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  1. I agree, we are in a complete mess. Pulis is the best option to get us going again. I'm confident for the first time in years we are actually in safe hands
  2. This squad was always going down, its terribly weak If we have a war chest in jan we have a chance under Pulis. Without the war chest we are simply in league 1 next season imo
  3. Perhaps he should try more/perform better/or change career That's what would happen in the real world. He's a millionaire flop. Perhaps he needs a kick up the arse
  4. nah, as an owl for over 40 years that was one of the better ones!
  5. Agreed and I suspect there is little chance Pulis will play him as a fullback
  6. Those morons will drive him out at this rate
  7. Play what way tho? We dont have a style as yet...give the guy a chance to change things
  8. No positives from today at all Apart from TP now knows how poor we are
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