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  1. Arthur Bach

    Bannan last niight

    No. He was crap.
  2. Arthur Bach

    Bannan last niight

    You gonna pull £20m out of your ass then?
  3. Arthur Bach

    Bannan last niight

    Having an off game or being marked out of the match is one thing. Giving the ball away in our own half 20 yards to the opposition who had bags of space in the middle as it was is reckless. The fact is, despite our issues, the senior/quality players aren't stepping up in this time of turmoil. Beyond Fletch and Hector I struggle to see who are the youth players and who the talent are.
  4. Arthur Bach

    Bannan last niight

    Bannan was rubbish last. Bordering on liability.
  5. Arthur Bach

    Sheffield, city of students

    One of the biggest myths going. Absolute rubbish to think we could attract, and retain, students. Especially the new breed of students obsessed with veganism and going on marches. Primary schools should get priority for concessions.
  6. Arthur Bach

    Carlos on The Football Ramble..

    Was gonna say same about Francis. Ryan Jones, Adam Poric, Klas Ingesson, Andy Sinton, Simon Stewart... Thats not to say I look back with bitterness and resentment. I remember the good times.
  7. Arthur Bach

    Carlos on The Football Ramble..

    That Arsenal game. Thank you Carlos.
  8. Arthur Bach


    Our best defender last night. Tirelessly tracked back and made a couple of important blocks. Took goal well and his pace looks novel amongst the rest of our JCB players. My MOM.
  9. Arthur Bach


    Feel sorry for the youth at SWFC. You can hear the knives being sharpened.
  10. Arthur Bach


    Boo boys of Hillsborough, can't wait to fold their arms and chunter on the Kop how useless that 20 year old is and how Sheridan and Hirst were better.
  11. Arthur Bach


    If you're a winger or a forward you can have a stinker and not effect the game, even a central midfielder can have an average game and its not the end of the world. Playing centre back, at a young age, in a squad currently in flux and be able to turn in a good performance shows tenacity.
  12. Arthur Bach


    He's 19 ffs. Great performance in such a vital and daunting role. Can only get better.
  13. Arthur Bach

    George Boyd

    He's gash.
  14. Arthur Bach

    Liam Palmer

    Looked like Cafu at times.
  15. Maybe post it in the non-SWFC section then?