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  1. We may not play that way...but if I were the manager I would try this..especially at home. I think we would smash teams with this
  2. BPF Palmer Iorfa Hutch Johnson Corbeanu Wing Adeniran Shodipo Gregory Berahino
  3. BPF Palmer Iorfa Hutch Johnson Corbeanu Wing Adeniran Shodipo Berahino Paterson That's how I would play it but what do I know...
  4. I think our most effective 3 would be Adeniran luongo and wing
  5. Nowt to do with chansiri today...strong squad..terrible performance Moore needs to react
  6. We create nothing...we have no goals in this team
  7. Great to apologise but what are you going to do about it...onto next week, let's win the battle so we can play our football pls
  8. 100% correct Formation to accommodate bannan..needs changing
  9. Its 4 4 2 that is needed folks And bannan may need to be out wide
  10. It's going swimmingly at the moment junior isn't it
  11. I cant deal with such positivity...1 nil defeat incoming
  12. Compulsory can of strong lager for breakfast...that reminds me I need to get back into breakfast drinking, it's been too long
  13. Another 1 nil defeat incoming Loads of missed chances followed by scrappy goal...we are everyone's cup final
  14. Nevermind 442 We dont need 4 defenders for home games BPF Hutch Iorfa Palmer Corbeanu Wing Adeniran Bannan Marv Berahino Gregory Shodipo
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