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  1. Do we pick the formation round the team or the team round the formation ?
  2. I’m getting fed up with Moore, yet keeping Chansiri away is more important to me.
  3. Count me in on the ‘bed wetting’. I’m getting impatient as flip with Moore. I want to see Wednesday kick on. Are we going for promotion or experimenting and accepting any old formation / squad / style / desire / result.
  4. Shouting for (and getting) 3 in midfield seemed to coincide, or at least run alongside with our decline… We want 3 in midfield because 2 isn’t enough We also want a back 4 We also want 2 wingers We also want 2 up front Basically we need to play 12 players to get where we want to be… we can’t do this… 2 or 3 in midfield and still getting out worked… it’s getting boring.
  5. We’re playing some average teams and are expected to believe that they’re Real Madrid. We’ll drop more points…. If we don’t go at teams at home Hillsborough won’t be any advantage - the crowd will be fed up
  6. And some people genuinely thought it’d be fun being in this league.
  7. Deserved to win = didn’t / couldn’t / failed
  8. Seen more young kids doing this these days… Making WWE style signs… Then I saw these guys
  9. Was playing a game once and the opposition manager was saying how bad the ref was, how he’s had him before and how he never gets any decisions. Turned out he was saying this the (young) refs dad and the ref had not even refereed that team before. Football = a lot of Moaning
  10. Quick 1 second check to make sure no one's leg had been chopped off then… Kept celebrating
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