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  1. We have appear to have to play this suicidal formation because the captain is just so physically weak...get rid, complete liability Bannan part of the problem not the answer
  2. All these "I dont care comments"? I fkn care and it hurts..just wish the chairman and players were the same It's part of my life and its affecting my mental health more than the lockdown ffs
  3. Bannan is a joke and a liability...and has been for years
  4. 100% liability...joke midfielder means we have to play an extra man week in week out...get rid and we might have a chance
  5. This 100% First time ever that I chose not to watch today...regretted it at half time but then reality set in We're down and I'm so sick of seeing these spineless wasters..bannan included...embarrassing beyond belief
  6. He is nowhere near good enough ...yet
  7. Yeah yeah yeah...blah blah We will see tomorrow if it's a new start...I'm not expecting any change
  8. I agree but this lot just aren't good enough...end of, we're screwed
  9. I'd just not stop booing Wouldnt do any good as I'm just not sure they are bothered
  10. Maybe just maybe drop bannan for a game. He was useless today. Get him dropped it might just give him a wake up call.
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