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  1. Owls-Fan

    We're (Not) On Our Way....

    Sadly you could be right mate, we are more likely to be relegated in the next two seasons than to finish in the top half, in my opinion. Unless something dramatically changes on the finances. We have to sell our best players either this season or next, that means disaster looming
  2. Unfortunately I think we will be in the relegation battle this season. Starting with a tonking at Brentford on Sunday. I wonder what our deluded owner will think then. My whelm is a solid -1
  3. Owls-Fan

    Dingle Mick

    Well said mate, even if our financial situation levels out in the next 1-2 years I still don’t think Chansiri is the right man to run the club. No matter what league we are in. If we were in league 1 he’d probably hire another obscure foreign name who has got 2 promotions from Swedish football. Sadly i don’t think the next few years will be that pleasant, but I’ll be over the moon to be proved wrong
  4. Owls-Fan


    Booo was having the same problem
  5. This, apathy has truly set in after Monday.
  6. Owls-Fan

    So we've wrote this season off?

    Yes I think Chansiri needs to ask fans if we want to accept reality now or next summer. Personally I would take it now, seeing as this coming season is destined to be midtable at best.
  7. Owls-Fan


    Indeed, it’s time people stood up against FFP as it doesn’t work. Its supposed to be about putting clubs on an equal footing, but Wolves got promoted last season against the principles of FFP, and all that will happen is in 2 season they will get a fine which won’t matter to them. If FFP really cared they would give Wolves a 15 point penalty for this season
  8. Wigan looked a better side than us yesterday, after the millions we’ve spent we’ve ended up worse than a team up from league 1. Sad times and tomorrow evening will probably make us all feel worse
  9. Owls-Fan

    There’s 3 10mill bids on the table..

    Honestly feels like we’re at this point already. That’s what Jeff stelling and Neil mellor discussed yesterday so seems outsiders are predicting a relegation scrap for us this season
  10. Owls-Fan

    There’s 3 10mill bids on the table..

    50 pages, including a post about the Norwich incident two years ago
  11. Owls-Fan


    Yes well if I had £300m to spend I would buy Wednesday, redevelop Hillsborough and the training ground, install a top manager who players want to sign for, and give him this season to work on formations etc. Then next summer go for promotion when FFP is more sorted. Just need to win the euro millions when it’s a 50 week rollover
  12. Owls-Fan


    Wolves, Forest, Leicester? Some investors see a bigger picture than buying a premier league club for exaggerated amounts. Just never seems to be us they choose to make a force in the game
  13. We must be one of the only clubs in English football to sign no players, happy days
  14. Owls-Fan

    How long for Jos

    Not sure Jos is the right man long term, his starting line up yesterday was strange. Like others I’m also surprised he accepted a job in the championship at a club who can’t sign players for a year or two (when he joined). I wonder if he’s accepted being a place sitter during takeover talks