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  1. Aye but you know them These are WHITBY people They look dodgy The main bar man is a cockney and talks like Frank Lampard NO WAY Im letting him babysit 6 grand's worth of tech whilst I nip to see Bridget Bardo in the loo
  3. The problem with being the age that I am is that if I"m drinking freezing cold Estrella on the street my bowels want to make me wee every 20 minutes Normally that would be fine but today I have to pack up my laptop, wires, phone, backpack and then trudge it all to the loo with me so it don't get nicked It's a 45 minute manouvere for a 5 second wee
  4. Not long now... Tonight's the night I can feel it
  5. My macbook pro is doing dodgy stuff on the keyboard
  6. I'm just warming up (and scouring the trevor francis and carlos threads for peopel to banzor)
  7. So far.... 9 It's 5:30pm My hotel is a 20 minute walk (uphill) away The sunshine is going away, it's getting colder, and all the tables inside are fully booked This is a right dilemma
  8. WHY IS THIS THREAD NOT OVER HALF A MILLION VIEWS YET???? FFS I have holidays in Vegas to pay for
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