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  1. The decision to release a striker and not have the funds, plan or capability to replace him with someone of equal ability. #sheffieldwednesday
  2. I might be wrong but didn’t Klopp get sacked at Dortmund after they suddenly dropped down to midtable? They had a few years of success but then had a bad season, for them. Maybe it’s to do with his style of play giving players burn out after a few seasons. As others have said it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Gerrard managing at Liverpool in the next couple of years
  3. Yep that’s it for me, the rest can do one Potentially would see this line up, maybe with Bannan sold but this is probably the best we’d have remaining. NEW Urhoghide Iorfa Dunkley NEW Dele-Bashiru Luongo Bannan Windass NEW Green
  4. I had McCabe on a shirt when we first signed him from rangers as I thought he’d be a star player for us. It was a bad decision but not quite as bad as Mandaric selling the club to Chansiri
  5. Best thing Chansiri can do is sell us to a wealthy consortium now like red bull for £20-30m and include some kind of regular payments clause based on promotion/profits until he makes his money back.
  6. Well, that is one of the most depressing things I’ve learned in a while and I thought things were bad enough already! And some fans think Chansiri has been unlucky and needs more time to get it right. I despair
  7. This, at least under Gray we knew that was the best the players could achieve for their talents and wages. Now we have players with a greater reputation and higher wage putting in awful performances. Something close to fraud
  8. Agreed, his press conferences were matched by the performances on the pitch. And I felt when the new owner came in that he should be replaced, my mistake was thinking our new owner knew what he was doing. Carlos did okay, but there’s no doubt that you give £30m to the likes of Hughton, McCarthy, Warnock, Bruce, Jokanovic etc at the time and we would have been promoted with that level of investment
  9. I’ve supported the club for 28 years and this is the worse time for me. it’s particularly the fact we have a clueless owner who, as well as all the stupid things he’s done, he is taking us down and is refusing to change or take responsibility whilst keeping the same advisors. So there is zero hope for the future at the moment. In that first relegation to league 1 in the early 2000’s we were poor, defeats seemed inevitable before kick off, trips to Gillingham and Tranmere were lost before we turned up. But now it just seems so much worse
  10. Resetting properly will only happen when Chansiri is gone If he stays, which is likely, it will depend on whether he resists the urge to give new contracts to his family/favourite players, who have been w**k. And he needs to give whatever budget we have to Moore to choose what players we sign, which won’t happen either. So in short, no - we be like other properly run clubs who take the opportunity to reset, whilst Chansiri is here
  11. Yep Sheffield Wednesday are effectively possessed by Chansiri and won’t see a brighter day until he has been exorcised. The sad thing is with his stubbornness he will rather see the club go to the wall than to admit he’s failed and pass it on.
  12. I used to hope this was true, but again last Monday when asked about selling his response was “why?”. Unfortunately the future of the club depends on when we can get rid of him. Simple as that
  13. There was a collective laugh when that happened amongst the owls fan base Seriously these players are paid thousands a week, I know guys who can put the ball in the top corner on a Sunday morning on a bog patch. I know there’s a difference in pressure, but our players aren’t showing anything that non league players could achieve for the same amount of money
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