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  1. To compare Big Dave to the great Zlatan must be a first.
  2. The primary objective of a striker is to score goals. Goals win games. Simple.
  3. For F U C K a sake. He can’t even score in Cyprus. Give it a rest.
  4. Chansiri will soon become the most hated man in Sheffield. Pity he doesn’t go to a game and fans are in the ground as I am sure he’d understand how much he is not wanted. Very sad time to be a Wednesdayite. The club has been run badly for 5 years and unfortunately you reap what you sow. Chansiri and Deatheater Stuffing Balls are to blame. Sad thing is that if the parasites like Stuffing Balls really had the club’s interests at heart they could have made a modest return - instead the club is bled dry through incompetence, agents and charlatans. Shame on you.
  5. Let’s aim for bottom of the league. However, I bet this bunch of wasters would screw that up too and finish second bottom!
  6. “I’m very sorry about the performance. It was unacceptable and the players we have at the club, especially the ones who are out of contract at the end of the season are crap”. That would be a start for me.
  7. It’s just so sad. I lurch from apathy to extreme anger. I can’t express on a social media platform how much I hate that imbecile Chansiri and death eater Stuffing Balls for what they have done to this club.
  8. And the silence from the club on the point, withholding the fact that we are under an embargo until a third party puts it in the public domain is dishonest in my view.
  9. Credit where credit is due. Superb performance today. So frustrating when they have been dire all season and turn in a performance like that today. Happy Owl a d Happy Easter everyone!
  10. Fairly succinct response but accurate. Same applies to most of our current players though
  11. When you put it like that there is no way next seasons squad will get out of League 1. What a mess Chansiri and Stuffing Balls have caused.
  12. Put up stocks on the Hillsborough pitch and put Chansiri and Stuffing Balls in them. I would pay to lob cabbages at them. Would also be a good fundraiser for players next season!
  13. We’re down and Chansiri and the parasite / death eater Stuffing Balls are to blame. Total car crash of a season. The only thing that amazes me is Chansiri utter incompetence which has reached new depths this season. Let’s see what a disaster the close season will be when Gary Taylor-Fletcher signs for us again. Seriously though, we’ll be in safe hands with Att Chansiri picking the team.
  14. The Advisory Panel of this pressure group is impressive. Hope they can bring about positive change at Sheffield Wednesday. Let’s see....
  15. What the club should be doing is encouraging supporters to attend matches both young and old. Didn’t Leeds many many years ago have a scheme where kids went free if the adults bought a season ticket?
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