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  1. Westwood Iorfa Hector Lee Palmer Aarons Hutch. Bannan Reach Matias Fletcher
  2. Very good player destined for Rangers or Celtic and Scotland caps. Even if this is bogus we are likely to be targeting British players like this instead of JP’s in future
  3. Hopefully it’s Fletcher partnered with one of the following: Winnall Matias Boyd Hammoud Or find out if Daniel Uchechi has a free Saturday
  4. I’d bring Iorfa in for Lazaar and move Palmer to leftback Same team that beat Brentford as it turned out
  5. No that’s the only game on the red button tonight
  6. Why neg the OP? Some people are odd But I guess that’s the joy of 2019 where if you disagree with someone’s opinion you can just put a lazy red mark against their name rather than actually talk to them about it
  7. I had a bizarre dream the other night of us playing away at Newcastle and being 3-1 down and then Alex Hunt scored to make it 3-2. Then we bundled the ball in on 90 minutes but the ref disallowed it for handball. A true and pointless story
  8. I like the look of this, very similar to the Wolves setup. With a line of 3 strong centrebacks, hard working wide men, and pace behind a central striker.
  9. You didn’t imagine it mate But I don’t think we’ve breached the rules as much as Brum have https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11694/11636412/birmingham-unhappy-at-being-singled-out-by-efl-with-potential-12-point-deduction
  10. We have a better song at Eurovision this year in May. Tho the brexit situation could still harm our chances
  11. I’ve thought this too tho maybe Villa fans will tell you that Deano needs time to sort out the mess Bruce made. But I would disagree with them as Bruce signed some good players for them lot imo
  12. Yes I think the loyalty to the team he inherited can end now after that performance. Bruce should feel like he can change the back 4 and anything else. Hopefully he will find a better team next Saturday
  13. Our problem was not replacing Wallace in Carlos’ second season and having a pacy winger in the 442 system. Had we spent the £4m on Knockaert instead of Abdi then it would have been a different story for us. Hopefully Bruce is the man to make the right signings from now on
  14. Yes Vidic and Ferdinand weren’t a bad right footed pairing, as are Duffy and Dunk
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