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  1. Feel like it happens on the radio too. Is it possible to work your way up, without someone who used to be contestant on Xfactor 4 years ago getting it instead.
  2. It’s such a shame with Borner, up to Xmas under Monk it was all good… people said ‘glad we didn’t spend £5m on Hector’ etc He was making goal line clearances and cheering it etc. I wish him all the best
  3. I think we need to rename our Development Squad to Elite Development Squad.
  4. Pretty sure it’ll happen. I expect he’ll fly out soon if he hasn’t already. Germany is where he wants to be in his career/life.
  5. Are we meant to be grateful for Chansiri ? And that we might one day be in a somewhat decent position. After being a complete car crash, alienating fans, and ending up in the league below and selling our ground. Well, hooray !
  6. “ Manchester City are prepared to offer one of Brazilian forward Gabriel Jesus, 24, Algeria captain Riyad Mahrez, 30, Portugal midfielder Bernardo Silva, 26, or England attacker Raheem Sterling, 26, as part of a deal to tempt Tottenham to sell England captain Harry Kane. (FourFourTwo) Kane could be set to earn a £400,000-a-week deal at Manchester City with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy having sanctioned his departure last week. (Sun) ”
  7. You’re right about that being a ‘spoiler’.
  8. I think this is true without even being a criticism. Young, silly rich, celebrity status, designer clothes obviously… then someone says ‘have you ever thought of getting into fashion/modelling’ and here we have it.
  9. They had this signing which was pretty big, but not much else so far
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