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  1. Can see another relegation with this owner. Does anyone expect the recruitment to change? It has been rubbish and I expect it to continue to be. Until either DC or Paxo leave.
  2. Even if it means we have a smaller wage budget. It needs reducing anyway. We pay far too much to underperforming/average/injury prone players. The fans deserve cheaper tickets. If we have the right people in charge of the club, we can get the club back on its feet, and do more with less resources.
  3. A Chansiri out thread for every time we lose. He might well 'have his heart in the right place', but heart does not mean anything when you are about to be relegated to league one, nor does it mean anything when you have failed to meet any of the objectives when you decided to buy the club. When I make reference to 'Chansiri' I do not just mean DC. I mean any of his family, family businesses or business associates who are directly advising him, or who are having a direct input on the running of SWFC which has culminated into the situation the community within the club now faces. To
  4. Needs a full pre-season. Hopefully at a different club. We need players who are capable of playing lots of games.
  5. Have a feeling it could be 1-1. If Austin does not play, I think we will win.
  6. Doubt it. Be a lot of money to write off, especially if a person considers how quickly things can change in the world of Football.
  7. If their potential new owners decide to put them straight into admin. Hey Charlie here's some money to buy Rotherham. I wish you all the best but I would not be disappointed if you were to put them I to administration.
  8. Got Notts County written all over it. There is no reason for an investor or group who wishes to buy a football to use him as a front. If an investor wanted a front, they'd hire someone who is established within the game, and who is credible. Eric Alonso is neither.
  9. Tidman John Hills Darren Purse Dean Smith Jon Besetherwick Gary Teale Tommy Miller Darren Potter Chris Sedgwick Francis Jeffers Warren Feeney Subs Jacob Butterfield Jay Bothroyd Almen Abdi Mark Renoylds James Quinn Ronnie Wallwork
  10. Pretty obvious we are down, and deservedly so. Summer recruitment will be a nightmare due to the latest transfer embargo. The current squad Would struggle in league one. Really think the squads of 2003 and 2010 are better than this lot. And to top it of I don’t think we’ve hit rock bottom.
  11. Could easily be a double relegation. Any players with any value will leave for next to nothing, and I doubt we will have any money to build a squad. Like many have said before we probably won't be able to even get a decent squad of freebies or loan players, because what player will want to play for Sheffield Wednesday when players do not get paid on time?
  12. Read it in a Wednesday book a while ago. We decided to go for Hooper instead.
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