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  1. Indeed, Sky aren’t even automatically freezing everyone’s subscriptions until the live action starts so they can fleece whoever hasn’t heard about it or had the time to freeze it themselves. Pretty scandalous really
  2. I’ve been an advocate for this season to be completed, only when safe to do so. But following Chansiri’s recent interview I genuinely have lost that feeling now. It will be harsh on teams like Liverpool, Leicester, pigs, wba, Leeds, Coventry, Oxford, Wycombe and Crewe who are having decent seasons that could change their trajectory, but as a Wednesday fan football can do one for me now. Seriously wouldn’t care if the whole thing implodes as it might help us out if the format has to start again. If Liverpool fans think they’ve got it rough, try being an owl with our current ownership.
  3. Spot on mate, really can’t see Liverpool being given the title but it would be typical to happen for them. As it’s more special if it’s Liverpool
  4. Owlstalk wasn’t around back then I don’t think anyone could have predicted it was a mistake at the time, personally I just felt it was a big disappointment and still remember feeling that when it was announced on the radio. Having been linked with international managers throughout the summer appointing the relegated Barnsley boss didn’t do it for me.
  5. Indeed, I remember that summer being really optimistic about the future - Big Ron had turned our form around and made us decent, beating the likes of Man Utd, Arsenal, Spurs and Newcastle etc. We let Big Ron go and so surely it meant we were going to replace him with someone special. Danny Wilson. Seriously? As bad as when Pleat was hired to replace Francis. Those two managerial decisions were the catalyst for the crap we’ve lived through since (besides a couple of good seasons).
  6. This interview actually makes me want football to stay abandoned.
  7. So basically life under the current regime that we’re all enjoying so much is going to continue for the next 10 years +. A bad time for the pub to be closed.
  8. As Nigel Pearson said recently poor recruitment and investing in the team at the wrong time took us from potential league winners in 1993-1994 to a bottom half team. I’ll add to that appointing the wrong manager in 1995 didn’t help either Poor recruitment and wrong managerial appointments. Luckily times have changed since then..
  9. I started following football and the owls because of the 1993 cup final. So pretty much downhill since then
  10. Multi-million pound businesses in trying to keep their main source of income shock. Daily mail headline tomorrow.
  11. Yes bit of a strange comment that, basically it would mean we shouldn’t sign any good players on the off chance that after 18 months of good performances they will miss a penalty and then get injured, so don’t bother!
  12. As you haven’t read the other pages I can tell you that Night Owl will be along soon to tell you the following: 1) why care about integrity in sport? 2) human lives and health is more important 3) Why finish this season for the sake of a few teams? 4) Games were cancelled during war time in the 1940’s 5) what will happen to players who’s contracts expire in June? 6) people are deluded if they think we can be organised enough in 2020 to finish this season and start a new season in the future And repeat
  13. I was too young to enjoy Big Ron’s first spell but he became my favourite Owl’s boss during his second, and the decision to let him go and ending up with Wilson cost us big time. Happy birthday!
  14. To answer some of your questions yes, a big part of sport is having integrity. yes, the lives of people is more important than sport, hence football are saying they hope they can complete the season when things may have improved for people , rather than make a decision to abandon it now. My guess would be they will aim to play matches in May to early July time, potentially behind closed doors if necessary. Its not “for the good of a few teams” as you like to repeat saying. This season is 80% completed and in every league about 8-10 teams are going for Europe or promotion, which they will feel they can’t guarantee will happen to them in the next seasons to come, so they are voting to keep this season alive.
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