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  1. Good to see, hated arsenal during the Wenger years and they adopted a lot of fair weather supporters during the “sexy” football years with Henry and Pires. It’s nice to see things being mixed up a bit and teams like Wolves and Saints challenging the top 6
  2. Love it when people say we have to win games, Wednesday - one of the worst teams in the league since last Xmas has to suddenly be able to beat Swansea and Stoke? Bizarre logic to me. If only we had appointed Klopp or Pep, I’m sure they’d have got this group playing attacking football that scores and doesn’t concede for fun at the back in the process.
  3. We’re a sinking ship with a very poor squad of attacking players. Any decent manager like Pulis knows the first thing to do is make the group hard to beat. Then try and sign some decent players when you can. So far so good in my opinion
  4. Wildsmith and Westwood are perfectly good enough keepers for this league. It’s the other end where we are awful and need improving. We win games 3-1 and no one will care what corner they flapped at once during the game
  5. We do of course but I think Pulis wants us to stay in games for as long as possible and keep conceding goals to a minimum to get some confidence back and a solid base to work from. As after the horrendous fixtures he is starting with, there’s a run of games where we can be more adventurous.
  6. I’d probably start with the below and bring on Harris and Rhodes early in the second half if needed. A draw would be another decent result in my opinion Wildsmith Palmer Lees Borner Van Aken Shaw Luongo Bannan Odubajo Paterson Reach
  7. Very true, it’s usually a miracle he gets the ball past a defender rather than hit the ball against them, but when he does his cross flies over the cross bar or clears the far post. Anyway nothing against the lad as he works very hard, but he is one of the positions we need to improve in January if we want to stay up this season.
  8. Agree, a midfield 3 that includes from the likes of Bannan, Luongo, Paterson, Brown and Shaw is good enough. It’s the front 3 that needs serious work. We need more pace and physicality up there
  9. Going to be very difficult attracting players, you’d think Gayle will have options from top 6 champ teams in January. Pulis will have to be quite shrewd but hopefully he pulls out some gems from somewhere, as he says we desperately need more creativity and goal scorers
  10. You can’t polish a turd, he’s made us harder to beat against some good sides. I feel Pulis has rightly been very kind with his praise to the players in interviews so far, but behind close doors he must be thinking wow, what an average bunch of players here. Yes we need wins but I expect his plan is to build a solid foundation and get a couple more draws in the next 2 games and then really target the following bunch of games as more winnable, against weaker sides in the league
  11. Common sense alert. But according to some on here Stoke were crap and the same difficulty as playing Luton and Wycombe. So I don’t know what to believe
  12. Our whole team shape defended well and stopped them creating goal scoring opportunities. We didn’t get players forward or play more attacking players as that would have created more space at the back. Anyway, different opinions and all that
  13. 1 so far in 3 very difficult games. Remind me how many we scored against Luton, Rotherham and Wycombe with a more attacking approach?
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