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  1. It feels obvious to me that he needs to play in a front 2 in a 442 formation.
  2. He does need a bit longer but ffs this is frustrating Xmas sacking incoming
  3. I'd rather have kept Matt Penney than play brown...awful footballer
  4. I'm angry due to the complete predictability of it all as soon as they scored...so sick of us being a soft touch
  5. BPF Hunt Iorfa Dunkley Palmer Theo Wing Bannan Shodipo Gregory Patterson
  6. Bang on...really poor footballer Despite Johnsons errors he has to play that wing back role on the left
  7. Said this since the huddersfield game ...awful player
  8. Wildsmith Hunt Iorfa Dunkley Palmer Theo Adeniran Wing Johnson Paterson Gregory
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