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  1. I was sat on the row in front of him at the Geoff Sheard meeting (that Geoff Sheard himself didn't attend) and was the sole voice of defiance against the sale of shares to Sheard. Lots of tutting and sneers. But he was right, absolutely right.
  2. It was rumoured, but not confirmed. How about an apology for reporting the death of the newborn baby?
  3. In a thread in which you berate people for having a point of view you post an unsubstantiated lie. Well done.
  4. Yeah. Lets sack another. Obviously if a manager has a moustache he needs sacking. Great reason. Now Monk, yeah...pitchforks. Maybe DC should just fizz off, he has ruined this club.
  5. He was an awful defender but a good captain which was enough. He wasn't Dean Smith bad but considering Bullen started his career as a striker tells you all you need to know about his defending.
  6. As soon as Bruce was allowed his cricketing jolly the dye was set. Awful appointment.
  7. Came with a good record, in hindsight we probably stalled his career. Burton was a major improvement on him.
  8. I'm uncomfortable with the notion of 'celebrating' a positive outcome. I don't want Sheffield Wednesday to be deducted any points under any circumstances. But just remember the decision making process within the club over the last 2 years which has brought us to this point, that does not appear to be changing any time soon.
  9. Understatement? Whoever sanctioned that signing wants sacking.
  10. Embarrassing from our fans. Just like how Nuhihu was high fiving bench upon his substitution. Get what you deserve.
  11. Some fans have short memories. Megson was lauded for describing his players as 'Lidl' players, for telling it as it was. What Monk has said is right, we've been nowhere near competitive for over two years and it wouldn't surprise me if he walked away in the summer.
  12. Let's focus on the here and now, not 15 years ago. If you are using the Allen years as some kind of benchmark then your standards will never rise above moribund. Looking forward to the 2018/19 accounts being released, they will put anything from the previous 20 years to shame in terms of total ineptitude and dereliction.
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