was signalling to them a couple of minutes before. It was his call not the managers.
  8. Fletcher going off.

    He was asking the bench to get him off.
  9. Bannan

    That was Hutchinson's worst game I've seen.Across the middle we was poor.
  10. Let's make a list

    Abdi's gloves looked nice.
  11. Hamstring I posted last night in line up thread.
  12. line up for friday

    Lees out with hamstring injury I'm hearing.