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  1. Local journos trying to justify their existance beyond entertaining Brian the Blade. No wonder they egg Newsome on to spill his drivel too.
  2. He could barely string together a sentence such was his fury that his stirring maybe a mute point. "When I was at Leeds..." Ok Jon.
  3. Newsome sounds gutted we're winning. Showing his true colours.
  4. BBC biased highlights.

    Alan Green. "The infamous Leppings Lane end" The whistle had barely been blown. Awful, horrible, lefty rubbish by the usual suspects.
  5. Subsidise travel

    It was an awful game. Only Sheffield Wednesday could go to a club like Coventry needing a win and get hammered, with 41 year old Steve Ogrizovic making his swan-song and us debuting 38 year old Barry Horne. I'm 38 now, so 38 doesn't really sound old. But in 2000, when I was 21, 38 sounded like Horne was some kind of grand-dad. It was awful. But what a ground, Highfield Road was one for the purists.
  6. Terrible Team Selection

    When were you a kid? 1953?
  7. Terrible Team Selection

    Bloody hell, this still an issue? Got a 0-0 draw with an in form Premier League team. And with a depleted first 11. What a result, now let's concentrate on two league games that could shape our season.
  8. Terrible Team Selection

    If we had won 6-0 I think people would still moan.
  9. Terrible Team Selection

    Swansea were there for the taking irrespective of Joao. Two or three chances including one in the first minute.
  10. parking tickets

    Park legally, don't get a ticket. Simple.
  11. Terrible Team Selection

    Jos been in the job barely 6 weeks. Injury crisis and potential relegation scrap. Distracting game in cup against previous manager. First eleven patched up with youth. Yeah Jos why the fizz didn't we win 6-0?
  12. Terrible Team Selection

    The most important thing is what Jos thinks of the FA Cup. And thankfully, with his team selection today, he knows where his breads buttered.
  13. Terrible Team Selection

    No need for that language sunshine.
  14. Terrible Team Selection

    No probs. Like I say, it pains me when it was the Big Four who were accused of the same attitude 10 year ago but it now translates down to The Championship. Lose today? Or 4 points in next 2 games. I know what I'd take.