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  1. Agreed...best player we have by a country mile
  2. Take a look at the stats when Fox plays since he came here 3 years ago...equally appalling if not worse
  3. My guess is.... Dawson Iorfa Lees borner Murphy Palmer Lee Bannan Joey Harris Nando
  4. Expecting to lose but least a 3 goal margin...sorry but I have zero expectation of these clowns. However weve been here before and we'll be reyt....up the owls
  5. I'm struggling to believe Monk has what it takes. Pulis might be needed
  6. We need to get through the season then we will literally need a whole new squad. We need young hungry players with pace and energy mixed with older wise leaders all over the pitch
  7. the manager did play Nando at left back tho...wtf
  8. I believe Bullen is a big part of this problem
  9. Westwood Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Lee Windass Luongo Da Cruz Wickham Forestieri
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