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  1. It’s just a bit unfortunate isn’t it that a leap of faith is needed by supporters to want to pay those prices for a season ticket now when the club from the outside appears to be a mess. The only information I am being given is from the local press about stories about possible sanctions and points deductions and lack of money to pay the players. I’m not rushing to spend £400+ until I have some assurances it won’t be given to an administrator to pay off Chansiri’s mistakes
  2. Hope your source is right mate, I can’t take supporting the club with Chansiri in charge much longer. It’s a slow and painful decline
  3. My prediction is no news from the club, and nothing will happen.
  4. Think I read earlier that the UK would also stop him playing in England due to his medical history now.
  5. Yes they unfortunately showed Eriksen getting shock treatment on the pitch, I note the BBC have since apologised but still not good
  6. Yes there’s too many matches these days and not enough time off to recover. European football like the ridiculous “champions” league, where you can finish 4th in the league and qualify, is part of the problem with all it’s matches. We’d also get better quality football games if players had a week to recover between games, rather than play on a Thursday night and then on a Sunday lunchtime. As with everything money is part of the problem as I doubt the champions league will ever be allowed to return to how it should be, a smaller completion with just being the champions of each league an
  7. And this too Early reports from @beINSPORTS that Christin Eriksen is ALIVE. He's left the stadium in a stable condition. Thank god for that. Thank god for the doctors and for the referee who acted so swiftly to save his life. #DEN
  8. just seen this on Twitter, really praying he’s alright A Reuters colleague saw Eriksen raise his hand as the stretcher was rolled off the field. We live in hope.
  9. Ah thanks, that’s a p*sser but difficult to predict the exact score anyway!
  10. Can see this happening a lot this summer “Wednesday are interested in signing you on a free”. “Err, tell them I’m still under contract”.
  11. Wales are dark horses for me, a front 4 of Moore, Bale, James and Ramsey can give any defence a tough time when they’re at top form. And they have the solid pros like Davies and Allen, and a couple of very good youngsters in Rodon and Nico Williams. They probably need a draw today and a win against Turkey to get out the group which is achievable.
  12. Yes I used it last night and had predicted 2-0 Italy, no idea what that means but there you go
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