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  1. Nixon at his evasive best but being ITK. At least he doesn’t quite sit on a spike like our South Yorkshire journalists.
  2. I don’t know a lot about Ivic other than his stint at Watford. If he is appointed it would be interested to know why he was appointed over Cook and others. We will probably never know. However, Cook would be a popular choice among the fan base with a good record at this level and, as others have previously mentioned, would appear to be the standout candidate. Would be interesting to know DC’s thought process.
  3. He gets my wife’s vote who tells me he is quite good looking. FFS! Looks like a hit man to me.
  4. Would be interesting to know if we had to take him back. He’s not very pacy and was disappointing before he was injured. In my view he didn’t show any glimpses of being a decent striker. Very baffling.
  5. To be honest, my view is that we may as well stick with Thompson until the end of the season. Chances are we are unlikely to sign any players this window and at least he knows the players and set up. I appreciate that DC is damned if he does appoint him and damned if he doesn’t but it is part and parcel of being the owner. Let’s not make a rash decision and live to regret it.
  6. I have no issue with him going other than the fact he can leave for nothing. Bad management by Chansiri to put us in the position where he can just walk without any transfer fee.
  7. Or in the case of Wednesday like Rooney ******** a granny!
  8. I’d have Keane in a heartbeat. he was a great player and had that bit of nastiness you needed. Apologies to the woke people but we need a winner.
  9. For me it will be Mr Bojangles, Ron Atkinson. You could see in his first season when we were relegated what he was trying to achieve in the transformation in our style of play. He just had a way with players in motivating them and was loved by fans. Few would have been welcome back at S6 after the manner of his departure to Villa but we all did (only for Richards to shaft him and look how that turned out for us). In my lifetime close second and third for me would be Jackie Charlton and Howard Wilkinson. HW may have been more successful and I loved us punching above our
  10. That winning feeling is great. Would like some more of that in 2021 from The Wednesday!
  11. Great to see a player do well and come through the ranks. Still a long way to go and we mustn’t get carried away but the boy done good.
  12. Seriously, good result today. Weekends are so much better when we win!
  13. Another goal for Paterson. Doesn’t seem to do much most of the game but is scoring a few goals. More prolific than Nuhiu.
  14. What will we do when Rhodes does leave? There’s probably been more pages on Owlstalk flapping about Rhodes than any other player. Just imagine how much space on the server Neil will have if he deleted all the pages devoted to Rhodes.
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