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  1. me too mate...love that fkn club still proud to be an owl and so are my kids
  2. Dave for me...made a difference Should have started
  3. Lee johnson...paul cook...just someone who might drive some positivity about the place...no desire anywhere on the pitch
  4. I have felt for many months we will be relegated...nothing has changed Monk needs to go..this is half hearted bullcrap
  5. Bannan is a lovely footballer but very lightweight and means we have to play 3 in the middle to accommodate. And like everyone else I want him further up the pitch I bet hes gutted his mate fletch had gone
  6. Reach looks lost to me...really think we should try him back in his usual left wing role. Harris right and then I'd play Murphy down the middle with Wickham. Lee has to start always
  7. George friend to replace fox, Gestede is awesome if we could get him firing again and I could see adam clayton fitting into our midfield 3. Monk hopefully looking at the trio
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