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  1. meggoisgod

    Pressing high up the pitch

    its all about running hard, getting stuck in, keeping shape, movement and then passing to someone in blue FFS
  2. meggoisgod

    Just got back...

    no he wasnt, he was just ok rather than abysmal
  3. meggoisgod

    What did Morgan Fox have for breakfast?

    Nonsense, its no coincidence we always lose when he plays
  4. meggoisgod

    One person to blame tonight.

    and there it is.... Fox & Baker not up to it
  5. Baker, Fox, Matias, Nuhiu & Reach all passengers Baker, Fox, Matias - simply not good enough for this level and shouldn't be playing at all Nuhiu & Reach need dropping like FF & Hutch were after Brentford
  6. meggoisgod


    Onomah has been one of our better players, baker, fox, reach, matias , nuhiu and possibly Dawson have been passengers and simply awful
  7. meggoisgod

    Rowetts right.

    I've criticised him alot over the last 2 seasons for not getting forward enough...but he has won me over this season, quality footballer
  8. meggoisgod

    Is it just me

    His effort is good but is not up to top end championship at the moment
  9. meggoisgod

    Dom Howson not a Pelupessy fan

    And I agree with Dom...for once
  10. meggoisgod

    tom lees

    Thorniley is a captain in the making
  11. meggoisgod

    Worst Signing Ever

    What?? Blokes a legend
  12. meggoisgod

    Worst Signing Ever

    Jon Beswetherick - The legend Guy Branston Ola Tidman Morgan Fox I could go on
  13. meggoisgod

    Almen Abdi is BACK

    Almen Always Bloody Deliberately Injured
  14. meggoisgod

    Squad Value

    £400k for Fox!