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  1. I'd hazard a guess Murphy and Gullitt were much more informed within the footballing fraternity to pass comment than an average Wednesday fan, most of whom spoke with a confidence of the situation like they were part of Bruce' inner circle.
  2. Was never covinced by it. Immediate red flag. Some people are just embarrassed to admit his heart was never in the job in the first place.
  3. Another thread? This place needs a tidy up.
  4. What we need is a good, English manager who knows the league.
  5. Bruce has always been a bit deluded, existing within a footballing world that never truly reflects reality. For one of the first times in his managerial career he has come to earth with a bump as he is fought over by a skin-flint and a gambler. Was never convinced by that cricketing jolly. Being forced to wait a month for a manager who failed at a club with double our budget. Chansiri gone up in my estimations overnight though.
  6. When did Lionel Ritchie play for us?
  7. We're fast becoming the go-to club for crocks to prove themselves. All well and good for the players but come October when the season is up and running we're lagging behind.
  8. It's not about turning your nose up at him. More that Wednesday fans only seem to be able to see as far as the end of their noses. Wednesday fans love looking backwards. It wasn't Aarons himself that was the revelation but the system we played to accomodate him. Let's go out and sign someone who will play 35 games a season though.
  9. Glad you think selling our main asset in order to broadly balance out our shambolic financial mire against the background of transfer sanctions and chronically late submissions of tax returns somehow allows us to now further 'splash the cash'.
  10. He was unfortunately forced into a few kicks today by our dithering defence, with time and composure he can't half knock them long. Outstanding performance.
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