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Erik Alonso and WBD Sports Management Brought On Board

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Nancy Frostick reporting in The Athletic this morning that DC has “formed a partnership” with Erik Alonso, who runs a consultancy firm called WBD Sports Management and will advise him on recruitment and youth development.


Alonso owns Indonesian side Bali United, has links to DC United in the MLS and his clients have included Max Gradel and Emre Mor (ex-Dortmund).


Seems that DC has reverted to the tried and tested “if in doubt get more advisers” method. At least they’re not as shadowy as a certain other associate - this WBD lot have their own website and everything:



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9 minutes ago, Kopparberg said:

Bins off Pulis before transfer window 


Gets in some more consultants 




Maybe there is the cash to spend in January after all, maybe DC had no faith in Pulis to be the one for the rebuild (which on performances who can blame him?)

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31 minutes ago, meggoisgod said:

Shows that hes not going anywhere soon

That's what I thought too. I'll check them out later, but it sounds good and that he might be starting to get help with certain things. Long may it continue if so and it works well. Maybe a bit too much positive thinking on my end haha, but I'll take any good news at the moment.

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