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  1. 300ish left, people who were content to watch on tele will get pissed / giddy friday and saturday night and buy those online....imo
  2. that's it I'm not going now, you lot have scared the living crap out of me
  3. Leeds Allocation

    The more the merrier for me...makes it more enjoyable when we batter them
  4. we need him in these types of games, missed him desperately when he got injured vs huddersfield, it changed the game for us
  5. Leeds Allocation

    good, no way we will sell those seats
  6. Adam Reach again

    This will be the side picked imo
  7. We are all set for Sheffield United

    I'm nervous about this one! not gonna lie I think its going to be very fkn close
  8. Cardiff ratings

    Hutch would get a red within 60 mins...love the daft buggar but gets carried away with this own agenda
  9. Caption This

    We had no intention of signing Morrison... I know....4 mill ffs
  10. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    Gotta finish teams off...simple as that
  11. David Garrido

    Brilliant... Just brilliant
  12. Hooper's Place Tonight

    I wouldnt mind if Nuhiu, Joao or Rhodes starts with Hooper tonight as long as they play right up top allowing Hoops to drop in....with that in mind Nuhiu or Joao may even be a better choice
  13. Let's not get carried away

    I think we were fortunate to get the 3rd goal when we did as we had just gone to one up front which I hate. Apart from that we were worthy winners. Forest however were the weakest side we have played as yet. Lee is the man tho
  14. This but with Lee in for Jones
  15. completely agree, colleague of mine (forest fan) let out an audible "yes" when I told him he wasn't playing tomorrow!