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  1. Owls-Fan

    DC needs to gamble.....

    I’d really like to know what our long term plan is. Right now it feels like we may as well pack up and go home. We lost to a strong Boro side... The mighty Rotherham have just gone to their home and kept a clean sheet! I honestly dont see where the light is coming from, even our best youngsters are leaving on the cheap. So what’s the point trying to develop them? Soul destroying
  2. Owls-Fan

    My Balanced View

    Tonight was as predictable as it comes, 5 changes from a fairly settled side. Fox at left back, Nuhiu upfront. And jos expects a good result? I want to support him but it’s baffling at times. The huge worry is we are the only team not to keep a clean sheet, yes. But worse, Dawson has made the most saves of all the keepers! The future, as they say, is bleak
  3. Need to get Nuhiu off and bring on Fletcher ASAP
  4. Nice work again, Canterbury. Have another party ring Sadly this game has home win written all over it, hopefully won’t be 3-0 down after 20’ minutes this time tho
  5. Owls-Fan

    Team v QPR?

    Sounds like it’s bring your boots if you’re in the area
  6. Owls-Fan

    Team v QPR?

    Agree with this mate, dropping Penney.. would be terrible Man management. Young players learn from playing games not from being dropped. It would be more confidence building to put an arm round him and say that was a tough game, go out at qpr and show yourself what you can do The back 3 system we’re playing has worked well. Hector stepping into midfield and marking the opposition playmaker. And helping with the midfield possession too My Hull city supporting mate says Hector looks like a different player for us, as when he was in a back 4 for them last season he was prone to mistakes and giving away penalties. Lees just needs to give the ball immediately if there’s a pass on, or kick it up field. Same as when he’s in a back 4 I agree with Onomah and Joao starting too for the counter attacks, strength and energy
  7. Owls-Fan

    Premier League here we come

    Would love it if the pigs come unstuck in those fixtures, knowing their luck they’ll get a few more penalties tho
  8. Great post, easy to overlook the pigs have had an easier start. Let’s see how they do from now onwards
  9. Owls-Fan

    Shocking but happy

    The league table says different we’ve played 4 of the other top 6 sides besides us, plus stoke and Villa who have very good players. A team worse than us will get into the playoffs if we don’t
  10. Wow this ref isn’t even trying to be good
  11. Need to get FF on for Thorniley and move Penney back to a more natural position ASaP
  12. Thorniley popping up as an attacking winger doesn’t suggest the formation is working
  13. Owls-Fan

    The day affer

    You know there’s nutters in the world when someone laughs at this post Well said mate, as long as we win the games against lesser teams we still have a chance of the playoffs. If we can get a point against WBA we would have got 5 points from Villa, Leeds and WBA which is a fantastic return
  14. Owls-Fan

    Hector report

    Agree with this, if we play 3 at the back it means Lees gets more support, Hector can step into midfield during attacks, and Thorniley (or Pudil) can get game time too It also means that Penney can play left wing back where he seems best.