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  1. Advertising hoardings

    Good point, from the Kop without boards would have been impossible to see if a ball had crossed the line on the ground at Lepp end, just go with the reaction of the crowd
  2. Joost

    He will be alright, huge step up coming from the Dutch league with only two decent teams and less physicality. He looks good to me, composed and will be a real asset to us as others have said think there will be a lot more to his game than just defending.. One think I hope happens is that "when" if and when he does have a poor game, if he can be spared the torrent of abuse etc that certain posters on this site likes to heap on players - amount of criticism Reach was getting last year was ridiculous (just needed time not abuse).
  3. Advertising hoardings

    Sure it was on Owlstalk or Star re temp boards. Agree font needs changing my eyes are ok and can see it from the Kop, but not that easy. Must be a simple job to alter the font etc.
  4. Advertising hoardings

    In fairness these are just the temp ones till the proper ones are fitted in October (sure I read it somewhere) :-) maybe these will have more natural colours, does seem to be certain colours ie the Red that is too bright. When I have previously watched some games on the TV mainly champions league etc, often wondered if they are distracting to the players, would have thought flashes in your peripheral vision could distract. That been said never heard a player or manager use this as an excuse and sure they would if they could!
  5. Joost van Aken

    Of course, I could be getting ahead of myself, will see what happens tomorrow on a cold rainy tuesday night!
  6. Kit Fiasco

    Now we have missed the start of the season, would be quite happy if they were not available until December. Would be a great idea to keep this one for two seasons or reduce the price if we dont get until a quarter of the season has gone.
  7. Joost van Aken

    Looked like your typical Dutch defender, composed on the ball with a good technical ability. Obviously followed his instructions to the letter, so not too much movement with the ball, but think we will see him pushing forward more, his cross field passes were accurate an a welcome addition. Been a while since I have seen a debut like that at Hillsboro' Have we just uncovered a real gem along the lines of Nillson!
  8. Get Carlos out of this club

    Cheers, I can see that a full bloodied friendly can have issues re injuries, but that is part of the game, every year slow start. With the money we have spent cover should not be an issue but that is another subject. Only way to get out of this league is to take the game to them, we are not good enough to keep 1 goal leads.
  9. Get Carlos out of this club

    Enjoyed last night, think the 2nd half was great, tempo we have come to expect and hopefully can kick on and will given the players a much needed confidence boost. Yes 1st half was same as we have seen for a season now but think if we had not conceded that goal early on by comedy defending, would have been a different story for the whole game. We obviously have defensive issues which need to be addressed or we have no chance of automatic and Rhodes needs a prolonged run in the team.. Getting better slowly, which begs the question why mess about playing low key matches in Portugal every year when may be we need some harder fixtures to prepare.
  10. Reach - Decent half hour

    Reach has had some poor games but you could say that for most of the team, tonight he had a very good game, bballls played in to him gave him a chance, beat players put the ball in the box - well done, keep it up
  11. Welcome aboard... Hope he does well. By the law of averages bound to get one right every once in a while.
  12. Harlee Dean

    He is the most gifted player we have but, does seem to have spells where it looks as if he wants to be elsewhere, not saying he has refused to travel etc, but the outcome is the same not available for the squad, this may be a club decision but still not playing. Re positions lots of things I dont like about work but just get on with it.
  13. Harlee Dean

    No let Joao, go he is 24 and how long will we keep saying he has got potential.... agree he has all the attributes but for what ever reason owe cant seem to make him click, let him go and if he does do well good luck to the lad. Nuihu though I would keep as has his uses in games and can be effective.
  14. Harlee Dean

    I do think FF will be off this time , not convinced PL but seems like a repeat of last season. As you said loads of business to be done and reality is. once a PL club turns the players head not much you can do.
  15. Full team v Chesterfield

    Agree full strength squad - just attack and we might even score a goal, unless we fall foul of that new master tactic the "high pressing" game which only legendary managers can overcome, apparently!