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  1. Yes because the last 2 games are a shining example of just how organised they are.
  2. It has everything to do with it. At a relatively young age FF has found himself bereft of form and fitness and within a squad he no longer appears to belong in. This scenario begs the question of both player and club about how this two and a half year period should have transpired. Sell FF during the summer of 2017 and begin a re-build of our defence and appeasement of lingering FFP issues. From a players perspective, evaluate and act upon a desire and ambition that could have seen regular Premier League football. With that in mind, both club and player have demonstrated a chronic lack of foresight within their mutual interests. Yesterday was a manifestation of the failure of both the club and of Forestieri.
  3. No, you were insinuating I was racist. Just another example of you following me around the site and picking issues you for no other reason than I appear to irk you.
  4. Quite how this kind of response can be tolerated on this site amazes me. In fact no, I'm not at all surprised.
  5. I don't think anybody is suggesting that FF was the sole reason for our poor performance yesterday. But his inclusion highlighted the utter shambles the club finds itself in. Lee Bullen in charge for the first game of the season with a patchwork coaching team and our apparant 'star' players from the class of 2016 growling and slouching around the pitch with a nauseating air of entitlement. Specifically, a player in FF who was once worth double-digit millions making a woeful cameo apprarance that only proves what a rudderless and sickly club we have become.
  6. Has barely registered as a Wednesday player for over 2 years now. Shouldn't even make the bench.
  7. Using that logic how will coaches ever get a chance and develop?
  8. I'd hazard a guess Murphy and Gullitt were much more informed within the footballing fraternity to pass comment than an average Wednesday fan, most of whom spoke with a confidence of the situation like they were part of Bruce' inner circle.
  9. Was never covinced by it. Immediate red flag. Some people are just embarrassed to admit his heart was never in the job in the first place.
  10. Another thread? This place needs a tidy up.
  11. What we need is a good, English manager who knows the league.
  12. Bruce has always been a bit deluded, existing within a footballing world that never truly reflects reality. For one of the first times in his managerial career he has come to earth with a bump as he is fought over by a skin-flint and a gambler. Was never convinced by that cricketing jolly. Being forced to wait a month for a manager who failed at a club with double our budget. Chansiri gone up in my estimations overnight though.
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