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  1. Yeah for advanced users that's great I would imagine those who know how to white list sites is about 0.00001% of the online population though
  2. What I'm saying is that currently ads and data basically funds how websites exist So take that away and you will kill off smaller independent websites OR something worse than data grabs and ads will come along You simply can't just take away ads or data and continue the internet as it is If anything it plays right in to the hands of the huge corporations (especially media corporations) who will be happy if it kills off smaller sites and independent websites
  3. You've not thought it through Thiink about it You're saying essentially you don't want personalised ads So you're gonna get ads for stuff you don't want And because advertisers pay less for ads that aren't targetted at people's interests and data that means websites are going to have to find other ways to survive financially You're literally voting for a worse internet
  4. The protest raised awareness and made the club take note of something So not really
  5. Oh god.. That's us screwed then UNless we can loan Nuhiu back
  6. Crazy how all that played out in the end !
  7. Thing is everyone thinks they're being really clever blocking their data being collected but ultimately it will lead to a far worse internet experience for them Websites will have to find new ways to circumvent things in order to survive and so will probably come up with something way worse than the current setup
  8. Why would you not want your browser to know what your interests are?
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