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  1. Always great the ticket office staff. We do have some idiots though, just because they work in a store doesn't mean they should take any abuse. Personally, anyone who abuses the staff in their should have the ST cancelled.
  2. Yes, we do have history from picking up good players from Barnsley
  3. That's OK as attracts a different demographic, Football clubs draw higher proportion of support from working classes so we have to be treated differently.
  4. Sure it was a wooden crate, one of the lads it hit was off our estate. IIRC he was in hospital for a while. Was only 15 at the time and at the time it was a mad day out kicking off all day. Got to admit as a young un those seasons seemed fun.
  5. Think, it was close to 40 on ylthe South for some games last year?
  6. A small minority....not sure the same scenes would be repeated at the valley do you? Second thoughts Maybe trying to get out....
  7. Well you see, the authorities have and continue to see football fans as 2nd class. If it is rugby, horseracing, motorsport that is fine. Not sure how they get away with it in this day and age....
  8. Just thinking that....quite like the home and away kit. The Gk kits are awful why have 2 GK in the line up.
  9. So an exec box is the same price whether there is 1 person in it or 10? Is that usual. As if less people in it less food to provide and less revenue from the bar. Possibly missing something.
  10. Don't remember him...interesting to know what happened to him. Got the look of a 2nd rate radio DJ from the 80's.
  11. So what are they to do? We needed him to sign, probably about his value to us as a lg1 club. Plus saving wages.
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