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  1. Tudgay and the derbies

    Always liked him (Not in an obsessive way) and what he contributed to the team.
  2. Hunt also played FOR Rotherham against us didn't he ?
  3. The North Stand Clock

    I can't see this thread getting to 40 pages, Neil.
  4. So they're out on the street now for people to fear? Also: "that took place after he was asked whether he was a Sheffield Wednesday fans."
  5. (Ps. None of what I posted was my own work). I have however compiled a list of Sheffield United's best ever players: 1. Brian Deane THE END
  6. Am I the only one?

    I'm happy with how we're doing. The team have really knuckled down since the Preston game.
  7. Ross Wallace

    It is a strange one. Surely he deserved to be in the squad at some points in his career. Good for us that he doesn't get picked though really.
  8. I've got a nostalgia boner. Just a few t-shirts can remind me of how much I love Wednesday.