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  1. (We know the Chairman is mostly to blame... more people know that now than before) but re: the manager, seeing ‘PULIS OUT’ and other such stuff before the guy even gets the keys to his flat is just sad, a bit distasteful and overall just puts out a negative vibe before we’ve even started trying to move on. We just don’t want to be that sort of fan base do we ?
  2. (Not saying Pulis is the saviour of the club - Just that division won’t get us anywhere)
  3. Checking social media I see 3 groups of people. - People who still defend Monk - People backing Pulis to succeed - People who never wanted Pulis He’s here now. Should we all give the guy our support ? Maybe judge him in 3 months, instead of 3 games. I think I’ve supported (or at least ‘bought into’ supporting all managers - despite some reservations (that they probably will fail) until it became apparent they were doing terribly. We’ve been through some tough times as a fan base, and are up against it yet again - so can we maybe see ho
  4. Translation: We are a basket case, you will thank me if I do a decent job and the chairman should back me in January
  5. I think Shaw is/going to be great. Just what we’ve wanted for a few years. Fully support him.
  6. That was a bit bizarre... On the plus side, he did the odd bit of poohousery to give us a breather
  7. Had a great game. His energy really helps. Good with the ball too today. In this team, he’s got an important job to do, but we’re often under pressure - hopefully the whole team can knit together a bit more to ease that.
  8. Especially first half. More structure, more concise passing. Decent organisation. We really need some more options up front. As we know. ... the ending was so nearly classic Wednesday
  9. About time we broke some records ...In a good way
  10. That can’t have helped with the embarrassment
  11. Somehow ended up looking at Preston’s Twitter, following their loss to Blackburn. The replies tonight want the manager out - apparently they are lacking in every department and say he will take them to League One... ironically they had a man sent off, then went on to lose. I’m not sure if this makes our defeat worse or not... I think I’d prefer teams that beat us to kick on a bit, to give it some reasoning for us... but we managed to lose to a team that are as miserable as we are, gifted them 3 points and it hasn’t papered over the cracks for them... This is wh
  12. Who will score against us.... An Ex Wednesday player or a Blade ? Woooooohoooo
  13. I know what that is it’s.... Errrrrrrm No. I don’t know what that is.
  14. Thanks guys. Did anyone else play song 11 and involuntarily stand up @ 1.20 ?
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