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  1. Mirodo an early contender for post of the year. As for the plans, when it comes to town planners and architects you tend to get about 20% of their original vision once the money men get involved. Plans replacing plans to plan something that might happen if the plans for that grand plan goes ahead.
  2. Didn't Hannah Ljungberg have a trial at an Italian side about ten years ago?
  3. Once the Jersey Consortium have their website up and running I'm sure we'll know more.
  4. Full Metal Jacket, a film predominantly set in Vietnam, was filmed entirely in the UK.
  5. And The Bodyguard with Costner and Whitney. Mick Jackson fancies himself quite highbrow, really strange decade in Hollywood in which he appeared quite in demand. LA Story is a fantastic film by the way.
  6. Remember it well because it was so painfully awkward. Didn't realise so much was riding on it though, which must have made it worse for the band. Should have done a Twin.
  7. Francis failed at QPR yet was given the Wednesday job in 91 without much of a thought. Even at 37 he was still arguably one of the most technically gifted players at the club. Dalglish was still playing to a high standard when he also became player/manager at what was probably Europes top club at the time. When a club is on the up and being run efficiently and professionally the mechanics run easier with a familiar, well respected face. That said, it doesn't matter how good a player you were or how famous your face is - if the club themselves are not operati
  8. Needs to sack his agent then because the biggest disgrace in all this is how its all being played out in public.
  9. I'm not referring to him jumping ship to Newcastle. I was referring to the utterly bizarre deal made that Bruce was able to go on holiday for a month whilst we further deterioated.
  10. How anybody couldn't see past that cricket stunt Bruce pulled off is beyond me. He was doomed before he started.
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