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  1. Never stopped them speculating I heard Newcastle asked Gregg's to open a branch next to SB'S office as a signing on bonus. A Gregg's spokesman anticipates it being the most profitable in their Chain, even out outselling the one at Ashley's house.
  2. There could be the problem, Rhodes of 6 years ago probably would have. TBH think we need to keep rather than loan him out. If Norwich want him just pay 7m and he is theirs. Sure they can afford it now.
  3. Stendal, would be an outside shout assume Holloway would have DC on speed dial.
  4. We should have no problem getting a good quality manager. Cash to spend, supportive owner.
  5. Difference is Chelsea went to Derby with a decent compensation figure and spoke to Bruce. They acted like professionals.
  6. Agree, stinks what has been done but last thing we need is legal distractions hanging over us at this stage of a new season. Make some noise and maybe get Newcastle on a disrepute charge etc. But let's move on quickly with a new manager and get HMS PTL out of dry dock.
  7. Have I missed something "luke" polo shirt?? Is it only available in xxxL and sold to 40 somethings who cant hold their drink?
  8. Exactly. Not the most serious of things. But why come on here trying to defend his actions as a rush of blood and that he was locked up for a few hours. Simple really if you cant behave after a few shandys then best stick to pop in future.
  9. Does amaze me that nearly everyone who does something wrong and gets put before the courts is always described as a "really good lad/lass" it's not in their character, rush of blood, (delete where appropriate). Well if it not in their character who's is it? Fair enough we may have all done daft things, but most of us draw a line at criminal acts. Looks like red button for the next few years then.
  10. God no Moyes mcClaren!. Chris Hughton or monk would be ok. Still hope we keep bruce.
  11. Them would we not sue him for breach of contract, that could cost him a pretty penny in lawyers fees etc. And would the FA stop him working at another club until sorted out.
  12. Shanghai or Lincoln eh. Obviously the a full English appeals more.
  13. If he does want to go do what we all do and resign and walk into another job. Might have a notice period but just pay it up and walk. Anything other than the above may signify does not want to leave or just wants another pay out Got a feeling he will be staying now as dragging on too long now. Either way well played DC.
  14. Seem to forget dc got us an great bit of business. Nothing he can do when pl come calling. TbH happy with DC after a slow start he is delivering.
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