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  1. Yep, it’s the refusal to sign an out and out replacement that has cost us dear....staggering a professional football club at 2nd tier level can’t even pinpoint that as a weak area within two transfer windows.
  2. Ironically I thought the only one who played like he cared last night was the lad who has already shown us he doesn’t want to be here next season.
  3. He’s been a poor signing no doubt but the lad didn’t exactly put his corner to the on rushing Rotherham forward on the halfway line did he? We had numerous chances to stop that break away after the corner hit the first man but the way things are going for us at the moment means it ended up in the back of our net. The thing that struck me was the amount of bodies Rotherham got forward to support the breakaway....put the boot on the other foot and I very much doubt we’d have even thought about pushing for the counter, it would’ve ended up in the stands or back to their goalkeeper.
  4. You take so many kicks in the testicles that in the end you become numb and almost expect it....that’s what the last 30 seconds felt like. A car crash I had seen time and time again and know full well it won’t be long until I have to see it again.
  5. What was the other breaking news then have I missed it?
  6. If he’s as good a coach as he was player than it’s a huge plus.
  7. That was quick. Welcome aboard Mr Moore you crazy ********.
  8. We should’ve gone down last season only a Wigan points deduction and a EFL referral saved us. We were as poor then (technically, tactically and cowardly) as we are now. Absolute shitshow from top to bottom and no sign of things getting any better. No manager, no clue and no hope. The worst thing is we will take this into the following season and I fear the dive of despair might not finish in League One.
  9. Bristol City until end of the season which kind of busts the myth managers only want long term contracts, that will be both Pearson and McCarthey who have taken short term deals on. Only one thing putting any manager off coming here and it’s not the length of contract.
  10. We simply haven’t got the attacking threat or intent to hurt teams. Set pieces or slung in balls are our only weapon. We have zero pace and movement upfront or from midfield to turn a defence around, we must be the easiest team to set up against in the EFL. The recruitment over the last few windows has really been horrific and to be honest completely negligent of the clubs needs.
  11. Shows everything you need to know about the character of them. Also a lot about the coaching and mentality that’s been instilled (or not) in to them. Theres a malaise around the club that comes straight from the top. Not sure what the bottom looks like but I’m pretty sure we are going to find out.
  12. Are you suggesting that Thompson currently doesn’t?
  13. Would be happy with somebody like Lowe if he is given time and support to rebuild and implement a vision going forward. In reality we all know it will be another of Paxo’s gravy train clients, and round and round we’ll go.
  14. Yep, I’m under no illusion that we will have our pick of the bunch. It’ll be more of a case of who wants it.
  15. Your Chansiri, you can see your millions £ investment going down the bottom, do you stick with Thompson hoping he can scrape enough points to keep us up or do you gamble and get an experienced manager in and hope he can do the job?
  16. It’s the midfield that is killing us not one player from midfield willing to play in the final third. How much do we need a Kieran Lee type who broke the lines, makes us so much harder to play against. I was hoping Izzy Brown would be that guy but for some reason he can’t get a kick.
  17. Not sure of the taste but guaranteed you’ll talk utter crap for hours.
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