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  1. A club that bad they can still have Cristiano Ronaldo score 20 goals for them and still fall stupendously short of the fans expectations. Somewhere Roy Keane is sat on the end of his bed silently making fists.
  2. Why on Earth would that Disco 2000 be in red
  3. Two different people. August Darnell is Kid Creole, lived in Anston if I remember correctly. Would open local businesses for a small fee. Kidd Creole is a rapper from the golden age.
  4. Were you at Wembley in 2016?
  5. A few years ago that penalty shoot out. Think it was gone 11.
  6. Not like Taz to want the easiest and most gratifying option in life.
  7. Didn't realise how old he was. His 'success' at Leeds dictates he has a bonus crack at one more top job.
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