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  1. Removal of VAR, a return to the equal distribution of TV rights, end drinks breaks and the exploitation of injury time, reduce matchday squads and a total revision of the transfer market.
  2. Football should split into two codes like rugby. For the sake of the sport.
  3. Hope he is enjoying a gin & tonic up there somewhere...
  4. 'Wheeler Dealer' I think you described him as.
  5. You think Spurs are going to wait to play an EFL Cup fixture with the season congestion we are already experiencing?
  6. One of those weird players of the 1988-90 era before the revolution... Alan Harper, Craig Shakespeare, Darren Wood, Mark Taylor.
  7. Not buying that, in fact I think its nonsense. Since when was football officiated by committee? Especially during the 90 minutes. Fergie had the ear of refs on a weekly basis, and we had a loathesome period 10-15 years ago when refs would routinely refer to players by their nicknames. Also hate comparisons to rugby and cricket. Both inferior sports.
  8. Always wondered why he was in the dressing room at Wembley in 91 despite not being on the staff. Only found out a few year ago reading an autobiography that he was a former coach.
  9. Why does it matter to you? You'll be watching a documentary on Chekov with subtitles.
  10. Oh right. Glad you've popped along to tell people what they should like or not like. I think Soccer Saturday isone of the best shows Sky does, so much drama some weeks up and down the leagues where non-league sits next to PL. Have a good laugh though because you're too good for it.
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