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  1. Shouldn't take much, just shout Boo! Be enough for our lads.
  2. Only news I want to hear is Derby are unable to fulfil the fixture and we are given a 3 nil walkover.
  3. Think Williams had some critics as he wasn't as clinical as Hirst, looking back not many were. We were blessed to have two strikers like them.
  4. So to be clear, you want anyone who does not agree with you and your opinion to be banned. Not generally the idea of a discussion forum, but hey might catch on.
  5. Wouldn't have thought so. For some one like DC and TUF, they would be used to moving millions of pounds around. Its not like the monthly wages run is a surprise. Looks like cash flow issues every time.
  6. If true, absolutely scandalous again. OK they get paid well and performances are dire. However, they just like any other worker have a right to be paid as per their contract and on time. Just don't get this problems getting money in to the country rubbish. Bank transfers work just fine wherever you are, only an issue if you don't have the money to transfer. Why would an out of contract player risk injury when not been paid, when could cost him a new club?
  7. Think it would have made things better if we had at least scored a goal, goal difference may be important.
  8. Might as well just drawer the names out of a hat. And tell them to attack.
  9. Words fail me they have 2 must win games and are set up to defend. This is down to the manager does Moore like lg1? The players just no desire, reach and Westwood almost giving them the game.
  10. Do think your Dislike for DC , is clouding your thoughts. 76 was much worse, looks.like we already have a managet who has a plan, let's not give up before he has had a chance eh.
  11. Do sports journalists actually ever find any new stories or original news? We all know this, journos now don't even know the players like the old days. Sure they just pick up social media and publish. Easiest job now.
  12. I would have thought the Southend game in 76 was the most crucial. Crowds below 10k and looking at Div 4. We survived and road to recovery started. Took a while but it was our lowest ebb.
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