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  1. The neglect and naivity shown from the late 1990's at Hillsborough transcends the cultural shift in football that occurred to all those who had already revamped their day-to-day operations. By the time Mandaric finally broke the spell it was much, much too late. We had effectively been run by the same unit of directors, trained at the same out-dated training ground and struggled to keep our heads above water financialky for well over a decade when all around us were evolving. In 2019 I would say we are 20 years behind clubs we intended to compete against. That is, Spurs, West Ham, Newcastle and Everton probably enjoyed the level of sophistication as a club we now enjoy...except 'Sweet Like Chocolate' was in the charts and we were all looking forward to a total solar eclipse.
  2. The turf at Hillsborough is fine. The turf at Middlewood Road is not. Also, during the era of David Hirst's injuries Alan Shearer broke his leg twice. Yet still went on to be one of Europe's top strikers. Like I said. Professionalism.
  3. Like most areas of our operation we simply didn't keep up with ever-more sophisticated techniques employed by top domestic clubs of the time and flat refused to invest money into our existing infrastructure. Our academy, scouting, transfer policy and squad conditioning lagged behind our peers. Only now is it apparant just how long standing and historical our issues are. As for fitness specifically - you can just imagine the Deep Heat and orange quarters littered about even today.
  4. Been like it for 20 years. Distinct lack of professionalism.
  5. The club is an absolute circus at the minute.
  6. Yeah lets bring on that points deduction. Its only money.
  7. We defo need a Wicker Man type effigy in Hillsborough Park of Jos in his knitwear and indigo jeans to burn whilst chanting 'Atkinsons Barmy Army' and watching Cantona train on grass.
  8. I wouldn't worry, he won't be sticking around.
  9. Can someone start another Jos thread tomorrow please?
  10. No I'm saying you could have played him at centre-back, up front or even in his 'natural' position - it wouldn't have mattered because he has been dogger since he arrived and history will dictate what a terrible signing he has been. This is more about Jos than it is about Boyd. One more twist of the knife.
  11. So all the absolute slagging (much of which was warranted) should never have been posted on here the using that logic? We knew he was out of position then, so why only now is it an issue?
  12. Even when played out of position a player of Boyd's pedigree should still be able to run without looking like they are wearing lead boots and pass the ball 10 yards. Something he has failed to do in the last 18 months. Theres really no excuse.
  13. Everyone forgetting how dire Boyd was EVERY time he played last year? He had a fantastic game today but let's not get too touchy.
  14. Don't kid yourself it was anything other than a childish, name-calling public humiliation prompted by a needless, provoking tweet. Like I said. Childish all round.
  15. We finished last season alternating Dawson and Wildsmith. Some people were saying "Kieran who..?" Good keeper, but lets cash in. Lord knows our issues off the pitch financially dwarf whether Westwood is a bad man.
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