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  1. Monk couldn’t really win yesterday based on team selection... that team won at Leeds... if he changes it and we lose people would be asking why. It’s the fact that Winnall isn’t strong enough and Reach and Murphy were no help whatsoever. Next time, we won’t do that hopefully.
  2. If people can’t vent losing 5-0 at home when can they (?). Unfortunately when people are in vent mode, they aren’t really going to eloquently speak 100% fact. I don’t blame Monk btw. The squad is a ‘bag of mashings’.
  3. I like a good Gif but I can’t even be bothered. Owls 0 - Blackburn 5. FFS
  4. *Just doing this before anyone else does.
  5. Some will. Like me. Some won’t. When we beat Stoke 1-0 at home lots of people moaned. I was over the moon with the 3 points. However today we had no structure and weren’t competitive.
  6. A absolute unit of a man would help next to Bannan. Like a midfield Iorfa in a way.
  7. Winnall can’t play up front on his own. He’s about 20% as good as Fletcher. Reach never left our half, first half. Him and Murphy got pushed back (he’s awful - give me Harris any day) by Blackburn’s fullbacks. This didn’t help Winnall tbf. Fox and Borner passed it to each other instead of trying to hit Winnall as it wasn’t working anyway. So we got pushed into our own corner. They targeted the new lad at right back. Lee didn’t win any tackles he usually would. Bannan is a luxury - offers a lot on the ball but nothing off it. Luongo pressed a bit but it doesn’t make up for a lack of a forward. And to their credit, Holtby and other Blackburn players really shone today. They couldn’t wait to cut us open - we went for a dogged 433 to clog up a game and it failed.
  8. Blackburn exploited the flaws in our players and formation - we had no answer to it. The players didn’t suggest they knew any other way to change the game - nor did Monk. Hopefully this game gets flushed down the toilet quick so we can go back to a bit of sense at least.
  9. Everyone around me is a bored, worn down season ticket holder. None of them sing or clap hardly... they simply turn up out of routine. Football is general is going down the pan... unless you’re storming the league.
  10. Exactly this... but how ? Other than the rules we may or may not have already broken
  11. Can’t argue with that. We too hadn't won in 6 not long ago then went on a good run... now a bad run. Just wish we wouldn’t as fans, write off teams before a ball is kicked - they showed us up today + Highlighted loads of our flaws. I recall Megson (dare I say it) having a board in the changing room listing the amount of teams we’d done the double over - as an aim for the players.... we got promoted (in the end). All points matter, if it’s beating average or good teams.
  12. You are both right. I guess the league says that we’re a bit more consistent than most teams - but it doesn’t help on days like today.
  13. Sure is. Wouldn’t go as far as toxic - not on the pitch anyway. We need... something.
  14. Maybe I should have said that ‘we should stop using it as a negative term - especially if we see ourselves as better’... then go on to lose to them. Based on the two games we’ve played against them, Blackburn have 6 points and we have none.
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