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  1. meggoisgod

    Line up

    Hope thats incorrect
  2. meggoisgod

    Fletcher up for the derby

    Best centre forward I've ever seen....that can't score goals
  3. After last sat I've literally given up hope of any sort of result, much to the annoyance of blunt mates..I'm quite relaxed in the "we've got no chance" category
  4. Me too, he's obviously made some mistakes but my god he has been let down by most of his employees. None more so than some of the senior players
  5. meggoisgod

    Pelupessy - that's quite enough

    We basically don't have a midfield which leaves the back line completely exposed. Simply not working anywhere on the pitch. The physical efforts of Joey, onomah and Bannan were embarrassing yesterday. Reach at least tried to drive forward but for me he needs to go back to left wing back and start again.
  6. meggoisgod

    Atmosphere today

    It'll be a non stop Mardi Gras!
  7. meggoisgod

    Penney Signs New Deal

    1 year is right, he needs to physically develop as he is currently a bit weak for the championship imo
  8. meggoisgod

    Where is Fernando?

    We're screwed then...and yes I'm flouncing badly
  9. "Injured" again? No tangible update on fitness? Nothing from him on twitter? Didn't play for u23s? Anybody seen him or know whether there is any chance he can play next week....? Or has he been sold in Jan and told he can't play? Wtf
  10. meggoisgod

    Villa want Bannan

    I'm not confident of 35 points in may
  11. meggoisgod

    Jack Stobbs

    Not good enough
  12. meggoisgod

    Jos you've failed.

    Fk the pigs they're bricking it cos they're favourites now...you never know wemay just keep a clean sheet. Imagine the scenes...
  13. meggoisgod


    Megson or someone in that mould may stop us being weak as wee wee physically and mentally...we've been blobster's for far too long
  14. meggoisgod

    Team for Birmingham

    I get what you're saying but you just can't polish a turd
  15. meggoisgod

    Team for Birmingham

    Nonsense fox is shocking