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  1. Not really bothered personally. I’m only bothered about Wednesday and us doing well. For George Hirst it is a make or break season. What is he made of? We will see when the season gets underway.
  2. The Wickham of was it 7 years ago was a helluva player for us on his loan spell. I think he is too injury prone to take a risk on now though.
  3. I’m going to stop now but leave you with this question. If he was that good why haven’t another Championship or League 1 club signed him?
  4. Come on. You don’t honestly believe we would have stayed up with Nuhiu? Did he score a goal last season? Seriously, why can we not look to build for the future. We will have to agree to disagree as I just don’t get the love in with Nuhiu. He often held up play when you wanted a player running in and taking on defenders. His hold up and link up play was not in the same league as Hooper’s for example although admittedly Hooper was a crock. I just don’t get it!
  5. If he had such a poor season in Cyprus what is there to justify he would perform well in League 1? Come on!
  6. His best run of form came when he wanted a new contract. FACT!
  7. Sorry Neil but I am not having a bar of it. Stats and damned lies etc. He was averaging 7 goals a season. Hardly prolific or decent.
  8. I am not arguing with the games played and number of goals scored. Would be interesting to see a breakdown of the competition and teams he scored against. He was rubbish in my view but people portray him as a saint amongst footballers! I’m not having it that we would have stayed up had we kept him. That’s complete tosh! Why can’t people look to the future and new beginnings?
  9. He certainly did hold up play. Slow and immobile. To be honest he was useless in the air for such a big fella. I want a striker to actually score goals. I couldn’t care less if they didn’t do anything else other than score. Goals win games. Big Dave is one of the most divisive players we’ve had in recent times. Personally I just don’t get the love in with him.
  10. I really don’t get why people ask this question. He wasn’t that good when he was here and did very well to stay 7 years with little goal return. If he cannot hack it in the Cypriot league then why have him back? Look forwards, not to the past. Let’s bring in new blood.
  11. I didn’t see today’s game but listened to it on IFollow so cannot comment on the individual performances. It is however patently obvious we need 2 out and out strikers. If we do not add the firepower then we could have a mediocre season. It is critical. I don’t think I’m saying anything nee here as we have all been saying this for a couple of years.
  12. #BeKind. It won’t last on Owlstalk after a few defeats! Still the sentiment is good. Sending virtual hugs to fellow Wednesdayites but permission for Iorfa to rough Rhodes up!
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