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  1. Don't try to guilt trip me into your way of thinking etc
  2. If your kids are throwing themselves on the floor, throwing their toys around, crying and screaming and lobbing all their food across the table because they want a new Xbox (even though you'd just bought them a brand new playstation the week before) you don't buy them a new Xbox. That's all Carlos did He just let the players do what they want They ended up running the club That's not good management at all - it's the polar opposite
  3. Yeah since I pointed out you were repeatedly clicking into/reading and posting in a George Hirst thread the numbers have rocketed to record levels
  4. Ahhh the old 'traffic' nonsense 2009 called - it want's it's incorrect rubbish back
  5. Bit odd you're STILL in a thread you claim not to have an interest in
  6. I think we've seen what the fans are like when we've won three games on the bounce, three clean sheets, three away wins, got Jordan Rhodes and Windass scoring for fun, Liam Palmer delivering killer balls in, Van Aken defending brilliantly, the young players coming through and impressing, and some of our fans sit scowling with arms folded just refusing to offer him any praise or consider his call for unity. Says it all that Says that some of our fans would rather feel all self important about themselves than actually acknowledge the improvements and support the team
  7. I'd rather have Garry Monk at our club than fans who don't want him here after he's appealed for unity ahead of a tough season
  8. I think you might call that 'common sense' and 'supporting the team'
  9. Did you miss the bit where it says "George Hirst"in the thread title and get all confused and keep clicking into i?
  10. I remember Jim last season "Monk won't last another week" "Monk won't be here in a couple of weeks" "I give it a month before Monk gets sacked" "Chansiri will sack Monk before the end of the season" "Monk will be gone before this season finishes" "Monk will be gone in the summer" "Chansiri will replace Monk in this summer - guaranteed" "Monk will be sacked in the closed season" "Monk will not be here next season" "Monk might have made it through the summer but he won't last another couple of weeks" "Monk will be gone by Christmas"
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