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  1. Some fans really want to buy shirts though
  2. Think they shouldn't launch these until after a win against Leeds Losing against Leeds = less shirts sold that's for sure
  3. The solution sadly is...

  4. The one thing that I've not been quite sure of on this one is whether or not Mr Chansiri is the kind of fella that would be interviewing and meeting other managers ahead of dismissing Carlos.
  5. I don't think he's a bottler. I think he has an issue with getting players fired up for a big important game. He also seems to have a knack of sending players out not ready to kick into action in the first five minutes of each game and start delivering from the start, instead waiting till we're a goal down to try and forge some kind of comeback
  6. Carlos is frustrating as hell BUT is delivering a higher league finish year on year In any business if someone is delivering a better performance year in year out you don't fire them But it's gotta be said Carlos way of doing things is sooooooo frustrating. But if it gets us promoted at the end of the season we'd all take that right?
  7. indeed Any post on here by anyone is simply their opinion It doesn't need spelling out with every post as you quite rightly point out
  8. Fair enough. Owlstalk is all about opinions. I'd be really interested in hearing how winning games wouldn't be the better response than naming and blaming players publically and not getting wins though?
  9. Agreed. They do. But they're wrong. Having public apologies, players blamed and a change of manager won't help right now as much as winning games.
  10. This morning I have read an article suggesting we should have public apologies, or public naming and blaming of certain players by Carlos, or even a new manager. We don't. Public apologies of remorse now would be forced. They'd be insincere and they'd not offer Wednesday fans what they really want and need. We don't need players individually chastising in public by Carlos. That's not going to do anything other than stir up an even worse feeling in the camp. I'm sure Carlos has had a discussion with those players and told them to put it right. We don't need a new manager either. The upheaval and change isn't needed. Instead what Wednesday fans really do need is an immediate and consistent return to promotion winning form. A result against Birmingham and then most definitely three points against Leeds. A challenge for promotion is what Wednesday fans want, not some forced (and late) apology or public blaming of players. We all know what happened and who played poorly. instead let's just put it to one side and get promoted. That's the best response from the players, from the manager, and to the Blades.
  11. Too many signings brought into the club and shoved into the team
  12. John Sheridan

    Carlos isn't going anywhere I don't think Although the next two games could change that situation
  13. FIFA 18

    The new FIFA 18 is out on the 29th of this month and looking amazing. Might be a nice way to get over the United result by hammering them on Fifa regularly FIFA 18 on Xbox One - CLICK HERE FIFA 18 on PS4 - CLICK HERE
  14. John Sheridan

    What a player John Sheridan was. The way he put his foot on the ball, took his time and sprayed the ball around was incredible
  15. Two games this week How do you think we're going to do? Birmingham Away Leeds at Home