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  1. Massive well done to Dawson too
  2. @owlstalk

    Marco Matias

    Absolutely and the most credit needs to go to Jos for yet again pulling a player out of the doldrums and giving him the belief and opportunity
  3. @owlstalk

    Dawsons Clean Sheets

    If we've got that kind of form then yes! any day of the week!
  4. @owlstalk

    Is Hutch injured?

    Hutch Either injured or suspended Don't worry about him
  5. @owlstalk

    Dawsons Clean Sheets

    To anyone out there crying for clean sheets I say shove your clean sheets right up your dirty little asses because I'd rather have THIS than clean sheets THANK YOU AND GOOOOOOODNIGHT
  6. You're right It's becoming absolutely blatant that this division is right there for the taking We should just go for it and Keegan our way to promotion
  7. @owlstalk

    Steve Bruce

    Gotta be a tongue in cheek comment by Bruce
  8. Mate we've just beaten Aston Villa after the best start we've had in years, with a side of kids coming through and players that haven't been playing for us previously etc
  9. as in not a decent guy or not a good manager?
  10. Gonna get hate for this BUT there's not a cat in hell's chance we'd have won today if Forestieri had started
  11. Think you've joined the wrong thread mate - that makes absolutely no sense and isn't related in the slightest to what we are discussing
  12. Nothing anyone can do about that That's just the lack of realism from the fans involved Doesn't make it anywhere near correct and never will
  13. @owlstalk

    Steve Bruce

    That's utterly bizarre
  14. Unless of course you're one of those that thinks Westwood should be back in goal, Forestieri should be in the side regardless of effort and commitment he puts in, and that Jos doesn't wave his arms around enough and scream from the touchlines