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  1. Closest fixture must be Tierra del Fuego Rovers, bit nawty apparently, SYP insist on a early ko.
  2. Yes used to take ages if there were any zeros, 10 taps ! Did work though saved a few Bob that did
  3. Their away fixtures are challenging.
  4. Identity crisis, they are not sure if they are north east or Yorkshire. Had to settle for Teeside whatever that ism
  5. TBH you have to pay well over the odds to attract anyone to Middlesborough, worse than Hull.
  6. Spot on this. Got a brand new stadium, I wonder did he get any financial support or subsidised land etc to build on?, then spent huge money for that time on players, just sour grapes, think he knows they have a long way to go now to be in the PL
  7. Can you still buy this, love it.
  8. Boro are an absolute joke, embarassing. If it was illegal the EFL would stop it. This could rebound quite badly on Boro, would not have thought they have much support as must be plenty of clubs thinking of doing this Leave the rules to the EFL.only winner will be lawyers.
  9. Handbags thays all. Getting like the Leeds seat smashes.
  10. Oh yes, that outing was against the blades forgot that one. Wouldn't date try that at ours would they! !
  11. Got a feeling udders will try and sit on their cash and not pay silly money, because they won't attract enough quality players to make a difference. Long hard season for them losing becomes a habit.
  12. Disorder..??.. worse every Friday night in town but dont close the pubs. Assume disorder in the police vocabulary is lots of pointing.
  13. True.. need to take a look at these long distance trips midweek for all clubs, makes no sense at all.Not just a swfc issue all clubs, midweek games end up with lower attendances and 100 away fans. Did we have a 3pm ko on a Saturday recently in London. Plenty of fixtures within a 50 _ 100 miles to be had so cant be that difficult to plan.
  14. Yes plenty of parking just park half a mile up the hill from the park hotel. 10 min walk to the ground, if it's too far can stop for a beres to get your energy levels up before the final descent down leppings lane to base camp.
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