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  1. Bedwetters of the world unite....

    So many shades of last season. When we turned the corner there were a lot of members of the site struggling to post anything of any substance due in part to the fact that we were doing well. Until Gary Megson manages us in League One, re-installing Lee Bullen as captain and wearing blue and white stripes the vocal majority on Owlstalk will never be happy. Dividing the fan base? Its been split since Milan did the honourable thing and actually put some money where his mouth was.
  2. Sam Winnall

    It's a cover to stick boot into club and chairman and nothing else. This place is poison at the minute. Typical Sheffielders - just want to see us fail so they can chuckle and say 'told you so'.
  3. Sam Winnall

    Whats that got to do with us fans? Is it procurement and selection by committee now?
  4. Sam Winnall

    Why is it a good job?
  5. Sam Winnall

    Winnall should be grateful we came in for him and doubled his wages. Quite why that makes him striker of the century I do not know. So many Wednesday fans hiding behind Winnall in an effort to further de-stabilise the club. It's pathetic.
  6. So, so predictable

    Touchy touchy ten bob millionaire.
  7. So, so predictable

    The fact you have made reference to this post means you know exactly what I mean.
  8. Players for Sheffield Wednesday over 30. Trevor Francis - 37 Viv Anderson - 35 Chris Waddle - 32 Efan Ekoku - 35 Steve Watson - 34 Michael Johnson - 34 Mark Bright - 31 Paolo DiCanio - 30
  9. We are crap without FF

    You saying the response at a loss today would have been same for the draw we got? Political nonsense.
  10. We are crap without FF

    Thats an outright lie.
  11. We are crap without FF

    Keep trying. Careful you don't bust a blood vessel though.
  12. We are crap without FF

    Like looking after a baby nobody particulary likes.
  13. We are crap without FF

    He's done nothing all season. Get rid.
  14. Turn what around? Two play-off finishes?