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Community Answers

  1. Watched it, enjoyed it and now pretty much forgot about it. Not half as good as social media is making out. Every other Tik Tok video our lass watches is "RED LIGHT.......!!!"
  2. He doesn't boff any of the Bond girls in this one does he? I'm out.
  3. Our lass said it was crap. Even she knows a civvy would be sacrificed in that scenario.
  4. Bannan not playing for one game whilst remaining a player and captain of the club is different to selling him, investing the money to bolster our breadth and signalling a change in direction for the club. He should have been sold two years ago.
  5. I'm sure its on Brit Box.
  6. I had a pair of Nike Air Hurache just like David Hirst, the green and yellow ones.
  7. In that case, Moore is probably losing it sooner than I thought.
  8. Oh thats alright then. Nothing to see here folks. DeGea came good.
  9. One thing I hope is for certain is that Moore gave him the rollicking of his life back in the changing room. Hope tables were turned over.
  10. For some, thats more important. Despite the fact BPF is costing us point after point. Hope Dawson is enjoying his loan spell.
  11. As if this would happen. Fair price, good quality, efficently served beer.
  12. City attempt to break-away to the ESL. They then back-track insisting the integrity of the game must be maintained. Then claim the EFL should be used as a breeding ground for EPL talent. Its like they're trolling us.
  13. Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Thats even before I saw Nish Kumar was on it.
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