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  1. Maybe the OP needs splitting out into new topics
  2. PS - good topic/first post
  3. Fans stressing about getting to the Premier League - madness Just enjoy football
  4. Fans wanting football to be allowed to shovel more cash into players and agents pockets Madness
  5. @owlstalk

    Bannan last niight

    Christ I dread to think just how few times we managed to get into the opponents half without Bannan playing
  6. @owlstalk

    Bannan last niight

    I'm not sure forums are right for you if we can't discuss players performances after games
  7. @owlstalk

    Bannan last niight

    It's ok to say a player had an off day
  8. @owlstalk

    All the Dawson haters

    I don't get your point
  9. @owlstalk

    Did Jos look nervous to you?

    Think you posted this in the wrong thread
  10. @owlstalk

    From a player.......

    Thankfully they put a shift in Bannan put his heart and soul into that performance
  11. @owlstalk

    No Trouble ?

    Radio Sheffield saying 6 arrests in total (three last night and three since) Many of those were at the turnstiles
  12. @owlstalk

    Did Jos look nervous to you?

    He was Wonder what happened in the dressing room at half time too as there was something that kicked off that he was annoyed about
  13. Was it just me or did Jos look more nervous than ever before during the game?
  14. @owlstalk

    All the Dawson haters

    What a keeper!