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  1. IF our embargo is soon to be lifted and we have some money to spend, Sheffield Wednesday are a good first job for a manager like Arteta. As Derby are/were for Lampard. We’re a big club with passionate fans and the ambitions are to be in the PL. anyone already based in England will know the championship is getting more coverage these days so it’s hardly a drop into obscurity
  2. Yes he’s a player I wanted us to sign as he has potential to be a top player which would be worth the risk for a minimal transfer fee
  3. It would be a mistake given Bullen the job in my opinion. His best role is on the coaching team and to be the friendly face linking manager to fans. If he became manager I doubt he would be so open and happy with fans on Twitter. When we lost 3-0 at hull he openly said they didn’t know what they were doing so it would be worrying if he was given the job full time.
  4. At least 6 of the names in this poll are managers who are currently employed by other clubs. Im still interested to know what other realistic names people are expecting to see on these lists that would excite them.
  5. Out of interest what names are you hoping to see that wouldn’t be bang average? Personally I feel this list is very unrealistic, even though I’ve voted for Arteta. The likes of Arteta, GVB, Bergkamp, Vieira, Genesio, Wagner, Tedesco are coming nowhere near S6 anytime soon. Even the likes of Cowley and Stendal are probably unlikely too. The realistic list for a mid table championship club should probably just be Pulis, Rowett, Coleman, Monk and Zola.
  6. Same vote from me too, Arteta plus an experienced assistant would be very exciting.
  7. Very interesting, hope it’s a good one
  8. Apparantly we interviewed managers yesterday so if true we might make a quick appointment this time
  9. Wonder if our new manager will be announced later today or tomorrow morning so he can fly to Germany with the squad
  10. Yes both are highly rated managers and attract players to sign for them. Rangers hardly have any money so it would be a huge ask for anyone to get them above Celtic, however the feeling is Rangers might run them close this season. Lampard got Derby playing good football and is seen to be good enough to manage Chelsea Basically they are young managers who are potentially the future of the game and I feel Chansiri may think we should follow suit, rather than appoint the usual Rowett, Pulis or Pardew types
  11. I’d let Winnall and Nuhiu go and bring in a young pacy striker on loan. Then try and add 1-2 extra creative players and a DM, and bobs your uncle
  12. I see your point but we’re not that far down the line that we can’t change now. We’re hardly the crazy gang of the 80/90’s. We only really have one winger, despite being a direct British style team. We actually have some cultured footballers in Bannan, Reach, Lee and Forestieri etc. I think a good manager would assess the squad and use the system that gets the best out of them
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