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  1. The players being on social media contributes massively to that too
  2. Who's told you this mate? And if that's true what's he advising us on?
  3. Darren Moore's Reading reaction and moving forward
  4. He has just had a baby and is settled in the area.
  5. 24 people boycotting won't achieve a single thing though If it's not a huge mass boycott (which would never happen) any sort of of boycott won't have even 1% of an impact
  6. I would never suggest that our fans stop watching matches They won't stop watching matches either - rightly so
  7. I think you're being too bitter against our fans - I don't think the time is right to crow about other fans and what they choose to do - just my humble opinion
  8. It is! So many classic scenes The one where he's buried under the plant pot in the garden - amazing
  9. Nobody should ever criticise or mock fans who want to watch the biggest most exciting matches If anything instead they should be encouraged to do it more often
  10. I'm still trying to think tho - it's got my stumped
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