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  1. It’s time for the reset button to be pressed and not just sorting out this current issue. I like Chansiri but it’s probably time he did sell and let someone else have a go. Lots of players can leave this summer at the end of their contracts and hopefully they’ll have helped us stay in this league before they go
  2. FF was found not guilty in court yet he still got punished by a football association who apparantly know better, I’m not banking on high courts helping us this time either
  3. That’s strange as BBC said it was written by someone else 2 days ago... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50418776
  4. agree with everything except I’m not sure how a straight relegation would work when there’s a squad of players involved that have a right to earn a living, it would be complex. More likely to be a 21 or 30 point deduction and they’d hope that’s enough for us to be relegated. Either way I fear a reset button needs to be pressed now, and that means new ownership too
  5. My guess is it will be a 12-21 point deduction, just hope it’s soon so we can all focus on staying up. Even if it’s 21, we’d be 9 points off safety which I think is achievable with the squad of players we have, at the moment
  6. This might be the straw that breaks the camals back as far as Chansiri is concerned. If he was being truthful at last years AGM when he said he turned down offers as he thought he was the best person to run the club, he might be changing his mind when a 21 point deduction is given. I honesty wouldn’t mind being taken over by Red Bull and being called Red Bull Wednesday if it meant we were run by people who know what they’re doing
  7. I heard their latest yellows were being rescinded and given to FF who will now serve a 4 match ban. Hopefully wrong tho
  8. this ^^ im a part timer who can’t get to as many games a season as I’d like (9 hour round trip), and so tend to watch the televised games from home. Everytime someone I’m watching with will say there’s not many fans there - due to the empty seats. And I have to explain that there’s 24k+ but because it’s a 40k stadium it’s almost half empty. Also I go to a lot of other teams stadiums and they are just as quiet.
  9. Our main problem has been creativity but actually it’s lack of composure too, how many chances did we have on Saturday and only scored twice. A clinical striker with a little pace is needed, Rhodes from 2012 would be good. But more likely to be a player on loan like Brewster or Gayle or a swoop for a lower league player like Lubala or Toney
  10. Didn’t get to the game yesterday and just watched the (I guess bias) highlights. From the look of that we should have scored 4-5 goals, yet again. It’s the creativity but also lack of composure which are our biggest problems. Not the keeping or defensive errors. Desperately need a more clinical striker in January
  11. disagree I think we looked more likely under Bruce and monk’s first matches than we have lately. Our failure to see out games has to stop or we will be where we deserve to be which is outside the playoffs
  12. I’ve become less confident after recent matches than I was when Monk started out We’re currently getting midtable results so if that continues there’s one place we will end up. If we would have more luck with injuries and be able to make some signings in January then we can become playoff challengers, hopefully not too cut a drift by then
  13. Usually don’t celebrate a victory till full time but assumed scoring in the 92nd minute I’d be fairy safe. Thanks Wednesday for another kick in the balls for two weekends in a row
  14. it’s often been a case of 2 steps forward then one stride back with this group of players. Hopefully they can maintain a genuine top two challenge this time
  15. No second chances? England have been in the final 3 times in 16 years, that’s about 1 in every 5 years. The final is every 4 years. And who do you think will be in the final in 4 years? Seeing as only 4 teams have won it I’d have a good guess that England will be one of 4 teams to make the final next time too. Wednesday have been out of the top league for 20 years, every season there are 23 other teams who could get promoted instead. To be more realistic that becomes about 10 teams come January time. England have to win 4-5 matches to get to a final, 2-3 of those will be against weak opposition by their standards. Wednesday have to play 46 times. Personally I would prefer Wednesday to get any points we can get this season and take a chance that England will make another rugby World Cup final in the next 10 years. Wednesday to get promoted in the next 10 years is a lot less assured in my opinion
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