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  1. I'm not sure its about his finishing ability, I think its more about him choosing not to get forward enough
  2. For a player of such talent he really should be getting 10 a season from Central midfield IMO
  3. Could be the first solid left back we've had since Pudils legs went
  4. Shearer, Merson, Sheringham were always class acts Waddle was amazing but Hirsty in his prime was simply unstoppable...we forget that now
  5. Wtf? What would be the reason for that then?
  6. Are u suggesting he missed deliberately? I cant see that being correct
  7. Don't trust the full backs and I don't think Fletcher will ever score enough goals unless he has a worldbeater next to him. That miscontrol from Fletcher first half when Joao put him in was appalling.
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