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  1. Same here. Luckily one as too young to know what bad was just thought it was normal.
  2. In part yes. However when a player has a tantrum for the same reason under 3 different manager's think the player or his agent should look at themselves.
  3. No not even born then. We used to be quite bloody good....so that's why they a call them the good old days!
  4. Do sometimes think managers pussyfoot around players they are grown men after all. If you play crap and have a bad attitude tell them. Maybe it's too late and all footballers are a bit soft where they need a positive reinforcement all the time.
  5. Can only clear out if get some in. We might not be too attractive as we were with EFL issues. Also if their is a negative culture sure other players would know about it.
  6. Don't doubt his ability. But seems to have a tantrum when not picked. It is a squad game after all.
  7. Hopefully be another 30 years before I see that kind of performance again.
  8. The can't single one player though not one of them put any effort in. Bit boring to just pick Fox he has been one of the best players this season. Why not slate Winnall or Dawson ?
  9. Lol same only left early twice, that Everton game and 80th minute today. At least Everton were a great team, today was the most spineless performance I have ever seen. Still scratching my head as to how everyone of our players played so badly and put zero effort in.Embarasing!
  10. Think not having an attack must have been a downer for the players. Not one of them tried today. Just slow and lacking effort. Too many players just looked lost, Bannon decided that his best position was in defence, Dawson just does not control his area too weak. Could go on. Cannot believe we lost 5 0 at home to them, not knocking Blackburn but we gifted the game. Thinking that is a once in every 10 yrs performance.
  11. You would hope so, Morris is a smart cookie.
  12. Has it not always been the case? Not as if DC is borrowing against the club and loading the debt on us. It's a commercial business and football is not a special case. So let them spend what they want as long as it is not loans from a bank etc. If we pay are tax bill that should be enough for the EFL.
  13. But football has always been unfair, there is a reason that historically the biggest and most successful clubs have always been centred in big cities where local businessman have put their wealth in to the club.never been even, so why can't DC or anyone else spend what they want.
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