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  1. Back in 1930"s think the official capacity was something like that but place was falling down and would never had permissions for anything like that.
  2. A bidding war for us sounds great...I'll see your 50 p and rasie you a pound.
  3. Didn't we have a bad case of gastroenteritis on one of the pre season tours once?
  4. I was amazed when he signed for us, he was part of a great Dutch team and was so composed genuine class player. Couldn't wait to watch him play for us, first few games didn't do much, put it down to new Club etc etc. Soon realised he didn't do anything but hover around the centre of the pitch playing balls a few yards sideways and backwards. Most disappointing signing I can remember.
  5. Ajax for me, great fans and decent stadium, although that's where the similarities end I'm afraid. Good to watch and develop youth constantly, always have a plan.
  6. I think he is destined for bigger and better jobs than anything we can offer.
  7. That's because he is out of his depth in management, if he can't explain what he is trying to do then the players have no chance. Decent manager here and we would have had another 10 points easily.
  8. Yes, League one team, League one players with a Pub Team Manager.
  9. Why not get rid, plenty of managers out there who at least understand how to organise a defence. Just give them a temp contract.
  10. It's as if he is doing all he can to ensure we don't go up this season. The amount of points we throw away is very odd. Why is it we can all see the issues but him... It's as if he is doing his best to get the sack!
  11. He has zero idea how to manage a team, been here long enough and still can't see what he is trying to do. What is his game plan, does he actually have one. DC enough is enough.
  12. Relax, it'll be 3 - 1 to us at the end. Windass with a brace.
  13. Those few years under Wiko were the best times for me, probably due to around leaving school and having money to go away with my mates. Somehow getting in the grounds was easier, none ot this priority points. Always a buzz going away, used to get a little hairy at some places...not Oxford though! The best of times, not sure where 40 years have gone... Never thought the club would be in a worse position, so many wasted opportunities and poor management. Oh well...we go again!
  14. It was a packed away end that day, wasn't it 3 0?
  15. Lol...he knows the club and chooses Sunderland...says it all.
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