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  1. Think he'll have sat-nav by now mate. Should be no problems.
  2. I think it gave the game more of an edge. So weary of seeing smiles and hugs in the tunnel of most Prem games.
  3. Tournament football is never classic, liquid football - much like FA Cup finals. Often, the very best tournament performances are of a psychological and siege like nature. Italia 90 isn't thought of as being a footballing tournament but was a watershed in English football beyond the physical games themselves. Countries often came up against other nations who were almost alien to them in footballing terms, especially the Asian and African nations. Look at how the Cameroonians lit up the afore mentioned tournament and the South Koreans in 2002. The modern, cosmopolitan game at club level has eroded the competitive and curious nature of international football as more and more foreign players joined the Premier League and eligibility standards for players became more and more relaxed. Playing for England, pre-21st century, carried an immense pride yet simutaneous burden upon players shoulders. And for me it was infinitely more interesting than the Americanised and sterile bore-festbof today.
  4. Mark Wright, John Barnes and Peter Beardsley all staked a claim to be included in the Euro 96 squad. Wright was a certainty but injured himself in an Engalnd warm up, Barnes played his last game for his country earlier in the year and I think age finally caught up with Beardsley.
  5. After Euro 92 and the retirement of Lineker England increasingly relied on David Platt. He was the form player in the squad and often captained the side due to injuries and numerous changes during the Taylor era. Gascoinges perennial injuries meant Platt was often the star playmaker and lead penalty taker. He dragged up the average England side of the early 90's often single-handedly and mixed with Shearers stuttering England career chipped in with crucial goals. The 90's saw a glut of English talent up front that never translated to success. Fowler, Cole, LeTissier, Ferdinand, Wright... Despite those, only Shearer was able to really stamp an international reputation.
  6. There comes a time when you need to tell an adult, yes an ADULT, to grow up and start taking responsibility.
  7. I was sat on the row in front of him at the Geoff Sheard meeting (that Geoff Sheard himself didn't attend) and was the sole voice of defiance against the sale of shares to Sheard. Lots of tutting and sneers. But he was right, absolutely right.
  8. It was rumoured, but not confirmed. How about an apology for reporting the death of the newborn baby?
  9. In a thread in which you berate people for having a point of view you post an unsubstantiated lie. Well done.
  10. Yeah. Lets sack another. Obviously if a manager has a moustache he needs sacking. Great reason. Now Monk, yeah...pitchforks. Maybe DC should just fizz off, he has ruined this club.
  11. He was an awful defender but a good captain which was enough. He wasn't Dean Smith bad but considering Bullen started his career as a striker tells you all you need to know about his defending.
  12. As soon as Bruce was allowed his cricketing jolly the dye was set. Awful appointment.
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