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  1. Owls-Fan

    Chairman’s statement

    Most likely a come and buy some players message to other clubs. As there’s no way fans can help fix the financial problem by March. We probably haven’t had any bids yet this month so Chansiri has put out a public message aimed at the fans, for others to hear
  2. Owls-Fan

    Chairman’s statement

    You can just imagine it tomorrow Statement: In light of the club’s ongoing financial situation a mutual decision between Steve Bruce and the board has been made that he will not become manager. Steve wishes the club and its fans the best for the future. No further comment will be made at this time, come back at 10.30pm
  3. Owls-Fan

    Chairman’s statement

    Wonder if it’s like Owlstalk and he’s run out of time to edit his post and now regrets it
  4. Owls-Fan

    Chairman’s statement

    Hows it bizarre? The public voted for brexit and their MP’s should be accepting the deal to fulfil that wish. Scandalous that Labour aren’t playing ball
  5. Owls-Fan

    Chairman’s statement

    Decision to charge fans more for tickets?
  6. Derby have signed a lot of good players, let’s hope Bruce will be able to do the same when given the opportunity
  7. Owls-Fan

    That's How To Do It

    There’s nothing to fear but fear itself... i believe hes in the chelsea u23 squad. Emmanuel Le Fear, French striker to make his debut against the mighty owls
  8. Owls-Fan

    Efe ambrose

    Maybe Nixon means there’s something wrong with his viewing settings on Twitter?
  9. Owls-Fan

    No one coming in....

    I’m hoping our new management team have realised that creativity is also desperately needed too. Ambrose, Fredericks, Brewsters millions would be good signings, but we need a new no. 10 or winger - depending on formation. As we still haven’t replaced the likes Hooper and Wallace in the team and the creativity/set pieces they brought to the team
  10. Owls-Fan

    Efe ambrose

    Ambrose asked to be released to pursue another opportunity elsewhere
  11. Owls-Fan

    Fresh Blood

    Talk on twit-book that we could see the TUF Arena soon after Hillsborough gets sold to Chansiri senior and it brings in money for transfers
  12. Owls-Fan


    Agree if we are getting £10m+ offers we should be selling this month
  13. Anyone know how Rhodes is getting on?
  14. Close, but hutch in for Pessy is great news
  15. Owls-Fan

    Agnew on recruitment

    Spot on mate