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  1. Not sure what the ethical rules of the game are, but I hate it when managers say “he won’t be fit for this game but might make the next one” Why volunteer that info to the opposites ?
  2. Be an interesting final, but I feel like the best spectacle has already been and gone - City vs PSG x2 That felt like a movie with some great football thrown in
  3. Chelsea are quite simple yet organised. RM have been rubbish. Tidy but dull. Does anyone else find it funny that the two teams in the final are clubs that wanted to be in the ESL
  4. Weren’t plenty of their fans demanding he got named manager when he was caretaker ? That went badly.
  5. I don’t hate these players like some seem to. It’s not gone to plan but we have half a chance. I hope they do it for themselves (and the club) obviously. I hate seeing anyone in the Owls shirt have their spirit broken. Show me the image of these lads celebrating something, not the opposite
  6. I was there I remember the chants of “we’ve got more points than you” Think the win got us to 52
  7. Derby player: “Gaffer! You’re facing the wrong way!”
  8. 2-0 wasn’t it ? Leon Best and someone else
  9. I’ve always like him Top ref and always very fair to the Owls We all love him here at Wednesday Just in case he reads this site.
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