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  1. We don’t know. But DC knows... and he’s up for a feght about it.
  2. Did Derby have the same problems when Lampard went to Chelsea? I personally didn’t see much - seemed like Chelsea sorted it reasonably OK and off Lampard went. Maybe that tell us something about Newcastle’s owner ? I’m backing DC on this. I’m sure the guy can multitask and like what has been said already, it’ll be with the lawyers who ‘check in’ with a few phone calls at this stage. MA’s battle isn’t with the average man on the street - Chansiri has money and power - he’s defending himself and us as a club in his eyes, and I like it. It’s what he needs to been seen doing. Lay down and play dead to MA ? Fizz that. Let’s get some backbone.
  3. I’ve seen one person in the new home shirt so far... from a distance... in a supermarket. He looked great in the shirt, with no sponsor. Just great.
  4. I’m intrigued as to what is going to happen with Rhodes. Does the club actually want to sell him? Bruce suggested he needed to move him on, but Bruce has gone himself. Was Bruce actually thinking of signing him (when he got to) Newcastle !? ...it’d be odd but not impossible. Will Norwich leave it until the last minute to come in for him? I personally think Rhodes could stay with us and have a good season. - We are missing an intelligent link up player ‘like’ Hooper - Harris and Reach could supply Rhodes - He’s bagged a few in pre season - There might be less pressure on him this time around. - Someone has to get us the goals... maybe it’s him?
  5. I’d take option B - winning is everything when it comes to building the club - we’ve been the bridesmaid long enough. However, if you look at someone like Brentford, they always get praised for their football but it’s not getting them anywhere. Which is fair enough if that’s the plan. Brentford probably make a lot of player sales though (?) but therefore won’t get that major money you get for promotion.
  6. I suppose the thing with highlights is that, it just shows the best bits for each team - which always therefore means that some flaws will be on show for the defending team.
  7. The way Harris set up that 3rd goal He’s gonna get bums off seats at Hillsborough.
  8. It seemed that he got taken straight off after the tackle... hopefully as precaution, with it being just friendly.
  9. Wednesday are quite a conscious club. Someone will have seen the thread about not clapping last time.
  10. Reports did say tbh we wanted some players as part of the Bruce deal, this suggests they are offering these in return for the 2 other Steve’s.
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