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  1. McCarthy on Carlos

    Some of our fans could learn from those comments. A little humility perhaps.
  2. Here's a real winner

    Paul O'Grady?
  3. Literally never happy

    Not anymore we dont. Now we are proper blue and white.
  4. Literally never happy

    A lot of our fans are anti-Wednesday. They want stripes, Megson and us to lose. But at least they can play the martyr and say we are 'real'.
  5. It’s all gone quite

    Shoes off in the car park.
  6. It’s all gone quite

    Lose = free-for-all to lay into the club, manager, chairman, tea lady. Win = we're still rubbish remember.
  7. It’s all gone quite

    Some folk aren't happy we won. Goes against their anti-Wednesday agenda.
  8. Well thats put me in my place.

    We'd have coped well in the Prem. Those games take about 15 mins to get going, even the very best hold back until they have felt the other team out. Championship? Its all hands on deck from the off.
  9. It’s all gone quite

    And one bad defeat doesnt make a bad manager but that doesnt stop all you lot coming out with the knives does it?
  10. It’s all gone quite

    Better than having a pop at the gaffer. Some of the rhetoric was quite hurtful.
  11. It’s all gone quite

    Why not say the same when we lose? Can't have it all your own way.
  12. Carlos Carvalhal

    Unfairly abused and ridiculed. Chairman done well to go against the grain and support his coach. Paying off.
  13. Well thats put me in my place.

    Well we didn't did we?
  14. Time For Rhodes

    Like i said earlier, issues at the club aside, it was a pointless transfer for ALL parties.
  15. Time For Rhodes

    I'm no more happy with the situation and by extention CC than most other people. But I refuse to broadly say it's ALL his fault in that it blindly leaves us to dis-regard other avenues. This is a thread about Rhodes - he has had starts and numerous sub appearances, it hasn't worked. Sometimes it doesn't work, whether they are on a free or you pay £10m sometimes it just doesn't work for either party.