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  1. home tickets

    Attendances under Chansiri ROCKETING upwards
  2. home tickets

    2000 24.855 2001 19.268 2002 20.882 2003 20.327 2004 22.336 2005 23.100 2006 24.853 2007 23.638 2008 21.418 2009 21.542 2010 23.179 2011 17.821 2012 21.336 2013 24.078 2014 21.239 2015 21.933 2016 22.641 2017 27.129
  3. home tickets

    What I mean is that the attendances will show the chairman whether or not the ticket prices are too high Whilstever a business is selling more and more of a product the obvious thing would be to put the prices up If you're experiencing massive growth in selling something you'd never think your prices were too high and start dropping the prices
  4. home tickets

    We need stats and graphs to show us the facts
  5. home tickets

    Attendances have rocketed under Chansiri
  6. home tickets

    For years and years people have said they're not renewing next season The end of the season comes, the club hype up the next season, promise a few big signings and a real crack at promotion and everyone renews
  7. home tickets

    I don't know how many more times I can say that attendances are going UP Ticket sales are at a real high currently Season tickets are at a big high too It went up the last two seasons There's nothing to indicate that next season will be any different once there's either been promotion, a change of manager or a promise of bringing in more exciting players and having a proper go at it next season Whilstever season tickets are selling like they are, whilstever attendances are as high as they are, and whilstever the £££ is rolling into the club the club won't change anything Why would they? The number of tickets sold shows that fans overall are extremely happy with buying tickets currently
  8. home tickets

    My guess is absolutely not If we get promoted they'll go up If we just miss out on promotion then there will be promises of big signings and people will renew out of faith and hope Either way I can't see them going down - if anything I can see season tickets going up next season in numbers, even if the prices go up
  9. home tickets

    Exactly What a result for the club that is Attendances overall have risen sharply So all the issues about pricing (in the clubs eyes) simply don't exist. They can just keep saying 'sorry if there are people who can't afford it' and move on There will be constant complaints I'm sure but the club can brush them off as they point to the increased attendances and ££££ rolling in
  10. home tickets

    But price can't be an issue for the club if there's a huge demand for tickets and growing attendances
  11. Tickets for this Category D fixture start from £28 for Adult Owls Members and £5 for Under 11 Members on the Kop. Tickets are on sale to Season Ticket holders and Owls Members. General sale is from Monday 27 November. Tickets are available to purchase at the Ticket Office, by telephone on 03700 201867 (Option 1, £2 booking fee per ticket) or online at shop.sheffieldwednesday.co.uk. Prices Kop Members Non Members Adults £28 £33 Seniors/Under 21 £18 £23 Student and Armed Forces £23 £33 Junior Under 17 £10 £15 Junior Under 11 £5 £10 Junior Under 5 (advance sale only) £5 £5 North/Grandstand Members Non Members Adults £31 £36 Seniors/Under 21 £21 £26 Student and Armed Forces £26 £36 Junior Under 17 £10 £15 Junior Under 11 £5 £10 Junior Under 5 (advance sale only) £5 £5 South Members Non Members Adults £34 £39 Seniors/Under 21 £24 £29 Student and Armed Forces £29 £39 Junior Under 17 £10 £15 Junior Under 11 £5 £10 Junior Under 5 (advance sale only) £5 £5 Supporters who attend this game and purchase tickets in advance under their ID number will receive ten Ticket Priority Points.
  12. home tickets

    Attendances have rocketed under Chansiri and Carlos
  13. Season Ticket Renewal

    Yes. I feel Torrey could benefit from sitting patiently with a nice cup of tea and embracing the opposing views of those with opinions opposite to his own He would experience a personal growth in his life and become very much more a happier and more tolerant person As would we all AMEN