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  1. Let's focus on the here and now, not 15 years ago. If you are using the Allen years as some kind of benchmark then your standards will never rise above moribund. Looking forward to the 2018/19 accounts being released, they will put anything from the previous 20 years to shame in terms of total ineptitude and dereliction.
  2. I prefer progress to ambition. 5 years after arriving we're heading backwards minus a stadium and £100m lighter.
  3. Well he did his own 3-year-plan backwards for a start.
  4. Has someone told the Premier League. Might need that title stripping after this revelation.
  5. Nope. Leicester won the league, sold their best players and are astonishingly title contenders once again. No muss, no fuss, no sentimentality.
  6. Selling Kante, Mahrez, Drinkwater and Maguire? No.
  7. Leicester, Leeds and Liverpool are examples of clubs who sold their best players and ultimately became better as a result. The nuanced thought processes that ambitious clubs inhibit are seemingly bereft at Hillsborough as we charge on with hapless, expensive and debilitating signings as we lumber through another season with an average age squad 5 years older than it should be. How on earth are we going to be able to offer new contracts to the limited talent we have when we have been run so unsustainably? Within the next 12-18 months we are essentially going to have to build a totally new team under very tight restrictions.
  8. He's running the club into the ground. But whilstever he has a battle he is happy, because it appears that front and appearances is more important than sustainability and function. I was his biggest cheerleader, but whilstever we are still bogged down with the 2017/18 accounts I wonder how he is preparing for the 2018/19 accounts.
  9. Goes to show there was more about Jos' tenure than meets the eye.
  10. Yes because the last 2 games are a shining example of just how organised they are.
  11. It has everything to do with it. At a relatively young age FF has found himself bereft of form and fitness and within a squad he no longer appears to belong in. This scenario begs the question of both player and club about how this two and a half year period should have transpired. Sell FF during the summer of 2017 and begin a re-build of our defence and appeasement of lingering FFP issues. From a players perspective, evaluate and act upon a desire and ambition that could have seen regular Premier League football. With that in mind, both club and player have demonstrated a chronic lack of foresight within their mutual interests. Yesterday was a manifestation of the failure of both the club and of Forestieri.
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