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  1. Not sure what that has to do with anything. If he was being transported in a horse drawn golden carriage you'd moan he was a show off.
  2. Thats great thanks. Actually saw this unit on an advert here on Owlstalk but looked quite vague so wasn't sure if legit. I presume I'd have to get speakers seperate?
  3. Love CD's. Got an extensive collection but my pride and joy are my Telstar, Stylus and Dino dance compilations which I own 99% of. Not very technically minded, but seen a Brennan unit that looks like it stores CD tracks. This would give me the oppurtunity to put CD's in storage and simply listen to the tracks remotely?
  4. I never said they were protesting solely about their present situation. What I said was that they were using the Glazers as an excuse to protest, a scenario that wouldn't be a concern if they were still winning trophies. The source of funds, ethical treatment and various other dubious affairs in football mean nothing to your average fan. Absolutely nothing. My remarks were also specifically about the jaunt on the pitch yesterday that I suspect had little to do with any broader protest or disillusionment. The supporters and 'fans' of Manchester United all of
  5. I don't understand how FC United of Manchester can be described as a protest. 1. A protest is almost always exclusively performed with a particular result in mind against those being protested about. As I stated above, once FC United of Manchester was formed the activities of Man Utd shouldn't be any of their concern. 2. FC United of Manchester was formed within the same footballing pyramid as Manchester United and they adhere to the same rules and obligations. From there on they should be seen as rivals. Its almost like FC are looking for absorbtion in the
  6. Paddy Consindine Everyone else.
  7. Yesterday was a complete waste of time. The only outcome was some copper got his face shanked.
  8. How is it besides the point when FC United of Manchester is a direct result of the Glazers ownership of Manchester United? I get the impression some people think FC is some patronising off-shoot or associated club with Manchester United. For all intents and purposes FC is a direct rival to Manchester United and should be seen as such by the wider footballing community.
  9. As I stated above, the faction of fans who formed FC United of Manchester did something about the Glazers. They did something to the extent that it now shouldn't matter what the Glazers do or don't do at Manchester United as the fans walked away and formed a new club. Thats history, its done, whether right or wrong its done. Are people suggesting that if Man Utd secured new owenership, an ethical and traditional ethos and renewed success the FC fans would return to Old Trafford?
  10. So what have they been doing for the last 16 years? Organising yesterdays riot?
  11. So its the clubs performance and stature that is the issue then?
  12. So what is the problem really? If Man Utd were beset with silverware AND the owners were skimming millions in dividends would they be protesting?
  13. The 2005 protests culminated in the creation of FC United of Manchester. Thats done and dusted. The other one million fans in the country carried on as normal. This isn't anything to do with ownership or fairness in football at all from a Manchester United perspective. Lets not pretend otherwise.
  14. Success built on what? Pulling out of the FA Cup twenty years ago? Good to see the limit of Man Utd fans anger is the creation of a rival footballing association. Anything less and everything was tickety boo.
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