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  1. Great shop Sighs, shame it closed as a kid the range of kits was great. Not really any proper sports shops around now. Sports direct is like a fashion store with limited range of kits etc. Who owned Suggs, was it just jd sports etc that forced them to close?
  2. One positive for Fisher is that there are no fans , can you imagine the comments if spectators were allowed in.
  3. Maybe that's why are strikers have been so goals shy.
  4. Maybe it's more widespread than we thought, is it some footballing secret initiation? Like the freemasons and funny handshakes....If so won't be happy as the secrets been made public!
  5. Agree, a kick, elbows happen and if malicious are punished . But what type of person grabs hold of someone's tackle in a game. It's about time footballers stopped thinking they can do what they like and get away with it. If I was at work or in the street and did this would be sacked or a police matter. Why is it different for a player? We used to find lots of things in football acceptable but thankfully we have moved on.
  6. Not looking good this. I may be old fashioned but this is in public, if he wants to indulge in such things, better in private with consent.
  7. I can see heading been banned within 10 years, Yes part of the game but so were 2 footed tackles and thuggery not to mention, numerous injections dished out to players to get them through a game. Seems to make sense to ban eventually the game will evolve just like it has since the old Sheffield rules of 150 years ago. It's called Football for a reason.
  8. Well that's that then. All the Pulis knockers and defeatists before a ball has been kicked, can shut up now.
  9. Look at our fans, reading owlstalk you would get the impression we are all negative, whinging 2hats. The more extreme tend to be more vocal at most clubs.
  10. Ok probably not my first choice but an experienced manager is what we need. Time to just back him and the club. Some of the comments on this thread are just embarrassing, we look like a load of whiners and idiots. All those crying out for Pearson etc, really can see why he says that could never manages us, after a few weeks all the idiots would be marching on his house, giving him abuse when out with family etc. We're bottom of the Chmpionship, not exactly a bid draw for decent mangers. Give him a chance eh!
  11. Brown nosing, guess you would need to explain that one to me. Are you fully qualified in it? All the whining before anyone has even been appointed is just so boring.
  12. How do you know this is not part of a longer term plan? Maybe Pulis stabilizes the club this season and there is a target lined up to take us forward next? At this stage we are not that attractive, minimal budget, relegation spot etc. As I said in another post keep us in the league, plan for next year. Lest just get behind who it is and stop whining.
  13. Think this season was always about keeping in the league. At least it looks like a one season deal so can get the job done and get riding need be.
  14. Agree, it can all change very quickly in football. Look at dem blades, looking at Europe won minute, spend 80m and now looking at relegation.
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