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  1. Sky commentators: 1) look at the league table 2) see which team is above the other 3) big that one up to the heavens 4) act like the team below them are complete mugs who just rocked up and are lucky to be on the same pitch (Not that I care really, but that’s how they do it).
  2. Definitely can. I think with us though, we see 1 player literally get injured per week, on top of the long term ones, and we’re just so down about it that we don’t know who anyone is anymore or what they’re capable of.
  3. He’s a gem on his day. A season of performances similar to tonight and it’ll be beautiful to watch. Oh, and his goal deserved about 3 goals. So I have it, Wednesday 4 Norwich 2
  4. We have a large squad - which even now I don’t know what to make of half the time. We need it chopping down with a more focused transfer policy from now on. (Also meaning someone might want someone we have - and have a chance of getting them)
  5. Did they make a sub in added time? Therefore adding more time (30 seconds) on? Is that what you’re saying? Or have I got that wrong.
  6. Lost everything I just wrote: Basically. They both won’t be on peanuts (Matias and Boyd). Not sure why some people think they would be. Move them on, get some fresh guys in.
  7. Boyd and Matias have to leave. If only because this is the chance to save on their wages. They leave - and we take a chance one someone else.
  8. Thought he did well today, all things considered. Still never looks like he’s built for this league though - I think he could go back to Portugal and do well. Over a full season though, he’s bound to breakdown sometime.
  9. He’s been reliable under Bruce - best we could expect really.
  10. This is very true. We all have our players that we think are better than others, but Bruce seems to be able to put a team out and get it to be competitive more often than not.
  11. It’ll be a major facepalm if we have to sell Reach, considering the amount of other players that we don’t need / want.
  12. I think there’s something there to work with... and with a few players leaving, we could do with seeing if we can get him to the required level.
  13. I wouldn’t sell if I were him. It’s a bit of a struggle at the moment, but owning a decent sized club one step away from the Premier League gravy train I’d wait it out.
  14. That save from Westwood was a big one. Always seems to make one like that at 0-0. Also, the third goal is quite sexy.
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