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  1. This is what I’d love to see too, it’s been a while since we had a young player others are jealous that we’ve got. Hopefully Bruce can find a player under 22 who’s career is on the up.
  2. A midfield 3 of Bannan - Mikel - Powell could be interesting. Would need to sign some pace upfront
  3. I’d welcome him back, no chance it’s happening tho
  4. Spot on, we need a settled formation and starting line up to be successful. Sadly after 3 seasons we still debate where Forestieri should play, and if he’s consistent enough.
  5. That made me laugh, great journalism. 1 goal in 18 is quite good for a defensive midfielder, especially one who previously scored once in 250 games at Chelsea
  6. True his age is a bit off putting. i always remember when Bournemouth signed Wilson for £3m and being jealous we didn’t have that money at the time. Because that’s the sort of player we could do with now if Joao, Forestieri moves on (I mean a lower league young player on the rise)
  7. So you’re worried Bruce doesn’t know what he’s doing? I’d say he is one of the most knowledgable people when it comes to what squad of players is needed to get promoted from this league. my understanding is the funds for the Powell and Adubajo signings comes from the wages and squad place freed up by Abdi & Matias leaving. So I think it’s a shrewd bit of business myself
  8. Non of those are a GK, or striker so I doubt they’ll be signed to replace Westwood, Joao and Forestieri.
  9. So you think Powell is likely to be targeted by PL clubs but you wouldn’t want him at S6?
  10. Bruce might be wanting the below squad RB Odubajo Palmer LB New Penney CB Hector Borner Lees Iorfa Thorniley
  11. Yes but my point being that I get the feeling some people are worried about how many players Steve Bruce wants to sign. But if Bruce feels he needs X number of new players, I support his plans more than people worried we are signing too many good players like Odubajo and Powell
  12. Absolutely spot on, if it’s a choice between signing 8 new players better than we’ve got, or only 4 players and keeping the likes of Fox and Pelupessy in the matchday squads I would prefer the former. The most important thing is getting the new players in before pre-season to give the group time to gel.
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