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  1. I don’t care about winning the league title... up through the playoffs or scrape into second would do me. (Commenting before this gets moved to the politics section)
  2. Can’t fault the teams application over the 90 mins but WTF is actually happening in front of goal - a force field? Nearly scoring gets you nowhere. We have a team full of likeable lads doing their best - they almost don’t deserve to not succeed on one hand, but do on another. We play as if to let the opposition stay in the game, not cutthroat enough, lacking that 10% in aggression, bravery, win at all costs mentality. What was the last team that had that? ... the Megson/Dave Jones promotion team.
  3. On a serious note, I’m not sure what kicked off between the two Kop blokes - but they should probably grow up... go and measure your willy’s elsewhere next time. As for the stewards, it puts them in a crap position - they aren’t nightclub bouncers, but probably feel like they should break it up - and who wants to take a stray punch and get KO’d down some stairs.
  4. As a Kop season ticket holder, it’s the same people every week. We desperately need promotion season, last minute winners every week etc.... but that feels like it’ll never happen - and I and the same people still go knowing that... Also. My mate has one of those dodgy tv things - he sees every game for about £60 a year without leaving his armchair.
  5. He’s not the first Wednesday player to make the wrong decision and won’t be the last. Ties in with the game management thread. I like Palmer btw. Deserves as much credit as the rest of the team.
  6. I think we need to get him on the pitch and get him scoring.
  7. The guy on the Kop had a red coat on. He shouldn't have even been allowed in.
  8. Errrrr anyway Bannan is having a good season - thought he was great against Leeds.
  9. Remember when we had Ronnie Wallwork on loan or whatever. Reading up on him, it appears that he’s quite daft.
  10. What do we make of these? 3 away. 2 at home. Playing Monk’s two other previous clubs.
  11. If he scores this season we’ll probably be promoted. That’s what happened last time
  12. When they all start scoring this league is ours! *Insert Evil Laugh GIF*
  13. We could do with a goal smasher. We’d probably still play Fletcher too... so it’d be 442 if we did get one.... the way we looked yesterday it could work great.
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