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  1. He was unfortunately forced into a few kicks today by our dithering defence, with time and composure he can't half knock them long. Outstanding performance.
  2. On Christmas Day 2017 I was drinking with Wednesday fans who were 'celebrating' Carlos getting sacked and when asked who i wanted I said it doesn't matter, we'll be having the same conversation in 18 months time. It took merely 12 months. Wednesday fans like to obsess over the sympton but ignore the cause, and boy do we like a baddie. As a supporter I found myself sounding hypocritical for bemoaning Jos because to be honest our managerial record over the last generation, in both feast and famine, is woeful. And the newly introduced habit of abuse that is aimed at DC, CC and JL based purely on their nationalities or quirks is another manifestation of blind anger. People blamed our poor form under Jos based on his size, facial hair, accent and because he didn't wave his arms around. The simple reason Jos failed at the club is because he was a poor manager appointed by an ever increasingly erratic chairman. This is not an unusual scenario, we've been here before. Jos was rightfully sacked, and I felt no emotion during his tenure because he should never have been appointed in the first place. Many, many men shoulder responsibility for Sheffield Wednesday's plight but Jos' current role as a poster boy for our lacklustre existance is unfair and unhelpful. Ask me again in 12 months fime if we'll be having this conversation again and I say yes, we will. Because it doesn't matter what car you drive you ain't getting anywhere fast running it on chip fat.
  3. Lowe was a fine player with great technique. Unusual for a perennial lower league player. I'd have given him another year.
  4. Let's be honest - Nicol, Harkeness, Barrett, Ripley or Ekoku were never expected to do great things. Who was that central midfielder from Luton Town? Big hopes for him at the time. Circa 2002.
  5. Thought Ekoku was a good signing. Premiership veteran put into a poor side, he did his bit I'd say. Wasn't he about 34 when we signed him?
  6. The neglect and naivity shown from the late 1990's at Hillsborough transcends the cultural shift in football that occurred to all those who had already revamped their day-to-day operations. By the time Mandaric finally broke the spell it was much, much too late. We had effectively been run by the same unit of directors, trained at the same out-dated training ground and struggled to keep our heads above water financialky for well over a decade when all around us were evolving. In 2019 I would say we are 20 years behind clubs we intended to compete against. That is, Spurs, West Ham, Newcastle and Everton probably enjoyed the level of sophistication as a club we now enjoy...except 'Sweet Like Chocolate' was in the charts and we were all looking forward to a total solar eclipse.
  7. The turf at Hillsborough is fine. The turf at Middlewood Road is not. Also, during the era of David Hirst's injuries Alan Shearer broke his leg twice. Yet still went on to be one of Europe's top strikers. Like I said. Professionalism.
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