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  1. I didn’t get to see the full match as I was working - but in the highlights Reach gets 3 shots off from in/around the box. I saw that as a good thing. It either needs adjusting somehow, as he’s not quite a second-striker... or maybe more time in that role? I’m all for Lee or Luongo coming in though.
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/efc_fanservices/status/1168516540079251456 I like a full away end - adds a bit of atmosphere and pressure to the game.
  3. Yes we totally deserved to lose, doesn’t justify blatant cheating. How many years have you seen it happen at Hillsborough. Just like the Snodgrass game - players like him need booting out.
  4. Seems to be the aim of a few teams that come here. It’s like, the bigger the ground, the more acceptable it is to roll around wasting time - which gets the crowd riled up. I think teams work on it more than they do their actual ‘football’ tactics. Ps - I hope QPR get relegated.
  5. He’s strong and he did a job on us. Cheating tailface though. He Definitely capitalised on our poor afternoon.
  6. Maybe Westwood? Made 2 good saves. Everyone else had an off day... or even a day off.
  7. QPR were a disgrace. Everything about them. We were terrible, but I’d still rather lose than be like them. Not forgetting their defender elbowing Fletcher either. The ref just allowed it all... I think he’d been drugged. Dozy tailface.
  8. Garbage all round. Players, subs, QPR, the ref. Gutted.
  9. The ground has been there for years, it’s the non moving part here. It’s up to these ‘parties’ to sort out this mess and do their jobs properly. It bothers me that we’re a big football city (could even say birthplace of football etc)... thousands of people love football and get enjoyment from it... and what does this city do to back up our club? to send people home happy? Flip all. You don’t see Manchester being like this - the clubs there are seen as part of the city - the clubs boost the city too (alright yes - prem - money etc) but still. It works hand it hand. We just get dumplings that treat football in this city as something to poo on. That’s what I’m tired of.
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