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  1. Whether they bet or not makes no difference to the club.
  2. Why not could be a smart way for us to pay any fine. DC should lump on 2m @ 14/1 If we gets points deduction and a fine all sorted. Thinking about it DC can't bet himself.
  3. Think the reason is he has planned that the EFL were going to try it on and wants to ensure he has plenty of days available to spend in the UK when needed for the hearings and any appeals. DC always thinking ahead you see.
  4. Exactly, I tend to think that if the courts say not guilty that's the end of it. If not why have a court system if we decide justice based on thinking sooner guilty rather than evidence based.
  5. Should be a level playing field across all leagues including PL. Otherwise biased to PL clubs or is it supposed to be that way.
  6. Probably losing millions of pounds which he would never get back might make him stick around. Thing at the heart of all this is the EFL trying to dictate what owners can do with their own money. Football is a business let it run like it and stop trying to create some ideal where you can not buy who you want. All about keeping the PL for the PL. EFL are just worried to upset the PL, why do they let PL clubs spend more?
  7. No he's not. He the club, he could appoint anyone to run the club and can still run it behind the scenes. Ok can't attend EFL meetings etc or pose with new players.
  8. Yes, does not matter what the balance sheet says as long as the owner is rich enough to fund it. I would have thought the majority of football clubs would on a balance sheet be technically insolvent if they didn't have or had rich backers.
  9. Think they are cast from a similar mould, sorry if wrong, but you get the jist of the thread.
  10. The EFL will probably just change the rules. When have facts ever stopped them. Look at FF court of Law says not guilty, EFL say know better and find him guilty. How is it possible to believe what they say,?whatever the outcome about time they started following the law of the land.
  11. Great that DC is coming out fighting. How many times over the years have clubs just bowed down to EFL hearings and taken fines punishments when they don't agree with them all because unless you do the penalties are far more severe. Does seem as if the EFL make it up as they go along. Problem for the EFL is they are being left behind and are trying to find a reason to be relevant in the post PL era. Think they were expecting DC to roll over and take a good hiding on this, as others have said looks like being a defining moment for the EFL. If they don't win then the whole p and s falls down. Would think they are regretting opening this can of worms. So let's back DC at least he is standing up for the club so well done.
  12. Bout time someone stood up to the EFL. Who knows how it will end but they are ruining the game so bring it on. Premier league 2 coming soon, then what will the EFL do?
  13. Not as if we can't or won't pay the bills is it.
  14. Belonged to him in the first place and still effectively does. Dont see any problem. I wish a company I was involved with owned my house rather than the bank having a share till I pay it off.
  15. So why comment if your not qualified to do so?
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