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  1. Could He Be an Owl Next Season Watch video here Could He Be an Owl Next Season
  2. True Evening mate - hope you're well I'm not on for long tonight as I"m off to Grantham to film Margaret Thatchers statue tomorrow
  3. This isn't true Nobody has ever said that If you stand there you're not a 'coke sniffing hooligan' at all You're a Skeggy fake burberry/stone island draped pointer!
  4. You moan about fans moaning more than fans moan
  5. Absolutely no disrespect to Carlos meant whatsoever but honestly, really and genuinely I think he'd do a cracking job as the manager of Carcraft Not the football team - the car superstore Not even joking - he'd have be driving away in a car I couldn't afford within an hour using just his cheeky smile and his smooth sweet talking *plus Carcraft would undoubtedly also be his lifelong boyhood dream to manage*
  6. I honestly have been chuckling since that match at the number of fans who blamed the phone lights display as the reason we lost and not Carlos or Trevor Francis
  7. oooooffff - could you imagine that?
  8. I think (she's looked I haven't yet) that my daughters first season ticket will be £90 That's just amazing value and I'm more than happy to pay £90 for a full season for her
  9. Maybe ban smoke bombs for the under 50's Then put all the over 50's fans in the Lower West stand and distribute smoke bombs - one each on your way in Sorted
  10. He should be forced (physically) to write down all his lifelong boyhood clubs A full extensive list of ALL of them That way if he tries his usual thing of going to a club and saying how he used to dream of being there one day, or that it's his boyhood club, we can point to the list and say 'Come on Carlos - it's bad enough you ruined Sheffield Wednesday without trying to claim this new club is your boyhood club TOO' *runs off after posting provacative Carlos the car salesman post*
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