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  1. He was on the wing, for a very short time... but he didnt give Hunt much option other than short pass.... If he'd had legged it when Hunt had been in possession to put one over the top then maybe a different story! Needs to be on the front foot creating option for defenders rather than waiting for a five yard pass........... But other than that looked ok
  2. Yes,... Exactly this... My original point being that whilst the rest of the players came over,.. He went to dugout after treatment and took shirt off and threw it towards it before going down it?
  3. Just before final whistle went, he went down injured.... Players congratulating each other but Luongo stayed down and got some treatment from trainers... Then all of a sudden, he got up and marched to tunnel taking off his shirt and throwing it towards the tunnel whilst marching off pitch..... Rest of team making their way over to fans... WTF?
  4. Don't like it personally, .. Conceded so many goals last year due the fact that we were not as composed as we thought we might have been due to this
  5. The forget what purpose of the 2 boxes are the most intriguing..... Maybe get plenty of random punters take up to see. "Open the Box" !
  6. He was born in Germany in 1943 not 63.....he played for us 63 till 70
  7. Ive changed my stance waiting for England or Wednesday winning anything......... I am now looking at the stars for signs of UFOs... in the hope I get abducted for something different!
  8. It's a bit like having bad constipation for a few days and then the sudden relief... OR.. Like having the Sh*ts for ages and it eventually stops Rough with the smooth...
  9. No no, no... I'm not having that! You've forgot about Darren Potter!
  10. Chap Asda has voted unanimously for his return... The Food reductions shelf has always been so overstocked since he left..!
  11. Only seen Patterson do this once before... Must be deffo staying next season then!
  12. Positivity disclaimer.. Pitch looks good!
  13. You'd have thought that with the money he's earnt that he'd be sat on a motorised jobby!
  14. But they are not working..... Season has finished You could argue many were not working when the season was not finished!
  15. Jimmy Hill. (he of the chin and x Coventry and match of the day ) and Derek Dougan (not Dooley!! but x Wolves) were responsible for abolishing this when they worked for PFA back in 70s/80s Football has never been the same since!
  16. Need to set our expectations a bit lower.... 99p stores Ltd.!
  17. Cantona is coming back out of retirement,... To play o grass!!
  18. If lanzerote owl posts a complaint about not being able to go to Blackpool for a day out for a day beside the seaside (or Chap Asda for that matter.) ... I will leave Owatalk forever!
  19. No need to do that ....... Just adopt the old "Fergie time" across the board !
  20. Will Rotherham Owls be taking a coach to Chuckledome?
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