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  1. Leon Clarke vs Leicester City to make it 3-1 and avoid relegation. Probably the last time I went full lunatic mode celebrating. The craziness of the game got to me. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_1/7356041.stm
  2. Would be great if he could bag a couple of goals before the end of the season.
  3. Bolton were relegated from the Prem in 2012 and have not recovered since. We know that feeling. I suppose it’s no consolation but at least they were there relatively recently.
  4. Potentially. Chris Kirkland mentioned his own situation (where he said he suffered from anxiety etc).
  5. I think the team as it is now would finish comfortably in mid table next season, which isn’t a negative in my eyes. Especially if we are limited in terms of spending. Unless we can find a new bargain goal scorer, central midfielder backup and wide player, I’d take 10th. I’m not a major fan of Chansiri, but he always likes to set some money aside to help his manager out - and I think he’ll be desperate to find some funds for Bruce.
  6. As far as I can see, Pelupessy is our only other true midfield option. We definitely need to recruit another CM. The Cattermole link doesn’t surprise me - especially if he was going to be out of contract (?).
  7. I was just answering your question with one of a few possible answers. All hypothetical. I think it would be up to Lee if he wanted to retire - don’t think the club could terminate his contract based on their own opinion. That’s my guess anyway. All hypothetical.
  8. Maybe it would make his current contract end immediately ?
  9. Looks to be very in shape these days, especially his upper body. His attributes are just what you need for the Championship. Just need a goal scorer next to him really.
  10. Sheffield United 0 Sheffield Wednesday 0 Sheffield Wednesday 0 Sheffield United 0 Another one for the matching reverse fixtures
  11. Thought he did some great defending today. Seems to be making a really clean connection with the ball when he passes it or whacks it too.
  12. 3 assists today. I’d say that’s not bad.
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