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  1. Most football clubs lose money. Everton and Chelsea are hundreds of million down, the issue is.. where has Chansiri taken us in his 4 years after spending all that money? And/or how has he improved the club off the pitch?
  2. Doubt it, my feeling is Chansiri doesn’t have the same enthusiasm anymore. His delay in replacing Bruce was shocking and his body language in Monk’s press conference seemed non fussed. Whilst we battle these law suits I expect he’s happy to leave Monk in charge as long as we stay a championship side
  3. My opinion isn’t liked but I still feel until we get a new ownership that breathes a fresh life into the club we are going to be in this Groundhog Day for a while. I’d like Monk to do well but not sure he’ll get a chance
  4. Exactly what I was thinking, potential points deduction coming and just spanked at home by a midtable team missing some of their best players. Horrible day
  5. Stories like this are why we need to get promoted this season so we can keep our best players. No pressure lads
  6. Since he’s been managed by Bruce and Monk he has improved a lot and more like the player that was attracting attention in his early Charlton days. So we need to keep him as replacing him for another championship standard left back might not be easy/cheap
  7. We did okay at the league leader’s place last weekend. Hopefully someone will step up again tomorrow and then we have 10 days before our next league game to get someone in.
  8. Derby saying the charges are unlawful and they will contest the charges. Sounds familiar
  9. Exactly right, in many respects there’s less chance of a club like Luton returning to the top flight these days as they can’t compete with clubs with parachute payments, or even clubs the size of us, and if they get taken over by a rich bloke there’s now a limit to what they can spend. If they develop a young player they are out the door at 15 to Chelsea or Man City’s (or Leicester) academy, only to be loaned out to some foreign team in the future. Football made a lot more sense 20 years ago
  10. I’m surprised if people are disappointed with Monk’s press conferences, I quite like listening to what he says. Stuart Gray conferences were the ones to avoid, as such zzzz
  11. So that’s Nketiah and Adams ruled out today. Leeds will now get Gray or Gayle. Apparantly we’re way off sorting a Wickham deal. But we have signed the next Messi in Hidalgo, so not all bad news
  12. If Monk wants Bony then so be it, he’s mainly played at PL level in this country so maybe he’ll find the championship easy.. obviously he has fitness issues but I doubt Monk will sign a player who can’t play games. I’ll wait to moan after 5 minutes of his home debut like any loyal supporter should do
  13. Well it should quickly add on another 10 pages to this thread thanks to hearsay on Owlstalk. And I don’t mean Noel and Kim marsh
  14. Yep and we’ll probably end up with a cut price Nathan Delfouneso
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