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  1. Hillsborough Magic

    It is very sexy.
  2. Well done Wednesday.....

    Great. Keep pup the good work
  3. Butts

    I like big Butts.
  4. F.A.O John Terry

    Talk about sitting on the fence...
  5. Literally never happy

    Football is all ups and downs. Some cope with it really weirdly.
  6. F.A.O John Terry

    Well that’s immature. Ps.
  7. Morgan Fox

    Thought he was solid against Millwall. What’s the feedback on him today ?
  8. Butterfield

    Butterfield has loads of Championship experience. He’ll do for us.
  9. Literally never happy

    This actually sums up quite a few football fans. Like a weird sort of love hatred.
  10. How are you celebrating tonight?

    How is this liquid not pouring out !?
  11. Well thats put me in my place.

    Come on Wednesday !
  12. Black Shorts

    Black is sexy. Short it out Wednesday ! Ps. That picture is great. I hope Rhodes’ hair isn’t “doing a Bannan” though.
  13. Butterfield and Bannan

    2 games together, 2 wins. I’m a happy simple thinker.