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  1. Think it depends how the contract is written, and how the league is run. Works in america. Think each team's only allowed to spend something like 300k perweek on player wages for the entire squad. Except for one international designated player.
  2. At some point it's going to be the same at most grounds unless EFL either, scrap the investment restrictions or introduce a wage cap. I'm more in favour of a wage cap, but can't see it happening untill the top league begins to crumble.
  3. Why would it receive more sales? The only people who buy from there are our fans, who more often than not know what they're going to buy. The club isn't going to get random people who want to go into a football shop to impulsively buy a ruler or a mug. It might look nice, but a waste of money.
  4. A 50 percent win ratio is what's usually requires to get promotion, and was his first season. I'd rather have bullen in charge for the rest of this season and see how stendel does.
  5. Is going through be an excellent manager. Not in a Million years would he come to us though.
  6. Newcastle have made a formal approach for Bruce, and betting has been suspended. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7233545/Newcastle-set-make-formal-approach-Sheffield-Wednesday-boss-Steve-Bruce.html
  7. Think he might be in Portugal, not sure though... And I doubt he'd work under Ashley, and if they're bought by a new owner, they'll want someone else . Hope Carlos gets the Newcastle job.
  8. Not sure whether it's Brentford or the dingles but isnt part of their investment group the person from moneyball?
  9. We need players that can play 40 games a season, not 10. Hooper, Lee's and abdi should be the first ones to leave.
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