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  1. I think when you click through to the relegation odds on the site it says suspended
  2. Not sure if you saw the OP but with the points deduction the world thinks we’re getting we are in the relegation zone with 2 games left. So haven’t quite done enough just yet imo
  3. That’s a relief, hopefully Fulham rest a few or take it easy on Saturday
  4. Wigan beating Hull 1-0 is good news Could do with WBA beating Fulham so that Fulham rest some players on Saturday. At present, 0-0
  5. Has some potential, it takes some foreign players a while to adapt to English football particularly the championship. Not saying he's anywhere near the same level but the likes of Henry, Bergkamp and Evra took a while to find their feet over here. We're often too quick to dismiss a player if they don't impress on their first few appearances. Hopefully he starts tomorrow night and impresses on our home pitch and then I would be very keen for us to snap him up before others do
  6. He probably said if you’re defending against a striker like me you’ll need a deckchair and this morning’s Racing post. Jooooke, it’s good to hear there’s a team spirit at the club. Hopefully it’s here to stay going forwards
  7. Exactly, tomorrow is a big test of Monk’s motivation skills, he may have been dealt some bad cards with us beyond his control - but he should be able to motivate the remaining squad to put in effort and be organised. We saw that at QPR and need to see it against Huddersfield tomorrow too.
  8. Hopefully that Ineos rumour from back in March was true then.. or maybe Mammadov has finally got his money out of that Azerbaijan bank account.
  9. Thanks, seems positive. Even having Wickham and Lee on the bench on Tuesday would be a big bonus
  10. Would be a very good signing if we can get him on the cheap.
  11. Has Monk said anything about Lee and Wickham after tonight’s game? If they will be available on Tuesday? Assuming someone on here will know
  12. We have played better since the lock down, the fact we don’t have great players will always cause an issue in games. But I feel Monk has said all the right things since the season re-started and I can’t really fault his starting line ups. The proof is always in the pudding and the forest, Bristol city, qpr, and first halves against wba and Swansea have been as good as we could probably achieve with the squad we have With Chansiri sticking around I think we just have to hope something is starting to click with monk and he can find success with us
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