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  1. We need players that can play 40 games a season, not 10. Hooper, Lee's and abdi should be the first ones to leave.
  2. Could be anything. He could have a really bad injury that means he's out until near January, and if we told people about it, and wanted to sell him in january the buying club would pay anywhere near the valuation. Maybe he's being investigated for something? Maybe he got into a fight with a player/coach. Maybe he did something so bad the club can't tolerate it? Maybe he's ill and wants to take a break from first team affairs until he feels mentally better?
  3. Strange how the Football league apparently says we can’t talk about it. Why would they not want us talking about it? Why would they care if we’re talking about being under an embargo or not?
  4. What’s the point I signing players, when we’d have to pay their wages and preseason is miles off?
  5. Probably as they’re going to release new stock in July. No point in having more stock sat around in the shop over the coming months as there’s hardly going to be any footfall. Just use the online shop.
  6. He’s basically Jeremy Helan. No end product.
  7. Wildsmith hunt lees fessi palmer butterfield bannan pelpussy dawson Chesterfield
  8. Leeds midlesborough hull huddersfield wednesday united barnsley rotherham donny bradford chesterfield
  9. Can’t see much happening in terms of signings, think we will keep the same bloated squad for a while longer.
  10. I’d probably take the spag Bol off. Replace it with a risotto.
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