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  1. No but I've heard it's your favourite food
  2. My favourite cliche is "you're a nob"
  3. If the back 3 are solid but we have injuries in midfield I can see Borner in the defensive midfield role. He played there in Germany and I'm sure he would be a better midfield option than Joey
  4. A really basic floor in our play...needs some urgent thought
  5. you're boring, and probably grooming me...I'm off
  6. don't ask me I'm not the manager? but i'm 100% certain Monk is still concerned by our home form However in my opinion we need more quality out wide and a target man up front who we can build off.
  7. I still think we needed the win to remove the home form issue, its the elephant in the room until we win at hillsborough
  8. clearly it does because our home form is appalling
  9. correct, I always think we should win at home
  10. My point was that we needed to get a win at home to bury the negativity at Hillsborough...we didn't and frankly I'm a bit flat about that But you can rejoice the point if you wish
  11. I think Luongo for me with Lees a close 2nd. We need more up front and we need Bannan firing...thought he was poor today We were on top first half but hanging on in 2nd
  12. We need to break the Hillsborough hoodoo...send a statement
  13. Got home shirt for kids..very impressed Well done swfc
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