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  1. On a brighter note that does suggest we may have a few quid to spend
  2. I think our home support has been great considering the rubbish we have been served up for so many years
  3. When he did have a run of games mid season he was a class act. Incredibly powerful in the air
  4. It's a love hate thing...always has been But as we all know love always wins over
  5. When we have the likes of Brown on a permanent deal then Patto is the least of our worries
  6. The caller lee has just been back on and spoke very well. We need to think about a long term strategy
  7. Same as huddersfield..blew it in the first leg
  8. For Charlton For Curran For 66 For Big Ron For Wilkinson For the team of 91 For our forefathers For over 150 years For the fans For the love of god! CMON WEDNESDAY!!!!
  9. I'll never understand why any team would want to stay near the away ground 24hrs before the match. 2hrs on the coach and they are here..dont get it, never have
  10. Take that game in isolation and there was nothing to suggest we will overturn the deficit. Our home form tho suggests we he a chance
  11. Bpf Hutch dean storey NML luongo Byers Johnson Bannan Gregory Windass
  12. I'd play NML at right wing back..they can worry about him not the other way round
  13. This is Wednesday remember...of course he's out injured
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