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  1. He's not the only one. But you only hear from them when we've lost.
  2. When Tom Lees was interviewed by Radio Sheffield - he boldly stated that when he was at Leeds it would be two weeks before they even saw a football during pre-season. Yet on day one of our pre-season they were doing ball work. This must have been two years ago - as we went into another play-off acheiving season. Though for me what Jon says is irrelevant whether you agree with him or not. What is relevant, is that from the very earliest times he was invited to be a pundit during matches, or via his advertisement column, he has had a clear and sinister agenda against the management and club. It culminated during the QPR game in which he revelled in our catastrophic start - highlighting more on Holloways animated presence and making comparisons to how Jos conducts himself, as if the two were a clear indication as to why we were 3-0 down after 15 minutes. Despite being an SWFC pundit I still expect a level of objectivity and context in his analysis - but theres none. He has been critical of the chairman, manager and players without ever suggesting neutrality and only scant hints of positivity. His click-bait style of punditry (that conveniantly ties in with his column being sponsored) is growing tiresome, trivial and hampering a growing sense of unity within the club. I always found John Pearson's tone to be somewhat twee but listening to Newsome is like when you get stuck with the weird cousin at a family party who has beef with his next door neighbour - theres no real danger that he's going to go round and sort so tells everyone else about it instead. I'd have more respect if he just came out and said exactly what he thinks, for his opinions are not what bothers me, but his barely repressed struggle between acting as the prickly pundit but wanting to smooth his way to a possible car sale is grating. It's the very worst of hypocrisy.
  3. We have never been in a relegation scrap this season. Many teams could have 'mathematically' gone down up to a point. But it sells cars yeah?
  4. Slept in South Stand for 91 tickets. Was awful weather too, spent a good few hour on Penistone Road too. Some lads took a ball on the pitch and got thrown out, always wondered what happened to them.
  5. Jos maybe...

    Seems a class act both on the touchline and in front of the camera. Let the results speak for themselves and bringing the best out of our fringe players. Didn't stop people from wanting him sacked after 2 weeks though.
  6. A normal caller would say - "Well I've heard theres summat in paper about bonuses or whatever..." The caller on Saturday - "The truth will be told in the Yorkshire Post on Monday morning that players are not playing due to contract disputes [sic]"
  7. The caller who mentioned the YP made the quip with such conviction and a slight sense of smug satisfaction he must have been fed this prior to the game. He couldn't wait to tell us. Nice one sunshine.
  8. Too many people listening to the turnstile operator, the programme seller and the kit man. Still to this day people want a little bit of magic attention, a momentary sense of importance based on absolutely nothing. Still, it keeps more owlstalk readers busy.
  9. The strategic timing for posting has to be credited, only when fans feel a certain level of dejection will certain members post. It's machiavellianism at it's greatest. As for people 'going for the throat' - well all I can say to that is it's similar to hiring a tradesman to do some work that is of questionable quality, then when you hire a new man to fix the work the old one pops up telling him how he is doing it wrong.
  10. I'd like to make on post on this thread offering nothing more than whole-hearted support and faith in certain posters who I can gaurantee are totally independent of any given 'faction' and register complete shock that they are being accused and sullied in such a way by someone who needs to take a long, hard look at himself and his conduct. Absolute staggered that these kind of cheap, lazy and now out-dated associations are being made in order to build a defence. sonofbert2, SiJ, Hirstyboywonder, Jowl quite frankly deserve better than this on an independent forum.
  11. Local journos trying to justify their existance beyond entertaining Brian the Blade. No wonder they egg Newsome on to spill his drivel too.