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  1. Probably as the team relied too much on them. Especially as they're injury prone why people have the time for FF and Hutchinson is beyond me. They haven't been any good since like 2015
  2. It's a Shane we don't have adequate cover for Kieran Lee. Alex hunt will be a good player in a couple of years, but he doesnt have any impact on the game.
  3. Suppose when Reach have that ref a decision to make, it took any chance we had of getting something from the game away from us. He knew the Swansea player wasn't getting to the ball. Other than that, they were more clinical, as we didnt create enough in the second half. we are threadbare atm.
  4. It seemed to hit top of his head rather than top of forehead. If he keeps playing like this he'll score.
  5. Wildsmith Borner Iorfa Palmer Bannan Luongo Lee Reach Harris Wickham Rhodes
  6. Probably not the right player for us. I think if Wycombe were to get promoted, he is the sort of player they would sign and do quite well.
  7. This is what I meant, think it was against coventry. Didn't he give away a pen, and get sent off?
  8. Tried his best. His head did not drop. Remember the time JJ played right back against Coventry? Odo is basically a winger who can fill in as a wing back. He is not a centre half. Well at the moment he isn't. Everything is fine until he defends inside of the area. But at least he isn't one of the players certain squads have that refuse to play in a position.
  9. Wildsmith - 7 odo - 6 (Never has been a centre half, so he was always going to struggle defending the inside of the box, at least his head didn't drop) Iorfa - 8 Palmer - 7 Bannan - 5 (Basically a passenger, but sprayed some decent passes. Poor set pieces) Luongo - 6 Murphy - 6 (Kept getting fouled, but poor delivery from set pieces) Harris - 8 Played well, but left odo quite exposed at times, but that was always going to happen if we don't have a centre mid watching the flank odo is on when we're defending. Wickham - 9 - Easily our best performer, just a pitty he couldn't get a shot away at times. Rhodes - 7. Nuhiu - 5 - hardly saw any of the ball. Reach - 6 - was a willing runner, would be interesting to see what he would be like playing a similar role to what Bannan is playing. Hunt - 5 - Only had a couple of minutes on. K. Lee. - 5 Looked tired. Cruz - 6 - Was quite good, but did not have much support. looks as though he is the sort of player that will run himself into the ground.
  10. Nice to see some of the younger players getting experience around the first team. Looks like we're done in for centre halves. Could be any reason, e.g. not taking risks with illnesses etc. COMMON WEDNESDAY!!
  11. I'll guess that we will have a four hundred page thread. Once this number is reached, the case will be adjourned for a further month because Nick will 'accidentally' set fire to his house while baking a beautiful sponge cake with the late Lord Denning's face on it. And a new lawyer will need time to be updated.
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