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  1. He’s been the only player defending like it matters
  2. Let’s make Monday night like Kaiserslautern at home was
  3. No it’s a Mercedes C Class I think
  4. You would think so wouldn’t you, it’s only over the road
  5. I think safety legislation has changed in the mean time, I’m lead to believe the club were advised to creat a double staircase exit from the centre of the rear of the north stand which would the allow full capacity of that stand but they have never done it
  6. It’s to do with the capacity of the stand and inadequate emergency exits, it doesn’t meet the evacuation criteria as exiting onto the pitch doesn’t count .
  7. That was my interpretation, think a few punctuation marks may have helped the context
  8. Loved Andy Blair of “ hat trick of penalties” fame when I was a lad
  9. Never mentioned him being an undroppable talent, but he is clearly in better goal scoring form than any of the other forwards.
  10. Don’t get why it matters, the bloke score a hat trick and is then dropped a game or two later
  11. I was going to post precisely this
  12. Then I stand corrected, I was told that there are only 2 full time employed staff by the club and the rest of the team are made up of placements form horticultural / grounds keeping college courses , the information came from somebody doing a placement there, he was obviously mistaken as per the set up .
  13. If the injuries are down to the pitch and training facilities then yes he is indirectly as there are only two “grounds people “ for both Hillsborough and Middlewoid
  14. Click bait thread title, I was thinking it was like one of those Where’s Wally books
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