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  1. Think he’s more of a defender. Murphy in that right wing back role would create more than Harris if we could get him back on loan Or hopefully we can find someone else to do a good job there
  2. This ^ with the way we play we can’t rely on Brown to create something every game and we need the wing backs to create situations which means getting the ball into the box regularly. Something Harris in particular isn’t good at so I feel we need a better wing back
  3. Ideally need 4 points from the next 2 games too. Tho it will also be tough. Even then we’ll be -4 points going into the first break but I’d settle for that as it would still be promotion form
  4. So it seems we can add Garner to the Rasiak, Lombardo, Dani and Kluivert jokes. All were great players for Wednesday
  5. Looking forward to seeing Luongo, Bannan and Brown playing today hopefully, to see if they are as good as I’ve built them up in my head. In my head, I think we’d struggle to get a better 3 players without spending millions.
  6. If we could sign the likes of Sanderson and Simmonds on permanent deals then we’d have a large crop of players under 22 (wildsmith 24) with genuine potential. I agree with the OP it’s exciting, for the first time in 20 years really since the crop of Quinn, Geary, Bromby and Morrison.... Simmonds Adedoyin Grant Dele-B Hunt Penney Urhoghide Brennan Shaw Sanderson Wildsmith
  7. Agree, some feel we should spend £1-2m on Jutkiewicz but I’d rather that was spent on a player under 24 who could have re-sale value.
  8. Not bad ideas, if they’d accept a one year contract or reduced terms. The midfield 3 of Bannan, Brown and Luongo are likely to be the main guys anyway so whoever else we get in may be playing sub for a lot of the time
  9. A striker and holding midfield cover are two vital signings as a minimum. Apparantly Monk is after two more forwards Might also need another wing back option who creates chances as not sure Palmer, Odubajo, Harris will create enough in that position An experienced goal keeper on loan would have been nice but seems Dawson and Wildsmith are being asked to rise to the challenge
  10. Disappointing but there will be other midfielders available for loan that we’ll have in mind as back up options. Such as Marko Grujić at Liverpool or Tommy Doyle from Man City. Or one of Chelsea’s 100 surplus players
  11. Just signed for a Dutch club last month didn’t he? So that would seem unlikely
  12. It’s very interesting that Monk has put Shaw in as a central defender. Many top centre backs started life as a midfielder. Let’s hope Monk has had a master stroke. Only 19 and he looked a class above Rochdale last night. Looks like we are up against Fulham in the next round and I hope we see these youngsters get a chance in that game too.
  13. okay that’s interesting, as has been said Warnock is meant to be trying to get him to Boro so can’t be too bad. Some players are lazy but come alive in the final third, or lazy in training and then great on match days
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