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  1. I get the whole plus vat use it all day long, but al my clients are businesses. Point taken 're corporate umbrella pricing but maybe the run lies the problem, corporately we may be not shifting enough so push it to the fans, might only be an extra 20% but usually a reason marketing advise price at 99 instead of 100 etc. Maybe it is a marketing issue.
  2. Not about getting annoyed, but why is it quoted as plus vat, don't see the shop doing it, season tickets are not plus vat. Just a little bit sneaky really. Why not quite all prices Inc vat. Nice and simple.
  3. With you all the way with this, I get that some businesses book the corporate but would imagine most of the smaller packages are just normal fans who get salary. Booked my lad as a mascot was amazing etc, but cost was plus vat, not telling me that the mascot packages are popular with the business community. If they would just make this a little more affordable they could sell out each week or what about discounting for season ticket holders as we would pay twice for a seat?
  4. Harrysgame

    Who next...?

    I think winnal is worth keeping, his goalscoring record is good and sometimes need players like him at the club. Not all players get on all the time, none of us know the reason for the bust up but happens at all clubs. Sure Jos has seen situations like this before and will deal with it. Can't be selling proven strikers just in case they might fall out with their teammates.
  5. Harrysgame

    Season ticket card question

    Sure we will get new ones, that how it has been in the past. Expect an announcement soon that we can collect or will be sent out if not collected by some date. Think last year was quite close to season start.
  6. Think our health and safety people have made him wear a HI viz as a precaution, makes it easier for the paramedics to find him.
  7. About right smoke an mirrors, trying to big themselves up and keep their deluded fans thinking they are a big club, when in reality they bottled it in a big way and have finished above for first time in ages. Why would any one make enquiries about a player who is out with an acl before they are fit. Be interesting to see how much of that Brookes money filters to the transfer coffers. Still think they will be shopping in Poundland.
  8. This FFP malarkey, has the efl actually punished anyone yet, what if we say we will buy who we like? Did QPR overspend and nothing no points deduction, Bournemouth spent a fortune no way was that coverrd by 9k gates.
  9. Let him go, but has to be well over the odds to make up for when we have to see him kissing their badge when he scores against us.
  10. Is that a old picture of a young Janet street porter?
  11. To avoid FFP could we not just use carrier bags stuffed with cash.
  12. I don't mind players leaving not achieved a great deal with them being here so far. I do think we will see players leave in the last year of contracts as we try to recoup some money back. Would also off load the injury prone ones. How much money have we paid our in wages for players who can't play.
  13. Thought it was a general figure for wages etc, could be wrong.
  14. Harrysgame

    Hands up if it's coming home

    Nah....Lose in the final to Brazil 1-0
  15. 10 goals you say, ok with that 5 home and away against the blunts. Agent Rhodes job done.