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  1. As if Jordan Storey is not starting. Another very good loan player who Moore is handling awfully.
  2. Could have just taken a while to settle into the country. Always better to judge a player who has come from abroad after his first season.
  3. I do not think there is any chance of us making the play-offs now. If somethings do not change at this club we could well be in league two in a couple of years.
  4. The 'youngster' we played yesterday was awful. No where near aggressive enough and won't head a ball....Imagine being a centre half and being too scared to put your head in. Beevers would be a good signing. Experienced and good at this level. That's what we need. Players who are experienced at this level, or the level below. I'd start by bringing Beevers and Ebou Adams in from Forest Green, who we'll probably be playing next season.
  5. Heard Kane's contract ends at the end of the season......
  6. I'd take him. Far better manager than Moore. He'd get us out of this league.
  7. Two new centre halfs, an actual left back, a defensive midfielder, and a target man. What will we actually get? Probably a winger on loan who we've never heard of, and Nile Ranger.
  8. Either that or DC needs to be ruthless. There is no coming back from this scoreline, and we will never win enough games under this manager. This is FAR worse than anything under Alan Irvine or even Terry Yorath.
  9. I thought he was okay. Had some good touches, and nearly got an assist.
  10. I could not care what happens to them tbh. They were offered a contract, turned it down, now don't nor will they have anything to do with the club again. How come our current youngsters who are out on loan never get threads?
  11. Very much doubt it. He sounded out Warnock for the job, but when the fans kicked off, we were under good form with Stuart Gray so he kept him on instead.
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