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  1. This is also the solution to the whole helpings lane exit issue. Away fans can be either held back or directed over the bridge
  2. Exactly my thoughts on this 100% agree
  3. I was in line with it in the south just behind the linesman...it simply could not have been anything but a penalty...
  4. Or we could just stop fkn about and play the best striker in the championship with fletch or dave...I mean FF before anyone asks
  5. He's mentally and physically gone. He needs a new club as much as we need a new striker
  6. Nuhiu and fessi should be our front two
  7. If we are in the play off mix I'll be very surprised
  8. We are a soft touch and have been for decades. We are too nice in so many ways on and off the field
  9. Perhaps its bannan that's not strong enough to play with Lee. Lee was far better imo today
  10. Yeah cos we've been blessed for the last 20 years! I'd take anything that was effective tbh
  11. As ever it's not actually Joey's fault. Hes not good enough so the fault lies with the manager asking him to do that job or the other players who should have stepped in and said "take a break lead I'll have this one"
  12. Perhaps the team having a go might encourage the fans?! Just perhaps
  13. tactics are far too negative - things like this happen if you don't attack and score goals
  14. We clearly need to boo more often. Worked a treat
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