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  1. IT`S ON IT'S WAY !!...

    Yes. Level8
  2. Adam Reach

    He’s got all the attributes and can still improve. Hopefully Wednesday are the team to improve him - we’ll either benefit on the pitch or financially.
  3. Reality Check

    To be fair to Rocket, he starts a thread saying something ridiculous, then everyone replies with positive comments about the team. Everyone’s a winner - apart from Rocket like
  4. Solid centre backs are vital in this league. He is also a beautiful man also.
  5. I like listening to Jos. Keep it up Jossy.
  6. Much improved

    We were stuck in a rut. Jos has got us up to a basic standard of competing which was much needed - because this club has been sat in a deckchair most of this season. It feels like the games have been thick and fast since Jos turned up and he’s doing well. I think if we had Hooper and Bannan on the pitch we might have won today.
  7. Pudil

    He’s doing well. Tough bloke and knows how to defend, it’s just that he was getting hung out to dry as a left back in a 442.
  8. Villa derby wolves

    Big Jos’ Boys with a late surge Balls to the rest.
  9. Joe Wildsmith

    Another good game today. Thinking back, he was quite involved and did really well.
  10. Accomodation

    CC used to stay in the one near the Peace Gardens didn’t he? I was also under the impression that the club own houses on roads near the ground - just for extra income mainly - could be wrong though.
  11. Jos interview

    Be interesting to see who does leave, what with quite a few players getting a second chance lately.
  12. Venancio

    Indeed. Every player is showing a good attitude at the moment. No reason for anyone to moan IMO. Venancio is looking like a good solid Championship CB. Look at keeping him if he stays this steady.
  13. Foxy

    He’s being picked by Jos to play the system he wants. I’m ok with it.
  14. The Wednesday Tap

  15. New PA bloke.

    We need our best mic man fully fit and ready for next season’s big push. Let’s not rush him back.