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  1. Please can we bury this thread in room 101 or some talking nonsense vault!
  2. I believe in positive football. Going out onto the pitch with the mindset of attacking and winning games. It is getting hard to take when we play so negatively trying to defend a lead etc and seem to worry about what the opposition may do to us. DM or whoever need to find their balls and stop paying other teams so much respect. I’m getting angry now!
  3. He was good on his Hillsborough debut. Scored and got in some good positions. Like any player you have to play to his strengths. He’s more than capable of doing well at this level.
  4. Can us Wednesday fans also get access to psychologists? Feel as though I could do with some help and reading Owlstalk and the continual meltdowns it is apparent I am not the only one basket case!
  5. I would love us to have a manager who is a serial winner and would come to a League 1 club. Do you know anyone who would be willing to come? Seriously, I don’t disagree with the sentiment but very hard to find that winner!
  6. I don’t disagree with many of the comments on both sides. Performances, tactics, substitutions and results of late have not been what we had hoped. If you try and take emotion out of it, what does everyone REALISTICALLY expect from this season? My head tells me a season of consolidation/ a reset would be fine. My heart says I want promotion. We may have been **** for large parts of this season but we aren’t cast adrift from the leading pack. When we have a bad result (and today feels like a defeat) I don’t listen to the manager’s press conference as I know I will take what he says the wrong way. Do I think Moore is a good manager? I don’t know but have doubts. However, it is still early days and we are still very much in it. I can remember Howard Kendall’s Everton in the early days. He was heavily criticised at first, people thought he didn’t have a clue as to what he was doing and he narrowly escaped the sack before turning the team around into a force in the mid 1980s. IMO I do think Moore should be given more time.
  7. 25 games may be too late, although I think come what may we would still have a shot at the play offs. The whole stick or twist is difficult - there has to come a time when we give some manager a chance and show patience - if we don’t then there is a risk we will continue to languish in mediocrity.
  8. I can see both sides of the debate. I want Moore to succeed and feel it too premature to call for his head. The pressure is on though and performances of late have not been good enough. I was pleased we won yesterday but we were lucky. Bottom line is that after 20-25 games I expect to see more of a settled team and good progress. We have looked very good at times in short spells of no more than 15 minutes. We have also looked truly awful at times. I am not calling for Moore to go but unless there is substantial improvement by the 25 game mark then he will be in serious trouble. It is difficult to integrate 14 new players and develop a style of play. I think Moore should be given time. No doubt the statisticians amongst us can compare Moore’s records after X number of games with previous managers. I think someone previously said it was on a par with Charlton’s start but look how well that appointment turned out! Maybe Moore is doing the hard job stabilising the club and laying the groundwork for the next chap to succeed. Who knows!
  9. 3 points and I will take that. Not great but important that we won.
  10. We will see how it goes but I think Moore is doing the right thing experimenting with the starting 11. It is the only way to find out what works and what his best side is. Glad likes of FDB and Sow are starting. They both need to justify their selection with a positive performance. Good opportunity for them and some of the other players. Come in Wednesday! Let’s have a good performance.
  11. I don’t think our system is working. I personally would like to see two out and out strikers play like Gregory and Saido. We are weak in midfield. People have said on countless occasions we need a beast of a midfielder. We don’t have that type of player. The problem is we don’t have time to experiment but Moore needs to do that to know his best team. I would like to see different combinations tried up front. Saido has to be a starter for me if fit. I thought Sow looked as though there was more to come when he came on yesterday. Going off at a tangent. I would say yesterday that Paterson worked his absolute nuts off yesterday. He’s not a pretty footballer to watch but he is up for the fight and effective.
  12. Moore needs to be given time IMO. I often don’t agree with his tactics or substitutions but he needs to be given a fair crack of the whip. He has signed these players and needs to mould the team. Midfield looks lightweight. The players are getting roughed up week in and week out in this joker of a pub league where the standard of refereeing is substandard. The players need to give as good as they get and battle. If we simply try and play football out from the back then I am afraid we won’t succeed. We need to earn the right to play football. Problem for Moore now is that if we go on an horrific run now he won’t have much time. I want him to be a success I really do.
  13. Comments like that boil my P 1SS
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