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  1. Agree that Reach has no aggression in his game, still looks like a talented 16 year old called up to the senior team. But, agree with OP that Harris and Reach on the wings is good. We just need to sort out the middle two and front line. During Carlos’ second season his 442 worked well but we were missing a pacy winger on one of the sides. Now we have that in Harris. After yesterday’s game I’d probably play Fletcher and Winnall upfront and Bannan and Loungo in the middle and see how that goes
  2. I haven’t rated him after seeing Everton at Southampton last season where they were dire. Remember I was talking to a work colleague who thought Silva would do well for toffees and I disagreed. they’ve spent a lot of money and aren’t really getting value for money since Silva rocked up
  3. In terms of that comment aimed at my post, Andre Gray cost Burnley £8m, Callum Wilson cost Bournemouth £3m, Gayle cost WBA a couple of mill in loan fees, and same for Nkeitah at Leeds. So we don’t need £15-20m to sign the pacy striker we need, just a loan would be fine. The likes of Gayle, Brewster and Obefemi etc. could be allowed out on loan in January. Or we could be like other clubs and actually be shrewd in the transfer market with signing up coming talent
  4. You might be right, I don’t have a problem with Odubajo myself but maybe the below back 4 would be good. A centre back as full back can work sometimes, Brighton are playing Dan Burn there and he’s doing alright Iorfa Lees Borner Palmer
  5. I’d say that’s about right, a pacy goalscorer is probably the key player that’s missing in the current system. When Burnley got promoted under Dyche they were organised and turgid. But had André Gray scoring off scraps and making his own luck. If we had a player like that alongside Fletcher and play a 442 with the players we have, I’d say top 6 would be realistic
  6. Not sure how long he’ll last at Fulham with all their talent and being midtable. If there’s a championship sack race I’d say he’s up there at the front
  7. Exactly, we’ve just played the side with the best attacking line up in the league and I don’t feel Odubajo did that poorly myself
  8. Cardiff got promoted with the lowest average possession in the league. It’s what you do in the final third that matters
  9. Fulham have a £40m forward line and creative midfield, had we been more open it could have been 0-3 before halftime and then people would have complained we were too open. Can’t win at this manager lark
  10. My predicted score was 0-3 or 1-4, so personally I think there’s more goals to come today
  11. This for me too, my line up had Reach and Harris on the wings, Lee, Bannan and Hutch in midfield and Fletcher upfront. Plus last weeks back 4 and keeper
  12. Their £40m forward line and creative midfield might be one of the concerns today.
  13. Leeds Utd were in the PL for a further 4 years than us, and the financial rewards increased the season after we went down (parachute payments etc), and they got money from the champions league too. We’ve basically been in the doldrums since about 1999, without any major income beside Chansiri coming into the club. But anyway, yes those two teams have also been suffering too
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