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  1. I hope this is true quality wing back
  2. During Alan Partridges morning hour?
  3. meggoisgod

    Back to training early

    completely agree! has it all in the locker just cant be arsed to work hard
  4. Exactly, something needs to be done, the commute to the ground and parking options are shocking to the point that I would be up for a change of ground location
  5. No sense of entitlement whatsoever just frustration at the car haters especially when there are very little other options for people who are not able to walk very far
  6. Love the sentiment but my old man can't walk more than 50 yards without pain. He's also followed Wednesday for the best part of 65 years. Don't tell me he can't or I can't park near the ground. Get real guys
  7. In fact FF is the ONLY player in the squad that made me fork out half a grand for a ST. If he left I'd be gutted
  8. You simply cannot replace FF....the rest including bannan are all bog standard players. Obviously not big Dave tho!
  9. Stop talking about Fernando moving on its sparking my IBS... The team will be built around him he ain't going anywhere. Jo's knows his qualities
  10. meggoisgod

    One For The Ladies

    never again mate.....never
  11. meggoisgod

    One For The Ladies

    excuse my ignorance but who is the little guy in the middle with the hat on?
  12. meggoisgod

    One For The Ladies

    terrible place, only holiday i ever left early
  13. meggoisgod

    If you absolutely had to....

    FF has an end product and must stay Bannan is dispensable if we have to choose one imo
  14. Agree if Afobe is the marquee signing then they are in trouble