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  1. Harrysgame

    Chairman’s statement

    Fair response that. I do think he is beginning to make positive changes and yes should have happened 18 months ago, but we either back or what exactly? I for one am fed up with the season up until Jos went and all the negativity. Just want to get back to a fresh start with Bruce and see where we get to.
  2. Harrysgame

    Chairman’s statement

    LOL. All about opinions, in football terms he is inexperienced. And yes of course I have seen his other statements. He has to walk a fine line on what he says in a competitive landscape. Overall it is my opinion, which is on the whole positive, yes some mistakes, but mainly due to inexperience. Anyway we have what we have so until we get a Abramovich or similar we carry on.
  3. Harrysgame


    Think Bruce is savvy enough to know the situation, he would have known the issues or would never have signed.
  4. Harrysgame

    Chairman’s statement

    Can't really fault what he has said. Do think he is an honest guy and yes I trust him. Cash wise obviously stuffed unless we sell players so just sell them and start again. All the comments on here about boxes and ticket prices are just pointless selling all the boxes would make no difference to revenue really compared to the wages and transfers we have spent. So just sell a few players and keep our heads down for a couple of years.
  5. Harrysgame


    Maybe he lost his bucket.
  6. Meh, I have 540 and my lad has 520, reckon it will get that far?
  7. Steve Woodhead, is he the one who tried to stop unofficial supporters coaches as thought some groups were giving us a bad name by stopping pubs on the way for one or a dozen or so shandys? LOL
  8. Harrysgame


    Can't see anything in this, hardly a resigning issue. I am sure clubs have many ways of finding out how teams are going to set up etc. Probably wants to build up a siege mentality, presser will be fun as does not speak English.
  9. Harrysgame

    Owls in the Park

    Agree, same as every show now. Think peoples expectations change and expect something brand new every year. No fault of the club as they do their best, only so much you can do with stalls. Last year was still busy, good weather think most were happy to lay in the Sun drinking. Just a thought why not just have a owls in the park beer festival, like they do in Munich.
  10. Harrysgame

    FA Cup Semi Final v Brighton 1983

    Can only think that the joy of beating blades at Wembley, meant more to me than beating Arsenal and winning a Cup. That must still hurt them blades Lol
  11. Harrysgame

    FA Cup replays

    Easy to fix the Cup and make it competitive just say Winners get one of the Euro spots, make it Champions league if possible.
  12. Harrysgame

    FA Cup Semi Final v Brighton 1983

    Never watched it back and never will, same as the Hull play off, don't know why but guess disappointment. Funny thing is can watch the Arsenal final defeats.
  13. Certainly seen us win more than lose, remember a night game in the 80's which we lost, only memorable as remember biting into a pie which must have been filled with napalm as burnt the top of my mouth, took days to heal!
  14. Really was a dreadful ground back in the day, that away terrace was just rough cinder. They have made a great job of it now though. Loved going to Stamford Bridge usually a good atmosphere, could be dodgy at times but train to London and a few drinks along the kings road just added to the day out.
  15. Harrysgame

    Wednesday vs Non-League Posh 1960

    Kids for a farthing?