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  1. We will have at least 6 months of CV19, so just call a end to the season and be done, void end of. This is the greatest disaster since WW2 and indiscriminate as to who gets it. China is almost a totalitarian state so has looked to have managed well. We are a democracy and as such it will take us longer as we follow the niceties like the rule of law and civil rights. No agenda on this even if we end up going down so what the club will exist and play again, unfortunately some on here I guess may not be around to watch us..
  2. Sorry for your loss. RIP fella. When the current issues are over, you can have one he'll of a wake to celebrate his life with family and friends.. Keep Strong.
  3. Spot on...about time the FA grew a pair and said...you know what this is just a bloody game...thousands are going to die and let's end the season as a void. Then look where we are next year. How could any decent club even think about legal preceding as they think it's not fair, be disrespecting all those we have lost.
  4. Most of the away games, 83/84 when we got promoted..Maine rd took 10k plus, St James, Chelsea, Cardiff and Anfield best season ever..Sterland pen against palace at home when we secured promotion.. best season ever...kaiserslautern as probably only time I will see us away in a UEFA game.
  5. Good one that, scorching hot day as well. Spent most of the day shouting scabs at forest....apart from cheering 3 goals...
  6. How could we compare ourselves to the amazing S2 "Never been done, never been run" girls...lol. TBH not worth a mention them lot...
  7. Happened to me at Derby, well should have given us more tickets !
  8. Did you meanTommo off Jordo ? He was a good lad...tragic end..
  9. Football was different then, don't think anyone on here is trying to gloryfie the 80s just how it was. Yes looking back was fun but as a 15 heat of in 83, it was bloody scary at some of the grounds mentioned. Just couldn't avoid things either give it or you took it. It was a great buzz though and Just another part of growing up. Personally worst was night game at Liverpool milk cup and west ham away, cup game in the midweek 80's.
  10. The fact that he refused to play in a fa cup final says it all...Guess he will regret that all his life...not sure how you would explain that to your kids!
  11. Why should PL subsidise the EFL? Think if did go to 22, PL clubs would pull out of the league cup due to extra games. Think their will be a bounce when football restarts attendance wise. Don't doubt some clubs will have to go pt or some out of business but could be football's reset after this is all over.
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