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  1. Looks like 4-4-2 Hunt Palmer Iorfa Brown Johnson Bashiru Aderian Bannan Berahino Gregory
  2. Marvin Johnson. Pulls out of 50-50's, when it's more like 80-20 in his favour.
  3. To be honest he has not been very good. Perhaps is not quite ready for this level.
  4. It's only a problem if you need to score 2-3 to win a game. It is at the back which I find a bit more concerning. We're creating lots of good chances, so I think our forwards will become a lot sharper as time goes on. Our defence on the other hand....
  5. BPF Hunt Iorfa Dunkley Palmer Hutchinson Shodipo Dele-Bashiru Aderian Bannan Gregory
  6. Said we'd get one point over the next three. So probably set for two losses.
  7. Performance s have been dire. I would take 4 points but we'd probably get 1.
  8. Odd. Could have happened long ago, and what exactly is the MP expecting?
  9. No pace in that side whatsoever. Looks like we're playing for 0-0.
  10. BPF Palmer Iorfa Hutch Gibson Dennis Bannan Byers Shodipo Berinho Kamberi
  11. Listened to the home commentary. They basically summed it up. We were the better side and deserved to win, but we were nothing special.
  12. Routine victory for Ipswich. We are awful, especially away.
  13. We are not difficult to play against. All you have to do is show our team onto the outside because: 1. We rarely cross the ball into the box, as we just play it back inside. 2. Our crosses are shocking and do not often find anyone. And when we don't win the first ball, we never win the second. After twenty minutes our tempo drops, players stop making runs, and it's just static.
  14. The performance was not half as bad as what people are making out here. 1. Plymouth were the better side and won fairly. They did not win because we were rubbish, that is just disrespectful to them and arrogant. 2. We created chances we should have scored from, it's not like we sat back and didn't look like we were trying to create anything. 3. The players never gave up 4. People saying teams have sussed out how we are going to play. But without Denis or luongo in the middle we can't. We don't have anyone athletic enough to play that role. They're the missing piece, and what makes us a top six side in this league. 5. We do have players who are good enough to play out from the back. Our defenders are quick, calm and composed. The problem is transitioning in the middle of the park. We can do it, just give it time. 6. A couple of individual errors cost us. But from the games I've seen this season (all of them) it does not happen often. At least we have players who take responsibility when they make mistakes. It's clear from DM interviews that he bring them down to earth, and make sure they do not hide away. I think as the season progresses we will have more than one way of playing. It just needs time and games. The only criticism I have is players trying to walk it into the net.
  15. We are going to struggle so long as either Denis or mass are out.
  17. Green is a good player, but when he has his back to goal he looks poor. Need to get him in behind, or running at their defence.
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