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  1. This squad is poor at best it’s bang average. Will that be enough? I think Pulis will know how to pick enough points up to see us get by but make no mistake we will be relying on 3 teams being worse than us. We have no attacking flair and our goal scoring record especially from open play is shameful. This is a massive rebuild job for Pulis and hopefully Chansiri allows him to add the type of players we need to become more potent as i can’t believe that Monk was satisfied with what we have going forward. It’s clear to see we lack pace, power and guile in the final third, our set pieces are ****
  2. Absolutely no point signing any strikers wether on a free or for £10 million if we don’t sort out our creativity problem first. Our strikers feed off scraps and have done for a while, this should be Tony Pulis first port of call.
  3. No Pulis fan but I’ll back him of course if he gets the job. We’d all like attractive football but let’s be fair the teams that actually play that way are few and far between. We have only had 1season out of the last 20 odd that we have played consistently good football I’d say under Carlos so this should be no real culture shock. The length of the deal is irrelevant, if Pulis sees out his 2.5 years he’s doing a good job and most would probably want him to stay, if he’s crap he’ll be gone end of season and it’ll be up to Chansiri to pay him off. I would prefer I long term vision and plan se
  4. perfect if you ask me 2 weeks until next game plenty of time to sort out new man.
  5. If Millwall are sitting back why not change tactics to suit that style of play? Why are we so one dimensional that we cannot change to impact a game? Stats don’t lie we are poor in the final third and especially at home it’s up to us to take the game to the opponent that’s sitting deep.
  6. Embarrassing from top to bottom. Will things change?....don’t hold your breath.
  7. If only them Millwall defenders had put the ball in their own net or given us a penalty we’d have won that.
  8. Exactly 6 goals (2pens and a OG) we’ve scored this season I bet championship defences are pooing bricks when they have Wednesday up next.
  9. Stuck record, we aren’t creating good chances they are half chances at best, we look about as threatening as a granny armed with a toothpick. It’s slow, it’s pedestrian and I dare say it’s ******** easy to play against. For this team to avoid relegation either the tactics have to change or the guy that picks them.
  10. Every time I’ve read or heard him comment on us he seems to hit the nail on the head every time. Not just recently but also under Carlos he was very on point at highlighting our strengths and weaknesses.
  11. Chansiri to sell up to some dodgy comsortium, will then be announced in two weeks time that he has bought Sunderland, Two years time we are in league 2 and Sunderland are lording Chansiri as they return to the Premier League. This is absolutely the Wednesday way.
  12. He all but cast Odubajo out correctly in my view because he’s not good enough but for some reason, and if it’s been on his performances I must have missed them, he’s now suddenly become a first team ever present shoehorned into positions he can’t play.
  13. Have or had a modicum of sympathy for Monk, the shitshow that this club has become is largely down to the owner and he is having to deal with that but.....he has shown no signs of been able to get us out of the position we are in. Monk historically seems to go on long winless runs during his managerial career which suggests he can’t or won’t adopt and change things when things start to get tough. You can only keep blaming the players fragile state for so long before fingers start been pointed at the guy picking and coaching them. The definition of madness is doing the same things over and over
  14. Wouldn’t be against them but didn’t they leave Huddersfield because they wanted total control on transfer? Can’t see them and Chansiri getting along swimmingly.
  15. Strikers rely on service for a good few years now for a striker to succeed at Wednesday they need to get the ball hoofed up to them take it down on the chest 40 yards out from goal, turn and take on 4 defenders before smashing one into the top corner from the edge of the box. We just need somebody that can do that 30 times a season and we are laughing.
  16. The refs in this league are rubbish mostly which is why it’s all the more important to take them out of the equation by playing well and creating and scoring as many opportunities as you can. Relying on keeping a clean sheet and hoping to nick one will only get you beaten more often than not.
  17. The tactics don’t suit the players, Monk is trying to shoehorn players into a system that will not work especially at home where teams will just pick us off. The main injuries we have are defensive but our main problem is attacking creativity, we create absolutely zero unless it’s a cross slung into the box and we somehow manage to get on the end of it first. We look incapable of playing round or through a team with passing and off ball movement. We will see how stubborn Monk is now, if he sticks to this system which may suit occasionally away from home when our luck holds and we can nick s
  18. Where to start with that shitshow? Well it’s clear these tactics and formation do not suit us especially at home. We look clumsy and without creativity with the ball and all over the place defensively without the ball. The position we are in meant we need to hit the ground running but we aren’t even taking the game to teams. It seems we sit and wait to see what happens. Marriott may as well go back to Derby for all the chances he is gonna get in this set up. It’s not changed at all pass round the back maybe a pass into midfield that then goes straight back to the keeper who kicks it aimlessl
  19. Not really that hard to believe a footballer in their 30’s struggling with injuries over last few years maybe wanting to call it a day. Maybe he’s got other interests and vocations that he’s financially able to pursue rather than grinding out a few more years on the lower league circuit. Look at Jeremy Helan quit football to follow religion...for some even the pros football is not the be all and end all. Good luck to him whatever he decides terrific servant to our club.
  20. Pretty sure it’s Andy Hughes you can hear non stop bellowing from the sidelines. Can’t remember having such a vocal coaching set up since Megson days.
  21. Only 5 games in but he’s been player of the season so far.
  22. Him and Van Aken looked a very decent pairing with Luongo dropping in between here and there. If we’d have put our chances away they’d have had the cigars out at 80mins. Great performance to build on.
  23. Exactly needs must, it might not be pretty but it can be very effective if executed correctly. Like you say pretty stuff can wait. Especially while crowds are not in stadiums it’s points win prizes not performances.
  24. If we get the delivery right, not just corners and free kicks but also Paterson’s long throw. I wouldn’t fancy defending against Iorfa, Flint or Dunkley with Marriott sniffing for the loose ball. Hope we work on taking full advantage of this Mr Monk.
  25. Not as obsessed as some by this target man, think Paterson can do the hold up/ flick on job just fine whilst having Marriott or Windass off his shoulder. Agree on the wing back but if we keep Reach at Left wing back (his best position IMO) and manage to get Harris firing again we should be fine.
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