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Community Answers

  1. I can’t wait for Wednesday to have all their success and win the league like City
  2. Burnley don’t have any current heroes do they? Barnes ?
  3. the Etihad though… had its moments hasn’t it
  4. Jahssmelsocfnnwsbhewixjxhehsossodbendhsjwhshshshshshssshshshshshsshhsshsbdwppdofiufucuvienpapapxkvvkrkbwhssbsv
  5. As if you’d bet on Gundogan and Rodri as the goal scorers
  6. Pressure isn’t it for one….. and crossing the ball into the box head height seems no good (until Haaland gets here)
  7. Newcastle are a really capable team these days… was always going to be tough for Burnley. The only small positive for me is Spurs being 4th so far.
  8. It’s not about ‘we’ as fans. It’s about corporations not wanting to upset anyone, whilst being inclusive to everyone (some would say for the sake of decency, some would say cynically for £££) In this instance it’s a tightrope for leagues / clubs / football when this pops up because football is now also political (in a sense)
  9. You’ve quoted my wording of the ‘Good on him’ post from the Vieira thread… but I have (somewhat) defended McBurnie in this thread too. I appreciate the irony of the two threads though, which I noticed myself (I just don’t want the suggestion that it’s me that’s being contradictory mate)
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