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  1. In support of Jos

    Butterfield was purely making up the numbers. Pelupessy needed resting and Clare wasn’t available.
  2. In support of Jos

    Agreed. Jos is doing his best - it’s not going to look amazing- it’s not going to be up to the standards of us armchair managers - it’s a case of just keep going.
  3. Losing is never a good thing. However, it feels like this Cup run has been an extra weight on our shoulders that we can’t deal with. We don’t have the bodies needed to rotate players and we don’t really want the extra games. I genuinely wanted to get a day out at Wembley for the fans, but thinking logically it could just take our attention further away from what is really necessary- staying in the Championship. The less games the better for me. Especially as we’re unlikely to look good either in terms of the performances - leading to more negativity. Might sound like a ‘focus on the League’ thread, but in our position we basically had to sacrifice one or the other. Could sound defeatist but our next 3 points in the league are the major priority.
  4. Reaction from Jos Luhukay

    I’m not sure why this was happening.
  5. Could we benefit from relegation?

    Basically, we missed the boat to the Premier League twice... then got in a boat with lots of holes in it and bits falling off it... we just need to make it to the shore to repair our crappy broken boat. Or something like that.
  6. Could we benefit from relegation?

    I’d prefer not to get relegated. Amazing myself here that I’m almost agreeing with this.
  7. There’s been a few clues from the players (in interviews) as to what went wrong. This is then what you get left with.
  8. Jos

    I think he’s had to be defensive. If FF was fit he’d hardly have him playing wing back etc. This guy has won promotions - and for that you need talented players all over the pitch. Who have we got that can actually trouble teams apart from Joao? And now Clare to an extent.
  9. Jos

    I’m not sure what anyone coming to the club could have done to help us. You could argue that we might be about 3 points better of with someone else.
  10. I’m still trying to work out how Jones managed to give the ball away. Deary me.
  11. Swansea - perspective

    Once Ayew came on we had very little chance. Their second goal is what annoyed me - how we gave the ball away.
  12. Shexit

    We’ve been out of Europe for years. Planned ahead.
  13. Focus on the league

    We don’t have a choice now but to focus on the League
  14. We once had Garry Monk on loan. He played for and managed Swansea. Exciting stuff.