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  1. True words there. We need to keep a lid on the negativity where possible and get behind the squad.
  2. Steve Howard was pretty slow... apart from that goal against Middlesbrough.
  3. Windass. Has all the attributes for this level.
  4. Definitely need to keep these lads. Not 100% of the time
  5. Goes to show what is required to be a professional. My pub team played against semi pro’s once - to say we got embarrassed would be a big understatement
  6. 😂 .... indeed, even though no one knows what the club wants to spend or who on.
  7. I’d say no, despite his crossing and goals being helpful, we want bargains ideally. Edit: If we need a bigger squad, we could get 2+ players for that.
  8. Probably give them a couple of penalties this time.
  9. The same Aussie ref who sent off our Aussie player, Luongo. Which was then rescinded. FML.
  10. Fully expected this to say ‘...injured’ Sounds good though. Positive talk.
  11. Bit of a long way to travel, but other than that OK. Guest that Fulham will put out their second 11.
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