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  1. Westwood Uroghide hutch Borner Palmer Reach Lluongo Bannan Windass Rhodes Paterson
  2. He really isn't. Imo he's one of our most effective players...up top
  3. That's weak from our captain ..he needs to step up as well
  4. DC is the problem but that still does not excuse the players and management. All of whom have been embarrassing for many years now
  5. Not playing patterson up front was scandalous Never has a team deserved to go down as much as these clowns
  6. I think he has potential..good at driving forward with the ball
  7. Perform badly in any job and this is what potentially happens. We'll be reyt
  8. Full kit w@nker day would be funny Chansiri can break the club but not our spirit
  9. He waits for chances and then doesn't take them Rhodes
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