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  1. RedDragonOwl


    What’s the point I signing players, when we’d have to pay their wages and preseason is miles off?
  2. RedDragonOwl

    Club shop

    Probably as they’re going to release new stock in July. No point in having more stock sat around in the shop over the coming months as there’s hardly going to be any footfall. Just use the online shop.
  3. RedDragonOwl

    Hakeeeb Adelakun

    He’s basically Jeremy Helan. No end product.
  4. Wildsmith hunt lees fessi palmer butterfield bannan pelpussy dawson Chesterfield
  5. Leeds midlesborough hull huddersfield wednesday united barnsley rotherham donny bradford chesterfield
  6. Can’t see much happening in terms of signings, think we will keep the same bloated squad for a while longer.
  7. RedDragonOwl

    The Wednesday Tap - now serving food

    I’d probably take the spag Bol off. Replace it with a risotto.
  8. RedDragonOwl

    Couldn't be bothered

    Why does this need a thread?
  9. RedDragonOwl

    Oh Crap

    It won’t be then.
  10. Be interesting to see who we sign, if we sign anyone, as we have a lot of crocked players coming back soon.
  11. RedDragonOwl

    Jos Luhukay - training videos

    Can’t tell if he’s going to come play with wing backs, or just wide players dropping deep.
  12. RedDragonOwl

    Paul Lambert

    So Lambert, McClaren etc turned us down. Dean smith is out of our reach, but we are somehow going to get villas-boas...okay.
  13. RedDragonOwl

    150th Anniversary Events Coming Up

    I don’t buy the busy schedule. There must have been other big clubs based in the U.K. we could have contacted. Wasn’t it the same for the kits too? There was an agreement in place but they wanted different terms after it had been agreed. Hopefully things like this won’t happen now we have a new boss lady.
  14. RedDragonOwl

    150th Anniversary Events Coming Up

    I very much doubt they’ll be anymore “celebrations”. Remember the big friendly game, ehich never happened? People don’t thing his excuse was a lie?
  15. RedDragonOwl

    Rumours of unrest

    They’ve been bang average this season, sell them, and get some new players to shake things up.