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  1. meggoisgod

    Well done Wednesday

    Can Hector play?
  2. meggoisgod

    Morgan Fox

    It looks like the Booing has actually improved his game, so lets boo all of them now and they may well become championship standard after all
  3. meggoisgod

    Adbi playing for U23's

    classic Wednesday
  4. I agree but I also think Bannan is as well
  5. whoever we get we need energy and 100% commitment, this current group have shown they do not have that "winners" mentality....time for real change
  6. Hourihane wanted to come to Wednesday before villa so it may not be unrealistic, personally i would swap him for bannan with 3m cash coming our way
  7. meggoisgod

    Next 8 league fixtures

    I think top 2 has gone
  8. meggoisgod


    The only time I've been impressed by Winnall are his highlights from his time at Barnsley
  9. meggoisgod

    No one coming in....

    Whilst I agree with you we probably have enough to survive this season then go for a total overhaul in the summer when contracts are up
  10. meggoisgod

    Why the urgency?

    Reach Bannan Penney Name a worse left back in the championship? I'll wait...
  11. I'd be delighted, achievement vs resource has been an epic fail
  12. meggoisgod

    Why the urgency?

    and that is fair enough, football is all about opinions but for me he will never be good enough
  13. good shout that, good player from what I hear