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  1. We apparently sell dog jumpers but not ‘beach’ towels. Which is an interesting situation
  2. I’m all for getting some young lads through when and where possible, but I also think that Saturdays bench was quite amazing to see (as in, not expected) considering the money we’ve spent and also injuries we’ve had in these few crazy years. If everything had worked out the way you’d have expected over the course of these last few years, the bench in my mind would be something like: Dawson / Wildsmith Abdi Jones Joao Matias Nuhiu / Rhodes Palmer / Boyd With a team on the pitch of Westwood, Hunt, Lees, Hutchinson, Pudil, Lee, Bannan, Reach, FF, Hooper, Fletcher. Saturdays bench really showed me how far we are from our actual desired squad / plan, and how we’ve slowly and dramatically suffered (some our own doing) in terms of playing staff. We all know the reasons how it’s come to this (all hindsight stuff) but to see it on paper really hits home to me. Shows that nothing can be taken for granted in football. We’ve no choice but to roll with the punches as we stand today, but it makes you wonder what could have been.
  3. Kopparberg

    Feeling positive

    I’d say that we can be more positive after that second half showing vs Hull. Going forward doesn’t worry me, but our defending does. So if we don’t put ourselves in a hole, we could be pretty decent.
  4. Kopparberg

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    It didn’t feel like the first home league game of the season to me.
  5. Two reasons I’m low on whelm. Our team looks half good and half dodgy, and that we currently have 1 point from 6. I’m at whelm level 5 I’d say when it comes to the football side of things.
  6. Seems I’ve been away too long !
  7. Tempted to downvote this. If you aren’t drying your balls all over the club badge then you aren’t a true fan (this makes some kind of bizarre sense).
  8. The Wednesday megastore selling beach towels sounds like an easy win (makes money) to me. *I’d use mine at home and the beach, so really I’d just call it a towel :)
  9. Kopparberg

    Good stuff

    I think Thornily is very steady. Doesn’t over complicate things. Quite a bulked up lad too so I don’t feel like the opposition will want to engage too much with him physically.
  10. Kopparberg

    Joost Van Aken

    Feel like we brought him in because we wanted someone that looked OK on the ball. When we actually needed a tough guy that did the basics. Every championship team needs that type of player at CB.
  11. Kopparberg

    Forestieri "We played as a team"

    I like the team spirit attitude, we’ll need it.
  12. Kopparberg

    Ash Baker

    Baker is our best option. Very steady. Just hope that we don’t rip into him when he has a poor game - would be counter productive.
  13. Kopparberg

    Why has Jones been banished?

    To suggest to him that his future lies elsewhere - in the hope that he wants to then go out on loan.
  14. Kopparberg


    This sort of thing is an easy win for the club. Should be done as standard. Man City are always playing Oasis... adds something homely. Good suggestion by Neil.
  15. Kopparberg

    Reach as LWB

    Simply from comparing his good games at LWB to the ones in midfield, then he should be in midfield. Not a LWB for me, as much as I want him to be. Gives us much needed movement in midfield. Boyd or Thornily at LWB for me.