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  1. People who think Monk was the problem and to blame for everything should maybe explain the results of the last three games the lack of shots on target lack of goals lack of points zero wins playing players out of position bizarre substitutions saying players shouldn’t be on the pitch as they’re injured then putting them in the starting lineup repeatedly, recalling ‘westy’ after her hadn’t played since canned a year ago, only for it to blow up in our faces spectacularly Spending a week saying Paterson wasn’t a striker but a midfielder the
  2. Sheffield Wednesday v Stoke City highlights
  3. Sheffield Wednesday v Stoke City highlights
  4. Lets just pray Pulis doesn’t have a boyhood club that needs a manager
  5. I get all giddy and excited and swept up in the hype and fever that the general public omits Im only human
  6. Ha ha I know what you mean I wonder why it’s hit him today though? We were up against a decent side and kept a clean sheet Seems a strange time to be coming out with a sense of realisation
  7. Why are you so sensitive about it? The stats I posted (4 points from last two games) are facts
  8. Monk got 4 points out of a possible 6 in his last two games
  9. Honestly I don’t think it was the worst game by a long long long way It wasnt fantastic but it was by no means the worst game ever
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