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  1. Would be easy for buses to get suspended if the drivers thought they were at risk.
  2. Not at all. You choose what you want to do, I just choose going to games over other activities , one less night out or a few hours overtime pays the cost of a match ticket.
  3. Would love to do a comparison to the average wages in the 70s and 80 etc and compare them to ticket prices. I would hazard a guess that it would be pretty similar now. As for not budging past 20k, when we have reduced tickets prices the attendance does not go up by much. Think the thing is people have other things to do, or go to as well so just use cost as an excuse for not attending. As I said why not get a ST, if you cant pay up front. Sure there must be away to pay monthly either by the club or on a card.
  4. Plenty of seats on kop where view is not a problem. What next better legroom at pride park, teas better at brentford. Proper bunch of moaners on here. Guess all were happy to pay the extortionate prices for play off games etc. It's called choice, dont like it dont pay it. Plenty of concessions available including those not working etc.
  5. Dont know, but does it really matter? Think ST is great value. I know some cant get each week so pay more but bit like the tv day passes to watch games cheaper if you have a contract. Maybe if you look at similar size clubs who have not have PL payments, would have thought similar. Leeds etc.
  6. So roughly £20 a game with an ST is ridiculous amount of money? Guess it's a matter of opinions
  7. We are not paying sickening amounts, some right drama queens. That lot across the city just got 160m buy a season ticket ffs
  8. Problem with reciprocal pricing is that, we usually take our full allocation or near enough, so they make money We lower our prices and 2 coaches turn up. Would wigan bring 1000 if we reduced our costs?
  9. Not really a moot point is it, all about choice. I guess if you are not happy paying 40 quind and want to save a few Bob, then you could still have a good day or matchday experience. I consider 40 quid worth it for an overall experience. It's only 40 at home with no ST anyway. As for the PL only charge 30 etc, maybe if we had that amount of TV money we would. Quality wise, for every good game in the Prem their is a poor one so not a massive difference from the games I see on TV. Enjoy the championship with its unpredictability, cant always say the same in the PL. Anyway all about opinions, prices, quality etc.
  10. Seen plenty of music events where the standard is poor, nothing like the CD they released! However back to the football similar not the quality that's on offer more the fans, going with mates atmosphere etc. So consider 40.00 or whatever it is money well spent. Away days are more than the match it is the overall day. Average away trip would be 150 after train, admission , few pints and meals etc might not be a quality product always but the day out is.
  11. Bit bored of these threads, is this just another we charge too much for tickets blah blah dressed up as knocking Blackburn. As many have said, it's up to you if you want to go pay up. Nothing much is cheap these days. Try booking a gig or Glastonbury or even the Lyceum etc. Costs money if you want a good standard of entertainment. Plenty of local football around if you want it cheaper.
  12. Obviously should have been banned for his tirade against that lass. How many of us haven't when at a match shouted what would be interpreted as abusive language at a player fans etc. Just wondered how many time you would call a player a Fat Barsteward before you were flung out. Remember Micky Quinn used to get some stick!
  13. Fair enough then. Expect it to be 35 _ 45 these days. Always been dear going away.
  14. Not really though, we charged them 33. In fairness to us we have to open one side of the ground for a couple of hundred away fans most weeks, guess we dont cover our costs on that. With what Wigan brought should have been £100 to cover the costs, of road closures etc.
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