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  1. Alfie May really impressed me every time I saw him last season. Would be a great signing
  2. On a brighter note that does suggest we may have a few quid to spend
  3. I think our home support has been great considering the rubbish we have been served up for so many years
  4. When he did have a run of games mid season he was a class act. Incredibly powerful in the air
  5. It's a love hate thing...always has been But as we all know love always wins over
  6. And I believe Sow is permanent..christ
  7. When we have the likes of Brown on a permanent deal then Patto is the least of our worries
  8. The caller lee has just been back on and spoke very well. We need to think about a long term strategy
  9. Same as huddersfield..blew it in the first leg
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