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  1. Was just thinking about this. Very easy for us to think gets paid 000's a week sitting around doing nothing. However I think it is more than just the injury, if it was wouldn't insurance have retired him by now. Does make me wonder if it is a case of injury then maybe some other issue possibly depression etc etc. We just don't know and we have no right to know either. If for instance you had personal health issues would you want all to know. Think we should just forget about Abdi as a player for us and just move on.
  2. Would rather play them in a 2 leg semi Could you imagine losing to your bitter rivals at Wembly! It would scar you for life. LOL
  3. Sure he could have got at least 2m a year at many clubs Inc a premier one.
  4. Agree he deserves credit for Bring in the best manager we have had since BFR.
  5. Think the police have a low view of stewards amateurs acting like they know what they are doing. Can See it now chief steward tells his staff look out for male in away end wearing blue and white.
  6. Would have though Chelsea would have preferred Thome.
  7. Think he was the equel of shirts and Anderson. Was a good solid player surprised we sold and don't get why Chelsea moved him on so quickly.
  8. 100% this paid the 200 against Blackburn last year. He loved it the club looked after them and had a fantastic time. Still goes on about best present ever. The club swopped my kop ST's to the south stand foc so was a good gesture. 200 was a small price to pay for what was a great b'day. I know not all can afford it but I felt it was good value.
  9. They probably heard it so might know already. On a serious note, not sensible fireworks in a crowded place and lots of young uns about. Big man scaring little kids. Should be ashamed.
  10. LOL. That's so kind of the SYP another masterstroke of crowd management and planning.
  11. Think they have requested they stay behind for 10 mins, so it is up t them when they leave. Think most of them will be gone by 80 mins as we slot in the 4th.
  12. Mmm must be putting in loads of training before Monday. Might depend on your definition of appropriately!
  13. Have they had the helicopter taken off them then, seemed to be used for watching couples in back gardens according to the star!
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