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  1. thats very assumptive but I admire your positivity
  2. I must be the only person hoping Paterson doesn't go the opposite way, I think he's a big player for us this season
  3. My perception is good value therefore it is for me
  4. 2 new kids ST's purchased online - the football may be poor but its great value, well done SWFC
  5. So what...he's really not all that Wont forgive him for the high 5
  6. I'm not sure we need to offer a better deal than our neighbours. I dont think anyone has ever chosen Wednesday due to ticket pricing..however the pricing must be fair and reasonable. Recent potg pricing has just ripped us off..this seems acceptable to me anyway
  7. Lighten up mate it's an away shirt for 12 months max...I like it
  8. Brilliant stuff!!! well done all round
  9. I like all 3, well done SWFC!! - Love the away shirt
  10. It is remarkable how we had no money for decades then get bought by a billionaire and still have no money ...classic Wednesday
  11. I'd love it if this went in our favour, with covid this would set a huge precendent for other players across the world (surely it can't be just swfc players) who were late paid
  12. I reckon a flirt with the playoffs is possible but more likely mid table with the current squad Poor keepers, little going forward
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