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  1. Ross Wallace

    Agreed There is a mixed bag of opinions some considered, reasoned, intelligent and debatable some disagreed with on a matter of opinion and some people who just scapegoat players mixed bag innit i prefer reasoned mature debate every time me and I know you do too
  2. Stick to the football chat and less sticking your nose into any comments about the site Ta
  3. There's an expression of annoyance but in no way at you mate
  4. Ross Wallace

    If we deleted threads because of lack of respect we'd see the mother of all kickoffs from everyone
  5. I'd LOVE to be able to read the football posts I really would My time is always spent being distracted by the same two or three people posting about other posters, the site and how it's run, or neg buttons
  6. You do realise that not everyone in the world sits reading every thread and every post right?
  7. You do realise that not everyone in the world sits reading every thread and every post right?
  8. Ross Wallace

    The mod team don't actually read every thread/post on the site - it's just not possible mate We rely on the site to be self policing and if anyone dishes out personal abuse or posts something out of order we expect the community to take them to task or to flag the posts up by reporting them.
  9. Ross Wallace

    Which comments would you like deleting? (i've not read the thread yet)
  10. Ross Wallace out for the rest of the season with a knee injury "He has had a very unlucky injury also. and he cannot play in the next months for us. He had a knee injury, so in the next days they will decide if he needs surgery." Asked if he expects to lose Wallace for the remainder of the season, Luhukay replied: "Yes."
  11. Not bad I was with you till you dished out the personal namexalling
  12. Reyt weird how those who say Owlstalk is negative then don’t allow any positivity in topics I can never understand that one
  13. Dc and Jos must realise..

    We will stay up The FA Cup is everything now
  14. That makes zero sense to be fair boss