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  1. Very sad and depressing state of affairs. Every time it seems there’s a glimmer of hope the candle is blown out. Feels like we are in terminal decline, heading into L1 without giving any sort of fight. The problems at S6 go much further than the manager. We all know that. But at what point do we do something about Monk if this persists? What is the alternative - I certainly don’t know what the hell I would do as things are so bad. Truth be told I am hoping for one of those miracle Kendall moments at Everton or Ferguson moments at Manchester United when one game turned things aro
  2. We won’t be free scoring this season but may do better when Marriott settles in to the side and Brown returns. Chance to let partnerships develop. We can’t expect miracles in one transfer window. I hope we will be a solid unit that is very difficult to beat this season.
  3. Time will tell how well Flint does at SWFC. However, I think we need a man mountain, a huge physical presence at the back. You don’t always have to be the best player to do well. Accept he may be limited with the ball at his feet and may be slow but sometimes it works because the players around you shield your weaknesses. You also pick your team against the perceived strength of the opposition and how they play. Monk may decide to play someone else against a quick passing team. Flint did well yesterday and I will take that. 3 points and we march on!
  4. Makes my blood boil when I hear other clubs play our tune. Wolves doing it now.
  5. I hope FDB can be fastracked. He’s got lots to learn but potentially he’s the physical beast in midfield we’ve never had.
  6. If it means a few other teams go into administration and are handed out 10 point deductions then great
  7. Some good old Patrik football boots with those long metal studs should do the trick!
  8. He was. But Carlos should have eased him into Championship football. The pace of the game is so much quicker than the Dutch league. Carlos didn’t manage Van Aken well. Just like Rhodes - when he signed he needed a run of 10 games but Carlos chopped and changed.
  9. No. Carlos did get us to a playoff final and I thought the guillotine was a more humane end for Carlos than being hanged, drawn and quartered!
  10. Van Aken’s performance against the piggies was abysmal and damaged the fans perception of him. The person who was at fault for that debacle was Carlos and it started the slow death for him. IMO Carlos should have been guillotined on the Hillsborough pitch after that match for not taking it seriously and just seeing it as just another game.
  11. Amazing that as a fan base we are still interested in George Hirst. It is only because of the circumstances of his departure and who his Dad was. A fit David Hirst was everything a complete striker should be - pace, strength, power, skilful and great finishing ability (including in the air). George Hirst may turn out to be a good player BUT he will never be half the player his Dad was. Let’s leave George Hirst as a mere footnote in the history of our great club.
  12. The sum of the parts, the collective of a team fighting for each other always trumps a team of individuals unless you have a Messi in your team. You saw the team ethos in the great Liverpool teams of the 1980s and you also see it at grassroots level when players work for the team. There were problems in recent season in the dressing room and it is refreshing to have cleared the decks. If we are going to pull off the Great Escape the team spirit and togetherness is what we need and maybe Monk is creating that?
  13. Goes without saying that we all want Rhodes to do well. I was encouraged by his goal last week - classic fox in the box scrappy tie poke. The Jordan Rhodes of old. Will he get back to being the player he once was? Probably not, but the current style of play gives him the best chance of scoring on a regular basis since he has been at Wednesday.
  14. I’m sceptical about Monk. The performances since Christmas last season were an absolute cluster****. We heard the excuses. He now has his oWn back room team and has brought in new players. Time will tell but so far we have done better than I thought we would. I want Monk, the players and my team to succeed. You never know; this could be a great season if the points deduction is overturned or reduced. Let’s enjoy the here and now.
  15. Sorry, am on the wine. It’s been a great weekend. Obviously meant Windass!
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