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  1. You little globetrotter you. Which bit is wrong then, I always thought Sheffield had the oldest club in the world. Like you I have been around the world many times, but it hasn't caused any loss in aspects of football knowledge.. Shall we leave it there?
  2. Oldest football club in the world, so yes home of football...so in contention!
  3. Personally always preferred the Barnsley fans...Doncaster never struck me as a footballing town although in fairness, not much to shout about since BBC stopped filming Open all hours there.
  4. Lol, so bitter. Love it when these articles appear, poor old donny ideas above their station... Guess we will have another club trying make up some faux rivalry now.
  5. I think Moore must be telepathic to get the job, seems the way DC communicates these days.
  6. He was keen to get started. Obviously realised there is plenty of work to be done.
  7. Pleased with this appointment, seems like a good man and put a shift in as a player. Can imagine if any of our players don't show the correct attitude, he will make it uncomfortable for them. Not the type to mess about.
  8. Should think the knowledge that their manager is going to bigger and better club would be enough for them!
  9. Bannan has been on good wages for 10 years now , so probably set up for life. Does he want the hassle of a new club etc, might as well be the big fish and keep on the S6 gravy train.
  10. Would be good If DC would actually do anything instead of sitting in his tower like a Thai Rapunzel. Agree though we need a CEO, FD, COO, DOF then a manager.
  11. Drape them on the advertising boards and sponsors will want money back.
  12. Not convinced, I'll have my ST so will have got the money anyhow. Better in the ground with TV cameras and banners so many that the messages will always be seen.
  13. I can take poor teams, poor players we have plenty over the years. What I can't take is not trying. Even if you are limited in footballing sense, effort, running and putting a tackle in gets you a long way in football. It's not that difficult to stay up this year, there are some poor teams around. The players we have are good enough, they just can't be bothered no matter what they say. OK not getting paid is an issue, however to get to their level they must have desire and drive to become a pro. Where is their pride, absolute embarrassment. TBH don't want to see any
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